The gang of bikers who were filmed beating up a SUV driver had allegedly intimidated and terrorized people on a previous rides.

A new video has emerged of a dozens of motorcyclists attacking car drivers, riding through red lights and even speeding along the sidewalk.

The latest footage was reportedly uploaded by the same motorcyclist who posted the shocking clip of driver Alexian Lien being beaten by an angry group of riders.

At least six bikers assaulted Lien after he accidentally ran over a fellow biker when the group started riding aggressively.

In the latest video to emerge, the gang are filmed on a helmet camera speeding along the sidewalk, seemingly not caring if anyone was walking nearby.

The three-minute clip also shows them riding through red lights, accelerating on the wrong side of the road and speeding over a garage forecourt in Ridgewood, New York.

In scenes reminiscent of the Lien video, a group of riders is also seen getting into an altercation with a car driver.

About four riders surround the Prius and hit the window and wing mirror before moving on.

It has not been confirmed whether the riders from the two videos are the same group, but in both motorcyclists are seen wearing biker jackets with diamond designs on the back.

Street FX Motorsport & Graphics, which first highlighted the video, claim it was uploaded to the same YouTube account as the Lien video.

However, it was later removed after attracting criticism.

The website wrote about the footage: ‘We have all no doubt seen the Range Rover episode that we posted a few days back…What the bikers DIDN’T want you to see, is that they make a habit of these deliberate intimidation techniques year after year.’

The footage emerged two days after the New York Police Department released pictures of a third man wanted in connection with the Lien road rage assault.

Reginald Chance, 38, who police say is the biker seen in a video smashing his helmet against Lien’s SUV and yanking him out of the vehicle, came forward Friday night along with 35-year-old Robert Sims–who was shown in the video stomping on the driver’s head.

Reginald Chance

Reginald Chance

Both Mr Chance and Mr Sims have been charged with attempted assault, gang assault and criminal possession of a weapon, according to the New York Post.

The video shows a biker stamping on Lien’s head, as well as punching and kicking him in front of his terrified wife and two-year-old daughter.

Mr Lien suffered two black eyes, as well as cuts on his face requiring stitches, according to a criminal complaint.

‘The defendant is clearly seen stomping on [Lien’s] head,’ assistant district attorney Joshua Steinglass told Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Diana Boyar during Saturday arraignment.

A $100,000 cash bail was set.

It has been reported this week that at least five off-duty cops witnessed the beating of Mr Lien, who was driving an SUV on the Henry Hudson Parkway last Sunday with his family inside.

The incident left Lien needing stitches and motorcyclist Edwin Mieses Jr possibly paralyzed.

Among the officers reportedly riding in the biker rally were at least two detectives and three other officers who did little to stop the attack.

One of the detectives, the undercover narcotics agent, watched as the violence broke out and chose not to break it up for fear of ruining his cover.

Dayana Mejia, the partner of Edwin Mieses Jr, said: ‘He is the best father I know.

‘To learn that he almost died and that he may not walk again- that is all still sinking in.

‘It tears me up that anyone could think that Edwin in anyway deserves what happened to him.’

Mr Mieses was one of dozens of bikers who rode alongside a black Range Rover on Manhattan’s West Side Highway last weekend until a biker slowed down and the vehicles bumped, police said.

Video captured at the scene shows the SUV surrounded by helmeted riders.

In the video, one rider approaches the vehicle and peers into the driver’s side window.

Police said others tried to damage the SUV before the driver, Mr Lien, took off and plowed over Mieses.

The bikers then chased after Mr Lien and smashed his car window with their helmets, then pulled him from the SUV and beat him to the point where he required stitches.

Rosalyn Ng, Mr Lien’s wife, said in a prepared statement that her family’s sympathies go out to Mr Mieses, but that they had to flee a dangerous situation.

Mr Ng said her husband was trying to protect her and their two-year-old child, who was also in the car at the time.

Mr Mieses, from Lawrence, Massachusetts, suffered a broken spine, fractured ribs, a punctured lung and a torn aortic valve, according to Ms Allred, who said during a press conference that his injuries may have left him paralyzed.

