One-Third of US Adults Are Obese, CDC Says

Dennis Thompson, Medical Xpress, October 17, 2013

The adult obesity rate in the United States remains as high as ever, with one in three Americans carrying unhealthy amounts of weight, according to a new federal report.

The obesity rate has remained essentially unchanged for a decade, despite the large amount of attention focused on its threat to public health, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found.


This persistent rate has proved frustrating to public-health experts, given that obesity is a leading risk factor for chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.


The obesity epidemic continues to gnaw away at America’s economic potential. The U.S. economy loses an estimated $270 billion a year due to health care costs and loss of productivity associated with obesity and overweight, according to a 2011 report produced by the Society of Actuaries.

The CDC report found that nearly 35 percent of American adults are obese, with a body-mass index—a measurement of body fat based on height and weight—greater than 30. That equates to a person 5 feet 4 inches tall who weighs 175 pounds or more, or a person 5 feet 9 inches tall who weights 203 pounds or more.


The report also included the following U.S. figures:

  • The prevalence of obesity is higher among middle-aged adults (39.5 percent) than among younger (30.3 percent) or older (35.4 percent) adults.
  • Overall, men and women have similar rates of obesity. However, 56.6 percent of black women were obese compared with 37.1 percent of black men.
  • Blacks have the highest obesity rate (47.8 percent), followed by Hispanics (42.5 percent) and whites (32.6 percent). Asians have the lowest obesity rate (10.8 percent).



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  • Perhaps whites should get more exercise and eat less. We are expected to do everything else for blacks, so why shouldn’t we get healthy for them?

    • mgs166

      Yep. We’ll need to get into better shape so that we can work that second full-time job in order to feed the beast that’s literally killing us.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      And then when black death rates due to heart disease and other obesity-related conditions don’t go down, we can chastise and berate ourselves for our disgusting white privilege.

    • RisingReich

      Pshhh. I workout so I can defend and retailiate against these miscreants.
      Others should follow. This has become a WAR. Lay it down, damn it.

      • M&S

        The hoagie or the corn dog? I will share one or the other but not both. :-

        Truth be told, this is just a reflection on evolutionary traits.

        The hunters are those with the highest testosterone levels which builds serious fast twitch muscle density when active and serious bulge when not.

        Is it not interesting to any of you that the people with the highest serum testosterone on the planet, fully 20% greater than whites and nearly 30% more than Asians, also have the biggest weight as heart issues and those least masculinized Asians have almost none?

        We have demissioned the 30-40 percent of our population which traditionally found meaning in life by being our protectors and protein providers (hint: meat makes your brain bigger with more convolutes and more grey matter and thus more intelligence).
        The fact that the percentages are even in the 35-40% range across all Hunter populations proves that this is a constant expression of what it once took to keep us all fed and safe while some did the other jobs that kept us all clothed or sleeping under a hide roof.

        Muscles burn calories all on their own. It is the _tissue_ not the chemicals which is sucking up carbs and fat, bulking you up, when you do steroids.

        Just like nursing actually helped another age’s women stay fit and toned rather than becoming shapeless mounds in a daily life filled with one child and much pointless make-work.

        You are maxing out the metabolic engine’s efficiencies.

        At the same time, the most indolent creatures on the planet are the Great Predators when they are not actively hunting because relaxation of the enormous twitch impulse response as neuro-motor surge is how they conserve that ability to move so much faster, be so much stronger, than their prey.

        You honestly think humans are different from animals?
        We are more fierce than any beast of the fields. Because once those fields were /our/ hunting grounds. And the fact that any animal species who knows us, fears us, proves it.

        It is also why the early HG cultures (and the nobility that arose from them) were so much more fit and healthy than the pathetic grain eaters of the early static agrarian societies with their bad teeth, bowed bones and signs of endemic disease inherent to eating like herbivores.
        Because in trade for a risky life, the hunters ate well and their bodies were always perfectly toned on protein not grass.

        I have long suspected that this, more than anything, is the reason why so much of society is dysfunctional and disaffected and in some cases, highly criminal.
        Not be cause they want to be ‘bad’ or ‘uninvolved’ but because _they were born_ to be /different/ than the roles civilization has trapped them in.

