We are Observing Thanksgiving Day


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  • I am grateful for the staff of American Renaissance who maintain my favorite Website.
    It’s nice to (rightfully) criticize liberal policy and feral non-Whites and not be ridiculed.

    Happy Thanksgiving to Amrenners one and all.

    • David Brims

      Yes, a little oasis of sanity , where we can tell the truth about black crime, muslim terrorism, etc etc and not be accused ( screamed at ) of being a ”racist, bigot and nazi.”

      • dd121

        YOUR ARE A DAMNED RACIST. (And I love you for it.)

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Thank you Amren. I had two non-political friends share the attached picture on Facebook, it’s nice to have an oasis like Amren where such drivel is properly destroyed.

    • RegisterToPost

      I’m thankful for living in a nation that Europeans brought forth from the wilderness into modern civilization.

    • Nice Guy

      That’s a shameful picture! I hate Facebook.

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        I avoid FB as much as I can. Image macros like that are everywhere though, not just in social media. They can be used for good as well as evil.

      • Garrett Brown


    • John K

      Terrorism- this represents the diaper heads and other Muslim vermin who would slit your throat and put a bomb in your house. Funny thing; they hate and abuse their women and stone them to death, yet gladly blow themselves up for the promise of 72 virgins. Other terrorists include groups like the Black Panthers, who intimidate old white people from polling centers and call for the death of whites.

      Small Pox / Colonization- you can thank the Mexican and Central American invaders, enticed with welfare and other handouts by the federal government, who brought back a disease that was eradicated from America long ago, and who have turned once vibrant communities into third world barrios. You can also thank your hateful, anti-white, minority infested government for importing Somali scum and other third worlders to America; as if we didn’t have enough criminals already. This is like bringing home a truckload of cockroaches and setting them loose in your home.

      Torture- a specialty of Muslim terrorists and Mexican drug cartels. Yet liberals bitch and moan when the military uses torture on these two groups to get information that would save innocent lives. Torture works. Ask John McCain, he sang like a bird when the NVA tortured him. The military’s version of torture is a walk in the park compared to what terrorists or cartels would do to you.
      Also, ask the hateful, racist blacks, who’s hatred is based on liberal lies, about torture. Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom of Tennessee were tortured and murdered a few years back by black thugs for no other reason than being white.

      Theft of Lands- the “Native Americans”, who also came from somewhere else. No one mentions why whites eventually went to war with these savages, such as their stealing livestock and scalping women and children, among other things. Whites turned that land into the greatest country known to man. And where are these savages today? On reservations, gambling and drinking their lives away while leeching off of taxpayers; the ultimate welfare recipients.

      Rape- no one does this better than blacks. 90% of all rape in America is committed by blacks, and their favorite victims are white women.

      The joys of diversity…..

      Today is Black Friday. In the coming days, you’ll be reading of black imbeciles who trampled each other to death trying to score a deal on an Xbox, sneakers, or a flashy colored I-phone.

      I’m definitely dreaming of a white Christmas.

      • ThomasER916

        Politically Incorrect History is the only TRUE History.

  • Spartacus

    Couldn’t help but notice that, even here in eastern Europe,it’s obvious that this holliday is getting attacked more virulently every year by the marxists and other people, most of whom are not Eskimos… Which means you have to eat twice as much turkey !

    • Garrett Brown

      All the stores are now opening with their “huge sales” at six PM on the actual day OF Thanksgiving. Why is that I wonder? Well, it could be multiple reasons. The fact that minorities are lazy and wont dare to wake up at four AM in the morning to get ready for the five AM store openings but are becoming a large percentage of the consumer base. I however think it’s simply to discourage time with your family and to destroy this holiday. That’s all it needs/has to come down to. Six PM is when most people eat and spend time together after their arrival from a long trip. When football is turned off and the sweet potatoes are ready.

      Until the day I die, I will be eating turkey on this day, even if I have to do so in a bunker with an AR next to my plate.

      Long live family, long live white traditions and culture.

    • ThomasER916

      Brother, I took your advice and ate twice as much turkey.

      Some how I don’t feel I won =(

      Oh my stomach!

