Suspect Implicated Himself in Burglary, Homicide, Police Say

John Davis and Roberto Cruz, Poughkeepsie Journal, August 26, 2013

City officials today implicated the suspected murderer of 99-year-old city resident Fannie Gumbinger in five additional burglaries in the City of Poughkeepsie within the last three weeks.

The suspect, Javon Tyrek Rogers, 20, is accused of burglarizing and murdering Gumbinger, who was found dead early Wednesday morning in her home on Underhill Avenue.

Javon Tyrek Rogers

Javon Tyrek Rogers

“Nobody should live to the age of 99 and die this way,” City police Chief Ron Knapp said. “It was a truly senseless killing.”

Police said Rogers implicated himself in the burglary and homicide during talks Friday with police. {snip}


Police arrested Rogers on Friday and charged him with first-degree murder and first-degree burglary, both felonies.

Rogers pleaded not guilty at his arraignment over the weekend, Moloney said.

Dutchess County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Kari Reiber has said Gumbinger died of “multiple injuries,” but declined to provide the exact cause of death, citing the ongoing investigation.

Fannie Gumbinger

Fannie Gumbinger


As a result of the police investigation, Rogers is also a suspect in multiple recent city burglaries, including one on Loockerman Avenue on Wednesday.


[Editor’s Note: A video of the press conference is available at the original article link below.]


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  • logwarrior


    • serious123

      Correction, feral animal.

      • Mike Conrad

        Correction, actual animals don’t do things like this.

        • Lagerstrom

          True. Actual animals don’t kill people for fun. ‘Human’ animals are different though.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      My animals are FAR better behaved and mannered. These are BEASTS and MONSTERS, neither human nor animal — nothing but pure, unadulterated, amoral evil.


      • NeanderthalDNA

        It’s precisely that in-betwixt status that makes them so dangerous.

    • Erasmus

      It’s why the N-word is going to be with us for centuries more. So long as there are feral animals like this, the N-word will be alive and well.

      Don’t like the N-word? Then stop acting like N-words and people won’t call you N-words.

  • MekongDelta69

    Another ‘DIE-versity’ ‘warrior’ for NoBama’s cabinet.

  • exlib93

    Where’s OUR reverend Al or Jessie Jackson? We need a loud mouthed, publicity seeking “”celebrity” who speaks up for us. I don’t really care if he’s ultimately just in it for himself (as the aforementioned are), as long as he rubs it in everyone’s face when innocent Whites are harmed by non whites. He would have to be brave, and intelligent, as the media would try to make him look like a racist fool (remember Archie Bunker?), even if the protests have great merit.

    • Sorry, exlib, but Ann Coulter is all we got for now.

    • A Freespeechzone

      Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson and the self-loathing Whites have NOTHING to gain–they only do when the ‘victim’ is black.

      I put the ‘victim’ in quotes because most of the time, the black ‘victim’, much like Trayvon Martin, bring the consequences on by their poor choices.

      It’s important to note that given the escalated number of attacks against Whites, embolden by the likes of those above and we still don’t see Whites extracting retribution like we saw when Zimmerman was acquitted.

      Just make sure you make good decisions, stay away from areas that are populated by these animals—and be prepared to defend your person. No Apologies.

    • Mike Conrad

      Anyone even remotely like what you describe would be lynched in the MSM in about five minutes. As you hint. The upshot is that you’d never even hear about him, unless it was a MSM caricature.

      • Erasmus

        Which is precisely why the MSM has such little credibility with the American public, much in the same way Pravda and Izvestia has such little credibility with Soviet Citizens toward the end of the USSR.

  • The next one. At some point, one straw will either make the camel mad or break the camel’s back.

    I wonder: Is this kind of thing happening more often now than in the past, or are our media sources today better than they were in the past?

    “Nobody should live to the age of 99 and die this way,” City police Chief Ron Knapp said. “It was a truly senseless killing.”

    It wasn’t senseless. Either he hated white people or it was a crime of pure opportunity. While it’s true that nobody should die that way when they’re 99 (or even if they’re 89, 79 or 29), that’s what happens when Bellcurvius is nigh.

    • Tinfoil A22hat

      Exactly, it was not senseless at all, it was just black culture making itself manifest once again.

  • Rest assured, I have pointed out this incident on a few other websites over the weekend. Lots of thumbs ups, plus the usual thumbs down by racist minorities who don’t like me spreading the truth.

    • Spartacus

      “In this struggle, truth will win in the end.”

      Adolf Hitler

  • Spartacus

    Another case of “Death by Diversity” …

    • Sloppo

      Apparently she was beaten to death by her “greatest strength”.

