Kuwaiti Cleric Says Koran Allows for Wife Beatings to Treat ‘Mental Disorder’

Jessica Chasmar, Washington Times, June 12, 2013

A Kuwaiti cleric and president of Iqra TV has said that Islam allows for wife beatings if she suffers from a “mental disorder,” such as masochism.

“We all know that some men suffer from a mental disorder known as sadism, and that some woman suffer from a mental disorder known as masochism,” Jassem Al-Mutawa said to guest host Muhammad Al-Hajj, a professor from the University of Jordan.

“What is the cure for such disorders? Beatings,” he continued. “Such a woman must be dealt with harshly.


“Meanwhile, according to the latest U.N. statistics, from 1999-2000, every 12 seconds, a wife is beaten by her husband in the U.S. in some cases, these beatings lead to the woman’s death,” he added. “When the Westerners criticize us about our issues, we must be confident and talk about their own issues. Even though the Koran [permits wife-beating], we have no cases of death resulting from it, and if there have been any, it is rare.”


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  • I’m waiting to see that car wreck that happens at the intersectionality of feminism and Islam.

    • MBlanc46

      It’s already happening. For example, feminists at Harvard supporting “women only” swimming periods because Muslim women refuse to swim at the same time as men. I’m a bit surprised to see feminists give up their most deeply held principles, but apparently “tolerance” of Islam trumps their intolerance of men.

      • Well in that case it’s not a car wreck, but a matter of the feminists have a red light while the Muslims have a green light. It’s this whole bit about “progressive stack” that Jim Goad mentioned in his last article over at Taki Theodoracopulous.

        • Rusty Shackelford

          To take your analogy further, in many cases the feminists see the Muslims coming and willingly take a detour.

      • a multiracial individual

        The way they try to square this circle goes something like this, “Patriarchy is bad, and it exists all over the world. However, privileged Western males viciously oppress men in developing nations. This fills men in developing nations with despair and hopelessness. They are then forced to cling to some kind of cultural glue to maintain the smallest semblance of sanity. Unfortunately, these cultural systems that they are compelled to cling to often have patriarchy as a feature within them. It is thus upon the shoulders of the world’s privileged men to cease oppression of others, both domestically and abroad.”

        • MBlanc46

          I knew it was my fault.

          • Spartacus

            Everything’s our fault…

          • The__Bobster

            Or Bush’s.

      • The__Bobster

        All the feminazis I’ve met will forgive any offense from a muzzie but will rake a White Christian male over the coals for the same offense.

  • “We all know that some men suffer from a mental disorder known as sadism, and that some woman suffer from a mental disorder known as masochism,” Jassem Al-Mutawa said to guest host Muhammad Al-Hajj, a professor from the University of Jordan.
    So beating your wife who has a mental disorder that makes her enjoy pain is going to cure your wife of this disorder?.
    And I guess having rough anal sex with your best (closet homosexual) buddy who enjoys anal sex will cure him of that?
    Does Jordan use a different DSM than America uses? ….. Because nothing is deviant here anymore. How else would you explain teenage blacks raping white females in their 80s and 90s and not being news? How else would you explain Channon Christian and friend?

    • gemjunior

      It’s funny but I noticed it too – nothing is deviant here anymore. The examples you give are perfect. Nothing in this country is wrong either – it’s just their ‘cultural’ way of doing something. And you know, since there really is nothing wrong, why do we even need a DSM anymore? I say that if negroes don’t want to work because they are lazy and dependent we should just get them more couches to layabout on. Need money negro? Here’s your check! Seems like we are not doing too bad and when all the muzzies come we will be able to adapt. Jeez…

  • libertarian1234

    “Kuwaiti Cleric Says Koran Allows for Wife Beatings to Treat ‘Mental Disorder’

    From that example would it be unreasonable to think their remedy for a sore throat is stomping on the neck?

    • IstvanIN

      If you cut the head off you can air out the throat. Great cure I hear.

  • bigone4u

    Which city will be the first to allow sharia law for the muzzies? That’s what they want and no one seems to be speaking out (like Obama or Holder for example) about a problem that is going to explode in magnitude as the “more muzzies” immigration policy continues. I’m guessing Detroit will be the first to make muzzie law apply to muzzies.

    • mobilebay

      We’re losing our cities. one by one, to these savages. Like illegal aliens, our elected officials are powerless against them because of their fear of not being politically correct. They are surrendering our nation to the M&Ms

    • 5n4k33y35

      It cracks me up every time I see “muzzies”.

  • PouponMarks

    What a delicious irony it would be if Sharia Muslims take over and direct public beatings to radical Marxist Feminists, in-your-face LGBT-BLT fascists, ultra-liberal Marxist/Progressive Anti West/America Jews, and other Islamic World Caliphate enablers, and atheists. They brought the alligators into their apartment, and now it chews them up.

    • Bob Jenkins

      Unfortunately, we’re forced to be “roomies” in that said apartment. The alligators will eat us and our children as well. It will be a small compensation though to see the traitors suffering and finally (too late) admitting we were right all along.

  • David Ashton

    Not quite sure how this would CURE the husband of sadism and the wife (or wives) of masochism.

    • libertarian1234

      “Not quite sure how this would CURE the husband of sadism and the wife (or wives) of masochism.”

      Yes, as a sadist the husband would fuel his tendencies to cause harm to someone, while the wife would take pleasure in being abused and harmed and would probably provoke more of the same.

      There are other instances of mindless cruelty within the religion also, one of which involves animals.

