Detroit Mayor’s Race: Racial Politics Out, Focus on Fixing the City In

Mark Guarino, Yahoo! News, November 4, 2013

On Tuesday, Detroit voters may give the city what it hasn’t had in 40 years: a white mayor.

In years past, that might have been contentious, considering Detroit has been a black majority city for decades. However, under a looming bankruptcy, which would be America’s largest for a municipality, voters here are evidently less concerned about where city hall leadership is coming from, and more interested in what the next mayor can accomplish while in office.

The to-do list, according to voters here, is long, including addressing basic needs such as broken streetlights, a breakdown in emergency response times, a crumbling infrastructure, and crime.

“We don’t need a campaign about race, we don’t need one that talks about ethnicity: We don’t need to talk about anything other than who is qualified to really get this city out of debt so we can move forward,” says the Rev. Jim Holley of the Historic Little Rock Baptist Church in Detroit.

The decision by the current mayor, Dave Bing, to not run for a second full term made the field wide open, with as many 15 candidates vying for the position. This week, the main contenders are two: Mike Duggan, former chief executive of the Detroit Medical Center (DMC); and Benny Napoleon, Wayne County sheriff and former chief of police in Detroit.

A poll released last week by the Detroit Free Press and WXYZ-TV shows Mr. Duggan, who is white, will probably win by a landslide, as likely voters say they prefer him to 2 to 1 over Mr. Napoleon, who is black. That split has only widened since the last poll in September.

The success that Duggan had in turning around the DMC has been widely publicized. He spent eight years at the coalition of eight hospitals, ushering it from near-insolvency and the threat of mass layoffs to reinvestment and profitability. Much of the success benefited its workforce, which is the largest in Detroit and predominantly black.

“When [Duggan] showed up, there was talk of shutting down the hospitals, and he turned it around. Whether he’s white, black, green, purple, he took an institution and brought it back from the dead,” says Ed Sidlow, a political scientist at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti. “Bankruptcies come out of boardrooms, and what Duggan did with the DMC is awfully impressive, and he made a lot friends when he did it.”


Both candidates say they plan to present pushback to Kevyn Orr, the emergency manager assigned to the city under Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R). Mr. Orr is in the midst of a federal trial to win Chapter 9 bankruptcy protections for the city, which he says is bogged down in $18 billion in debt. If granted those protections, Orr will submit a restructuring plan that may include recommendations from the next mayor, although those would not be binding.

Under federal law, Orr is the ultimate authority controlling the city budget, which means the next mayor will largely be powerless, at least for the time being.

Napoleon has said that Orr’s appointment is “illegal” because it negates the democratic rights of city residents. Duggan has been more nuanced, saying that he would strive to convince Governor Snyder that Orr’s appointment is unnecessary. If that is unsuccessful, Duggan wants to serve as chief operating officer to run the city while Orr drafts a financial plan.


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  • Katherine McChesney

    What can I say? He’s a Democrat.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Detroit MAY get a white mayor? If 51% of the voting population is black, they will vote for any black candidate. EVEN if blacks evenly split their votes between the black candidates, it will still be enough to defeat Duggan, who will get less than 10% of the black vote.

    • sbuffalonative

      This article reminds me of something that happened in Buffalo a few years back.

      There was a small black hospital downtown. One day, the head of the hospital, a black man of course, quit and left town. It turned out the hospital was in a financial mess (go figure).

      In order to save it, they asked one of the department head, a white man, to get things in order. Within six months, he had it back on good fiscal standing.

      After the white man got the financial house in order, the black board of directors announced that they would be hiring a new director who would be black. They made it clear that it was ‘their’ hospital and it would be run by a black man.

      So they hired a black man. One or two years later, the hospital closed for good.

      RECAP: A black man drove the hospital into the ground. A white man saved it. When it was saved, blacks got rid of the white man and installed another black man who put the final nail in the coffin.

      Even if this white man is elected and turns things around, blacks will likely once again claim this city as their own. After the white man saves the city, blacks will say, ‘thank you, we’ll take it from here’.

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        That’s exactly what I was going to say. This guy might be elected, might even turn things around (as much as possible, with a 90% black population), but just as soon as that happens, the whining from the usual suspects about black disenfranchisement will drum him out of office, to start another round of black looting.

