Posted on July 24, 2013

Police Searching for Suspect After Beating in Jennings

Dan Greenwald, KMOV, July 19, 2013

Police are searching for a suspect after a man was beaten while walking to a bus stop Thursday afternoon.

21-year-old Zack Finkelstein was walking to a bus stop so he could meet his grandmother for lunch when someone beat him. The incident occurred on Hord Avenue. His brother David, saw him immediately after the incident.

“When I saw him at first, I just thought I need to get him better,” David Finkelstein said. “If he needs to go to the hospital, I need to know he’s alright.”

David said Zack was randomly targeted after someone said “hi” to him while he was walking to the bus stop.

St. Louis County Police describe the suspect as an African American man in his 20s or 30s, six foot three inches tall, weighing 280 pounds and has a scruffy beard.