Sebelius: Kids ‘So Far Behind’ by 3rd Grade ‘May as Well Drop Out’

Penny Starr, CNS News, June 12, 2013

Children who don’t get a pre-kindergarten education, ideally from birth to age 5,  might fall behind and “may as well drop out” by third grade, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius said on Wednesday at an event to garner support for President Barack Obama’s $75-billion proposal to increase pre-school enrollment across the country.

Sebelius said investing in pre-school education would bring “prosperity to all our people.”

“If we want to be a competitive country, if we want to make sure that we can achieve prosperity for all of our people, we have to figure out a way to have productive citizens throughout our population,” Sebelius said at the event, marking the one-year anniversary of an Educare school in the District of Columbia that serves children 6 weeks old to 5 years.

“We’ve got to make sure that kids by the time they hit kindergarten aren’t so far behind that they don’t ever catch up, and by the third grade they may as well drop out because they’re never going to catch up,” Sebelius said. “That’s the snapshot that we have today.”

President Obama put out a “comprehensive plan” in his State of the Union speech, she said, “a birth-through-5 [plan], recognizing that you can’t just start with 4-year-olds, but they’re very important, you have to really look at infants and toddlers, you have to do early interventions so parents can be the best and first teacher. You have to have a way that whatever place a parent chooses for their child in an out-of-home placement has high quality.”

The explanation for Obama’s pre-school plan is posted on the website of the Department of Education.

“Children who have rich early learning experiences are better prepared to thrive in school,” the website states. “Yet fewer than a third of the nation’s 4-year-olds are enrolled in high-quality preschool.”



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  • If you are so far behind by third grade ….. you are probably a retard.
    Seriously though, if you are behind in the third grade, you are never going to pass Algebra 1 or Economics or HS Biology.

    • exLibtard

      Obsolete farm equipment, no less!

      • The__Bobster

        Defective farm equipment. It doesn’t work.

        • HamletsGhost

          Radioactive farm equipment. Its poisonous effects last long after its usefulness is past.

    • puffdaddy

      The problem is also the insanity of the progressive mind set which promotes “diversity” while also promoting utter “conformity” in public schools. How does that work – not very well. Everyone, farm equipment and rocket scientists, would be better off staying home and as far away from public education as possible.

  • JustSomeDude888

    The lack of pre-school for blacks is the newest excuse for the achievement gap. Lame.

    • Oil Can Harry

      But not any lamer than the previous 300 excuses for the achievement gap.

      Or the 3,000 to follow…

    • dd121

      What do you mean lack of pre-school for blacks. They’ve had Head Start since the ’60s and it hasn’t done a bit of good.

    • concernedcollegekid

      It’s more like a really old failed excuse that they keep repeating over and over, as if this time it will magically become true. “The definition of insanity” etc…

    • Romulus

      It seems they’ll try to compensate by miscegenation and the help of the usually suspected marxocrats.

    • puffdaddy

      And Head Start as already proven to be a $150 BILLION failure. Yet here we go again….

    • capnmorgan5150

      School doesn’t work if you don’t even show up.

  • Sebelius doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on in her own department. Three years ago, an HHS study declared Head Start a massive 45-year $150 billion massive epic fail.

    Remember your Rushton — It’s around the 10-11 age range or 4th/5th grade that black kids generally start losing interest in learning and education. Sebelius’s snark about “they might as well drop out in the 3rd grade” is more prescient than she knows; within a year or two of that, they mentally drop out of school, even if they don’t physically until later.

    • Romulus

      I remember that well. Wasn’t a part of no child left behind intended to throw massive amounts of money at minority education? It was an abysmal failure, from what I recollect.

      • The__Bobster

        And testing the little darlings is “unfair”, since it would prove that they’re failing, and they and their teachers would be forced to cheat to prove otherwise..

  • MekongDelta69

    Death Panel Sebelius left out a few key words.

    This headline should have read:
    “[Black and brown] Kids ‘So Far Behind’ by 3rd Grade ‘May as Well Drop Out’”

  • MBlanc46

    Most of the kids who are hopelessly behind by the third grade would be hopelessly behind if preschool started before conception. This sounds like a make work program for “education” bureaucrats. Just say no.

