Teenager Admits He Strangled 12-Year-Old Girl and Then Dumped Her Body in Recycling Bin

Jason Howerton, The Blaze, August 7, 2013

A teenager admitted Wednesday that he strangled a 12-year-old girl who disappeared last fall while out riding her bike, touching off a massive search that ended when her body was found in a recycling bin just blocks from her home.

Justin Robinson, 16, pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter in the death of Autumn Pasquale after agreeing earlier in the day to have his case moved to adult court.

Justin Robinson

Justin Robinson

At the hearing, the teen took sole responsibility for killing the girl, even though his older brother is also facing a murder charge, said Camden County Prosecutor Warren Faulk.

Faulk said the boy asked the girl to come to his home to possibly trade bike parts, but he declined to discuss a motive for the killing.


Autumn Pasquale

Autumn Pasquale


Because of the boy’s age at the time of the killing and his “diminished capacity,” it was not a sure thing that a judge would have agreed that the case should be tried in adult court, Faulk said.

While there was forensic evidence that places Autumn’s death in Robinson’s house, there was not clear evidence–other than the boy’s admission–that he was the one who choked the girl to death, the prosecutor said.

Under a plea agreement, Robinson faces a 17-year prison sentence with no chance of parole for more than 14 years when a judge metes out his punishment Sept. 12. {snip}

His brother Dante was 17 at the time and also is charged with murder in the case. His case is pending in juvenile court. Because of a court order, prosecutors and others involved in the case would not discuss those charges.

Dante Robinson

Dante Robinson


Forty-eight hours after the girl went missing Oct. 20, her body was found in a recycling bin near the Robinsons’ home in Clayton, a rural community 25 miles south of Philadelphia.

Authorities had credited a tip from the suspects’ mother with helping them solve the case. They said she saw something in one of their Facebook posts that gave her cause to call police. The call led them to the body and her sons.



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  • Puggg

    Notice the relatively light sentence. He’ll be around 30 when he gets out, which means he’ll have plenty of time and bantu vigor left to murder another white person.

    • me

      Ugh! He’ll probably get out early for ‘good behavior’. I like the way that the article stresses this ugly Bantu murderer Robinson as having ‘diminished capacity’. What Bantu doesn’t? Effin’ liberal judge. I hope that his family is treated to a little ‘diversity’.

    • Magician

      The devils who murdered Eve Carson got life with no chance of a parole but they were legally adults

  • ncpride

    I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but all White parents MUST have ‘The Talk’ with your children. This poor young girl should have been warned about the dangers of being anywhere near these thugs, much less following them into their home. The adults in her life failed her miserably, and that’s beyond sad.

    • So CAL Snowman

      For all we know she could have been forcibly dragged into that home kicking and screaming. The media does not report the truth at all as you know. Unlike when black people say it, I’m willing to bet that there is “more to this story” than we are being told.

      • ncpride

        Very, very true. I should know by now that when Whites are murdered by ‘dark ones’ they rarely report the gory details, and always downplay the brutality of the crime, and usually go so far as to try and place blame on the White victim.

      • Persona Non Grovel

        I know exactly what you are saying, but don’t generalize ALL blacks into this manner. A considerably higher percentage in relation to their overall population? Yes, probably. But there are 25 to 35 percent who would be terrified learning of this story. Probably about 20 to 30 % would smile about this, the sick non-frontal lobers that they are. Then there is another 30% who would not give a damn, or feel only marginally sorry for the White girl. Deep down the black women would be saying, “what she be hang in’ round dem boys no ways?” These ones are the ones I avoid like the plague. The same reason I no longer associate with thug whites anymore. They can only bring you down, even with their best intentions. I grew up around White wannabes and Puerto Ricans, some blacks in inner city Cleveland. West side was majority White/Hispanic in the 70’s/80’s/90’s, but now it’s half black. My parents taught me about race and it started clicking in about late ’90’s early 2000’s. now I’m a father and my daughter will learn to NEVER let her guard down around certain subcultural clicks.

        • DerekaGrandon

          “But there are 25 to 35 percent who…”
          “Probably about 20 to 30 % would…”
          “Then there is another 30% who…”

          These percentages dished out tend to give the impression of statistical extant data. Would you please tell us if those figures are some sort of results from some study or report?

        • Rusty Shackelford

          It’s the 98% that make the other 2% look bad.

