Mob of Teens Brutally Attack Man in Heart of Little Italy

Monique Griego, CBS Baltimore, July 26, 2013

A man was brutally attacked by a group of teens in Little Italy. Police say four of the attackers are in custody. Three of them are juveniles.


{snip} Police say a man walking home from work at an area restaurant is attacked and severely beaten near Bank and Exeter Streets by a mob of at least ten teens.

Four of the alleged attackers, three of them minors, have been arrested and charged.


The assault happened in front of Giovanna Blattermann’s house. She’s also watched video of the attack–captured by her neighbors surveillance camera.

While the suspects took the man’s phone, Blattermann says that’s not what they were after.

“They beat this boy. He got up, he’d run, they beat him. He got up, he’d run, they beat him. He got up, he’d run, they beat him,” said Blattermann.

The suspects range in age from 16 to 19, but police say because of the brutality of the crime, the minors aren’t being charged lightly.

“The fact that they broke this gentleman’s jaw, the decision was made and they are going to be charged as adults,” said Sgt. Eric Kowalczyk, Baltimore City Police.



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  • Daniel Schmuhl

    Unsurprisingly, they all turn out to be black after clicking the link.

  • MekongDelta69

    Not surprising – more ‘teens’.

    Surprising – That it happened in Little Italy. They don’t put up with [censored] like this down there.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      Nice, romantic, old world name, but let’s get real. “Little Italy” probably isn’t even Italian anymore.

      • MekongDelta69

        Damn – I just read the source. It’s ‘Little Italy’ is Baltimore (about which I have no idea who comprises it now.)

        I was talking about the only ‘Little Italy’ I know very well – in the City (NYC). There is just NO WAY this would happen down there. NO WAY. Those ‘youfs’ (aka ‘youts’) would have been dead within the hour, if not sooner…

        • saxonsun

          So much of NYC’s LI has been overtaken by Chinatown now.

      • Romulus

        It isnt. Mostly hispanic The owners of some of the shops are and some of the tenants. Kitchen staff is hispanic. The italians have moved up and out. Since when is blatterman an italian name ????? Go to 182 to 185 and arthur ave for an authentic experience.

        • Sick of it

          Dang, you beat me to it. Her name is obviously not Italian.

      • OhWow

        I live in the NYC area and have been to Little Italy a lot. There are still pockets of Italians, albeit very small. Chinatown is right next door and the Italians are nearly all gone.

    • saxonsun

      Years ago they didn’t. Non-whites now venture into the old European enclaves.

  • Once again, Baltimore. This city’s white vote, and Maryland’s voted heavily for Obama.
    If you are unwilling to do something about these “challenges”, then I can’t feel sorry for you.
    Wasn’t Baltimore where that drunk white dude got his pants yanked down?

    • Jesse James

      Yes D.B. it was in Baltimore in the heart of the Inner Harbor tourist district where the white guy was attacked and had his pants pulled down. This is the most heavily police patrolled and protected part of Baltimore. My two sons both had major surgery at Johns Hopkins University Hospital about five years ago. I was shocked at how a major world class hospital and university is surrounded by black ghettos that look like they have been bombed from the air. In any decent (white majority) city the long blocks of desolate and boarded up wrecks of brownstones would be bought up and turned into show places for professionals working in the hospital and university. The security guards at J.Hopkins told us that even during the day they advised that visitors parked in the surrounding parking lots request security escort. I have eaten several times in the Little Italy area of Baltimore which is just a couple of streets just a few blocks away from the Inner Harbor area. Lots of good eating on that street but not really an ethnic enclave as it is mostly just small restaurants and shops.

  • JohnEngelman

    Liberals think it is racist to avoid young black males. It may be racist. So what? It is reasonable.

    • Sick of it

      It can increase one’s life expectancy.

    • Manaphy

      According to this article, a confrontation with “teens” can be disastrous, especially if you are European/white.

  • Spartacus

    Little Italy ? And here I thought most Italian-Americans were still real men…

    • IstvanIN

      How well would you do if set upon by four savages after working all night?

      • Spartacus

        Why didn’t other people intervene ? If there weren’t any others around, then where’s the post-factum retaliation ? That’s what real men do.