      • Cannot Tell

        I used to hope that Europeans would someday re-colonize Africa and save it from poverty, corruption, and war. But now you’ve convinced me that Africans would just become independent again and then turn the continent into a hellhole all over again.

    • A white mayor would be irrelevant to Detroit because it would not address the city’s fatal flaw: their demographic makeup. When you fill a place up with Africans, what you get is Africa.

    • 48224

      Duggan won. I was shocked myself. I have heard blacks say that whites need to be in charge. However, those are far and few between.
      I guess even black folks are sick of all the corrupt black politicians taking advantage of them. Maybe the now trust whitey more than blacks???
      I lived in Detroit for 32 years never though Duggan could win….until I saw the primary numbers. Then I thought he just might pull it off.

  • IstvanIN

    Why would anyone want to be mayor of Detroit unless they want to make money off of corruption? Detroit is hopeless with its current population.

    • Jackryanvb

      Detroit can have a nice riverfront downtown, artists and gays, students, hipsters.

      • IstvanIN

        Even gays and hipsters couldn’t gentrify Detroit.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Seems far-fetched to me. When I hear “Detroit” I think about “Fabulous Ruins of Detroit”. Google it. What that city needs is a real Robocop.

        • Alexandra1973

          Last time I was in Detroit was last Thanksgiving. My mother took me and my son to downtown Detroit. You go down the main drag, Woodward Avenue, and all you see as you approach downtown is ruins.

  • Luca

    Blacks are always in need of a Great White benefactor to save them from themselves.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      And they’ll throw him under the bus the second he’s fixed their hell-hole of a city.

      • sbuffalonative

        Yes, yes they will.

      • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

        Yep…then they’ll usher in another diversity Mayor and start the new decline all over again.

        There’s no escaping the black undertow

    • Spartacus

      The only White thing groids deserve is Anthrax .

  • Alexandra1973

    This should get interesting.

    I have vague memories of my mother complaining to my aunt about Coleman Young, this was back in the mid-70s, and we were living in the suburbs.

    Thinking about taking my son to see my family in the Detroit area this Thanksgiving so I’m sure I’ll hear about this development.

    • Jesse James

      Let us know what they are saying, it is always good to hear the opinions of people who actually live in an area of interest.

      • Alexandra1973

        I remember when that pompous ass managed to get his name on the Detroit Zoo water tower. The zoo is located in Huntington Woods.

  • Spartacus

    The only hope for Detroit is nuclear sterilization.

    • So CAL Snowman

      “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”
      -Ellen Ripley

      • And people here don’t take me seriously when I say we should just colonize Titan or one of the other Jovian moons. Even Mars would work but we’d then be in a gravity well.

  • Spartacus


    • Jack Burton

      Blacks are worse than an atomic bomb, it’s true. Atomic bombs don’t reproduce.

  • Nathanwartooth

    Who did the poll? Only the white residents?

    There is no way in hell that a black majority will vote in a white mayor in Detroit.

    Even if he is winning in the polls now, every black advocacy group in the country will give money to fighting against him. Not to mention “word on the street” will be that devil whitey wants to install a white mayor so they can sterilize the black residents or some such nonsense.

  • Puggg

    Mike Duggan wins. So what? It’ll still be an 80% plus black city.

    I wouldn’t want the job for anything.

    He’s probably a (race slur censored)-lover anyway.

  • Jackryanvb

    Better aBlack mayor with no power, White manager appointed by White governor. Sort of like Washington DC when crack head, ex con Marion Barry got elected mayor his second time around.

    We have to start thinking and implementing government that works for us and is not democratic.

    Secular military coups in Arab, Muslim countries are good model.

    Who cares what “the people” in places like Detroit want to vote for?

    • Mike Conrad

      Another thing Detroit and Washington had in common for decades: every mayoral campaign (and most council contests as well) hinged upon which candidate was seen as most “authentically black”. That’s how people decided whom to support. And it’s why a jailbird crack addict like Marion Barry was the perfect candidate.

      And then–like all “authentically black” people–they blame Whitey when it all falls apart.

