American Student Scarred for Life by Bottle Attack Just Three Days After Arriving in Britain

Tom Mendelsohn, Independent (London), October 23, 2013

Police in London are appealing for help after a newly arrived American student was left scarred for life in a vicious bottle attack in June.

Francesco Hounye, 22, had only been in the UK three days when he was attacked by a gang of five youths in East London because he was “obviously not local”.

CCTV footage shows five Asian men setting upon the Floridan, before smashing the bottle he’d been drinking from into his face and chasing him over the road, punching and kicking him.

Francesco Hounye

Francesco Hounye

The attack took shortly after midnight, while Mr Hounye was walking with a friend back to their flat in Shadwell, after they’d been out in Brick Lane.

Police say it’s unclear what caused the fight, but it quickly became heated, leaving Mr Hounye in hospital.

He was taken to the Royal London Hospital with deep slash wounds to his head and around his right ear. He needed 23 stitches to his face and more stitches internally. He has suffered permanent scarring and a chipped tooth.

Mr Hounye has said he is now considering his future in the UK.

“As a result of this incident I am now scared to go out on my own in London,” he said. “I am a visitor to the UK and was considering continuing my studies here but this incident has made me think twice.

“I feel very emotional about the whole situation. I also now face the rest of my life with the permanent scarring that will be left on my face as a result of this attack. Every time I look in the mirror from now on I will be reminded of this incident.”

The suspects have yet to be identified, despite extensive enquiries, so the police have released the CCTV footage, in the hopes that the men can be identified. They are described as Asian, and aged in their late teens to early 20s. They are possibly Bengali.

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  • Spartacus

    Is this the country that mister Ashton is worried I can’t wait to get to ?

    • David Ashton

      Point taken, Domnul Spartacus.

      • Spartacus

        Of course I would’ve . I can’t understand why you wimpy Anglos don’t at least try to fight back. That’s why gypsies from Romania and elsewhere are flooding to England, they know you don’t fight back .

        • Luca

          There is a saying: “Beware the wolves are at the door.” Well, in this case it appears the Brits have invited the wolves into their home and allowed them to roam freely and allowed them to raid the refrigerator and rape the family.

          The US is on the same path if something doesn’t happen soon.

        • Nathan White

          What you suggest, trying to take over the government, would never work in the America of today.

          • Spartacus

            I’m not suggesting that for America . You guys have to secede, let the rest of the ex-US go to hell, then reconquer it .

          • So CAL Snowman

            I don’t understand why more people don’t get it. The USA is not OUR country, it probably never was. The USA is just the vessel the elites created to enforce the New World Order of Global Communism. The Founding Father’s were the ELITE for their time. They cared nothing for the landless working White male. White people have to realize that our race is our nation. The USA is just a shiny distraction to keep us from realizing our destiny. Why would we want the USA back? The USA is a country that pitted brother and against brother in the Civil War, and White man against White man in both World Wars.

          • DonReynolds

            It would be difficult to take OVER the government. True.
            It would be much easier to take OUT the government.
            They are, after all, flesh and blood, just like you and I.
            They live in houses, not forts.
            They drive home in cars, not tanks.
            They shop at the same grocery, eat in the same restaurants, go to the same gym.
            They are vulnerable.

        • DonReynolds

          If the wimpy Anglos go to their graves without fighting, then you are right. But I know too many of them to believe it. They will fight. Once they get started, there will be no way to stop them until they run out of targets.

        • Lagerstrom

          Francesco Hounye doesn’t look or sound like an Anglo to me, but I get your point.

        • David Ashton

          Your opinion of the English people as “wimpy” has garnered a lot of up-votes. Thank you, my “friends”.

          Since white youngsters attacked some Jamaican immigrants in the late 1950s, there has been incremental “anti-racist” legislation which has now reached the stage where even anti-gypsy verbal comments could put us “natives” in jail (along with our muslim and black violent “compatriots”). These developments have been opposed by the public and even politicians at every stage, but to no avail with an effectively rigged quinquennial election system. For different reasons the situation in the USA and in Romania is not the same.

          Now for the “good news” – “Policemen from Romania and Poland are being drafted in to combat an Eastern European crimewave…. ahead of the lifting of border controls [by order, “EU”] on immigrants from Romania in two months’ time….eight detectives from Romania…will have no powers of arrest or any other powers of the traditional British bobby…. More than 27,000 Romanian citizens have been held for serious offences in London in the past five years, including ten for murder, 142 for rape and 666 for other sex offences…. The officers…will tackle a wide variety of migrant crime from…begging to human trafficking, serious sexual assaults and money laundering.” – Daily Mail, Oct. 24, p.43.