        • Romulus

          In the days of old the Italians did stick together much as the grids do now. The social decisions of the last 4 decades have affected them as well. Not to mention the RICOH act. Obviously,not all Italians we’re mobsters, but you can’t say that they didn’t protect their own kind from the moolies.When I was a kid, if a black set upon a white boy or girl in an Italian neighborhood, there was brutal retaliation.

          • Funruffian

            Italian Americans actually have the lowest criminal percentage in the nation. One out of every 6000 Italian Americans was charged with a felony. That is, comparatively, a very low percentage. This whole MAFIA (Mobster) canard was mainly a Hollywood driven character device perpetuated by the Hollywood chosen people. Most Italians were never involved in any organized crime. Ever since “The Sopranos” made a huge splash in pop-culture, many East Coast Italians jumped on the popularity of the show expressing their ethnic unity. Sometimes life imitates art. But there were also a considerable amount of Italians who scoffed at the program and felt insulted by its depiction of Italian Americans.

          • Romulus

            In total numbers of their population, I would agree. There is no denying the history of the mobs impact in the former half of the last century nor it’s imagery in popular culture in the way Italian-Americans are portrayed. I prefer the Knights of Columbus depiction. An old pal of mines grandfather would tell of stories where the Irish in hells kitchen and the Italians of five points would knock the crap out of each other on a regular basis in the early years of the 20th century. I think the asinine show Jersey shore isn’t helping either. It merely perpetuated negative Italian stereotypes. It is also true that some peccadilloes derive from truth. Many a goombah in the neighborhood lived the part. I-roc z , gold chains, cappezios,parachute pants , stucco walled rooms and plastic covered furniture, etc. I get along famously with Italians. It’s the ones who wear their pisan on their sleeve that can be obnoxious at times. Anybody reading this, please don’t have a cow. My intent should be clear. Just an example. Im sure we all know what I was alluding to.

          • Nobody jacks with the Irish very long.

          • Romulus

            ERIN GO BRAHG !!!!

          • IanJMacDonald

            So the Mobster canard was mainly driven by the Hollywood chosen tribe? Have you seen the credits for The Godfather? Coppola, Pacino, Brando, Castellano, Conte, Vigoda, Russo, Cazale, Martino, Corsitto, Rocco, Scotti, Rendina, Linero, Stefanelli, Infanti, etc. Some of the top names in Hollywood with Italian ancestry telling a story that they were uniquely qualified to tell.

          • Funruffian

            All of those actors you mentioned are either of Southern Italian or Sicilian decent, with the exception of Marlon Brando who was Dutch. They are still actors being paid to tell a story. Given that, I know the Mafia existed at one time, but it was a small faction that existed mainly in NYC and Chicago. Maybe in New Orleans. But my contention here is not to dissuade people from thinking that the Mafia never existed, but Hollywood portrays Italians in this unflattering light 75% of the time. Compare that with how they portray Blacks and you will know what I’m talking about.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            The Costa Nostra is still alive and well in Italy. Read the current news from Italy. They just arrested about 100 of them. Marlon Brando, Dutch? Just what are you on?

            The last real Italian American I knew bragged to me about how his uncle used to laugh about all the Americans he killed in WW2. This guy was/is still living in Chicago. Got in and everything. All and all, I think Italians get about the amount of respect they deserve. After all, Sinatra and Martin were Italian too, (even if Sinatra needed the mob to get him going).

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            I spoke to an Italian-American (grandparents from Italy) last night who grew up in an East coast “Little Italy.” He said everyone knew who the mobsters were, they kept a VERY low profile but had beautiful homes — on the inside. They kept the neighborhoods safe because they watched out for “their” people — against outsiders and intruders. “Little Italy” was known for its safety because there would be immediate, brutal retaliation against troublemakers.

            The expression the Italian mobsters used as pertains to their neighborhoods was: “You Don’t S*** Where You Eat.”

            I’ve found this to be true of the Eastern Europeans that live in my neighborhood in California. They sink a lot of money into their homes, inside and out — making them into real showpieces. They also believe in swift, brutal retaliation because they know it is the ONLY thing that works.

            I was walking my dogs not too long ago near an Armenian-owned gas station when I saw some black outsiders hanging around the gas pumps. Within minutes, a large group of young, tough-looking males appeared and walked together toward the blacks — haven’t seen blacks around that station again — or even in the neighborhood.

            These people don’t fool around — wish it were true of us Whites too, but then the government has its boot on our necks so ANY perceived action against “protected” blacks is seen as hateful and racist, putting us at risk of complete ruination.