  • ncpride

    This sounds eerily like new legislation being proposed in Scotland. The government actually wants to assign a ‘social worker’ to every child born, to ‘monitor’ their upbringing. No, I’m not kidding. Read more at the link provided. If you are not familiar with Mike Farris and his work trying to protect parental rights, look him up and give him your support.{AE2A6675-202C-4610-AF12-7B476DBDAD60}

    • I’d be okay with that, of course, I’d want to chose the ‘social workers.

    • dukem1

      This Scottish thing sound terrible on the face of it…however, the facts are that there is a critical mass of uneducated, unprepared, and, ultimately unfit baby mamas throughout the world.who are totally clueless regarding how to raise a “civilized” child.And there is a large government industry dependent on these moron-ettes for their livelihood.

      Talk about much ado about nothing.

      Western civilization is for all intent and purposes over.

      These dusky hoards, be they sub-saharan, mid-eastern, or whatever..

      When demography hands them the planet, where will their electricity come from? Their jet airplanes? their antibiotics? Their microwave ovens or cable TV? Food! Paved roads? I-phones? Snow plows? Tractors? Fuel for everything?

      When did the world end? I’d say, to pick a point in time, eh…yesterday, at noon.

      • ncpride

        All that may be true, but this is Scotland we’re talking about here. Decent White families would get swept up in this massive invasion of privacy and government overreach, too. There is something seriously wrong with anyone who would meekly allow the government to constantly snoop and monitor the way they raise their children. This would set a very dangerous precedent the world over. The UN is already trying to dictate to the U.S. parental rights laws, and if that’s not worrisome, I don’t know what is.

  • JackKrak

    Yes, Kathy, how on Earth did the US manage without billions spent on daycare, er, eduation for three year olds for the first 200 years of the republic?
    I’m as baffled as you are.

    • evilsandmich

      They would just hide behind the same firewall of ignorance of “In today’s modern economy blah blah blah”

  • evilsandmich

    …you can’t just start with 4-year-olds, but they’re very important, you have to really look at infants and toddlers, you have to do early interventions …

    PCdiots like Sebelius are getting closer. They just have to work their way back in time to the point before the child is even born to get closer to the truth.

    • dd121

      Do early interventions? Don’t they have parent(s)?

    • Sick of it

      The point is indoctrinating the children when they are young enough to consider the state their parents and identify completely with the state in opposition to their own flesh and blood.

    • The__Bobster

      you can’t just start with 4-year-olds, but they’re very important, you have to really look at infants and toddlers, you have to do early interventions …

      My schools didn’t start with me until I was five….as they did with the rest of the kids. Somehow, with 36-40 kids in each classroom, we managed to learn.

    • Like I say reason, logic & eugenics.

  • JohnEngelman

    “Children who have rich early learning experiences are better prepared to thrive in school.”


    Children who are rich inherited the high IQ genes that enabled their parents to become rich.

  • shmo123

    Based on what “Head Start” has achieved– nothing– this sounds like another colossal waste of money. I never went to kindergarten or attended any head start program, and I excelled at reading and writing as a kid.
    At this point in my life, I’ve become so distrustful of government and developed such a deep cynicism towards the people who run it, should this monstrosity come to pass, I wonder how I can get my hands on some of it. Most of it is going to be pissed away anyway, so they might as well give some of it to me.

    • BonusGift

      Basic proof she is lying 101: I believe that the country often pointed to by school union thugs and associated cultural Marxist useful idiots like her as having one of the best, if not the best school and daycare system is Finland. In that system kids don’t begin formal school until what would be our 1st grade (i.e., ages 6 or 7). Gee, I wonder what distinguishes Finland from say the US today because we surely need that? My goodness what could it be, as it certainly isn’t what Kathy Sebelius is trying to sell (which, BTW, coincidentally Sebelius is a Finnish last name)? OK, I’ll make a stab at it, is it because most of the kids are white? Blow me down, you mean we could actually defer schooling our kids for a year as opposed to keep pushing schooling forward in time until we control the womb if only we had eliminated educating our kids with the squats and Treyvons of the world? Holy smokes, what a concept a country composed of white people who actually belong there as opposed to the next big brother inspired idiocy that we know won’t work because it’s not the money but the students that matter much more, and especially the color of the parents skin.