          • [Guest]

            I believe that if you get into any competitive or adversarial situation with a member of that 2 percent, you’ll soon find that he’s part of the 98.

        • [Guest]

          Question: If a certain percentage of blacks engage in a given behavior, what percentage of those blacks are black?

          Answer: 100.

          In other words, blacks are blacks, and this endless quest for “the good ones” has helped get us into the cesspool we’re in right now. In effect, we’re continually look for nonblack blacks and hope that each one will be him. When it comes down to it, though, each and every black is first and foremost black and therefore should be looked upon not as an individual but as a black.

          • Andy

            Each and every one who did not engage in the behavior is also black.
            Every white murderer is white.
            The fact that there are exceptions does not disprove statistics. There are plenty of blacks who are not criminal, are intelligent, etc. But it is still rational to avoid being confronted by a group of young black men.

          • [Guest]

            My point, Andy, is that the problem is not really that individuals within the race commit certain acts. The problem is the RACE ITSELF.

            The evidence of that is overwhelming. It’s everywhere.

          • Romulus

            Yep! You’ll NEVER make one race out of 44 million blacks and 50 million whites. Numbers are approx from the 2010 census.

          • me

            Some lions are tame. Most lions will eat you. The laws of the jungle, and of nature, fly in the face of ‘progressive’ think.

          • Romulus

            I’ve been saying that from the gitgo. There entire history from the jungle to here has been adversarial to whites even though the KINGS TRADE is what brought them here. Our history, especially after the collapse of Rome, has always been one of division (by a certain group of migrants) among the many ethnic states that make up the continent. That is why there is so many nations in a land mass a quarter the size of the United states. We need the same thing. UNITY BY BLOOD.

          • DerekaGrandon

            Just as the saying goes:

            “If we really started judging them by the content of their character, they’d be on their knees begging us to judge them by the color of their skin.”

        • Wethepeople

          ‘Dont generalize All blacks into is’
          But there are 25 to 35 percent who…”
          “Probably about 20 to 30 % would…”
          “Then there is another 30% who…”

          You sir are as blind as the media, Marxists and suburban liberals who’ve never come into contact with diversity. When it comes to us, and their hatred for us the number is hovering Round 99%. When it comes to sticking up for each other against us, your solidly at 100%.

          In relevance to this case they raped and murdered her because she was white, and are lying because they are black, and the other is as well. This is how the world works, for everyone but whites. Race above all else.

        • Sloppo

          Only a very small percentage of sharks have ever attacked a human being. I’m teaching my children to only swim with the sharks that don’t seem to have aggressive ideas.

        • evilsandmich

          As Steve Sailer has pointed out, if you want to know about group behaivior, you have to look at the group. If you start slicing and dicing it starts to sound like excuse-making for group behaivior.

      • kjh64

        This is so true. The news report says a motive wasn’t given. Come on. We know what the motive is, rape and then silencing her. The police and news media know it too. It wasn’t manslaughter, it was cold blooded murder. If the races were reversed…. well we know the answer to that one.

    • Xerxes22

      I would use the snake analogy. If you live around snakes and you can’t tell the poisonous snakes from the non-poisonous ones. It is best to avoid all snakes. That way you won’t be bitten. That explanation makes it difficult for your children or anyone else to cry racism. Since you are just using common sense.

      • ncpride

        I understand what you are saying, but I’m just not the kind of person who minces words when it comes to teaching my children about the dangers of ‘diversity’…. I don’t care who calls me or them ‘racists’ because as you say, it’s just common sense, and there is overwhelming evidence every day in this country to justify my talks to them. I often have them read articles from AmRen so they are aware of what the world is like outside our majority White, small rural town. Not to warn and prepare them would be a failure on my part, so I’m very clear and blunt in my message.

      • Brian

        I wonder how long it will be before the old parental advice of ‘don’t talk to strangers’ is lambasted for being ‘xenophobia’. DWLs love their ‘phobias’.

  • Spartacus

    Kill him and all his relatives up to the 7th degree of kinship… THAT would be justice .

  • kjh64

    Yes, notice the light sentence. He’ll be out and committing crime again soon.. This won’t be the last White female he will rape or kill.

    • Spartacus

      Unless he gets killed himself the very day he gets out .

      • Major

        Maybe there’ll be a “welcoming” committee?

  • ViktorNN

    I turned off my cable a few years ago. Is this story getting national attention on tv by the MSM?

