Rhode Island Woman Screams “Dumb White Girl” and Sics Her Pitbulls on News Reporter

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit, June 5, 2013

A Providence woman screamed racial slurs at a local news crew and sic-ed her Pitbulls on the female reporter as she ran down the street.
The reporter was bit on the arm before she escaped to a neighbor’s yard.

The unhinged woman screamed “Get the f*** away from house you dumb white girl!”after she went after the reporter with a bat and dogs.
ABC6 reported:

An ABC6 crew was on assignment in Providence when they were assaulted in broad daylight. It started with a question that led to a violent response. The crew was on Public Street in Providence, attempting to get reaction from the mother of the teenage girl who was shot at a graduation party over the weekend.

Instead of declining to speak on-camera, Melissa Lawrence replied “OK, that’s good,” and then suddenly hurled a rock at ABC6 photographer Marc Jackson. The rock just missed the photographer’s head. The crew then started to leave, but Lawrence came out wielding a baseball bat. She then told her two dogs to attack.

You can hear the screams as Lawrence’s dogs chase ABC6 reporter Abbey Niezgoda into a backyard a few houses down. Lawrence yells commands to the dogs. Finally, Lawrence calls her dog back while yelling curse words at the crew.

UPDATE: Dog owner Melissa Lawrence was arrested and accused of assaulting the ABC6 news crew.


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  • Bobby

    Couldn’t have happened to a better candidate. Let me explain. Everytime some European-American kid, adult, whoever, is attacked here in Southern California where i live, all the newspapers, TV Channels, and leftist media in general, always explain to the viewer that, Oh, well, that victim was in the wrong place at the wrong time. They never fail to blame it on hispanic gangs, black gangs,etc etc.even if the victim was murdered, that person was merely at the wrong place at the wrong time. So that leftist reporter(because they all are) was merely at the wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t see any other cause.

    • Bobby

      Sorry, I meant they never fail “NOT” to blame it on gang members or other criminals.

      • Erasmus

        Another leftist mugged by reality!

        Celebrate Diversity!

        • Bobby

          She was mugged by reality–but learning the lesson is another matter. I have my doubts that she did, so toxic is leftist fairyland indoctrination..

          • joemcgee

            Bingo – There’s no end to the idiocy of so many of our young people.

          • gemjunior

            You’re 100% right; after all, two reporters were attacked by a mob of them down south somewhere and they denied the attack was racial. An entire black mob attacks a white couple for no reason and it’s not racial? We have all read about the biggest dunce of all, a woman who was raped in Haiti while giving her time and labor (idiot) and not only denied the attack was due to inherent impulsive violence, but sympathizes with the rapist’s rage. She can probably barely walk but it’s the fault of white people. Amazing. I’m amazed on a daily basis by white libtardedness.

        • Morris LeChat

          She was trying to make some cookies


    • Nathanwartooth

      For whatever reason I just couldn’t stop laughing at this video.

      This super liberal White woman goes down in the hood and wonders why the Black lady hates her and is attacking her.

      I mean she is against racism, everyone is the same.

      Then when the dogs start running around and she just freaks out and dances in circles I lost it. I just couldn’t stop laughing. Especially since the camera man was just walking calmly and filming the whole thing.

      I don’t know if it makes me a bad person, but I just found it hilarious.

      • Korpiklaani

        I had a good chuckle myself, most of these White Women bring it on themselves, and then stand there looking like a confused child. Liberalism really is a failure to mature.

      • drekkkkk

        I’m glad some one else wrote that, cause when she dropped that mic…. A little disappointed in those pitbulls, they seemed halfhearted at best.

        • jtree

          That video made me burst out laughing when I watched it. I thought it was so ridiculous that it might actually have been staged at first. I love it when the media gets up close and personal with diversity.

          Oh, and If that is considered a dog attack I guess I get mauled every time I go in my back yard.

          • Tim_in_Indiana

            It depends on whether the skin was broken or not. If so, there’s always a chance of rabies.

          • jtree

            Only if she was bitten by the bantu.

      • Morris LeChat

        the cameraman was enjoying the show, like this guy


      • AutomaticSlim

        I had the same reaction.

        This was just too funny!
        And the cameraman kept filming as the girl was running from the dogs.

      • BarnyL

        Some of them (liberals) really do believe their own propaganda.

