When Jared Taylor Was Still Respectable

YouTube, May 18, 2013

An Australian reader sent us this link of a video taken in the late 1980s.


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  • OlderWoman

    Jared worked for a magazine called PC??? Funny how things work out.

    • Martel

      That is ironic..

    • Oil Can Harry

      This just in, a press release from the $PLC:

      “After watching this disgusting and hateful video we at the Southern Poverty Pimp Center will from now on classify computer programmers as a hate group. They lack diversity, use technology by William Shockley and are overwhelmingly white and male aka racist and sexist.

      Sincerely, Morris Sleaze
      Founder, $PLC

  • WR_the_realist

    Well, Excel proved to be a Lotus 123 crusher. So Jared Taylor was wrong about 123 maintaining its dominance. But he is right about the reality of racial differences, the very thing that now makes him “disreputable”. You can be horribly wrong and still stay “respectable” — look at all those neocons who pushed us into the Iraq war. They still have lucrative government jobs, still get feted by the media, some of them still get high pay as media pundits, etc. OTOH, Nick Griffin correctly predicting that Muslim terror would come to Great Britain never made him respectable to the media. Judge Andrew Napolitano wrote a book titled, “It is Dangerous to be Right When the Government is Wrong”. It is equally true that it is dangerous to be right when the media is wrong.

    • It is my understanding that Lotus 1-2-3 basically crushed itself, and Excel won by default. Even so, as MSFT was winning the desktop OS war, it was also going to win the office suite war by extension, because they could have Office and its constituent programs take advantage of secret APIs in Windows.

      • Excel won the financial field with DDE. The ability to have data pushed into a user-created Excel spreadsheet for manipulation is huge.

    • Morris LeChat

      at 2:26 Jared States that Excel is the way things are going to go. He was right about the future of this market. He was wrong that 123 would step up to the plate and quickly add features that the competition was intorducing. He states quite clearly that 123 had “stood still too long” and that they needed to introduce “version 3” to maintain their position. On the wiki page, there was never a mention of a version 3, although there was a mention of “later versions”I am not sure what that means but it seems too little was done too late, that some features were added while people still had to wait for further versions 123 for other features that excel already offered . I look at this video and see that JT had as completely correct analysis of the situation. He saw what 123 needed to do, he saw that a program that offered the features that the Excel program offered was the future, he was only wrong in assuming that 123 would not sit still and let it all slip away. Let us hope that white Americans wont follow the footsteps of 123 and let it all slip away.

  • e2657383

    Jared Taylor is amazing.

    • Easyrhino1

      I hate him! He’s kept more of his hair than I have.

  • Easyrhino1

    Father Time drags us all into an alley eventually and beats the hell out of us. Poor bastard!

    Won’t happen to me though!

    • a multiracial individual

      You plan to die young? 🙂

      • Easyrhino1

        No, I’m in a river in Egypt

    • Morris LeChat

      He has held up rather well

      • Unperson

        He has indeed. In fact, I’d say that with Mr. Taylor’s current “Distinguished Grey” hair, he actually looks better now than then.

        I hope this won’t sound gay, ’cause I’m not at all. But I’ve always thought Jared Taylor one of our more handsome white men. He also knows how to dress.

        I bring all this up not to flatter our host here, but only to point out just how well suited the AmRen head-guy is for TV. The fact that — despite Taylors myriad media appearances over the past two decades — probably 99% of the public has never heard his name, is damning evidence of the MSM’s unwritten (?) policy of keeping White Consciousness esoteric and under-the-radar by never giving the subject any publicity at all. The 99% of America that doesn’t know about AR continues to labor under the delusion that ALL pro-White org’s are either nasty Nazis or crazy Klansmen. (I myself thought this way as recently as the late 1990s.) Any White person who says they actually LIKE being White is, in the court of public opinion, presumed to be stupid and/or evil. A hick and/or a Stormtrooper. And that’s just the way the media elite wants to keep things.

        …Which is precisely why, when a telegenic, articulate, intelligent, non-hateful spokesman for White interests does come along, the lamestream media’s most effective way to suppress him is not to denounce him (thereby at least letting his views be heard), but rather to pretend he doesn’t exist. The fact that the media masters will give unlimited broadcast time to a semi-literate gargoyle in a pimp costume like Al Sharpton, while giving virtually NONE to a well-dressed, well-spoken Caucasian like Jared Taylor, is a national disgrace.

