Dozens of British holidaymakers have staged a sit-in at a luxury Caribbean hotel after “drunk and rowdy” locals turned up and urinated in the swimming pool, ate the buffet food and caused “chaos and destruction.”

The guests, who were staying at the five-star ClubHotel Riu Merengue in the Dominican Republic, claim their holiday had been ruined by the behaviour of the locals.

One angry tourist, Tony Walton, told the Daily Mirror that his £12,000 family holiday with Thomson was ruined by the locals.

The 48-year-old sales manager from Doncaster said: “They destroyed everything, ate everything. They were washing themselves down fully in the shower by the pool. And there was no food – they took it all.”

“I have nothing against Dominicans, these people were not at all representative–they were drunk and rowdy.”

Mr Walton said that the pool was closed after it was used as a lavatory and that locals even urinated on sun loungers while people were laying on them.

After five days of their holiday from hell, Tony, his wife, two children and four other relatives held a sit-in with other guests at the hotel’s Thomson desk.

Staff told Mr Walton it would cost £1,800 to move his family to another hotel and advised him to take excursions to get away from the hotel.

Up to 100 guests were eventually moved to another hotel and Walton said he was only offered £30 compensation.


A video of a Thomson rep apologising to holidaymakers was posted on YouTube and guests took to TripAdvisor to leave reviews about their nightmare stay.

One user wrote: “My husband and I were really looking forward to a wonderful holiday in a 4* hotel what we actually got was hell. The first week we got there we were not to worried as it seemed to be not so bad but come the week-end it seemed like the whole of Puerto Plata had descended upon the Hotel we could not use the pool as it was so full of local people who with no regard for any one else virtually took over the pool, the restaurant sun beds screaming and shouting across the pool area to each other sometimes they would be right behind your sun bed as I have said ,there was no regard for any other user, then we noticed that prostitutes were working the bars as well”


One user dubbed the hotel “A butlins weekend for locals” and wrote: “This is the worst hotel I’ve stayed in, locals ruin the place, it’s unhygienic with local kids peeing and pooing in and around the pool, no food to eat. People developing bacterial infections from the pool and food poisoning from the food. This hotel was a Butkus week end for the local people!”


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  • Oil Can Harry

    The Dominicans “used the pool as a toilet.”

    And now they’re using the US that way.

    • OlderWoman

      I have a Dominican neighbor. Have already been the victim of his ‘machismo’. Had to report him to the police. Trash is what he is. It must be his black blood that makes him behave like a criminal.

    • guest

      Yes, along with all the other nonwhite races.

      • MawellAxel

        This behavior is characteristic of blacks. IF a hotel does not guard it’s property, the local blacks swim in the pool. They also crash events and buffets if the waitstaff and managers are locals.

  • Luca

    No matter where you go in the world…

    And you wonder why civilized people wanted segregation and Apartheid.

  • Luca

    No matter where you go in the world…

    And you wonder why civilized people wanted segregation and Apartheid.

    • Erasmus

      People should know better than to go to 3rd world countries for vacation. Unless you have professional duties that take you there, best to stay away from all 3rd world countries. Not even 3rd worlders want to stay in 3rd world countries.

  • sbuffalonative

    I’ll assume ‘locals’ has a similar meaning to ‘youths’.

    • gemjunior

      Ha, you know what they say about assuming. But in this case you are actually correct. As I’m typing this I’m watching the infamous Cheerio commercial where the little mulatto spills them all over her dad, who is far darker and a larger percentage of pure boon.

  • Spartacus

    “The guests, who were staying at the five-star ClubHotel Riu Merengue in the Dominican Republic, claim their holiday had been ruined by the behaviour of the locals.”


    There’s no such thing as a 5-Star anything in non-white countries. When the hell will these people get it ?

    • Luke N

      They were liberals, no doubt. Liberals talk like that.

    • So CAL Snowman

      I know when I think 5-star luxury I think of the Dominican Republic.

    • sbuffalonative

      When they built this hotel, they likely thought it was a win-win. They would have access to cheap labor and they would be doing the locals a favor by providing them a basic wage.
      But the slave looks at his master with hungry, jealous eyes, waiting to his time to take what he believes is rightfully his.

