Teachers Dislike Breakfast in the Classroom Program, Survey Finds

Teresa Watanabe, Los Angeles Times, April 15, 2013

An L.A. Unified program to serve breakfast in the classroom to make sure students don’t start school hungry has increased pests, created messes and cut down on instructional time, according to a teacher survey released Monday.

In an online survey conducted last month, United Teachers Los Angeles found that more than half of 729 respondents disliked the program but would support it if sanitation and time issues were resolved.

More than half said that they have seen an increase in bugs and rodents in their classrooms, and that it takes an average of 30 minutes to set up the breakfast, feed the students and clean up.


Teachers also said that students throw away much of the food and that they have sometimes received expired food, spoiled milk and rotten fruit.

District administrators, who could not be reached for comment, have said that schools are reporting better attendance, less tardiness and fewer trips to the nurse’s office since the program was launched in 2011 by L.A. Unified, the nonprofit Los Angeles Fund for Public Education and other partners.


Children from low-income families–who make up about 80% of L.A. Unified students–are less likely to eat breakfast, according to the California Food Policy Advocates.

{snip} Although they are eligible to eat breakfast before school in the cafeteria, some students arrive too late to do so, officials have said.

Under the program, more than 200,000 students at 274 schools are being served breakfast in the classroom. The district hopes to expand the program to 676 campuses serving more than 500,000 students in the next few years. Such an expansion could bring in an estimated $23.5 million annually in federal school meal reimbursements, Food Services Director David Binkle has said.



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  • Tim_in_Indiana

    They’re soooo deprived and hungry and put upon, and yet they can’t leave home a few minutes sooner so as to eat breakfast in the cafeteria. Makes sense to me…

    • dukem1

      Some people….their clock just runs a little slower.

      • They call it CPT, I think it’s what obama just switched the Medicare assessments to be formulated upon in his new budget.

  • NYB

    As early as I can remember, I was making my own breakfast before walking to school and arriving on time.

  • They should get used to it, because we’re headed to a time and place and situation where everyone will eat all three meals a day on almost all days at a school.

    Because…EBT/Food Stamps used for whacky tobacky.

    • Lars

      Food stamps should be called choom stamps.

  • The__Bobster

    Schools in my area start at outrageously early hours. Maybe this is the reason why.

    • Erasmus

      Schools in my area start at outrageously early hours.

      All those extra class hours, and still Shaqwana and D’Looshus can’t read. Go figure. Receptivity to education IS a cultural thing. Bantu culture doesn’t promote a respect for learning, an attitude of quiet reflection vs. bouncing around and shucking and jiving. But, you can never say this.

      We were better off before bussing and forced integration. Those policies didn’t bring the bad kids up. They brought the good kids down.

      • Bill

        Exactly. Moreover the schools sold the longer hours as necessary for the kids to meet achievement goals. Then they waste those extra hours adding in classroom breakfasts, extra class on sensitivity to gays and indoctrination in any kind of sex is fine, and other social programs which do NOTHING in advancing achievement. The hard fact is that lower IQ people need to spend more time and work to achieve average, while average kids spend less time than that to achieve the same result. But that’s assuming the kid wants to learn in the first place. As soon as the kid is old enough to join a gang, he does. Then, due to laws forcing public schools to keep kids in school, the entire school becomes a dangerous place, disruption of classes gets worse, and you wind up with an extra-legal reform school on your hands. Whether or not these kids eat breakfast, it matters not. When I was in grade school – and to this day – breakfast was not something I do. Never have. I did fine in school and college. What the in school breakfast scheme is all about is trying to keep worthless kids in school to increase the numbers of students because, you see, federal funding is based on numbers of students. OUR tax dollars at work. Couple that with the rulings that you HAVE to put illegal alien kids in school, then feed them, then add on hours of instruction because they are stupid and can’t read English or speak it very well…..you get a tax payer black hole. And they don’t even behave, taking more time and causing more disruption. To add the icing on the cake, forced integration puts Mexicans and blacks in the same classroom and they HATE each other. Meanwhile, the white minority is bullied, threatened, attacked, and grows apathetic due to the dumbed down curriculum. What a great plan, huh? We were in California for several years (then left quickly). Step daughter was average where we came from. When she got into the same next grade level in Mexifornia that she would have advanced to where we came from, she was a full TWO GRADES beyond what they were teaching. Why? Stupid blacks and Mexicans. Having had the same material two grades previously she was totally bored and her grades went down. Hanging out with the “normal” breed of kids in that environment, her behavior went to hell. We left very quickly that hell hole called California. And glad to do so.