‘He told everyone to move on and go back to riding, and turned his back to the SUV to start walking back to his own bike,’ Allred said.

‘It was then, with his back to the SUV, and as he was in front of it, that he was run over and crushed,’ the attorney added.

A difficult situation has been made worse by what she described as a ‘perception’ that some people have about the riders who participated in the rally on Sunday, said Ms Mejia

‘They are not gang members. They are not thugs,’ Mr Mejia said.

‘They are FedEx drivers, plumbers, military reservists, musicians. They are fathers and brothers and sons, and sisters and mothers.’

She also said Mr Mieses, the father of her children, didn’t know any of the people he was riding with on Sunday aside from one friend who traveled to New York with him.

The potentially paralyzed biker was recently arrested in Andover, Mass., for driving with a revoked license. He also never applied for a motorcycle license.


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  • [Guest]

    >>>…they make a habit of these deliberate intimidation techniques year after year…

    That’s the black race in summation, isn’t it?

    • Anon

      Intimidation? Intimidation is when you shake your fist at someone. A mob dragging someone from their vehicle and beating him is a lethal force situation. Had he pulled a gun and killed half a dozen of them (and I very much fault this man for not doing exactly that), it would have been a clear case of self-defense.

      • me

        Giving a Bantu a motorbike is like giving a gorilla a motorbike. Same results ensue.

      • Brian

        He did use his vehicle as a weapon– not a total loss. And some of the bellcurvians got jailed.

  • ncpride

    It has been reported this week that at least five off-duty cops witnessed the beating of Mr Lien…….

    I’m pretty sure in news reports I’ve seen, at least three of those off duty cops were a part of this gang, and were riding along with them. That’s just scary. We’ll give a badge to anybody these days, which in the long run, will make the police obsolete, because no one in this country will trust them. Our police forces will become no better than Mexico’s…

    • MartelC

      we don’t give a badge to anybody we give it to somebody and that somebody is someone ‘vibrant’ it doesn’t matter if they are dumb, criminal prone, or incompetent.

      As I posted above, this and similar incdents are a direct result of liberal efforts to lower standards and make civil services more ‘diverse’ it doesn’t matter to liberals if houses are burning down, mail isn’t delivered or ‘police officers’ are doing this for ‘fun’.. all that matters is that we are more ‘diverse’

  • MartelC

    Does anyone remember MSM gushing praise for BLoomberg because he had ‘diversified’ the police force by lowering standards? And that in 2007 or so for the first time white males became the minority.

    Now this. Is anyone really surprised?

    In a few years, NYC will be like mexico where bribes to ‘police’ officers will become the norm.

    • Puggg

      I’m not really going to fault the cops who were part of this bike gang for not doing anything. They were probably informants, and intervening would have probably blown their cover. But they are probably the reason why the doers were made so quickly.

      • ncpride

        I could maybe understand if there was evidence of that, but at least 2 of those cops are in trouble and being investigated, and the undercover didn’t even come forward until Wednesday, and by his own admission was not with this gang in a professional capacity.

      • sbuffalonative

        I’m still not sure what their role in this was; members or under cover. If they were under cover, it kind of would explain why they did nothing but even so, they could have acted like clear-headed bike members and tried to intervene .
        However, one of them did come forward to report that he was a member of this group. He has been suspended with pay. (I’ll never understand these impromptu paid vacations).

        • Jesse James

          I often don’t like the way it is misused but I do understand why there is a suspension with pay. The officer is innocent until proven guilty. I have no doubt that there are frequent complaints made against individual police officers as a form of harassment by criminal scum. If they weren’t suspended with pay while the complaints are investigated it would have a crushing effect on police morale and retention. There should be some mechanism to attempt to recover some of this pay though if the person is found guilty. I often fume when thinking about the $200,000 plus in pay that Nidal Hassan received from the government while awaiting the start and completion of his trial.