    • CJ Haze

      Surely you jest. Outside of Tennessee, maybe 1,000 people know of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. This will get even less coverage.

      Then again, these people won’t need coverage to know what happened:

      • CJ Haze

        This story breaks my heart.

        • It did mine as well. I try to avoid reading about it. It just hurts too much, and I try to avoid becoming angry because I’m saving it all up for Civil War Two. The UN will not become involved because they will not interfere with a nuclear-armed country, even after we turn Mexico City back into a deep lake.

          • Brian

            I tried to limit myself to Orwell’s Two Minutes Hate on this, but it is boiling over.

      • Spartacus

        I know about Channon Christian, and I live on another continent. The jew can’t hide information anymore, as he did before the internet was invented .

    • din_do_nuffins

      Turn it back on so you can see the Hate bearing down on you.

  • 1XXX

    Bringing [email protected]@ers to America.
    Great idea.

  • cancerous bananna

    Dangling from the end of a noose is the only solution. Sorry to say. Them and the politicians advocating the destruction of our race. If I were a father jail would be worth the justice.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Two violent, black monsters kidnapped and murdered a beautiful, blond-haired, blue-eyed 12 -year old child.

    Of course it’s not national news, blacks have a media pass to murder and abuse White children — try defending yourself against one of these worthless thugs; you will be charged with murder and railroaded in front of a kangaroo court for a show trial.

    Anything less than the death penalty, applied immediately and with extreme prejudice is INJUSTICE.

    Justin is a student at Clayton High School, while Dante is a student at Bankbridge Regional School in Gloucester County, a school for students with behavioral and developmental disabilities.

    The little information the media put out claimed the murderers’ mother turned in her own son:

    The traitorous media lied, reporting that the mother had bravely turned in her own boys, when in fact the mother had only called police to inquire about the reward money. The police became suspicious and traced the call back, but the mother refused to let them in until they got a warrant. The greedy black (expletive deleted) was only interested in easy cash.


    Where is the media outrage? Where is the media outrage?

    • [Guest]

      The only thing I know to do, Bon, is to post these sorts of news items one after another after another on various forums in hopes of exposing more people to the truth.

      I will say, though, that for several years now I’ve done that myself on several popular forums devoted to social and political issues and current events. I’ve presented news items and statistics and have not permitted myself to be drawn into name-calling and other diversions. The results? The “anti-racists” vilified me (as expected), and generally likeminded people either remained silent or joined the enemy in screaming “racist!”

      At this point, I’m not sure that white Americans particularly care when savage black boys murder little white girls and dump their bodies like garbage. We appear to be suicidal.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        I have posted these stories too, as much as possible– the graphics are critical, IMO, to show that these are real White children being savagely murdered.

        Some of the South African sites I visit post horrific photos of the tortured, hacked, bludgeoned bodies — I have no problem with this, Whites need to see what black savages are doing to our race — doing because they’re allowed to get away with it by an anti-White media and government.

        What is being done to our race is beyond evil, it is diabolical.

        I’ve also been called every name for racist and bigot, using words I cannot repeat here. Most of these threads are quickly shut down or MY posts are immediately taken down. I was kicked off You Tube, but I hold that as a badge of honor.

        And, at least we’re putting it out there — I usually put it in the form of a question.

        I learned from Bob Whitaker and the BUGS to put it out there, expose the anti-White narrative, call the dissenters anti-Whites and then get out. It’s all we can do. But, we’re putting it out there — and as they tell us teachers in the teaching profession: If we reach just ONE person that day, we’re doing our jobs. And it we don’t put it out there, who will??

        The fact is this: The White Race is being Genocided in White Homelands. Soon there WILL be no White Homelands…then What?

        Keep up the good work — even though I think it will take government forces standing Whites up against a wall for wholesale killings to get Whites to finally shake off the brainwashing and come to their senses.

        I cannot put it better than this:

        There is no more grievous crime against a people than the crime being committed against White America. Righteous anger is an appropriate response indeed.

        –Professor Kevin MacDonald


        • Glickstein44

          Those who use academic,media,& government cover to target Whites and endorse potential genocide are not denounced nor are there any demands for censure from any legitimate recognized powers…on the other hand, observe those voices that make it well known their displeasure and use whatever powers they have to stifle those voices & institutions that don’t co-operate with their agenda…an example…Ukraine/University/MAUP.

