Mexican Teenage Assassin to Soon Live Freely in Texas

Richard Fausset and Cecilia Sanchez, Los Angeles Times, November 26, 2013

He admitted being a salaried killer for a drug cartel, the kind of assassin who preferred slashing his victims’ throats.

On Tuesday, after serving three years behind bars, he was released from a Mexican detention center and was on his way to the United States—where he would soon live as a free man.

Or, rather, a free boy.

The killer, Edgar Jimenez Lugo, known to Mexican crime reporters as “El Ponchis,” is 17 years old. He was 11 when he killed his first victim, and he was 14 when he was arrested, in December 2010, at the Cuernavaca airport, along with luggage containing two handguns and packets of cocaine.

Back then, Jimenez’s tender age transformed him into a media phenomenon, one that shocked Mexico, and the world, into recognizing the extent to which the country’s brutal drug war was consuming its young. And now it is one of the reasons why Jimenez—who claims to have killed four people at an age before most kids get their learner’s permit to drive—will soon be mingling with the residents of San Antonio.

Under the laws at the time in the Mexican state of Morelos, where he was prosecuted, Jimenez could be sentenced to a maximum of only three years of incarceration because he was a minor. A judge ordered him released Tuesday, a few days before his three years were up.

And because he is a U.S. citizen, born in San Diego, he has every right to return to his home country.

“Apparently he’s paid his debt for whatever crimes he was convicted of [in Mexico], and I’m not aware of any charges the U.S., federal or state, has against him,” Michelle Lee, an FBI special agent based in San Antonio, said Tuesday. “The situation with him is really no different than any other U.S. national who commits a crime, completes their sentence and is released.”

Jimenez, who had lived, and killed, in Jiutepec, a town near the popular resort city of Cuernavaca, was on a plane headed to San Antonio, where he has family, Jorge Vicente Messeguer Guillen, the Morelos government secretary, said in a TV interview.

Once in San Antonio, Messeguer said, Jimenez would be sent to what he referred to as a “support center” but would not be locked up.


U.S. State Department officials would not elaborate on what Jimenez’s living arrangements would be when he arrived in Texas. Nor did they clarify what Messeguer meant by a “support center.”



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  • Greg Thomas

    10-1 this killer is an anchor baby.

    • ThomasER916

      Who are you kidding? Only 10-1? What kind of scam is this?

      • Greg Thomas

        I know…I have never been accused of being a great gambler.

  • bigone4u

    Oh hell. I live in San Antonio. But the silver lining is I’m getting out soon. The “support center” should be the local dog pound, where rabid dogs are put down, but it’s probably just one of the youth centers where Jiminez can meet and make friends with the local drug gangs.

    • mobilebay

      Keep him in SA, bigone…I’m two hours away and would not like to run into him.

      • bigone4u

        If he follows the pattern he will be back in prison soon.

        • Greg Thomas

          Or better yet…dead.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            I’m betting he will found somewhere with his face shot off, the Mexican terrorists do not take prisoners, even when that comes to other Mexicans. He will be dead before he turns 18.

          • Greg Thomas

            That’s where the smart money is my friend. I also suspect no expense will be spared to turn this killer into the poster child for hispanic redemption, by our mestizo loving government.

          • Jesse James

            I agree that he is unrecoverable. One of the biggest problems with modern justice systems is that they seem to have lost all sense of conviction and lack the moral confidence to judge and execute criminals. It seems to be that at most a couple of months should go by between arrest and trial. If found guilty of the heinous crimes this young man committed then swift justice should follow, public execution within the week. The do gooders got rid of public executions because they felt them to be savage and uncivilized entertainment for the mob. To me they are a public display of the consequences of crime and a statement that the government will pursue, capture, try and execute evil men.

          • RHG

            yes, the silver lining.

        • Katherine McChesney

          With another victim.

  • Jefferson

    This Mexican assassin must be a “natural Republican Hispanic” that the Bush family love to talk about so much.

    I am sure he will be voting for the GOP ticket in 2016. Remember when Dubya said conservative family values don’t end at the Rio Grande.

    • ZeitTrash

      As the Bush family likes to say, “We’ve got to welcome ‘the newcomers’!”

      Of course, the warped, arrogant, plutocrat scum that are the Bush family have never lived in the white communities they’ve worked so hard to destroy. No, strictly Kennebunkport or Martha’s Vineyard or private estates in Texas with the rest of the “big picture” private jet crowd. They have no clue what great neighborhoods across America used to be like.

      And they will never have to make their way in the alienated, run down, crime-ridden, unemployed, atomized, “fundamentally transformed” America they worked so hard to bring about. That’s left to us untermenschen also disdainfully known as “nativists.”