        Don’t worry the biased media will go into overdrive and make them all look like saints again.

        It’ll be down to “white privilege”. That’s my bet.

        Not exactly wrong what she screamed. Is she?

    • John

      Precisely, Bobby, and very well said. This is precisely what happens when one wanders into the African jungle among the savage wildlife. How could anyone NOT expect this to happen?

      All egalitarians, including that leftist reporter, should be institutionalized to protect themselves, because they honestly believe that there is no difference between Blacks and Whites (or between Anglos and Mestizos and Arabs).

      We can all be sure that the reporter has probably cheerfully pressed many “diversity” and “affirmative action” buttons to get her job as a leftist reporter for the leftwing. She probably celebrates the joys of multiculturalism daily. How disgusting!

      This sort of reminds me that leftist news anchor from Little Rock who was raped and beaten to death by a savage repeat offender. She learned the final lesson in the hardest possible way.

      • Greg Thomas

        They should be” institutionalized” to protect all of us!

      • Romulus

        She should have taken Marlon Perkins with her. Too bad he passed on. Loved his show!

      • Gunrunner1

        In her defense, she was a beautiful White woman who was somewhat right of center. She was beaten with a piece of firewood because she “resisted” and the groid “lost it”. She was beaten so savagely that her blood was on the ceiling and her jaw was driven back into her carotid artery and every bone in her face was broken. Unrecognizable as she was and as damaged as she was, she lived more than 12 hours after her attack.

        Anne Pressly was 26. Video here: http://youtu.be/DPLRt8ZA3I4

        Negros are dangerous

    • Talltrees

      You are correct. As I see it the reporter was standing on public property, the sidewalk, exercising free speech. The fact the black woman sicced her dogs on the reporter and one bit her arm is criminal. Coming out of the house threatening with a baseball bat? Certainly, she had the intent to use it.

      Let’s see if this black woman is hauled off to jail. I hope so. Unfortunately, the dogs will be hung by the neck rather than the black woman. Nothing will come of this other than dead dogs.

    • RHG

      I am with you, I couldn’t care less when some white reporter meets reality like this because they are a big part of the problem in this country.

  • Morris LeChat

    I was going to send them this story but I thought there have just been so many of these lately they wouldn’t be interested in another one. By “these” I mean stories about outrageous behavior by blacks. So then here’s was ANOTHER one where blacks, once again, can not manage to peacefully get through an event that humans invented and manage to get through peacefully all the time – the Brawl at the Talent Show


    • DeleteThis

      Ur one sick jew puppie urself…you’ve been commenting non stop since 6am this morning…or perhaps there is more than one Morris working within your kosher group

  • a multiracial individual

    We need to think of creative ways of propelling liberals to the hood (for extended periods). Any ideas?

    • Korpiklaani

      Cut off the EBT payments and the hood will come to the liberals.

      • Romulus

        You ain’t be lying yo! Ya mean! Lol.

      • paul clarkson

        But the majority of people on EBT are white, so what about them?

    • Morris LeChat

      have them stay wiff your fambly

    • Who’s “we” Mischling?

      • a multiracial individual

        Racial realists………friend.

      • a multiracial individual

        An amusing use of the term since you and your children are also mixed.

        • Of course, but as 3/16 NE Woodlands Amerind, I pass for white.

          • edie

            I saw so many white boys in college, claiming to be part indian……………..running from what they were.

            ashamed to be white boys
            shame on you

          • Morris LeChat

            give him a break, there are good mixes and bad mixes. Yes, most people who are white and claim some Indian ancestry are white. Personally, I am not a racial purist. I take issue though with someone who comes on a race realist site that promotes a white homeland and by his very screen name tries to sabotage the whole idea. WE can be against mixing and still accept mixes that pass. But to declare oneself a mix is needless arrogance.

          • ATBOTL

            Most people who claim Indian ancestry are lying. Anyone who would brag about it is not someone we want in our movement.

          • PesachPatriot

            I always thought that the majority of white people in the 13 southern states were almost all mixed with a little bit of cherokee, seminole and choctaw indian….in a “it hitting the fan” situation I would be very happy to have mr. scott in my corner.

