Who’s Really Left Out of the CrossFit Circle

Gene Demby, NPR, September 15, 2013

Last week, the headquarters for CrossFit, the popular—and polarizing—workout genre, shared an item on its Facebook page from a blog called Stuff Black People Don’t Like.

And according to an entry from February on the Stuff Black People Don’t Like blog, CrossFit is anti-black:

“Crossfit ‘boxes’ usually charge expensive membership fees and boast a mostly white clientele. A list of Crossfit Games champions and competitors reveals a veritable whitopia. In the past two years, the male and female champions have repeated. The male champion, the ‘world’s fittest man,’ is a white Southerner that Django hasn’t gotten around to killing yet, who indulges his white privilege every day by reading that racist and homophobic book, the Bible.

“The women’s champion is even worse, an Icelandic native whose surname refers to a Northern European pagan deity (ipso facto proof of Nazism).”

But while the Stuff Black People Don’t Like blog post appeared to be satire—the blog’s name was a riff on the popular, defunct blog called Stuff White People Like, which was written by a white dude and poked fun of the fascinations of young, creative class of white folks like himself—SBDL is maintained by advocates of a school of thought called “race realism.” (Racial realists believe that race is a biological reality and that black folks are natively intellectually inferior and inclined to violence. David Duke, the former Klan member and presidential hopeful,is a “racial realist.” You see where we’re going with this.)

It didn’t take long before hundreds of CrossFit Headquarters’ Facebook followers hammered the company for sharing the SBDL post. Before long, CrossFit headquarters issued a textbook non-apology apology on the social networking site.

“We have decided to remove the racial satire about CrossFit from our feed. Thanks to the users who informed us that the blog’s author is an actual racist—a view so pathetic that it is sometimes hard to distinguish from comedy written to mock racists. We apologize if you found this offensive.”


But the racist blog post and the decision by CrossFit to share it bumped up against a popular perception: CrossFit culture is, if not hostile, then at least unwelcoming to people of color.

The CrossFit ethos eschews stuff like workout machines and the amenities that many big fitness chains provide, instead emphasizing stuff like Olympic lifts and gymnastics. It’s kind of showily no-frills, and gyms—or “boxes,” in CrossFit parlance—are often just huge garages with chin-up bars, mats and free weights. People who CrossFit together often form tight-knit cliques, leading to a reputation that CrossFit is a little culty and militaristic.

Syncere Martinez, who runs a Harlem CrossFit affiliate gym said he knew it was coming. “When that [blog post went up] I can guarantee you, in the first four minutes, I was one of the first people contacted,” Martinez says. He and several other prominent black CrossFitters often joke that they’re the only black CrossFitters.


Greene, the CrossFit spokesperson, and Web Smith, a prodigious Tweeter and and “one of CrossFit’s 22 black people” wondered if the idea of their universe being dominated by white folks was fueled by the CrossFit Games. The Games, in which really fit people move heavy things very quickly, which are televised every year by ESPN and have gone a long way to putting CrossFit on the mainstream radar.

“For better or worse, a lot of people are used to people of color doing well in sports,” Greene said. “There are some, but most of the people who are the top athletes at the Games are not.”


So just how white is Crossfit, anyway? It’s tough to say, in part because of the company’s peculiar corporate structure. People who own CrossFit gyms aren’t franchisees but “affiliates”—they’re licensed by CrossFit HQ but set their own rules, hours and workouts and buy their own equipment. That aversion to top-down orders is a reflection of the libertarian ideology of its founder, Greg Glassman. While Greene said that it would be interesting to crunch the numbers on CrossFit memberships, “there’s no way to get the affiliate owners to record [those stats] without mandating it.” As you might guess, that’s a nonstarter among free enterprise types.