        Why should we care?

        Because if the percentages are any indicator, it took NEARLY HALF of us to hold our species together through the childhood of our evolution. And now that half lingers, like a vestigial organ, unwanted by society and un-tuned, like racing car engines, to pulling a constant load in life.
        Try imagining a world in which half of us with the most hidden drive were suddenly lost. Try imaginging a labor pool where the ‘meek’, having inherited the earth, didn’t have the strength to do the menial things that made life liveable.

        The elites do not care. And so do not engage the mind that dreams fierce dreams as the first and only way to command the body back to health.
        For society would look a lot different if they did. And they would have much less power.

        Civilization’s medical solutions are always those of the law and the drug.

        Never that of understanding why some of us dream such incredibly fierce dreams.

  • Erasmus

    Blacks and Hispanics are disproportionately fat? Yet another good argument to reduce EBT benefits.

    • Ronald

      Before they got into their “celebrations of African rule” mode, Government controlled “news” media would run stories showing starving “Black” African children – accompanied by their African mammas – taking refuge at western nation run food charity providers. It was telling. Although it was obvious that the African children were near death as a result of prolonged starvation, the African mammas who accompanied them usually looked well-fed.


    • dumbfuckdemocrats

      They keep telling us that them po’ dark-skinned minorities are starving to death even with free breakfast, lunch and dinner from the schools

    • CivilWar2

      More reason to increase benefits. 😉

  • Alfred the Great

    I didn’t have to read a report from the CDC to know that minorities are disproportionately obese when compared to whites. All you have to do is walk around Walmart and you see them. And if you happen to drive through the darker parts of any major city, you see them there too. It is the typical lib tactic to say that Americans are all too obese. It’s the same tactic that they use for AIDS when they say that everybody is at risk. It’s all a bunch of krap to funnel gobs of our money to try to save the minorities from themselves. Heck, just look at the president’s wife from behind, if you can stand it, and you can see that she is only a biscuit away from having a lard butt. They are almost all prone that way. Dare I say genetics?

    • John R

      Good point. Yes, but (or butt?) you are forgetting something else: Other than genes, why are some people fat? I know some are too busy trying to work and take care of their families to have much time and energy for exercise, but I suspect that most of it is because of a lack of self-control, a lack of ability to control one’s impulses and to demand instant gratification from over indulgence in fatty foods. Hmmm, sounds like the very definition of black behavior, huh?

      • Skip Wellington

        For African-Americans, the problem is often glandular;
        The hypothalamus gland commands the species to fill its shopping cart with:

        Malt liquor
        Chicken Wings
        Ranch dressing
        Grape drank

        • John R

          Geeze. But ain’t those the basic four food groups?

          • I thought there were five food groups and these were:


          • John R

            Caffeine? No, that’s a White thing. We need it to get going to get to work!

          • Brian

            The Great Food Pyramid was invented by magical black GypShuns, and the idea later stolen by Greeks. Afrology 101.

          • MikeofAges

            The Great Food Pyramid was invented by hog farmers to bulk up their animals. Around the world, there are people who have never seen some of these food groups. Provided they get enough to eat, they are perfectly healthy on the foods found in their native diets. 50-some grams of protein a day, essential fatty acids, necessary micronutrients. That’s it.

          • Lagerstrom

            Is coca cola the fifth one?

        • IstvanIN

          You forgot Newports.

      • CivilWar2

        Excess carbs and lack of exercise generally although beware heavy gym workouts for years on end as they can destroy knees, backs, shoulders. Mexico is a country that is probably more active than this service society we have evolved here yet Mexicans are the most obese nation on earth. Says something about carbs right there.

        • ms_anthro

          High fat low carb ketogenic diets are great for weight loss and maintenance, in addition to promoting overall health and wellness. Mexicans live on corn, white processed flour, sugar (often corn sugar), cheap proteins with little nutritional value (factory farmed meat, GMO legumes), and cheap hydrogenated fats (shortening or highly processed lard). It’s a perfect recipe for devastating food-related illnesses.

