The Brooks Brothers Dream

YouTube, October 26, 2012

The following is one of three commercial shorts Brooks Brothers uploaded to their YouTube channel in October 2012.


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  • And with their line of “trim fit” suits, their also trying to attact another kind of customer.

    • IstvanIN

      I googled trim fit, they seem to be suits for slim guys, what is wrong with that? Wish I could wear one!

      • Triarius

        They are the suit equivalent of skinny jeans, targeted for beta males and gays. Brooks Brothers just lost my business. As shame, they were my favorite.

        • IstvanIN

          The suits in the picture didn’t look any where near as odd as skinny jeans. Besides I only see kids in skinny jeans, except for an episode of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, where Danny Devito wore a pair!

        • Thank you.

    • Chris Christie

      What’s wrong with trim fit suits? I wear trim fit suits.

      • Morris LeChat

        I’m sure you look Faaaaaabulous

      • DaveMed

        LOL at the comment’s username.

    • Snowhitey

      I believe the trim fit and skinny cuts are marketed toward metrosexuals and gays and has nothing to do with being slim.

      Between the pink fabrics, hairdos, manicures/pedicures, waxing, earrings…. where the heck are the real men these days? All that has to be done is to market as cool some emasculating trend and Americans buy it up – hook, line, and sinker. Does anyone analyze these things before they jump on board? Independent, critical thought or is it just about fitting in?

      Can you imagine Patton storming his way through Europe in a pink plaid uniform, hoop earrings, freshly buffed nails, and a groin wax? No wonder we’re being overrun with invaders! There’s no men guarding the gates!

      • Michael Ryan

        actually preppies which are brooks histoicaal clients are famous for things like pastels and pinks loafers without socks plaid blazors ascots and all sorts of stuff only Jared would be caught dead in.

        I noticed this last month the windows have all ads with blacks which I thought funny since Id just come from the NY yacht club down the block and realized its the only pure white establishment in America left.and they all shop at brooks.

        another store years ago was Abecrombie and Fitch which is where you would go to outfit yourself for a safari -literally like out of Africa Jareds missionary Parents probably stocked up there.
        when I was a kid my dad would take me there sometimes they had elephant guns and mounts shot by teddy Roosevelt. now they outfit street gangs

  • Bill

    I guess they will be stocking up on dew rags and head shaped nylon hose then, huh?

  • It reminds me of an old MAD Magazine I read back in the 1980s. It said we can solve the clothing problem in the third world by getting rid our warehouses full of stuff we didn’t use anymore, like 8-tracks. The picture showed a bunch of turbin wearing arabs standing in the desert all wearing those trashy polyester leisure suits from the 1970s.

    I’ll be da&^#d if I didn’t find it!

    • Erasmus

      Love it thanks.

    • Actually they are wearing all the losing teams “Championship” t-shirts from major sporting events. But it is a good comic.

      • Paleoconn

        Somewhere in Africa, they think the Bills had a dynasty in the early 90s.

  • The__Bobster

    Will their hats have holes in the front to show their dots?

  • The__Bobster

    LiveLinks: White Women Lust After Black Guys Who Listen

    Don’t the usual suspects realize how much their brainwashing pisses us off. Just look at the voting on this ad.

    • The white women will learn soon after that black men like to talk with their fists.

      • Charles W.

        Latino and Middle-Eastern men too.

    • Rhialto

      Does anyone know what program this commercial was broadast on? And the time of day that it was broadcast? I am interested in knowing what are the demographics of the audience.

      • The__Bobster

        It’s broadcast at night on one of Philly’s independent stations. I don’t think its demographics are particularly dark, but it does attract a younger audience.

    • Xerxes22

      They know and they don’t care. It’s just their way of saying “FU Goyem, we run this country now and there is nothing you can do about it”. They probably did the samw thing in Weimar Germany in the 1920s.

    • Paleoconn

      Nothing hotter than a man who skips town when he knocks up his girlfriend. Nothing hotter than a man who stiffs his ex on child support. Nothing hotter than a man who can’t keep a steady job to support his family. Nothing hotter than a guy who blows his earnings on drugs and gambling.