          • Morris LeChat

            No, only people who apply to teach at Harvard are lying when they claim that

          • Morris LeChat

            How would you know that most people that claim Indian Ancestry are lying? OUtside of Harvard Professors, I’d tend to believe them.

          • paul clarkson

            The only movement you should make, is to jump off a cliff.

          • a multiracial individual

            [I take issue though with someone who comes on a race realist site that promotes a white homeland and by his very screen name tries to sabotage the whole idea…to declare oneself a mix is needless arrogance.]

            Interesting. It appears that you have divulged the source of your hostility toward me. As I suspected, it has NOTHING to do with the content of my posts. However, I did not suspect the reason was THAT vacuous (my moniker).

          • Morris LeChat

            wow!, you mixed race people are sharp! And so quick !

  • Korpiklaani

    I hope that video goes “viral” on youtube.

  • awb

    I like pits. they like libtards

  • [Guest]

    Yeah, a few million more instances such as this might just begin to reduce the pro-black propaganda spewed out at us constantly by “news” organizations.

    Sick ’em!

    • Sick of it

      The flash mob videos on YouTube have opened a few eyes.

      • [Guest]

        Yeah, and I’d like to see such videos spread far and wide over and over and over again for just that reason.

        In this case, though, I was suggesting that if members of the media had these kinds of experiences they might stop covering up for and promoting the black race.

        On second thought, I’m not so sure they can be cured even by rocks, baseball bats, and dog attacks.

      • Romulus

        Read Colin Flaherty’s “white girl bleed alot “

    • ed

      I saw it on ‘the five’ this afternoon.

      • Tanya Martin

        Yes, ‘the five’ showed the video, but did not include the hate-crime audio.

  • prettycelticwarrior

    They needto take the pitbulls from her for sure. It is these type of peoplein urban areas that give pits a bad name! I have a pit and know many people like me who own them and they are not bad dogs…just the opposite! I’m glad the reporter wasn’t hurt, but I do hope this is a wake up for her. She was def attacked for being a pretty white lady. If this pretty white lady called the black woman a “dumb and ugly black bitch, it would be a federal crime lol! The black one made racial when she called her “a white bitch” no doubt!

    • Korpiklaani

      I’d take a Rottweiler(I have 3), Doberman, German Shepard, or a Husky before I’d ever have a pitbull, I wont even capitalize the breed. I know at least 8 people with those “dogs” all of them are stupid, even the trained ones are just lousy dogs. I don’t understand the love for em, but hey, to each, their own.

      • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

        My Shepherd will eat a pits guts and ask for 2nds.

      • Romulus

        I’ve never owned a pitbull,so I can’t comment on their general disposition,but I like your selection. Shepherds are my favorite breed. I believe Irish wolfhounds also make good home protection dogs.

        • Korpiklaani

          Oh yeah, big ol Irish Wolfie, a real elegant dog as well.

        • Darrell

          hell with dogs, get a negro, it will attack without thinking, now that a oxymoron, a negro that thinks

    • White Mom in WDC

      Right on. So true. This black woman is fugly and obviously not a nice person. I have got to say that most black women I meet are just wicked. This reporter was simply asking a question. Black women generally suck, then they wonder why no one wants to deal with them.

    • paul clarkson

      Why are you all so biased and stupid. She was attacked because a reporter was pestering her about her neighbours that were murdered. She told her to leave multiple times before it escalated. Had it been a white person, you would be defending their right to privacy.

  • scTruth

    Politically correct diversity…isn’t it grand?

  • Puggg

    Melissa Lawrence probably has outstanding warrants herself.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    The TV news media always falls over itself to show blacks in the best possible light…I just HAD to see how they handled THIS! Delicious and delightful in its irony!

    Their biggest mistake was in not sending a black reporter like they usually do.

  • Vito Powers

    Why do these stupid local TV news crews even go into a black neighborhood anyway? My local cable channel in Connecticut always highlights some Negro crime that was committed, mainly in Bridgeport. Is it really news that there’s crime in black neighborhoods?

    And why send a blond hair white girl there anyway? Wake up, you dumb TV News morons

    • Johnny Clay

      The news stations here in the DC area always send white women into the hood to cover stories there. Just waiting for one of them to get raped.

      • ed

        it’s part of the agenda to think we’re all equal.

        many libs have to find out the hard way, over and over.

        then they become conservatives, telling their stories about how they used to be libs until they had a wakeup call or two.