      • deep_enough

        Well, just I case anyone is unclear, the woman was born “Kathleen Gillian” into an Irish Catholic family. Sibelius is her married name. I’ll bet neither she, her three siblings or her two sons spent much time in pre-school. Oddly, as gov of Kansas, she was probably the most pro-abotion gov in the country (including especially late-term abortion). Maybe she plans to combine daycare with Planned Parenthood; maybe she could include pre-natal mandatory govt-assigned social-workers, at least for Bantus. Works for me.

        P.S. As gov she was rated about worst by CATO, mainly for her tax-and-spend policies. As far as I know, she’s never seen a “mo-for-da-chilluns” gubmint program she didn’t like, the more unfunded, unsustainable and useless the better.

  • dd121

    It all starts with brains: whites have them; blacks don’t.

    • joemcgee

      The children of the poorest Orientals do better than the children of the richest blacks in school. The educrats really don’t like talking about that little detail…

      • Since I grew up in West Virginia:

        Poor Appalachian students also do better than rich blacks.

  • Nathanwartooth

    As Steve Pinker would say “This is useless because they didn’t control for heritability”.

    I guarantee that a kid from smart parents would be better without preschool than a child from stupid parents who did.

    This is such a joke.

  • bigone4u

    Trillions spent so far and not a thing of value to show for it, so let’s double down. No thanks, Obama. Take your grandiose schemes and put em where the sun never shines.

    • The__Bobster

      Business: We’ve spent a million dollars on this project and it’s a failure. Kill it.

      Gubmint: We’ve spent a million dollars on this project and it’s a failure because we needed to spend much more. We want more money.

  • libertarian1234

    “Sebelius: Kids ‘So Far Behind’ by 3rd Grade ‘May as Well Drop Out’

    She means “blacks,” not “kids.”

    And whether or not they have pre-schooling HAS PROVEN to be of no help to them. They STILL fall behind.

    The smart thing would be to create black classes that advance at the black norm.

    Blacks would be far behind other kids, but at least the tremendous problems created in pretending everyone’s equal wouldn’t exist, and probably the little black darlings who are in a rage believing they can’t learn at the same level when included in white classes wouldn’t grow up thinking about getting even with whitey for their shortcomings…..or at least the black on white crime situation would improve somewhat.

  • Romulus

    Baloney! Indoctrination at the earliest possible level designed to strip identity awareness and become a statist autobot. Its worth noting that the Hollywood media brainwashing complex issues movies and such blaming traditional conservatives for thd very totalitarian state they’re nearly complete in implementing. The last roadblock is the bill of rights.

  • Latravius Goldsteinberg

    Allow me to translate:
    Sebelius: “The sooner we get our hands on the kids the better our chances of indoctrinating them into good little Marxists.”

    • mobilebay

      You’ve got it! The answer in a nutshell.

  • Anglokraut

    I’m tutoring the child of my best friend; his weakest area is language, and today was frustrating for me because today was test-day, and I feel like he didn’t study at all. The most frustrating part is that yesterday we read about the Battle of Britain on the homeschoolers website “Ducksters”, and he was great. Today he stumbled over simple words that gave him no problem yesterday. All he wanted to do was get back to his video games, and I’m trying to get him up to grade level so he can take a placement exam, and avoid retention.

    I love teaching, and I hope to homeschool my own “someday” kids–if my current beau is serious–but I don’t know how special ed teachers do it.

    • Romulus

      Persevere fraulein. Don’t give up. Making learning fun for boys is the key. Males tend to learn better when classes are more dynamic. I remember when I was young, class would bore the hell out of me because they always taught to the lowest common denominator and not the highest. I can’t speak to your circumstances though.

      • Anglokraut

        I did chuck his awful reading book–it was full of stories about poor, oppressed [insert non-white race]. I could tell it was boring him, so for his first reading lesson I went to the computer and ran a search for “history for kids”, and found Ducksters. It was also D-Day, so I said that that was going to be the theme of the day. He loves military history, so I knew he’d be interested. He was really interested in the Battle of Britain, but when I had him read about Winston Churchill, he regressed badly. Perhaps the boy is more action-oriented, so I should stick to wars and their battles rather than personalities.

        I figured that if he needs to practice reading, he needs to read things that interest him. I don’t know enough about aerospace engineering to help him learn about space travel, and his interest in how nuclear weapons work is a bit off-putting…but I am a history major, and can guide him adequately in that subject.