      • Bill

        I’m no fan of Bush, but did you go into hibernation for the last five years or something???? Get lobotomized? Bush was a jerk. The people in charge NOW are nothing short of treasonous vipers and have done FAR more harm in five years than Bush ever thought he could….and by the way, WE stopped dead his (Bush) amnesty desires. Do you really think the arrogant bunch in power NOW are going to give a rat’s behind and listen? The current president would as soon have his Black Panther thugs shoot you than get your angry email. I’m sick of hearing about how Bush did this or that. That was then. We have far more villainous traitors in power NOW.

        • ZeitTrash

          I was responding to a post about Bush. Apparently, you’re the one who’s been lobotomized since you can’t follow the basic thread of a discussion.

  • [Guest]

    This country has become very perverse, and I see no end in sight other than collapse and anarchy.

    “The situation with him is really no different than any other U.S. national who commits a crime, completes their sentence and is released.”—Michelle Lee

    Thanks, Michelle. It’s so good to have reassurances from America-loving governmental authorities such as yourself. Guess we’ll be all right after all.

  • Truthseeker

    When you start killing that young, chances are you have a severe lack of moral foundation that a few years in jail aren’t going to solve. There’s no reason this kid should be roaming American streets. If our “leaders” had any common sense they’d keep monsters like this out of our country, but hey, why do that when they have an opportunity to prove how tolerant and welcoming they are?

    • Sick of it

      One would imagine that an assassin for hire would have been executed. Apparently the Mexican justice system is nowhere near as harsh as some folks claim.

  • Jesse James

    You really couldn’t make this stuff up even in your wildest fever dreams. What do you do with a young man that started slitting throats at eleven? Do you want him in High School or Community College with your kids? Do you want to be his boss or co-worker? I do feel sorry for a young person who has literally been to hell, but how do you separate the demon from the boy?

    • Whitetrashgang

      I would like a nice Hollywood type person to adopt him, how about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt ?

      • I think Angelina Jolie and Madonna should have him on a time-share arrangement, sort of like a vacation condo.

    • ZeitTrash

      “You really couldn’t make this stuff up even in your wildest fever dreams.”

      The thing that finally made me completely detach from the fate of this doomed country was when McCain and Obama and others bipartisanly proposed arming in Syria the same people who brought down the World Trade Center and killed thousands of Americans twelve years ago. It’s so insane that when I first heard about it I felt as if maybe I’d accidentally taken some hallucinogenic mushrooms. How could it be true? To even bring it up as a possibility is obscene and yet they were completely serious. If that doesn’t make you realize the country has completely run off the rails and blown up, nothing will.

      And nearly every day, there’s another mind-bending story – like this one – where America is doing things that are so completely nuts it feels unreal.

    • Sick of it

      Having sympathy for a worker in a drug lab makes sense, but not a kid who decided to kill people for a living at age 11.

      • Jesse James

        Yes but what kind of environment creates such a monster? I realize that the latest science suggests that about 80% is genetic which may well explain the savagery going on in the Mexican cartel wars but I was fortunate to grow up in a time of peace in a decent home so yes I do have sympathy for all those people living where thugs dump heads out like sacks of potatoes on the road as a warning. I think good and evil resides in all of us, that is I think one of the points of Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”. If you are very lucky you may never find yourself out on the fringes of civilization where demons howl and there is nothing to hold you to decency and civility but your own will. Conrad’s Kurtz failed that test – as have many real people.

  • Jackryanvb

    Hope he ends up in Ron Paul’s Congressional district.

    Somehow there is some Libertarian loon spin that this guy is just great for America.

  • Spartacus

    “Once in San Antonio, Messeguer said, Jimenez would be sent to what he
    referred to as a “support center” but would not be locked up.”


    Became a murderer at 11, and you’re just gonna let him on the street. Nice… Anyone still doubting he’s gonna be a soldier on the enemy side when the troubles start ?

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Future motivational speaker at schools in the southwest U.S.

    • ZeitTrash

      Future college professor of Latino Studies.

      • Chip Carver

        Future leader of Cartel faction in the US.

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          Future mass murderer of whites, especially children and the elderly. In other words, he will be hunted down and killed by whites sooner or later, and therefore will be a “vato muerte.”

          • Chip Carver

            In a sane world, he would already be a vato muerte. I have a feeling that you’re right however.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      More like future “vato muerto.”

