Another Potential ‘Knockout’ Attack In Philadelphia

Elizabeth Hur, CBS Philadelphia, December 2, 2013

A man was attacked out of nowhere, and Philadelphia police believe it’s the latest assault tied to the so-called “Knockout Game.”

A witness says the attackers videotaped the whole thing.

While that video has yet to surface, that witness is speaking out and talking only to Eyewitness News.

“It was really, really sad to see how hurt he was,” she says.

The eyewitness asked to remain anonymous, because she says she is now living in fear, knowing the suspects are still out there.

“Sad to live like that. I grew up here my whole life and I can’t wait to leave,” she says.

What she saw, according to police, was a 63-year-old man fall victim to what investigators from Northeast Detectives are calling a case of the “Knockout Game,” where criminals punch someone so hard they lose consciousness.

“It was just one punch and the old man, his body just fell, dead weight, just fell to the ground, then they probably kicked him two, three times. His left side of the face was swollen. His whole left cheek was out to here. It’s sad,” the witness says.


“Two went behind him and two stayed in the street and videotaped it with their phone, their camera phones.”


“As they walked by my car, I heard the one say, ‘That’s an old man,’ and the other one said, ‘So what?’ So they were planning on it, plotting on it, they knew what they were doing.”

According to the eyewitness, the suspects did not try to rob the victim, leading police to believe this random attack was a case of the “Knockout Game.”

Descriptions of the suspects remain vague. The eyewitness says it all happened so fast, and she only recalls seeing four black males in their late teens to early 20s.


The victim’s family told Eyewitness News that the 63-year-old has been hospitalized with head and chest injuries since Sunday. He should be released some time on Tuesday.

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  • Jefferson

    Knockout games are racist because White privileged faces are touching poor oppressed Black fists. That is grounds for hate crime charges against White knock out victims.

    • negrolocaust

      black people bring a fist, white people bring a gun.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        White people use guns, black people become corpses.

  • JohnEngelman

    Descriptions of the suspects remain vague. The eyewitness says it all happened so fast, and she only recalls seeing four black males in their late teens to early 20s.

    – Elizabeth Hur, CBS Philadelphia, December 2, 2013

    I am glad that the mainstream media is finally reporting the race of criminals. The MSM has an obligation to draw attention to how dangerous young black men frequently are.

    • John R

      THAT’S TERRIBLE! They mentioned the RACE of the attackers? Why was that relevant? OH TERRIBLE! Geeze, if this keeps up, White people might get the idea that African Americans are more likely than Whites to be criminals, and that African American neighborhoods have more crime than neighborhoods where White people live. Of course we all know that is NOT true! African Americans are no more likely to be criminals than White people, and, the reason they are more likely to be criminals is White racism. Also, African American neighborhoods are no more dangerous than White neighborhoods. And the reason that they are more dangerous is because of poverty caused by White racism. So, race has nothing to do with crime, and should not be mentioned, but it should be mentioned that White racism is the cause of crime by African Americans. (There, people, had enough liberal BS yet?)

    • negrolocaust

      its not just black males! black females attacked two elderly men gardening in florida this week google it. walked onto their property and kicked them on the ground filming it.

  • Ograf

    I was asking a liberal the other day what they thought about this genocide being perpetrated against Whites by all these cowardly attacks. He said ” well it isn’t all blacks doing it”. Those people are so stupid they can’t recognize the truth when it is in black and white, on film right in front of them. Sometimes I think our calling came too late.

    • Lord_Steven_Regal

      Liberals will cling to the one or two non-blacks they caught doing the Knockout Game to yell at you that you can’t generalize. The same Liberals will then turn around and say all whites are privileged and all Conservatives are dumb.

      • Which non-blacks were those? Unless someone can actually name them, I don’t believe it really happened.

        My reply to the libtards’ “whites commit crimes too” consists of two words: the first is “Lemaricus” and the second is “Davidson”.

        • Lord_Steven_Regal

          Last week the media highlighted a Pakistani or Arab fellow who knocked out a Jew to try to show that the Knockout Game is not all black. It’s only like 99.8% black.