          • sbuffalonative

            Yes, I know you’re right. We do have to protect innocent people from false accusations. It’s just that sometimes we know they’re guilty as sin so it’s all a pretext to appear fair.

            I would like to know if they’re found guilty, is their pay revoked? I doubt it. One thing I’d like to see is that anyone found guilty in a public position automatically loses their pension. It’s infuriating that when someone is found guilty, they can still collect benefits. Knowing you can lose everything might deter more people.

          • Jesse James

            I am with you on that one. Aggressive government action to recover what in the event of a person being found guilty would be illicit wages would be a good start and a great incentive towards honesty.

    • me

      It already is. Unless you have $$$, New York City is one giant hellhole.

  • Puggg

    May not be the same exact group, but it’s the same race.

  • MekongDelta69

    They are not gang members. They are not thugs.

    Yeah, yeah. We know, we know…
    They were just ‘aspiring’ bikers.

    Oh wait…

    • Luca

      We know what they are and has to do with certain amounts of Sub-Saharan DNA.

  • Spartacus

    “Among the officers reportedly riding in the biker rally were at least
    two detectives and three other officers who did little to stop the

    One of the detectives, the undercover narcotics agent, watched as the
    violence broke out and chose not to break it up for fear of ruining his


    • Brian

      Wow, I’m going to spread this truth around.

  • Sue

    Tried to put this information on another website yet they deleted the comment. Did anyone catch the video and notice there was no traffic on that side of the Westside highway where they had this guy corralled? These nice young men blocked the entrances to the highway so no one could get on. A gang you say? Nah…………

    • me

      Censorship is a great tool used by the anti-White globalists. They are sociopaths with an ‘agenda’.

  • joesolargenius

    Before Eric Holdup became the attorney general the FBI used to pull stings on corrupt Police departments like in Detroit where they arrested twenty Black Police officers in the nineties for selling pounds of coke from their squad cars.The list of Police stations corrupted by Affirmative Action is immense but only the local media covers it.

    • me

      Eric ‘My People’ Holder is a racist criminal himself. Why would he go after his ‘brothas’?

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Did you see the picture in the full article showing Gloria Allred hugging the tattooed neck girlfriend of the biker who was run over? She obviously has little self respect and will do anything for money.

    • Jerrybear

      Anytime there is degenerate slime to represent and get publicity, Gloria Allred will be there.

    • Luca

      “She obviously has little self respect and will do anything for money.”

      Please don’t stereotype Gloria Bloom Allred just because she is a lawyer of a particular religious persuasion. She’s an honest, hard working, money hungry publicity whore. Her cheap theatrics and underhanded tactics blew Republican Meg Whitman out of California politics when she produced an illegal alien cleaning lady who cried about Meg firing her for lying on her application and providing false documents. And of course the local media was more than willing to provide air time and violins in the background to this shameless b-word.

      • Jerrybear

        That was quite the smear campaign. Though I don’t think she would have won anyway. She herself was a corporatist illegal alien suck up. She campaigned as being supportive of the Arizona immigration laws on English speaking media while saying the exact opposite on the Spanish speaking media. Just another Republican hack. I’d rather have an open traitor Democrat who doesn’t hide his colors than a fake conservative putting the long dagger in the back of the historic American people.

    • IstvanIN

      All-red? Perfect name for that evil broad.

  • Jerrybear

    Motorcycles are injury and death machines on two wheels. When you clog up busy freeways with these stupid parades, this is bound to happen. Being intimidating thugs while they’re at it is just a bonus.

    • Chris Granzow XI

      Bikes are fine when non-blacks are on them. When you put too many blacks in any traditionally-white activity, hobby, or place, it becomes unsafe: biking, malls, concerts, fairs, parks, beaches…..hell, even boats (somali pirates).

      • Jerrybear

        It’s riding a piece of steal between your legs at very high speeds with no protection while hundreds of Two ton beasts barrel within feet if not inches of your body. White or non white, motorcycle injury and death doesn’t discriminate.