        • Romulus

          I love history as well. My library is getting quite full. I’ve learned that history is quite biased depending on the perspective being taught or authors interpretation. Winners write history and all that. Since their are two sides to every story, I always read both, no matter the history. For the purposes of a child, I assume the cognitive skill necessary to understand something like that , hasn’t fully developed. Age Appropriate education is a good guide,yes? If one is American , a little ethnocentrism couldn’t hurt. Complex history can wait till later. Peter schweikert wrote a book called “the patriots guide to American history. Its too bad that its becoming harder and harder to find history books written by Anglo Americans.

          • The__Bobster

            Winners write history and all that.
            Today’s history books are being written by the side that lost.

          • Romulus

            So true. Perhaps you can help with a question. Earlier on the thread” how to increase crime” I had a little back and forth with Engleman as to who runs the judiciary these says and who comprises the bulk of lawyers in America. I said it gives new meaning to the movie,the devils advocate. He replies that I must be speaking of the usual suspects. I said I was and pointed out how instrumental they’ve been in Americas downfall. Even elaborating their impact on Europe. The comments were deleted. Do you think it was the direct implications of the comments or because of a down vote? Furthermore,could it be that others troll this site and thus, the mediator doesn’t want negative attention if it pertains to “them”?

          • ncpride

            For the record, I don’t understand why that’s such a taboo subject. The things you said are not speculation, conspiracy theories, or blatant lies, but rather, well documented facts throughout history. It may ‘upset’ some to see or hear the truth, but truth it is nevertheless.

          • Romulus

            Maybe the site operators can’t be too careful because of the controlling party in govt these days. You’ve no doubt heard of the NSA facility in the Utah desert and its data mining capabilities. As well as the irs scandal,reading emails, and the whole truckload of constitution shredding.

          • ncpride

            Well, I’m not sure what the reasoning is behind so many deletions on that subject, but I’m pretty certain that Mr. Taylor and all AmRen posters are on their little lists ‘to be watched’…and probably have been for a while. Shoot, even ‘conservative’ sites are considered ‘hate’ sites, and are probably being monitored as well. Their idea of ‘hate’ is ridiculous, so I don’t worry about it. Just being proud to be White is extreme racism in their eyes, and criticism of any ‘other’ unacceptable.

          • Romulus

            Im tired of the bull. All I want is the tolerance reciprocated that was promised America since the hippies. I want my family to feel happy about themselves too. Im high brow educated enough to see the good in all people. I demand the same respect. Mr.Taylor and staff shouldn’t half to look over their shoulders and neither should any other proud European. The world acts as if our kind is the only ones that ever did a bad thing. It would truly be a miracle if the land remains intact.

        • I wonder how he would ;like WILDERNESS EMPIRE by Allen W. Eckert. It used to be in all of our schools before the anti-whites had it removed.

          • Romulus

            Those sound like good reads. Thanks for posting.

          • Anglokraut

            Wilderness Empire looks to be a bit heavy for a lad who reads 2-3 grade levels behind where his non-dyslexic peers read. That Devil Forrest also looks a bit beyond him–and I don’t know how much misinformation he has learned about the American Civil War. I’ll have to find out what he knows, and see how accurate it is. The Alamo is only offered as an audiobook through Amazon, which would defeat the purpose of practicing his reading.

            They look like interesting selections for me though, especially the book by Eckert! I just finished Churchill’s Age of Revolution in his History of the English-Speaking Peoples, and I just loved it–but I’m one of those people who enjoy Churchill, and refuse to let the Marxists destroy his literary legacy like they destroyed England. I’m planning to start The Great Democracies tonight.

          • That is unfortunate. I failed to understand your situation with this child. Wilderness Empire has several companion volumes as well. They can certainly change one’s mind about early America history and the nonsense about how we were so mean to the Indians.

            Good luck.

          • Anglokraut

            Hey, it’s not a problem. I couldn’t imagine being dyslexic like this boy is, and not being able to read normally. I do wish he’d stop with the Spanish he keeps dropping during grammar lessons. He even asked why he can’t answer in Spanish, and I said “because I don’t speak Spanish, and we’re not studying Spanish. We’re studying the English language–which is something that you will find a LOT more useful, despite what propagandists are trying to brainwash you into believing.”
            I think I lost him at “propagandists”.

          • Answering in Spanish? Maybe you could answer, “because it’s not the language of our people, it’s the language of the invaders.” I would HATE to have something interfere with my reading, I read a lot. Well I try anyway. If a person cannot read or does not read it leaves them dependent on the propagandists in the schools & on TV.