But even if a given CrossFit location were ethnically diverse, it just can’t be economically so: a CrossFit membership can easily cost north of $200 a month—less than a personal trainer might cost but easily five to 10 times what someone might pay to go to a big fitness chain like 24 Hour Fitness of Planet Fitness. {snip}

That cost would be way out of reach for most people, but more so for people of color, who are more likely to face economic barriers to exercise. {snip}

But Smith said that there are plenty of professional black folks who could afford the membership but still don’t see themselves as the kind of people who might join a CrossFit box. For that reason, he said that the controversy over the blog post might have a silver lining. “I wasn’t so upset, because there’s not been another time when we’ve been willing to discuss the fact there are no black people at CrossFit,” he said.



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  • D.B. Cooper

    I see this trend all of the time.
    1. CrossFit will seek diversity.
    2. The minorities start arriving.
    3. The whites don’t renew their diverse membership.
    4. CrossFit’s equipment is stolen by their customers.
    5. CrossFit’s parking lot is dangerous.
    6. Some enterprising white person opens “Brand X Fitness”.
    7. The old CrossFit building is boarded up with weeds growing in the parking lot.
    8. Brand X Fitness grows and becomes successful, but it’s too white.
    9. Brand X Fitness will seek diversity.
    10. Go back to step 2.

    • IstvanIN

      Your economic model reminds me of “Jewish Lightening” for some reason.

      • Spartacus

        Probably because they both have the same source…

    • 1stworlder

      You missed the part about blacks getting struck with rhabdomyolysis when they try crossfit type exercises. so its
      2 blacks show up
      3 blacks sue after getting rhabdomyolysis and kidney failure from doing a white mans workout instead of short distance run stuff.
      Basketball, soccer, lacrosse and hockey are all basically the same game. If you understand one all others are easy to explain. As short distance runs become less important than upper body strength the game gets whiter.

      • rebellisMMXII

        Interesting…I’ve never heard of rhabdomyolysis and its explications.

        • 1stworlder

          Its in the SBPDL crossfit article listed. Also sickle cell sets them up for cardio/pulmonary problems(wacism caused asthma). Their kidneys retain more salt than everyone else so their glomerular filtration rate has different ranges(wacism caused high blood pressure). Having a black guy try to keep up with you at Crossfit would be like having a native American try to keep up with you at a bar.
          This was OK for where they evolved as sickle cell helps them survive malaria without the medical knowledge whitey brought to Africa, and they didn’t know about salt for rehydration thousands of years ago like everyone else so their body holds on to it.

          • BonusGift

            Good point; and if it wasn’t for the constant 24/7 tribal drumbeat of pushing the false meme that blacks are just ‘natural athletes’ compared to whites the average person wouldn’t be so surprised to learn that whites (even though a small percentage human beings on the planet) dominate sports across the broad spectrum of sports (e.g., tally up Olympic summer and winter game medals for all things you could consider sports that measure athletic ability).

  • APaige

    Wait until the start of CrossFit beatings or CrossFit shootings. Then the media will ask “What is wrong with CrossFit”?

    • danallison

      The answer will be “institutional racism.”

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    This constant hand-wringing that there are not enough nonwhites in this white activity or that one is a tacit admission that white activities and occupations are the best, and therefore we must be very worried if there are not enough nonwhites involved. After all, you don’t hear much concern that there are not enough whites involved in turban tying or Bollywood dancing or African mask carving. White activities are the best, and even the lefties know it deep down! Don’t fall for their “Oh, it’s proof of economic disparities” line.

    • sbuffalonative

      Call it what it is: “Search and Destroy”.

    • Greg Thomas

      It’s also an admission that Whites are no longer allowed to enjoy anything as a racial group, hence the cries of “racism” from diversity.

    • Strangely, blacks and their libtard enablers didn’t throw a hissy fit over how well South Korea did at archery in the last Olympics. This did not provoke their instant obsession with archery.

      I think you’re only half-right. It isn’t the activities themselves, of course or even the people doing it, but who is currently best at them. Blacks don’t want to be South Korean; they want to be white, so they are currently content to ignore archery instead of being obsessed with it.