  • bigone4u

    For once, I’m rooting for the black candidate. It offends me that a libtard white guy might delay the inevitable total collapse of Detroit. Let the black win and let the city continue to stand as a symbol of black anti-white racism, black stupidity, and the black criminal mind.

    • ThomasER916

      You son of a B! I hate you for posting this comment a few minutes before me!

    • Puggg

      If Duggan wins, all the blacks activists in the city will blame everything that goes wrong in the city on him.

      • bigone4u

        And if Duggan is a libtard, he’ll be constantly praising blacks and black leaders, giving them undue credit for the white man’s accomplishments.

    • MBlanc46

      I’ve got to respectfully disagree with you there, bigone. It’s ours. We built it. We should take it back.

      • bigone4u

        Putting a libtard white guy in the Mayor’s office is not taking it back. Really taking Detroit back would involve a massive expulsion of blacks, followed by the real exercise of white culture and law over the remaining blacks. Nonetheless, I understand your point, which I think I can add to: By having a white guy in office, getting things done, the blacks are shown to be the incompetents that they are.

        • MBlanc46

          I don’t give a bleep about this guy. Nothing will really change, if it does, until the bankruptcy process is resolved. I advocate a regional solution with whites in charge. I’d hope that massive expulsion of blacks wouldn’t be required. I suspect that, as is happening in the Black Belt of Chicago, many of them would start drifting away. The remainder of course would have to be controlled. Perhaps this is kind of a long-shot, but I’m not willing to say that Detroit–or any part of white America that has been colonized by blacks–is over till it’s over.

    • For some strange reason I agree. If this [white] guy becomes mayor of Detroit there will be little he can do to turn it around. However then people will say that Detroit collapsed under a white mayorship and balcks had nothing to do with it..

    • sbuffalonative

      There are different ways this can go.

      If the white guy wins, he might turn things around but ONLY by making tough choices which will include cutting spending to the natives. The natives won’t like it and he will be denounced as a ‘racist’ who doesn’t care about black folk.

      If he does win and gets the city running, blacks will cite his ‘record of racism’ to ‘disenfranchise’ blacks and black militants will reclaim ‘their’ city by electing another black mayor.

  • John R

    Blacks voting on qualifications and not on race? Huh! I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Jefferson

      If Blacks start voting on qualifications instead of race, does that mean hell will freeze over ?

  • MBlanc46

    Well, dang, that’s almost unbelievable. But he’ll get nowhere unless there’s some sort of regional settlement.

  • Budd Smith

    Detroit is a Negro habitat. The only way to turn Detroit around is to stop all welfare benefits, including EBT and Section 8 housing. then work to rebuild. Most blacks would leave, allowing taxpayers to move in and rebuild.

    • Chasmania

      Overturn Shelley v. Kraemer and things would turn around.

      • IstvanIN

        Funny how the equal protection clause does not protect us.

        • Chasmania

          Some animals are more equal than others.

    • Jack Burton

      Mandatory birth control implants for all adult females on welfare.

      • blight14

        Indeed, a complete spay/neuter program is needed… in not just the females….

        • Jack Burton

          LOL, well all joking aside that would be too expensive and intrusive. However birth control implants would actually be cost effective and practical.

          • blight14

            Jack, too expensive?????? What does one ‘Trayvon’ cost society over its lifetime? I submit that you could offer $50k or more for voluntary sterilization, open to ANYONE that hasn’t bred, and you’d be way ahead financially…..and no one could cry the usual ‘racism’ as the program is open to all races and both genders…..Just my 2 cents….

          • Jack Burton

            If you really think that having a sterilization program is realistic and blacks would go along with it, you’re delusional.

          • blight14

            I bet you’d see over 50% submission if you offered $25k cash……..

    • blight14

      I’d prefer that they actually remain in Detroit………….

      • Alexandra1973

        Knock down the bridge on Woodward Avenue and wall the whole city in.

        • blight14

          MOAB comes to mind for some reason………..hypothetically……

    • Katherine McChesney

      ‘Most blacks would leave, allowing taxpayers to move in and rebuild.’

      Scary thought considering they would move on to infect other cities and states.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Exactly HOW does one rebuild something from nothing?

  • NordicHeritage

    It will not matter what race the mayor is if the majority of the city are “minorities”.