    • Morris LeChat

      In heels and a tight skirt no less. News flash for the news crews. When you send a white girl to the ghetto to do a story, you have her in running pants and running sneakers, and you have a get away car right there for her and the cameraman to ho into.

      • A Freespeechzone

        I’d suggest that she be packing ‘heat’ as well… I never leave home without my ‘heat’…legally, I might add.

      • OYO

        Youve been posting non stop since 6AM…how many morris’s are there in your kosher group? Get a life,turd brain.

    • ye ol’ swampyankee

      Ahhhhh yes. . . bruthaport


  • The__Bobster

    Dumb libtards don’t realize that a calm Nubian princess can go from zero to a Category 3 chimpout in mere seconds. That’s why you have to always be on guard around them. Smart reporters take a few bodyguards with them when they venture into the hood.

    • Gunrunner1

      Amen! To go cat 4 or 5 you have to have boiling water or a little bit of bath salts involved; then the party really goes to town!

  • Luca

    I am wondering if this idiot reporter would also venture into the lion’s den at the local zoo to interview the lions if she thought there was a story in it. After watching this, I’d say it’s quite possible.

    • ed

      in high heels, no less.

  • guest

    Another naive leftist falls victim to the diversity that they claim to love.

    • AttaBoy

      Plenty of naive WN here fall victim to the diversity they claim to hate…by way of the trojan horse syndrome…those that search for respectability usually end up rolling in manure.

  • Richard

    The pit bulls are getting all the press, but the angry sista was also wielding a bat and throwing good size rocks at people’s heads. She had multiple levels of violence covered yet people are ticked at some judge for suggesting blacks are more violent. It’s amazing how people can intentionally delude themselves.

  • freddy_hills

    That woman should be charged with assault for throwing rocks, brandishing a bat and encouraging the dogs to attack. Having said that, those dogs didn’t look very vicious.

    • A Freespeechzone

      Nothing will be done to the raging black thug woman….to do so would bring cries of racism..which renders LE impotent.

  • Greg Thomas

    Whenever a feral black engages in a violent racist act towards Whites, they are dismissed as “unhinged” by the MSM. When a White questions diversity, we are collectively demonized as Nazis. Funny how that works.

    • ZeitTrash

      Notice how anyone who questions any PC or leftist ideas is now classified as “far right” by the media. On every issue. Whether it’s gay marriage or voter ID or IRS harassment or whatever – anyone who asks too many questions is branded a “far right” lunatic by the mainstream media.

      • Greg Thomas

        You bet I notice it. In addition, anyone who opposes amnesty for 33 million illegal invaders, or demands that immigration law be enforced, is deemed “conservative.” Since when is it conservative to simply expect the law to be enforced and criminal invaders deported, rather than rewarded.

        If this were the case, almost the entire world would be comprised of “conservatives,” as most citizens of any country expect their sovereignty to be protected.

        The MSM is evil…

    • evilsandmich

      The reporter should be glad the natives didn’t go ‘mob wild’ and stream out of their houses to make off with her and her stuff.

  • Greg Thomas

    Dense, diversity-loving liberals needed to be reminded that when you play with fire, you are bound to be burnt. Incidents like this are that reminder.

  • Jean Blaque

    I was reading this article that was posted about Orange County on this website earlier this week. There was a young Black lady who was cursed out by a White woman at the bus stop.

    Michelle Woo’s sobering report on the state of being black at UC Irvine

    • Greg Thomas

      I highly doubt that bus stop incident even occurred and even if it did, it was not racially motivated. The black probably did something to deserve reprimand. Besides, we all know that blacks have a penchant for concocting such incidents, in order to keep racism alive. Their victimhood depends on it.

      • Romulus

        Even if it is true, the Zulu was probably the agitator. I agree Mr. Thomas.

      • Andrew

        I wont go that far. There are cases where Whites are in the wrong. For the record , I am White.

        • evilsandmich

          I’ll put this as mildly as possible: I don’t care. What little whites do (somewhat unfortunately) is nothing compared to the tsunami that they’re living under. And no, I didn’t down-vote you.

    • BernieGoetzFan

      The only time whites fight back against blacks is when they are physically attacked (like Epic Beard Man). Unprovoked non-black on black attacks do not exist. Blacks carry out unprovoked attacks on non-blacks every day. As to the state of blacks at UC Irving – privileged.

