Chicago Mobs and the Case For High Capacity Magazines

Mac Slavo, Investment Watch, April 1, 2013

Over the weekend, hundreds of teens joined forces to harass, mug and beat peaceful residents of the disarmed city of Chicago.

Things got pretty bad and very quickly, with a lot of innocent shoppers and tourists caught in the middle of a very chaotic situation.


Now, imagine a situation where you’re taking a leisurely stroll through the city with your family when you’re approached by dozens of mob-crazed individuals who have no qualms about robbing you or hurting those you love.

Police are powerless, because they show up after the fact, and even if they do get there as the situation is developing, there are way too many mobsters for law enforcement to get a handle on the situation before someone gets hurt.

So, how do you stop them?


Realistically, there is only ONE solution, and it requires that you have on your person multiple high capacity magazines and a semi-automatic weapon capable of discharging a hail of bullets in rapid succession.

If there were ever a case for why high capacity magazines belong in the holster belt of every American, the events in Chicago over the last two days are it.

Only the individual citizen, in real-time, will have any chance of protecting themselves in an active mob scenario.

When the bodies start hitting the floor you better believe mob members will think twice about pursuing their new found strategy of attacking innocent people. Moreover, those who are likely being empowered by the success of such mobs to go out and do the same in their own cities will reconsider the risks versus reward.

Chicago is a gun-free zone. It is also the murder capital of the United States, with over 500 killed last year. With law abiding citizens having been disarmed, there is nothing to stop brazen attacks like what happened this weekend from continuing, and spreading.

Put the power back in the hands of Americans.

Let the people arm themselves – heavily.


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  • CoweringCoward

    Amen brother!And pass the ammunition!

    • newscomments70

      That reminds me of a WWII era patriotic song. American women workers of the WWII era would sing, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, so we can all be free!” We need to bring that back. Black thugs (and other) and white liberals are our enemy. They want to see us raped, killed, dispossed, disarmed, and ultimately exterminated. They are a force at least as evil as Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, or Stalinist Russia. The situation is worse, because they are the enemy within, and they have a stranglehold on our country’s cities, media, and banking system. A disgusting, violent, unholy emeny wants to see us all raped and killed. This is an all out war on us. We are not fighting back. We have to fight back. We have no choice. We need to fight this war in the same way our parents and grandparents fought World War II. I imagine there are some folks online that can remember WWII, or are even veterans. If any of you WWII veterans are reading, please help us rally the troops again. Thank you.

      • tom marr

        The situation is worse, because they are the enemy within, and they have
        a stranglehold on our country’s cities, media, and banking system. A
        disgusting, violent, unholy emeny wants to see us all raped and killed.
        This is an all out war on us.

        • Liberalsuck

          I’d rather have a war with an invading army than fight from within. They say all great civilizations are first conquered from within. Franklin was right when he said, “A republic…IF you can keep it.”

        • anarchyst

          Yes, those of the “tribe”, many of whom are indistinguishable from whites. . . THAT is the real enemy.

  • Tim

    Luger… Walther… Mauser… Good enough for the Cherkassy Pocket, Good enough for the Magnificent Mile…

  • This is a point that one Jennifer Passiamore (sp?) made many years ago in an article she wrote for the website of the Council of Conservative Citizens not long after the CofCC started its national website. Her point was that if ET was able to rid the world of all deadly weapons and program people from inventing them again, white people would be at a disadvantage in the new world, because of the propensity of blacks to gang up and of whites to remain in small groups or as individuals. She also doubted the prospects of whites learning to gang up in this new order of things, and her main evidence of this was that in current environments that are the close equivalent to such, prisons with mixed race populations, whites really don’t gang up very well if at all in the face of hostile black and Hispanic prison gang bangers.

    • The__Bobster

      Sometimes they do for their own protection. Where do you think the “White supremacist” the police are currently hunting for came from?

      • From what I have come to understand, white prison gangs aren’t really that strong or powerful even in the context of prisons. Those “white supremacist prison gangsters” they’re looking for re Texas and Colorado are said to be the “tail” to the “dog” of the Mexican drug cartels.