        • George

          Hi, Anglo!

          History is nothing more or less than the story of mankind.

          The way one relates a story depends on the age and ability of the listener.

          Sir Winston is one of the people who will live through the ages. An elementary school student usually isn’t much interested in his speeches (fine examples of English as they are). He would likely be more interested in Sir Winston’s actions in the Sudan or South Africa. Look them up. They show how leaders are made.

          As for integrity and honour, Sir Winston was First Sea Lord and part of the Imperial War Cabinet. Plans didn’t go well (blame the Australians) and he resigned. He then fought in the trenches as a Lieut. Colonel — oddly enough, opposite Adolf Hitler’s battalion.

          What makes a man man enough to inspire a nation, empire and commonwealth to stand against an enemy of individual liberty?

          There are ways to interest your young protegee in SWC.

          • Anglokraut

            I’m fortunate enough to have my most influential grade-school teacher as a friend on Facebook, and he gave me some great advice: when it’s fun, it sticks, and often inspires the student to read more about a subject. I figure that this man knows what he’s talking about, because it was his history class that helped me identify a subject that not only was my best academic subject, but also the subject that made me happiest when I was studying it.

            Alas, no one pays a living wage to research history, or to teach it to others. Not without a Masters Degree–minimum. I’m too white and too straight to make it in academia, though I do have two x chromosomes and atheism on my A.A. ledger.

      • The lowest common denominator teaching technique bores the kids who can learn to sleep.

  • Romulus

    Right you are! There’s a battle going on as we write,
    About the “common core” education in-doctrine.

  • APaige

    That’s horrible. We should spend billions on a social program that will end this problem. We will called it…’head start’.
    Also ‘pre-k’ education from “birth to age 5” is called ‘parents’.

  • IstvanIN

    From pre-school through prison we attempt to edumacate blacks and nothing works. Time to quit.

  • borogirl54

    Why is going to daycare so important? Parents can do a better job by teaching their children at home how to read, write and count. These kids will be far ahead of the kids coming out of government subsidized day care.

  • 1proactive2

    As a colleague who once ran a head start program, a social worker who was as liberal as one could get, said that “it’s a free day care program for fat unemployed lazy women who won’t parent their kids”.

    Now massa gubmint will continue to take over parenting for earlier indoctrination which again relieves a parent from the most important job in their lives. The programming of the masses grows.

  • The__Bobster

    Conversely, it would be foolish to try to teach a hound algebra.

  • The__Bobster

    In Scotland, they want the kids as early as possible so that they can rat out their eeeevil White racist parents.

    • ncpride

      That’s right, they are even proposing assigning a ‘social worker’ for every child born to monitor their upbringing. How scary is that?

  • The__Bobster

    Children who don’t get a pre-kindergarten education, ideally from birth to age 5, might fall behind and “may as well drop out” by third grade, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius said on Wednesday at an event to garner support for President Barack Obama’s $75-billion proposal to increase pre-school enrollment across the country.

    The country is deeply in debt, yet the Usurper wants to flush $75 billion down the toilet for more make-work gubmint jobs.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Maybe someone from Kansas can explain how Kathleen “Some People Live. Some People Die” Sebelius was elected to STATE-WIDE office in KANSAS? She resembles a California politician.

    Children who don’t get a pre-kindergarten education, ideally from birth to age 5…

    We have to begin the state-indoctrination and social planning of Marxist dogma as early as possible, by birth!!

    As for Head Start:

    From, Feb. 2013:

    “…by the end of 3rd grade there were very few impacts found in any of the four domains of cognitive, social-emotional, health and parenting practices.”

    “At the end of 3rd grade, there was suggestive evidence of an unfavorable impact—the parents of the Head Start group children reported a significantly lower child grade promotion rate than the parents of the non-Head Start group children.”

    75 billion for preschool that has already proved to be worthless.

    8 billion for border security? NOPE

    “may as well drop out”

    I would like to drop out from ALL THINGS having to do with the US government.

    Sebelius’s drop out list?? Kids removed from the transplant list.


    • KingKenton

      Maybe someone from Kansas can explain how Kathleen “Some People Live. Some People Die” Sebelius was elected to STATE-WIDE office in KANSAS? She resembles a California politician.