  • Erasmus

    That looks like an episode of “Lance Link: Secret Chimp.”

  • JackKrak

    All part of the drip, drip, drip that builds into a flood.

    Reminds me of a few years ago when Betty Crocker changed in to someone who looked like she should be pushing a cart down the hallway at a Sheraton. And then stores everywhere started putting up signs in Spanish. And then NBA teams started occasionally wearing new jerseys (“Los Lakers, “El Heat”). And then the cooking instructions for various food items started being printed in two languages. And then, and then, and then…….

    • The__Bobster

      Tide and Target are now running TV ads in the language of the invaders.

      • IstvanIN

        The only ads I saw for my Sendador Melendez last fall on English langauge TV were in Spanish!

    • My usual supermarket sells Kraft “Macarrones y Queso”, next to Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

      • skara_brae

        Campbell’s now sells “Halal” soup.

  • fakeemail

    Capitalism is productive, but amoral. It alone cannot sustain family formation and a people indefinitely.

    “The hostility of capitalism toward tradition is clear enough in its reduction of all social issues to economic ones. . . .[politicians] ignores civilizational issues, they reduce domestic political debates to narrow economic issues. This preoccupation views human beings as “resources” and treats them like inanimate objects.”

    • a multiracial individual

      Capitalism produces great riches there is no questioning that. If your only consideration is money, then it makes perfect sense to smuggle illegal immigrants into America in your trunk for thousands of dollars a piece. Why would you care? Chances are you will be dead by the time the whole system collapses, and you got to enjoy your money before then. I was speaking with an Ayn Rand loving, libertarian, lawyer friend of mine about the future of the planet. What he essentially said was he does not concern himself with any issue that will extend beyond his lifetime. He would not be willing to invest any effort in a project that would have a timeline of centuries.

  • stewardofthemystery

    Hmmmm… Looks like I will vote with my $$$ and NOT be spending mine at Brooks Brothers… EVER!

  • blight14

    ‘Brooks Brothers’, I submit that they aren’t Irish………………..just an observation…

    • Not this time

      Brooks Brothers was founded by Henry Sands Brooks in 1818. They are not Jewish if that’s what you are implying.

      That said, many Preppy brands like J Press, Ralph Lauren, and Ben Silver are.

      • The__Bobster

        As conservatives like to pretend they are running the country, it remains their favorite brand. Real WASP patricians like George H.W. Bush were heckled as “Brooks Brothers Republican” (to which Bush famously opened his jacket to reveal he was wearing a suit from the even WASPier, albeit Jewish owned, J Press), and the media dubbed the protests of the Florida recount by Republicans during the 2000 election the “Brooks Brothers Riot.”

      • blight14

        I stand corrected, thanks NTT…………that is surprising though…………B

      • Snowhitey

        I think the proper way to state that is… Brooks Brothers was not founded by Jews. Of course, Disney wasn’t either.

    • Snowhitey

      Claudio Del Vecchio serves as Chief Executive Officer of Brooks Brothers, Inc.

      We need to start looking at the folks who truly set the rules for these traitorous outfits. Then put them on the same list as our traitorous politicians and other traitorous public servants.

      Traitor – a person who sells out, works against the best interests, or seeks to destroy his own people or nation. Whether it is done willingly or through manipulation, bribery, or physical/psychological threats, a traitor is a traitor. There is no forgiving a traitor. There are literally the slime of the earth. A traitor is far worse than an enemy. Just keep that in mind.

      Boycott all of them!

  • MikeS

    May the Brooks Brothers receive that which they desire. Their “dream” is my nightmare.

  • bigone4u

    The local Willy-Mart near the university is overfilled with nonwhites, mostly Hindus from the university. The women are often in saris, the Hindu costume. By admitting them and hiring them as profs, the local university has made it possible to “visit” a third world hellhole without ever leaving home. I drive 20 mile onward to avoid the place, not because I hate Hindus, but because the management is Mexican and so the lines are often 45 minutes and the shelves are often denuded.

