Pastors Urge Kirk to Support Slave Reparations Bill

CBS Chicago, September 2, 2013

Senator Mark Kirk ruffled a lot of feathers with his recent plan to round up 18,000 gang members but a group of South Side pastors say they have a way for him to redeem himself: Help pass legislation to give African Americans reparation.

Rev. Anthony Williams of Freedom Community Church in Englewood says it’s something that’s long overdue.

“Jews got their reparations from the Holocaust, Japanese got their reparations from the internment. It is time for us to get our reparations,” said. Rev. Williams.


The pastors urge Kirk and Congressman Bobby Rush to push for HR 40, a bill that would set up a study on making financial reparations to descendants of American slaves.


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  • This is Mark Kirk we’re talking about. He probably will push reparations for slavery right after he votes to send us to war in Syria. Then again, Alan Keyes, when he was running for Senate in Illinois, also came out for reparations for slavery, and that went over so well with the voting public in the state that he lost to…Barack Obama.

    Mark Kirk is so clueless that he thinks that he can solve a gang problem by teaming up with an “ex” Black Panther. Which is like hens teaming up with foxes to solve the foxes-eating-hens problem.

    • Sick of it

      Interesting. Alan Keyes has tried to brand himself as some sort of patriotic libertarian type…but he was pushing for reparations from something that ended 150 years ago?

  • MekongDelta69

    Help pass legislation to give African Americans reparation.

    Singular? Really? CBS in Chi-Town can’t even find one literate writer?

    P.S. Bobby Rush is a former Black Panther, who barely has two working brain cells now. (Not that he used to have too many more than that.)

    • At least one of those brain cells is surfing a doobie on a wave of alcohol.

    • MBlanc46

      Bobby Rush is just a hack. Mark Kirk made a big mistake in giving him an opening.

  • je suis paganisme

    Most White people want reparations for the ruining of our societies and our schools.
    I won’t even mention the costs of welfare, black crime and imprisonment of blacks.

    • exlib93

      In that case, I would ask for reparations for the education which was robbed from White children who were forced to attend public school with these wild animals.

    • Global Minority

      Not to mention the murder rate of White people at their hands.

  • Even if reparations were paid out to the ancestors of black slaves,
    there would be no long-term improvement in the lives of the modern-day Bantu.

    Blacks will never thrive.
    Blacks need whitey in order to just barely survive.

    Left to their own devices, blacks would simply die out over time.

    Starve the Beast (welfare, etc.).

    • Jefferson

      Look up the term N igga rich in the urban dictionary.

  • exlib93

    As far as I know, the descendants of Holocaust victims do not receive reparations. I never heard of a Jew mention anything owed to him because of what happened to his grandparents. I never hear of a Japanese American whining about reparations either.

    • GB101

      Germany does, I believe, pay reparations to Israel. And I also think that the Japanese-Americans who were interned did receive reparations.

      But these actions do not provide any precedent to for so called reparations for slavery. The victims of the holocaust were identifiable and (many of them) were in Israel. The Japanese-Americans who were deemed victims were still around to get the payment from the entity responsible for their internment, that is the United States government.

      There are no surviving slaves. It is an utter impossibility to devise a rational way to determine who pays and who gets paid. If the payers are the American taxpayers, that means recent immigrants, Holocaust survivors, Japanese -American internees. descendants of people who moved here from Europe and Asia long after slavery was abolished have to pay for something neither they nor their ancestors had anything to do with. And the descendants of Union soldiers who fought to free the slaves have to pay. Descendants of abolitionists pay as well as descendants of slave holders.

      Reparations is nothing more and nothing less than taking more money from white Americans and giving it to black Americans. It isn’t time to start “reparations.” It is time to stop.

      • rowingfool

        I’ve written about this here before. I checked with every census from 1860 to 2010 from which I extracted population and number of immigrants per decade. I fiddled around with exponential growth figures until I came up with our current population. Simplifying assumptions were equal growth for Blacks, immigrants and native whites.

        The results: 50% of all current Americans immigrated since 1870 so they cannot possibly be held accountable for reparations since they had no hand in slavery.