        • B. Lewis

          In CA, the Mexican Mafia, “La Eme” actually works closely with the Aryan Brotherhood. Why? Because the Mexicans have openly said the whites are more organized and are the best at coming up with ways to get around obstacles set up by law enforcement. In most CA prisons, the rule is that once a riot starts, the whites and “hispanics” line up together against the blacks. Period. These are well known facts the media tries to hide while they exaggerate prison rape stories, especially against whites, to further make whites feel weak and fearful. The media hides the origin of the Aryan Brotherhood, because it might give whites “ideas”. The AB was started by mainly Irish descended bikers to protect themselves against the rising tide of blacks and black gangs. They initiated a “kill on sight” policy, and would attack the blacks (who are actually proven time and again in prison fights to be awful when it comes to wielding knives / shanks against a white or hispanic doing the same). The blacks backed off the AB.

          One way in which the AB is different from the non-white gangs is that the blacks and hispanics will go after the weak, or those who are “alone”, not affiliated with any gang etc. The AB goes after whites who have shown themselves to be the most capable in fights, caginess, etc.

          • JohnEngelman

            I appreciate the way Hispanics stand up to blacks. Unlike most whites Hispanics do not feel guilty about the way blacks are.

          • Liberalsuck

            The white guilt is fading more and more, the whites have been buying up all the guns and ammo compared to other races, they’re speaking out more, even white conservative candidates are starting to make pro-white/anti nonwhite comments more and more, etc.

    • brengunn

      Nonsense. It was whites ganging up that colonised the world. Fair enough, we’ve created this perverse situation where we are at a disadvantage in our own societies but don’t doubt our propensity to organise and outmaneuver other racial groups, should the need ever arise.

      • Plato1

        I believe the need has arrived.

        • Cid Campeador

          Thank God that someone had faith in the White race’s will to survive. At some point all Whites even the Middle Class libtards will awaken to the reality of how they’ve been seduced by every government R or D; it doesn’t matter.

    • Non Humans

      I have to, kindly, disagree friend. Ever heard of the “Aryan Brotherhood”? One of the most feared and effective prison gangs ever created. Granted they did run with some of the mexican prison and street gangs from time to time, but even at that they are still revered as ruthless and one at the top of theprison gang foodchain.

  • guest

    Gun control is the first step of ethnic cleansing.

    Only white people care about gun laws. Gun laws are only enforced against whites. The only guns they want to come after are stuff like AR-15s, and only white people buy AR-15s. White people need guns to be safe in the face of mobs of Bantu street thugs.

    We can see in South Africa that whites gave power to blacks, blacks took away white access to guns (while allowing their own thugs to be armed), and then the genocide and ethnic cleansing started.

    WAKE UP!

    • Dr. X

      I’m glad a mainstream journalist noticed this. He didn’t mention the racial angle, but after Detroit 1967, LA 1992, Katrina 2005, etc. etc. you can’t avoid it. I did not see the need for high-capacity magazines for many years, but after seeing Hurricane Katrina and the chaos and mayhem I finally understood exactly why they are useful. Unfortunately, my Communist state has now outlawed all of them! The White traitors in political office are guarded 24-7 by armed police with unlimited high-cap mags, yet they expect YOU to be unarmed in the face of an onslaught by a mob of feral Blacks.

      • Pamela Franck

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    • NC

      Take this comment to every audience possible. Sums it all up brah’

    • rebelcelt

      what makes you think only whites buy ar-

      • TeutonicKnight67

        because they’re too expensive for the average Bantu and can’t be tucked neatly into the waistband of a pair of sweatpants.

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

          I can assure you blacks have AR-15 and all the other good stuff. They
          may not have the $10,000 .50 caliber Barret rifles, but they do have
          enough to cause a lot of problems.

          • PesachPatriot

            This is a good point…watch hood life 3 west palm beach on youtube…they call assault rifles “choppers” although they are more partial to the AK-47 over the AR-15 since the AR requires more cleaning and maintenance. Gang members like using them in drive-bys on rivals….it seems most black gun owners prefer handguns to rifles in general….every time I have been to the range any blacks there had pistols….I don’t think I’ve ever seen one practicing with an AK, AR or even a 12 gauge shotgun.

