Woman Killed over Dowry ‘Every Hour’ in India

Dean Nelson, Telegraph (London), September 2, 2013

A woman is killed every hour in India because her family failed to meet her husband and in-laws’ demands for higher dowry payments and lavish gifts.

Official figures from India’s National Crime Records Bureau reveal that 8,233 young women, many of them new brides, were killed in so-called ‘dowry deaths’ in 2012. The report comes amid growing concern over the level of violence against women following the Delhi gang rape case last December.

The number of deaths is marginally less than in 2011, but reflects a broader increase in gender violence. While dowry deaths fell slightly from 8618 to 8233, the number of cases of cruelty committed by husbands and their relatives increased significantly from 99,135 in 2011 to 106,527 last year. Many of the cruelty cases are believed to be dowry-related and many dowry killings are preceded by cruelty by the husband and in-laws.

Although the payment of dowries for marriage is illegal in India, they remain widespread across caste, class and educational divides. In recent years demands have become more insistent and expensive.

One of the dowry deaths last year was Pravartika Gupta, who was burned to death in her bedroom as she slept with her one-year-old daughter. She had been threatened by her in-laws because her family could not afford to speed up their schedule of payments. They had agreed to pay £15,000 in cash and buy a Honda City car for their son-in-law’s parents. The in-laws had suddenly demanded that Pravartika’s family also buy them an apartment.

According to the Bureau’s latest figures, charges were brought in 94 per cent of the 8,233 dowry death cases, but the conviction rate was just 32 per cent. In cruelty cases, the conviction rate is only 15 per cent.

Vrinda Grover, a leading lawyer and women’s rights campaigner, said the figures proved that crime against women “is rampant in India”. She said dowry death cases can only be registered up to seven years after marriage, which means most of those killed were young women and relatively new brides. “Grave violence is being committed against young women in their matrimonial homes and the low conviction rate shows the legal system is not geared up to investigate and prosecute these cases,” she said.

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  • HJ11

    I don’t care. They’re not my kind. Let them sort it out themselves.

    • Spartacus

      Agreed .

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Whatever one may say about India, they’ve managed to maintain a solid democracy better than any other former colonial power somehow. I attribute much to their non-Muslim religious traditions and centuries of British influence, plus an average IQ high enough so that within a billion people enough competent peolple can be found to make things work.

    • captainc

      how about Brunei or Malaysia or the Phillipines? And is democracy a goal or a means?

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Brunei – Muslim. Malaysia – Muslim. Phillipines – Catholic with bothersome Muslim minority and American legacy.

        The followers of Vedic religions have LONG suffered Muslim humiliation and brutality. They understand. Look at Myanmar…

        But yeah, I find it a miracle that India has been so successful all things considered and considering the average IQ level (not the worst by a long sight) the crucial factor must be something sociological. Vedic religion combined with English institutions is my guess.

        Goal or means? Both depending on the situation I guess.

        • captainc

          Myanmar is different case, the Muslim Rohingya is different ethnic group, they are Bangladeshis. Even a friend of mine who is Muslim in Myanmar think they are foreigners, still all Muslims there are under the threat of genocide.

          India is improving because you need only 1% from the population who have top IQs to run the industries and administrations, they rests are just low wage slaves, which is excellent. It is Hinduism with capitalism.

          I think democracy should be a means to wealth and prosperity, it shouldn’t be a goal on nationhood, Singapore , China are doing great, even 1939 Germany. It is only smokescreen in USA for their aggressive wars in the planet earth for The Tribe’s sake.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yeah…this thing we have I term “totalitarian democracy” and it’s pretty obnoxious and hypocritical.

            I don’t believe in Camelots (nostalgized past perfection), but I sure do believe in Detroits…

    • So CAL Snowman

      I will remind the court that over 600 million Indians lack access to a proper toilet, in fact more people have cell phones than access to a proper toilet. These people openly bathe and defecate in the Ganges river while simultaneously using the river as the central dumping ground for all of their garbage.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Which leaves over 400 million who live more or less like us in many ways.

        I would posit, however, that they have come a long way in the last 60 years and continue to develop. Where they end up, who knows?

        • IstvanIN

          It seems they end up here, unfortunately.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I’d trade our blacks for them on a one on one basis gladly.

      • Jefferson

        The “stereotype” about Indians is that they as a people have very bad hygiene compared to the average Westerner.

        India’s cities all smell like feces, urine, and sewer.

    • HJ11

      A democracy of mixed peoples isn’t something worth having. It is the Star Wars Bar.

      • Steven Bannister

        A wretched hive of scum and villainy!

      • NeanderthalDNA

        I’d say it’s darn near impossible, unless one group is overwhelmingly dominant.

      • Sick of it

        Without the awesome musicians…

    • Newton

      Solid democracy? India is essentially a feudal semi-fascist state.


      • NeanderthalDNA

        Relatively speaking. I cannot think of any developing nation that has had as much success in trying to run their affairs in a democratic way.

        The semi-fascist thing I can agree with, do not have a problem with for that matter. Hinduism is the unifying ethnic/nationalist glue that holds the country together and considering the Muslim threat from within and without – past, present, and future – I guess a little fascism is needed to keep the place glued together.

        I’d love to replace our form of pinko-red fascism with something a little to the right and Prussian gray. Might make real democracy possible again one day…

        • captainc

          I don’t think Hinduism can sustain in the long run with all new scientific discoveries, only the poor and the status-quo (Brahman caste) rely on Hinduism. It is not about religion, Hinduism in India is more on where your social status or class is. It is funny to read all those matrimonial classifieds in India, it looks like CV to apply for a job. This is applied eugenics.

          I guess the Hindus are more honest about themselves. They cannot tolerate stupidity and poverty, no love, everything is systematic or death.

    • Jack Burton

      WTF are you talking about, India has an average IQ of 81 according to Lynn, that’s below American blacks.

      Of course unlike blacks they do have an intellectual elite, however much of the progress of India is due to the West helping them, much like blacks. Left to their own devices they would be even more Third World than they already are.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        I was confused then. Thought it was closer to 90.

        Considering many factors I would love to see more in depth analysis of this. 81 seems low.

        • Jack Burton

          It’s not that low relative to the Third World. Blacks and Australoids are in the 50s and 60s. Koko the gorilla scored in the 80s.