      • JohnEngelman

        Those liberals thrill to the eloquence of Martin Luther King, but they do not walk along Martin Luther King Blvd. if they can help it. They support school integration, but not for their children.

    • JDInSanD

      I work with a lib who actually said he was going to be profiling when he walked around downtown. I was dumbfounded so I asked him to elaborate and he said, I kid you not, that he was going to be looking out for bikers!!!!!

      • Lord_Steven_Regal

        Oh, I’ve seen the same. After that New York bike gang pulled the Asian father out of his car and beat him in front of his wife and child, I read comments by Liberals incensed at bikers and biker violence. Never once did they admit that particular bike gang was nearly all black and Hispanic.

  • Extropico

    This is a purely desultory attack in a game that doesn’t exist by suspects who must not be described, lest you demonstrate racism by noticing the racism towards you.

  • Luca

    The only real news here, is that it’s being reported at all and with an element of accuracy.

  • APaige

    The knockout game has been going on for years with no mainstream media reporting. Then in New York a Jewish man is attacked and the media starts reporting on this sick ‘game’. If its a game blacks must be good at it. Its not like it is called the ‘knockout test’. A few DAYS after the Jewish man is attacked articles start appearing questioning if the problem is real. Since then there have been more ‘real’ incidents of the knockout game. Now it will be ‘dropped’ as a story.

    • It began the first week of November,2008 …. Coincidence?

    • Johnny Squire

      -“If its a game blacks must be good at it. Its not like it is called the ‘knockout test'”

      Thank you, APaige. I needed a good laugh.

  • Spartacus

    “Descriptions of the suspects remain vague. The eyewitness says it all
    happened so fast, and she only recalls seeing four black males in their
    late teens to early 20s.”


    Round up all the ones who fit the description and kill them, just to be safe.

  • Lord_Steven_Regal

    Just a week ago I would have believed this attack actually happened; but, thankfully, the Leftist media assured me that the Knockout Game is all a myth promoted by evil white racists.


    Mindless, indoctrinated Liberal

    • Some Guy

      “But police officials in several cities where the attacks have been reported say the knockout game is an urban myth, and that attacks that have received recent attention in the media have been random assaults, the New York Times is reporting.”
      I hope the idiots who published this article get a chance to play this “game”.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Why not just make a template? the only blanks you would have to fill in are the date, time, and city. Everything else in the article is 99% similar to YESTERDAY’S knockout game.
    Sigh. I can’t say it enough….

  • Avoid the groid.

  • dave

    Carry a gun, 38 cal. or larger. Bait the mutts in and blow they’re fing heads off. Problem solved!!

    • The better solution is to avoid black people as much as possible. Avoid them like the plague. No point in wasting time trying to distinguish between those who might force you to use a firearm and those who wouldn’t. If these victims don’t even have time to react to a single punch, then they most certainly don’t have time to draw a weapon.

      Just go out of your way to avoid any and all black people. Seeing as how I spend my energy keeping them away, I know that should any make their way into my little “racist” sphere, then it immediately tells me which of those would do me harm.

      • dave

        That’s another reason for segregation. This way we avoid each other and no one gets hurt,especially the whites. We are basically segregating ourselves now.

  • Larry Klein

    I saw an idiot article on Red Srate lamenting failed economic policies.

    • It’s kind of a circular argument when someone talks about failed economic policy as it relates to black society. An influx of black people into a business, community or entity almost always precedes a slow decline and, ultimately, an implosion and failure. It’s an extreme rarity that implosion or decay is ever turned around and righted by an influx of black people. Black people aren’t the way they are because they were born into a world where their communities are rotted and decaying. No, their communities are simply an extension of what they do with their societies when given control.

      Many mainstream conservatives aren’t stupid, so that just means they are cowards, because this stuff is obvious to even a deaf, dumb and blind man.