    • You’ve never been to Japan, have you?

  • They were washing themselves down fully in the shower by the pool.

    Well, thank goodness for that at least. That was the only non stereotypically Bellcurvey behavior that they engaged in.

    • Oil Can Harry

      They probably went into the shower to experience gay love and were disapponted that Jerry Sandusky wasn’t there.

      • Puggg

        Which means they didn’t drop the soap while they were in the shower, if they even used the soap.

  • Young Man

    “locals even urinated on sun loungers while people were laying on them”.

    Anyone know how often things like this happen in other hispanic countries? In the lesser of two evils I would always choose Mexican mestizos over Caribbean mulattoes if I had to.

    • So CAL Snowman

      You mean the Mexican mestizos who cut off people’s faces and stitch them to soccer balls, or the Mexican mestizos who hang disemboweled people from highway overpasses?

      • NM156

        Well, at least the soccer ball faces aren’t those of tourists…at least outside of Acapulco that is. (Do Euros even go to Acapulco anymore?)

    • guest

      I don’t take EITHER! Why do you even have to choose one bad over another bad race of people?

    • Dominican Republic is not hispanic. It is black black black.

      According to the CIA World Factbook, the Dominican population is 73% multiracial, 16% white, and 11% black. The multiracial population is primarily a mixture of European and African, but there is as well a minor Taíno element in the population; research published in 2010 showed that 15% of Dominicans have Taíno ancestry, and 70% have African genes.

      Multiracial is just a nice way of saying “I am better than you because I am not as black as you”.

      • The__Bobster

        Yes, Dominican mulattos consider themselves to be far superior to the purebred Afreakans sharing the other half of the island.

        • NM156

          In fact, Dominican mullato Sammy Sosa used his wealth to whiten his skin and spent hundreds of hours on skin-lightening treatments.

      • Wethepeople

        ‘mixture of European and African’


  • bigone4u

    These pampered white Brits are too picky. As to the pool there could have been things floating in it, such as a dead body or … As to the food, at least no one got food poisoning and died. As to the mobs of revelers, hey it called “vibrant diversity.” When you visit a third world country, expect third world behavior. As for thinking whites persons, let’s do our next vacation in Iceland or somewhere civilized.

    • sbuffalonative

      Having little experience with diversity, these pampered white Brits had their PC assumptions urinate on them.

      We’re not all the same and interchangeable.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    So many beautiful islands in the Caribbean, why would anyone ever go to the D.R.? Could you imagine taking your children and wife to such a hell hole? Silly libtards have their own learning curves.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    So many beautiful islands in the Caribbean, why would anyone ever go to the D.R.? Could you imagine taking your children and wife to such a hell hole? Silly libtards have their own learning curves.

    • bigone4u

      I believe there are some warm sunny islands in the Mediterrean a lot closer to home. That’s where I would have gone to get away from chilly, cloudy Britain. Or maybe the beaches in Spain, Italy, or Greece.

      • NM156

        The DR, however, is cheap, cheap, cheap. Brits’ holidays on the Costa del Sol and on Ibiza peaked 20 years ago and has been declining since. Even with terrible economic problems, Spain and Italy can’t compete with Turkey, Tunisia, Thailand, and the Carribbean.

      • Bantu_Education

        Ah, but then the Med is so passé, so last century isn’t it? The Dominican Republic is so much more distant and sounds so much more exotic than the Spanish Costa’s. So much better to boast about on one’s return home, and isn’t that much of what overseas holidays are now all about ? I mean, one-upmanship?

      • Ya better go there while you can. They will soon be just like the DR.

  • …. it’s unhygienic with local kids peeing and pooing in and around the pool, ….

    “Don’t eat that son! This isn’t “Caddy Shack”, and that is no Baby Ruth.”

  • IstvanIN

    For $18,000 they could have had a nice vacation in Spain, Italy, Portugal or Montenegro. They could have gone to one of the British Caribbean colonies (well, not Jamaica), but the DR? Why in heavens name?

    • Chris Granzow XI

      Exactly. Most of the islands in the west indies are just tropical floating Detroits with palm trees.

      • Bossman

        They are floating prisons with nice scenery. The locals are trapped there and don’t have much options.