      • Is it my imagination or did blacks do better when they were in segregated schools?

  • The__Bobster

    I came from a very poor neighborhood, but our mothers always found a way to make us breakfast. What happened to personal responsibility?

    • Unperson

      “What happened to personal responsibility?”
      It developed an image problem, and went out of style. It came to be seen as White, and therefore racist.

    • bigone4u

      There was no breakfast program in my schools back in the day. My impression is that Lyndon Johnson started the program as part of his Great Society initiative. He had been a school teacher in the 30s, teaching Mexicans, and saw hunger, which he wanted to alleviate. Life magazine and CBS news documentaries at the time promoted the agenda with pictures of pitiful hungry kids. And 50 years later the nanny state flourishes.

    • Exactly. I had a neighbor whose kids had once qualified for the free breakfast program. The mother just woke up in time to take the kids to school. After Reagan came into office in 1980, they were no longer eligible for free breakfast, she had to get up and had to feed them breakfast.

  • The__Bobster

    Although they are eligible to eat breakfast before school in the cafeteria, some students arrive too late to do so, officials have said.

    How so? Aren’t they getting on the bus?

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Many inner-city kids take the public bus to school. I did. Of course, being a normal white person, I got up early enough to take a bus that would get me to school on time.

      On the rare occasion I missed the bus I was supposed to take, and had to wait for the next one, I would arrive at school late and see the hallways filled with blacks and Hispanics who had also arrived late. For them, it seemed to be a daily occurrence.

  • Q-ship

    An LA Unified program to serve breakfast in the classroom to make sure black and illegal invader Mexican students…,There, fixed that sentence!

  • All this over spilled milk in cockroach filled classrooms ….

    Children should be eating breakfast at home, not the indoctrination center.

    • Goob

      Exactly. Brainwashing techniques work best with no interruptions.

  • bigone4u

    The nanny state will take care of you from the cradle to the grave. It’ll keep you in an infantilized state for however long you live. All it asks in return is your TOTAL OBEDIENCE. Since I am not an infant I do not need a nanny and I will not obey. But too many whites are being sucked into dependency along with virtually all blacks. Resist.

  • sbuffalonative

    As I say, these abused theories never stop.
    ‘Kids can’t learn if they’re hungry so give them free breakfasts and lunches. They take too long eating so let’s let them eat in the classroom.’
    Of course, none of these theories ever pan out because they never address the real issue of race and behavior.

    But it won’t stop them from coming up with another theory.

    • jambi19

      Think about it. Students eating breakfast in the classroom. That there is lunacy.

      • Non Humans

        We weren’t even allowed to chew gum.

      • Unperson

        “Think about it. Students eating breakfast in the classroom. That there is lunacy.”

        And paying Teachers’ Union wages for waitress work is even further lunacy.

        • Xerxes22

          They are baby sitters not waitresses.

          • Unperson

            I’m sure white teachers in LA Unified — or any other, uh, vibrantly enriched skool system — feel like a bit of all three: waitress AND babysitter AND prison guard.

            On occasions, they probably also feel like a nurse on a psychiatric ward.

  • Lars

    The bigger rats in the classrooms bully the students too.

  • concernedcollegekid

    In high school I served as a “mentor” in an all-black freshman classroom, and that was one experience that led to my race realism.

    I think most of the black kids in my high school qualified for free breakfast and lunch. As far as I know there was no “breakfast in the classroom” program but kids did bring school-issued food into the classroom I mentored in. My observation was that the undesirable food was ignored and left wherever the kids felt like leaving it, and the desirable food (when there was any) was physically fought over and also ended up kind of getting everywhere. Off the top of my head I cannot recall any non-obese “low income” black girls in my high school. The exceptions were the few well-behaved, smart black kids who could afford their own lunches, had white friends, and were in AP classes with me, but these were a minority.

