Three “Knockout” Attacks Reported in Philadelphia Area

CBS Philly, November 20, 2013

“Knockout” attacks have been reported in several states around the country and now investigators believe three people have been attacked in our area.

Police in Lower Merion are investigating two attacks in the area, and Philadelphia detectives are investigating an attack in Northeast Philadelphia.

It’s a violent crime that in other parts of the country has proven fatal.

Videos from cities around the country show people being punched and beaten at random.

The attackers are calling their crimes a game, the goal being to knock out the victim with one punch.

Mark Cumberland is a victim of a “Knockout” assault.

“Someone asked me for a cigarette and by the time I got my hands out my pocket I was getting hit by four kids.”


Lower Merion Police say suspects Samuel Hayles and Markus January were arrested on October 29th,just moments after they allegedly ambushed and beat a 63-year-old man who was walking his dog.

Lt. Frank Higgins of the Lower Merion Police says, “He punched him right in the mouth and knocked him to the ground. The victim began to scream and yell for someone to call the police.”


An elderly man was also attacked when he was mowing his lawn outside of his home.

The suspect in that attack is still on the loose.

Bruce Myer, a neighbor of the elderly victim says, “A kid came up to him and just punching him in the mouth. He ended up laying the street with his lawnmower.”

The only apparent motive in these attacks, as in all “Knockout” attacks, is to inflict injury on a random victim.

Myer says, “The kid did it on a dare. He said give me five dollars and I’ll knock that guy out.”


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  • Sensitivity Training

    We can thank George Zimmerman for FoxNew’s coverage of black crime (typical blackality).

    O’Reilly started it with the Chris Lane coverage when he started calling out the Race Hustlers who mau maued for “change and social justice” after GZ solved an immediate problem.

    Now the knock out game is repeatedly getting racial reporting on Fox.

    Chris Lane and knock out victims wouldn’t be reported now if GZ didn’t have good gun control.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Don’t worry; as a result of these attacks Philly mayor Michael the Nutter will call for an honest dialogue on race.

    • JohnEngelman

      In an honest dialogue on race black social pathology should be on the agenda.

      • longing4abetterworld

        how true…sometimes I just want to ask, “why the hell can’t blacks just act more WHITE?”

        • JohnEngelman

          During the civil rights movement it was confidently predicted that when blacks were no longer discriminated against they would start to act white. Instead white rates of crime and illegitimacy approached black rates, and black behavior got even worse.

          • bilderbuster

            Forced integration did wonders for the education system too.

    • Oh yeah, there’s another one.

      Actually his schtick is popping off in front of black church congregations or in general about how blacks need to straighten up, and lamer cons go goo goo gaa gaa over it, as if he actually means it (when I think he’s just doing it as a publicity stunt), or as if it will actually result in anything (as if the typical black undertow thug will suddenly behave when his city’s mayor requests for him to do so).

  • JohnEngelman

    There is no mention in this article of the race of the criminals. The mainstream media may think it is contributing to racial harmony by not telling us how dangerous young black males frequently are. It is not fooling anyone.

    • Jefferson

      Those 3 knockout attacks occured in Pennsylvania which has a large Amish population.

      Maybe it’s those violent out of control Amish youths who committed these barbaric acts.

  • Andy

    This is no country for old men. The young
    In packs of two or four attack them in the street.
    These dying generations have lived long
    Enough to meet their ends at alien feet.
    Our schools and courts commend in fulsome song
    Whatever they’ve called wicked, filth, or lies.
    Caught in their sensual music all forget
    Who strung the harp and who can string bow yet.

    • Anna Tree

      When oprah laments that racism will die only when the old whites will die… seems the black teens took it as a call for violence. It was.

      • Oprah recently recieved the US medal of freedom, America’s Highest civilian honor. Thus her advice also has the backing of our Government.

  • bigone4u

    I’m going to love watching the libtard pony-tailed, sandals-wearing sociology professors defend the “game.” Knowing my former colleagues as I do, it will focus on all the buzzwords: legacy of slavery, institutional racism, poverty, lack of jobs, and the million other clever excuses the libtard academics come up with. The real explanation is that blacks have low IQs, little self-control, and are just plain mean. Gee, I hope the scientists discover that “mean gene” soon and put the excuse makers out of business.