  • ixObserver

    This is pure crime, calling it a ‘game’ just reflects the sadistic mentality. I don’t know what the reaction of civil society to this is but beyond the usual police patrols locals in areas where these things occur should form their own security patrols. Post Katrina Black behavior shocked even poor third-world countries. When the giant tsunami hit south Asia the poorest of the poor who were affected were nothing like looting, raping blacks.

    The other day at a store a White lady (middle aged) at the counter was attending me and an Arab/Afghan guy (young kid) was attending a Black lady. The moment the Black lady started her ‘interaction’ it was a show. She started yelling at the guy ‘650 plus 149 is 749 bla bla’. The guy was all baffled & was asking the White lady for help. The W lady started looking at the invoice and right then the B lady starts yelling the same thing again. The W lady graciously said ‘Ma am I am looking into it can you please wait’. That didn’t have much affect. Everyone else in the line (some non-Whites, Whites) were quietly watching. When my transaction was nearing completion I asked the W lady if she wanted to hear something funny. She smiled and said yes. So I told her “650 plus 149 is 799 not 749. She has been shouting the wrong thing all along”. We both laughed, I left.

    Apart from the obvious wrong math she did which I grasped right after she said it first time, she was just yelling obnoxiously. Even the Muslim guy couldn’t handle a black woman. Lumping Blacks with rest of the third world is not only insulting but it is also technically incorrect. Even in third world we respect our elders although we have our own Blacks to cause trouble.

  • Krn

    Heard on a Philadelphia news radio station this attack referred to as “a sucker punch.” I thought this was a refreshing piece of honest reporting. The term, knockout game, was not used during the report.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Your post perfectly captures the insanity that is the modern US. People and travel agencies know exactly WHY they have to cross Philly off of their travel lists. It’s the same reason Detroit has been crossed off for quite some time. Yet they are too craven and cowardly to admit that which they know to be the truth. The amount of Orwellian double think that pervades this society is at times beyond belief.

  • Sorry John, but what did you expect from him?

    If I am slowly turning back into an elf, Mr. Wise is clearly going in the other direction.

    • JohnEngelman

      A while back Tim Wise and I had what started as an agreeable e-mail conversation. Unfortunately, when I made the case for race realism he became rude. My next e-mail letter came back with the message that it had been rejected.

      I wonder who buys his books and pays for his events. I suspect most of his paying audience consists of the talented tenth of blacks who know what their upward mobility has been achieved by affirmative action at the expense of more capable whites and Asians.

      I do not believe that the white liberal guilt complex resonates much any more. There are plenty of whites who know what to say in the presence of black friends and co-workers. I doubt most of them believe it any more.

      • Little Timmy is a perpetual coward. He runs from truth, he runs from facts, he lies, obfuscates, distorts, and when all else fails, he ignores. He consistently ignores a mountain of facts and evidence just so he can pat himself on the back for pointing to a molehill.

        His wife is very White. His kids are very White. His neighborhood is very White. His and his wife’s inner circle of coworkers, friends and acquaintances are extremely White. For a guy whose entire premise is that everything bad in the world can be attributed to White people—whether they be White conservatives, liberals or anything in between—he sure does make a habit out of “keeping it White” when given the opportunity to separate himself.

        If I was forced to choose one person to trust to have enough integrity to do the right things when given the facts, and I could only choose between Tim Wise and Mark Potok, I would choose Potok without blinking an eye. That’s how bad little Timmy is.

        • JohnEngelman

          Blacks are best admired from a distance.

  • negrolocaust

    i saw an ad for a little over-under pocket pistol that shoots two 410 shotgun rounds. it was made by bond arms. i bet he wishes he had that. he should go buy it today.

  • Chris

    Its hard to imagine Philadelphia is the home to Independence Hall. I don’t believe this is anything close to what the Founding Fathers envisioned.

  • CharlesFinley


  • I can generalize all day long, and what some trendy twenty-something thinks I can or can’t do is meaningless. I am 47 and I own my curmudgeonhood.

  • negrolocaust

    tune in to wcbm d o t c o m and listen live hannity is going to talk about it right now on his radio show.