Maria’s Mother Tearfully Denies Selling Child

Fiona Govan, Telegraph (London), October 27, 2013

The biological mother of Maria, the little blonde girl found living in a Roma settlement in Greece earlier this month, has tearfully denied selling her daughter and insisted she gave her up in the belief the child would have a better life.

Sasha Ruseva, 35, the impoverished Bulgarian woman who was identified as Maria’s mother by DNA testing, admitted that she had given up her child–to a woman who approached her in the street, not the Roma couple who she was later discovered living with.

“I met a blonde lady one day and we started talking and she told me, ‘why don’t you leave this kid to me, I don’t have kids and I have a comfortable place and the kid can live better with me than the way you live’,” Mrs Ruseva claimed during an appearance with her husband Atanas, 38, and three of their children, on private Bulgarian television station TV7 Sunday.

She claimed that leaving her daughter in Greece, where she and her husband had been working picking olives, had been a mistake and that she would do anything to get her back.

“I had to return to Bulgaria to take care of my other children when my eldest daughter, who was caring for them, got married,” Mrs Ruseva said. “But we had no money and then I had another two children.

“I want Maria back! I am her mother, how could I not want her. I do not care what they say. I want Maria back with me,” she shouted through tears.

“I am not a criminal,” she insisted adding that she was terrified of going to jail. She faces charges of selling her daughter, a crime that carries a prison term of up to six years.

“I just want to have a house and live there with Maria and my other children, and to care for them all,” she added.

Mrs Ruseva denied ever having met Christos Salis, 39, and Eleftheria Dimopoulou, 40, the Roma couple who Maria was discovered living with during a police raid at the Farsala camp in Greece on October 16.

“I don’t know that couple, we never met them and never heard of those people before. We didn’t know they had Maria,” she told the Telegraph at the Sofia television studio following her appearance on Martin Karbovsky’s “The Show”. The pair have been charged with child abduction.

Her story seems to support the theory that Maria may well have been intended for sale to a childless couple by a child trafficking gang but that she ended up with the Greek Roma couple after no buyer could be found.

The theory is one being explored by Greek police who suspect Maria may have been abandoned in Farsala after police broke up a child trafficking network or even that she was rejected by prospective buyers because of an eye defect.

A lawyer came forward last week claiming to have information that Maria had at one time been in the care of a businessman seeking to adopt but that he had rejected her after discovering she had congenital eye defects–most likely related to the albino condition she shares with five of her nine siblings.

Mrs Ruseva said during the interview yesterday that she had been very upset to learn how Maria was being looked after, despite the fact that she and her husband lived in abject poverty in a one room shack in a Roma community on the edge of Nikolaevo, a small town in central Bulgaria.

“Imagine how I felt when I saw her dancing and begging (in a video) when I never let my other children beg in Bulgaria,” she sobbed.


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  • Spartacus

    Yeah, because every time someone stops you on the street and asks for your kid, you give it to them. Pathetic vermin…

    • David Ashton

      Would you apply pesticide only to the parents or to the children as well? Just curious.

      • Spartacus

        Why bother with pesticides when knives are much cheaper and easier to use?

        • David Ashton

          Cutting the throats of tens of thousands of gypsy kids, even you are “gonna have your work cut out”. Saving the albinos to last?

          • Spartacus

            If each one takes 30 seconds, that’s 120 per hour. If I do it 12 hours per day, that’s 1440 per day, or 10080 per week. That’s over 40.000 per month, or nearly half a million per year by myself. If Breivik gives me a hand, we’ll be done in no time .

          • NeanderthalDNA

            The concentration camp is the only human institution that can guarantee an outcome in terms of human beings and even then sometimes someone forgets to pay the gas bill. Unless they’re Germans.

          • Le Fox

            There are easier ways, ya’ll.

            Typhus. Or anthrax.

          • David Ashton

            You would be better advised making a financially profitable horror movie for one set of usual suspects than giving ideologically useful propaganda quotes for another set.