          • ummer

            I have owned a shooting range for 40 years and have taught thousand of people how to use and care for a weapon. Of all my students only 38 were black. And I haver NEVER seen a black who could use his weapon well

          • Cheri Rodriguez

            Don’t forget about all the blacks who are current- and ex-military trained with the M-16, 9mm, etc. Gangbangers often join just to get the shooting experience (as well as other free stuff). When I was in The Corps, there were plenty of blacks who shot expert; they also had it drilled into them that you need to clean your weapon. I haven’t fired an M-16 since 1989 but could still easily break one down, put it back together and qualify. Note: I still shoot but don’t bother with the AR platform.

          • Ned

            They cause a lot of problems even without guns.

      • Pitt

        I do because most blacks would have no idea how to hold, shoot or reload one.

      • LAFCD

        An SKS is/was $450 before all the scare happened and you could get a good amount of 7.62 ammo for a good deal, and the stopping power of those is as good as a 30-06 or 30-30.

    • Meanwhile, black gangs are better armed than LE–machine guns, machine pistols & firepower that approaches that of the military…..YET, NOTHING is done to disarm this group of felons…

      They’d rather disarm law-abiding Whites who want and have AR-15s…

  • anarchyst

    IF civilians are prohitibed from owning certain weapons and “high-capacity (actually normal-capacity) magazines, every “law-enforcement” agency should also be restricted to the same.
    “Equal justice under law” applies to EVERYONE, “law-enforcement”, “secret-service”, and every other government agency.

    • Sloppo

      Agreed. If guns are deemed too dangerous for private citizens to own, then the government should certainly be restricted as well. I understand that the number of government murders on this planet in the last 100 years is six times greater than the number of war deaths. The death toll caused by private criminals and gun accidents combined is of course much smaller than either of those other numbers.

      • Bill

        three decades ago there was a hue and cry from citizens as to WHY police forces needed to be armed like our military with the latest full auto assault rifles, flash bangs, armored cars, etc etc. That hue and cry long ago ceased. But if you want to know WHY they needed to be so armed……ask the citizens of Ireland prior to freedom for the south, and the citizens of northern Ireland today. Then, as now, the citizens will NOT be allowed to leave the empire and govern themselves without decades of blood being shed. The police WILL be the boots on the ground closest to the citizens to keep them in the empire if we ever get so determined to remove the yoke that is getting heavier and heavier. So, to answer your question, the empire is determined to keep us under gunned against the day we have had enough.

        • Sloppo

          I believe many local law enforcement communities (especially in smaller communities) will be too loyal to the people in their communities to be suitable goons for the global elitists. In larger urban areas, perhaps your forecast will be more accurate because multiculturalism may quickly turn those areas into hot war zones when vital resources become scarce.

          • liberalsuck

            As this country breaks apart, what I think you’ll see are whites vs. blacks vs. hispanics having clashes within the military, then the federal areas, then in the national guard, then in the police departments, etc.

          • Non Humans

            With the coming collapse of our economy, and the cessation of replenishment of food, medicine, fuel, etc and everyone having to fend for themeselves or their associates, your uniform will definitely be your ethnicity.
            The government (National Guard, LEO’s, FEMA, etc) will definitely make a move to seize power through martial law when it first breaks off, but I seriously doubt that they will be able to maintain it for very long, especially if they are sitting on vital resources (they will be over run sooner for those resources). Big cities will be war zones, especially because da EBTeeeez will be useless. Rural areas, will still share in some of the hostilities, I believe it more likely that they will see alot of people banding together to aid one another in survival.

          • Liberalsuck

            how is the government going to control tens of millions of armed pissed off people of all races? How is the government going to push its will when there are soldiers and law enforcement who will fight with each other over pushing unconstitutional orders?

          • Gerónimo Anónimo

            There must be SOME real patriots left in the upper echelons of the military who are on to what’s going on here and are waiting for the opportunity to step in and take over.

  • khesanh67-68

    All that has to be done is set dogs on these blacks one time and it’s over. Works every time.

    • MBlanc46

      Yes, some police dogs on the scene would be very useful.

      • Wouldn’t be able to shut the dogs up, every single one of the thugs probably has a half smoked blunt in his pocket.

        • MBlanc46

          That might help keep the undesirables moving along.

    • Xerxes22

      The Black leadership and the Left would have a giant hiissy fit if they ever did that. They would comparie it to using dogs against the civil rights demonstrators of the 1960s. They would not understand the irony of comparing violent feral thugs to the non-violent tactics of the civil rights protesters.