    There is a specific food-related anecdote from my mentoring that a fellow race realist I told it to thought Amren would enjoy so I might as well share it here. As mentors we were allowed to bring snacks in for our mentees, so one day I brought a box of supermarket donut holes. Anyway, I set the box on the desk I was sitting at with about six kids and opened it, saying “I brought some treats for you guys today!” I guess I expected them to take turns taking donut holes like normal people and figure out how many each person could have and stuff, but the INSTANT I opened the box they all DESCENDED on it. IMMEDIATELY they were ALL trying to get ALL the donuts and have more than everyone else and there was NO concept of waiting until the last person has taken theirs to take yours and I remember being absolutely stunned. I mean the way they just DESCENDED on the food all at once was like nothing I’d ever seen before (I’d had limited experience with blacks, other than seeing them in the halls at school, before this). They were powdered sugar donuts and after the kids had eaten all the donuts the box tipped over and powdered sugar got everywhere but they didn’t care. They only cared about scarfing down as many donuts as they could as fast as possible and getting them before anyone else did, laughing raucously the whole time. It never occurred to them to divide the donuts up equitably or wait their turns to take one.

    Anyway, when I saw this article I completely empathized with the teachers. I already felt sorry for the white teacher in the classroom I mentored in at the time (an Amren reader, I wonder?), but adding food being thrown everywhere to kids who don’t respect your authority would be just awful. I feel so bad for people who have earnest, heartfelt desires to be teachers and end up having to take half the class handing out taxpayer-provided food that just gets thrown around anyway.

    • bigone4u

      When the food trucks in Africa drop off donated food in villages all the food goes to the strongest and swiftest. It’s interesting you observed the same thing happen in your classroom with donut holes. I believe it was a similar situation in the Superdome with blacks after the hurricane. Chaos, in a word.

      • guest

        They made an entire movie about that phenomenon: Blackhawk Down. The white world was trying to feed masses of starving people in Somalia, so they showed up with massive deliveries of food. The moment the food arrived it was seized by warlords. An infinite food supply wouldn’t change anything. The strongest, swiftest and most aggressive will take everything, so no matter how much food is available, the average Africans will starve.

        • Aspiring rapper

          Blackhawk Down should be required viewing in every classroom in America. It teaches the valuable lesson that Africans are violent savages and helping them only gets you killed.

    • IstvanIN

      The adults act the same way. At work we will have the occasional catered lunch, people put in a few dollars for some holiday, and we get a nice meal. Years ago it was buffet style, but certain blacks would bring plastic containers to bring food home in. Now, for the catered lunches, some of the women stand behind the steam warmers to make sure everyone gets at least one plate.

      • I used to work at a place (no blacks) that ordered pizza once a month. I wanted plain cheese pizza from the place they ordered, and I was the only one. Everybody else wanted combinations I didn’t want.

        I would always be stuck on a call when the pizza came, and without fail, when I got off the phone, the cheese pizza was gone and two-thirds of every other pizza type was left. And guess who took home the left over combinations nobody ate more than a third of? The white people who ordered them.

        • IstvanIN

          That is A LOT different than getting in line with Tupperware from the get-go.

        • 5n4k33y35

          A lot of whites have become uncultured and uncivilized by living with savages for so long in America.

          • Erasmus

            Yup. We couldn’t teach manners to the savages, so we destigmatized their jungle behavior and then people who would otherwise acted normally began to act like savages. Time to call out people on their vulgar, ill-mannered behavior.

      • NYB

        This reminds me of the Chinese buffet house who got into a dispute with a black mother who tried to fill up her family’s plates with nothing but high-protein meat.
        When the Chinese levied a surcharge on her she caused such a scene that the police had to be called in.

    • MBlanc46

      Experience with blacks is often the first step on the road to race realism.

    • Aspiring rapper

      My church gave out free family dinners for Thanksgiving in a “poor” black neighborhood, including whole cooked turkeys and all the fixings. The black mothers got into violent fist fights right there in line; it basically turned into a riot.

      The church ladies were SO SHOCKED, although I could have told them ahead of time exactly what would happen. We never gave out anything in that neighborhood again for fear we’d get sued if there were stabbings and shootings.

      • That is nothing compared to the riots that nearly broke out in several cities when Section 8 applications were being handed out. These people stormed the doors and bombarded the office when it opened.

