Feds Spending $82 Million ‘Eliminating Disparities in Perinatal Health’

Penny Starr, CNS News, December 10, 2013

Congress approved and now Health and Human Services (HHS) will be distributing a total of $82 million to a wide range of government, academic and non-profit organizations for programs that will “reduce disparities in infant mortality and adverse perinatal outcomes.”

The grant funding, part of the “Healthy Start Initiative,” is being administered through HHS’s Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). The grant funding was announced Dec. 5, with applications being accepted through Jan. 14, 2014. There are three grant announcements, valued at $51,750,000$12 million, and $18 million.

The grant funding description states the five goals of the programs HHS wants developed:

Improving women’s health;
Promoting quality services;
Strengthening family resilience;
Achieving collective impact; and
Increasing accountability through quality improvement, performance monitoring, and evaluation.


CNSNews.com also asked HHS how the beneficiaries of these programs will be identified.

“The Healthy Start program aims to reduce disparities in infant mortality and adverse perinatal outcomes,” [HRSA director of communications Martin] Kramer told CNSNews.com. “Healthy Start grants are awarded to communities with rates of infant mortality at least 1½ times the U.S. national average and high rates for other adverse perinatal outcomes (e.g., low birth weight, preterm birth, maternal morbidity and mortality) in order to address the needs of high-risk women and their families before, during, and after pregnancy.

“Healthy Start works to reduce the disparity in health status between the general population and individuals who are members of racial or ethnic minority groups beginning with the  prenatal through two years after the end of the pregnancy,” Kramer said.

Kramer also confirmed that the funds were appropriated by Congress.


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  • [Guest]

    Disparities between races cannot be done away with through government programs, no matter how much wealth is redistributed or how many anti-white policies are put into place.

    The powers that be know this full well and therefore are ignoring and lying about the proofs that disparities exist and are natural.

    • me

      The whacko ‘progressives’ are willfully delusional, and should be medicated or locked away. They’re costing us too much money and loss of innocent lives to continue to let them indulge in their utopian fantasies.

      • Mergatroyd

        They are neither willfully delusional, whacko or mad, they know exactly what they are doing and nothing will stop them except extreme force administered without pity or mercy.
        Their agenda is the genocide of the white race by any means possible (punitive taxation, flooding of homelands with 4th world blacks and religious fanatics, AA and BEE policies that prevent us from supporting ourselves, agitating blacks to attack us for “past bad acts” like slavery).

        It appears as an insane program because it is almost beyond belief, but it is true, is methodological, well and carefully planned and is happening right before our eyes.

        Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, the evidence is right in front of our white faces.

      • [Guest]

        It’s more likely, I believe, that the so-called progressives will medicate and lock away dissenters, all the while patting themselves on the back for being such champions of love, acceptance, tolerance, and diversity.

    • Mergatroyd

      But, it’s a good way to strip whites of their wealth to make them even more destitute and powerless. There is a method in (what appears to be) this madness, all of which is leading to the genocide of the white race.

      • [Guest]

        I agree.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      “True disparities between races cannot be done away with through government programs, no matter how much wealth is redistributed or how many anti-white policies are put into place. ”

      Eugenics might be a good start…

      • [Guest]

        Yeah, I thought of that.

  • Spartacus

    “…high-risk women…”


    • mark eaves

      Never date a girl who’s nose is as wide as her mouth.

      • me

        Never date a girl whose butt is bigger than your front car seat….

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        My rule while I was dating was to date only humans. Problem solved.

      • xx99man

        Bottom line is this is a black/brown affirmative action hiring program. Whites need not apply…just fork over your (tax) money and shut up

        This is just s scam to take white taxpayers money and give it black/brown bureaucrats, health administrators, doctors, and all the black/brown hangers on these scams employ. Some of the money will make its way down to black/brown patients but won’t do a damn bit of good.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Hates evil Whites…

      Who pay for her useless, parasitic, a$$ to reproduce idiots like herself and destroy brick by brick the civilization we built.

  • Pro_Whitey

    I’ve got a way to handle this. Let’s move the blacks and browns out of the country, and the disparities will drop dramatically. Win-Win, I say.

  • So CAL Snowman

    $82 million will do absolutely nothing. This is just a money grab kick back for political donors and the well connected. What a country, we make Russian corruption look like the Care Bears.