    • PesachPatriot

      I hardly think being cursed out is the equivalent of being sent to the hospital after being a victim of the knockout game or being sent to the cemetery after a home invasion. You can look for sympathy in the dictionary between s–t and syphilis.

  • brengunn

    Pity the dogs might be put down for the owners mistakes. For the owners pathology.

    • A Freespeechzone

      Too bad the owner won’t be put down….

  • Morris LeChat

    one could make gorilla cookies wiff dat face

  • quick_quip

    Fat, feral and felonious is no way to go through life, sheboon.

  • bigone4u

    TV news directors always send attractive white women to the ghetto and into black thug athlete locker rooms to prove how safe they are. Gotcha, Mr. News Director. You almost lost a reporter because of your PC stupidity.

    Since I love pit bulls, let me defend them. They were playing a game of chase. I’ll bet the reporter got a tooth nick, not a real bite from one of them. I hope the police do not hold the feral violent black female’s behavior against innocent dogs. It sure was funny to see that reporter trying to run in her high heels. Better wear your track shoes into the ghetto, honey.

    • Easyrhino1

      The dogs looked less aggressive and more clueless than anything.

      • Morris LeChat

        They were saying “adopt us, adopt us!!! Please!! get us out of this hell hole!!!!”

        • bigone4u

          My late pittie was dumped in the barrio. I think he had been used as a bait dog because he would not fight. After I treated his injuries and fattened up his skeletal frame, he proved his unconditional love his whole life. So yes, there are many pitties who would like nothing better than to move to a white neighborhood.

          • jtree

            I have visited quite a few animal shelters in California and they are filled with Pit Mixes (like the ones this bantu owns) and a few purebred dogs as well. They are often times dumped there after their owners overbreed them and have no use for them once they don’t turn a profit. Some of them come in with obvious signs of torture and neglect. I have noticed more whites adopting these dogs thanks to the strong efforts of rescue organizations to combat the stereotypes associated with them but the numbers are overwhelming.

          • saxonsun

            Same here in NYC and all over.

      • jane johnson

        Definitely less aggressive than their owner, but more clueless? Not so much.

    • What would happen if I decided not to not run anymore, and open one of them up with a box-cutter?

      • Korpiklaani

        You’d be Michael Vick’s new roommate.

        • PesachPatriot

          I’m pretty sure Mr. Vick has been out of prison for a while now. If I would have been the judge he would have gotten to ride the lightning in old sparky. I could care less if they want to shoot or stab each other over sneakers and chicken wings, but animal abuse really pushes my rage button.

      • Morris LeChat

        awww, they weren’t that bad. The creature who owns them probably throws rocks at them all the time, and they thought this was ll just play.

    • dondiego

      My mate sent his dog for training to an ex-K9 cop. Apparently there are nine degrees of biting from “I love you but don’t know how to express it” through to “You are dinner”.
      These poor pooches raised on ebonics were just saying “Hep meh(!) Hep meh(!)”

  • Jefferson

    Black conservative Larry Elder even admitted that his own people are more racist than White folks, on average.

    • ed

      what a guy.

      lets elect him to represent us.

    • Theodis

      Larry Elder is a big uncle tom who is paid to state bulls*hit that White racists like you guys love to hear.

      • jane johnson

        Let’s see, he has a law degree, a successful radio show, AND worst of all, he’s a conservative. Of course you have to demean him. Bet you hate Walter Williams, Alan West, and Thomas Sowell, too.

  • Easyrhino1

    With all due respect to the pooches, that reporter did look rather tasty. I’d bite her as well.

  • Greg Thomas

    Why hasn’t this feral black been arrested for a hate crime? Moreover, I demand a federal
    indictment for violating the civil rights of this reporter. Do you think
    “my people” Eric Holder will act in the best interest of justice in this case?

    • ed

      lib rule #7— it’s impossible for blacks to be racist.

  • James

    This poor black woman was obviously terrified and fearing for her very life!!!!! All these people needed were White hoods!!!! Now it’s open season on little old black ladies as well as innocent little black children!!!!!!!!!
    This was a modern day lynching!!!!! I hope they arrested the news crew for violating this poor, oppressed woman’s civil rights and that they receive lengthy prison sentences for their heinous hate crime. I also hope she wins her multimillion dollar lawsuit against the bigoted television station, City and State that sent these criminals to her very door.