    • dhs

      This is a good example of EAB (Evolved African Behavior). In the African environment, where blacks evolved, rational sharing is not a behavior the promotes survival. The best strategy is to grab as much food as you can, and eat it as quickly as possible. If you save it, it will rot or be stolen. Perhaps give some to your children, or others that you want to impress.

      • Unperson

        “The best strategy is to grab as much food as you can, and eat it as quickly as possible.”

        Yes. Plus, rapid spoilage under the blazing African sun is another reason for them to cram their cakeholes ASAP. Without refrigeration, that tasty zebra the Chief speared will go bad in no time at all — so fill your gut while you can. Step over your own children, if you need to, just to tear off a handful of that zebra thigh. Get it while it’s hot, Kazongo!

        A lot of the black behaviors we all complain about actually made (some sort of) sense, and had some survival value for them, back in Africa. But whites evolved past those behaviors and left them behind thousands of years ago — and we don’t want to return to them. What works for them is disastrous for us. What works for us is alien to them. History and Evolution have rendered the black race and the white race incompatible. It is the greatest tragedy of our people that sharing the same space with them was ever attempted. We belong separately, not together.

    • Non Humans

      Kind of reminds me of when I was in x-ray school. I got my education at a government-run indigent care hospital. As second-years, we were required to do some 2nd and 3rd shift clinicals. When few x-rays or CAT scans were being ordered, we would work in triage.
      One night, I pulled the old superglue a quarter to the floor bit out in the waiting room. The way the nonhumans went after it, you would have thought that it was a laminated hundred dollar bill or something. My fellow students were debilitated with laughter.
      Nonhumans do act like children , though. Whenever freebies are being handed out, no matter how insignificant or petty, they will shoot, stab, or trample one another. It’s all about “I Gots Mines!!”

    • My sympathy for “poor, hungry” black kids ended when I was forced, as a Ph.D. student, to “teach” a group of fifth graders in the “poor” section of the city. The course was pretty much required, and the Prof required that we compose lesson plans and “teach” at her pet project in the hood, which was trying to steer negro kids into college by following them grade by grade and tutoring them along the way.

      We were told that it would be “appreciated” if we brought simple “necessities” to the students, like pencils and erasers, since the school was poor and the parents were too poor to buy these essentials. I was pulling down nearly $1,000 a month on my TA stipend, so hell yeah I could afford to buy that stuff.

      At any rate, when I was passing out pencils and erasers to grateful negro students at the end of the “teaching” session, a knock was heard on the classroom door. A negro girl opened the door, wheeled in a cart full of sodas and chips, and started selling them. All of these “impoverished” kids were able to fork over a dollar for a soda and Hot Cheetos.

      My budget at the time was so tight, I probably was eating mac and cheese for a week after buying pencils and erasers for those sponges. At least I learned a lesson.

      • We were told that it would be “appreciated” if we brought simple
        “necessities” to the students, like pencils and erasers, since the
        school was poor and the parents were too poor to buy these essentials

        Ironically, I bet this school district where you were forced to be a volunteer tutor spends way more per student per year than most surrounding districts.

        • Well, we are talking about Mississippi here. But I do understand your point.

      • Spartan24708

        Experience is often the best teacher. I can only hope the generation of idealistic “Teach for America” liberals get a real awakening.

  • Unperson

    Although they are eligible to eat breakfast before school in the cafeteria, some students arrive too late to do so, officials have said.

    How do you say “You snooze, you lose” in (low-class Mexican) Spanish? Or is it one of those concepts that just doesn’t translate into their lingo? You know, like “The customer is always right”, or “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”?

    It’s bad enough they can’t feed their own kids, but if these Mextizo baby-factories can’t even get their grubby-looking urchins to school on time to be fed the FREE food paid for by Los Gringos, then there’s just no hope for them. Back to the rain forest with ALL of these pathetic, incompetent, dim-witted dwarfs!

    • “Ask not what you can can do for your country, but what your country can do for you.”

    • rebelcelt

      Agreed, it could be a great teaching point. If you cannot get to work on time then you will go hungry.

  • So CAL Snowman

    I too am concerned that feeding mexicans illegal invaders in the classroom disrupts from the lesson plan of Get Whitey.