  • sbuffalonative

    I went to the original story to see if I could comment. They use Disqus but you also have to register with NPR. I’m not going to bother.

    I did want to respond to one comment:

    It’s impossible to talk about economics in America and NOT talk about race.

    My response: It’s pointless to talk about race without talking about IQs.

    PS: I love how they made sure to let the readers know that ‘race realists’ are just racists by another name.

    • kjh64

      “It’s impossible to talk about economics in America and NOT talk about race”

      They never mention lifestyles. They never mention the fact that minorities have much higher rates of having kids out of wedlock young, more likely to drop out of school, more likely to have absentee fathers etc, more likely to have criminal records.. No, it is all YT’s fault.

      PS- All of these minorities seem to have no problem paying for 150 dollar sneakers, gold bling and 200 dollar cell phones, do they?

      • Sick of it

        Welfare offers more benefits than most jobs today.

    • Mike Conrad

      It’s impossible for NPR to talk and not talk about race

  • T_Losan

    Apart from this article, which is just a reiteration of thousands before it, why is anti-racism so seductive? I have really smart friends who wholly or partially buy into this baloney. Arguments are seldom won on logic but on emotion. That is what our opponents are using and it is what we must do too.

    • Greg Thomas

      Anti-racism is anti-White!

    • Tolerance comes from a position of strength or a position of weakness, if you are in a strong position its in your interests to appear benign and show you are so far above petty bickering that is does not bother you, likewise a position of weakness means you are tolerant by default because you can not change the situation and therefore you have no choice but to be accepting of it, most whites are white supremacists although they will not admit it to themselves and believe wrongly they occupy a position a of strength when in fact they occupy a position of weakness, those in the centre of these two extremes understand they are engaged in healthy competition against other groups and wish to see their group succeed against others. The smug seductiveness of anti racism is a form of this self deception, they believe wrong they are in a position of strength and are rewarded with the emotional highs of group dominance.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Being “anti-racist” is a way of advertising yourself socially as the “right kind” of white person. It’s part of a huge status game wherein liberal whites try to gain moral superiority over conservative whites (and “liberal whites” here includes Conservatism Inc. conservatives).

      Being a feminist (especially a male feminist) or pro-gay-marriage is also a part of this status game, but the racial component is the most important. Being outed as a racist kills your status forever, no matter what your opinions on women or gays.

  • ncpride

    That cost would be way out of reach for most people, but more so for people of color, who are more likely to face economic barriers to exercise.

    You get that? It’s out of reach for MOST people, including Whites, but it’s much more of a tragedy if it’s out of reach for people of color, too! Economic barriers to exercise.. BAHA! What a joke. Sorry, but walking, and tummy crunches on the floor is absolutely FREE for staying in shape. However, I did purchase a seven dollar Jillian Michaels strength training video that left me nearly unable to move over the weekend, but I’ll get over it and move on to level two… eventually!

    • Jefferson

      I am sure many Asians can financially afford to join Cross Fit, but Asians aren’t the People Of Color that this article is talking about because on average Asians in America do not face economic barriers.

      • ncpride

        It’s always about blacks, of course.

  • Jefferson

    If Crossfit wants to see their Black membership increase, than they should start accepting EBT cards as payment.

    • Diversity Awareness Brigade

      In shape, active, tight spandex wearing, camel toe hottie White girls have nothing to worry about as Crossfit updates to join the new darkest demographic urge.

  • I appreciate Crossfit as an exercise regiment, but I had to unlike their Facebook
    page for posting their tired, boring, undeserved and played-out racial apologies.

    I eschew White guilt like a I would a black flash mob.

  • Diversity Awareness Brigade

    And we are supposed to give the Diversity their “historically earned” discounts, stipends, grants, scholarships, and free gibs me dat stuff.

    “If it’s good for blacks, it’s good. If it’s good for blacks and hurts Whites, it’s better.”