          • Nobody jacks around on my block. I was once recruited by the Detroit Mafia in federal prison, but I just wanted to go home, so I said “No.”

            The whole neighborhood was warned about me and given papers they were supposed to leave whenever they sold their homes. I used to collect my mail only after dark, just so nobody could see me.

            I tried talking my friend from Detroit into going legit. He didn’t, and got himself a new case. He gets out in 2036. Since there’s no parole in the feds, that’s a long time. Robert James Ocampo has to do the whole damned thing. I miss him, and tried talking him into going straight.

          • storibund

            When I lived in NYC in the 80’s, Italian neighborhoods were some of the safest areas in the city. These guys were ever-vigilant about what was happening on their local streets.

            I’m stunned and saddened to see this happening in a traditionally Italian neighborhood, anywhere.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Read the comments above. A guy that knows the neighborhood says it’s long not been Italian at all. Hispanics live there now. They keep the name to make it sound more sophisticated. As if there are still French people in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            You’d better do some reading of actual history. The Mafia was and is real. Many nations now have similar organizations. If you actually read any hard news lately you’d know that the Italian government just had a large crackdown on them in Italy and arrested around 100. It’s amazing how many people commenting on these Amren articles don’t know history and actually just make things up out of what they don’t know or the myths they’ve been nursing.

          • Romulus

            Please don’t think that we herein are somehow naive. We all know the mafia still runs the gamut in Italy and sickly. That is not America of course. While it still has some small degree of influence here, most of the major families have been broken up or gone legit. You’ll find that Russians on the east coast, ms13, yakuza, the triage, the AB, Jamaican possess Chinese triage are more visible to authorities. It would be foolish to think that some Italians don’t still operate under the radar but the point being, nothing like their heyday.

      • negrolocaust

        it was 10 to 14 not 4 watch the video

    • MekongDelta69

      It doesn’t say whether the victim was Italian. It only says where he was attacked. (See my comment below about Little Italy in NYC).
      P.S. And no – that wasn’t me who ‘downvoted’ you.

    • Greg Thomas

      I seriously doubt the victim was an Italian American. More likely, he was an illegal invader on his way to his dish washing job. You know, “doing the jobs Americans will not do.”

    • Eurocentric_1

      Hardly… too many generations now removed from the original stock. They are just “white” now, like any of us. Little Italy in Baltimore is basically just like the rest of the US writ small.
      It is a dying neighborhood full of older Italians, they are not QUITE able to jump on packs of feral mongrels who are encroaching the neighborhood more and more as hyenas tend to do when they see a dying beast and know it cannot defend itself anymore.

  • bigone4u

    This story is one chapter in a book with a million chapters. As long as there is a black race, the book will never be finished, with new chapters added daily. Perhaps our best hope for seeing the final chapter lies with science–the identification of the black violence gene and its modification. Of course, there’s always the old fashioned way–a loaded pistol.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    There was once a time when nobody would even THINK of coming into any area know as “Little Italy” to cause trouble – they knew they would have ended up in the harbor sleeping with the fish. Apparently during the race riots in 1968, this particular Little Italy was not touched; riflemen on rooftops ensured the rioters went the other way.

    Too bad the Feds aren’t interested in ending black crime like they did Italian Crime.

    I’d like to see these violent black savages come into MY neighborhood and try this with Russians, Georgians and Armenians…they make the Italians look like amateurs.


    • Ed_NY

      I once knew an FBI agent who has since passed away. He told me that the FBI regretted putting many Mafia families out of business because the other groups that stepped in to replace them were much worse. He said that at least the Italian Mob had rules and ethics, the new breed was no holds barred, anything goes.

      • MBlanc46

        I heard a former Chicago journalist say the same thing.

    • The eastern Europeans are over-rated. After you take a few fingers off with bolt-cutters, they tell everything. I ate dinner a few times in prison with Vincent “The Chin” Gigante. He didn’t talk much, but he told me quite a lot.