      The short answer… Kansas City. Illinois wouldn’t be the suck-*** state that it is if it weren’t for Chicago. There was a movement at one time for Western Kansas to succeed from Eastern Kansas precisely because Kansas City puts people like Sebelius in office. The same things happens with Chicago vs. the rest of Illinois.

      • MikeofAges

        And positioning. these people position themselves as community-oriented social conservatives when they launch their political careers. Geraldine Ferraro wrote the playbook for this game. Over the decades, numerous leftists have gotten elected to state legislatures and city councils playing this game.

  • Well somebody is confused.

    1. The schools in Finland are the best in the world and their children do not start school until the age of 6 or 7. This leads me to believe that the problem is government interference.

    2. Don’t ya just hate it when all of those white kids can’t catch up?

    3. Black Children must have rich early learning experiences, they know how to attack others by the age of 6 and get pregnant by 10. And they ALL know how to “work the system.

    4. Jeb Bush said that America needs more non-whites because they are MORE FERTILE. Notice that he did not say because they are MORE INTELLIGENT!!

  • That has all ready be done, it’s called integration, see Brown vs. Board of education.

  • borogirl54

    I read somewhere where wealthy older Chinese will pay young Chinese American women who are top achievers, $15 to 20k for their eggs. Many young women do this to pay college tuition.

  • KingKenton

    Indeed, we wouldn’t want women to have to actually be mothers’ and take care of their children, now would we. This is part feminism, part Brave New World. I believe the Soviets tried the same thing only to find that children educated from year one fare no better than children who start their formal education in later years [ sorry, can’t remember the source ]. It is quite infuriating to listen to these ignoramus education “experts” tell us that if we don’t give computers to elementary children, all will be lost. One wonders how students who went through college with only slide-rules were able to put a man on the moon.

    [[ Just to be clear, I think it very important that children be read to even before year one, and learn to read as soon as possible. Likewise, basic number manipulation. However I don’t consider this to be part of a formal educational experience ]]

  • Talltrees

    “we have to figure out a way to have productive citizens throughout our population,”

    “throughout our population.” What Sibelius is actually saying, Hispanics, Blacks and Muslims must start school 5 years before Whites for obvious reasons.

  • NM156

    The positive effects of early pre-school on minority children have already been shown to fall off by the end of elementary school. When this multi-billion-dollar exercise in futility fails, then what? Spartan camps after breast feeding has finished?

  • Evette Coutier

    Research has already shown that Head Start does not improve academic achievement. She is doing nothing more than to try and buy votes from educators who these programs provide jobs, abet jobs that provide no valuable product or service, and as government subsidized daycare services. Her only measure of accountability on government programs is how many votes it gets her and her party. Swine.

  • dukem1

    It is just so depressing to think how true your comment is. It seems as though our entire intellectual infrastructure has been taken over by people who live in cloud cookoo-land.

    Sad thing is – tragic actually- they will not and cannot ever be made to admit that they were ever wrong about anything.

  • dukem1

    Hey!!! Wash em’ out. We can create our own Mexicans! What’re we importing them for?

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    “you can’t just start with 4-year-olds, but they’re very important, you have to really look at infants and toddlers, you have to do early interventions so parents can be the best and first teacher. You have to have a way that whatever place a parent chooses for their child in an out-of-home placement has high quality”

    We’re sending 4 year olds and younger to school so parents can be the best and first teachers. I think this is known as double-speak.

  • jay11

    “Children who have rich early learning experiences are better prepared to thrive in school,” the website states. “Yet fewer than a third of the nation’s 4-year-olds are enrolled in high-quality preschool.”
    Wanna bet what race is mostly ‘better prepared’ for school? Culture is the big elephant in the room. I know many also add genetics too, but I focus mostly on in-group values that are passed on from generation to generation. If all you know is chaos, it is normal for you. If there’s no fathers around, that’s natural for you. If your mommas don’t work, but still seem to get food and nice things all the time, then that is how you will think it’s supposed to be. If at any time you feel you are not getting ‘what you deserve’ then crime and rioting become ‘social justice’ campaigns with right on your side. This is, in a nutshell, our dysfunctional lower classes and their lifestyle and outlook. Can’t change it. They will grow bolder until they brazenly kill us in the streets and say they are justified in doing so. (Django WILL BE unchained, foo’!) Oh wait, it’s already begun. What will emerge from the chaos is fractured U.S. split into mini countries more or less based on race. To those future white countries, carved out, I say to you: strip all liberals of citizenship and force them to live in the black and latino countries that form.