    Speaking of nude, the worst offender in making anti-white propaganda is the porn industry. White female porn star Jay Taylor has a vid in which she demeans her white husband’s manhood and tells him she’s taking a lover who measures up. She then brings her nonwhite boyfriend out of the closet and begins sexual activity with him, all the while berating her husband. He is the usual emasculated whiner we see in all the TV commercials. It gets much worse, but I am not sure the moderator will let even this much in. The point is that every institution is attacking whiteness, from the lofty ivory tower to the in the gutter porn industry.

    • conan

      Someone called “bigone4u” reviewing cuckold porn.


      • bigone4u

        The screen name is an inside joke relating to working in a university. Often in response to some new policy that served the administration well, but not the students or faculty, my colleagues used to say (cleaning it up a bit for the moderator), “Bend over. They (the administration) are giving us the big one again.” it’s also a play on words: the big idea. Professors often get excited, wave their arms around and exclaim, “I have a big one. I have the big idea.” or something similar.

        • conan

          Why did you feel the need to watch cuckold porn and review it on this site?

          • bigone4u

            Because it’s anti-white.

          • Very anti-white m not as popular as they want it to be.

          • Unperson

            And how is it that you are familiar with the term “cuckold porn”? It’s hardly a household name.

          • conan

            He was talking about a man being being cuckolded in a porn film.

            I can’t believe I had to explain that, but there you go.

    • WhiteKnight

      The sad part is that there are many porn addicted white men who support the porn industry which demeans white women, white culture, and promotes lesbianism to white women. As a white Nationalist, I believe porn has helped destroy the morals and values of white America. I would like to see porn banned.

      • bigone4u

        I understand your concerns but partially disagree. As a fifteen year old back in the 60s, I in the spirit of adventure got my seaman’s papers and shipped out on an ocean going freighter. My fellow seafarers had the walls next to their bunks plastered with nude pictures of beautiful women. They would be at sea for months, risking their lives in an old rust bucket freighter and they felt compelled to express their masculinity through the admiration of female beauty. These beautiful white women’s pics helped my manly pals to overcome temptation to homosexual acts at sea and acts of prostitution with nonwhite women in foreign ports of call.

        Pornography, like TV commercials, TV shows, movies, and music can promote a variety of values. Much porn promotes an appreciation for beauty and provides a masculine context for it. Some of it promotes anti-white, anti-family values. What porn by itself cannot do is to change values. It cannot turn a woman lesbian, but a feminist prof, with help from music videos and women’s magazines encouraging experimentation can take a naive student and lead her to bad places.

        At the university my students told me that many of the girls were working as “cam girls” to earn tuition money. Read the CNBC link to see how these girls can easily make $10,000 a month and you will see how a sex crazed society rewards sex work.

        • WhiteKnight

          The Porn Industry is no different than an illegal drug dealer. Porn is very addictive. This has been proven by scientific study. A porn addict always needs more porn. The Porn Industry specifically targets white males and uses white females to attract them. The Industry degrades white women. White women are encouraged to engage in deviant sexual practices on camera. Any white man who believes in the white race would not want to see any white woman defiled. Our race needs to go back to the values of the 1950s. If you support porn, you also support lesbianism and interracial sex which are heavily produced by the porn industry. As a white Nationalist, I want nothing to do with porn addicted whites.

          • WhiteKnight

            If you truly believe in the white race, you have to support the need for morals in white society. I have no interest in living side by side with white homosexuals or liberals. For white addicted porn lovers, please go to David Duke and his website. He shows the true origins of the Porn Industry and how it is used to destroy whites. Please get help for your addiction.

          • bigone4u

            The idea that porn is addicting is like the idea that masturbating will grow hair on your palms or make you go blind. The purpose is to scare you and so it’s popular with groups that want to scare people. It’s an idea propagated by radical feminists in league with some conservative Christians, which is bizarre it itself that these two groups would come together. Dr. Judith Reisman is usually cited by Christians as claiming that porn is addicting and I recall that Dr. David Duke uses her as his source.