          • Spartacus

            There is no excuse for getting a punch in the face and not giving one back. You still have legitimate defense, don’t you ?

          • Self-defense is largely illegal in Britain.

      • The Final Solution

        I don’t think these ‘youths’ would have tried this on someone who actually looks like they can defend themselves.

    • skara_brae

      Nope. This is Brick Lane. Nothing to do with England.

  • dmxinc

    Is this what Britons endured the Blitz and fought both World Wars for?

    Fools. They are not safe in their own country.

    • joesolargenius

      This is happening because they were first disarmed and then replaced by out of control immigration.

      • me

        Yup. Hold your family close, and your guns closer.

    • David Ashton

      The primary foolishness was conflict between the English and the Germans, which undermined the European order. The villains were not the ordinary soldiers or the citizens who are left with the results.

      • dmxinc

        Are you aware that the citizens of GB voted out Churchill right after Germany surrendered and before the Japanese surrendered?

        Did you know because of that foolishness by those British citizens, they were still under food rationing FIVE years after the war ended?

        Sometimes it is the citizens’ fault.

        The fact that 90% of real Americans didn’t vote for anyone other than Obama, demonstrates that our citizenry isn’t any better.

        • joesolargenius

          It was Not the Real Americans whom voted for Obama Been Robbing.

        • David Ashton

          I lived under this food rationing as a child. I don’t know that this particular wartime control would have been lifted much sooner if Churchill had been re-elected instead of Attlee. The coupons were a nuisance but no-one starved.

          • dmxinc

            Still, it showed a lack of gratitude as well as foresight on the part of the British citizens to vote Churchill out so abruptly.

            They are now reaping much of what they sowed.

          • So CAL Snowman

            Churchill sold his own people out so that the “Chosen” could set up shop in the middle east under the guise of democracy.

          • Bantu_Education

            I’ve always thought that very strange too, and it wasn’t even a narrow defeat – it was a “landslide” defeat. Aside from Hitler’s coming to power and many other examples, more evidence that democracy – the “one moron one vote” unqualified version anyway – is such a terrible idea.

          • Re Churchill’s political defeat after WWII

            Usually, in modern Western democratic republics, the ruling party gets turned out after long wars and serious economic downturn.

            The first serious election cycle in the United States after the end of WWII was the 1946 midterms, and Republicans took back both the House and Senate after Democrats held it for most of the Depression and all of the war. Truman only eked out re-election in 1948 because Thomas Dewey was so arrogant.

          • Bantu_Education

            Thatcher was re-elected in a landslide after the Falklands War and during a serious economic downturn. If the war had been lost of course she would have been trounced and never heard of again. But I take your point “after a long war”.

          • Britain was exhausted after the war. So was the rest of Europe.

          • David Ashton

            And your point is?

        • Homo_Occidentalis

          It’s ironic how 99% of society’s current ails can be traced directly to what was supposedly the “greatest generation”. This was a society that grew up benefiting from segregationist and white nationalist policies, only to offer affirmation to Western society’s dissolution by re-electing Jonhson’s “Great Society” Democrats in the landslide 1964 election (as well as crypto-Marxist Clement Attlee in 1945, in Britain’s case).

          Common as it may be (to the point of cliche) to blame it all on the baby boomers, they simply weren’t a large enough portion of the electorate at the time the important changes in the West were occurring, despite the important role they would soon play in swelling the left’s ranks by the mid-sixties. This begs the question: for whom, exactly, was the “greatest” generation so great? It is impossible to overstate the grave tragedy of World War II. The genocidal ideology that lay dormant the whole time among our duplicitous elites makes Hitler’s death camps look tame by comparison.

          • dmxinc

            Reminds me of a discussion with my mom who as a teenager in the 1950’s.

            She said that the Fifties were great, perhaps the best time in our nation’s history….except for segregation.

            I pointed out that one of the reasons the Fifties were so great might have been because of segregation.

            She didn’t like that response, but later had to admit that much of the great community situation she lived in may have been due to segregation.

            Then, they gave it all away and here we are today with the prospect of becoming a minority in our own country.