          What you have in India, because of their caste system, is a small concentration of intellectuals who were the religious high caste, and then the vast majority of the population are really stupid degenerates. They’re skill having sex in the streets and defecating out in the open, like animals. David Duke talked about that during his travels in India.

      • saxonsun

        Completely true.

    • saxonsun

      It’s England that made India civilized.

    • M&S

      Average IQ in India is around 81-82 though mileage has been known to vary (I’ve seen as high as 94).



      The ‘smart Caste’ myth is based on a massive degree fraud industry and sliding standards for things like three vs. four year college degrees.

      The politicized saying of India is “Food, Clothing, Shelter”. Not the words of a culturally sophisticated elite dreaming of high ideals, social freedom or space travel.

      Indeed, you need only look at the proximity of places like the Dharavi Slum to the center of Mumbai-




      To understand that when the NPI predicts India will have 3.2 billion screaming souls by 2060, it means that it will have desolation, plague and famine on a level that turns the sub continent into a charnal house of death from being so far beyond the land’s carrying capacity.

      It is true that if you have a sufficiently large population of any given IQ group, it is normal to see higher percentages at either end of the range. But this is a stochastic not Gaussian skew and so what you are really seeing is likely a forcing condition (as happened once in England) where the preponderance of nobility enriched the poor with downwards mobility.

      In India where there is a huge emphasis on ‘becoming whiter’ this forcing condition is likely to be caste` driven and result in marriages where a partner’s skin color requires compensation at a monetary level.

      Add to this the traditional views about caring for the older generation and you have a very good reason for dowry murder to be common as a means of ridding oneself of social baggage in a vicious claw-up to higher social status in an otherwise glass ceilinged society.

      Bluntly, there are too many blacks and browns in Indian life for neck-stomping to work but there are too few positions for everyone to be allowed a step up on the social ladder without massive amounts of cash trading hands.

      The result is a culture steeped in bribery, extortion and fraud of all kinds where corruption is so complete and wide spread that it stifles the very functioning of the country. Hardly something the British are likely to be ‘proud of’ as an inherited social trait, though they certainly exploited it when they were the Raj class.

      ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ this all you like, but the endgame is still one of a society sinking into a pit of it’s own population ordure. America will be much the same in another 20-40 years.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Very informative. You should polish this up a bit, maybe add to some, and submit it to Amren for publishing.

        I don’t think India will reach that 3.2 billion mark, by the way.

      • captainc

        how china and india are different? both are known to have a lot of cheaters. i remember the poisoned baby milk incident.

        • M&S

          To answer your question directly: China is a collectivist society run by elitist leadership while India is an elitist society muddled by collectivist governance.

          To be fair, the Indians likely have no choice as India’s ethnic divisions, general stupidity and history of mass violence in a fairly small territorial holding, forces the leadership to acknowledge the threat posed by the masses ‘in lethal proximity’ of any societal explosion to their ruling elites. The photo I posted above, of the Dharavi slums within sight of Mumbai’s ‘executive’ skyline is proof of this.

          OTOH, China is big enough and their people’s rationale sufficiently group-submissive that they can clean house on a region by region basis and nobody will complain until it’s their turn to be annhilated.

          In this, it’s all about leveraging what you have, without regard for presumptive egality of the classes but without overtly disrupting their ability to supply you with what you need by making them public enemies either.

          China uses it’s farm labor (as the children of an aging agrobase) as a valuable source of seasonal migrant labor to man it’s factories with work camp like housing conditions and ‘buh-bye!’ mass firings of the wage slaves at the end of a work season as production run. These slaves who work at 25-50 cents and hour are tied, socially, to the concept of supporting a venerated elderly class which ruins their own social mobility, even as they desperately desire not to be a part of the farming class from which they achieve temporary physical but not fiscal escape.

          This ‘dual-use and you feed them’ defacto work policy is at the heart of why farmers are still allowed to have more kids than the base population though urbanites are nominally more intelligent.

          As automation rises and China moves into more and more corporate farming techniques as replacement for menial labor, family owned, food production, they crack down more and more severely on the basic rights as existence of the subsistence working poor, creating circumstances where their civilian militia police can pick fights (of the kind where the cop takes a flying leap with both feet to land on someone’s skull, on video), just to have an excuse to arrest people for an execution mill which, yearly, murders about 3-5,000 people from the poorest classes.

          Kill enough of the right class of working age support cadre and the rural poor will collapse from starvation. It is a plan to remove the stupid as soon as they are no longer needed in-harness.

          Okay, that’s the ‘negative eugenics’ element of how China’s masterplan.

          Here is the positive Eugenics side:

          1. They are nationally supremacist. When China puts out a request for what the people want, they get back lists of things like a space station, aircraft carriers, world superpower status and more economic empowerment of China for it’s own sake, rather than for the world gluttons who feed off of her economic GNP.

          And nobody screams about how un-PC this is ‘for their group’ because it is the belief system of a political body that _does not_ disagree with the notion of ‘as a country is nationalist, to make the the people strong, a nation is at harmony with the purposes of the leadership of the country’ (nascere: = to be born, not land, blood).

          Because of this, China, which is 93% Han Chinese, retains the focus of a dominant, very high IQ, ethnic group _in control_ over the dumber majority which itself is nominally rated in the 100-112 range.

          2. They encourage young college graduate women to breed heavily, supplying them with first-access to apartments if they have a child. This alone will both massively skew the gender politics (creating a dependent female political majority who endorse the policies of a government that elevates them, preferentially) and furthers the likelihood that artificial forcing pressures on selection will endorse the best and brightest, not the average to below to win their wombs if not their hearts. Men who are already at a 30 million surplus to women thanks to the not-a-vagary gendercide of the One Child Policy will compete, heavily, for breeding privileges with these women who will further cream them for the best mate genetics without any overt intervention.

          3. The Chinese are actively screening for intelligence. They group their school children by GPA equivalency, creating massively competitive, co-equal dialogue driven, learning environments where kids who are THAT smart can bounce ideas off each other’s genius while creating the social networks which will drive a future Chinese hegemony abroad because the home game is all sealed up.

          Now imagine what happens when you couple this synergism of excellence as an endorsement psychology conditioning (if you do well, your life is assured) of collectivism with an analytic breakdown of individual competencies using detailed psychometrics database assembly of the living Chinese genome.

