Man Who Shot Harrisburg Woman 6 times Gets 10- to 20-Year Prison Term

Matt Miller, Penn Live, August 26, 2013

It is possible that even Chaz Page doesn’t know why he shot a Harrisburg woman six times at point-blank range during a petty argument in the city’s Hall Manor housing complex.

Nobody in Dauphin County Judge Deborah Essis Curcillo’s courtroom could make sense of the crime as Curcillo prepared to sentence Page on Monday morning, especially since Page wasn’t even involved in the January 2012 dispute that ended in gunfire.

As he stood before Curcillo, the only thing Page, 19, of Lower Paxton Township, had going for him was the fact that shooting victim Rikita Easter didn’t die.

So instead of sentencing Page to a potential life prison sentence for murder, Curcillo sent him to state prison for 10 to 20 years on his guilty plea to an attempted murder charge.


Senior Deputy District Attorney Stephen Zawisky and Senior Assistant Public Defender Jessica Bush agreed that Page’s case is bizarre.

Zawisky said Page shot Easter without any apparent provocation after an associate, Kinta Burnett, handed him a pistol while Burnett was in a fistfight with Easter. Bush noted that a witness testified that just before the shooting, Page had urged Burnett not to shoot Easter.

Bush said Page was on Ecstasy and PCP, two strong hallucinogenic drugs, and marijuana when the shooting occurred.

Although his mother and friends said the shooting was out of character for Page, Zawisky cited Page’s juvenile criminal record. That included a conviction for making terroristic threats at age 12 and a conviction at 13 for an aggravated assault involving a police officer, the prosecutor said.

Zawisky said the fight that led to the shooting stemmed from an argument over how one of Easter’s friends was dancing at a bar. Easter’s survival is simply miraculous, he said.

“Rakita should be dead. This should be a murder case,” he said. “She was shot from a distance of no more than 10 feet.”

Bush said Page’s family situation, specifically his lack of a stable relationship with his father, led him to trouble on the streets

“His father has 36 children, and Chaz is the youngest,” she said. “He probably doesn’t know 30 of his siblings. I think that shows his father wasn’t there for him.”

Instead, she said Page became a “lackey” of Burnett, a convicted drug dealer who “used impressionable kids to do his dirty work.”



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  • David Ashton


    • bigone4u

      With a rusty knife.

  • Erasmus

    “His father has 36 children, and Chaz is the youngest,” she said. “He probably doesn’t know 30 of his siblings. I think that shows his father wasn’t there for him.”

    Time to start sterilizing the ghetto daddies and ghetto mommies. We’ve worried so much about not acting like Nazis that we’ve gone in the other direction and let vermin reproduce without limits. Not only that, we subsidize their bad behavior with all sorts of welfare payments.

    • A Freespeechzone

      Next time, this animal will kill someone….thanks to the ‘compassionate’ state and judge.

    • Oldcorporal

      Very true. Wonder how many of those 36 kids Daddy Page is supporting? Yeah; that’s the same estimate I made — zero.

      • me

        Father’s Day in the ‘hood must be a sight to behold….

        • Whitetrashgang

          Its probably just point and shoot, kind of like a old fashion hoedown except with crack, guns and weaves.

      • Whitetrashgang

        The important thing is you are supporting them, remember it takes a village .

  • Spartacus

    Victim was a ghetto walrus, so I don’t care . I do care about the fact that HE HAD THIRTY-FIVE BROTHERS AND SISTERS ! JESUS !

    • me

      Chaz Page….all the inbreeding in the ghetto could be one reason for the brain damage and social pathology of the urban Bantu. You wouldn’t even know if you were procreating with your sister at this point…..Thirty five chillens is not uncommon–so the commonality of not knowing who your father is increases the chance of incest by accident.

      • evilsandmich

        You wouldn’t even know if you were procreating with your sister at this point

        To hear it from my Puerto Rican buddy who has lived next to such ‘inner city folks’, I’m not sure that would even make a difference.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    This story really makes this murderous sub-human out to be a total victim. Shame on any of you people who own a television or EVER purchase a newspaper.

    • NorthSea

      No shame on this end.

  • MekongDelta69

    Only 36 kids? Damn – it must be a slow day in da ‘hood.

    [You’ll have to excuse me now. I have to get back to work, so I can help pay for these 36 kids’ welfare payments.]

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Never ceases to amaze.

      I wonder if they ever feel gratitude. Seems they expect that check like it’s owed them. That’s the real salt in the wound…

      • jane johnson

        No gratitude; just attitude.