          • David Ashton

            The fifties were great in England too with scarcely any non-whites until the end of the decade.

          • IstvanIN

            The first baby boomers couldn’t vote until 1967.

          • DonReynolds

            Yes, I listen to the crybabies whine all the time……determined to find someone to blame. Lately, it has been the “baby boomers”.
            But you are quite correct, any influence they had on presidential votes did not show up until after the 1960s. My first election was 1972, a landslide for Nixon. They gave a landslide for Reagan in 1980 and again in 1984, and elected Bush Sr. in 1988. After the Clinton years, they voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004. Tell me all about how all the boomers vote like Liberal Democrats. Nonsense.

          • dukem1

            Thank you for your lucidity.

          • Homo_Occidentalis

            That’s my mistake. It seems it was only lowered from 21 to 18 in 1971. It just goes to prove that we have only the “Greatest Generation” ( and equally guilty Silent Generation) for selling us out. The voting age should probably be around 35, considering the intelligence of today’s young adults.

          • I agree with 18 being the voting age because it is also the age for military conscription. A guy who’s expected to place his life on the line for his country ought to have a say in how things are run. He should also be allowed to purchase booze.

          • Homo_Occidentalis

            I do agree that they should be able to drink from the moment they hit puberty, but 18-year-olds in general are too inexperienced in life’s trials to merit involvement in civic matters. There’s a reason people generally become more conservative only in their 30s and 40s.

          • David Ashton

            “No conscription without representation.”

          • knuckledragger

            Good point! Greatest Generation, sure, they fought and died all over the world, and for what…because Germany wanted to get out from under the kosher banks and to give jews a homeland and a new crop of people to hassle? Sorry “Greatest Generation”, you got suckered and we’re paying for it.

          • David Ashton

            WW2 was a grave tragedy for the west and for the world.

            It is not difficult to unearth the ideological factors that contributed to it, and its aftermath.

            I will state quite frankly my opinion that the sanest voice before the war and afterwards was that of Oswald Mosley, whose errors of judgement were trivial in comparison to his efforts for peace with Germany before the war and his campaign for British participation in European reconciliation and resistance to communism afterwards.

        • So CAL Snowman

          Wait a second, are you actually DEFENDING Winston Churchill?

          • dmxinc

            I know, but no one is perfect. He was far from it, but as misguided as some of the goals of the British were, Churchill was at least competent at achieving them.

            Remember, he also did not want the full force of defeat placed on the Germans at the end of WWI. Had he carried the day, there may not have been a WWII or it may have been delayed.

          • Bantu_Education

            I believe he was also strongly opposed to the “Morgenthal plan” which wanted to put Germany (or what was left of it) back into the Middle Ages. Other than that I am no admirer of Churchill’s role in WW2.

        • DonReynolds

          You need to check your figures. The only 90 percent that voted for Obama are the Negroes. I certainly do not consider them the “real Americans”.
          You did not mention that Winston Churchill was re-elected Prime Minister in 1951 and remained until he retired in 1955.
          You did not mention that a 2002 poll in the UK named Churchill the “Greatest Briton of all time”.

          • dmxinc

            Don, concerning the “90%” I mentioned, you missed the point entirely. Please reread.

            Based on who Obama was and then later, on his performance, 90% of real Americans should NOT have voted for him, but instead, he won both times.

          • DonReynolds

            In 2008 and 2012, the American voter was given the usual choice….. You can choose between being eaten by a Lion or a Tiger. Tough choice for many people. And like so many elections, the 90 percent you refer to voted like they always do…….they voted for what they thought was the lesser of two evils. Even the better choice seems to be getting worse and worse.

          • Bantu_Education

            Churchill was a good writer and always had good PR. Most Britons today are too ignorant of their history to remember any of the much greater individuals of the past. A lot to choose from but, off the top of my head, Queen Elizabeth 1st would have been a more deserving winner.

          • DonReynolds

            Amazing he was a talented artist as well. His paintings of landscapes are well-beyond what we would expect from a politician. When he was out of office and out of money, his friends suggested that he sell some of his paintings. He replied……they are too good to give way and not good enough to sell. Something about humility in an artist that is endearing.
            Queen Elizabeth I would be a good choice.
            I would probably pick my own favorite…..Oliver Cromwell……no relation to the royal family.

        • Sick of it

          Churchill was working for the usual suspects. He owed them a lot of money. They may also have bankrolled his political career, following his abysmal failure in the Navy.