          They may not know /how/ to make a better man yet, but the Chinese already know -who- has the specific traits that they want to magnify in genetic engineering. Their entire upper class is one giant Terman’s Termite experiment.

          4. The Chinese recently (as in 2005 or so) bought some 4,000 gene sequencer hoods. There are rumours that they have since increased these numbers by an order of magnitude with home production.

          They split their publically acknowledged sequencers, 50:50, between the Hong Kong open economic region and various, secret, national, R&D sites deep in their hinterland. They have openly invited any and all scientifically accredited bodies and -personally- extended requests to certain top personalities in the Genetics industry to “Come work with us” on a no-boundary genomic investigation of IQ.

          Where warped Western communist/Lysenkoist visions of egality restrict any and all searches for ‘the smart gene’ (which is actually a long sequence of repeated coding variant alleles and the developmental regimes which create specifically higher-function brain tissues) to only that which is tangentially discovered by research on congential diseases like Trisomy 21, the Chinese (along with the Israelis, by all accounts) have essentialy said: “Forget fixing the weak, we want our best to be stronger!”. And they have the focused population studies as base-group regimes to make such experimentation happen, on a grand scale.

          5. The Chinese are Thieves.

          Just like America and Britain used to be, when they could steal or rob the Germans of such things as the massive numbers of chemical patents discovered by IG Farben before and after both World Wars. As such, because they recognize no copyright authority which has relevance to the _national_ interests of the Chinese people, they don’t spin their wheels reinventing technologies but rather take what is good and expand upon it.

          Hence, even though they are not pioneers in a lot of fields they are way ahead in productionizing workaday solutions to those areas which are high profile as high payoff without having to expend huge amounts on ‘sustainment’ bribery of low yield worker bee populations. In space alone, they launch satellites from one of 4 launch centers _every 40 days_. They have just inaugurated a 50,000lb Heavy Lift capacity similar to what the STS used to achieve every 6-9 months and they are working on both space station and return to moon scenarios by 2020 while the U.S. and NASA are getting out of the space business, defunding things like ISS Freedom, in the same timespan.

          The Chinese are not the best at a lot of things. But what makes them a bogeyman like no other threat we have ever faced is that they are able to focus the best of what they have while ruthlessly exploiting/curtailing support to what is vestigial or at best utilitarian in their needs to press forward. The Chinese are _serious_ about improving themselves as much as their material lot in life.

          Not that the Chinese are ignorant of the payoffs for creating an internally stable consumer market economy. You mentioned the melamine issue. I would suggest that the country which beggars itself to another’s discounted mass production cannot be picky about the second best lead-painted toy junk that they are given as veritable charity.

          In fact, the best of what China makes in everything from high speed internet electronics to crafted vs. laminate wood furniture no longer leaves China but is retained for home market use.

          We get the cast off junk.

          And increasingly, the Chinese do it knowingly because there are limits to what we can do to block or reject imports of what they send us when they hold both our majority debt and our mass-consumerist production ability to add to it.

          Indeed, the only thing which prevents China from decoupling the Renminbi from the U.S. Dollar tomorrow is secure access to petrogas to power her economic engine without potential for USN interdiction of tankers enroute from the Gulf.

          Iran, which currently has shared access with Qatar to the ENORMOUS South Pars petrogas fields is currently doing deals to send this ‘P3’ (Power, Plastics, Propulsion) replacement through a pipeline four times the length of the Alaska line, into China’s Western provinces. Where it will likely be hooked up with the ‘Silk Road II’ rail network for distribution by huge numbers of LNG tanker wagons.

          When they get it fully stood up, the USN will no longer be able to leash the Dragon to cook our dinners by threat to literally torpedo her P3 supplies and China will regularize her currency to it’s real world market values. As a result, interest rates will rise overnight from the Western suppressed 0.1% to around 3-4%. And then 9-11% by the end of the same year.

          At that time, our debt will become unpayable, our currency will collapse and the world will transfer it’s petrofiat purchasing allegiance to the RMB or the Euro.

          Securing this Pipelinestan deal is why Iran wants nukes to keep the U.S. from intervening at the well head end.

          Preventing the logical route, through Afghanistan and Pakistan, is why the U.S. went into AfG to begin with (Yes, Virgina, 9/11 was ‘real’ to the extent that it was /allowed/).

          While our failure to contain this effort by a self generated War On Terror and resulting ‘stabilization and nation building’ intrusion into SWA as an attempt to clone the Marshal Plan NATO dependence model, is why U.S. billionaires like Buffet are getting out of such basic infrastructure stocks as food and banking. Dumping literaly -millions of shares-, at sub market levels, as they rediversify their portfolios into offshore holdings and currencies.

          Because Americans live in a fairy land fantasy setting of assumptive entitlement and we no longer fight to retain our race as national capabilities identity through the protection of key industrial means as ethnic group privileges, we are about to be displaced by a nation whose majority population are 90-95IQ subsistence agrarians.

          But whose leadership minority is in the 140-160 range of ‘give me a large enough lever and a fulcrum to set it against’ world shakers.

          Did I mention that the Chinese are _Serious_ about their made-not-manifest destiny to displace the U.S. as the dominant global power of the 21st century? Does everyone here understand that we will lose 90% of the assumed ‘good life’ access to modern-conveniences as cheaper consumer goods and services when this happens because our money will not be worth toilet paper, anywhere in the world?

          It is the certain national ‘disapointment’ with this condition as the leadership which allowed it to happen that is the likeliest explanation for why Homeland Security has recently acquired 1.6 billion rounds of small arms ammunition when we only burn around 20 million /a year/ in Iraq and Afghanistan.

          Apparently, our ‘best and brightest’ plan on doing some extensive negative eugenics trimming of the segments of our population they don’t like as well. Unfortunately, they will likely begin by shooting the intelligentsia who might object to a breeding as multi-cultist schedule to hybridize and dumb us all down.

          There are 288 million guns held among some roughly 350 million people in American our Dear Leaders likely feel the need to ‘clear out’ on the way to a One World Government asylum condition of total population pacification as thought control.

          • captainc

            excellent analysis, what would be the solution in political (ok, this is useless considering the ZOG grip) if not on individual or communitiy level, what can we do within our power to rise up again and compete with the chinese?