    -Bishop Big Daddy Jefferson

  • Puggg

    Didn’t I say last week that NPR exists solely to fret about why aren’t there minorities in white hobbies and jobs and pastimes?

    • What those trolls don’t realize is this: Look at Cross Fit’s official website and the pictures they post. Almost entirely white.

      But now that this non-troversy is brewing, I fully expect Adidas/Reebok and ESPN to put pressure on Cross Fit to quit showing so many white people. Just like another white-heavy sport, MMA, had to respond to TVnetwork pressure to have and develop more non-white stars in order be “worthy” of televised.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      The comments were illuminating to say the least. Many didn’t quite understand PK’s thesis and instead attempted to defend Crossfit by saying it is actually diverse, tolerant, etc. The ones who were able to understand that, yes, the blog was actually criticizing blacks as a race could only muster lame responses like “ignorant”, “hateful”, “uneducated” etc.

    • Sick of it

      Yes, you literally did! And you were right!

  • bigone4u

    Stirring the racial pot seems to be an NPR specialty. If it still receives tax dollars it needs to be defunded.

    • Mike Conrad

      It does and it does.

  • Tarczan

    It is not a lifelong fitness program. It is suitable for the young, but for most people it is just too intense to keep up for long, let alone for life. Having said that, the people are in great shape. It is heartbreaking that they can’t be more inclusive to darkies.

    My own fitness program consists of hilly 30 mile bike rides most days with pullups on a tree branch in the park and pushups; two times a week. Works for me, and I’m 65.

  • Spartacus

    “People who CrossFit together often form tight-knit cliques, leading to a reputation that CrossFit is a little culty and militaristic.”


    Sounds like a good place for an Amrener to go and start converting *hint*

  • ViktorNN

    Last week it was craft beer brewing and artisan distilleries that were “too white”- this week it’s CrossFit gyms.

    NPR has got Implicit White America in its sights.

    Meanwhile, when Miley Cyrus “twerks” she’s “appropriating” i.e. stealing from black culture and non-whites put a big collective moan about how white people just won’t leave their culture alone and always have to steal everything.

    Why don’t the NPR elites lay down a consistent rule? At what percentage of the population do we whites have to fall before we’re allowed to have our own white culture?

    • Bo_Sears

      As the bully says, as long as you let me kick sand in your face, I’ll just keep kicking sand in your face. There is no necessary or built in number that will end the abuse.

      • Mike Conrad

        I disagree. I think zero would probably work for them.

        But in all seriousness, representatives of the Ruling Tribe are already on record as saying that the goal is simply to have whites a minority in the USA. That way there is no chance of any majority challenging their rule. The other, corollary goal is to have all of the various other tribes eternally at one anothers’ throats. Divide and Conquer.

        They are very close to achieving their goals already.

        • The problem with that theory is that approximately 60% of US Jews marry gentiles. If they wanted a plantation full of multiethnic, multiracial slaves quarreling over the scraps from their table, they wouldn’t be voting with their own DNA this way.

          Your theory is convenient, but it fails a reality check for the reason above.

          I think it is rich people, regardless of religion. Rich Christians hate the middle class every bit as much as rich Jews do. It is they who want the world to be their plantation. They want an oligarchy.

          • BonusGift

            The reality check is that they do control mainstream media, finance, and politics in the country, and their elite do want us genocided as evidenced by their actions, let alone their words. When the country was largely run by ‘WASPs’ (who may have hated the middle class as well, but it wasn’t a genocidal hate) it wasn’t even remotely as genocidal and suicidal as now.