          • David Ashton

            The funding came mainly in the mid-1930s when he had become close to bankruptcy. Like many critics who see people and races solely in simple black and white terms (no pun intended), you should balance criticism with his longstanding personal opposition to Asian immigration and to communism, etc.

            There are many informative books on Churchill, but on your one particular issue I would recommend those by David Irving, Martin Gilbert, Andrew Roberts and John Charmley.

          • Sick of it

            If he were opposed to Communism, why did British troops not stop the Soviet Union from walking into Eastern Europe? I’ve said the same thing before re: those “American” generals and government officials who did the same from their end. At least in France they elected an openly socialist Prime Minister. We had quislings all over the place.

          • Yalta Conference. Sorry about that.

          • David Ashton

            Actually WSC was considering at one point the use of German troops against a Soviet westward thrust, and efforts were made to prevent a communist take-over in Greece. But Churchill was no longer PM during the Soviet take-over in eastern Europe. The wartime alliance with Roosevelt to defeat Hitler had put Churchill at a disadvantage in relation to Stalin. The war exhausted Britain, lost the Empire, and created a communist threat from Paris to Peking.

            A good essay on this subject is Sir Oswald Mosley, “Sir Winston Churchill”, in “Policy and Debate” (1954); and two fairly good books are Patrick Buchanan, “Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War” (2009) & Robert Gellately, “Stalin’s Curse” (2013).

          • German soldiers had already retreated from Greece because Tito’s Jugoslav partisans were about to cut them off. When the British landed in Greece, there wasn’t any German occupation to defeat; just a nasty civil war.

          • David Ashton

            I wasn’t alluding to the British sacrifice in Crete or to the subsequent landing on the Greek mainland, but to the limited opposition to communism after the war as my first sentence and the current discussion shows; e.g. the Varzika Treaty.

        • Jesse_from_Sweden

          The reason Britain was under food rationing five years after the war ended was due to the allied occupation of Germany.

          The “food rationing” in Britain was just a facade, there were no lack of food in Britain and the “rationing” was so generous that it didn’t really affect the brits in any way except as a nuisance with rationing cards.

          The reason was that the allies was punishing the germans for the war (look up the Morgenthau-plan and JCS 1067) by deliberately starving them out, dismantling their industry and destroying their economy.
          But the british civilians had a bit of compassion with the german civilians and would hardly have accepted starving german women and children while they themselves had food in abundance.

          So they continued “food rationing”, so that the british populace would get the impression that the real food shortage in Germany was because of a general lack of food, rather than allied policy of punishing german civilians.

  • MekongDelta69

    Another of never ending stories about more “youts

  • Reid Eisenberg

    It should be noted that in the UK, the term “Asian” does not mean what we used to call “Orientals” – Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc., but instead refers to mostly Muslim Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. That made clear, we can now better understand the behavior of these adherents of the Religion of Peace.

    • Jefferson

      In Great Britain, Osama Bin Laden for example would be considered “Asian”. In the U.S, nobody would ever racially lump him in with Bruce Lee.

      • ThatguyinTN

        Its getting there though in the U.S., give it a little bit longer and the liberals will start calling everyone ‘American’ to support the amnesty they are after. Its already to the point where its unPC to use the terms illegal immigrant and citizen when discussing immigration. My thinking is that if they do away with nationalities and start grouping people by continent then all the illegals will be able to move freely around the U.S. because whether they are from Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, etc it will not matter they will be ‘American’

    • Norseman

      An important note RE. As I understand it the Britons refer to people originating from the Indian subcontinent as “Asian”.

      • watling

        Correct. Specifically India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and probably Nepal. For that reason I don’t think anyone from Britain would regard Bin Laden as Asian. He was an Arab.

  • JohnEngelman

    Francesco Hounye, 22, had only been in the UK three days when he was attacked by a gang of five youths in East London because he was “obviously not local”.

    – Tom Mendelsohn, Independent (London), October 23, 2013

    The irony of this is overwhelming. Those Asians think they belong there, but a white man does not.

    • Garrett Brown

      Aren’t you the person that think everyone deserves to be anywhere they want?

      • JohnEngelman

        I do not think any white or Oriental country benefits from black and/or Muslim immigration. I have said this several times.

    • Brian

      Hounye is a Francophone African name, often from Benin.

    • David Ashton

      Some of them do indeed regard their little territories as no-go areas. So also recent London Chinatown protesters against investigations into illegal immigration.