          • Spartacus

            Wars are not won by caring about the enemy’s propaganda .

          • David Ashton

            Now that is where Josef Goebbels and Sefton Delmer proved you wrong, young fellow. The pen is sometimes stronger than the penknife.

          • Spartacus

            We don’t live in the time of Goebbels and Delmer. Today, Whites all around the world experience the truth first-hand. Some do not survive, but most do. And when the usual suspects start barking about some Romanian’s posts on a website, while being silent of their own suffering – which is sometimes horrendous – then they join our cause, and become soldiers for the coming troubles . The truth is harder to hide now than at any other point in history, and it is on our side, old fellow .

          • David Ashton

            The control of the levers of power depend partly on successful control of opinion and the sentiments of normal people. This problem has become much trickier since WW2 and the creation of Israel. I am not sure if you are saying that Jews will join the cause of white nations in the coming toubles or not, but I think some of them are doing so if only because they too are threatened by Muslim immigrants and Black criminals, and raving threats to kill them all are “not helpful” (as our English clergy put it) to “our cause”.

            The anticapitalist demonstrators who smash shop windows and shout at bankers have no effect on the movements of international finance. Madmen who stab a few immigrants or boast about killing “dark skin” children have even less effect on dislodging the Rulers of the System, because they fit nicely into the “anti-white” narrative.

            It is now 2 AM GMT & I shall retire for the time being. We senior citizens need our sleep.

          • Spartacus

            I was talking about average Whites, not jews.

            Good night, David.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Your deleted comment was evil and the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. David’s English civility contrasts well to your…evilness, HA HA!

            Vive le evil!

          • Sick of it

            Jews were more likely to join us in nationalistic sentiment in previous generations than they are today.

          • RileyDeWiley

            We are pickled in propaganda. No generation on Earth has ever existed a more propaganda-soaked state than modern day Amerikwans.

          • BulgAryan

            My fellow Thracian Spartacus confuses Roma with Romanian 🙂 Romanians are descendants of our cousins the Dacians, the brave Thracian tribe that fought and defeated the mighty Roman Empire

          • Spartacus

            I know what Romanians are… I’m one of them 😉

            Though I understand why some of my conversation with mister Aston might appear confusing, since the moderator deleted about half of it…

          • BulgAryan

            I see, peace to you, brother!
            Spartacus was a nobleman of the Maedi, the Thracian tribe which occupied present day south-western Bulgaria. Decebalus is a nickname better suited for a Romanian.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yeah, ancient “Bulgarians” were mostly Thracians, while ancient “Romanians” were Dacians. My understanding is that the two were cousins, both (arguably) speakers of the now almost extinct Western Iranic family of languages – of which only Ossetian survives. Despite MILLENIA of “diverse” Caucasian groups sweeping and flowing over the place, changing language and faith, genetically the strongest elements of the two remain Thracian and Dacian respectively.

            The Western Iranics included the “Scythians” and their descendants the Sarmatians. They were described as robust blondes whose women were strong and participated in warfare. The Sarmatians made up the majority of late Roman heavy cavalry, as well armed/armored as any medieval knight though they likely had no stirrup. Sarmatian heavy cavalry definitely got stranded in Britain when the Romans bugged out, quite possibly a source for the Arthurian knights legends. In Spain the Visigoth kingdom was technically the Visigoth-Sarmatian kingdom, with included elements of a cousin folk of the Sarmatae, the Alans.

            I’m pretty thoroughly NW European my self, 1/128 to 1/256 Sephardic Jew on one side, NE Amerind on the other. Dark (slightly ruddish) hair, very dark eyes. Could pass myself off as a wide range of European types.

            Isn’t there a TRULY beautiful diversity amongst us Whites already? We are the most diverse of the big three in my opnion and a large degree of my own country’s power and prosperity is indeed the result of diversity and mongrel vigor…

            WITHIN OUR OWN. Which is pretty damn diverse.

            Anyway, welcome my Thracian homey. Young master Spartacus is a great guy. Gets moderated a lot but never lets it get him down. Good sense of humor.

