New Orleans police have released surveillance footage showing the horrific moment a suspected gunman opened fire on a Mother’s Day parade, in an attack that left 19 people wounded.

The grainy footage shows a crowd suddenly scattering in all directions, with some falling to the ground, in a scene of confusion and chaos.

They appear to be running from a man, who is wearing a white T-shirt and dark pants, who turns and runs out of the picture. {snip}

The shooting–described by the FBI as a flare-up of street violence–shattered the festive mood surrounding the parade that drew hundreds of people to the 7th Ward neighborhood of modest row houses not far from the French Quarter.

Cell phone video taken in the aftermath of the shooting shows victims lying on the ground, blood on the pavement and others bending over to comfort them.

At least three of the victims were seriously wounded. Of the rest, many were grazed and authorities said that overall most wounds were not life threatening. No deaths were reported.

The victims included 10 men, seven women, a boy and a girl. The children, both 10-years-old, were grazed and in good condition.

Police vowed to solve Sunday’s shooting but said it was not initially clear if particular people in the parade were targeted, or if the shots were fired at random.


As many as 400 people came out for the second-line procession–a boisterous New Orleans tradition–though only half that many were in the immediate vicinity of the shooting, said Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas.


The neighborhood where the shooting happened is a mix of low-income and middle-class row houses, some boarded up.

As of last year, the 7th Ward’s population was about 60 per cent of its pre-Hurricane Katrina level.

The crime scene was about 1.5 miles from the heart of the French Quarter and near the Treme neighborhood, which has been the centerpiece for the HBO TV series ‘Treme.’



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  • APaige

    Two points:
    1. Just have a Fathers’ Day Parade and no blacks we be present.
    2. This Mothers’ Day shooting would not be considered a ‘mass shooting’ by Mother Jones magazine because it was gang-related.

    • They’d show up …. if there was a bucket of KFC.
      And actually it would probably even worse. Somebody would take the last piece of KFC. Somebody would claim to make better Kool-Aid. Somebody would be macking somebody else’s woman in the alley. Somebody would smack somebody else’s misbehaving kids ass. Somebody would knock over someone else’s beer. Plus the bonus would be all the Sheniquas would be telling their Treyvons, Shitaviouses, Demarquises, Kenyattaes, and Dontes’ that each other was not paying their “chile supoor”. Whish constiutes dissin even though they aren’t paying “chile supoor” themself. All high and with 40 in hand, they would emptry their clips in the general directions of each other.
      Steer clear of Father’s Day Parades …..

      • Gerónimo Anónimo

        There generally ARE no Fathers Day parades.

        The definition of Fathers Day is Total confusion in the Hood.

    • Morris LeChat

      OMG! Are the bullets ok?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      They could call it “Who’s Your Daddy Day Parade” and ask to borrow Baltimore’s new mobile DNA testing van.

      THAT’LL clear the streets and make NOLA safe for one day…well, maybe not.


  • Son of Abraham

    Celebrate diversity!

  • Luckily, Louisiana banned guns on parade routes some time ago:

    (Insert laugh tracks here)

    • The__Bobster

      Yeah, that’s the ticket. Darkies make it a point to always obey YT’s laws.

      • Jane Johnson

        I saw this story yesterday at, the online version of the Picayune. The comment section is worth a look. Notice what Jawad considers “productive”. Great culture, don’t you think?

        Jawad Towns
        may have a point there. These type of shootings may not go away
        totally but they would be greatly reduced. Plus it would mean that
        fewer black males and men of color in general would be incarcerated and
        not reduced to second-class citizens and forced back into the criminal
        system–another cycle that is hard to break. One you have a record,
        you’re a second-class citizen with hardly a chance to become a
        productive citizen in society. No subsidized housing, no food stamps,
        no student loans. On Mother’s Day I ask all black mothers to please
        raise your sons and daughters with good values so that they don’t get
        caught up in the criminal justice system. Once they do, their lives are
        essentially ruined.
        Kev likes this.
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      • TeutonicKnight67

        I love that term “darkies”. My Irish grandmother’s favorite!

  • Oom Paul

    There are some white people there. Wonder what they were doing there? Enjoying the Vibrant culture?

    • Aspiring rapper

      Social workers handing out food stamp applications?

      • Morris LeChat

        apparently, most of them already have more than enough food stamps. I would guess the local popeyes and KFC are accepting them.

    • Luca

      White people in a crowd of black people remind me of a wildebeest trying to cross a large crocodile infested river. It’s simply a matter of time.

      • Rhialto

        I protest this defemation of Wildebeasts; the Wildebeasts always have good reasons to risk crossing the dangerous river. The Whites often have no good reason to be in a crowd of blacks.