          • M&S

            If Federal collapse happens in the next five years, the only resolution of the resulting ’emergency’ will be by civil war.

            We are simply not ready to separate and secede behind national as ethnic territorial borders from which we can fair-pay evict the racial minority unwanteds on a friendly (.5 million per family of four) but firm, eminent domain, basis. If we engage in genocidal extremism, there will be international intervention and without a functional military as national government, whites will lose the right to choose our own outcome.

            Indeed, IMO, the outcome of the resulting enforced multiculturalism would be a muddied race whose ‘freedoms’ from racism are forever a function of genetic rather than social limitations on the residual evolutionary potential remaining to us. It would be disaster and the doom of our people.

            If such an open war doesn’t happen (on an increasing gradient slope basis of unacceptable civil rights loss) until 2030, we have a chance at racial survival, though the absolute bottoming-out part of the curve will likely be worse in terms of death count as global societal loss of standing.

            The mechanism of that chance is Layering. Buffer after buffer of fine print laws which ‘cascade’ like a hopping checker board piece to create limiting consequences for non whites interested in forcing themselves upon us via predatory claims to an ever smaller societal resource pool.

            It’s ironic that you mention ZOG for we would have to imitate our conquerors at the very same levels of ‘backdoor with a suitcases of money’ level of political influence buying, all the while acting even more covertly because the Jewish dominated media would excoriate us for attempting to predominate as a numeric majority race as it never did them trying to utterly disenfranchise their hosts as a parasitic liberal minority.

            One is racism. The other genocide. It is the hypocrisy of the media’s narrow-minded vision that makes the latter preferable over the former, ‘because RAH’.

            We would also need to act like Mexicans.

            Going online into whites only verified chatrooms where we would ‘exchange resumes’ by presumably still unopened mass-mailings and from an agreed first evalution to a meet-and-greet on neutral territory, develop affinity groups by state level economic class and age group, willing to put 2-4 couples into a single family household mortgage, multi-earner, circumstance. Where one party was financially responsible for everything ‘on paper’ but all commited majority portions of their group income to rapid debt resolution.

            Ideally such a residence would be a condo with low down and low monthlies in a pretty bad part of town. Because you want to keep under the government’s radar. This group would do the ‘common everything’ as an economies of scale trick. Hitting local food banks together. Buying groceries together, sharing a single or paired ride. Cable, Computer, utilities, everything. Available bedrooms would swing between partners on a weekly basis.

            All incomes would be pooled and as soon as possible, secondary weekend businesses would begin to be invested in. Tree limb, sprinker, lawnmowing, landscape. Electrician/Plumber/Painter/Carpentry. Grocery purchases, taxi service, nursing/social aids, child daycare. Stoop labor, cattle driving, hay baling. Which is why the initial vetting process would be so important because you would have to tailor skillsets to regional as group needs as well as to a databse of _white only_ service customers.

            Which is in turn why as how -every one of us- can contribute to our survival. If you are too old or wealthy to need to do the from-scratch game, you can _still contribute_ by providing a list of your needs that young whites can fulfill to keep money inside our community and off the books. A tenspot for a grocery delivery is the same as King Soopers charges and a van or pickup that provides five stops at ten bucks, 3-4 times a month, is 1/5th of a mortgage payment.

            Ideally, at some point, the group will amortize enough of their debts and pick up enough community college course basics in things like renovation that they can afford to begin gentrifying their local environment (which is why ‘start in a bad area’ becomes a resource enabler) through buyout of non-white households or those already in default. Not hostile, not forced, just a _very good_ deal on assumption of a mortgage plus penalty walkaway basis.

            At this point, you have the beginnings of a Collective.

            Because you can either move the original couples out OR, if they are willing to tough it out for another year or so, bring in other like minded whites to a covenant driven community where things like yearly maintenance fees result in true service advantages lie group taxi services at ‘a buck a ride’ and free medical/legal/education plans. All because among those you are bringing in with the lure of a cheap home with 200 dollar a month rent are the experts who have huge school debts, no clients and limited ability to pay for things like a doctor’s office (which you can also potentially help them with).

            Again, the rules of this covenant are such that you are contracted in with some very stringent failure mode penalties for leaving and you have to be explicit in your agreement to ‘why this is for us and not for your new black girlfriend’ so that, again, white’s only social networking becomes a critical part of the filtration process on who you can talk frankly to and do deals with on an previously named expectation of congruence. You can leave, but you will give us first offer and you will not take anything but your own property and a fixed contribution percentage with you.

            We don’t hate, we just love our own more than others. Be loyal to us and we will reward you as our Kindred.

            With this will of course come an added expectation that everyone starts to add to the kitty as soon as they are in the black and increase the held-property of the Collective so that young people with blue collar skills as well as yuppies with collegiate training can all look at their communal bank account and start to say “This is ours. Now what are we going to do with it?”

            And that’s also critical because _real whites_, have the legacy insight of our ancestors as the means and will to plan several seasons down the road.

            So let’s step this out +five years.

            Now we have a bunch of 25-30 somethings and, for the race, what we really need for them to start doing is having 2-3 kids.

            Per couple. At Least.

            Now the communal support network as bulk-shopping habits starts to have payoffs as each woman goes through her 9 month interval of reduced work production and then, if she wants, gets back into the swing of things while a hut-mother equivalent with stronger domestic desires and real psychological training, acts as a day care provider and perhaps a ‘home room teacher’.

            She will be paid and supported (by older children), very well, for her services so she is not just a scut laborer but also so that we can keep the percentage of women willing to work in-harness and contributing as part of the labor pool.

            Again, this needs to be outlined in the initial group contracts and particularly any followon community system: We are child friendly but expect women to put in 2-3 years building up the community before they let their clocks countdown and then to have -enough- kids, in a short window, that we don’t become a stagnated population of aging hipsters.

            _This_. _Is_. _Critical_.

            Because it is what differentiates us from the in-it-for-themselves yuppies and metrosexuals expect out of life.

            Somewhere around +10, the Community should be more or less self-employed within our own groups, buying and flipping homes to install white families with sufficient customer satisfaction standards of survivable family building and paying into whites-only service databases with massive tax leveraging in trade for discounted prices on a white community service system.

            Such that we can afford to be largely off the grid, cash paying and intra-group supporting.