      • khesanh67-68

        They would understand the difference 100%. But they wouldn’t let on they knew. You have to understand whenever you engage in any type of discussion, conversation, etc. with blacks, you’re in a game. They’re always trying to get over.
        After the Civil War, When Northerner observers visited down south, a Southerner would tell the Northerner a certain black was being “sassy” and the Northerner wouldn’t see anything wrong. But the ecperienced Southerner picked up on it right away. Experienced people know all the tricks these dolts employ.

      • Non Humans

        That and “Dogs Beez Raaaycisss an Sheeeit!!”

      • josh

        IS there a difference??

  • bigone4u

    Liberal commentators are not letting up. Every news story about a shooting brings them out in droves to mock the NRA and gun ownership By overwhelming comments sections they seek to create the belief that everyone is for the total disarming of the people. Their comments never focus on facts, but on emotions–right out of Alinsky’s rules for radicals. Appealing to emotions is effective and something we should do.
    I hope everyone here leaves reasonable race realist and pro-gun comments on these web sites. HuffPo is one. The sheeple get herded very easily by popular opinion and liberal opinion is not a good thing.

    • Liberalsuck

      I read Huffington Post and see all those liberal comments and think, “I can’t believe so many people are this stupid.”

      • Anonymous

        They’re stupid because they’ve never been the victims of an assault by Blacks. I’m certain that none of THEM lives in an area that is anywhere close to where the “prietos” live. I’m not wishing ill on them but hmmm! Maybe CM. He really has earned a beat down. I wonder it it would give him that special “tingle” UP his leg or would he be more likely to “tinkle” DOWN his leg out of sheer terror. It would certainly be educational for Prissy Chrissy.

        • LaSantaHermandad

          Maybe he’d be awakened and start posting on Amren. Your new name for him would be very appropriate for his sign in name. Prissy Chrissy. I like it.

  • When the bodies start hitting the floor you better believe mob members will think twice about pursuing their new found strategy of attacking innocent people.

    When the bodies start hitting the floor, it will only be fodder for more rioting. It would be my guess that CPD has explicit orders against using any violence as it could incite the wholesale destruction and looting of Michigan Avenue.

    • Bill

      The CPD has explicit orders against using violence because the Libs and Rahm Emmanuel know that is the group which keeps them in power. Better to let them terrorize and kill whites than to “offend” them even. Howsoever, if and when the blacks get a black mayor and city council, the Rahm Emmanuels and libtards will get the short end of the stick, Chicongo will go the way of Detroit, and the Sears building will soon look like the Detroit Public Library. It’s a matter of time. Only a matter of time.

      • Cid Campeador

        “Howsoever, if and when the blacks get a black mayor and city council,
        the Rahm Emmanuels and libtards will get the short end of the stick,”

        The above mentioned will get the pointy end of the Assegai (just to keep it African). No White tears will be shed for them.

    • MBlanc46

      I think it’s probably the bodies of tourists and shoppers hitting the ground, and the lawsuits that would ensue, that keep the CPD for shooting up the street. When they’re properly deployed, they do a very good job keeping the peace with their sidearms holstered.

  • MikeS

    I agree. The only way for the midnight mobs to comprehend that YT is getting really pissed off is to start putting round after round into their thick, empty coconuts and bill the NAACP for the cost of the ammunition.

  • tom marr

    Ikeep hearing these sentiments but all i continue to see are white people being beaten down and the police ignoring it and downplaying it like the 1 year old baby that was executed in georgia two weeks ago. i dont think white people have the courage to defend themselves.

  • MikeS

    “So, how do you stop them?”

    MikeS – (rubbing hands together) Let’s see……

    • Flaxen-headed strumpet

      Carry a gunneysack full of black snakes when being a tourist in Chicongo.

    • Non Humans

      If you can’t afford a gun or can’t carry one, job applications and textbooks will keep them at bay for a little while.

    • anonymous

      How about buy a crossbow or a bow and arrow, chemical weapons (pepper spray, mace, etc)? I am considering to buy a crossbow myself.

      • anarchyst

        Wasp spray is a good alternative, is good for 20 feet and is relatively inexpensive. For those that say that using wasp spray for other than its intended use is a crime, it sure beats being attacked and possibly murdered.