  • BlarneyMiller

    As news of these incidents spread, whites will stop going to the Dominican Republic for vacation. Since tourism is a large part of DR’s economy, the economy will decline. Whites will then be blamed for the faltering economy because their racism has them no longer visiting the DR as much.

  • ViktorNN

    Tourism to third world countries can be hit or miss in my experience.

    Whatever you get in terms of inexpensive food and hotels, and beautiful scenery, you almost always certainly lose in terms of surly non-whites who rarely do much to conceal their hatred of whites, or at least their desire to rip us off for whatever they can get.

    It’s gotta be a very unique naturally beautiful place to get me to go to a third world non-white country anymore, because it’s certainly not about the cities or the people.

    • NM156

      A decapitation at a football match would be something that even Paul Theroux hasn’t experienced though. These Third World adventures aren’t just for liberal nitwits; they’re for tough guys who want war stories to tell.

  • tickyul

    Who the HE** spends thousands upon thousands of dollars to vacation in a 3rd world country?????????

    • MawellAxel

      people who are watching their country be over run by turd worlders.

    • Liberals suffering from the Quaker disease.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    Read some of the newspapers in the Caribbean. The politicians, judges and public figures interviewed all sound like they are 10 years old, including the reporters who do the stories. I happen to think that just ‘because of the way they talk’ nevertheless they would provide fodder for AmRen coverage.

  • Mahound

    They should be happy they got a taste of diversity. This knowledge can be brought back to their leafy middle class suburbs and change their outlook on life forever. I salute those “rowdy locals” who have opened the eyes of a large and influential group of people.

    • Sloppo

      I agree 100%. Their vacation was “ruined”, but their eyes were opened. The vacation was expensive, but ignorance can be much more expensive. I hope these vacationers will be able to apply their new-found knowledge in beneficial ways.

  • Nathanwartooth

    “I have nothing against Dominicans, these people were not at all representative–they were drunk and rowdy.”

    So all other people in the DR are just fine and dandy?

    Sounds like the same thing we hear when Blacks riot.

  • Scott894398

    The Brits have been despoiling the Costa del Sol for decades with their drunken, uncouth behavior and criminal activity. I’d say this is just payback.

  • The__Bobster

    They were lucky that the natives were in a forgiving mood. Islanders have been known to massacre Whites.

    • AllSeeingEyeSpy

      on some of the islands, as long as 100 year ago, there were no whites.

      • Bossman

        The Whites brought them there as slaves and when growing sugar cane was no longer profitable, the whites all left.

        • Bantu_Education

          Most Caribbean islands – even, or especially Jamaica – had large white minorities until about 100 years ago – I wonder why they left?

          • Bossman

            The answer to that is very simple. After slavery ended, the whites did not want to compete with the Blacks for jobs. Also very many subtle things like not wanting their children having black lovers or having their children growing up speaking with Caribbean accents.

  • They should have rented condos at Napilii on Maui.

  • NM156

    What’s a “Butkus” week? Does Dick Butkus know his good name is being used for such descriptions? XD

  • MawellAxel

    they are not slaves, they are trash. They are trash with nothing because they never create anything. They conned a hotel chain to build a resort in their country. Slaves, no, just trash. Opportunistic parasites.

  • The only tropical vacation we took was on Okinawa, and was that ever a mistake. The locals threw things at me, so I sang Stephen Behan’s chorus for them.

  • KenelmDigby

    Britain has so many great European resorts on its doorstep.
    For example the French Riviera is only a few hours away by plane, and the tourist not only has great beaches to contend with, but excellent food too, and professional service.
    Also there is Portugal, Greece, Spain and Italy on offer, all nations with a better standard of customer service than the Carribean and with better public safety and health. All these nations would be grateful for the revenue the tourists would bring due their euro-wrecked economies.
    Why do so many tourists insist on the idea of ‘showing-off’ by visiting these expensive and exotic places that in reality are very poor value for money and disease and danger ridden to boot?


      As an American and a Southerner I’m baffled by British citizens who find the Caribbean, Mexico and points South as vacation destinations. As you say, beautiful and civilized resorts are at their doorsteps.

      One has to wonder how someone could spend 12,000 Pounds and not have enough sense to know where they were going.