  • Chip Carver

    There is no way the people of Mexico were “shocked” by the kid’s murderous behavior. In some ways you can bet he was looked at as a bad ass in Mexico, and a “bad vato” or a “vato loco” by most Mexicans in the US. Having grown up surrounded by Latinos, mainly Mexicans, in L.A., I’m familiar with their mentality.

    Don’t worry. We’ll be flooded with stories about how he’s been rehabilitated, how wonderful it is to have him here to add vibrancy to our communities. And when he kills someone here in the US, not if, but when, the media will do all it can to soft pedal or bury the story. Won’t matter though. I’m sure his behavior can be blamed some way, some how, on White racism, and the lack of opportunity stemming from that racism.

    • Nathanwartooth

      No one gave him a chance because he is a Mexican! So he turned to a life of crime. It’s such a shame that we have to deal with so much racism from those evil whites!

  • Chip Carver

    Spot on. The only group capable of true revolution is Whites. That’s why they’re so frightened of organized Whites. If Whites would man up, speak up, go after them, the folks in charge, this would all change. It wouldn’t be easy, surely not painless, but Whites would win. And THEY know it.

  • RHG

    Of course, the poster boy for the Democrat Party, maybe they can use him for a “Get Out the Vote” campaign.

  • John K

    Sounds like an anchor baby to me. He’ll probably qualify for a welfare check, too. But I think we’ll hear about him again, unfortunately after he kills a few more people and molests some underage kids; this time whites.

    • Welfare check? Heck; he’s going to be diagnosed PTSD for all the murders and mutilations he has committed, and then cash in big on SSDI payments!

  • Greg Thomas

    Funny our government is always complaining that we cannot deport criminal invaders after they serve their sentences because their countries of origin do not want them back. This would be the perfect time for the government to play that card and tell mexico to keep him, we don’t want him back.

    However, we all understand this government has never met a mexican it did not fall in love with, murder or otherwise. The government will welcome him back with open arms, and plenty of welfare cash to boot.

    • Jesse James

      Maybe they will find him a job as a poll watcher or one of those Obamacare navigators.

    • rowingfool

      The problem with refusing him entry here is that if Mexico doesn’t want him, there’s no place for him to go. Or that’s what the bleeding hearts say anyway. And no other inhabited place wants to admit a murderer either.

      But what about Antarctica??? Now there’s an entire continent just waiting to be settled. No discrimination–no laws even! Why can’t these undesirables be air lifted to Antarctica for a fresh start? We’ll drop a pallet load of blubber, a harpoon or two and an ice saw so that he has a sporting chance and wish him well.


      • Greg Thomas

        Who cares. If he’s refused entry into this country then mexico is stuck with him to do as they please. It’s the same as when we get stuck with thousands of criminal invaders after they serve prison sentences. Besides, I would bet he’s an anchor baby, which means he’s really not a citizen of this country to begin with. Let mexico share in the wealth.

        I do not want this piece of trash polluting Antarctica. Mexico is more suited for this human waste.

  • Greg Thomas

    Support center = local welfare office with no limits EBT card.

  • MBlanc46

    We’re the one’s who get taxed because we’re the only ones who can pay who don’t have the clout to not have to pay. It only makes sense that we’ll be the one’s fined for the same reason.

  • lily-white

    well welcome “home” Edgar…

  • Johnny99

    I give him about a yr., tops, before we see him as a featured victim on one of the rival cartels head chopping vids. They don’t forget, they don’t forgive, and just because he’s going to be in the US doesn’t make him safe. They have assets in the US who will be hunting him for the reward.

    • Greg Thomas

      One can only hope.

  • Paleoconn

    Another valedictorian, I bet!

  • shmo123

    Anybody who can decapitate four people is a serious psychopath. He should not have been given citizenship when he was born here to illegals, and certainly should not be allowed to return here now. Let the Mexicans deal with their own garbage.

  • Jesse James

    I knew he wrote that but never read it. I definitely have to pick it up now and give it a read, thanks for the description. Based on your short account it is no wonder that it was never served up in my school work.

  • Ograf

    Those darn “youths”, but teenagers will be teenagers. He was no doubt influenced by being poor and all the racism he had to deal with. Eventually the final blame for this youth will be because of the White peoples subjugation of his people.

  • CrossWinds

    Put him away as a dangerous offender……..

    • They could certainly use the civil confinement laws to put him away in the Texas state loony bin. Anyone who would begin decapitating folks at the age of 11 is by definition a danger to others.

      • CrossWinds

        True Michael.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Future boyfriend of Malia or Sasha Obama.

    • indoctrination_FAIL

      Now there’s a happy thought!

  • odious liberal

    He will be back in jail within 3 months, or dead.