  • joesolargenius

    It’s too bad she didn’t have better luck with the rocks, I mean after all it was only a journalist you know..

  • Some Guy

    Here in the die-verse SF Bay Area newscasters had their camera stolen live on the air.

    Points of the article that stick out:
    “One of the assailants punched Welk in the mouth before the group fled in a
    Mercedes-Benz, which apparently was accompanied by a Lexus.”

    Reporter Anne Makovec and cameraman Gregg Welk were on the air shortly after noon Wednesday outside Oakland Technical High School

    Oakland Technical High School is 52% black and was sued because they would not release their School proficiency rate. Every school in Oakland School District has to.
    It was English 48%, Math 25% Science 48% and History 44%

    “He is fine, and he is actually working today,” KPIX spokeswoman Akilah
    Bolden-Monifa said Thursday.

    Akilah Bolden-Monifa is a Huff Post blogger and op ed writer for Progressive Media Project. She is a lesbian of African descent who lives in Oakland, Calif. with her wife (pre-Prop 8) Ruth Bolden-Monifa, and their two children, Isabella and Benjamin Bolden-Monifa. She writes about race, class, sexual orientation/identity and their intersection with sports and pop culture.

    • Aspiring rapper

      So the Technical High School has a 25% math proficiency rate?! More black geniuses, I guess.

      Remind me: How is Stephen Hawking doing on his search for “Africa’s Einsteins”? Haven’t heard any updates in years…

  • MikeS

    The utter uselessness of blacks is only equaled by their pathological tendencies.

  • Baboon

    Another video showing why blacks need to be in cages. Prison or the zoo.

  • DLRisVH

    If I were one of those pit bulls I wouldn’t have stopped until I got Abbey.sorry had to do it.

  • A liberal reporter gets a lesson and a nice dose of reality. A possible AMREN member now ? She went to cover a “youth” shooting in the hood and is lucky to get out. I hope this dumb liberal reporter learned something here but without getting gang raped or beat half to death Im not holding much hope.

  • I think the dogs wanted to go home wih her not hurt her after living with bantus to long. After a very long day at work this video gave me a good laugh thanks.

    • Morris LeChat

      Yeah, me too. That certainly was not a pit bull attack . It was more like they were saying, “OMG HELP US! HELP US!”

  • White Mom in WDC

    This video just proves what most people know, that being that most black women are fugly inside and out.

  • RisingReich

    I sure wish these “White Girls” would start fighting back.

  • Morris LeChat

    Those pitbulls were rather sluggish, I wouldn’t be surprised if some black male in the house was in the process of raping them when they were called outside.


  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    Two things:

    1) Urban blacks in the north have an extra violent edge to them. An elevated hate the white man attitude and a chip on their shoulders a mile wide. Blacks in the rust belt are extra confrontational.

    2)This is exactly why racial demographic separation is rather well defined in the Northeast. Black’s in the cites and whites in the higher priced burbs’ and rural areas. We need those high tax bases and exclusionary zoning laws in the burb’s for our own community preservation. As for the northern rural areas, they have no history of living there to begin with. And they are either to poor or too scared to venture out that far anyway and view this demographic as potentially hostile white territory.

  • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

    Nothing to see here…just another “random attack.”

  • jay11

    We all know the black female will not serve any jail time. She’ll probably be invited to ‘civil rights’ conferences to talk about her brave stand against white privilege and will get a street named after her. Maybe a scholarship in her honor too!

    • IstvanIN

      Maybe the Premier Chief will invite her to the White House!

  • Puggg

    You’d never see this behavior out of pugs. Never.

    • MBlanc46

      Love those pugs.

      • Morris LeChat

        take you pugs and run, if you see a black guy on the street.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Not from what I’ve seen and heard!!


      • I’m glad you’ve decided to stick around and post more pictures, Bon.

        I finally found “Dixie” on a banjo this evening for Sayaka, so I got as far as putting my old HVO shirt and jacket on. I must have four inches of extra arm growth on each side since 1991.

        That would be between age 25 and 47.

        “Dixie” on a banjo is the best ever.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          ‘Dixie’ on a banjo is the best ever.