  • negrolocaust

    a TOWSON U. STUDENT was stabbed multiple times by three blacks
    yesterday who stole their phone. be advised, this is a quote nice area,
    (was that is), but it is only about two miles from the black
    baltimore city line so these naive kids are sitting ducks for these city
    blacks. another was robbed a few blocks away as well yesterday. i know
    this area. too bad for these kids. just too bad. wow this used to be a
    nice school in a nice area. sitting ducks.
    Police spokeswoman
    Elise Armacost said police and EMS units were called to the corner of
    Burke Avenue and Centre Avenue in Towson about 10:50 p.m. Sunday night
    when a woman passing by the location found the man in the middle of the

    “We found that he had been stabbed multiple times and he was really seriously hurt,” Armacost said.

    Armacost said that the man was too seriously injured to provide any
    information to the police other than that the attackers were three thin,
    black males. The man, who is 24, was transported to a local hospital,
    which Armacost did not identify for safety reasons.thanks

    • With a statement this poor:

      “We found that he had been stabbed multiple times and he was really seriously hurt,” Armacost said.

      I would have figured she was black ….. nah, just a former journalist.

  • Mike Conrad

    You know Detroit is beyond help when they’ll stoop to letting a white person run it. Are they going to paint a target on his back too?

  • WR_the_realist

    Just as most of our inner city schools could only be saved by replacing their students with children of a different race, Detroit can only be saved by replacing its citizens with people who aren’t black. If, with enormous infusions of tax money from outside (white) areas Detroit is somehow put back on its feet but retains its current occupants, they’ll go right back to voting for whichever black man promises to be the most black.

    • Jack Burton

      It should be mandatory to never have a black population in the majority, it starts to reach a critical mass after that.

  • itdoesnotmatter

    I want it to stay chocolate to maintain its standing as a symbol of black incompetence.

  • Jack Burton

    No, that would just be more waste of resources and manpower. You can’t fix 84% black. The first thing they should do is open free abortion clinics on every corner. Increase the White and/or Asian population in the city while decreasing the black population. In 1940 Detroit was 90% White.

  • Jack Burton

    This is why Duggan will win, he actually gets things done. Even 85-IQ blacks understand that. Listen to the type of inefficiency that exists in these unions.


  • Jack Burton

    Duggan should end his speeches with some twerking, he’d win by a landslide.


    • Or some stabbin – look up Dutty Fridae.

  • Agreed, a White would only get “credit” for destroying the city if he fails.

    It is theirs, let them have it.

  • JackKrak

    “We don’t need a campaign about race, we don’t need one that talks about

    No, no – of course you don’t. Not when your city is finally slipping off that last little piece of dirt keeping it falling into oblivion. Any “campaign about race” might remind people how you got in this mess, right? Why, now, it’s time to talk about SOLUTIONS and PROGRESS!!! Get the right paleface in office, get Uncle Sucker to turn the tap on and let things improve a bit. Then, in a few years, when (maybe) things are better, THEN it will be time to have a campaign about race and demand a place at the table for the city’s majority, a man who “looks like them”, right?

    Come on, Reverend, I understand if you think all of us are like the white libtards you take donations from, but we’re not all like that.

  • Dave4088

    A white mayor would break new ground in black run, black power Detroit, but unfortunately Detroit also needs what it hasn’t had in over 40 years and that is a majority white population.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    A white mayor will have as
    much success improving the black Detroit population as a white school teacher does
    with a black urban classroom.

  • Whirlwinder

    And a white liberal mayor is going to rehabilitate Detroit how? How do you undo an implosion? What right thinking entreprenuer would take a chance on ghetto Detroit? You have got to be kidding!

  • If a city specializes in banking, insurance and other financial services, I could see hipsters making it work, but how on earth would a corporation entice good employees to relocate to Detroit?

    Boss: “We’re transferring you to our Detroit office.”

    Employee: “I quit.”

  • Jack Burton

    Yes, things are better with White leadership, and they’re even better than that when there are no blacks in the country.

  • Jack Burton

    Well, our country would be better off if we reinstated laws to preserve and increase the White population. Going back in time without such policies in place would just repeat what we’ve already been through.