        • Morris LeChat

          Did you also notice that during the last presidential campaign there was hardly any coverage or photos of Paul Ryan? Paul Ryan, like Jared Taylor, has a certain magnetism that can be very persuasive, especially to female voters. The images of Paul Ryan were suppressed. The more visual coverage he got, the more likely it would be that females would vote for him over obsamma.
          To me Jared Taylors appeal is more than just looks. it is his comportment and temperament. He seems like the man who would be a very patient and kind but firm father. He seems very reasonable and very patient in general. It would be hard for anyone watching him and listening to him to dislike him, even if they disagree with him.

          • bebe

            Paul Ryan was very UN-attractive. I am a woman and he did not appeal to me in any way. His nose is way to big and you could barely see his lips.

          • Morris LeChat

            Well, that is your opinion and one is never universally attractive. Still, I remember reading he had great appeal and as far as I can tell, he is an attractive man.

          • Paul Ryan was also an oil-driller.

          • Morris LeChat

            he married a white woman and has produced 3 white children. His earlier flirtation with miscegenation does not concern me since he has chosen the correct path. When people are in high school they are subject to certain social pressures. As someone who became a politician, he is someone who is more interested in “pleasing” those in power. Yes, it is sad that he did that, but it is past.

          • Paleoconn

            Paul Ryan is a weenie. Nothing attractive about that Conservatism Inc. hack.

        • Bantu_Education

          You nailed it..!!

  • Yep, I’m amazed. Amazed that there was once a time that there was more than one spreadsheet program in use in productive environments. Now, Excel is so dug-in to that space that even law offices use Excel, and they don’t even use Word for docs because the legal industry is standardized on Word Perfect, and they could easily use Quattro Pro, the spreadsheet app in the Corel Suite.

    • Sick of it

      I’m not that old and I remember using Lotus…lol
      And something called WordStar…

      • I remember using VisiCalc in middle school as a learning tool. Of course, VisiCalc was the killer app for desktop computers themselves, that which took them from the toys of late 1970s geeks to a staple of the business world. Also, I did some of my early college papers in WordStar.

        • Integration Anxiety

          And I remember playing Oregon Trail and Leisure Suit Larry on an ancient 286. Ahh the good old days.

          • I was able to win Oregon Trail once while being the farmer, and of course, as you probably know, playing the farmer started you with more points than playing someone of any other profession, even though you started with less money.

  • I’m probably a real oddball, but I took away a message I’ve known for a long time, but always need to be reminded of from time to time:

    To remain static in a world where competitors utilize advancements to lure your audience away from you is setting yourself up for irrelevance and ultimate extinction.

  • Ted

    I love retro videos! I’m sure everyone is now thinking that this video wasn’t diverse enough…lol

  • Bob Johnson

    And then he went bad.
    Just kidding, Mr. Taylor! You’re a man of remarkable integrity and perseverance and I salute you. And Barchester Towers was most enjoyable. So was this video.

  • pcmustgo

    PC magazine? Political Correctness Magazine? Just kidding…

  • I wouldn’t have used the title “When Jared Taylor Was Still Respectable”. I would have went with something along the lines of “When Jared Taylor was still repected (or accepted) by the MSM”.

  • Ken P.

    I use Quattro Pro X4 almost every day. That and WordPerfect. It’s unfortunate that so many institutions find themselves forced into using MS crap.

    • Carney3

      I wish that WordPerfect and Lotus had merged, letting their flagship programs come together in a single office suite. I really loved WordPerfect’s “Reveal Codes” feature – an excellent way to see what’s really underlying the visible text. Without it, WS Word behaves in baffling and infuriating ways – fonts and alignments changing just because you backspaced, for example.

  • Bonjour M. Taylor :

    As a fellow graduate of that illustrious institution on rue St. Guillaume, I have corresponded with you once before (though under a different name, which is more a testament of your courage than mine).

    I just wanted to salute you for having the couilles to not stick with the PC-nerd guaranteed-income life path, to choose instead the far more virtuous and dangerous – Dangerous ! – road you have chosen.