          One of the musical selections in Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride is “Dixie” played on a banjo (just before the first waterfall).

          Indeed, it is the best ever.

          For for your rotation and kind words:


  • Providence Guy

    My great grandparents came to Providence in the 1890’s. They settled in a section with other people of Italian ancestry known as Federal Hill. The Public Street area in Providence is considered South Providence, first home to the English, then the Irish, then the Jews, and now…….you can see who lives there. Most of the people in that neighborhood rent and in the 70’s, over 75% of the homes were owned by one person – yes, a Jewish guy who was considered a slum lord. Hispanic and Asian gangs now roam the neighborhood, and terrorize anyone who crosses their path. If you look at some of the homes, you can only imagine how spectacular they once were – when they were owner occupied and owned by WHITE people who worked for a living or owned their own business. I’ll bet my yearly salary that that women in the video is on section 8 housing and gets public assistance. The Providence Police log (available on line) lists arrests in every area of the city – guess what area has the highest number of violent crimes and drug arrests?

  • PesachPatriot

    I didn’t know there were a lot of aspiring rappers and athletes in rhode island….One of my late friends had a beautiful red nose pit bull named buddy and he was the sweetest, most wonderful dog I knew…What hood residents do to dogs(fighting and abuse) really makes me angry. The owner should be put down instead of her dog.

    I went to a few pretty wild graduation parties about sixteen years ago with plenty of weed, beer and whiskey….there would be an occasional fistfight but no one ever got shot…maybe its because the people who were at the parties preferred listening to Slayer, Metallica, Pantera and Motorhead and not Biggie, Tupac or the Wu-tang clan.

  • Chicken roost

    This is what white people have been doing to blacks and browns for centuries. I guess the chicken have come home to roost.

    • Korpiklaani

      No, our dogs were better trained.

    • jane johnson

      Then maybe the blacks and browns should avoid the white people AND their chickens.

  • Jim G

    Brainwashing is a very difficult to overcome. As most American young women Abbey Niezgoda has without doubt been subjected to over a decade of feminist / diversity brainwashing.

    We are lucky. We have had either age or wisdom to see through the liberal brainwashing. But a normal young woman in America is up against great odds.

    Abbey Niezgoda is an attractive woman that should be home caring for her children while her husband does the bread winning. Instead she is throwing away her child bearing years on a flight of feminist / diversity fancy.

    She is lucky that she was not seriously injured, disfigured, or killed by the Black woman and her dogs.

    • Gunrunner1

      Amen to this post.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    “An entire black mob attacks a white couple for no reason and it’s not racial?”

    Actually, I watched one of these in reverse on youtube. Black female reporter and her camera man confronted by two racist white women. The news covered it as a great race crime and a great tribulation/racism survival on the part of the black reporter. The video itself shows the black reporter punch one of the white women, the only punch thrown during the event. So, even well-to-do blacks assaulting poor whites is seen as ‘racism’, on the part of whites.

  • WowReally

    I bet this white news reporter was a liberal “let’s all sing kumbaya” type too. One by one they will all learn the true nature of “diversity” and how many of these yoofs are anti-white racists. Let’s turn it around. A black female reporter walks up to a white female and the white female sics her dogs on her and screams “STUPID BLACK GIRL!”. There would be cries of “the 1950’s dog assaults all over again”, “racist”, and it would be ALL over the news. These black women are not even women. They are more masculine than many races of men.

    • MBlanc46

      Jesse and Al would show up. The entire media circus would be in town. When it’s black on white it’s just another page 10 story on a slow news day.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Who are we supposed to root for here? Both blacks AND the msm are sworn enemies of white Americans and enablers of this nation’s destruction.

    Guess I’ll root for the dogs, who will unfortunately pay the price for this black idiots stupidity.


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    This has been all over the local news in So Cal:

    Pit bull owner charged with murder for California mauling death

    Alex Jackson, owner of the four pit bulls that killed Pamela Devitt, was charged with murder Thursday after DNA tests on the dogs revealed the victim’s blood on their muzzles and coats.

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/pit-bull-owner-charged-murder-california-mauling-death-article-1.1359513#ixzz2VVQODFl5


    • I carry pepper spray and a box-cutter, and I will never run away.