        Of course, only 1.4% of Americans owned slaves in 1860 to begin with–and those only in the South. Were they to breed only with other slaveholding descendants (admittedly an unlikely assumption, but useful here) their numbers would match the number of people who would have descended from Union soldiers who died in the struggle that eliminated slavery. In other words, the white person viciously attacked, raped, mugged or murdered “randomly” by black feral thugs would be as likely to have descended from a Yankee who gave his “last full measure of devotion” as from a southern plantation owner.

        Reparations? You gotta be kidding.

    • IstvanIN

      Germany pays and pays and pays and pays…..

    • Sick of it

      Some Jewish families have been paid reparations for money or property stolen from them during WWII. Anything other than a direct payout to specific individuals or families for a proven wrong is ridiculous. You can’t hand out gobs of money to a greedy ethnic group just because they want it.

    • guest

      I have received a check for $3,000. I was able to prove that my great-grandparents lost certain banking assets, but the Swiss banks had destroyed the exact records so they just sent a check for 3k. I know from photos of the time, they were quite wealthy and the real value must be far higher than 3k. Oh well. There’s no way to go back and right all the wrongs of history.

      Israel has long gotten payments from the German government. I’m pro-Israel and Jewish but I think those payment should have stopped already. History is history.

  • Wethepeople

    I know it’s been beaten to death but..

    100,000$ check and a one way ticket to Africa for EVERY black (including all your chillens) as reparations? All you need to do is renounce citizenship to this evil, oppressive, rayciss white country.

    • exlib93

      Most Whites would gladly pay extra taxes to accomplish this, whether they would admit it publicly or not.

      • Nick A Siggers

        $100,000 per African repatriation would pay for itself very quickly.

    • borogirl54

      Remember Liberia? Wasn’t that started as place for former slaves to go back to Africa?

  • Spartacus

    When are the groids gonna pay reparations for what they did to Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and dozens of other cities I don’t even know about ?

  • Romulus

    He can go f himself. If they get theirs, then the true indigenous barbarian tribes of Europe should petition the Vatican for reparations for repayment of a thousand years of rape, murder,torture,and conversion . We’ve given blacks billions of dollars both here and to the dark continent, so he can STFU!

  • Slavery reparations was an openly stated political reason for adopting the welfare programs as part of the Great Society.

    • borogirl54

      The welfare programs ended up destroying the black family because it created the single parent families that did not exist before welfare began. It took away the initiative from blacks and they just stayed home and collected a check each month and this effected several generations.

      • David Ashton

        The breakdown of family life was blamed on slavery in the first instance, as if the Africans orginally had western-style families – or do today. After emancipation in the USA, the gradual combination of Christianity, segregation and the work-ethic changed that situation, but this was broken down from the 1960s onwards. However, we whites have nothing to shout about after the “sex, drugs and rock” revolution, along with contraception and social-liberal legislation, undermined our own “traditional bourgeois family unit” with one Dad at work during the day and at home during the evenings.

  • The “it takes a village” mentality among black Africans arose because it literally did take a village. You’ve heard the axiom, “mama’s baby, papa’s maybe,” I’m sure. Fill in the blank black African tribe…a woman has a baby. The question of who the baby’s mother is, is absolutely known. The father? Well, she did it with him, and him, and him, and him, and him…him too, maybe also him…right about nine months ago. And don’t think they can use looks to match baby with father…the TALA Doctrine (They All Look Alike). So when you have a constant stream of births with paternity uncertain, the only paradigm of fatherhood that can arise is collective, that the adult men collectively rear the children, especially the sons, because what is certain is that the children in the collective can see their father in the crowd of men, it’s just a God-only-knows matter of whom.

  • White Mom in WDC

    What more do these people need?

    Black ‘Amuuurka’ the answer is NO.

  • borogirl54

    There is a big difference. Only Japanese Americans who were interned in the camps during WWII got reparations, not their children or grandchildren who were not interned. There are no slaves still alive. If there were, they are the ones that should get reparations, not their descendants.

    • evilsandmich

      Just about everyone can have a grudge that they can hold if they carry around 150+ years of baggage.