    • Brian

      Clutch the pearls! Black obesity is obviously caused by ‘food deserts’. I.e. Evil Racist White Fat Cats know they can make massive profits running grocery stores in the hood, but refuse to, just to be jerks. And then the Evil Arabs and Evil Koreans come in to sell high-priced junk food from behind groid-proof glass. All part of the plan to impoverish and fatten the poor, innocent ShaQ’ueshias.

      • Skip Wellington

        The coonspircy lives on.

      • Lagerstrom

        The more fast-food joints in a neighbourhood, the less likely the people are going to actually cook their own food. If you’re a useless fat-lump of lard that is.

    • Lagerstrom

      ‘A biscuit away from a lard-butt’, that’s a good one Alfred!

    • JackKrak

      Yep. It’s always “Americans are obese, Americans can’t read at grade level, Americans don’t have the necessary job skills, Americans shoot each other, Americans drop out of school, American rates of STD’s are going through the roof, etc.”

      Take the blacks & Mexican’ts out of the equation (I can dream!) and our numbers look like Finland’s.

  • Puggg

    Thursday on AmRen: We’re spending lots of money on food stamps.

    Friday on AmRen: So many of us are fat.

    • dogbone

      Maybe if a certain group of fat people actually had to work for their food, they wouldn’t be so fat.

      • So CAL Snowman

        Well that and the fact that they spend so much of their EBT dollars on junk food. Every liquor store and pharmacy (like CVS) in CA has the obligatory “WE ACCEPT EBT” signs next to all of the candy and chips. I’m thinking that the EBT scam is a huge racquet for Frito-Lay, Doritos and all of the other junk food producers.

        • Spending on the food stamp program is always a part of which omnibus spending bill? The farm bill.

          Which Cabinet level department administers the food stamp program? Agriculture.

          It’s obvious that the more you spend on food stamps, the more this marginally increases the demand for food. With the ethanol hustle (insert flame response from Carney here) drawing down the supply of food, guess what that does to market prices of food.

          • So CAL Snowman

            The scope of this thing is breath taking in its entirety. They literally have a scam going for every single conceivable situation. They own the food producing companies (Frito-Lay, Doritos ,etc.) through god knows how many hedge/mutual funds and holding companies, they own the politicians, they lobby the EPA for the production of ethanol which drives up the price of corn, which in turn drives up the price of food. J.P Morgan runs the EBT system of which they take a nice fat cut off of the top and they own J.P Morgan. They get more people on food stamps and the sheep buy more food at inflated prices which means more money in their pocket. And since they TAX us to pay for the EBT, it’s really OUR money in their pocket. It’s nuts, and no one says a thing. I’m sitting here laughing, what else can you do?

        • Brian

          Also a racket for J.P. Morgan, administering the EBT cards themselves.

        • MikeofAges

          All welfare is corporate welfare – Mike

          One world is no world – Mike

          War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is strength. – George Orwell.

          All you need to know, in 19 choice words.

  • Erasmus

    High rates of obesity among Hispanics in the US? Yet another good reason to keep them out of the country. They’ve evolved to prosper in under-developed countries, and to take them out of the environment where they’re best off is just plain wrong.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      There’s high rates of obesity among Hispanics in Mexico, too. They’re probably just genetically prone to packing on the pounds whenever they’re not stuck in the Malthusian trap (and by global standards, Mexico is a moderately rich country).

  • I saw a TV commercial of a beautiful upper middle class White family laughing together and having fun, and just kept waiting for the black to show up. Never did, but of course the Whites were joyous because mom just put a big bucket of KFC on the table.

    Equality Is Acting Black.

    • Lagerstrom

      Yeah, that’s a load of b/s. KFC is rubbish and upper class, or even middle class White families seldom, if ever buy it. I banned it from the house and I’m no toff.

  • Old Soldier

    Can anybody tell me where I might see the 43.4 per cent of black women is who are not obese?

    • Africa.

      • Whitetrashgang

        Their fat in Africa too, basically I think they just eat each other, just like the good old days.

    • Whitetrashgang

      I think Halley Berry gets counted as half, hence the result.