            Which is where the Jewish thing kicks in because we need to protect our investment in ourselves from the filthy reaching fingers of Other Populations as government interests.

            Supporting our people’s quest for excellence amongst ourselves means adding little bits and fine print blurbs to existing laws.

            Take Missouri education as an example of how things can go very, very, wrong.

            Two of their largely black school districts have failed utterly on an academic level and because of this, students have been allowed to choose outside (largely white) schools to shift to. The students who remained still must be supported so local schools are not closing and this creates a massive disparity split in funding for both the stay-at-homers and the bussed-elsewhere students who now get to add their ‘special vibrant diversity’ to white schools.

            After about the second month, the school districts chose not to pay for these bussing plans and the State threatened to disempanel the all-black school boards and replace them with a white governance committee until both finances and grades turned around.

            As of now, these Missouri districts are paying up but that’s not good enough because you still have an explosion of black behaviors out of the districts where they belong amongst themselves and into white schools where white taxes pay for black low IQs and district GPAs fall accordingly.

            Missouri has on it’s books, at least two laws which require excess funds to be returned to the taxpayer and forbids deficiencies from being covered by ‘slush fund’ state pooling of funds from a general account.

            The white school districts took Missouri to court over the failed school district ‘outsourcing’ of their budgets and their case was thrown out because (at the time) Normandy and Riverview hadn’t ‘proven’ that they could not pay for the added costs and so there was no implied assumption that they wouldn’t.

            REM for the legal doublespeak on race mixing by decree.

            We would have to put into place a ‘positive averrance’ system alternative so that communities who could not or would not meet certain standards of accreditation beforehand would not be allowed to ruin our children’s education by essentially taking money from their yearly school budget to pay for non-white education outside our community. It would have to be a ‘prove it won’t happen and if it does anyway, provide extreme consequences as escape clauses to avoid white burden sharing with non-white populations unable to pay’.

            The baseline of this layered approach (antideficiency to the max, pay up front) would -not- be control over our public schools but rather a ‘default of purpose’ condition which allow us to take our kids out of the school system altogether and begin to teach them as we saw fit.

            And this is where we begin to compete.

            Because study after study has shown that giving young brains a three month summer vacation as vegetative phase in which they are not learning is the principle contributor to failed educational achievement in developing white IQs overall. We are not farmers, we do not need summer labor to handle the crops.

            At the same time, there is increasing evidence that forcing a child to remain ‘focused in a learning environment’ for more than about two total class hours is an exercise in institutional babysitting as conformity training. Which is /also/ unhealthy for young minds.

            We split the difference down the middle and suddenly ye olde one room school house can become a very efficient teaching institution because it can split the school day by grade as class ranges and, using individual sound proofed teaching booths, give students of all levels as much privatized instruction (from a _computerized_ learning system as a TA chat service) as they one on one require. Such a system takes an enormous burden of competency, grading and overall workload off the shoulders of lone teachers which we would bring into our community to teach out of converted rec centers, town halls or even their own homes.

            With this new education system, you provide skillset groupings of related course work which have both theoretical and applied understanding end-segment exams on 2-4-6 week stepped increments of learning blocks so that a student’s progressive integration of skills are constantly evaluated and fine tuned. But they are never left with a ‘finals’ level of apprehension over all that they learned throughout a course semester as they are today. BUILDING SKILL is more important than GPA. Which is why we have to make it our system, not a federally mandated (social engineering) criterion based approach.

            To give an example of how this works with one of the most critically shorted of baseline knowledge sets: students as young as grade three would begin to learn grouped skills from basic to long division, polynomials to geometry, advanced geometry to trig and entry calculus, differentials and statistics etc. etc. So that once they have mastered a given set, completely, they can move on or trade across into a more interesting field, so long as they remain within their grade level for competency.

            And having done their hour of lab level theory and applications study, you move them onto a new subject like history or writing or social psychology for another hour. And then you send them out to live in the real world, do some real-money paying work and let their brains assimilate and integrate the skills. So a new set of students can come in for the afternoon period. And this _continues_, year round. Which is how we get past the Archimedian Death Spiral of recursive, remedial, ‘re-learning’ on a helix of skillsets wraps down half a course level for every one level it tries to move up.

            In this, I would like to add that not even the Japanese who are notorious for their student suicide nets below dorm buildings at final exam period, in fact force their young children to sit through six hours of four courses and an optional PE/Lunch/Recess period plus three to four hours of homework, after they get home.

            That is the equivalent of a burnout guarantee for -any- student, before they are out of high school. Until they are in the 2nd or 3rd grade, there isn’t any homework at all. We can do better. But we need to be realistic in what we assume our children’s can absorb when even adult focussed attention spans are something like two 45 minute sessions per work day.

          • M&S

            And if we are forced into small enclaves of high brightness whiteness, we have to be able to do all of this on a small and virtual footprint of 1-2 teachers with general psychometrics mapping skills to help students figure out what they are good at. And a whole bunch of college level experts who can act as specialized Teachers Assistants to help them achieve. It is the quality not the quantity of skills that matter here, _provided you keep them in school, year round_.

            Which is not to say I have low expectations, just the opposite. By the time they graduate Elementary school, I want white students to be auditing college level course lectures by tenured professors across wideband internet connections in subjects as diverse (the good kind) as possible that they can really begin to get a feel for which subjects they like enough to choose a vocational advocacy for in both primary and related sub-specialties. That they will begin deeper studying in, sometime in their junior year of high school. That’s a two year college level lead-in over other races as first-entry advantagement to the job market.

            But it has to begin by returning our people’s future hope to white standards of GPA and white pride in the history not social guilt we have made. It also has to be done in small study environments where class sizes are not a distraction and with a certainty that you can progress as rapidly or as steadily as your skill levels allow within a guided course mode that reflects your abilities as interests.

            All this as a function of getting young people confident in how the world works and what they can do to find a place in it without feeling like they are taking a blind step off a high board into an Olympic swimming pool being filled by a garden hose. Splash or Crunch at 18 should never be an issue.

            It is also critical in that it lets us share the burden, nationally, with a neutral-named ‘white coalition of educators’ who provide a high level of base curriculum as teaching support within tenured professor sponsored learning environments as a low cost level but high capability, electronic network of available topics. Keep lectures brief and repeat them via recordings.

