Community Rallies Behind Knockout Game Victim

Laura Roberts, ABC 7 (Fort Myers), December 7, 2013

Last week he was the victim of a brutal attack. This week he’s been overwhelmed by the community’s kindness.

Last Monday, a group of Cypress Lake High School students attacked Bob Lerberg while he was working in his garden. Since then several people have reached out to him offering their support and asking how they can help him out–including a man who finished landscaping Lerberg’s garden and another man who organized a support rally for Lerberg on Facebook.

“This has been a hard time for me. It’s good to know that there are people who care,” Lerberg said.

The rally is at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, starting at Cypress Lake High School. People will march from the school to Lerberg’s home, in an effort to show that they support him and won’t accept this kind of violence in their community.


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  • Truthseeker

    Nationalism is the natural state of things. When one group violates another’s well-being, even white people, the people who are supposed to be devoid of race, bond together. Stop denying the reality of race, people. We white people easily empathize with other white people because we understand them. You can pretend that racial differences aren’t real and be “respectable,” or you can acknowledge it and be safe.

  • Andy

    Why is this tagged minority-on-white? Were the girls Hispanic?

    • M.

      The girl who kicked him was Hispanic or mulatto, yes. She has dark hair, and from the way she carried herself, high testosterone.

  • Spartacus

    “…Bob Lerberg…”


    Need I point out the obvious ?

    • IstvanIN

      Name could be German, Swiss, Scandinavian.

      • Spartacus

        Considering the place he’s in, there’s a good chance he’s not an Eskimo.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      You cannot pour everything into that mold.

      Gypsies. You guys got them and I’ve never had much experience with them but I trust you and most reports of their general parasitic baseness. Swarthy, low IQ, crime prone, parasites suckling at the very teet they chomp off.

      Well, look at the Negro. Look at the destruction of civilization. Is this all the liblefty Jews fault?

      What of the Jews who post here? I don’t want to become the “Jew Engleman” nor do I wish to cause grumbling within the ranks nor do I wish to ruin our good relationship but…

      You know I disagree with you on this one young gladiator. I trust that we two Whites can discuss these things and remain shield brothers, ha ha!

      Generally I avoid the topic but sometimes have to “go there”.

      • Spartacus

        If he weren’t a chosenite, I doubt we’d be reading about it.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Chosenite, HA HA!

          Is he though? But yeah I’m not blind to the fact that the only folks worth sympathy to the MSM regarding the knockout game are Jews, it seems.

          I don’t blame this on the Jews-on-the-Street, except to those duped into donating to the SPLC and still all doped up on pseudo-Marxist jibber jabber.

          The Jews getting assaulted by Blacks are not the Jews riding in limos from the set of Django Unchained in Hollyweird nor are they the Jews gambling on Wall Street or in the banking houses.
          Much more likely to be Jews like those who post here. After getting a taste of their poor darky brethren’s real nature they might be more like the Jews who attend an Amren conference…

          But I too was mildly infuriated by the fact that it seems to have to be a Jewish victim of Black violence to get pity. No pity for non-Jew Whites, eh?

          Sounds like genocide to me and our countries are the comfy concentration camps.

          • Emperor Naked

            I applaud a witty and insightful post. Yep, me.

    • Andy

      Isn’t that a Christmas decoration behind him on the table?

      • Spartacus

        He could be a marano.

        • Emperor Naked

          You strain yourself to hate Jews and it shows.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      All I know is that he looks like he’s about 90 and has gotten a few decades’ too much sun. Perhaps his aged appearance makes him look more vulnerable than he would otherwise.

  • JohnEngelman

    Blacks did it. Where are the blacks reaching out to support him?

    • Sloppo

      I’m pretty sure the National Association for the Advancement of the Schvartze will do everything they can to help him.

  • IstvanIN

    We are living in South Africa.

  • Puggg

    While we’re on that topic, of supporting victims of this “game.”

    If you’re in St. Louis and in the mood for pizza, go to Joanie’s in Soulard. That’s where Matt Quain worked and still does when he was a victim of this “game” almost two years ago.

    After QD and I left Guns and Hoses on the evening before Thanksgiving, that’s where we went.

  • bigone4u

    Let’s hope that whites coming together is the start of a trend. We need more of that if we are to defend ourselves against the vast array of enemies who have allied themselves against us.

  • [Guest]

    >>>…they … won’t accept this kind of violence in their community….

    Well, isn’t that a noble sentiment?

    Now, stop pounding your chests and actually DO something.

    • Alexandra1973

      I bet a hundred years ago they would’ve.

      And probably made some windchimes while they were at it.