      • Bossman

        What about the Germans? They seem to all love Miami, Mexico, the Caribbean and other exotic locales.

      • Yes; one would think the Canaries, Madieras, Azores, Balearics and the Greek isles would be more appealing, even at a higher price.

    • Bantu_Education

      Don’t forget Croatia, which has dozens of beautiful islands, the most dramatic coastline in Europe and great food and wine – its also relatively sparsely populated and not nearly as overbuilt as Spain, etc. I’ve just returned from there in fact.

    • Snow

      Greece is broke, and on top of that, it has been receiving countless refugees from Africa because of its geographical closeness to Africa

      But of course it is a tremendous land to visit

      (Good looking girls too)

  • Erasmus

    If the republicans would back off of their globalization and amnesty hobby horses, given the disgust middle America feels for Obama and his three ring circus, they could clean up in both the house and the senate.

    • Three pillars:

      1. Affordable family formation (implicitly: for whites)
      2. Immigration patriotism
      3. Combat the black undertow & repudiate BRA

      Easy to spout, easy to remember, and cleans up on election day better than an Oreck. And I just gave this advice to the political world for free. You can’t beat the price.

    • The (R) party, is and has been, working in concert with the (D) party all along. Stop looking to your enemies for help.

    • WR_the_realist

      The only Republican in recent years who wanted to cut immigration and protect American jobs was Pat Buchanan. He has long since been cast into the outer darkness. We all know that the Democrats are hopeless but the truth is that the Republicans are too.

  • William Hinkle

    I’ve read where the DR is known as a ‘child sex’ destination. High profile media types and politicians have been ‘outed’ over this. That being said, why would anyone in their right mind want to go there?

    • IstvanIN

      NJ has a “senador” that was accused of that.

  • Yale2001

    Segregation is not a bad thing.

  • Magician

    At least they did not harass the mother and young daughter(s)

  • newscomments70

    Sadly, one could say the same about Oslo. Bermuda isn’t too bad, but even that has problems.

  • Drunkenness does not make people into anything they were not already; it only lowers inhibitions, so it makes folks more of whatever it is they already were.

  • PouponMarks

    After decades of working with all races in close circumstances, travelling the world, seeing all continents, I have reached the inevitable, unavoidable, and ineluctable conclusion: Blacks simply cannot flourish, prosper, or advance economically, socially, or culturally without White supervision, intervention, and involvement. Whites are the factor that injects delay of gratification, impulse, and irrational behavior. Whites provide the generalized abstract thinking of ideals, ideas, and constructs/concepts, which the statistical, generalized Black brain cannot produce to a critical mass.
    There is not one Black controlled country or other entity or business that exists above subsistence or thrives anywhere in the World. Africa, without exception, has declined in all measures since the colonials departed. Cities in the U Socialist S A, taken over by Blacks have lived off the past and bled the cities dry. South Africa and Rhodesia, once prosperous and food exporters have descended into depravity and poverty, not to mention barbarism including cannibalism.
    A seemingly archaic saying referring to Blacks as “The White Man’s Burden”, needs to be reconsidered in the light of 5 decades of unrealized hope that these differences were environmental and nurture in origin and operative, not genetic and nature.

  • “I have nothing against Dominicans, these people were not at all representative–they were drunk and rowdy.”
    Moron. I hope that these white people were a bunch of rich liberal whites.

  • A few places I would like to visit include Argentina, New Zealand, Russia (the tank museum at Kubinka is apparently excellent) and Ireland. I’d like to go back to Australia, though as a convicted felon, that’s difficult, Scotland, Italy and France.

    For tropical “sun, sand and surf”, Hawaii is probably the best for us Yanks, even though the natives hate us. Up-sides: they drive on the right, you can drink the water without getting sick, and you don’t have to change money. The down-side: it’s expensive. Given the choice between a vacation in Hawaii and rounding out my basement machine shop, I’d pick the latter.

  • Marthinus Potgieter

    they were lucky not to be boiled alive! and eaten

  • Stan Hess

    Herb Caen (deceased)former Jewish columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle once called a Caribbean Island .. Cleveland with a view.
    Why would any white go to the Caribbean ?

  • Marthinus Potgieter

    you could apply this practice to the entire african continent as well!