    • Brian

      Who would have guessed this mouth-breathing Morlock Dante is in a school for ‘behavioral and developmental disabilities’? I figured he was an aspiring rapper who was turning his life around and din do nuffins.

  • DerekaGrandon

    Slouching Towards South Africa…

  • Johnny Squire

    Does “diminished capacity” mean black?

    • me

      Yup. Same as ‘urban youth’. ‘Unknown perpetrator’. And, my favorite, ‘group of teens’.

  • Sick of it

    My parents never said much about such things so I had to figure it out on my own. Real breakthrough was with a godawful roommate at college who was very vibrant and diverse.

    • Buck Roeser

      I had a queer roommate in college one semester. Turned out to be an okay roommate overall, but I do remember thinking, when I found out (he wasn’t “out” but everyone in the dorms knew he was gay), “Damn, just my luck to get a queer roommate. Then again, at least he’s not a “democrat.”

      • Sick of it

        Many of them probably would make for good roommates, generally. Certainly better than the alcoholic roommate or the vibrant and diverse one that I had. And then there was the NARC who actually called campus police on me! Needless to say, I was glad when I no longer had to live on campus.

    • Irishgirl

      My parents never warned me either. They were rabid liberals. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way – the REALLY hard way (I’ll leave it at that).

      • Sick of it

        My mother had already learned that lesson. She wasn’t a liberal even back then, but was very hands off about certain things.

  • exLibtard

    If someone had taken the time to teach this girl to “avoid the groid”, she would still be alive.

    • Puggg

      Sure, you could and should avoid the groid, but sometimes, the groid doesn’t avoid you.

      • Ed_NY

        Avoid the groid but if they find you, be prepared to mount a savage and brutal defense.

        • me

          If the Bantu didn’t attack in packs, like hyenas, that might be possible. Segregation, now more than ever….

    • [Guest]

      It’s troublesome that such a thing is even necessary. Blacks should not have been anywhere near this little girl in the first place. Ideally, they’d be on a different continent.

      • me

        Too true!

      • Brian

        Better yet, we’d give the GNP of the US for one year to NASA to build a fleet of rockets, and advertise that a new KFC just opened up on the planet Mercury, doing a 8pc for $1.99, limited time only. Free rocket ride, one way, into the heart of the Sun. Nice and tropical.

  • KenelmDigby

    What an ugly looking b*stard.

  • William Hinkle

    No point in crying about it. We know what worked. The same people who pushed ‘negro civil rights’ on America are the same people who manufactured, financed bolshevisim and foisted it upon Russia – we know what happened there.

    Beautiful White child for sure; whould like to have some idea what her parents and home life were like so we could gain more insight into attitudes.

    • Spartacus

      From what I read, they seemed like a good family, but apparently didn’t have any racial awareness, which has disastrous consequences, as we can all see .

  • Cid Campeador

    He’s going to be in jail until he’s 30. Even the county prosecutor said that his hands were tied.
    The motive that the defense used was an insult to Whites everywhere. They didn’t lure her to the house for bike parts. I would bet the farm that their intent was to rape her and she probably resisted and threatened to tell and they strangled her. I’d also bet that she went to the house because she’s been taught that “red, yellow, black or white we’re ALL creatures in his sight”. We can hang that one on our education system.
    THen again maybe they DID rape her and that fact wasn’t brought to light. When Melissa McLaughlin, with assistance of Black females was gang raped and murdered in Charleston SC, the police found piles of anti- White hate material in the trailer where she met her death. According to the trail details Melissa got into a car with the murdering pongids after a spat with her boyfriend. True or not she didn’t deserve to die such a horrible death or any kind of death.
    The Black leaders of the town discouraged the release of some of the details including the hate “literature” because it might have produced divisiveness and lack of “healing”. They always want “healing” when an atrocity is committed against a White. Some of the things that were done to Melissa were nothing compared to what was done to Channon & Christopher but similar.
    Bicycle parts? How stupid they think we are! Philly talk show host Dom Giordano was ranting about the case yesterday. I wonder if he’ll get the axe from the pusillanimous management of the station. He also brought up a hypothetical scenario of the outrage that would have exploded had two White boys murdered a 12 year old Black girl.
    The other brother may get nothing for a sentence.
    They dumped into a recycling can hoping that once it got collected they’d be off the hook.
    The one brother had “diminished capacity”. Diminished for WHAT? For being human? If I were the father of Autumn Pasquale I’d have diminished his and his brother’s capacity to continue breathing!
    I repeat my and other’s often asked question; How long are we going to abide this savagery before we go ” ballistic”?