      • Erasmus

        No, the word is “strengf” …she was beaten to death by her “greatest strengf”.
        You know, just like the word “youf.”

  • IstvanIN

    It is impossible to rob a 99 year old without beating and killing her.

    • Luca

      Well she was probably all of 5’4″ and weighed 98 lbs and the poor ex-football player was probably only 6’1″ and only weighed 195.

      He’ll probably claim self-defense, which only an all black jury would believe.

      • Archibald_Cunningham

        Or that she racially profiled him as he broke into her house.

      • joesolargenius

        She was a granny ninja and would have killed poor tyrek if he had given her a fair chance , that poor obama jr was lucky to get away with his life .It would be very racist of you not to see him as the victim here , try to have a little compassion for him please it was probably the fault of granny fannie ninja for disrespecting him by asking him why he was in her house.

  • mobilebay

    The killings of whites by blacks continue to pile up and not a word from Obama, Sharpton and only a very weak one from Jesse Jackson on the murder of Chris Lane.

  • ms_anthro

    I feel sick even thinking about this but the fact that they won’t reveal the nature of her injuries, and the preponderance of black-on-elderly-White rape, make me worry that this demon did more than beat her to death.

    Please, God, do not let that be true. May she rest in peace and may that animal be quickly dispatched to Hell by vigilantes. There will be no justice from the justice system and we all know it.

    • CharlesFinley

      God? There is no bearded man in the heavens who grants wishes. If there were, then we wouldn’t have all these filthy apes wreaking havoc on us. New Nation News dot com.

      • ms_anthro

        Your atheism is a matter of opinion: your own. God’s plan will unfold as He wills it. It falls on our shoulders to start standing up for ourselves against our enemies and protecting the weak and helpless among us from predation by savages.

        • CharlesFinley

          Then perhaps you can ask God for it not to be true that barry hussein soetorobama is “our” president, and Eric “my people” Holder is the attorney general.

          “Please, God…don’t let that be true.”

          Pretty silly, isn’t it?

          New Nation News dot com.

          • ms_anthro

            How about sticking to the topic at hand without evangelizing about your lack of belief in something? It’s completely irrelevant to the story and inappropriate here.

            RIP, Mrs. Gumbinger.

          • CharlesFinley

            How about you remember your part…
            “Please, God, do not let that be true.”
            Or you could ask God to ask me to drop out of the conversation.

            And maybe she will rest in peace, but she made her way out
            in a most horrific manner. Where was God?

          • ms_anthro

            Gee, if only Christian scholars over the millennia had addressed this question. Google is your friend. This is the last time I’ll respond to your tedious, wildly inappropriate trolling. You poor thing.

          • CharlesFinley

            I’ll miss your wisdom.
            Would it be more acceptable for me to side with you and delusional thinking? Would that be wildly….appropriate?
            Anyway, best of luck praying your way out of a groid-home invasion.

          • Lagerstrom

            Charles, this is Satan’s domain. God’s just up there checking it all out. Probably bored out of his mind since Saddam H is gone. Though he’s still got Mugabe and Zuma.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Your “RIP, Mrs. Gumbinger” reminds me of that old Jimmy Durante line:

            Goodnight Mrs. Calabash — wherever you are!

            Your epithet above is one of the best, most beautifully written things I’ve ever read on this forum.

            You are a truly gifted writer and I wish I had 1/2 your talent.


          • ms_anthro

            Thank you, Bon. Coming from you that’s quite the compliment. Let’s both keep shining a light on these cockroaches. Change won’t happen until our people can’t hide from the truth anymore.

          • Mr. Finley had a good point; they really are filthy apes. My mother turns 71 in September, but I would be devastated if a groid murdered her. I would do something about that a year after signing all my property over to my wife and divorcing her, just so I could not be sued.

          • Lagerstrom

            God had nuthin’ to do with Obama getting voted in. people (the people) did that all on their own! God might be thinking all of you Americans are a bunch of muppets eh?!

      • Lagerstrom

        God? Gods? Who knows? I heard a while back that a mining development was stopped in Iceland due to the locals starting up a petition (that objected to said development) as the local fairy population would be disturbed!

        As for God…is he dead? Has he been forgotten? Or is he one of the little people?

    • dukem1

      Probably is true.
      It’s how they roll..
      So much talk all over the net about b on w crime…
      Whatever is up with these young men raping white grandmothers?..Not a word from the MSM.
      Is this some heretofore undiscovered strain of zombe-ism?