  • bigone4u

    The perps must be charged with a hate crime, serve long prison sentences, and then be deported. Justice would be served if a white prison gang set upon them and gave them a double dose of their own medicine. The victim should also sue the perps and their families for all their assets. Finally, the Brits should say “Enough!” to the politicians who caused this mess.

    • MBlanc46

      Note that also among today’s stories is one about David Cameron announcing new measures to help Muslim students and entrepreneurs at his annual Eid al-Adha reception (I wish I’d made that up).

    • Bantu_Education

      Lets save money – offer them the option of being deported immediately but given an identifying permanent tattoo on their forehead. I suggest “ROP” meaning “Religion of peace” but could also mean “Republic of Pakistan”. On 2nd thoughts most of them would probably opt for the jail sentence where life is so much kinder to them than in Whakistan.

  • Stories like this make me feel Intolerant.

    Soon, you won’t see stories like this, because intolerance won’t be tolerated.

  • joesolargenius

    This man was probably a liberal who was taught that if he treated them as equals then they would treat him like an equal ,and this is exactly what they did by jumping at any excuse to harm him. His mistake was in not taking a really good look at the consistent actions of these type of individuals. I worked in a Hostel near Compton California in the nineties and my job was to take the foreign tourist around the Beach and try to keep them out of trouble and to also keep the local low life off the property.Even though I constantly warned these young Europeans that it was not safe to walk down the street at night because it was a non white neighborhood, they did’t believe me and someone would occasionally get hurt or killed within a block or two of the place.

    • Norseman

      Were some of the customers at the hostel actually killed?

      • joesolargenius

        Yes some of the guest were killed outside of the Hostel and one was actually shot outside of the front door, I also had three blacks in a olds 88 try to rob me only one block away from the hostel but they were so drunk they ran into a telephone pole trying to turn the car around to catch up to me when I ignored them and just walked away. The black chick driving then got scared and drove down a side street , I didn’t have to even pull my pistol but just kept moving.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    They are described as Asian

    More obfuscatory language, intended to hide the true nature of the attack. Yes, Asia is technically a continent, and anybody from one of the countries on that continent could be called “Asian,” but in the popular vernacular this is not done. “Asian” is a racial designation pure and simple.

    I doubt that any Indian or Pakistani or Iranian or Saudi Arabian would describe themselves as being in the same category as the Chinese, any more than the typical Mexican would take kindly to being referred to as an “American.”

    • MBlanc46

      It’s Britspeak, not obfuscation.

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        I disagree. It’s the Brits’ peculiar form of obfuscation.

        • David Ashton

          Rubbish. It is just a matter of long-accepted nomenclature. Asia as a landmass that includes Indians, Pakistanis and Chinese. In Britain our main immigrants have been from south Asia (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh), so we and they have used the term “Asians”. The far east Asian immigration has been smaller until recently and these people are known generally for what they mostly are – Chinese.

          • I prefer to specify: My wife is Japanese. The lady who cuts my hair is Korean. The nice people who operate the nearby filling station are Filippinas. The liquor store owner is Sikh. They’re “Asians”, but Asia is a rather large place.

    • Segregation Now

      The media here in England, fervently pro-Islam, will always describe Muslim
      criminals as Asian. ‘Asian’ never means Japanese or Chinese but can
      generally be taken to mean Pakistani. Pakistanis, I think it fair to
      say, are reviled by the English. Why else must the word Paki be referred
      to as the P word? In its power to offend, Paki is the only word that is
      comparable to that word that cannot be uttered, not even on Amren.

  • JQ

    Nine out of ten times, when the perpetrators are “Asian”, the story is coming from across the pond.

    • Chris Granzow XI

      I know it pisses off asians here (east asians) because they’re the direct opposite.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    …and in the US, “Oriental” is now considered a slur.

  • Spartacus

    You conquered a bunch of tribes of savages who’s IQ was lower than their shoe-size . We lived in constant warfare with huns, Germans, Turks, Russians, Bulgarians, Poles and others from the fall of the Roman Empire and all the way to 1989, when we shrugged off communism . The fact that we survived at all is a miracle .

    And no, I don’t care about that, or about what you did a hundred years ago, or five hundred years ago. You’re wimps now, and until you change, I’m not gonna call you otherwise .

    • David Ashton

      I would put you in a combat with any one of our troops and see who would win.

