Students Called ‘N’ Word, Chased through Woods on Field Trip

Karen Lee, WFSB (Hartford), September 19, 2013

Imagine sending your child on a class trip, then finding out she and her classmates were called the “n” word and chased through the woods. It was part of a slavery re-enactment that some parents said crossed the line.

One couple said their 12-year-old daughter came home from the field trip with horror stories, and now they’ve filed a complaint against the school district.

“I ask that you imagine these phrases being yelled at our 12-year-old child and their friends,” parent Sandra Baker said at a Hartford School Board meeting. “‘Bring those (n-word) to the house over there. (N-word) if you can read, there’s a problem. Dumb, dark-skinned (n-word). How dare you look at me?'”

Baker said screaming that at children on a field trip is abuse.


Sandra Baker and her husband James Baker have been on a 10-month fight with the Hartford School District that they’ve now taken to the school board.

It started during the past school year when their daughter was a seventh-grader at the Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy. She and her classmates went on a four-day trip to the Nature’s Classroom in Charlton, MA.

On the third night, there was a slavery re-enactment that Sandra Baker said none of the parents knew about.

James Baker shared his daughter’s experiences with the Hartford School Board.

“‘The instructor told me if I were to run, they would whip me until I bled on the floor and then either cut my Achilles so I couldn’t run again, or hang me,'” he told the school board.

They pretended to be on a slave ship.

They pretended to pick cotton.

They pretended their instructors were their masters.

The Bakers said the program told kids they didn’t have to participate in the Underground Railroad skit, but were only told about the re-enactment 30 minutes before it began.


She said she can’t believe the school has been taking part in the trip for years and never saw a problem with it. She’s filed complaints with the state Department of Education, Human Rights Commission and offices of civil rights.

“It’s a town of people of color,” she said. “Really. I mean, Hartford. You could not see something was wrong with this?”



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  • Ronald

    Taxpayers can rest assured that Obama’s pal Holder is even now using all available Governmental resources to identify and to prosecute all involved White “Liberal” teachers who have acted in this manner to suffer child abuse on little Hartford children and to prosecute them in accordance with the “law”.


  • Whitetrashgang

    Slavery is the best thing to happen to American blacks .All black people can do is whine and piss and moan, most white people had it harder than most slaves .Once again if they don’t like it here leave. And if you want to stay stop whinning, stop commiting so much crime and get a job.

  • [Guest]

    I, for one, am no interested in black slavery. I’m interested in a more timely and relevant topic—black savagery. Let’s devote the next few decades to talking about black violent crime, especially acts committed against white people, shall we?

    • Spartacus

      Groids should be honored you Anglos tolerate them. If America’s character had been shaped by a more aggressive White nation, like Russians or Italians, they would’ve all been dead by now. Or worse – sent back to the hell-hole that spawned their worthless brood.

    • 48224

      They should do a reinactment of my Detroit neighborhood turning black and crime going up 1,000% and the schools turning from award winning to crime ridden bottom of the barrel.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    If you have a child in one of these indoctrination centers you are a fool. This is what passes for “education” in the new order.

  • dd121

    Did they find their way back to the plantation?

  • IstvanIN

    What about all the white school children beaten, set alight and murdered by their black classmates?

    • 48224

      It’s because whites are held to one standard and blacks are held to a lower one. Black people are not the bad ones for killing whites, whites are apparently the bad ones for noticing the killers were black (racist).

    • Kathy M

      Its because whites are racist and deserve it. Not!

      • CharlesFinley

        ah-This-ah suit is NOT black.

  • Spartacus

    Keep your children away from these so-called “schools” . Home-school, or no school .

  • sbuffalonative

    “It’s a town of people of color,” she said. “Really. I mean, Hartford. You could not see something was wrong with this?”

    None of the instructors was identified as white and no one from the school went on camera.

    Conclusion: Whoever came up with this program is black. AR has reported on these educational experiences. They’re usually the brainchild of blacks. Most whites have enough sense not to recommend such a program. Blacks, on the other hand, think they’re teaching meaningful history.