          • Mike Conrad

            You raise some valid points. And what you say does seem to make sense, on the surface. It’s true that not all Jews are ethnically- or tribally-obsessed. But many are. Several points may be made in this regard:

            First of all, 31% of all married Jews are intermarried, not 60%* Even among the non-orthodox, it is less than 50%. See an article on the topic in this very day’s jewish press here:

            “Could a robust ‘anti-intermarriage’ campaign work?” at jewishjournal(dot)com

            It’s also important to recognize that many putative intermarriages (especially in wealthy places like NY, DC, LA, Miami etc) involve wealthy jewish males and physically & culturally attractive ‘shiksas’ who convert in order to marry; the children are then raised ‘in the
            faith’ and are physically far more attractive than other jews–making the practice popular for more than one reason. Many jewish television and movie stars have a shiksa mom–you can indeed ‘look it up’.

            But it’s not entirely a matter of (more liberal) jews mixing with or becoming more like the rest of society. American society itself is becoming more jewish. Three or four generations of jewish mass media have performed their own ‘conversion’ and it’s the larger society which has been converted, not jews.

            “A factor behind the comparatively high Jewish intermarriage rate is, simply, that Americans like Jews… sociologists Robert Putnam and David Campbell measured the popularity of various religious groups with extensive surveys for their 2010 book, “American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us.”

            “America, for the most part, loves its Jews,” agreed Paul Golin, the associate executive director of the Jewish Outreach Institute.

            Your own “theory” requires that all Jews think alike. I did not say that. However, ‘politically-pure’ jews most certainly do not want “a plantation full of multiethnic, multiracial slaves quarreling over the scraps from their table” because if everyone ends up being similar, they can reconstitute a majority and thence form an opposition.

            Meanwhile, I don’t disagree for a moment that “rich” people, as distinguished from people of any religion or ethnicity, generally desire to separate themselves from the masses. It has always
            been thus. But most ‘rich’ people do not have ingrained in their psyches the degree of opposition to the commonweal that jews do. Kevin MacDonald has written well on this topic. In particular I can recommend “Separation and Its Discontents”…

            * 1 The National Jewish Population Survey: Strength, Challenge and Diversity in the American Jewish Population (New York: United Jewish Communities, 2004)

            2 U.S. Religious Landscape Survey (Washington: The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, 2008): 34.

            3 NJPS 2000-2001, 17. Although based on entirely different samples, both the NJPS and Pew’s U.S. Religious Landscape Survey produced the same 31 percent figure.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    What about cheap, fat, out of shape white guys like me who find other things they prefer to do, like read Amren? I feel left out, too, boo, hoo.

  • Bo_Sears

    Let’s talk about this notion that an agency, activity, or product which is popular with white Americans is obviously racist or missing something or excluding somebody. This is manifestly a deception.

    In a university town near here, the newspaper actually reported the hush & embarrassment that settled over an environmental meeting when it was pointed out that the only persons present were white Americans. This is almost psychotic behavior, to be ashamed that an event open to everyone was somehow racially exclusive. The local newspaper also once ran an insulting review that criticized the “agonizing whiteness” of wine tasting events.

    Resisting Defamation did a three-year study to determine what exactly we owned as white Americans, and we found only The Four Things: our name (don’t slur us), our label (yes we are Americans), our definition (only we get to define us), and our description (only we get to describe us). This is based on the idea that our patrimony (and matrimony) includes only The Four Things that we somehow own unilaterally…that everything else is up for grabs, now the Miss America contest? But if The Four Things are all we own, then we need to launch our white liberty campaigns around those things. Let’s get busy.

    • 1stworlder

      Maybe there is something to what Holder said about blacks being too stupid and lazy to get ID for voter ID.

  • borogirl54

    Crossfit is not as expensive as I thought it would be. I looked at the “box” as they call their centers near my home and they charge $99 for the initial orientation and after that it goes from $109-$159 per month. Discounts are given to police, fire students, military and teachers. There are further discounts if a contract is signed for either 3,6, or 12 months of training.

  • SWPL2

    I’m impressed with Crossfit results, but I really think a lot of these guys (and gals) are going to destroy their backs and joints. I watch them do those exercises (strutting down the sidewalk while lifting) and wonder if the chain has good lawyers.

  • tech

    I’m sure PK is thankful for all the free advertising!