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        “Gratitude with the African is not even a sense of prospective favor. He looks upon a benefit as the weakness of his benefactor and his own strength; consequently he will not recognize even the hand that feeds him. He will, perhaps, lament for a night the death of a parent or a child, but the morrow will find him thoroughly comforted. The name of hospitality, except for interested motives, is unknown to him. ‘What will you give me?’ is his first question.” — Burton’s Africa, page 490.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          That was included in H R Helper’s “Of the Negroes in Negroland”, wasn’t it?

          Blacks make so much more sense after reading that book. One thing after another just sort of…hits ya, you know?

          • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

            Yes, that’s the source. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

  • Luca

    Thirty siblings that he doesn’t even know. this is one of the causes of so much incestuous inbreeding in the black community which in turn leads to mental problems. As if they didn’t have enough sociopathic problems to begin with.

    • Sick of it

      You’d be surprised by how many voluntary incestuous relations they have if you believe the above. Seriously, we hear about these situations periodically.

  • bigone4u

    Civilization is endangered by the sexual promiscuity of black males like DAD36. Among the offspring, the question isn’t how many graduated from college and became doctors, but how many are even paying taxes. DAD36 is either a millionaire or ghetto trash breeding like a fly and making whites pay for his pleasures. I’ll bet he’s ghetto trash, but will humbly apologize if DAD36 is a millionaire.

    • Oldcorporal

      Anyone want to bet a month’s wages on his being a millionaire? Oh — didn’t think so.

    • Erasmus

      DAD36 is either a millionaire or ghetto trash breeding like a fly…

      I vote “ghetto trash breeding like a fly.”

    • Buck Roeser

      Isn’t it amazing that their population percentage is still hanging low? If they didn’t kill each other at such an amazing rate, or murder their unborn children at such an amazing rate, they would have outbred whites long ago, I’d assume.

      • George

        It’s low, but it’s increasing steadily. 0.5% increase per generation or thereabouts.

    • Never in my life did I entertain the idea of having children:
      > When I was poor
      > Out of wedlock
      > Unmarried

      The “father” did not have 36 kids.
      He had 5 or 7 litters of groids.

      This “dad’s” hunter-gatherer/hand-to-mouth impulse is overwhelming.

      Oh – but we’re all the same.

      • Jim Louis

        This is the most racist crap ever…..its not even racially biases…its pure racism…this whole thread…So now i see why they have the march on washington every few years, besides the majority of negroes killing negroes.. Majority of people do see blacks as less than human and devalue them.. Even if they are not these stereotypical people that are in this story, and countless other urban stories. All these preconceived psuedo-scientific so called facts about would blacks will inately do or not do. Complete BS….see what they are doing in CAMBODIA..

  • OlderWoman

    I look at the blacks in my building. I see how their grandchildren behave. I know they are inferior to the white race. The comparison of their behavior to the white children who visit is as different as night and day. There’s no doubt black children are born to be feral savages. They prove it every day. There’s no doubt in my mind that they are reacting to the curse of Ham wherein blacks were charged with being subserviant to other races throughout history. They’re jealous of other races. They hate their skin color. It’s proof of their complete failure as a race.

    • Bobbala

      Canaan. There is no curse on Ham.

    • Sick of it

      Hamites are the redheads.

  • Oldcorporal

    Thirty-six children! As Groucho Marx once said, famously: “I like my cigar, too, but I take it out once in a while.”

    • Erasmus

      Unlike Groucho, Ghetto Dad will put his cigar in almost any old humidor.
      (Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky can relate.)

    • dukem1

      stole my comment!!!

      • Oldcorporal

        Well, I guess we both stole it from Groucho.

  • My father was never “there for me” for anything that the courts didn’t order, and all that was was a monthly child support check. In spite of it, I felt no need to become the protege of a street corner dope dealer or murder people. And it would have been that way even if he would have had 35 other kids besides me, and in reality, he had no others.

    • Irishgirl

      My dad didn’t even pay the support checks he was supposed to pay, and yet I’m not a murderer either!

  • Jesse James

    Brought to you by Uncle Sam and The War on Poverty: Fifty years of making YT pay for the proliferation of the black underclass. Whites rarely have more than 1-2 kids anymore because, “we can’t afford it”.

    • me

      That’s the gospel truth! We’re busting our humps to subsidize our own genocide, with assistance from the IRS and the government. The only thing we can do at this point is to stop working and start having thirty-six children or more. Make love, not race war….Thanks, Boomers and progressives, for the gift that keeps on giving…the feral Bantu and his European American hatred, his ‘civil rights’, his ‘welfare’, and his ‘affirmative action’–which allow the Bantu the freedom to drink ‘fawties’, smoke reefer, and procreate all day and night, in between the New Black Panther meetings, the drive-bys, and the violence against ‘creepy-ass Crackers’.