    • Skip Wellington

      The “Running from the Cops” exhibit is my favorite.

      • B Jenkum

        The “How black people built everything then YT came and stole it all” is a close second

  • Erasmus

    Know why teachers do these live reenactments? Because they’re too stupid to teach real subjects like chemistry, physics, history, literature, Latin, French, composition or math.

    The VERY worst teacher I ever had was for American history 40 years ago back in Jr. High School. The man was a Canadian, a “progressive” educator, and as I recall, I didn’t learn squat in his class. He would have been the sort of teacher to pull some stunt like this.

    • Andy

      For the most part, I agree with you. But if I taught elementary school I’d have kids “play” their history lessons after learning about them.

  • Andy

    I attended Nature’s Classroom in middle school. The slavery reenactment was much less interesting, though. We just walked silently in a line from “safe house” to “safe house”. Clearly someone tried to make it more fun, and the indoctrination turned into “hate speech”.

  • bigone4u

    Take the kids on a field trip to Detroit, if you want them to know the truth. Otherwise, enough of this garbage.

  • MekongDelta69

    Title of the article:
    “Students Called ‘N’ Word, Chased through Woods on Field Trip”

    Title of the article in REAL LIFE:
    “Whites called every name in the book by blacks, as they get chased through their neighborhoods, and if caught, robbed, beaten, raped, tortured and killed.”

  • Is it just me, or is the uproar over this incident hilarious? It makes the parents involved seem like overgrown babies, since blacks and their liberal enablers have for decades demanded mediocrity in education in our public schools and now pretend to be shocked when that mediocrity manifests itself.

    • Erasmus

      Yup. That’s the leftist SOP: If you can’t bring Kyreesha and Tyrone up, then bring Billy and Suzy down.

  • Kathy M

    Its called brain washing. Hopefully lawsuits will follow. Every black kid is being taught that he is a victim. Every white kid is being taught that he is a racist.

    • Erasmus

      And, when the white kids find out they’ve been lied to all these years by their teachers and even ministers, the schit is going to hit the fan.

  • Diversity Fatigue

    How about bringing in John Derbyshire to have “the talk” with all the white kids?

  • freddy_hills

    I only have one thing to say… LOL!

  • Sangraal

    Unbelievable. See my comment in the previous thread on American-flavour PC.
    What’s worse is that this is only in the news because it was ‘insensitive’ and blacks were offended, not because it inculcates an absurd self-loathing guilt-complex in white children.

  • NotThatGuy

    Blacks just hate slavery being brought up, considering it was the last time their employment #’s were less than 20%.

  • Andy

    I’d have to disagree with you about the value of play-acting. For young kids it can help make lessons stick and, when the play-acting is directed, help them understand things they might not otherwise. For example, if I were teaching about a battle, I might have children pretend to be the troops so they could see how the strategy worked.

    • Perhaps, but in this case the role-playing was intended to make white kids feel guilty for things they had not done, while making black kids hate whites over things they had never personally suffered. This is political indoctrination: brain-washing, and hasn’t the slightest thing to do with education.


    Ha! They tried to load little white children up with as much guilt as they possibly could. While simultaneously reminding black children why they should hate the white children, and it all back fired and blew up in their face! When PC Goes Bad,,, Derp!

    I particularly enjoyed the “Dumb, dark-skinned (n-word). How dare you look at me?” quote! The thought of some middle aged white Liberal teacher playing the role of the slave master. Looking down at one of his 12yr old black female students and screaming that quote into her face. Is so out of character for the normally black ass kissing teacher that if he remained in that role for too long. He could quite possibly initiate the very break down of molecular physics as we know it, and rip a hole in the space time continuum! THAT! is just how out of his element, the self hating Liberal teacher actually was!

    Man, I would’ve given just about anything to have actually been there to see that. I’m pretty sure it would’ve been quite entertaining to say the least. When PC Goes Bad,,, Derp!