    • The__Bobster

      Mudsharks? We had one at work who always showed up at coloured events to show her solidarity. Oh, and she got beat up a lot.

      • I think the term “mudshark” is an awful one to use and there is no worse a term in my vocabulary. What words do you have for white-oriental pairings? Do you make exceptions if the white person is partly Injun and passing?

        While I hate white women who date blacks, some of the women who post here hate white men who marry Asian women.

        • Oh I found that out. And I have never even dated an Asian, just defended why a white man might.

        • Morris LeChat

          some of the men here hate white men who reproduce with asian women

        • Dogbone

          ” What words do you have for white-oriental pairings”

          call them an “Engleman”

        • TeutonicKnight67

          That doesn’t render the term “mudshark” (another of my all-time favorites) unusable or less entertaining. I often refer to white guys as having “yellow fever” when they obsess with Asian women. How about “Lemon Slicer”??

          • Lemon slicer made me laugh out loud, but my wife isn’t yellow. Her complexion is bone white without makeup.

            Certainly “mudshark” is an entertaining term, but deliberately hurtful. I suspect the women of any non-black race who do this are angry at their fathers.

            As a convicted federal felon on the Terrorist Watch List, even I would never accept a woman who had been with a groid.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            “I suspect the women of any non-black race who do this are angry at their fathers.”
            You hit the nail on the head. It takes an especially deep self-loathing to cross the chasm of darkness. Daddy hatred is almost always a factor in mudsharking and strippers.
            I’ll assume your wife is of North Asian descent. Fair skin tones are common there and considered a beautiful trait. Japanese women have lightened their faces for centuries.

            As far as being a felonious terrorist goes…I no longer trust FedGov AT ALL. They lie and falsely convict people all the time in the name of “justice” so you have my sympathy.

        • refocus

          Someone remarked that “there are no pure races, only races that are becoming pure.”

          There must be a country established somewhere that allows for mixed marriages, for those who see no race, separate from those of us who do want to become pure.

          Does the product of the mixed pairing enhance the natural genetic vector of both parents?

          With all due respect to everyone’s humanity, is a white asian pairing suitable for Japan, Sweden, France, Italy, Korea or India?

          • Luca

            “Does the product of the mixed pairing enhance the natural genetic vector of both parents?”

            It raises one and lowers the other.

    • Morris LeChat

      you confuse high yellow with white. Most of the creatures in the vid are coal black or even blue black, so the high yellow ones look white in comparison.

  • thurlow

    Was in N’awlins before Katrina. Too dangerous to walk the four blocks from the French quarter to my hotel, had to take a taxi. Four blocks!!!! It was safer walking in the middle east.

  • oj

    at first i thought that was Dekeyshaunakeschuanavarious but on second thought it looks more like Lademarquislatrayvonactuarious.

  • Bill

    It gets tiresome saying it, but it always holds true: any time blacks get together in any numbers or for any black event gunfire is sure to occur. Funny thing, we had mother’s day all over America and the ONLY places gunshots were heard were in black areas.
    Happy mutha f**’in day, huh?

  • Nathanwartooth

    This is obviously a false flag event.

    Everyone knows that the only people who shoot into crowds and try to commit mass murders are Whites.

    (Obviously joking, we know it’s a Black because they just wounded a bunch of people instead of killing anyone.)

    • Aspiring rapper

      Blacks are ridiculously bad shots. Think how much welfare money we could save by giving shooting lessons in black junior high schools!

      • John R

        Hey, you try and hit a target, while holding a 9mm sideways, and see how well YOU do! (There, black readers, I sure told him off!)

        • Morris LeChat

          yeah, and with a hand all covered with KFC grease too

      • Morris LeChat

        yeah, the biggest disappointment in this story is that none were made good.

      • ye, ol’ swampyankee
    • A false flag event? I’m glad I am not as stupid as you are.

      • Nathanwartooth

        Try reading past the first line 🙂

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    New Orleans police are searching for three suspects Sunday after at least 19 people were shot during a Mother’s Day Parade.

    Suspect descriptions: Carbon-based lifeforms marked by bipedal locomotion and bilateral symmetry.

    That should narrow it down and allow the public to be on the lookout for the suspects.


    • The__Bobster

      So many reports out there and not a one will name the race of the perps. Thank you, AP Stylebook!

      • Race is not a relevant factor in solving crimes.
        Crimes solve themselves ….. except in Chicago, where none get solved.

        • Erasmus

          They no longer need to list the perp’s race. Everyone already knows when no race is listed in the story that the perp is of the duskier sort.