        • Chris Granzow XI

          But, them harassing that guy in his car wasn’t predetermined because of their hobby as bikers…’s because they were riding on the sidewalks, wrong side of the road, through red lights, and brutalizing anyone who dared say anything. Biking accidents are a whole different topic.

          • Jerrybear

            I’m not defending these hooligans. I was just commenting on how stupid it is to have massive bike parades in congested cities.

        • Anon

          You put the onus on the wrong person.

          For YEARS, I road a bike without a single problem. Then I moved to Chicago and that was the end of that.

          Riding a motorcycle is perfectly safe and extremely unlikely to harm the rider or anyone else, for that matter. That is assuming you live in the 90% of the country that is normal. Normal means you aren’t surrounded by drivers high on crack.

          Chicago is not normal. Quite frankly, it’s not safe for ANYONE to drive, but a bike makes you vulnerable to even minor accidents.

          And yes….motorcycle injury and death most certainly DOES discriminate. Specifically, it is perfectly safe to ride in any 100% white neighborhood. Anywhere else and…well, your risk is proportionate.

          I am more comfortable riding my bike, 80 miles and hour, with a car less than 20 feet away, on the high way, where I live than I was riding in a full car, under 25 mph in inner city Chicago.

          • joesolargenius

            Well in that case you shouldn’t bike on the Island of Mauii as I was hit or caused to wreck three times in five months back in 2000 and 2001 by rubber neckers ( ah it’s so pretty , Cawthunk another one one down).

  • DailyKenn

    Anyone detect the difference between the Million Bikers who invaded Washington DC and the bikers ‘club’ that dragged a prominent businessman from his vehicle and beat him as his wife young toddler daughter watched?

    • MartelC

      yes. one was treated hostily by Obama, the other will become the next trayvon

    • Brian

      There was some difference in the content of their character, but I can’t put my finger on it.

  • Greg Thomas

    $100,000 bail? Thats it!

    • evilsandmich

      $10,000 to post, which I’m sure will be scraped up.

  • Well, what do we have here?

    Edwin Mieses Jr. was part of a (biker) flash mob and paid a steep price.

    He can dry his tears with KARMA.
    Consequences beez rayciss.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    And again, just as they say “youths,” they say “bikers” instead of blacks. If they present the news correctly, they know people will recognize a pattern.

    • MartelC

      Wait, why would they want to stereotype youths or bikers. .many people ride motorcycles and don’t do this.. so why identify that they were riding motorcycles at all?

      • Chris Granzow XI

        ..because, as I mentioned, they avoid stating that blacks are the ones doing it, hence avoiding the public noticing a pattern.

  • Guest

    Well…I’m contributing a newer image of the “youth”, gang banger Mr. Chance. One that’s a bit more indicative of what he really is and how he deals with adversity:

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      If I leave the likes of this black thug chimping out in the courtroom with is face shot off, it will be because he was a thug, and I just rendered him permanently irrelevant to the black gene pool. I would like to see them try this crap in my area, people can and will blow their brains out, then shoot them again when they are down for good measure. Oh, the police here empty whole clips into a thug even after he’s lying dead in a expanding pool of his own blood.

    • me

      That’s one ugly Bantu, inside and out! Sometimes you can definitely judge a book by its cover…

  • Blacks don’t understand the definition of words in the English language.

    We shouldn’t even allow them to speak it.

  • cablegirls

    I saw that other video before it was removed from YouTube. The bikers in it were thugs.



    There is one obvious reason, and one simple equation:

    African = NEGRO = low IQ = third world behaviour = DEPRAVITY

    So endeth the lesson in algebra

  • Garrett Brown

    What is this garbage? “On a previous rides”, ” of a dozens” . Go back to sixth grade English class Becky.

  • Johnny99

    Again, the HA and other 1% clubs tend not to deliberately target civilians. As in this case, it brings too much negative attention. The vast majority of violence is inter-club. Yes, if you do something stupid or deliberately disrespect them, you can probably count on a violent reaction. But, for the most part, if you leave them alone, they leave you alone. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any videos of White clubs doing this type of thing.

  • [Guest]
  • evilsandmich

    And let’s not forget about New Orleans.