    • Aspiring rapper

      LOL – good point. Maybe we’re better off if they’re paying more attention to the Pop Tarts than the “Celebrate Diversity” lesson of the day.

      • crimson tide

        White children are taught to celebrate diversity. All others are taught how evil whitey is and how whitey owes them. White children are taught what a great man Martin Luther King was. All others are taught about Bull Conner and the evil Southerners.

  • Ryan Kennedy

    What’s so nuts about this is is it’s the third bite at the apple. First of all, there are food stamps in first place for low-income families, on top of that they have these breakfast programs and now since parents can’t manage to feed the kids at home with food-stamp food OR get them to school on time for free breakfasts, they get to eat in class. What’s next? catered recess?

  • bigone4u

    Allowing the mini-youfs to waste food sets a bad example. Growing up, we learned that food is associated with morality–wasting food is immoral. I’m sure the teachers are not allowed to teach that message, even if they have enough sense to realize it, which most of them don’t.

    • The__Bobster

      Meanwhile, Moochelle wants the skoos to serve them the type of food that they’ll toss in the garbage.

      • bigone4u

        Since I love dogs, I wish there was some way to get that wasted food into the mouths of homeless dogs. I’ve always found dogs to be more appreciative of handouts than humans. There’s nothing happier than a dog thrown a strip of bacon.

        • guest

          A few years ago, some students did indeed try to “feed the homeless” with leftover and unwanted school food. They set up bins where kids could throw the unwanted/untouched fruit, milk, etc.

          Well, it was shut down very quickly because the food had to be re-inspected BEFORE it could be handed out to the homeless.

          So, back into the dumpster it went, all of it –where it goes to this day.

          Bon, From the Land of Babble

          • So, back into the dumpster it went, all of it –where it goes to this day.

            Unless the dumpsters were chained shut, some homeless might have got it.

            A lady across the alley from me regularly throws out her “Seattle Sutton” type meals. I have never seen a garbage digger take one.

        • My dog loves beggin’ strips, which is fake bacon for dogs. I am quite sure he would love the real kind too.

  • APaige

    Arrive too late to eat their free food, before their free education, paid for by white privilege. I bet this program started to solve the education gap! If only poor kids ate a ‘guaranteed’ breakfast they could compete ‘equally’ in school.

    • The__Bobster

      In my area, school principals get bonuses based on the number of ghetto rats that get free school meals.

      • I guess some of the progeny of illegal immigrants get their free meals as well. Their illegal siblings have to starve because they are not eligible for this program.

        • Xanthippe2

          Maybe it varies by state? In CA these programs are for illegals too. And yes they do get dinner. So 3 free meals for the “underprivilaged.” At the same time the “wealthy” kids not eligible for the program, get nothing if they happen to leave their lunch on the kitchen table at home once and a while.

      • MBlanc46

        Same in Chicago. So a lot of them signed up their own kids.

        • I thought they were just doing it because they are cheap. Didn’t know that is why they were. That must be why they got into trouble.

      • guest

        I have a colleague who works at a high school that had a classroom by classroom contest as to which one could sign up the most students for the free lunch and breakfast program. The winning room got an ice cream party or something like that.

        Title One $$ is based on how many students are on the free meal program. The higher the percentage of students on the free program, the more federal money the school gets.

        Bon, From the Land of Babble

    • Diamond_Lil

      You bet it did. The Education Reformers are getting desperate. There’s even free dinner provided for the multitude of students attending after school credit recovery classes.

  • Luca

    Did you miss the stat, 8o%? Now you know the racial make-up of the LAUSD and LA at large.. I’ll bet of that 80%, 75% are illegals or anchors.

    We should just through the food and money over the fence if they promise to stay on their side.

  • Paleoconn

    Why not just supply their lunches and dinners too. We need more politicians like Maggie Thatcher (aka Milk Snatcher). RIP, Baroness Thatcher.

    • 5n4k33y35

      At the time Milk Snatcher did that, the UK was still predominantly white and hadn’t been turned into a Bantustan. That was not admirable.

      In any case, the way to handle this situation is not to send your kids to school and to quit paying taxes. But don’t make a policy of requiring children to attend schools with no free lunches. Breakfast is the parents’ job.