  • evilsandmich

    Congressman Bobby Rush to push for HR 40

    They should being this to the floor for a vote; laughs for all involved!

  • A Freespeechzone

    IF reparations were paid–which I do NOT support, the whining and use of the race card would continue….because it has worked so well. It will NEVER stop with blacks…EVER!

    Maybe someday, brave people will stop this crap and force them to be responsible for personal behaviors…or suffer the consequences of bad decisions.

  • IstvanIN

    For a minute I thought it said repatriation…..

    • Well if a certain election last year had a different outcome, I would be a Senate staffer right now, with the ability to intercept any such bill during markup, and replace “reparations” with “repatriations,” and hope nobody catches the change. I would have had the ready excuse if pressed that I was correcting spelling errors in this minor piece of legislation about obsolete farm equipment.

      Obama signs. Massive ships are docked at all the major ports on the east, west and gulf coasts. Gee, whatever for?

      • IstvanIN

        To dream, to dream…..

  • odious liberal

    Knee grows should be given two options, Liberia or Kenya, nothing more.

  • Sloppo

    Whites in the USSR never got reparations for the estimated 10 million Ukrainian farmers who were intentionally strarved by Stalin’s Jewish brother-in-law Lazar Kaganovich in the genocide known as the Holodomor. Whites in the US never got reparations for the American holocaust known as the “Great Depression” which is estimated to have taken more than 10 million lives when the US population was more than 90% white. Ben Shalom Bernanke admitted that the big counterfeiting operation managed almost exclusively by his people caused it.

  • Reverend Bacon

    I agree with everything except your math. It’s technically, as you say, “more than a trillion,” but just welfare programs alone are over 10 trillion, and when you add the costs, borne by society, of incarceration, health care, crime, crime prevention, and pain and suffering caused by the blacks, you get much higher. I’ve seen numbers from 20 to 100 trillion.
    99% of blacks give the other 1% a bad name.

  • JohnEngelman

    Blacks are much better off in the United States than in Africa. Perhaps they should pay us.

    • Jefferson

      Most Bantus are broke because they spend all of their money on Air Jordan shoes, weaves, fast food like BlackDonald’s excuse me I mean McDonald’s, and rims.

      • JohnEngelman

        Even when blacks and whites earn the same mount of money blacks tend to save less of their paychecks.

        During the paleolithic era it made no sense to save meat from a hunt. It could not be preserved.

        When agriculture began farmers had to defer gratification. No matter how hungry they got they could not butcher all of their farm animals. They could not eat their seed corn.

        Whites have practiced agriculture for ten thousand years. Whites began civilization five thousand years ago. The ancestors of American blacks began agriculture less than four thousand years ago. They never developed indigenous civilizations.

        The innate differences between whites and blacks can be explained by different evolutionary pressures lasting for thousands of years.

  • Jefferson

    What does that say about the moral fiber of Black America when they think arresting dangerous criminal gang members is considered racist ? These are the same gang members that turn Black neighborhoods into unlivable war zones. These are the same gang members that drive the property value down in Black neighborhoods.

    • Adrienne

      They are arresting “gang members”, no one mentioned color but you are correct. One has to be an absolute idiot to think the measure is “racist”!!

  • MBlanc46

    We really ought to have the reparations debate. I mean, really a debate, not just the usual whining about white racism. The reparations supporters would be seen off in about two rounds and that would be that for a good long time.

    • JohnEngelman

      What we really need is the dialogue on race liberals have been calling for while hypocritically suppressing. What we need to discuss during this debate are high rates of black crime and illegitimacy, and inferior black performance in the classroom, on the job, and on all mental aptitude tests however they are designed.

      • MBlanc46

        Absolutely. The “honest conversation about race”. The reparations debate is just a sub-debate, but it might not be a bad place to start.

        • JohnEngelman

          For too long it has been dangerous in the United States to mention important facts about blacks, unless one blames these facts on white racism.

          • MBlanc46

            And it’s our job as race realists to turn back the tide.

  • bigone4u

    Bernanke and his tribe can print the reparations money, give it to blacks, and in a year or two it will all be gone due to them snorting things, buying whores, and drinking it up. They’ll still be ghetto trash no matter if they each get $10 million or even more.