    • Anon

      Yes….let’s NOT forget about New Orleans. A small group of white people barricaded their neighborhood and shot any black person who showed up. They easily survived the literal disintegration of the rule of law and massive negro mobs, looting, raping, pillaging…even attacking the national guard.

      Were they “prepars”. No. They simply owned firearms.

      Own guns. It’s important.

  • Tarczan

    They are FedEx drivers, plumbers, military reservists, musicians. They are fathers and brothers and sons, and sisters and mothers.’

    True, but they are also black and they cannot control the mob behavior of their genes.

  • Anon

    It has been reported this week that at least five off-duty cops witnessed the beating of Mr Lien

    This is probably the worst lie and most important thing to take notice of in this article. No….these are not “off duty cops” who just happened to be riding their motorcycles when this happened. And by that I mean, they do not consider themselves cops.

    These are hard, core drug criminal gang bangers who INFILTRATED the police. They aren’t making a career as policeman and a hobby of biking. They are career CRIMINALS who got jobs as cops to aid their criminal activity in various ways.

    Why is this so important to know. Because when a community is in the last gasp stage of negrofication (detroitification), the police stop being police. Crime is no longer prosecuted to any reasonable degree and normal police are not allowed to join the police force (only criminals….usually of one specific local gang). Occasionally, the FBI will intervene and arrest entire police departments…..but it is not worth the effort. The entire community is of criminals and the local society simply will not support the basic instruments of the rule of law. The police sell drugs out of their cruisers and, if courts even meet….they are a joke.

    The US is not yet willing to admit these things go on, let alone even mildly suggest any sane solution. But YOU, as an individual must understand or you will end up like these asians did. This guy was thinking, the whole time, I gotta find me some COPS.

    Well, the cops were already there.

  • me

    Insanity seems to be contagious in the ‘progressive’ world.

  • Erasmus

    And Barack Hussein Obama, Eric “my people” Holder and revrums Jack$on and $harpton claim to still not understand why people profile. (Like hell they don’t know why people profile.) EVERYONE with more than a room temperature IQ, (even lefties), know why people profile.

    • Reverend Bacon

      Actually, pretty much EVERYONE knows why people profile; EVERYONE with more than a room temperature IQ DOES profile.

      • Jack Burton

        Pattern recognition is a sign of intelligence.

  • me

    Bantus have many diseases, but the worst one is the mental illness called ‘entitlement’. The Bantu gorilla seems to think that he can go anywhere, do anything, and take anything that he wants–regardless of morality or common decency, which he sorely lacks. Mr. Stompy Foot in the Spite House, along with his ‘bruthah’ “My People” Holder, are just as bad as the ghetto Bantu–they just put a nice veneer of socially acceptable behavior over their racist hatred.

  • Reverend Bacon

    Yeah, but that’s probably just a coincidence…

  • Brian

    Dayana Mejia, the partner of Edwin Mieses Jr, said: ‘He is the best father I know.

    ‘To learn that he almost died and that he may not walk again- that is all still sinking in.

    ‘It tears me up that anyone could think that Edwin in anyway deserves what happened to him.’

    You run with trash, you get taken out with the trash. And why did this illustrious citizen have a revoked car license and no motorcycle license at all?


    • Jack Burton

      The comical phrases of lying, sociopathic, moronic blacks are amusing, that’s what makes shows like Cops entertaining.

      “Din do nuffins.”

      “Dat ain’t mine,” when caught redhanded.

      “I was scurred,” when asked why they ran from the police.

  • Brian

    On the downlow is more like it.

  • Brian

    I was in the gas station the other day and the Indian clerk, in the US for two years, asked me ‘why these f****g n***** cannot speak the English like me?’ Priceless. His English is more understandable.

    • joesolargenius

      Brian you have a sense of humor ,that’s priceless .

  • Brian

    Life imitates art.

  • Brian

    He’s ooking the Fifth. Nice of him to dress up for court.

  • Brian

    What is dis white debbil magic where he be knowin’ where I stay?