      • Paleoconn

        It doesn’t matter, free-loadery is free-loadery. Watch the video from when she was secretary of ed. in 1971. A woman in the audience is berating her for stealing milk from the mouth of a kid (from a family of 6).

  • Diamond_Lil

    These teachers dislike the idea of breakfast in the classroom precisely because of what cafeteria and adjacent areas look like after lunch – a landfill.

  • flypay

    I recall following a schoolbus through a black section of Las Vegas on three consecutive days. Each day the bus would stop at one stop in partcular where approximately 15 to 20 black children were waiting. As soon as the doors opened, they all rushed the bus and jammed the doorway so that none of them could get in. It was amazing to watch. In other neighborhoods, I watched kids make their own orderly line up and one by one, entered the bus.

    • IstvanIN

      That is how the blacks at work are at the elevator, never wait for people to get off, just force your way in.

      • MadMike

        Yep, I see the same thing here when I go to the VA Hospital, now I just take the stairs…

    • Aspiring rapper

      The more you observe blacks in their own environment, the more you realize they really are unlike other people.

      • Non Humans

        People? Lol…Feeling generous with the dignity tonight, huh?

        • 5n4k33y35

          That’s pretty hilarious. Some of them really are humans in character, not merely biologically classified as such.

    • The Ice Queen

      I observed this same behavior when I worked at a restaurant as a teenager. A group of black kids would come in every Saturday night, rush to the counter pushing, shoving, and shouting in one writhing mass. It was an impossible situation. They could not line up, and take turns. It was always the worst night of the week, and we dreaded it.

    • rightrightright

      When the British army had the task of getting food to starving Africans, they surrounded the food with barbed wire and set up a barbed wire-surrounded path wide enough for only one person, which forced the Africans into single file. They got their food and left the area by the same means, down another barbed wire bordered path.

    • I observed the same behavior at a Megabus pickup site the other night when I took my tax checks to the post office to mail.

  • HamletsGhost

    We know they can feed them. Is it asking too much to educate them now?

    • Diamond_Lil

      Try having a conversation with the illegal urinating on a bush in the Home Depot parking lot and tell me if you can educate him?

  • Aspiring rapper

    Why do they even bother trying to teach them? Maybe they can just sit around eating and getting “self esteem” counseling all day.

  • Aspiring rapper

    Keep in mind that food stamps are NOT reduced for families getting free meals from schools. Breakfast and lunch each school day = 42 meals that don’t need to be paid for by that month’s food stamps/EBT.

    That adds up fast if Mama’s got 5 kids. What does she do with all that extra money on the EBT card every month? Don’t ask liberals, because they don’t care.

    • guest

      “What does she do with all that extra money on the EBT card every month”

      I know there is a push to let people spend food stamps at farmers markets. I see them showing up in my local high-end organic farmers market. I am sure they are not spending their food stamp dollars on organic Meyers lemons for $1 each. No, they are exchanging food stamps for cash, something which looks very easy to do at a farmer’s market where there are lots of cash transactions. The cash probably goes for booze, drugs, rent-a-rim payments (I’m not making that up).

      • The farmers market I go to already allows the EBT food stamp card at most vendors, and has for some time. The blacks wielding them are rarely found at fresh fruit and vegetable vendors.

  • guest


  • Funruffian

    All these underprivileged people living off the dole recieve free food, free education, free housing, free transportation, free cell phones, free Medicaid along with a plethora of other safety nets due to the legacy of slavery and White colonialism. Being a Black or Chicano sounds like a pretty cushy life in America.

  • The Ice Queen

    Breakfast in the classroom? Isn’t it enough that they get free breakfast? I don’t buy this ‘poverty is the reason for failure and bad behavior’ nonsense. I came from a big family and we had a whole lot less than kids on welfare have today, and we were well behaved. We said Please and Thank you, never sassed a teacher, never spoke out of turn unless called on, and showed up on time. I never knew the first name of any teacher or adult neighbor during my grade school years because we addressed all adults as Mr. and Mrs. Oh, and we had oatmeal for breakfast…at home.

    • saxonsun

      Boy, are you ever right. Both sides of my family went hungry, yet we were raised to be polite and decent.

    • roger

      we have the ‘fattest’ poverty kids in the history of the world.