  • Greg Thomas

    Better hurry, I suspect there will be a fade to brown very soon, now that cross-fit has been demonized as “non-inclusive” of diverity.

  • bubo

    We’ve gone from slavery to the terrible crime of not having enough blacks in spandex pushing over tires and then enjoying micro brew beers afterward.

    White people just never change.

  • rebellisMMXII

    A personally very important volunteer activity has always been 100% White. It’s year it’s been infected by a black that is only there because it has to be there. It’s a lot of work that only White people would do and enjoy doing. And, yep, the mouth breather is about as useless as you can imagine. Completely sickens me….

    • I put in 60 hours of community service at the ARC thrift store on North Academy here in C.S., satisfying my last misdemeanor deferral. I worked in the back in the furniture section, and did a lot of test work on donated electronics. The last time I was there with my wife and daughter – just shopping – it was like being a celebrity. They honestly wanted me back there. I had to put in those hours to eliminate the conviction with the DA’s office, but I’m intelligent, work hard and pay attention to details, so I was quite useful. Since I get along with most folks, the time was also very pleasant.

      I’ll bet Darnell or LaQuisha and their attitude problems don’t make the same sort of impression when they’re doing community service, as you have doubtless noticed.

      • rebellisMMXII

        This black is actually there as part of a class…I cannot go further but we don’t have any community service opportunities…it would be a serious safety hazard.

        I have volunteered other places where there were folks working off community service…blacks were indeed useless and toxic. I really wanted the blacks away from the operation. The Whites were White and acted White…helpful and in general nice to be around.

  • rebellisMMXII

    Back in the 1990’s a major Protestant church that I used to be a member of sent out a quarterly newsletter that actually lamented that there were too many White faces in the congregation. Utter insanity!

  • Garrett Brown

    There are hardly any blacks in crossfit because you don’t just lay on a bench and see how much you can press. It’s extremely tough mentally and physically. Vomiting and passing out are common during training sessions at the local Brick House Fitness where I live.

  • WR_the_realist

    I like the game of go. It’s already highly diversified — all the top players are Asian. But that’s the wrong sort of diversity, so the diversicrats will not be satisfied.

  • Yale2001

    Wow. Some people are willing to pay a lot of money to avoid blacks. Can’t say I blame ’em. If blacks start realizing we don’t want them there, they will start showing up, Cross fit will lose its appeal, and another fad will begin.

    • Southern__Hoosier

      That’s why hunt clubs are some popular. No Black guy would want to be out in the woods with a bunch of drunken white guys with guns.

  • Tarczan

    Triathlon is another sport that would benefit from an infusion of diversity.That would also extend to most endurance events. Darkies seem especially talented at swimming. I would love to see a few thousand embark upon an ocean swim.

    • Perhaps Rachel Jeantel could swim from Cuba to Florida, the way a gloriously obsessed white woman recently did. Miss Jeantel certainly wouldn’t have to worry about sinking!

      Since the English Channel has been done to death, I think someone needs to swim the Korea Strait (without stopping at Tsushima). I’d like to nominate Michael Vick since he be a afawete.

  • The Final Solution

    Surprised not many coloreds are interested. Seems like a good way to meet white women….

  • skara_brae

    How about that name? Syncere Martinez. And it’s a ‘he’. When they are not being violent and repulsive they certainly are a constant source of hilarity.

  • T_Losan

    Yes, just like traditional religions, the Church of Diversity demands that followers believe despite more evidence against it than for it.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    “charge expensive membership ”

    If it ain’t free, it’s racist!

  • Alexandra1973

    I’d think they’d get plenty of exercise running from da po-po.

    That is, until their saggy drawers trip them up.

  • BonusGift

    Because Bantus are only ‘natural athletes’ at a relatively narrow range of athletic endeavors compared to YT (including arguably the most important, warfare); and those that have been pushing that meme control the mainstream media and will not let it go.