      • He’s not a trained soldier, so if you’re going to brag, put yourself on the line and then say what it is like. Spartacus is 22 or 23.

        Would you like firearms involved? Back in 1991, I shot a Serb officer from about 800 yards. I think he was an officer; he looked like he was giving orders, so I shot him once he was standing still, saying something. He probably had a wife and kids. My ammo came in a green box with a deer in the crosshairs: softnosed hunting stuff.

        I’d rather be lucky than good.

        • freddy_hills

          Unfortunately, the US was the bad guy in that one. More and more, the US is becoming the stupid guy as well.

    • You didn’t “shrug off” communism. The Russians inflicted it upon you, and Ronald Reagan gave you the chance to shoot your Marxist exploiters. The red fascist empire needed to go, and I was delighted that Romanians did it when someone had to put themselves on the line.

      You utterly rejected communism as soon as you had the chance, and some of you guys shot the red Marxists stone-dead.

      • Spartacus

        We actually never stopped fighting. After the war, tens of thousands of partisans died fighting communism . Ion Gavrilă Ogoranu and his boys, for example, fought for nearly 3 decades, trying to destabilize the communist regime “until the Americans come and liberate us”. You never did…


        • Lots of Ukrainians kept fighting. The last division-scale battles between Free Ukraine and the Soviets were in about 1955. The armed Ukrainian resistance finally finished out in about 1972.

          Most of us Yanks didn’t really want a nuclear war. I always did, but I reached the age of 18 only in 1984.

          • Spartacus

            The Soviet Union didn’t get any nukes until long after the war was over… You guys could’ve attacked right after Germany was defeated, if you really cared about “democracy” and the such .

          • The Yalta Conference tied our hands. Poland was a particularly sad story.

          • Spartacus

            Nobody forced you to sign the damn thing in the first place… And we lost more people as % than the poles .

          • I didn’t sign it. I was born in 1966.

  • The Final Solution

    Did anyone see the video of the black guy who pushed the guy dressed up in a Predator costume from behind? The Predator guy fell on top of a little kid standing in front of him. We are just fish in a barrel for these zulus.

  • Speedy Steve

    Mr Hounye doesn’t look very American to me. Gnome sane?

  • 1XXX


    • Elena Andbasket

      Almost always means ‘Pakistani’.

      • 1XXX

        They need to not be in the UK.

        • Elena Andbasket

          If you’re looking for an argument; you’re not going to get one 🙂

  • jackryanvb

    “They are describe as Asian…They are possibly Bengali.”

    That’s an improvement. Brit media used to just say “Asian”, implying they could be Japanese, Chinese or Korean. This is never the case. These are swarthy Pakistani Muslim type people.

  • knuckledragger

    …yeah dude THOSE Anglos are long gone. Most of the Anglos left are indoctrinated, self-loathing, brown-advocates.

    • Pat

      You beat us to the ‘brown leader’ though – twice.

  • saxonsun

    You are right about the English and that’s why what’s happening in England is so tragic.

  • David Ashton

    Thanks, Pat. A real plum of a – non-racial – case was the preacher who was physically assaulted by a gang of homosexuals who went scot free but arrested himself for saying that homosexual acts were against the Bible. People are forced to “apologise” for competely inoffensive “racist” jokes about the Welsh or the Poles which these people themselves find amusing.

    In the USA you can more or less say what you like because the government must not stop you, and in Romania it seems you can do what you like because the government cannot stop you. Anyway, I am getting a bit tired of people on here telling the English that we are cowards or liars or both.

    • Spartacus

      I do not think the British are cowards or liars. I just think you’re confused, and highly demoralized. After all, if someone like you, who actually understands what’s happening, has such an aversion to violence – how can I believe otherwise ?

    • If we’re all going to get cranked up at one another, Mr. Ashton, I really hate the term “Scot-Free”.

  • No he did not; he had already fought them before, in the trenches after he was dismissed from the Admiralty. Nobody – even with a lot of liquor – ever wants to fight against Germans.

    • David Ashton

      Hitler once reportedly remarked that the Tommies he knew from the first world war were “hard fellows”. At any rate he did not “hate the English”, unlike you.

  • Spartacus

    Then you use self-defense against the government… the judges… the prosecutors… the police… You get the point .

  • watling


  • Spartacus
  • SoCal88

    I have this strange feeling that there is a lot more to this story than what is currently being reported.