    • William Krapek

      You know… that’s true! And for White people it’s SO EXPENSIVE to even HAVE the kid. Everyone else just seems to pop them off easy-sneezy.

  • I’m sure that we’ve all read that there is more genetic diversity in one African village, than is in the rest of the outside world combined.
    And the subject of this story is the youngest of 36!! children, sired by his father, again showing more genetic diversification in play (which is apparently a strength?)
    You’d think that with all of this genetic mixing that black Africans engage in, that they’d have popped out a few thousand world class genius’s by now, if the raw genetic ingredients were there in the first place.
    Having no Neanderthal genes is starting to show, meaning miscegenation is there only hope for biological evolution.
    Pity the poor donors/victims who have to come down a peg to fulfill the vaunted egalitarian promise.

  • Puggg

    “His father has 36 children, and Chaz is the youngest,” she said. “He probably doesn’t know 30 of his siblings. I think that shows his father wasn’t there for him.”

    And that’s unusual? Seems to me that’s typical Africa. And these are the kind of breeding patterns you get when welfare is abundant. I don’t think a man who has 36 kids by who knows how many women will do much good even if he is in the lives of any one of his kids. He doesn’t know 30 of his 35 brothers and sisters? Good, because most of them are probably the same no account no good shiftless thug or garden variety useless or worse as he is. He’d probably have to make several stops at several state and Federal joints to meet some of his siblings.

    • Harrisburg isn’t that big, he has probably had sex with one of his “sisters” – may even be a baby daddy with one.

      • IstvanIN

        That is why they devolve so fast, since they don’t know who is related to who.

        • George

          To whom…

          • rightrightright

            To what.

      • rightrightright

        This thug is 19. Why is there the assumption he is the youngest spawn of his father. There could be 18 siblings younger than him out there.

  • MBlanc46

    Chaz and Kinta and Rikita. Nobody would believe you if you put characters like these in a novel. Their behavior is so bizarre that it defies rational analysis. Concepts such as low IQ, deficient long-term thinking, and inadequate impulse control don’t even begin to make sense of such degenerate behavior.

  • evilsandmich

    You may not have seen the bit on NRO’s The Corner where they were lamenting the fact that in some inner cities there are more abortions than live births. I’m not a big abortion fan or anything, but it’s kind of scary to think how much worse things would be if that wasn’t going on.

  • Magician

    I am sure there were 25 mothers or more that gave birth to the 36 children. To begin with, it is biologically impossible for one woman to give 36 children. The reason the birthrate among African Americans is so high is not because African Americans are determined to have as many children as possible, but because they are having sex very very irresponsibly. They are not putting the cost of raising the children into consideration. Many black dads will simply leave the mother and their own biological child shortly after the kid is born so they can find another woman to screw.

    And who pays for the cost of raising the children?

    • They should at least use condoms when they have sex

      And they should do a lot of other things, too. Which they’re not doing.

      Why would a man who has 36 kids by x number of women use condoms? Prodigious procreation costs him nothing. How often do you read about child support orders being enforced against a ghetto man who has x number of children by y number of women unless he’s a millionaire athlete, in which case they’re pursuing him because he actually has something to give?

      Why would a woman that would sleep with such a man demand that he use a condom? The condom means no kid, which means no welfare meal ticket. In her eyes, him using a condom is a bug, not a feature. She has every incentive to make sure he doesn’t use one.

      Then there’s the subconscious factor that blacks are waging demographic war against us.

      • Magician

        I also read once that some black men believe that using a condom when having sex is a wimpy thing to do! They are putting their lives in danger just to prove that they are not wimps….

        Your post also makes sense that black women insist having sex to have a baby so she gets the welfare welfare support..

    • pcmustgo

      Blacks birth rate is barely higher than whites now… they abort many away. It’s Latinos that are averaging about 4… but yeah, still true that black women will have these huge families of out of wedlocks.

  • WR_the_realist

    He should have been forcibly sterilized before the first dozen.

  • JohnEngelman

    Most black men would rather be “a sex machine with all the chicks” than a responsible father.

    • David Ashton

      What percentage of “black” men?

  • JohnEngelman

    I doubt the mothers of those 36 children are sure who the father are.

  • Magician

    Probably people were telling her that the only way for her to prove that she is not a racist is marrying a black man. It also appears the kids’ dad were not in the presence when you saw Rikita?

  • Magician

    I am all for sterilization for 2K

  • Funruffian

    36 children? Blacks do not have any reproductive issues. I see an evolutionary process happening in our world.

  • David Ashton

    How many sad stories like this that are not “celebrated” by the mass-media?