        • anonymous

          I’m tired of people making excuses for why they won’t fight back or defend people they care about. “Oh, it’s illegal” or “Oh, the neighbors would call me a racist!” I guarantee you if armed soldiers were pounding at my door, I would grab my semi-auto rifle, throw in a ‘high capacity mag’ and start opening fire on them once they kicked the door in. I’m not going to be a slave and let them just harm my family and me for nothing. I’m going to make them work for it!

  • Bill

    Just common sense. Which is WHY the evil people running this country and that city are so dead set against it.

  • MBlanc46

    I really don’t want to be strolling down Boul MIch when someone lets loose “a hail of bullets in rapid succession”. The proper approach to this problem is the one that was used last year: putting cops on the street in force. The only thing that Rahmulus can be faulted for is that he didn’t do so early enough.

    • sarah3723

      Shut down the Red Line.

      • MBlanc46

        I believe that’s going to happen when some major repairs are done.

        • OBSERVER

          Blacks have no business being in a White man’s city.

          They belong in a jungle.

          • MBlanc46

            You’re about 400 years to late on that. They’re here. They’re not going anywhere. It’s our task to get them back under control.

          • Room101

            “Control” has failed.
            White people are incorrigible “racists” and should be forced to separate and segregate themselves from the government-approved diverse “people”.

          • anonymous

            How do you deal with that when I’m seeing more white females with mulatto babies or with a black guy or when I am seeing more whites adopting nonwhite kids? Even if it becomes unpopular again for whites and blacks to breed together, what then do you do about the fact it’s already happened?

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    This is a ridiculous argument, and it would never convince anybody who didn’t already agree with its point of view. Why in a mob situation would you need to discharge a hail of bullets in rapid succession in order to defend yourself? All you would need is to discharge ONE bullet (or simply display your handgun) and the cowardly blacks would scatter instantly. Silly arguments like this turn more people against ones point of view than bring them over to one’s side.

    • freddy_hills

      Do you really think you could get you’re gun out and manage to hang on to it when you’re surrounded by a mob and getting pummeled from all sides?

      • OBSERVER

        Yes. It is very easy.

        You are walking down the street. You see one teenape? You can keep on going. If you see 2 teenapes or more, put your hand on the gun (in a jacket pocket) and eye them.

        If you see more than 3 teenapes, cross the street or stand still with you back to a wall or enter a store. IF they slow down and move towards you, pull out the gun and look at the gun like you are checking for something. They will ALWAYS walk away.

        I know. I have been in these situations. Blacks are cowards and most important, have your gun ready at all times when you see any Black. Prejudice and Stereotyping is natures way of protecting you and why such instinct is correct, just, moral, ethical and proper.

        • Non Humans

          And even in the unlikely event that they would catch me without my .40 cal, I ALWAYS have my tactical folder on me. Once you end up on the ground, you can do some real damage to those “Fast-Twitch” muscles and tendons and have them on the ground with you in short-order.
          Doesn’t guarantee me a win, but it definitely guarantees them at least one loss… likely 2 or more.

    • JohnEngelman

      A hail of bullets is likely to hit innocent people.

      • OBSERVER

        There are no innocent “people” on a flash mob. They are committing a felony, disturbing the peace, threatening public right-of-way, etc. etc. etc.

        We Whites are too nice.

        • JohnEngelman

          Of course there are no innocent people in a flash mob. The problem is that if you shoot “a hail of bullets” you are likely to hit people who are not in the mob.

    • liberalsuck

      It’s psychology. Like in the Old West. When there was someone in the jail who the locals wanted to have a lynch mob against, the sheriff would stand outside with a double barrel shotgun against dozens of angry mobsters outside the jail. He’d point it and say, “Who wants to go first?”

    • Mark

      I am assuming you are speaking from personal experience? Do you carry an unloaded or a single shot pistol? Why not simply a fake gun?
      I personally will stick with my 15-shot semi-auto plus 2 extra magazines just in case the black “youths” don’t act so cowardly, don’t run away and pull out their own weapons.
      Good luck to you Tim_in_Indiana.

  • NYB

    Better to pull out your recording device and post it online.