  • guest

    It’s amazing how many kids on the free meal program have the latest tech gear — iPads, iPods, iPhones, Beats Headphones — designer clothing and shoes, for the girls professionally manicured nails and hair extensions, and they get dropped off in expensive, late-model cars every morning, often late.

    They’ve got a VERY dangerous entitlement mentality!! –Things are to be given to them instead of earned because they are entitled to it.

    Yes, when the government $$ stops flowing in and they’re cut off from their bling and techno-gear, there will be riots, violent riots, and fires, very hot fires and attacks, vicious ones, on those they believe are the “haves” — ANYONE who has anything they don’t have.

    They’re entitled to it, after all.

    Bon, From the Land of Babble

    • fakeemail

      A hallmark of low class people is feeling that they shouldn’t have to pay for boring stuff like their own food, education, medical bills, housing, and kids. Those are “rights.” They just want to save their pennies and blow them in two seconds on some piece of crap luxury item that sparkles.

    • Xerxes22

      It won’t be cut off. Who is going to cut it off? The Democrats aren’t going to hurt their constituents and the Republicans are terrified of riots and being called racist. If they need more money to fund these programs, both parties will take it out of Social Security and Medicare. Old people don’t riot.

      • guest

        California is bankrupt.

        Unlike the feds, the goons in Sacramento cannot print up money AND the feds cannot continue to bail out California.

        The economic redistribution system, as is, is unsustainable. Wait until 30-40 mexicans and central Americans are amnestied and further burden the entitlement gravy train; it will collapse. It’s collapsing now.

        I think feds will grab private pensions next to prop up the economic mess they’ve gotten us into.

        Bon, From the Land of Babble

        • It is going to be state/county/municipal pensions that will be grabbed and merged first.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Don’t think the government doesn’t have its greedy eyes on our private pensions, they do. They are running out of money, out of options to finance this gargantuan welfare state and are like cornered, rabid animals.

            Lee Bellinger writes (behind a subscription wall, can’t link):

            Americans have $4 trillion saved in 401(k) plans and another $8 trillion in IRAs and pension plans, 95% of which are invested in the equity markets, mainly stocks and mutual funds.

            If the U.S. government forces investors to invest 50% of their IRAs in government bonds, that would raise $6 trillion.

            In fact, Congress once passed, and later rescinded, a 15% “excess retirement accumulations excise tax” on large retirement plans. Reviving that tax could bring the government a lot of money.

            Unthinkable that the U.S. government would seize control of a portion of your IRA in this manner? Think again. It is happening all over the world, and the U.S. may soon follow suit.

            Eight countries have raided retirement plans since 2008, including France, Poland, Ireland, and Hungary.

            Teresa Ghilarducci has proposed her plan to Congress, a ‘Guaranteed Retirement Account,’ or GRA.

            In her words ‘…a GRA will accumulate 5% of their paychecks in a GRA over their lifetime. The government would credit their accounts with 3% plus inflation… GRAs would provide a safe and secure retirement to 63 million people.’

            Woe be to anyone who trusts the government!! Just ask the folks in Cyprus about THEIR bank accounts.

            As for me and my teachers’ pension, from which I draw 75% of my salary after 30 years: I assume it’s long gone.

            I live in California, after all.


    • crimson tide

      Before they can walk they learn whitey owes them.

    • …. for the girls professionally manicured nails …..

      You mean claws?

    • rebelcelt

      I would love to see te day when whites set a boundary line and give blacks their own country. We whites stay in our country and they stay in their country. We do not give them a pencil, shoe shirt, food or even clean water. If they want something from us we sell it to them at as much profit as possible. In other words treat them as they would treat us.

      • If we’re not going to give them clothes, then we better have a wide DMZ between our zone and their zone. A lot of things are better left unseen.

  • fakeemail

    Why even have teachers at these “schools”? These are ZOOS plain and simple. How about cutting costs by losing the teachers, putting up bars, and throwing the animals all the breakfast they need.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Would you rather have them out in the community breaking into YOUR home? At least the schools perform an important civic service by keeping urban teens contained during the day.

      • fakeemail

        I’d rather have them GONE. In fact, never having been here in the first place. And I want to send the lunatic libs and corporate shills straight back to hell with them.

  • Guest

    that they have sometimes received expired food, spoiled milk and rotten fruit.