            In my field of economics Prof. Dan Ariely had male students masturbate to Internet porn while simultaneously expressing their level of interest in various fetishes. That study was used to falsely claim that pron “rewires the brain.” Link to Ariely:


            Prof. Linz summarizes the case for porn in his statement here:

            Common sense says to me that it’s crazy to claim that seeing a nude pic of a woman is addicting, but seeing the real thing in a wife or girlfriend is not addicting. In my opinion, the anti-porn feminists seek to destroy white male masculinity, while the pro-porn forces seek to promote miscegnation while also destroying masculinity. There is a middle ground in which white men acknowledge that they have an interest in white women and in sex. My grandfather’s pinups expressed just such an interest and no one ever claimed he was addicted to anything but God and family.

          • bigone4u

            The psychiatric profession is constantly creating new mental disorders to fatten their bottom line. That said, the profession is not rushing to embrace the idea of pron addiction, which remains a theory. One I reject since I’ve read many of the peer reviewed papers in the area.

          • bigone4u

            Those who promote the idea of porn addiction also promote the idea of sex addiction, which is a more general case. How many sex addicts exist? I have never met one, although many white college age males seek out sex every weekend in bars as do females. That’s not addiction to sex, it’s normal hetero behavior that leads to pairing off and marriage. Likewise those same males view porn during the week, for a variety of reasons. Addiction? I don’t think so. Wikipedia summarizes the debate well, omitting the racial angle:


          • MBlanc46

            Women certainly like to characterize male sexuality as an addiction.

        • norton

          There is a world of difference between an adult male having a photograph of a breast, and a video of a woman getting torn a new one by 3 or more guys at once that is available to anyone – adult or unsupervised child – on the net…

    • The__Bobster

      The usual suspects control the porn industry too.

      • bigone4u

        That’s in my book I am writing on the subject–I have a long list of names of the controllers and the stars. However, the Russians and Czechs have horned in on the act in a big way and I cannot get info on whether the “usual suspects” control Russian and Czech porn. I sure would like to know because Russian and Czech porn is often interracial with black males and blonde females.

      • They sure started it here in the United States. I’m suprised a rational person who doesn’t automatically ascribe the origin of every sort of social dysfunction to Jews would award them that one, but here in the United States, they pretty much built that industry.

        • MBlanc46

          Jews pretty much created and controlled the motion picture industry. When porn became legal, it’s no surprise that they would be the ones to invest in it because they were the ones who knew how to produce and distribute films.

          • WhiteKnight

            David Duke has talked about this. This is why porn is a weapon that is being used to destroy the white race.

    • borogirl54

      What happens when her non white boyfriend beats the crap out of her? I bet you her husband would look pretty good then

      • bigone4u

        Porn never shows you the girl being beaten by the oh so wonderful nonwhite partner. Maybe that’s why porn is a fantasy.

        • borogirl54

          But to her it might not be a fantasy if he gets angry for no reason,. Most black men have short fuses as well as attention spans. And beats the crap out of her but she will put up with it because he is a good lover. Gimme a break!

          • bigone4u

            Until like Nicole Brown Simpson he murders her. BTW, according to a conservation I had with a black student years ago, black men pay no attention to making a woman “happy,” if you get my drift, so it’s a mystery as to why they put up with that.

            Note that Jodi Arias is nonwhite and observe how she murdered her white boyfriend. Violence by women toward men is as much of a problem as the reverse. Lesbians are the worse, beating the crap out of each other at high rates, or so some studies claim.

          • MBlanc46

            ” Marriage is a tool of patriachial oppression in the feminist playbook.”

            I’m not sure it’s just feminist ideology. Marriage is the exchange of the man’s protection and material resources for the woman’s reproductive capacity. In the Neolithic that was probably a pretty good deal for women. In the modern world, machines and the bureaucratic state provide the resources and protection without her having to submit to a man’s sexual and other demands. Men have rendered themselves surplus to requirements.

      • Sayaka’s father sat me down and told me that if I ever hit her, he’d kill me. My response was “If I ever hit her, I would deserve it”.