    The media is downplaying black mobs, but individuals with cameras are breaking the news blockade.

    We’ll win this battle with volume of firepower in our cameraphones.

    • freddy_hills

      I agree with you. If someone opened fire on a mob they’d go to prison for murder even if the mob was in the act of attacking them.

      • Non Humans

        Dunno if I can wholly agree with that. It would depend on the situation, the evidence, witnesses, the venue of the trial, and the lawyers. I think in the event of a violent flashmob, and under the right circumstances, you could probably off 2-3 nonhumans and have a pretty decent chance of getting a walk, assuming you go to trial and don’t settle for a plea bargain.

        • Strider73

          Only a fool would stand around after killing or wounding a bunch of mobsters and wait for the cops to arrive. Especially in a hostile town like Chicongo. The ironclad rule in such cases is “shoot, scoot and stay mute.”

      • liberalsuck

        So if there is a mob beating your wife/husband and kids, are you telling me, “Sorry, guys, can’t help you. It would be illegal for me to shoot at these thugs beating your head into the pavement.”

        • freddy_hills

          Making it about the wife & kids doesn’t change anything. If you open fire on a mob of kids then you’re going to prison. If they’re armed with knives, broken bottles or clubs then you can make a credible case for self defense. But if they’re unarmed and the only injuries to the wife & kids are some bumps and bruises then you’re going to prison. Do what you need to protect yourself and your family. I’m just telling you what the consequences will be.

  • PesachPatriot

    I wonder why there are almost never out of control “teen” flash mobs in florida or texas….maybe its because those two states have some of the most pro-2nd amendment laws in the country and potential flash mob participants realize there is a pretty good statistical probability of coming down with a terrible case of lead poisoning if they try anything….The fear of “assault rifles” and high capacity magazines is incredibly overblown…most of the gun crime in this country is usually committed with illegal handguns or the occasional sawed off 12 gauge shotgun….no one goes out and legally purchases a $2,500 bushmaster AR-15 to go rob a liquor store for $300…

    • sarah3723

      No racist violent flash mobs in West Virginia either.

      • tom marr

        there have recent;y been mob attack blk on white in dallas and virginia.


      Ah, you buy a stolen $300 handgun to rob $2,500 from a liquor store………………..say you WhiteAssCracka can’t even do a stick up right !!!!!

    • Jenna Kerr

      I’ve seen news stories of flash mobs in Texas. Also Texas does not permit open carry.
      Arizona has better gun laws.

      • PesachPatriot

        Really? I always thought most of texas was open or concealed carry except a few big cities where it was concealed carry only…Florida is a concealed cary only state as well…I think the reason for this is tourism…the sunshine state gets lots of tourists from europe, canada, the UK, liberal northern states, asia and south america who would be made uneasy and fearful with open carry, but concealed allows people to defend themselves without freaking out the tourists.

        • Strider73

          Texas has never been open carry. No doubt rural folks do so on their land, but that’s about it. CCW did not come to Texas until after the famous Killeen cafeteria massacre in the early 1990s. If GW Bush can be credited with one positive accomplishment in his entire life, it’s getting CCW through the legislature as governor. His ultra-liberal predecessor, Ann Richards, wouldn’t even allow a non-binding referendum.

          While I think open carry should be legal, I would never do so myself. Better to keep the thugs guessing as to who is armed and who isn’t.

          • PesachPatriot

            I had always thought texas had fully legal open carry from the day it joined the US until almost the middle of the 20th century…I was not a big fan of GW when he was in office but the other right thing he did was to drop the hammer on afghanistan after 9/11….his domestic policies were terrible and stupid and led to economic meltdown, but he knew exactly how to deal with the religion of peace….it seems that texas has the same political tug of war as florida, between long settled locals who are very pro-2nd amendment and transplants from the northeast and california who want to change those very sensible laws….I don’t recall reading or hearing about that cafeteria massacre but I lived in the north then….The two regions of this country have very different news coverage….when the BP oil spill happened it was off TV in the tri-state are after 2 weeks, even though it took almost 8 weeks to finally get the well capped and the leak stopped.

  • freddy_hills

    The guy who wrote this article is reckless. There isn’t a whole lot you can do against a mob. If you’re surrounded and being pummeled from all sides its unlikely you could get your gun out. If you could its unlikely you could hang on to it. And if you fired a shot its likely you’d go to prison.