        • MBlanc46

          Good thing too. If they solved them they’d have to put the perps in County, and there’s no room at the inn.

      • JohnEngelman

        by WWLTV.comkvue.comPosted on May 13, 2013 at 11:18 AM

        One of the suspects is described as a black man between 18 and 22-years-old. He was wearing a white t-shirt with blue jean shorts.

        • Morris LeChat

          that really narrows it down

          • JohnEngelman

            At least the news station reported the race of the criminal. That frequently does not happen.

    • dogbone

      “New Orleans police are searching for three suspects Sunday after at least 19 people were shot during a Mother’s Day Parade.”

      Here is a police sketch of the suspect

      • jambi19

        I’ve seen him!

  • bigone4u

    And the POTUS said in response to the horror …. (crickets chirping)

    • White Mom in WDC

      Yeah he really is a coward.

      • bigone4u

        He is a coward, but I also think he doesn’t give a rat’s rear end about black’s propensity to kill and maim. He just doens’t care so long as he has his limo and his parties and Hollywood friends.

        • White Mom in WDC

          So true. Another empty suit

  • Luca

    Hey Michael Moore, 19 people shot and injured. It must be another white guy with an assault rifle and hi-capacity magazine. OH…never mind just another routine day in a black dominated city. We won’t make a movie about that now will we? In fact, we will hardly report it, let’s just call it a little street violence.

    Gee…. I wonder if it had anything to do with an offensive video?

    • nobody

      Michael Moore? Too bad he wasn’t on the scene during the shooting. Would be a real tragedy if he took a stray, wouldn’t it?

      • They would have been able to hit Michael Moore.

        • IstvanIN

          I don’t know, the guy in the video didn’t seem like he could hit the side of barn-sized Moore.

          • Morris LeChat

            and there were people in that video who are as big as a barn

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            You guys need to lighten up on Michael Moore!! He can’t help himself. He’s an anti-White SOCIOPATH (and that’s why the media LOVE him).


          • White Mom in WDC

            He’s huge!

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Make no mistake, he’d come prepared. He only wants to disarm YOU like the Hollywood hypocrite he is.

        (sorry for the LARGE photo, I know it’s SICKENING — what’s happening??)


        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          Blecchhh. You owe me a new keyboard.

        • nobody

          Is that thing even human? Might be one of the ugliest people ever put on this beautiful green earth. He looks like a real life version of Shrek.

        • Does he ever take that awful ball cap off? At least in this photo he has some nice wire-framed glasses on, but his hair looks like it has never seen a comb.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Saw this yesterday. Enjoy.


        • joesolargenius

          Whenever I look at a picture of Mr. Moore I get the distinct impression that he is on the client list of multiple Dominatrix’s .

  • Aspiring rapper

    “The shooting–described by the FBI as a flare-up of street violence…”

    Should say a flare up of BLACK violence.

    • dukem1

      I have lived on ‘streets’ my entire life. Streets do not have violence. They have paving and sidewalks and maybe some trees.How stupid is the FBI?

      It’s black violence.

      It has always been obvious that if you want to solve a problem, you must first define the problem.
      If it’s not ‘street’ violence, then it’s park violence, or school violence, or domestic violence, or prison violence.
      There seems to be a problem here somewhere, but it’s not geographical.

      • Defoe

        Right! Language is important. Reminds me of “gun violence”. People are violent, not places and/or things. Control the language and you control conversations. Typical ploy. It’s the genesis of the “politically correct” movement.

  • dd121

    More bantu family values.

  • Ralph

    It looks as though all the victims and the shooters are Black, with the exception of maybe one White guy who is probably a a liberal showing Blacks he likes their culture.

    Thus this doesn’t concern me. Black violence should just target Blacks. I’m only concerned when Blacks target Whites. Frankly, Blacks can kill each other all day long and it won’t bother me a bit. It’s Black business and none of my business. I practice non-interference in the internal affairs of primitive peoples and cultures.

    • MBlanc46

      “It’s Black business and none of my business. I practice
      non-interference in the internal affairs of primitive peoples and

      That’s a fine attitude when it’s happening in Nigeria or Somalia. But it’s happening in our cities, our country. That makes it our business and it past time that we put a stop to it.

  • Pelagian

    “The shooting–described by the FBI as a flare-up”

    Aw shucks, just a little calamine lotion will take care of that.

    • dukem1

      Nah…This is like a herpes flare-up….It can be treated, but it will always be there.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to take a look at just how different white and black culture is and realize we are totally different. Holding hands and singing kumbaya sounds nice, but the truth is blacks were taken from the 3rd world and they never gained 1st world ways of life. Slavery was the biggest mistake in US history. Countless whites (and the few educated and benevolent blacks) now have to suffer their violence every day.