    • The_Max

      Cid, “Diminished Capacity” means a person is mentally deficient to some degree. And, I also ask, when do we go ballistic. I’m ready at a moments notice; as I believe numerous others are. The clock is ticking!

  • Korean guy

    Being an underage minor is a disturbingly incorrect and lousy defence for taking a twelve year old girl’s life away. Do 15 or 16 year old boys have to be taught that they should not take away other people’s lives?

  • Spartacus

    “This is not a test we are targeted for genocide.”


    Then I say respond in kind. It only took 500 Conquistadors less than a year to take down an empire of 12 million, so how about a few White Americans start tearing into the dark-skins, one at a time if necessary .

  • Spartacus

    Their brains are addled by the so-called “medicine” they’re being force-fed, and that makes them lose it and just get a gun and kill people. Usually, such people go to places they know best, or to which they have some kind of emotional attachment, and since (thankfully) the US is still pretty segregated, that means places where people of the same race congregate .

  • dd121

    “A teenager…” You had to read no farther to know the race of the perp. The news media is so dishonest. Not surprising most people have such a low opinion of the profession and viewership is falling through the basement.

  • kjh64

    This is not about “hating an entire race” or hating anybody. This is about racial reality. Nobody is saying that Whites don’t commit horrible crimes, they do just like every race does. Nobody is saying that all Blacks are bad, some are good people. This is about racial reality. Blacks on average commit a LOT more crime than any other race and when crime is between the races, Blacks overwhelmingly target Whites while the reverse is very uncommon.

  • Sick of it

    Love the name. I’m a fan of El Cid. Europe could use his help again.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble


    The killers kept her body in the basement. When the town had the vigil, they figured they could dispose of the body… They then put Autumn’s body in the blue recycling bin…and sat it out front of their next door neighbors house…

    The younger killer posted a pic of an iPod for sale. Which was Autumn’s. A mutual friend reported it to police at the vigil… At 9:45 the police went to the house after receiving a call from a female asking about the $10k reward.. this is the so called mother who turned them in. When the police arrived they were refused entry by Anita Robinson, the mother, and the killers’ grandfather…. At 10pm police dogs with missing persons training arrived at the home. While still waiting for the warrant, the dogs found Autumn’s scent and lead police to the recycling bin! Where they found Autumn’s body….. At around 1am the 2 killers were taken into custody and the house was searched for DNA evidence. Which they found..

    British press:

    www dot lfpress dot com/2012/10/24/teen-brothers-charged-with-death-of-12-year-old-autumn-pasquale

    And here:

    vnnforum dot com/showthread.php?s=8ac7f0372ca33f7bee62cc95cf3dbb04&t=147289&page=4


    • Glickstein44

      I have observed some posters are able to post links while others are not…whats the rationale for such action?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble


    Blacks are explicitly taught from a very young age, even before school — by the media, and then later in the schools — that Whites are THE cause of all of their failures, poverty, misery, crime, malfeasance, incarceration rates — all of it is due to White racism and oppression.

    NOTHING is ever their fault. They are taught to hate and despise us Whites and see us as the bane of their existence and the scourge of the earth.

    They see these assaults as “payback” for Jim Crow laws and restitution for slavery. Oprah herself said the other day that “millions” of blacks were lynched — and NO ONE dared to call her on it. This happens ALL the time.

    Blacks may not be able to read or write well but they are well-versed in White-Hate — egged on by a media, schools and government who use blacks to carry out White genocide. They are a much more powerful, ruthless, coldblooded and dangerous enemy than blacks will ever be (Oh, how I wish more Whites saw this!).

    As I’ve always said, blacks are only doing what they’re allowed to get away with; they are useful idiots doing their masters’ bidding. When we’re reduced to a small minority, blacks will be the first ones eliminated — what other race/culture/ethnic group would be willing to pay for violent blacks to be perpetual government parasites?

    I can’t think of a single one.


  • Sick of it

    Conspiracy theorists are starting to look like the modern realists. Things that sound weird at first make a lot more sense after much historical research and making connections (we’re taught to compartmentalize information).

  • din_do_nuffins

    No rallies for Autumn, because we don’t “hate” anymore.

  • Brian

    You are not alone in this.