  • bigone4u

    The dumb fat Mexican and the comedically fat “mammy” were once staples of Hollywood movies, when Hollywood was not so PC. Now, we have the current crop of suave, slim black stars, who represent maybe 1 percent of their population. Plus, on the Mexican side we have the Jennifer Lopez types, all sex and curves. None of it is real folks. The data tell the true story.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      And certainly no one can claim that they serve as a “good example” to the rest of them, since no one is following the example or even attempting to. It’s just Hollywood trying to brainwash the rest of us.

    • Alfred the Great

      It’s all part of the brain washing, so people who don’t live around them think that all of them look the way they are portrayed on the tube and in the movies.

    • Mike Conrad

      Not to mention God’s Chosen People, who are all beautiful and kind and altruistic on telly, not so much in real life.

      • Sick of it

        His chosen people can be very kind. Then there are the fakes who proclaim themselves God’s chosen.

  • Spartacus

    But I thought the poor little minorities were malnourished and could barely afford food, which is why they need more of the White man’s money…

    • Alfred the Great

      Where did you get a copy of that guy’s high school math test? He probably got an A, so he will have higher self esteem. I am riddled with guilt, so I am sure that he deserves that A.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I can’t keep up — are kids starving because of evil Republicans – or are kids in “health crises” because they’re obese? Which is it?

      • Both, because we white Republicans can both starve someone and overfeed them at the same time. Something about “food deserts” make them fat.

  • Sighisoara

    This is a large part of the culture shock I experienced when returning from living in Romania for several years. I guess I got so used to the insane amount of obesity around me I didn’t really notice it until I returned. I mean there were some obese folks there (though not many) but a morbidly obese person would garner stares that wouldn’t get a second glance in the States.

    • I became very depressed after returning to the United States from Japan in 1994 and then again from Australia in 1998. This wasn’t because people here are overweight – they aren’t in Colorado – but because I am forced to see N-words in my country.

      • Sighisoara

        “…but because I am forced to see N-words in my country.” Yeah, that was the other part.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Even living in Canada and going to the states I was shocked how fat people were. The old beatles tune I am the walrus just played over and over in my head. Can you imagine how much food you have to eat each and ever day to be obese? Take the food stamps and make them into cyanide.

    • Ella

      We do stare! How can I NOT notice a butt about half the size of a bed. Average weight people feel nauseous since we limit our foods and fight off weight gain.

      • ms_anthro

        There was a study years ago that showed that average weight people instinctively recoil from obesity the same way we also recoil from people who have open sores, runny noses, hacking coughs, and other signs of disease. Our animal brains worry that obesity could be contagious and we tend to shun them accordingly.

  • borogirl54

    The difference is that Blacks and Hispanics are overly dependent on Food Stamps. They buy a lot of processed foods such as ramen noodles, macaroni and cheese and hamburger helper, which does not have much nutritional value. These foods are cheap and filling.

    • John R

      BULL! It isn’t the foods. It is an overindulgent lifestyle, a culture that says “gibsimeee, gibsimee, I iz entitled to dis stuff!”

  • John R

    I like to exercise myself. I jog, and try to keep my weight down. But, playing devil’s advocate-I don’t limit myself to just the cardio stuff that keeps me trim. I also do lots of pushups, and pull-ups, and a little with free weights too. I want to be strong. Why? Because the blacks are, that’s why. I am not going to get my a$$ kicked by some “youfs” playing games! NO SIR! That is what I think all White men should do.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Blacks have the highest obesity rate (47.8 percent), followed by Hispanics (42.5 percent) and whites (32.6 percent). Asians have the lowest obesity rate (10.8 percent).

    Isn’t it funny how blacks are always at one end of the scale (usually followed by Hispanics) with Asians at the other end? The findings of professor Phillipe J. Rushton continue to be confirmed time and time again.

  • Ella

    “However, 56.6 percent of black women were obese compared with 37.1 percent of black men.” Many companies try to avoid hiring unhealthy looking people (obese) because of more missed work days. And yet, big Hispanic and Black women get all the affirmative action programs. Now, you understand their agenda clearly. Most countries in Northern Europe have obesity rates around 12-15% much like US Whites had in the 50’s. Those evil genes (sarcasm)!