  • MBlanc46

    The only mistake that Kirk made was not having a concrete plan for incarcerating the gang members. He was just popping off and made a fool of himself. And not the race hustlers are trying to take advantage of it.

  • sbuffalonative

    I would support reparations with one caveat; once you get you’re money, you relinquish any and all rights to invoke ‘racism’ on any issue. I’ll pay up if you shut up.

    The point is, paying them off won’t end their demands. Nothing would change.

    • Easyrhino1

      You’re far too generous.
      I’d support reperations if they ceded US citizenship and left the USA permanently.

      • Funruffian

        The only ones who deserve reparations are American Whites who have been the busting their tails throughout succeeding generations to create this country.

  • The kind of black people who keep pushing for it are the people who think they’ll benefit from the most from reparations happening.

    • Irishgirl

      Al Shahhhhhpton and Jesse “Frown Upon That” Jackson would make out like bandits.

  • Somebody has already beat you to that thought.

    Black “intellectuals” know this, they know that the average street black would blow their reparations checks on useless bling, junk, whores or dope. (“Because just seeing the reparations check will unleash a flood of repressed horrible torturous memories PTSD-style, that they would have no choice but to do this”). So they want reparations with a twist: Reparations would not go to street blacks, but instead be funneled to black “intellectuals” and reverends for “nation building” and “community development.”

  • Easyrhino1

    I lost many of my ancestors at the Battle of Carthage, where’s my reparations?

  • bubo

    They would all be broke in a week. Cars, rims, jewelry, rap studios etc. Then they would scream they need “mo.”

    Blacks don’t deserve to be included in the most forward thinking, technologically advanced, moral society in human history, Western Civilization.

    That they are here is all the reparation in the world. They are too dumb to see it.


    Blacks have been receiving reparations for a very long time now. Beginning with the first act of reparations by bringing their ancestors to this country in the first place. Considering if their ancestors weren’t brought here they themselves would still be living in their mud huts back in Africa. With more flies clustered around their eye’s than usable teeth in their mouth. They also received reparations paid in the form of the hundreds of thousands of lives, that were willingly sacrificed by white men in the Civil War, to buy black freedom. ( To The Ever Ungrateful Blackness, You’re Welcome )

    Followed by many more of course in the form of Welfare, Food Stamps, EBT’s, Loans they don’t deserve, Affirmative Hires for jobs they are unable to preform and Affirmative Acceptance into schools they don’t qualify for. Not to mention all the other “reparation like”, privileges blacks are granted. Like never having to except responsibility for your own behavior. Being void of all blame for your evil acts as long as you say you did it because of racism, which in most cases never even existed.

    Like Omar Thornton who racially murdered 8 innocent white people at his work place. Only to have some in the media transform him into the real victim and his victims into the real evil behind their own murders. Why? Because he said the magic words that he supposedly (which everyone knows to be complete bull) experienced racism on the job.

    More recently was the former LA, likely Affirmative Action hire Cop, named Christopher Dorner. Who went on a killing spree and was turned in to a “Real Life Django Unchained” by some in the media. Just because he gave that same never ending, always palpable consistently sin cleansing excuse, that he did it because of racism. Reparations are paid out to blacks every single day in one form or another.

    The most recent and blatant act of financial reparations being paid out. Is the unbelievably fraudulent Pigford v. Glickman case of a so called discrimination lawsuit. Where 86,000 black people lied and claimed to be farmers who were supposedly discriminated against when they were allegedly denied loans in the 1980’s and 90’s by the Agriculture Dep. Never mind the fact that that there were only about 22,000 black farmers in the entire United States. The Government gave $1.25 BILLION of our tax dollars to 86,000 of these undeniable frauds. Yes sir, from my calculations reparations has long since been paid. In fact reparations have been enormously over paid, and I for one want my refund damn it!

  • Juan Outtamany

    Only Jews that survived the Holocaust received anything from West Germany. In the same token… any and all remaining slaves in America should be entitled to some dough.