    • Luca

      It’s much worse then being taken from a 3rd world country. They were taken from a stone-age existence and thrust into White civilization. While Europeans were sailing the world, building cathedrals, writing about laws, philosophy, science, mathematics and composing operas, Africans were practicing pedophilia, cannibalism, polygamy, slavery, human sacrifice and worshiping baboon gods while bathing in cow urine, and living in mud huts.

      • IstvanIN

        And still are, Swaziland just banned witches on brooms from flying higher than 150 meters (492 feet).

      • Morris LeChat

        When white men had shortages of resources, they discovered new ones, built ships to go places, created inventions that were much more efficient at using the resources they had. When blacks in africa had a shortage of resources, they killed each other until the number of people was so small that there was no more shortage.

    • Ella

      Sadly, some Europeans believe Africans have so-called culture to preserve and cherish, but Europeans do not. Maybe they don’t with entrenched globalism and post-modernization. Who really know anymore?

  • joesolargenius

    I worked Katrinia and after the National Guard ( a bunch of White country boys ) with automatic weapons showed up that city was one of the safest in America because all the cowardly gang bangers left town in a hurry. Then Mayor Nagin ( whom is now facing criminal charges ) brought them all back so the decent Black middle class could not replace him with a White guy. New Orleans then got voted number one murder city per capita in the USA two years in a row .

  • PesachPatriot

    I guess there is no better way to show love for your favorite maternal figure then by spraying a crowd with copper jacketed lead. I think the old voodoo lady marie laveau must have put a curse on new orleans. What can be said of a community which shoots each other on the holiday of their own leader(the MLK day shootings a few months ago) and on mother’s day? Even in Middle East war zones people can generally observe 24-48 hour truces on major holidays. I’m sure the gunmen were all NRA members who purchased their firearms legally at shows or stores…

    • jambi19

      Go to the Daily Mail website this article is posted under. Europeans think this is American culture. It’s hilarious! They think a whole bunch of guys in cowboy hats are shooting each other over here.

      • PesachPatriot

        Its because most euro’s aren’t very familiar with the cowboy hat wearing/pickup truck driving demographic….those guys generally have jobs, families, pets,mortgages and stuff to do during the week….on the weekend they like to relax by enjoying a few cold beverages, listening to some skynyrd and going fishing….when they pull out guns it is usually somewhere out in the woods far away from residential areas where they go hunting for deer, boar and other wild game animals while following established hunter safety procedures and relevant state laws.

        Shooting up mother’s day parades isn’t american culture at all….I grew up in a fairly rural area where almost everyone had shotguns and hunting rifles and we could leave our house unlocked for a week if we went on vacation. I was never afraid to go to a parade for fear of catching a stray bullet. I have kind of always noticed how even though the UK and the USA are both english speaking societies they are very different culturally…..

      • robinbishop34

        “They think a whole bunch of guys in cowboy hats are shooting each other over here.”

        Swap out the words ‘in cowboy hats’ with ‘in saggy pants’ and they’d be correct.

    • joesolargenius

      Did you Know that when New Orleans was still a young city the powers that be brought in five hundred women from elsewhere so that the men would stop killing each other over a woman. Well half of those women were country girls and the other half were not so nice , and a generation or two later the worst insult was that your mother was one of the latter.

  • Magician

    What kind of a sick person goes on a shooting rampage on the Mother’s Day

    • TeutonicKnight67

      There’s your first problem…Bantus are not “persons”. They are savages.

  • LHathaway

    injured from falling down or being shot? Are there 19 lawsuits in the works? Some suing on the ground of failing to enact gun control laws, other’s suing cause of lack of concealed carry laws, and everyone suing the city for anything?

  • bayouboy

    They really have no business celebrating Mothers Day; they are awful mothers (and fathers) and that is why their culture is so screwed up. The whole idea of them celebrating is both comical and disgusting. They disgust me.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    A few weeks ago, Salon magazine was praying that the Boston bomber would be another Tim McVeigh. They had that bubble popped with two crackpots from Chechnya (who I’m sure would be counted as “White” by the census). I wonder if there is an editor who was trying to spin this story as an Amish or Scandinavian person in black face who was doing the bidding for the K (all three of them that are in a GA nursing home).

  • MBlanc46

    Did the editor delete the bit where the gunman’s race was given? I thought it was a black guy, but we all know that only white guys do this sort of thing.

  • Paleoconn

    Steve Sailer once wrote that Let The Good Times Roll is not the best motto for certain people, or groups of people. Dangerous words to live by when embraced by a violent population.