    • willbest

      Unless they can ADA in a type 1 diabetes or a genetic thyroid condition though you are under no obligation to accommodate a fat worker.

      • Ella

        I mentioned Black and Hispanic as the criteria for affirmative action, and yet almost half of the females are now obese. This puts the hiring company in a real conflict or law-suit situation. They did not hire me because I’m a Black female, other than it was really the obesity (medical condition). Of course, you can be sued for discrimination firing an obese employee based on the weight gain.

  • Anon

    This should be taken with a grain of salt. What they mean by “obese” is often what most people would consider quite slim.

    Basically, nutritionists are idiots and can’t tell the difference between someone who is fat vs someone who is big. Arnold Schwarzenegger with less than 5% body fat and huge muscles is “obese” by their standards. Those standards are basically worthless.

    These days, for $20, at any Walmart, you can buy a body fat percentage scale. It gives you an accurate measure of your weight. Then it runs a current up one foot and down the other and uses the resistance your body gives to the current to correlate to your percentage of body fat. It is 99% accurate to the gold standard for such measurement (fluid displacement in a body of water). The only way you are going to get more accurate is if, post-mortem, you melt the fat off a body and then weigh it.

    What is healthy? Most people would be considered athletic at 10% body fat for men or 20% for women (depends on breast size, really).

    How to lose weight. I could either write several books on the subject, detailing the hundred year scientific history or the thousands of years of evidence in the fossil record or bottom line it by saying, eat meat and ONLY meat…. no exceptions. Vegetarian? Then you are an idiot who not only is going to die young but your reproductive capacity is vastly reduced. Vegetarian societies die… exceptions. Don’t like it, too bad. Go eat a steak and read a book.

    Why are minorities fat? One word. Drugs. Drugs give you the munchies. The munchies is an overwhelming compulsion to pig out on cheap carbs. This makes a person fat. Since drug use among non-whites is near universal, so is obesity. Some exceptions….certain drugs like crack and meth cause wasting away (like cancer). Other drugs like heroin, the person, while high, literally forgets to eat for days as a time. Young black males, especially love (as in it is nearly universal for them) to do massive amounts of steroids and alot of crack cocaine from a very young age. The result is very large, muscular children who either waste away as junkies or become morbidly obese by age 30.

    Chances that anyone even remotely connected to government will recognize any of this let alone do something about the fact that food stamps pays for it all? Zero.

    White people…..white people however, have a duty to realize these things and use them to be superior to non-whites in every way. A thousand years from now, white men should be supermen while non-whites should be a little visited part of our museums of natural history.

    • Tacitus1

      Even many doctors are sold on this height + weight = BMI . I walk 3 miles or more every and they are still not satisfied.
      According to the “fatness” bean-counters, the South has the highest % of fat people with 64% and the Rocky Mountains the lowest at 55%. Much can be attributed to diet I believe. Not only do my fellow Southerners love fried foods, we tend to be addicted to air conditioning. Ethnic foods can be attributed to racial differences.

      • BMI as it stands really is too simplistic. Accodring to Wikipedia, it is just mass (in kg) divided by height squared (in meters). Using SAE units, use pounds and inches (squared) and then multiply by 703.

        The problem is that this calculation completely ignores what percentage of an individual is body fat, and that ought to be the entire focus instead of being considered irrelevant.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Well the definition of obesity has changed:

    “…At least a substantial part of the obesity epidemic can be accounted for by a change in the definition of ‘obesity.’ When the CDC changed the definition in 1997, 30 million Americans who had been of normal weight now found themselves to be obese, all without gaining a pound…”

    heartdisease // about // com/od/dietandobesity/a/obesity_bad // htm

    Obesity is now a problem that must be solved by government intervention. This sets us up for food rationing and medical rationing based on weight.

    If the obese are made to pay more for health care, they’ll have an incentive to drop the weight w/o the rest of us paying for more government studies or suffering the edicts of bloomberg’s food police.

    Obesity is a right, but the rest of us shouldn’t be made to pay for it.