  • negrolocaust

    while amren is taking a break, negrolocaust will keep working:

    WARNING: two more knockout assaults one by a black mob of 8-10 yesterday on a chef leaving work in Philly, the other by a lone black in a high school in CT. the man attacked in Philly is still in surgery with a broken eye socket and broken jaw. the attacker at the high school told police it was KNOCKOUT. stay alert and vigilant.

  • M.

    Happy Thanksgiving to American Amrenners!

  • Garrett Brown

    Thank you to Amren in all that you do, and a very happy Thanksgiving to all of its’ readers. Have a good one.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    To All: May you enjoy and celebrate this traditional White American Holiday…and let’s eat!!

  • Korean guy

    Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Do Koreans celebrate Christmas? I noticed Crayon Pop has a Christmas single coming out. I know many Koreans are Christians, but the Christmas holiday as we practice it is a hodgepodge of Christian and pagan European elements. It’s kinda weird to see our traditions reflected back at us like in a fun house mirror.

      • When I was living in Sydney, Australia, I passed a Chinese-owned shop a few weeks before Christmas 1997 and noticed a peculiar window display. It was Saint Nick, crucified, on a cross. I had to laugh and thought to myself “The guy gets an A for effort.” I wish I’d had a camera with me.

  • James Bro

    Happy Thanksgiving to all at American Renaissance and my fellow White Americans.

  • This Tgiv for me has driven home the point that everyone has to learn at some point in their lives, that life goes on.

    My oldest blood uncle, the long time St. Louis fireman who often got called on runs to the Pruitt-Igoes in the first half of his time on the department, and whose experiences from that turned our whole family into racially minded people, and therefore, I’m an AR regular today, died this past summer. His one and only daughter, who was always much more her mother’s daughter than her father’s daughter, (her mother has been gone for more than a decade), moved out of state to be close to her mother’s relatives and family during the fall.

    Three of my four grandparents died before I was born, and the one that didn’t died when I was an infant. So this is the first death in my family tree of someone related to me by blood first cousinhood or closer, and as a consequence, one of the others moved away.

    Two chairs not filled, two plates not needed. It felt weird for that, but it felt right that Tgiv happened.

    • My sister, her husband and their son moved to Texas this autumn, so Thanksgiving was just my mother, wife, daughter and myself. We were missing three, so it felt a bit quiet.

      No turkey this time; I made a nice saucisson de Lyon.

      • You’re talking about food again. Be still my beating heart.

        Seriously, write a cookbook.

        Several years back, I was trusted with making the family pork sausage dressing recipe. Fools, what fools they were. I did everything by the book but used hot pork sausage dressing. How did it go down? Well, it depends on your gender.

        That said, I’ll never really be trusted with that task again. But as a compromise, each Tgiv and Christmas, I get to make a special batch on the side and baked in its own separate dish using hot pork sausage, the stuff that goes in the turkeys, mild pork sausage is used. What comes out of the turkey is “hers,” what comes out of the dish is “his.”

        • DLRisVH

          and a Thanksgiving and Christmas tradition was born, great story.

      • itdoesnotmatter

        As haute cuisine is also my passion, I attended S.F. Culinary Academy [before it was sold to a sleazy outfit].
        The pastry class, taught by a Swedish Master Pastry Chef, was especially enjoyable. He was indeed, a master. We watched him decorate the Grateful Dead drummer, Mickey Hart’s b/d cake.
        Want my killer delicious recipe for Drambuie pumpkin chiffon pie in pâte sucrée [or crumb] pie crust? It’s in high demand every T’giving.

  • Puggg

    My elderly parents, their only son (me), and a whole lot of limbs on the family tree.

    And of course, three wonderful dogs whose breed ancestry goes back to China.

    I swear, one of these days, the pug is going to win that dog show that’s on TV this day every year. Except it wasn’t going to be this year because that pug on there today was rather mediocre as far as championship quality pugs go, and that was supposed to be the best pug that was entered into that show.

    • M.

      Hahaha you and your pug!

    • Anglokraut

      I’m dog-sitting a Black and Tan Coonhound right now, and I think they are great dogs. Added bonus: you get to say “coonhound”. Try it; it’s fun.

      • A breed with real racial implications: The Rhodesian Ridgeback.

        Otherwise known as…well, can’t say it here.

    • Anna Tree

      Actually don’t forget that Amren article: all dogs ancestry goes back to Europe.