    This is NOT uncommon.

    Whatever vile slop the school district is passing off as “free” school breakfasts or lunches, I assure you it is NOT food!! The smell alone drives me out of the lunch area — most of it is completely unidentifiable and has NO known resemblance to anything comestible. Remember Pink Foam?? THAT’S what it looks like even though the school district says it no longer accepts school rations made out of pink foam. It is hideous!!

    Any rats, roaches or other pests in classrooms are NOT eating school food. Nope. They’re eating the hot cheetos, skilttles, sunflower seeds and neon-colored bimbo pastries the kids bring from home and toss all over the place — and lapping up spilled Monster, Coke, Fanta or Rock Star off of the floors.

    Not only that, get ready to feed a LOT more illegal alien children — my colleagues across the district tell me that FOBs (fresh over the border) are POURING into the schools, in the hopes of “amnestia” no doubt.

    I just finished paying my taxes — state, federal and property.

    All so mexican and central american nationals can race replace me and my family in my home state while the odious federal and state government forces ME to pay for their school lunches, free health care and free tuition.

    Bon, From the Land of Babble

    • Luca

      While certain people claim the Mexicans are poor, I have noticed they are rarely thin. They are voracious and eat anything especially if it is free.

  • bubo

    So 80 percent of the kids that attend LA county schools are “low income?” Our progress to third world status seems almost complete.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      It is complete. The areas of these schools are effectively Mexico. We just pay for it and pretend it’s ours by coloring those areas on maps in as “ours”.

  • thoughtcrime

    It is not as if the diversity is really missing out on any real “learning”. They don’t really do much “learning” in the schools as it is. Unless you consider learning how NOT to get caught, raping, robbing and beating their few white classmates…learning. And in many of these schools that 100% diverse (with no YT kids to prey upon) they have will have less time to learn about how evil YT is and how much they are owed by YT if they are spending more time eating stale tacos and cold fried chicken in class for the 1st half hour of the day….

  • Spartan24708

    It’s getting worse- in one area of the city where we lived they were keeping the kids until 6pm and feeding them dinner. The mom couldn’t understand why I said that they should just fold out cots and have parents drop kids off on Monday morning and pick them up Friday afternoon. Her poor kid was so tired she could barely keep her eyes open.

  • What happened to Parents’ responsibility to feed their children BEFORE the kids show up late to school?

  • saxonsun

    Yet janitors make a fortune in pay.

  • Spartan24708

    If they are so hungry why is obesity such a crisis? Seems like just about every low income person I see is overweight to obese.

  • The only space in the schools that I attended that were not carpeted were the cafeterias. I can only imagine what the carpets would have looked like if students were allowed to eat anywhere they pleased.

  • Bobby

    Any parent that continues to send their kids to public schools, is guilty of child abuse, in my opinion. Take them out, send them to a reputable private school, one that is detached from all the worthless baloney that characterizes the government schools. Or have brilliant mentors teach them, even if it costs you an extra hour or two at work. That would be really loving your kids. Don’t bellieve all the B.S. propaganda put out by the same worthless public school psychiatrists, that argue that your kid will be socially affected because it’s just the opposite.

  • jay11

    That 80% of ‘poor’ students is surely almost entirely Mexican in nature. Leftists believe we are obligated to feed, clothe and house the teeming masses of latin America. I object to that notion, but it seems there’s little that can be done about it, given that the Left and the Right both want more and more of them to come here.
    Deport all illegals. No Amnesty. Jail business owners who employ illegals and confiscate half their wealth in penalties. Bring the U.S. armed forces back home from japan, Europe, korea and everywhere else and put them on the border. strip anchor babies of citizenship and any children born to illegals for the last 30 years. That should solve most of the problem right there!

  • rebelcelt

    Call the health dept. I bet the average classroom does not meet hygiene standards for food to be served.

  • rebelcelt

    I was bused to an all black Jr. High (middle school in most of the county).I remember a classmate telling me that blacks were smarter than whites because blacks get free lunches and food stamps.
    But, in the African mindset he was right,free stuff was good and from a competitive Darwinian sense he was right. Look at their population increase in the last 25 years as compared to ours. Who is likely to control the American continent in the next 100 years. Jared Taylor is right on white altruism.