      Personally, I think the slaughter “ritual” that leaves an animal stumbling around and suffering for its last several minutes instead of killing it instantly was based in a desire to satisfy a blood lust under the guise of following religious tenets.

      • David Ashton

        Wasn’t Brigitte Bardot punished for “racism” in France because she complained about Muslim treatment of animals?

        • libertarian1234

          I don’t recall if she was punished or not, but she was highly critical of Islamic ritual killing of animals and made what amounts to truthful observations about Muslims in general, warning that they intended to take over France.

          I’ll have to look it up, but I think she was regarded in about the same light as Nick Griffin who said even less than she did about Islam, and as far as I can recall he merely made an accurate evaluation based on facts, but was prosecuted anyway.

          In both instances, the multicults went into desperation mode frantic that their Orwellian propaganda machine might not be able to counter the truth, since both personalities are high-profile types whose opinions carry considerable weight with the average citizen.

          You know, I think the entire Western world with its multicultural utopian scheme lives on the edge of catastrophe 24/7, and the elites supporting it all know full well that if they ever stop dancing the music will stop and the party will be over.

  • Transpower

    Islam–what a sick, false religion. We are on this planet for ethical character development. This means following the Golden Rule and not initiating force, theft, and fraud. We should not sacrifice ourselves to others or others to ourselves. Islam is in violation of all of this.

    • David Ashton

      I think Islam is the one major world faith that actually lacks the Golden Rule.

    • PouponMarks

      Actually, it follows the Rolden Gule.

      • Brutus

        In particular, as I understand it, Mohammedanism promotes a dualistic ethics in which something like the Golden Rule is applied to dealings with other Mohammedans, but it does not apply to dealings with “kaffirs.”

        Mohammedans traditionally divide the world into “Dar al-Islam” and “Dar al-Harb:” The “House of Submission” and the “House of War.”

        • David Ashton

          They are not supposed to stay permanently in the House of War unless they are actively converting it and/or protecting themselves by sharia autonomy. If the west denied them the right to establish their own self-governing communities around the mosques, their religion would authorize or require their return “home”.
          The land of the free needs to become the land of the brave – against Un-American Activities as bad as in WW2 or the Cold War.

        • Great! When do we get to kill all the Muslims?

          Self-defense is always moral, after all!

          • Brutus

            I don’t think that we ever get to “kill all the Muslims.” I can’t see where that would ever be moral. For one thing, anyone who had enough power to kill all the Muslims would not need to kill them to defend himself.

            But I believe that there will be war in Europe between Europeans and Muslims, and in war both sides will do things out of necessity that are outside the bounds of any morality. The Serbian civil war is a preview of what is coming.

  • NordicHeritage

    Coming to a town near you thanks to your local charity or church group importing muslim “refugees”.


    This is why negros are so attracted to Islam, they love beating women, especially white women

    • Brutus

      Also there is a specifically black/”African American” offshoot of Mohammedanism, called “Nation of Islam,” which teaches that the White man is the devil (I don’t know all the specifics of its doctrine, which is loony as far as I’ve been able to see–something about an evil scientist creating Whites through genetic engineering).

  • Gunrunner1

    Feminists love playing with fire. I wonder what would happen if America really adopted Sharia Law. It is a system that is very empowering to men. The first morning the empowered feminist woyman got a good beating for not bringing coffee to her man in bed, tried to sue and got laughed out of court, tried to divorce him and found herself out of work, out of money and occasionally raped for being a woman without a man, the light might dawn. Sharia Law doesn’t sound so bad for the men. The same feminists who scream at Western Christian marriages as being “Patriarchal” have no idea, but they will once the Burka slides over their heads and the husband has the last laugh.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      Right you are baby! (I’m a racially aware White woman and I love your comment.)

    • 5n4k33y35

      “…the light might dawn…”

      Nothing can enlighten the mind of a Feminist. Beatings, rape, divorce, poverty – none of this makes a Feminist learn. To the contrary, this is what seasons a Feminist with unshakeable conviction.

      This is because the essence of Feminism is displacing the blame from the man who abuses them onto other innocent men whom the Feminist believes she can get away with abusing.

      The Feminists gives herself up to be abused by the worst men, and when they’re finished with her, she then points her finger and shrieks at innocent men for looking at her wrong, or making some comment within earshot of her.

      The Feminist eases the burden on the abusive and rapacious man, and heaps burdens onto men and boys who can never seem to catch a break from women.

  • Brutus

    Where is the size of the stick so limited? I am familiar with the passage, and it doesn’t mention the size of the stick. I am not familiar with any authoritative source for the “size of your small finger”/”size of a toothbrush” (however it be phrased) restriction. According to al-Tabari (if I recall), this verse was “revealed” in support of a man who had struck his wife (as a hadith has it) so that her skin was as green as her clothes.

    I have read, I think in a hadith, where Mahound is supposed to have limited the extent of wife beating: A man is allowed to beat his wife lightly, so that he does not break her bone.

  • I grew up in a home in which a “man” beat his wife and his wife and children, and who remains absolutely terrified of me. I live in a neighborhood in which single retired lady had one of my friends and me move her piano: this is not so hard; we didn’t bang up her walls.

    Another wanted her hide-a-bed sofa moved, so we did that. I try very hard to not lift these things up into the air too quickly.

    Careful is better sometimes! I let my guard down with a neighbor from Thailand: moving his truck and moving his dining room table, and he’ll swear before God and anyone that I am completely inhuman.

  • Brutus

    You are correct. But there are blacks (and, amazingly, Whites) in America who believe the NOI teachings.