      • MBlanc46

        Running away from a dog is not a good strategy. It’s likely to provoke an attack if one wasn’t being planned (to the extent that dogs plan). If it’s a bluff, turning and facing it will usually call it. If it’s not a bluff, it’s probably better to be attacked where you can see what’s happening and defend yourself than from behind.

      • Gunrunner1

        Courage you got, better weapons you need.

  • ViktorNN

    Racial slurs? Whites have had hate crime charges pressed against them for less.

    But there won’t be hate crime charges here.

    If the number of crimes that actually met the conditions for hate crime that are committed against whites were actually prosecuted and reported, it would explode the notion that whites commit most hate crimes.

    In our schools, on our city streets, on public transportation, most victims of hate crimes are white. Everyone knows it, but the entire system is rigged to smother the truth before it even gets spoken, much less officially proven.

  • Me

    Racist remarks – hate speech, assault (and possibly an intent to murder)…translated into how much years in prison is … 0, because the perpetrator is a Bantu. Disgusting… .

  • BaronBaal

    All I can say is that whites really better wake up because it’s going to get very dangerous for them as their numbers and influence dwindle. You can almost feel the hate against whites in the air now. I know I will survive no matter how bad it gets but unfortunately many, many whites won’t.

  • Sloppo

    Perhaps somebody should have explained to the reporter that bantu communities aren’t very much like Mayberry.

  • jeffaral

    Not her fault. Blame the greedy plantation owners in the South and the jewish slave traders who brought them.


    I don’t know much about this reporter but a lot of people are attacking her and I think unjustly. To be able to work and be employed in this country she has to toe the company line which gives her the rules in how to report the news .It is easy for us to criticize her but she is white and working in America under extreme conditions .Sure she should maintain her convictions if they differ from her management but in todays work force it is difficult to keep you job. I think we need to support this reporter instead of deserting her . I don’t see anything funny about her getting bit and attacked by that animal and her dogs .Read the book “The Coloring of the News ” . It talks about reporters who did their jobs and were fired because they accurately reported news and wouldn’t back down from the their bosses . Who do you think this White women works for ! Its our fault that the media reports the way it does ! Our apathy and lack of courage to stand against what is happening in this country. So before you point the finger at this poor reporter and laugh at her because she lacks the moral courage to stand up to her masters look in the mirror and ask yourself what are you doing for our cause!

    • saxonsun

      And notice that the ones laughing are all those big, macho males who spend years complaining on sites like this instead of standing up? They’d scream like little boys if this happened to them.

      • THE MAN

        Well I just think that people are assuming things about her that might not be true . Maybe she believes like we believe but is restricted to express those ideas because of her bosses .I just think people have condemned her too quickly .I would think we of all people would sympathize with her plight and give her comfort and support we might win a convert .

    • Morris LeChat

      I think Ginger Grant on Gilligan’s Island ran faster than her, and in a tighter skirt!

  • track325

    If this was reversed, can you imagine the press coverage? A Red Neck white women throws a rock, grabs a bat, sicks her two dogs on an “African American ” reporter while threatening and hurling racial slurs.

  • Darrell

    look at the news stories teen blacks riot, negro moms fight a chuckie cheese, negros riot at school graduation, negros try to kill George Zimmerman, whats wrong with this race? these people are sub-human. murder, rape, drugs, more murder. you would not understand, its a black thing

  • Q-ship

    I’m sure the reporter has already checked herself into a sensitivity training course, and is subjecting herself to intensive self-criticism and wrenching soul searching. As an aside, the aggressor seems to check most of the black female stereotype boxes quite nicely.

  • Whirlwinder

    Another disingenuous white liberal. Stupid. She is lucky to get out with her life.

  • Jackryanvb

    The dogs were beautiful – when trained with love and discipline they are great urban companions, protectors of Whites. Most pit bulls really like to go after Blacks, it’s the Michael Vick sense.




  • Paleoconn

    Lefty reporter in whorishly tight dress…unhinged black woman with pit bulls. I don’t have a dog in that fight. pun intended.

    Pass the popcorn.

    I love how the camera guy doesn’t bother to help her. Probably sick of working with her lol

  • Texan1st

    If it wasn’t a liberal reporter on the receiving end of this black tirade, the “dumb white girl” comment would have been censored from the story.