LAPD’s Firing of Christopher Dorner Was Justified, Report Says

Joel Rubin, Los Angeles Times, June 21, 2013

Christopher Dorner, the ex-Los Angeles police officer who went on a killing rampage to avenge his firing from the LAPD, lied repeatedly to further a “personal agenda” during his short time on the force and deserved to be thrown out of the department, police officials concluded in a report released Friday.

Police Chief Charlie Beck ordered an internal review of Dorner’s 2009 firing to address claims Dorner made about the department in a rambling manifesto he posted online, in which he described an LAPD rife with racism and corruption.

Beck made the move after a chorus of critics from within the department and outside its ranks latched on to Dorner’s allegations, saying that although they condemned the killings, Dorner’s dark description of the agency rang true. That swell of harsh criticism, Beck and others feared, threatened to undo years of work by police and city officials to rehabilitate the department’s reputation after decades marked by abuses and scandal.

“I directed this review because I wanted to ensure that the Los Angeles Police Department is fair and transparent in all that we do,” Beck said Friday in a prepared statement. “All of us recognize that as a department we are not perfect; nonetheless, this report shows that the discharge of Christopher Dorner was factually and legally the right decision.”

Dorner was fired in 2009, and in February of this year, police say, he shot to death an Irvine woman—the daughter of the attorney who defended him at his disciplinary proceedings—and her fiance. Dorner then killed two police officers and wounded three other people as he evaded capture during an intense manhunt, authorities said.

After more than a week on the run, Dorner was discovered in the mountains near Big Bear and chased into a cabin in the woods, where he died from what the report confirmed was a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The 39-page report, written by Gerald Chaleff, a former criminal defense attorney who serves as a special assistant to Beck, staunchly defended the decision to kick Dorner out of the LAPD. Police investigators at the time, Chaleff concluded, were right when they found that Dorner, then a rookie, fabricated a story in 2007 accusing his training officer of repeatedly kicking a handcuffed, mentally ill man.


The report also buttressed the finding of officials at the time of what motivated Dorner to fabricate the story of the kicking. He made up the story, Chaleff said, only after his training officer warned him that his performance in the field had been poor and that she was contemplating whether to give him failing marks in an upcoming assessment.


Chaleff wrote that he found no credible evidence to support Dorner’s claim. The mentally ill man who was arrested was too sick to be coherent, and three witnesses to the arrest all said they did not see the man get kicked.



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    He never should of been hired, AA at work…….

  • The__Bobster

    Beck made the move after a chorus of critics from within the department and outside its ranks latched on to Dorner’s allegations, saying that although they condemned the killings, Dorner’s dark description of the agency rang true.

    Yes, the poor, oppressed minority always has a legitimate grievance, especially when the eeevil police are involved. I can guess who the “chorus of critics” are.

  • Funruffian

    What a waste of resources! The LAPD spends all this time and money training this Bantu, all so he can go on a rampage, destroy public property and kill people. What a bad investment AA hires are.

    • It’s called an acceptable expense. I almost forgot this nimrod’s name because the news wants to bury this story.

      • Two Pythons

        You almost forgot about it because bantu mass murdersserial killers are a daily occurrence.

  • Spartacus

    “Chaleff wrote that he found no credible evidence to support Dorner’s claim.”

    NO! You mean a negro said the police was racist, and it turned out he was lying !!??! What a shocker !

  • Romulus

    Was there ever any doubt. No matter the circumstances, groids almost always see the world through the prism of black oppression.

    • Brian

      One of the clinical diagnostics of low IQ: Inability to understand consequences.

      If people wonder why blacks always see themselves as the victim, no matter what they’ve done to bring ill-fortune upon themselves, here’s the answer.

      • Romulus

        Of course.

  • MekongDelta69

    The only good thing about this story is this affirmative action loser is dead

    If it had been a white guy – never mind – you know the rest…

  • He killed the daughter of the lawyer who DEFENDED him? I guess that’s what passes for rational thinking and mature emotional response among Afritards.

  • Triarius

    Very little shocks me nowadays, but this Dorner thing was one of the few that did. Not that a black guy went bananas (a little pun intended), but peoples’ reaction to it i.e. liberals. I simply for the life of me never saw it coming that he was considered a Robin Hood or a folk hero. I expected this from blacks with Trayvon, etc.

    How liberals took him at his word and without seeing any evidence to what he had claimed, even though it was clearly all made up. I know liberals are crazy but I never thought I would see them sing the praises of someone like this. I mean, its not even like he was accused of killing the cops who supposedly were corrupt or against him (which again, was all made up), but he killed innocent people, like Adam Lanza and all the other crazies. And people were singing Dorner’s praise.

    I always thought that a civil war was likely, but now I think it is inevitable.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      You see, lots of libs like that show “Dexter,” right? First season, (or second, I’m not sure) Dexter frames the valiant black detective (who later gets offed in an explosion) for his own murders. Get it? See, reality follows art! Obviously Dorner was not fired for cause, and all the evil whiteys just got what they had coming. And now, we have Saint ChristoD. You really think the libtards are going to believe the LAPD report? Really?

      • Triarius

        No, I do not think the libs would have read or believed the LAPD report. I don’t give them that much credit. The praise would not have shocked me if he did kill the cops, but innocent people that had nothing to do with any of this? I rank him up there with James Holmes, but I do not see people en masse praising him, even what they did was extremely similar. Liberals were calling for the arrest of Holmes, like everyone else, yet hoping Dorner got away. I still don’t get it.