    Similar to the heirs of survivors of the holo…. aw, you see where I’m going

  • Nick A Siggers

    Do we owe reparations to decedents of the 3,776 black families who were slave holders in the 1830 census also?

  • Global Minority

    A one way ticket back to Africa. I’d pay for it. And in the process Africa can send us every last White person. We can make a trade.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    How about we tally up the “value” of every hour of work negro slaves did, then subtract the costs of their descendants on society. I’ll wager if we really figured out the give and take of it a lot of darkies would need to go back to picking cotton or tobacco to even up that balance sheet.

  • WR_the_realist

    Reparations should make blacks whole — it should put them in the position where they’d be had there never been slavery. So, I favor reparations to each American black that consist of:

    1. A one way ticket to some West African country that agrees to accept the recipient as a permanent resident.

    2. $10,000 in cash, available at the country immigrated to, spendable only in that country, and not transferable out of that country. That is more than most west Africans earn in a year, and should be enough to get one settled.

    3. To sweeten the pot, $3000 per person shipped out to the governments of the countries that accept them.

    4. Every black person who accepts this deal agrees that he gives up his American citizenship and will not be permitted to immigrate back to the U.S. Every black person who does not accept this deal must agree to forevermore stop bitching about how he’s owed reparations.

    The total cash cost is nearly $15K per person, but in the long run that’s a bargain for the rest of America.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    Your statement has a lot of historical antecedents. Some of the leading lights of the South wanted to extricate themselves from slavery, but only if combined with colonization, that is, getting the freed blacks out of the U.S. Jefferson Davis, the one and only president of the Confederate States of America, held that view. Even Abraham Lincoln was known to express it, depending on his audience. It was a popular idea in both the North and the South. If Lincoln had responded to secession by buying up slaves in union states (note, there were a lot more union and less confederate states before he declared war on the south) and putting them out of the country, we could have avoided 700,000 plus dead and the continuing scourge of blacks among us, and Lincoln would have deserved a memorial. For the average non-slave-owning southerner, their defense of their states was akin to those who protest school busing. They could not care less about blacks, but did not want to have to live among them and deal with their dysfunction. And northerners of the time believed the same; I understand a southern politician’s statement in the 1850s that all slaves should be freed and moved to the northern states was met with anti-abolition riots across the North. So the non-slave-owners in the South really got the shaft, with both the injury of war and then having to deal with black dysfunction unbounded by the restrictions of slavery. Reparations, hell! At this point, whites deserve reparations.

  • PissedOffSmoker

    What this article conveniently leaves out is the fact that the father of US slavery was Anthony Johnson, a black man. Initially when the US bought Africans, they bought them as indentured servants. This was for a period of seven years and afterwards they were given fifty acres of land and their freedom. Not so bad for seven years manual labor. Then AJ wanted to keep one of his servants indefinitely so he went to court and actually won the right to own slaves. This actually led to several states changing their laws about indentured servitude to add this new court ruling into the law so they too could own slaves.

    Now obviously if this was the only factor it would make it somewhat obvious which Negroes owed other Negroes money, however there are more factors that the writer of this article left out. Like the fact that almost 4,000 of these free indentured servants went on to become very successful farmers and they too wanted to own slaves to work their fields. Now this is where things get convoluted, because obviously anybody whose blood contains the DNA of one of these slave owners OWES money instead of getting money. Then we add into the picture the surprisingly large number of indentured servants who sold themselves into slavery to escape being repatriated back to Africa during a weird time where the US tried to send all free Africans back to several colonies in Africa as a settlement for purchasing them from other Africans.

    SO, even if you can trace your lineage back to pure slaves, how do you know your fore-bearers didn’t just want to stay in the US instead of being sent back to Africa??? You don’t. Records from that time are notoriously shoddy, however, the fact remains that we wouldn’t have slavery without Anthony Johnson.

    PS: If you want to laugh, tell this to a black person who is complaining about slavery or reparations or not getting enough free handouts from the government or this or that and watch their terrible misunderstanding of slavery implode within their mind. It’s usually pretty amusing watching their slow-witted comprehension try to take in the fact that the father of US slavery was black.