            Let TAs handle followup questions months or years after the initial broadcast. Insert followup material as .pdf, powerpoint or MPEG presentations to keep the coursework fresh. If someone did a doctoral investigation and lecture tour on Atlantean era Thera in 2001, by 2013 there should be at least a dozen followon papers discussing the merits of his/her conclusions. Again, this is a place where a TA could pay for half their tuition keeping course work up to date.

            Even as you start to bring down the entry age as expand (fiscal sense) the teachable population of white students with high level skillsets who arrive on-campus _fully prepared_ to execute the workload.

            All of which will be necessary in maintaining our position through a slump period of extreme population loss thanks to the idiocy of ‘have a child when you’re 35, it’s great!’ idiocy, combined with anti-white scholarship barriers.

            If we have 2-3 kids per family and we are not members in the national nanny club of public schooling we will absolutely need to keep our overhead as school buildings and teacher salaries at a minimum footprint level. That we build out own curriculum from that reduced spendable income threshold will be a reward but also a duty. For that is the only way that we can keep our children loyal to our racial beliefs, background and achievable potential as self-belief.

            By junior highschool at least, ideally, I would like to continue social education outside the school environment by providing young men in particular apprentice positions outside the community and young women with a paid assistant role to community day care providers so that things like shopping and the care of young children vs. hard work ethic and long work days become gender differentiated again and both sides of the divide become comfortable with their biological requirements in continuing the species.

            This will have to begin in the classroom. By gender separating students, you also will improve their individual course work as burgeoning sexual interests do not provide extremes of distraction even as specific group activity vs. independent study biased teaching methods can be applied to each group.

            Which in turn sets you up to begin anew the old custom of ‘coming out’ at sponsored social events as parties and celebrations which bring the community together and allow a junior and adult period so that young people can begin to pair off in an appropriate environment where no one minds that they are affectionate. Teach them dancing. Teach them debate. Bring in speakers. Show the odd non-miscegenist, non anti-white, movie. Hold athletic or skills based competitions from model rocketry to kendo to archery.

            But do it _not_ as a ‘state run socialism as school sponsored’ event. Rather emphasize that from one family they are moving into a larger one.

            Doing this, once a month, between individual isolated communities means there is no introversion as insularism while encouraging a guest environment that teaches responsible social conduct in a mixed group setting of monitored peer activities and graduated child-teen-adult conversational topics which immerses and engage all ages but particularly brings in children, early, to the idea that what they know is important and how they discuss it groups even more so as critical to maintaining their place in a group power base.

            It does not have to be overt racism. But the implication of threats from outside should be easily observed and commmented upon as things like taxes and ordinances and restrictions on white job opportunities in a constricting national industrial base with increasing foreign ownership should all be things that young people come to know well enough that, /when the time comes/, they are not afraid of the racist label and can rebel based on certainty of knowledgeable alternatives rather submit to a fear of being feared.

            Which brings us to 2030-2040, 20 years out.

            At this point, things will be getting really grim for us as our elder generation of late Boomers through X/Y’s begins to pass and our numeric majority collapses. At the same time however, we will be less than five years away from having 3+ kids per family moving into their majority and they will _expect_ us to have a life plan assurance plotted out for them. If we don’t, we cannot expect them to remain loyal to our cause for the risks will be enormous in holding to a ‘racist’ identity and they will be hammered in the outside world by those jealous of their looks, their intelligence and their cultured ways.

            We MUST be ready. As an element of which, our Collectives will need to be nationally organized and cross-linked able to bring across groups into a designated homeland majority area with not just blindly open arms. But a _planned evacuation_ ability to support the newcomers who will likely have to leave much behind.

            Depending on how close the government is to collapse and how vicious the racial set asides/entitlements/reparations as active persecution of whites has become, we will need to begin rapid but not panicky shifting of whole white populations on a year by region basis into significantly expanded, ready to go, communities. Where we can absorbe their skills and create a by-the-numbers mass for an army, if need be.

            Again, this will mean whites opening doors for other whites who are functionally forced to start all over in abandoning their home communities without buyers because there will not be many who can pay a reasonable fee. And there may be a majority who feel they shouldn’t have to.

            This may have to be done under fire.

            Such is where the general utility training of young whites doing their apprenticeship work will come in handy. Because they will need to be willing and able to start low in trade for guarantees of eventual lifestyle building similar to what they are leaving behind and that can only come with trust in the empathy of other whites. Having the skills to be useful and to be -paid- for doing more than their share will give them a feeling of community participation as potential.

            It will also be the point where these young men and women, trained to a _very high_ level of functional competence, can begin to compete, not just on the national job market, but globally.

            Because they will be among the last graduates of the U.S. collegiate institution system whose sheepskin is worth the ink printed on it. And it will be _because_ we are white that we are recognized as the true legacy of what an imploded USA used to be.

            Further to this, it will be -because- we can leave this country, in it’s entirety, to a defaulted condition of 3rd world cesspit that we will not be overrun at home. We may well be the only breadwinners of note on an essentially all-negative trade imbalance.

            Those smart kids will be the ones who figure out the final, fairly negotiated or confrontationally dominant, step in the dissolution of our unfortunate Union. As Secession becomes a necessity for maintaining a separate homeland as way of life.

            In this, it is likely fortunate that we will be collapsed to roughly thirty five percent of total base population by 2042. Because we will need to be able to swing all available youth into a massive war of secession that only they have the hardiness as much as skills to fight.

            And we will need to be able to sustain that fighting population within a land area stretching from the Rockies to the Mississippi river. One third of today’s landed territory, at least an eighth of that, desertified.

            We will leverage our startup economy and fight for our racial sovereignty with anthropomorphic robotic labor ownership that multiplies work product and rewards young people with conservative spending habits as fifty percent social purchasing credit profit from the intelligently planned actions of their labor robots to compensate for a fifty percent reduction in working currency wages for a massively realigned dollar or (likely) new startup currency.

            It will be this ability to sustain a controlled accreditation system of work ethic via massive bulk-purchases of raw materials and certain luxury goods ‘at wholesale’ that will justify a continuing central government, as much if not more than it’s ability to defend us from attack by the rampantly hostile Hispanic and Black populations desperate to get back in from the cold. And the Asians who will think they own the land we sit on because a piece of paper gives them more rights than we have. Each group will have to be battered to agreement in principle that whites are too dangerous to be bullied.