    • MBlanc46

      ” The real explanation is that blacks have low IQs, little self-control, and are just plain mean.”

      That just about sums it up.

      • NoMosqueHere

        This is what happens when blacks are permitted to run wild in PC America. Our white southern ancestors knew better; that’s why they implemented jim crow laws. Jim crow was not devised to hurt blacks, but rather to maintain civilization and protect everyone, even peaceful blacks, from vicious black criminals.

        • longing4abetterworld

          “Unless blacks are vigorously policed and constrained, chaos and violence will reign supreme in America.” HOW TRUE!
          I’ll agree with the other post above that low IQ and little self-control are contributing factors, but it’s more a cultural thing. Bad behavior goes unchecked. No father around, little parenting from the mother or aunt or grandmother, raised by gangs. Criminality such as lying, stealing, bullying, property damaging, drugs, you name it: all are allowed, even encouraged. WTF? Why can’t blacks just act more white???

          • kjh64

            ” Why can’t blacks just act more white???”

            That’s like asking why can’t dogs just act like cats?

          • jfly

            I really don’t care that they act more white. I wish they would leave us alone and go far, far away. But they won’t.

        • Luca

          White southerners also started a vigilante organization for the very same reason. The liberal press in American would have you believe that the goal of that organization was to lynch blacks and burn crosses. I have read the narratives of former slaves who claimed those vigilantes would stop by negro homes to water their horses on their night rides and make sure everyone was “behaving”, working hard and not out stealing and raping. These particular negros reported they had no fear of the Klan because all they did was work hard, lead honest lives and stay out of trouble. Most of these exaggerated lynchings were of grievous law breakers who committed heinous crimes and many of them were Whites.

        • MBlanc46

          If Jim Crow had been properly administered, we might still have it.

    • Harry Largo

      About an hour ago I was informed that the game is caused by, “an inability to relate”.

  • Spartacus

    “The only apparent motive in these attacks, as in all “Knockout” attacks, is to inflict injury on a random victim.”


    You forgot to mention the racial motivati… Oh wait, the victims were White, so that can’t happen.

  • pcmustgo

    Surprised you didn’t post the one that happened in NYC. It’s getting tons of press. Read an article about it in AM NY daily rag paper , among other places. Black teens punched out 78 year old Jewish woman in Flatbush Brooklyn. 8 other similar black on jewish knockout attacks happened in the past few months in Brooklyn too, and cops are calling it a hate crime.

    • Jefferson

      What do you think the violent crime and murder rate in America would be if there were very few Black males in this country ? Don’t be surprised if it would be the same as Switzerland for example.

      • Non Humans

        Hard to say exactly bc the invading squat-monsters would still be here. Take them and the nonhumans, and I would say less than 1%.

    • Laika

      Why are these knockout cases suddenly getting “tons of press?” When the knockout game is conducted against whites, the cops, reporters and media call a “game”, that is if it’s mentioned at all. It’s only getting attention now because the victims are not white.

      • Garrett Brown

        Because a Jew was knocked out in New York City.

    • saxonsun

      The other daily pc rag, the Metro, gave it short shrift. This vicious game got a few paragraphs and there was no mention of the perpetrators’ race.

  • [Guest]

    >>>… people being punched and beaten at random…

    I do not favor this as a solution to the “Knockout Game,” but …

    Why is it that nowhere in this entire country are young white men getting together, strutting down public streets, and “randomly” punching and beating members of the Most Favored Race.

    • Laika

      Most likely because they’d be rounded up immediately, roughed up and charged with assault and inciting racial hatred.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    …is to inflict injury on a random White victim…

    Victims are targeted by hateful black racists because they are White; the attacks called for, incited and approved by Oprah Winfrey:

    “There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die.”

    For this, a few days ago, she was awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom 50 years after the death of the award’s founder, President Kennedy.

    The media and feds will call this a racist hate crime only after one of these Trayvons gets shot and killed by a White would-be victim. Only THEN it will be called a hate crime.