  • itdoesnotmatter

    Every day of this life, I am thankful for being born blonde, fair skinned and White in the former USA. My brown eyes might come in handy some day if we don’t wake up and take action.

  • PesachPatriot

    Seriously….they can’t even take a break for turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie….I guess stealing and stabbin is a 24/7 occupation….Happy Turkey Day everyone….I’m thankful that I was born in the greatest country on earth, even if it has hit a bit of a rough patch lately….

  • Andrew

    Happy Thanksgiving !! Thank you Amren!!

  • Who Me?

    I am thankful for my white husband of almost 40 years (next June!) our white children and white grandchildren. That we live in a comfortable home in a nearly black-free community, and that I found AmRen; a community of like-minded, racial realists. And in closing, I am thankful for all my white ancestors who made me a white woman, and proud of it.

  • italian guy

    Felice giorno del ringraziamento dall’Italia, happy Thanksgiving from Italy 🙂

  • Ella

    Holidays are really to celebrate with family and friends who are much like us. We take time out of our busy lives to talk, laugh and eat together. Thanks AmRen people and have a great Thanksgiving!

  • I think it will be a matter of events and circumstances getting so awful that it makes some white person so hacked off that s/he throws caution and PC to the wind and run for some major political office on an openly racial platform. I don’t think the first such person who wins will be what does it. But it will take a second such person imitating the first, and probably a third imitating the first two. If we get on a three-game winning streak, that when I think the dam is broken.

  • M.

    Hi, welcome!
    I’m like you: atheist, liberal on most issues, except race and racial identity. I’m actually a libertarian, capitalist, and darwinist.

    To answer your question, I think it will be gradual. The hammock is gonna have to go through a considerable period of wear-and-tear before it outright breaks: it will take some more coexisting with racial aliens, more innocent victims of crime, and as blacks and Hispanics are taking over, a degradation of services: people will see the difference between their way and the White way.
    As they’re taking over, and as our numbers are dwindling, marxists, and leftists in general, will have a harder time blaming non-White screw-ups on White racism or the likes.
    All of this will draw more and more of our folks, and even of non-Whites, to race-realism. Which will gradually wear and tear the hammock.
    As to what will break it, I frankly have no idea.

  • Second City Saint117

    The system will break when white genocide stops ie flooding white countries with millions of non whites.

  • Jackryanvb

    The United States is a big country. The hammock breaks many places, cities and even states go down, Whites move around a lot, regroup. We lost most of our cities in the 1960s, we fled to the Sububs. Whites are fleeing California, moving to Texas. Whites flee bad television networks, we lost National Review, we regrouped under anonymous names on the Internet. We’ll adapt.

  • Extropico

    Happy Thanksgiving to the AmRen staff and readers. I randomly extend my gratitude for the duration of the entire weekend.

  • DLRisVH

    Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving Day! After watching the ads that aired during the parades and the games I find it very difficult to do any of my Christmas shopping at those stores that ignored me.

  • authorizedversion .

    I am thankful for my wife. My bride, my lover, and mother of my four blue eyed children.

  • pcmustgo

    Thanksgiving reminds me of how many foods we all eat come from American-Indians… they were some pretty decent farmers , or at least were just lucky enough to come across all these foods.

  • Alexandra1973

    Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow AmRenners! Right now my son and I are in the Detroit suburbs.

    Turns out my family’s having issues with a black stalker. Out of nowhere, a while ago, this black guy cussed out my sister and her friend and he’s been driving by the house, hanging out in a nearby cul-de-sac, and following the friend to her doctor’s appointment. The local police, I’m told, will do nothing.

    Tongue-in-cheek, I suggested they find a couple of Klansmen and have them hang around outside.

    I hopped on the ‘net and started looking for information. Turns out Michigan has some pretty strict anti-stalking laws and I found some useful info for my family.

  • Speaking of holidays.

    Has anyone else noticed that the stations that have flipped to Christmas music, that they’re running that irritating Band-Aid song from 1984, Do They Know It’s Christmas?, into the ground? Two different St. Louis stations are doing all Christmas, and both are doing it. This started last year, and it’s even worse this year. Sometimes, both the St. Louis stations doing Xmas play that damned song at the same time.