            Things like society wide Genomics to fix high order IQ and a revamped Space Program will hopefully follow in short order to get us off the madhouse planet and, depending on how radically anti-white today’s liberal leftist academia continues to swing before we cut them off altogether, we will have a significant degree of catchup to play in replacing their skillsets to activate these efforts.

            Which is why whites need to be able to apply the widest possible range of generalist engineering and scientific competencies to as many foreign contract openings as possible as we will be essentially reimporting the industries which we will have given away. Plus fifty years of general tech base advancement.

            Whether China or Eurabia or the other authoritarian socialist technocracies will want us intruding on ‘their’ markets is another matter but I suspect that there will be sufficient new sources of income from secondary geo-resources rich nations looking to pool what saleable assets they have into a modern world position with which to let us compete on a pay as you go, cash on the barrelhead, work environment of competed contracts and multi-sourced, gigantic, construction efforts.

            Solar powered desal plants and water pipelines to green African savannah enoguh to support the massive grainage and cattle herds necessary to feed starving Africa for instance will be something that we can grit our teeth and be part of on the understanding that what feeds the starving black pays our bid for continued independence.

            ANd it will be ONLY at home where those monies investment will be guarded and rewarded by a common ethnic gene pool that looks upon it’s workers as the new heroes of a post genocidal age. That loyalty as elevated status will be how we will keep our best and brightest coming back to us rather than going native.

            Again reinforced by the direct certainty that if they breed outside of our group, we wish them well but their fate will be that of their new hosts because they will not be welcomed back.

            It will be a very rough go for whites, for a long time. Only by sticking together and remaining a people apart from other, less intelligent, moral and honorable races will we be able to survive at all.

            Our children’s children will have the unfortunate and yet challenging and ultimately fulfilling experience of growing up massively less well off than we are but ultimately more secured by a race centric protectionism of social resources in a likely overtly hostile, highly anti-white, world governance body as they ‘live in very interesting times’.

            I cannot predict victory. But by 2070, we will likely have passed a turning point where Malthusian population collapse brings on the total failure of global socialism, which will result in a quality over quantity shift in social bias towards high end active genomic improvements to IQ in those races blessed with 2-3 MSD potential for improvement. This will come with enforced reproductive controls over the lesser peoples and (who will be isolated and starved unto submission) until the balance has fully flipped.

            Being genetically blessed with very high G conceptuals and at least median verbal and spatial/math IQs, we will likely be able to internally population stabilize around a 120 IQ with high skew percentages of 140s by which to give our great great grandchildren more choices as chances.

            If they are not annihilatively dispossessed and social rape ‘blended out’ into non existence altogether, at that point (less than 4% of a global population lost to raging barbarism as entropic backslide) they will likely make it into a 22nd century where race realism and new societal concepts of ethnic responsibility to their own kind as evolutionary arc will lead to a less viciously anti-white stance on the part of a much scaled back global community.

            One which is interested only in their own affairs as the resources to support and exploit the idiotic ‘no race but the human race’ to socialist largesse for everyone of the prior two centuries will simply not be able to be supported.

            There will still be peoples as societal majorities perhaps smarter than us in key areas (Asians and Ashkenazim) where 160+ IQ norms will mean global leadership has likely passed as a the final price of our abandonment of our own interests is paid in full.

            But if we can hold onto our homelands, we will retain our own voice as genetic identity in pursuing a separate evolutionary destiny from that of the Mestizo and Black horde which now infests us.

            There will certainly not be a people better pop-count positioned or more driven after our own passage through the fire of the mid-late 21st century as we come to realize exactly how enormous a racial disenfranchisement scam we let ourselves be lead into.

            That basic understanding, having burned out of us any false crusader empathy from our Ice Age (as Savannah Principled) socio-genetic inheritance, will mark the beginning of a new White Age, which we will have learned to contribute collectively to, but only for ourselves alone.

  • Spartacus

    Good. Fewer breeders for the lesser races.

  • TheCogitator

    This is one of the crazy traditions I don’t understand. Because they abort females, there is an imbalance between men and women — when it comes time to marry, there are not enough women for all of the men. You would think that scarcity would bring price increases. Normal economics would indicate that instead of the bride’s family paying the groom’s family that it should be the other way around. If I were a father there, I’d tell those guys if you can’t come up with money for me to marry my daughter, you had better fall in love with your hand because that is all you are going get.

    • captainc

      This is a environment-friendly custom and tradition, with it India will reduce its populations significantly, the last time I was in India, there were lots of frustrated men, even the shopkeepers for women’s underwear in the airport were men

  • D.B. Cooper

    Somebody explain to me. HOW in a country where many men can’t even find a bride, are worried about a dowry? I type in “high caste Hindu” and I got her, whom if I were single, I wouldn’t care if I was the one who had to pay a dowry.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      A lot of Aryan came out in that young woman. My theory is that in general the cream rises to the top and the dirt sinks to the bottom.

      Within any mixed population certain individuals will through chance and/or cultural factors, find themselves possessed of the right genes (both Aryan and the best of non Aryan) so that I consider them White and no danger to my people should they slip into the gene pool. Or like the young woman pictured above, slip BACK into the gene pool.

      • cloudswrest

        Steve Sailer has opined that fair skin, where environmentally possible, always rises to the top genetically because it is a sexually selective trait in women. In as much as male dominance is genetic, the alpha males get the fairest women, produce fairer children. Lather, rinse and repeat for 100 generations. This links fair skin with social dominance.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Yeah, I have to agree. Lived in Latin America a while back, knew lots of fine White folks who lived there (other than Can-Am and Euro ex-pats).

          They ran the country. Whitest group of students I EVER had the pleasure to teach.

          • Jack Burton

            Your standard of White is very low.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Your standard of White may lead to extinction as well.

          • captainc

            Remember, Gypsis are also Northern (Aryan?) Indians..

        • Jack Burton

          What are you some kind of fanboy? Why do you say it as if Steve Sailer is some kind of scientific researcher who discovered this. He just writes stupid comments and repeats what others have already said.

  • Erasmus

    Not to worry. It’s India. She’ll just be reborn.

    Celebrate Diversity!