    • lanceman

      Class, what ethnic group has a dominating role in the porn industry? Amish, Presbyterians, Seventh Day Adventists?

    • Angry White Woman

      I refuse to shop at the local Wal*Martinez because of the rude, pushy clientele and their hordes of unruly, rude, pushy, screaming spawn.

  • borogirl54

    I wonder if Brooks Brothers will now make suits for pimps?. Along with matching shoes, hats and coats.

    • At least they’ll be wrinkle free. Too bad, I quite enjoyed wearing their shirts.

  • NYB

    Only 20 years behind the Benetton ads.

    This type of race-mixing advertising is getting really long in the tooth.

    The Benetton ads showed situations of “adversity, distress, suffering and death” to sell the brand and its clothing. Benetton loudly claimed morally superior motives, but it rang hollow.

    Association of brands with the politics of immigration and diversity is strangely risky, when polling shows that most white Americans are turning against indiscriminate immigration.

    • conan

      And only thirty years behind Coke adverts.

  • Richard

    In all respect to American Renaissance, I really do not see what the big deal is here. We are talking about clothing. If I were in a business person, I would want as many people as possible purchasing my products. That is good business sense.

    • Andy

      The part that annoyed me was “citizens of the world” and “first woman president of the United States”, personally.

    • jambi19

      “I want my children to be citizens of the world.”- White guy

      “I want to be president of the United States.” -third worlder

      Actually the little girl doesn’t bother me so much. I have plenty of colleagues who are young asians that think a lot like most amrenners do in fact. Anti amnesty, anti groid and anti DWL. I despise the DWL in the add who no doubt owns a sail boat and lives in Rhode Island millions and millions of miles away from diversity.

      • Romulus

        Seriously?!!!Who cares what they think! You cant be naive enough not to know what would happen to any country in the world that accepted even a fraction of their 1.6 billion people. The world needs more Tsunami’s. The liquid kind.

        • jambi19

          I don’t disagree with you.

    • The wrong people purchasing your products diminishes their esteemed value.

    • MBlanc46

      Of course they want those South Asian doctors and IT guys to be wearing Brooks Brothers. They’re probably not going after the Mexican meatpackers and restaurant workers, though.

  • NYB

    If one asks an East Indian or a Muslim to defend their colonization of white countries, they have two options:

    apologize, and admit they are doing wrong to the white race,

    or defiantly claim ‘the history of European colonization’ gives them a moral right.

    Neither argument can defend the indefensible. They shouldn’t encroach on white lands.

    • The__Bobster

      Punjabs actively lobby our Congresscritters to allow more of their kind into this country. They think it’s their right. Their women always arrive pregnant.

  • pcmustgo

    dreams for his kids to become “citizens of the world”… yuck… East Indians do have money and work corporate jobs , so this ad makes sense.

    It’s a dying, stupid brand anyways. It’s recession, what do you expect them to do? No one has money for that type of clothing.

  • Charles W.

    The Hindu lady who works the counter at the place I buy coffee has been wearing the same shirt for two weeks; maybe I should let her know it’s time to get into Brooks Brothers now that she’s “American.”

  • tom marr

    y do obamba have black tar spots on he face???? you could play connect the dots on it and draw an illegal mexican. have a BLESS DAY……………………..

    • The__Bobster

      He could borrow some of Michael Jackson’s fade cream. Hell knows the pedophile isn’t using it.

  • CJ Haze

    Aaaaaaand I just stopped buying from them. It’s a damn shame; my ol’ lady loves their cologne.

  • Snowhitey

    “To see my kids become CITIZENS OF THE WORLD”

    That is a globalist’s statement. Proof positive that the global mentality is what is destroying white homelands. They want to suck every morsel of natural resources out of the planet for themselves – and also distract non-whites about the destruction that is taking place in their homelands as well – and they do it with this feel good, we are all one, nonsense.

    Boycott Brooks Brothers and all other globalist outfits. Which means just about them all… do you have it in ya?

  • bubo

    I guess his kids will be citizens of the world, as in a race with no home. The Mohammadans might make his daughter a sex slave in New Eurabia. Is that what he had in mind?