    If you see blacks: Cross the street. Get out of the Elevator. Lock your Car Door. Do not give blacks a Light or Directions.

    If that makes one a racist, then so be it.

    There’s no reason at all

    There’s nothing random about this, Mr. Cumberland.

    • Anna Tree

      Better rude and exclusive, than dead.
      Better racist, than dead.
      Better safe, than sorry.

  • The whole thing started in a boxing program at a St. Louis recreation center that’s a short walk from where I grew up.

    • Anna Tree

      That girl who got knocked out said that it is because they have nothing to do and that they just need more programs… !!!… but then some of those programs give them ideas/tools/skills how to hurt us even more!

  • negrolocaust

    27 comments…. black people do, white people comment.

  • negrolocaust

    black people do, white people comment.

  • negrolocaust

    black people do, white people comment

  • Lord_Steven_Regal

    What’s surprising? Black civil rights activist = hates whitey. She’s not showing sympathy because she truly doesn’t care about white victims. If anything, she revives a perverse glee foe what she sees as deserved comeuppance.

    And black people always play the “others do it too” game. If the Knockout Game participants were 99% black (and that hypothetical is likely low) blacks would use the 1% non-black participants as proof that “everyone is doing this” so blacks should not be the focus of attention or warrant specific scrutiny.

    • libertarian1234

      “What’s surprising? Black civil rights activist = hates whitey.”

      Also not surprising is the fact that it isn’t just black civil rights who lie, deny and obfuscate. Almost any black talking head on t.v. does the very same thing.

      Fox has interviewed those from the universities, entertainment industry, politics and the rank and file, and they all circle the wagons and protect the black perps no matter how vicious or brutal the incident being discussed may be.

      There is no such think as an honest, objective black. They’re all liars.
      Integration is a horrible mistake and will NEVER work.

  • Luca

    Remember when liberals made a pathetic propaganda movie entitled “A Day Without a Mexican?”

    When are some concerned, rich, White citizens going to make a movie entitled “A Country Without Blacks?”

    I’d love to see that one. Imagine what our crime rate, prison population, welfare expenditures, scholastic achievement and inner cities would look like if we could subtract that one social disaster that has haunted this country since 1865. Imagine all the people who wouldn’t have to endure loved ones being raped and murdered.

    We wouldn’t win any more Gold Medals in boxing, track or basketball but I would be willing to endure that sacrifice.

    • kjh64

      If I had the money, I’d make a movie called ” A Year Without Whites”. The plot, a mysterious fog settles over the USA but instead of Mexicans disappearing, it would be Whites disappearing.

      • They can do the rest of their lives without us.

        • mobilebay

          But they can’t do without our government standing by to aid and abet.

      • Non Humans

        The nonhumans would go extinct shortly after. Parasites cant live wo the host.

      • Katherine McChesney

        That would be a rude awakening for Blacks and Mexicans.

  • Anna Tree

    It seems whites already invented something that could be used as a protection. Albeit passive: I know being ready and armed is the best solution, and to agree to the status of defenseless victims against black violence is like to accept defeat. But some of us cannot be ready ad armed, and many times the monsters are coming from behind and/or suddenly.

    Search “Swede invisible helmet”, scroll down to the video, if you don’t have time, watch the few seconds from 2:58

    I don’t seriously propose to buy those or think people will buy those because of knockouts: notably because they are expensive, maybe only the liberals could (and they are the ones who are bringing the disaster on us,) I just daydream at the media coverage:

    1) Sometimes ridicule is a strong weapon. To ridicule ourselves that whites
    nowadays need helmets to protect from blacks. To ridicule them by implying we
    need helmets to protect ourselves from their violence and vileness.

    2) If only it could be advertised as a safeguard against knockouts, it could trigger thoughts about how dangerous being a white has become, that we should wear an helmet in case a black decides to have fun and kill us.

    If the company was to make an ad about the helmet as a protection for knockouts, it would be sued for racism. They would say the helmet implies that whites should fear blacks… all the time. But to ask why the helmet implies that, would be an eye opener, if they only answered. The simple but silenced truth is that all the aggressors are blacks and all the victims are whites.