    Unlike for me and those most like me, historians in 100 years’ time will remember you and your valiant efforts to correct the dangerous myths that have led to disastrous, nay, suicidal public policy in the West and beyond, for the past 68 years.

    Bien à vous mon cher co-dilplômé,

    – Arturo


  • Spencer E

    so retro

  • Morris LeChat

    Poor guy, this was major boring stuff. I think he is much better off today talking about stuff with substance instead of being a software consumer advocate.

    • Anonymous

      You a technophobe by any chance?

    • Funruffian

      Jared looks like a better looking version of Hugh Grant in this video.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Jared Taylor was actually on a couple of episodes of Computer Chronicles. You can see them both over at the Internet Archive. On his other guest appearance was talking about decision support software. You can see it here:


    It’s hard to believe that this was only a few years before he made the decision to found American Renaissance. I’m sure he was already quite racially aware by this time.

  • dd121

    It’s been very difficult to project the trajectory of the computer hardware and software market over the past 40 years. So I’m not surprised Mr. Taylor missed the mark a bit. Microsoft produced Microsoft Office which surrounded the market with products that were powerful and had a common interface. Excel, Word, PowerPoint and One Note crushed everything else. In addition Mircosoft has a Project Management tool and a PC based relational database language. They aimed at business and nailed the critical path.

  • That’s before Taylor told Derbyshire’s children that they look like Fu Man Chu.

  • Jotun Hunter

    the music at the beginning is awesome – I want that to play on the amren homepage every time I visit

  • amarillo crap

    Some say Taylor is half Jap being born and raised there speaking their language fluently plus claiming they possess supreme IQ over the white race always trotting out literary proof of the studies yada yada yada … We say hogwash. Japs were given all modern technology by Hitler prior to WW2 and once defeated by A bombs they were given more technology by Gen McArthur and white Americans. Japan is a backward pagan remote island only riddled with earthquakes and floods. Admittedly Japs are good with photographic technology they stole from Edison.

    If Taylor really is half yellow red Asian mongoloid race that would explain a lot of his pro yellow race rhetoric he must have had his eyes fixed and like Obama’s upbringing Japs eat a lot of dog meat. Is pit bull his favorite dish? He needs to tell the truth and promote his European caucasoid white race half that is clearly the supreme IQ race on earth not the mongoloids who come in a distant 2nd.

    • Morris LeChat

      JT’s parents were of old New England Yankee stock. He is a descendant of the English Colonists that founded this country. His parents went to Japan as missionaries. Wy would you think that living in a country would change one’s DNA?

    • Carney3

      No one has been a better combination of commitment and effectiveness in articulating a pro white stance than Jared Taylor, at least in the last half century, with the possible exception of Sam Francis, who focused on many other issues as well. Questioning Taylor’s pro white bona fides, and even his race, is crackpot paranoia. Get a grip.

      As for the higher IQ of East Asians, it’s real. Don’t act like egalitarian leftists who reject reality they don’t like. You may derive some comfort from the fact that while their Bell Curve is shifted right compared to ours, it is also steeper, meaning that more of their people are average, and fewer are at the low and high ends. In other words, while you will find more Asians who are bright, you will find fewer true geniuses, especially of the type that who truly innovate and remake civilizations.

      And contrary to your ravings, AR under Taylor’s watch has published articles about this issue. Here are just two:

      “Why the British are Free-Thinking and the Chinese Love Conformity: It’s All in the Genes, Claim Scientists”

      “Why Have Asians Not Dominated?”

  • Marc B

    Lotus 1-2-3 was so much more intuitive and streamlined than Excel, but it could just not compete with the overall the market dominance of Microsoft’s Office suite. To this day, Corel designs very intuitive software that runs stable on older hardware.

  • Harvey Wiesenthall

    “There are all kinds of things that 1-2-3 could’ve done, but didn’t.”

    We might say:

    “There are all kinds of things that Jared Taylor could’ve done, but he didn’t.”

    Thank god he’s doing what he is!

  • Oh wow! I think I remember Quattro. I think I was 1 or 2 or 3 years old! (No, not really. I was a teenager.)