  • Tacitus1

    These BMI charts are skewed to the absurd. For example a man who is 6 feet tall is
    ” normal ” between 140 -177 pounds, “overweight” at 200 pounds, and “obese” at 220 with a BMI of 30. Those numbers make no sense. A 6′ 150 pound man would blow away on a windy day !

    • willbest

      Well 140-150 might be light, but unless you are athletic/lifting you don’t have a reason to be over 180

    • I’m six feet even and typically weigh 150 pounds this time of year. I usually put on about five pounds each winter, only to lose it again. My only complaint about my low body fat is that I don’t float.

      The really insane aspect to America’s obesity epidemic isn’t the BMI charts, but the fact that the federal government is dead-set on getting as many folks as possible on food stamps. If one has a country chock-full of fat people, the problem is obviously not hunger!

    • Tacitus1

      I can see many many people out there who are way too big…no doubt. My issue is with statistics which makes some “obese” who are not. Some men are simply muscular.

  • Warren Buffet is spectacularly smart and completely trustworthy.

  • Allan477

    It is not only Blacks who are obese. Recently I was watching a series on TV on the snake-handlers in the Appalachians. Most of these “pastors” were extremely obese–and all of them are on welfare. But they all had very nice homes and cars. I know it is not pc to mention social class But a lot of these racial differences are more social class than race.

    • Sure; education plays a large role in determining obesity. Better-educated people are likely to take better care of themselves. There’s also culture, as diet is a very cultural phenomenon. Cheap carbohydrates, especially when fried will really put the pounds on someone.

      • Ella

        So does Czech beer and French wine with Brie and Roquefort served with crackers.

        • Mike Conrad

          Not so much, there are hardly any obese people in France.

          • Ella

            1. Americans overeat portion sizes. 2. They do not walk enough and drive everywhere. 3. They also eat too much junk food with low nutritional value and high calories.

            I heard obesity has increased in France recently due to more fast food restaurants–less cafes- and immigrants from the Middle East who have dietary, weight problems.

          • I suspect high-fructose corn sweetener has something to do with the obesity difference as well. Widespread substitution of high fructose corn sweetener for sugar has not occurred in either the European Union or Japan. Normal sugars are absorbed directly through the stomach lining into the bloodstream where they are regulated by insulin secreted by the pancreas. On the other hand, HFCS is not metabolized until it reaches the liver.

      • IstvanIN

        They also think they look good obese, especially the women.

        • I’m sure it feels just as good as it looks: sore back, sore lower joints, and sweating in the summertime like an er… pig. I guess it’s all good for them so long as they have hair extensions and tacky, glued-on fingernails.

  • Alucard_the_last

    Being on welfare and sitting around watch tv with a bucket of fried chicken is the real reason why blacks are obese.

  • haroldcrews

    I used to be fairly overweight. At one time I was pushing 210 pounds at 5’10”. Gradually I’ve worked back down to 150 which is what I weighed in high school more than 25 years ago. It was a gradual process of giving up soft-drinks and juice. Eating more fruits and vegetables. Eventually I gave up grains as well. Now I’m mostly paleo and don’t have any trouble maintaining my weight. This is all without hardly any exercise though I do want to start weight training and to take some self defence courses. A big part of the current problems in many people being overweight has to do with all the processed foods that most people eat. Most of it is loaded down with HFCS to give it some taste that it is very fattening. You’ve got to cut the processed foods.

    • Eating out is generally a reliable recipe for gaining weight. The portions are usually bigger than anything one would prepare at home, and contain more fat. The same often goes for “convenience” foods.

      As far as high fructose corn sweetener (HFCS) goes, you would be amazed at what that garbage gets put in. I’m currently drinking a nice bloody Maria (tequila and bloody Mary mix). The mixer has 6 grams of HFCS per 120 gram serving: in other words, it is 5% HFCS. Why does a spicy bloody Mary mix need to be sweet? Among mixed drinks, I like BMs precisely because they aren’t sweet.

      • ms_anthro

        HFCS has also been found to contain mercury, a byproduct of the processing. If I were you, I’d toss that mixer, Mr. Scott. You can make a beautiful Bloody Maria (or Mary) from scratch with minimal effort, and it won’t contain measurable amounts of one of the deadliest poisons known to man.