  • borogirl54

    Actually dowry is against the law in India but the law is not enforced. This is one reason for the skewed sex ratios in various Indian states. This more prominent in wealthier areas than in poor ones. Also women are often thrown out of the house by the husband and in laws if she fails to produce sons.

    • Erasmus

      Also women are often thrown out of the house by the husband and in laws if she fails to produce sons.

      Sounds as if some need to take Remedial Biology. So much for India being a modern country.

  • TheCogitator

    I’m wired up different from those people. Maybe it’s a white thing. But I can tell you if the groom’s family killed my daughter, I would go to work on them, and they would all die — and die hard. Similarly I can’t understand farmers who kill themselves because of Monsanto’s seeds. There wouldn’t be a Monsanto worker within a 100 miles of where I lived. If I’m going to go, my enemies would go first.

    • Never provide any warnings: don’t woof.

      • TheCogitator

        I see my comment was deleted. We often lament that we do not stand up for ourselves, but if it is forbidden to even speak of it, it is almost certain that it will not happen.

  • libertarian1234

    “Wife is killed if her parents can’t come up with enough cash.”

    Yes, that’s true.

    That’s India’s version of matchdotcom.

  • HJ11

    As many on here probably know, the ancient Code of Manu had many laws to try to prevent miscegenation, but when you stand in mud, you get mud on you and that’s what has happened in India.

    The Sanskrit word for caste–varnu–is also the word for color, and while in the West we are often taught that the caste system was primarily based on occupations, it was also based on the color of peoples. The whitest were the highest and the blackest were the lowest.

    My point: We Whites need to separate out from non-Whites if we want to stay White.

    • saxonsun

      I have a colleague from India. She says that The Anglo-Indian is the most prized combination. Not surprised.

      • Jack Burton

        They’re trying to claim that Prince William is less than 1% Indian so that makes him Anglo-Indian, LOL.

    • Jack Burton

      Geographic separation and an ethnostate are absolutely required for long-term racial preservation.

  • Sick of it

    Everything they do or China does today is because of us.

  • The shortage of young women in India (and other nations) will eventually lead to a new kind of refugee: The lonely male refugee. The western world will be inundated with millions of single Indian and Chinese men desperate for wives. The only thing saving us, for the time being, is the fact that it’s mainly the poor ones who can’t find mates. The ones who can’t afford to move overseas. But the forces of the left will find a way to bring them here. Guaranteed.


    • captainc

      I guess they all should go to Israel, instead.

      • That might happen. About 15 years ago I read that some Untouchable Dalits in India were claiming to be Jews and demanding the right of return, in a transparent cheat to get themselves into a developed nation. I don’t think the Israeli government bought it.

        • captainc

          Even if they are Jews but not the correct Jews, Israel would have to sterilize them before admit them in.

    • I doubt poor, uneducated Indian and Chinese men will have much success in the West. Money is the only reliable aphrodesiac, and the guys who’ve got it have all the advantages.

  • borogirl54

    Actually many widows in India are kicked out of the house by their male relatives because of disputes over her late husband’s property. Many of them end up in Vrindavan, which means City of Widows and spend their time chanting for hours for some coin and two meals a day.

  • captainc

    Hi GM, I do believe it is. As they will not have enough women to
    procreate, let alone most people are still poor. India is under great
    transformation, there are many new rich people or even billionaires from
    IT business or real-estates. These are the guys who will corner the
    female supply for themselves. In India, the men or husband are treated
    like gods. Recently, there are many rape cases towards women, foreigners
    or not. I also remember India has just invented a superbug in their
    hospitals due to rampant antibiotic misuse.

  • Jack Burton

    What a strange people. You don’t need laws and civil rights in these cases, you need men to be men and defend their own. Such nonsense would never happen in the West, because the father, uncles and brothers of the female victim would kill the bastard. Why does it happen? Because the psychopaths know they can get away with it. When I see things like this of course I have sympathy for the female, but then I think the people themselves are inferior if that type of behavior is the cultural norm.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      ” Such nonsense would never happen in the West, because the father, uncles and brothers of the female victim would kill the bastard.”

      No. They would be far more likely to go to the cops and obey the law. Perhaps in the good old days, but in the good old days dowries were common in the West too.

      • Jack Burton

        Wrong, that’s a straw man, I didn’t say anything about dowry, but abusing or killing the female.

        Obviously I’m referring to our entire history as a people, how our culture developed, that type of behavior would have never been tolerated. That’s why we now have the laws that we do.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          I don’t know about that, Jack. We Whites did some pretty barbarous and stupid things way back when as well. I could list quite a few, but a brief perusal of history should suffice neatly.

          Many of the barbarities from which we recoil were once practiced by our ancestors. I was just making a point with the dowry thing. My bone of contention was really more with the idea that modern Whites would more likely take the law into their own hands to exact retribution. Nice notion there, wish more would, but based on White reactions and proclivity to trust in the legal system, I’d posit just the opposite.

          Would be nice to time travel back to ancient Europa and administer IQ tests. The IQ of Whites may have risen fairly sharply over the last 4 to 5 centuries. Just putting that out there.

          • Jack Burton

            Your straw man had nothing to do with my comment and you still engage in nonsensical arguments. The smartest thing you’ve said so far is that you don’t know.

            Whites did not behave like these savage Indians do and mutilate and kill women because their family didn’t provide enough dowry.

            Perhaps you’re unaware, like you are of most other things, that White Americans are big gun owners. If someone came to kill their daughter, they would be dead. Of course Whites don’t behave like those savages to begin with.

            Not that IQ has anything to do with the argument, but as far as ancient IQ, we know for a fact that high IQ genes are more prevalent in Europeans and East Asians than compared to Africans, Cro-Magnons actually had larger brains than modern humans, and ancient Greeks are estimated to have had a much higher average IQ of 115-125. Despite our technological progression, we may have in fact degenerated.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            “The smartest thing you’ve said so far is that you don’t know.”

            You’re just spoiling for a fight aren’t you? I could from pure memory list scores of stupid stuff primitive Whites did in the past.

            Hey…you ever utter or tap out the words, “I don’t know?”

  • captainc

    i don’t understand why moderator keep on deleting my comments, is it because the link?

    anyway, back to topic. i don’t think it’s due to mere better economy but instinctly for searching the opposite sex.

  • Jack Burton

    There’s no if about it, it is.

    Because stupid people can be exploited and unused resources.