  • And also, why are osteoporosis test-scan scores, which are given as standard deviations, normalized against race, sex and age? Why are the “social constructs” of white or Asian listed as risk factors for osteoporosis?

  • Here is the plan I have proposed on multiple sites:

    A mom starts a home school for her kids and some select neighborhood kids.

    She gets vouchers for them all. The vouchers would be 75% of the cost of a public education. If a public education is $10,000 she would get $7,500 per student, 15 students means she has $112,500 to run her basement based school on. Used texts books are dirt cheap. Algebra, physics, calc, and chem don’t change because a new text is published. A Norton Anthology could be used as a multi-year English text.

    She wouldn’t have to provide free lunches because Sally would never send Tommy to Jane’s school without lunch …. but he may occasionally forget to bring it. Tommy is also less likely to be a problem because Jane knows his mom.

    Over time, 13 total women in the area band together and they start specializing in years. So you have K-12 in a home-based school environment without ever going near a public school. They probably could be able to do some sort of an athletic program, but there is really no need as traveling club sports seem to be the norm for white sports any more.

    As there will be 13 teachers banded together, there would probably need to be some sort of administrator a person that spends the time buying the texts, keeping records, etc. For this they would contribute 10% of their voucher funds.

  • Ella

    Having both parents in the household helps enhance a child’s education. Obviously having less than four children also allows more attention toward children and increases their IQ’s. Parents only have so much energy and time to give. At 6 wks, daycare is now better than Mom’s direct care? White parents don’t want to leave all the teaching to the school districts or daycare because we still can think!

  • It’s interesting reading all of your comments. My children are already setting precedence from N.Y, to California, amongst minorities. Young, homeschooled black children, ages 1, and 2, who are speaking English, Spanish, and Chinese, and are already reading, and spelling. It’s definitely a competition for the future, and as a parent, I’m preparing my children for the war of intellect. I can’t teach every black child in America, but yours can’t contend with mines on their worst day. Let’s play!

    • I can’t teach every black child in America,
      but yours can’t contend with mines on their worst day. Let’s play!

      “…yours can’t contend with mines ….”?
      Yes, let’s play!

      • Lol, dude, you’re an umemployed loser, with no education, and you dare correct my statement? Really?

        • Funruffian

          Name one Black child on the entire planet and throughout history who was able to speak English, and Chinese by the age of two let alone speak at all.
          You are a deranged clown. Go back to some warped Afro-Centrist blog so you can commiserate about Black wishful thinking and other fantasies before you get scoffed at by the AMREN intellectuals here.
          I’m doing you a favor by warning you.

          • Huh? When did your kid start talking? Intellectuals? Who you think you kidding? You’re a buch of unemployed hillbillies, who gave up your CB radios for computers.

          • Funruffian

            Every White person is a hillbilly? With an idiotic generalization such as that it is merely impossible that you could sire a genius. I’m not a hillbilly, but I would surmise that there isn’t a hillbilly who is soaking up government subsidy through welfare. And they don’t commit crimes in endemic proportions like robbery, burglary, carjacking, raping, identity fraud, murder and multiple other infractions.

          • Quit generalizing, I’m not talking about white people, I’m talking about you looney white people on his forum. Yeah, my daughter is a genius. I thought about posting videos of her on YouTube speaking english, spanish, and chinese, and reading, but decided that wouldn’t be the best thing to do. I can’t speak for those of welfare. I’m not on the Obama band wagon. It’s the situation America created. Don’t act surprised.

        • PROOF rather than assumption, bigotry & useless name calling.

          • Proof is that he said he’s unemployed in a previous post. And his favorite job was being a bicycle messenger. PROOF.

      • One thing I’ve learned about white people is, when your wrong, you rely on semantics to make you feel better, lol

    • Funruffian

      Excuse yourself! Any clown can post here at AMREN and lie. That’s exactly what you are doing. Either play it straight or take a hike.

    • You are the exception. Look @ any black town, city, state or continent.

  • This why I am encouraging those on our side to remember the phrase – Reason, Logic, Eugenics.

  • SLCain

    The intervention needs to start before conception – warning white women about one of the single worst life-choices they can make: mating with a black man.