  • Let’s see:

    LaTrine Jackson gets pregnant at age 13 and the limit of her prenatal care is to cut back slightly on the crack and cigarettes, while continuing a steady diet of pork rinds, Big Macs and Old English 800 malt liquor, ’cause she gots ta be haben dat, gnome sayin?

    Sayaka Scott gets pregnant at age 25 and pays a lot of very close attention to what she eats and drinks, forgoing alcohol for the whole nine months and taking multivitamins.

    Shitavious Washington is born prematurely, well underweight, crack-addicted and with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Ariadne Scott is born on time and in fine shape with no health problems. This is a problem the idiots in the federal government think they can solve by throwing $82 million of taxpayers’ hard-earned money at.

    • JackKrak

      We all know that when it comes to education, staying out of jail, drug addiction, std’s and a thousand other measures of achievement and pathology, putting blacks & whites on the same level is just a question of spending money, right?

      Why are you laughing?

  • WR_the_realist

    Watch Healthy Start work just about as well as Head Start.

    Congress will never apologize for wasting our money.

    • mark eaves

      I noticed the similarity too.

  • dukem1

    So a whole buncha Acorn types get
    a whole buncha money to fix the problems caused by a whole buncha messin’ ’round.
    Oh. OK. I got it.
    We are doomed.

  • Strike_Team

    Dovetails with Brobama Care. Have to keep the chosen populations of the US, blacks and browns, breeding more and more gangbangers, gardeners, security guards and peons to serve the aliens in charge.

    More dollars to them, the dirt peoples, less to whites, except those of a certain group never to be mentioned. Who is behind this real holocaust? Yeah, I know.

  • JohnEngelman

    This is our tax money at work raising the birth rate of those who never should have been conceived, and who are destined to become unemployable welfare recipients and violent street criminals.

    • Yes, tax money spent to basically breed more criminals from mothers who are too stupid to take care of themselves before and during pregnancy. This is changing the genotype of black people.

      I recall a study taken that the IQ of Blacks was higher than some white groups, [not all but some] when groups enlisted to fight in WW-I (Aug 1914 – Nov 1918). However, by these poorly considered policies [literally dysgenic] we are further damaging the Black race as well as hurting the general population of the USA.

      Not only will these unfit mothers conceive more offspring, but they have a greater chance of not being in 2-parent families, will spend less time raising their offspring correctly, won’t give them proper nutrition, and they’ll grow up to have higher potential of being criminals. But hey, god loves a disadvantaged criminal whereas the rich white baby is clearly despised and fit only for the dustheap of history.

  • 1stworlder

    Now they are tying to fight against K verses R evolution. Its not our fault we didn’t evolve to outbreed tropical diseases

  • Reverend Bacon

    “eliminating disparities…” So one way to do this would be to shoot a certain number of white babies until the disparity goes away. And I’d not be too surprised if that was the net recommendation, or the equivalent. That’s just reductio ad absurdum on Affirmative Action.

  • me

    Not so broad of a brush, since it’s about 99% accurate.

  • Strike_Team

    All health care money will be directed toward non-whites and those who look white but privately claim not to be. If that isn’t obvious yet it soon will be.

    • Mergatroyd

      Directed toward non-whites to account for disparate impact in STD rates, high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes, etc., while we whites face death panels.

      • Strike_Team

        Directed toward them to keep health care away from us. WE will be required to pay for it, which most of us won’t be able to do. The blacks and hispanics will have the government supporting them, and this will be one of the tipping points to get the collapse going. Whites are too comfortable as a group. But when they see their kids sick, hungry and the tropical folks getting taken care of as usual, it will get interesting.

        • bilderbuster

          It should have gotten interesting long ago but it just keeps going from one boring mess to another.

  • itdoesnotmatter

    Translation: we will [once again] hand off White tax money to irresponsible pregnant blacks and browns in an attempt to solve the unsolvable.
    It’s demonstrated over and over. Even educated blacks in higher income brackets incur higher incidents of infant mortality, prematurity, low birth weight infants, perinatal complications.
    Libtards are incapable of absorbing facts.

  • kris

    All this is is more free stuff and hand-outs for losers. The thing is, what these minorities fail to realize is that these programs merely prove that they are incapable of caring for their own young without the program.

  • I am glad to see some of them are refusing to wast scarce transplant organs on recipients with incompatible tissue types.

  • bilderbuster

    I love it!
    Disparities between non-Whites & the general population!