    • Lagerstrom

      When I read that the nature of her death-causing injuries weren’t revealed, i thought the same thing. I’m hoping that’s not the case, but I’d say the chances are good.

  • odious liberal

    Sub-human garbage. Kind of looks like a young barack.

  • Easyrhino1

    No doubt Obama will have a press conference and announce:

    “if my maternal grandmother was alive she’d look like Fannie Gumbinger”.

  • Tinfoil A22hat

    There’s more soul in my dog’s eyes when I look into them.

    Something needs to be done, but nothing will. Too many people like me with “too much to lose” by doing anything publicly in the political arena, even at the grass roots level. No one wants to lose their livelihood and be outcast, I don’t. So, the beat(ings) go on.

  • tickyul

    This older Urban American Yute just need counseling….he’ll be fine!

  • ViktorNN

    Last week, the old veteran beaten to death in a parking lot, now today, a 99 year old lady murdered in her house.

    I realize Amren doesn’t report white-on-black crime, but does anyone seriously doubt that there would be very loud howls of outrage and protest if white teenagers were killing elderly black people with such frequency and savagery? And is there any doubt that these victims are being chosen because they are weak and because they are white?

  • IKantunderstand

    Once again, a Black picks on a victim that he feels confident he can overcome, without his homies to back him up. The bravery exhibited by these Black men! Well, I don’t know how many Medals of Honor Blacks have, but I am sure, that it dwarfs the numbers of Medals that Whites have! The courage of this lone Black man, to take on the ferocious 99 y/o White woman! Can you imagine the acts of bravery that will occur when this country turns majority colored? The technological achievements? The respect for the environment? We are talking some major improvements. Seriously, what kills me, is how stupid we whites are, for not figuring out thousands of years ago, how smart all these other people were, or, even a few hundred years ago. My Gosh! All those opportunities to miscegenate with the red dot Indians, and the Africans and the Chinese! And, yet, we did not. Well, thank heavens that has all changed! Pass the Cheerios!

    • dukem1

      Right on, bro’.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Yet another crime “frowned on” by Jerkson.

    Blacks are killing defenseless elderly Whites in their own homes. None of them (or us) deserve this. It seems like not a week goes by that I don’t read about blacks raping, beating, torturing, burning and shooting elderly Whites for fun, kicks or just because they’re bored.

    And, we’ve been forced to finance the very people out to destroy out race.

    Not even professional racists like Sharpton or Jackson could excuse what these black monsters have done to White elderly, children, babies — not that they won’t try.


  • Pax Romana

    Another attack:

    Formal Charges Filed Against [Black] “Teen” In Rape Of [White] 93 Year-Old Anderson Woman:

    ANDERSON – Police announced formal charges against a 17-year-old suspect in connection with the July rape of a 93-year-old Anderson woman.

    According to Anderson Police Chief Larry Crenshaw, the suspect lived closed to the victim. Crenshaw said police collected DNA samples from several people and connected the suspect to the crime through a DNA match.

    Charges against Iquise V. Taylor include rape, burglary, criminal confinement and strangulation police announced during a news conference Monday. He’s been charged as an adult.

    Crenshaw called it a “horrific and unimaginable attack” and said the department was satisfied to bring some kind of closure to Amelia Rudolf and her family. He said he’d met with Rudolf and told her the department would “bring justice in this life or the next.”

    See Link with photos and Video:


  • Sloppo

    Hatred would be if we wanted to destroy them as they seek to destroy us. The vast majority of us simply want separation from them so our race and civilization can survive. I’m pretty sure that most of us believe they should have the right to control their destinies in their places also.

  • Sloppo

    Be careful. The most dangerous people to disagree with are those “tolerant” people.

  • I’m glad he fought back.

    • tickyul

      I am SAD that these Urban American Yutes will not get the punishment that they deserve.


    The article states that Mrs. Gumbinger was found dead in her home early on Wednesday morning. ( “Gumbinger, who was found dead early Wednesday morning” ) It also states that this wretched good for nothing all too portable instant neighborhood blighter on legs. Was so unmoved by the previous nights murder of an innocent 99yr old woman. That he went back out that very night to burglarize the home of another human being that actually worked for and earned what they have. ( “Rogers is also a suspect in multiple recent city burglaries, including one on Loockerman Avenue on Wednesday” ) This evil waste of breath should be tried and executed for Mrs. Gumbinger’s murder, and the family that produced and raised such an inhuman offspring, should be sterilized!

  • Funruffian

    This feral Bantu looks like a young Eric Holder.


      Now that you mention it, he sure as hell does.