  • IKantunderstand

    Baltimore. Another place to mourn about what was, and is now. I remember the inner harbor as absolutely wonderful after it was refurbished. The crab cakes, the soft shelled crabs, H.L. Mencken. Baltimore, an integral player in the history of the White United(for now) States of America. The Baltimore that no longer exists. Come on, why prolong the agony? We Whites have apparently given up worldwide. Let’s make money for the worldwide elites who are apparently in the business of making fun of patriotism, and when that doesn’t work, manage to enforce open immigration. So, let’s have fun renaming all the White countries! Remember: We want to be inclusive, so made up crap about how a particular ethnic group made unbelievable changes and inventions to your White society, will get you EXTRA points.Remember:Be respectful of Africans who never invented a written language, their oral traditions are rich in literary symbolism, and, well, excuse me? Are you judging the rich oral tradition of people who were never smart enough to have a written language? RACIST. This is what being a racist has come down to: the acknowledgement and realization of the differences of accomplishments of White people versus everybody else, if we acknowledge it, we are racists. Actually, even if we go out of our way to give faux credit to other races for accomplishments, or even, pretend that it was only luck, or happy circumstance that we Whites discovered it, we are still White supremacists. See, here’s the thing: People condemn White Supremacy, but, the fact of the matter remains: Whites, are in fact Supreme. White Supremacy isn’t some made up political movement. No. White supremacy is a fact of life, and has been for a millennium. The question that faces we Whites is: Do we have the testicular fortitude to continue to remain supreme?

    • Eurocentric_1

      No. Not yet. Enough pain hasn’t been cultivated but it will although it could take decades more of this giving how spineless people have become.

  • [Guest]

    I no longer feel bad for thinking of rabid hyenas after seeing one of these stories.

  • Jackryanvb

    If you are over 50, I highly recommend the Cane Master canes, even though you don’t need one to walk. These canes are great for breaking ribs, copping skull, I’m a tennis player and the forehand, backhand strikes are very similar.

    Plus you’ll be a hero in the press. Using a gun – you’ll get persecuted by BRA, Holder, your gang banging attackers will be presented as St. Trayvon.

  • negrolocaust

    most blacks are a disgrace to themselves and the world. it saddens me
    that they are on this earth. what a stupid race most but not all. if
    they all died i would have a grin from ear to ear and set off fireworks…

  • storibund

    Western civilization, created and maintained by whites.

    Is anyone else smart enough to be able to mourn when it’s finally gone? Do they even *care* when the glorious, unsung infrastructure crumbles around them?

    • itdoesnotmatter

      Guess you didn’t catch the MSNBC clip of Sharpton shouting a rebuttal directed at O’Reilly. He said “when Whites were still in caves, blacks were building temples and pyramids.” UH…..right. Reminds me of what the traveling NOI brain washers were teaching ignorant Zebra killers.

  • bubo

    The only way to stop these attacks is to make blacks fearful of the consequences. And I don’t mean the “justice” system. It’s the only thing they understand. That used to be the case virtually nation wide some decades ago. A black mob going into any Little Italy would not end well for them. We need to get back to that.

    • Ed_NY

      Blacks only understand and appreciate violence. They can not be reasoned with because you can not reason with ignorance. They have a saying, “They take kindness for weakness”. Superior force is the only thing they understand.

  • Jackryanvb

    Answer. Birth control. The Black underclass birth rate is way down, the main reason crime is down in New York. Support Planned Parenthood in poor urban areas. Support trading sterilization for reduced prison sentences.

    • Puggg

      Or Depo Provera shots in exchange for a somewhat bigger welfare check.

      Another answer to Der Typ is the restoration of physical corporeal punishment for blacks who commit certain kinds of crimes.

      As far as your assertion that you can’t “lock up the whole hood,” maybe you can in a sense. If we can somehow come up with a social contract of sorts with the black undertow that if they do certain things to each other within certain confines and keep those behaviors there, don’t do them to outsiders who enter the confines (or happen to be stuck living in those confines) or don’t do those things outside of the boundaries of the confines, then they won’t face legal sanction for those things. That would make their ghettos a de facto open air prison without walls. Undertow blacks who don’t happen to live in those confines will gladly go to them when they feel the need to “keep it real,” and the 1% of blacks who aren’t undertow will never go into those confines. It could be a sort of a Rorsach Test.

  • saxonsun

    Years ago in NYC’s Little Italy, blacks just knew to stay away. We are talking about a heavy mafia presence where criminal action brought swift results. Blacks didn’t have the guts to walk around the area.

  • evilsandmich

    Thus why the Clinic has it’s own dedicated hotel because otherwise you’ll be staying a half an hour away.

  • Funruffian

    The reason why Italians have engendered so much attention in movies is that people really adore and admire them.