  • I’m going to do this the other way. The very next time a black guy addresses me for anything at all, I’ll throat-punch him and then heave him 30 feet out into traffic.

    They don’t get to talk to me anymore.

  • kjh64

    I think people up North are now realizing just WHY Whites in the “old South” segregated themselves from Blacks and kept a hard line on them.

  • mobilebay

    I’ve read that this savage act is often done because of “Boredom.” How about a few cures for this malady?
    If you are bored:
    1. Read a book
    2, Volunteer at a hospital, a soup kitchen, a nursing home.
    3. Mentor young people
    4. Finish your education
    5. Take your “knockout” friends and help clean up a park or a neighborhood
    If you do the above, you’ll be too busy to injure or kill people, but you’ll feel much
    better about yourself. You might even feel a part of the human race.

    • mikebowen55

      Your comment made me chuckle. The only way negroes would do the above is with a bayonet point to their backs.

      • Katherine McChesney

        But, they might attempt to steal the bayonet. Don’t forget they are chronic thieves.

  • mobilebay

    I saw the “Factor” last night too, Richard, and your analysis is spot on.

  • Non Humans

    Brainstorming session? I highly doubt it was a storm. Maybe more like a brief shower.

  • The Captain

    I’m pretty sure they also invented carjacking and peanut butter.

  • Ella

    I only wished the elderly man could have mowed one down out of self-defense.

  • OhWow

    IT’S NOT RANDOM! It’s always against whites. Anything but random.

  • Here is what the New York Times said of the “so called knockout game”

    Yet police officials in several cities where such attacks have been
    reported said that the “game” amounted to little more than an urban
    myth, and that the attacks in question might be nothing more than the
    sort of random assaults that have always occurred.

    Thus it appears that everybody here is taking this out of context. Yes there may have been a white person knocked out by some teens. However what about the black kids that are knocked out by bands of wandering Amish in Pennsylvania, or by groups of retirement home widows who use their walkers to aid in these attacks?

    Absolutely nobody else is saying anything else about these attacks. How likely is that?

    • bubo

      When the day comes I hope to see these peddlers of lies hung from the nearest lampposts.

  • I grew up near Philly.

    When I was in high school in the 70’s I collected coins. I would advertise to buy “Old Coins” by nailing wood signs to telephone poles near major highways (like US 1) in suburban Philadelphia. When someone would call I’d gather up all the money I could find and bicycle over to their address (too young to drive a car) and look at their coins and make offers. I did this for a couple of years
    and never ran into any problems with people trying to rob me (except for regular old coin dealers). Mainly I got silver coins from the 1850’s to the 1960’s but occasionally something from the 1780’s or 1790’s. This is what Philly was like back in the 70’s which is reported as a time with a higher crime rate.

    I guess our Government likes to show that crime is falling as a justification for our social policies and afirmative action? I should mention that, like all people who collect old coins I am white.

  • knockout-game-turns-deadly

    This is quoted recently in a few places online as there is a story about a 60 yr old woman who was the victim of an attempted knock out. She had a gun and fired 5 shots killing two of her attackers. The rest fled. Is this true? I haven’t seen this anywhere else on the web; not even here.

    • Greg Thomas

      I can only hope it’s true…

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      I sure hope it’s true, the scenario is more than plausible.

  • Greg Thomas

    I’d be impressed if the illegal invading mexicans were sent back to mexico.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Personally, I think is some of these urban sewers vanishing under a nuclear fireball along with their heathen inhabitants would be an improvement.

  • Paleoconn

    I find it amusing how they pick the Hispanic guy withe the heavy accent to wax nostalgic about how safe the neighborhood used to be. After all, his family have been in the area since colonial times, dontcha know.

  • Funruffian

    They always target the elderly, women and those who look weak and unsuspecting. What’s next? Children? Toddlers? We all know from hidden reports that Bantus are the biggest culprits in child molestation. we have entered into a world where we can no longer walk alone at night, or in some areas, broad daylight.
    Remember the old expression. “How would you like to run into him in a dark alley?”
    Well that expression could never be more true and has evolved into something much more pestilent and disturbing.