          • BulgAryan

            Thracian woman, fresco from the ‪Thracian tomb Ostrusha‬, IV BC.

  • Katherine McChesney


    • NeanderthalDNA


  • Alexandra1973

    You know, if you’re unable to care for a child, I’m sure there are legal ways to place them for adoption. I don’t think handing them off to a stranger on the street qualifies.

    • dd121

      Kind of makes you wonder if they left out key pieces of the story.

      • Alexandra1973

        Exactly. Lots of times you only get a few pieces to the puzzle. Sometimes you have to hunt down the rest.

      • Paleoconn

        Pretty sure they got some cash in the deal.

  • bigone4u

    The “mother” (not much of one) is lying. Her story makes no sense. What we need to know is whether the child was being sold into sex slavery and how extensive the pedophile networks are in Europe.

    • gemjunior

      I think that child sex trade in Europe is pretty extensive. I’ve read of scandals made public in Brussels, London, France, and Lithuania where kids were used for sexual means by members of political office. There was a French nut who was locking up young girls in his basement and his wife knew about it – he was picked up by the cops and his wife let the girls die of starvation. A list of well-known politicos and celebrities was leaked to the public during the Jimmy Saville pedophile scandal – and apparently there were some well-known top class English people involved. Edward Heath was implicated. I was watching a youtube video about this place on the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands which was called Haute de la Garenne, which was a children’s care home or orphanage. Apparently there was an “understanding” between the staff and the pedos who paid for or bargained for the children. A lot of it went on with kids in care of the state. A man in Lithuania found out that his daughter was molested by someone in government and reported it to the authorities who swept it under the carpet. He was eventually so infuriated that he killed the guy and went on the lam. He had a following of fans who supported his action. I don’t know what happened to the guy and can’t remember his name – it was a few years ago too – maybe 10 years ago? I can’t remember. Anyway, I think as more of the “elites” are allowed to get away with this disgusting stuff we will also see more vigilantism and that’s not a bad thing.

      • Spartacus

        That was more recently, in 2009. The man’s name is Drasius Keyds, but I haven’t been able to find anything more recent on him for some reason. A good man nonetheless .

        You can read more here:


        • Sick of it

          Reminds one of the Mary Phagan incident.

      • Sick of it

        Sadly, we’ve had problems like the above in America for decades and folks still aren’t literally up in arms over it. CPS might as well print catalogs for pedophiles since they cater to them. You’d find said catalogs to be very popular in D.C. and state capitals.

  • Jefferson

    A lot of Gypsies look like they can pass for Latin Americans.

  • MartelC

    the come from India – they were first thought to come from egypt, hence the name (gypsies) Roma is pc nonsense. Even in India, they are despised as a criminal caste.

  • rightrightright

    They are poor because they push out children non-stop, won’t learn to read and write so have no skills, can’t/won’t work and find thieving a more attractive proposition. No sympathy in the slightest for them.

  • William Allingham

    To use poverty as a justification for failure is nonsense. its very well know that the greatest geniuses of Europe not only were poor but they looked forward for poverty! as in the monasteries etc.

    Also, the tough circumstances of the ancient world (constant disease, wars, lack of proper science) didn’t stop a bit Europeans from creating proto-democracies (like the viking Icelanders) or sophisticated Empires in Rome (only succeeded in complexity in modern times).

    While the aztec emperor couldn’t decide which was the proper size for the great pyramid (lacking understanding of perspective; they had to re-size it at least 40 times) the Romans, centuries before had already built the Pantheon whose dome could only be succeeded in modern times and the foundations of science were already settled in Europe (i don t think its necessary to enter into details about aztec “science” which had more to do with superstitious stories. at least in Europe religion was more subordinated to rational thinking)

    European, POOR monks invented and discovered many things we still use today despite of opposition and adversity but it seems that for black people or mexicans, the slightest impediment is enough to stop their deeply hidden genius (perhaps they will start blaming obesity)

    By the way, no matter how poor, white laborers will always perform better than poor foreigners, their poverty can be fixed but a persons character….