    That song came out in 1984, which means it’s almost 30 years old, yet only in the last two has it become a staple of Christmas music on the radio.

    Tinfoil hat theory time: There’s a deliberate effort afoot to lay out the Africa “guilt” hot and heavy on white people.

    • authorizedversion .

      I don’t think too much about Africa during Advent. We sing to baby Jesus in the creche at night before bedtime and prayers and listen to alot of ratpack (she loves White Christmas) songs.

      • Last year at about this time, I wrote this about that wretched song:


        The purpose of this cheerful song is to make honkeys feel guilty about feeling happy in our first world Christmas while there’s black people suffering in Africa. The song asks rhetorically, “do they know it’s Christmas in Africa?”

        Short answer: They wouldn’t, by themselves, for a very good reason.

        Christmas is basically a warmed over observation of the Winter Solstice and its approximation with the new calendar year. From whence we honkies came, mid-northern to far northern latitudes, it made sense to reset the year at the WS, because you could fit an entire growing season within a year. Another reason it made sense that from the moment of the WS, the length of the day would start to get longer, so the first half of the year would by definition feature lengthening days, mid-year would be the longest day, and the latter half of the year would by definition feature shortening days.

        Where black Africans are indigenous, tropical African latitudes, there is little variance in either the length of the day or the seasonal climate, save monsoonal seasons, depending. Mostly, the growing season is all the time, but “growing season” is a misnomer, because it’s not as if black Africans developed anything close to sophisticated agriculture on their own. The berries and the low hanging fruit just grew, and you went and got whenever you wanted to eat. The EBT of the day, so to speak. This makes the Band-Aid lyric “in our world of plenty” in this song misplaced, because in a base sense, a place with a shorter than year long growing season can’t be more of a “world of plenty” than a place with a year long growing season.

        The lyric “there won’t be snow in Africa” is even more inane, because (black) Africa is the tropics. Other than the top of Kilimanjaro, it doesn’t snow in tropical Africa on any day, Christmas or otherwise.

        The long and short of it is that, no, they wouldn’t have known it’s Christmas, because they wouldn’t know or care that it’s the winter solstice. For the day we now think of as December 21 +/- was to the tropical black African just another day when the sun would rise about where it always has and set about where it always has, it might rain, it might not, it was hot and humid nonetheless, low hanging fruit was there, his rival might impale him with a spear, or maybe not, he might get lucky with only one woman, or the Chief would bring him a captured concubine of women from an enemy tribe to gang bang, but usually not.

        But, thanks to cargo cult and gibsmedat, they know it’s Christmas now!


        • ThomasER916

          Some things need correcting.

          What the “12 Days of Christmas” and why is that important?

          Why is Christmas Day 9 months after the historical Easter?

          The problem is you’re believing the Cultural Marxist bs. Easter had a Historical Date, though there was a debate. Since Easter’s history date was contested they assigned a floating date. This made problems worse. Easter became Sunday to correct the issues and problems with a floating day. The problem with Christmas, however, is the real date never mentioned and therefore was never known. The Armenians had a tradition that placed Christmas on January 6th. The reason for the 12 days was to reconcile the disagreements on Christmas. But why Dec 25th?

          It has nothing to with Winter at all. December 25th was chosen because it’s 9 months after historic Easter. The modern Easter changed to make it fall only on Sundays because they felt the symbolism is more important than the date (Sunday). Also because that day WAS a pagan holiday and the purpose was to keep it separate, unlike Christmas. So if they wanted to keep Easter symbolically separate from the Solstice then why Dec 25th? There was no pagan holiday on Dec 25th. It’s a lie. December 25 was chosen as a symbolic birth 9 months after Easter (historic). Easter was called that by pagans so the day was changed but the name stayed. The symbolism was so important that many still celebrate the 12 days of Christmas to represent the birth and the epiphany.

          I think the problem is Churches have become lazy, feel-good seminars and there’s no sense of history, heritage, or pride in one’s ancestors and identity. That’s why things like this exist.

        • Anna Tree

          Don’t you know that it is because of the white people that there is no snow in Africa? Snow itself is racist: it’s white! lol

          Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving!

    • Alexandra1973

      I certainly don’t feel guilty. Not my fault Africans will be Africans.