  • BulgAryan

    The parents are is gipsy, not Bulgarian, seems Maria is albino. According to Bulgarian media reports they have “about ten” children, with another 3 albino
    picture: 3 of Maria’s siblings

    • BulgAryan

      One Maria’s older brothers:

    • BulgAryan

      The gipsy mother with another albino child.

  • BulgAryan

    I agree; in Bulgaria forensic DNA samples are sent abroad for analysis, it takes months to analyze DNA of suspected criminals; how were they able to pinpoint Maria’s parents for less than 24 hours?

  • A child stolen *FROM* Gypsies?

    There must be a joke in there. Spartacus?

  • Ella

    They look Pakistanian or Afghan to me. They have that tough Asian appearance. To add, governments make adoption so expensive and difficult beyond rational means for a normal family to consider. Their adoption fees, around 45K, are really “legalized” trafficking of infants or children as agencies seek out childless couples. There are lots of White poor Eastern Europeans stuck under a collapsed ex-communist system. Sadly, there is no place to go.

  • Anna Tree

    They are Bulgarian Gypsies, so poor like many European Gypsies. But true that Bulgarians are not very rich, maybe due to communism and before that because of some 500 years of dhimmitude from islam. Bulgaria is one of the oldest European civilization and I hope they will succeed to revamp themselves.

  • itdoesnotmatter

    Disagree, harold. Looking closely, I see that all the fair children of this woman appear to have severe strabismus aka, crossed eyes, and look sight impaired. I think they are genetically defective secondary to inbreeding, more than likely.

  • M&S

    Ahhh, so, by parading whiteness amongst the Roma we can check off both a phobia and a gut an elitist belief with one stroke.

    ‘Anyone’ can have whites.

    And whites, especially fair skinned blondes, are sickly albinos while the ‘strong ones’ are those who have the pigmentation to have 9 kids.

    Children imprint off their parents. This one will grow up confused and angered by a succession of denials that amount to a constant change in whom she is expected to call mommy and daddy. Even before her varied medical conditions begin to torture her as she ages.

    No one I know could feed 11+ kids on $63.60 a month and yet these parents are only being ‘monitored’ for their ability to continue to care for their existing children? Why didn’t that happen about 6 kids ago?

    Dare I add that the number of eye and skin related threats to albinos makes them almost incompatible with menial agriculture as outdoor tasks as their OCA related ocular disorders can make focused work difficult, even for sufferers of hypomelanism.
    If they are actual amelanist (true albinos not just albinoids), you can add all manner of skin cancers, immune disorders and badly inhibited vision including serious risks of permanent blindness due to hypoplasia as the misdevelopment of the optic nerve and damage to it from retinal related mistransfer of the light impulses.
    These are NOT people who will be out in the fields harvesting olives and it typically requires BOTH parents to be carriers of the gene for it’s effects to be expressed.
    The parents could have fulfilling lives and certain genetic inheritance with TWO kids and as much sex as they wanted if one or both partners sterilized after the second child or first albino. You could further double the amount of money given to them by simply not making the state responsible for ALL their children.
    To keep repeating the mistake and indeed defacto encouraging it while providing inadequate support for the existing children in the way of simple food is what is truly criminal here.
    It offends the sense of decency by which all are part of a social contract that is understood by each and every as meaning we will take care of those who show they understand the minimums of what it is to be responsible for their own reproductive behavior as lives.
    Good luck Maria, I fear your life has been bleeped from birth.

  • Defiant White

    Big news when it’s a white child. I suspect that in the massive, swarming ghettos of Asia, Africa and the slightly smaller swarming ghettos of America . . . this is routine stuff.

  • MarcB1969

    It’s unusual to see how such a dark complected woman can birth so many fair-haired children. I figured this young girl wasn’t Nordic, but I thought she may have been Greek or Slovenian. I’d have never guessed she came from an extra-swarthy village in Bulgaria.