    • Tim

      I disagree. I saw some footage of one White policeman in London with a revolver holding off about 150 people. All he did was point the handgun arm out at whoever started to come close to him.They made a detour around him like he was a St. Augustine channel buoy…Of course he got his gun out before being pummeled not after.


      Blacks are cowards. Take out the lead teen and the rest will freeze. This is why I carry both a ankle holster pistol and a 17 round Glock. PLUS, in my glove-box of my gas-sucking Avalanche, I have another Glock.

      I fear no mob. You don’t go outside in America without guns. Those days are gone. We are now Zimbabwe, Uganda, Somalia.


    Remember. Blacks were NOT citizens of the US when the Constitution was written by White men. Blacks, according to Jefferson and Madison, were not even human and were about 3/5 human…..not a bad estimate for those with no clue about IQ or genetics.

    Thus, Blacks have no right to weapons. Only White Men do. They also have no right to vote.

    These are the methods that the White man is destroying his own civilization. Giving White man cultural concepts to a sub-species of Home Erectus that can not conceive such concepts.

    • IstvanIN

      They were not considered 3/5 human. They were counted as 3/5 of a person for purposes of representation in congress. The North argued that blacks should not be counted at all since they were chattel, property not citizens. The South wanted them counted because they were such a huge percentage of their population. Counting them as 3/5 was a compromise. Please do not fall into the lie that the founders considered blacks 3/5 human, a lie that is used to denigrate the founders.

      • Strider73

        Thank you for enlightening the brainwashed (courtesy of the govt. schools). At any rate, the 3/5 compromise applied only to slaves. Free blacks, North or South, counted as fully as whites.

        • IstvanIN

          That is true, like women who couldn’t vote, but were still citizens, free blacks were also citizens and black men could vote in some states, if I recall correctly.

  • Katherine McChesney

    It’s really interesting that so many people that I know love to visit Chicago. I tell them it is the murder capital of the world. But they don’t care. They think it’s a ‘cool’ city.

  • unoguy11

    Its almost ironic how 2013 is in many ways the opposite of 1913 in racial terms. In 1913 it was “some big white guy” that people would be afraid of today in 2013 it’s “some big black guy”. If you look at old photos the whites of that days seam tough and masculine while the blacks seem tame. This is shown not only physically but in the looks on the faces of the people. Blacks seem to have a passive demeanor in all the photos I have seen from the old days.

    In 1913 it would be a mob of whites today its a mob of blacks. What caused the change, also imagine if you could transport today’s blacks back to 1913 to live with the whites of that era. Imagine the flashmobs, al-sharpton, and obama back in 1913? Do you think civil war would of erupted? Who do you think would have won?

    • anonymous

      But even back then, whites would only attack blacks as a retaliation for raping a white woman or harming a white person, etc. The average white man kept his family and resources away from blacks, but once they crossed him, the white man fought back. Most white guys back then were busy working all day physically hard, their wives and children were at home doing chores all day, whites made their own clothes, they hunted their own food, etc. They were too busy and tired from working all the time to be thugs and sleep around. Same with blacks to a lesser extent back then. They feared white people, but since they didn’t have welfare checks and affirmative action and lots of guil ridden whites, they had to spend their time working hard and honestly at a (legal) ethical job, they had to be with their wives and children, etc.

  • Don

    Black-on-white crime is only getting worse. We are a new version of slaves. We aren’t allowed to talk back to blacks, talk negative about blacks, look at blacks the wrong way, not allowed in their neighborhoods. If we break any of those rules we will be executed, assaulted, or raped.

    • anonymous

      When are most whites going to snap and fight back? When are they going to drop this fear of being called racists or fear of punishment for taking a stand? WHAT will it take?

      • Gerónimo Anónimo

        I wish I could answer that. Knoxville, Wichita, Eve Carson, Lauren Burk apparently aren’t enough. They are for some of us.

  • MBlanc46

    I finally got around to looking at Monday’s Chicago Tribune. The flash mob got the last paragraph of a half-column story on the women attacked on the Lake Street el. There was no indication that this was a coordinated attack. The story was framed so that the “teens” were fighting among themselves, not attacking shoppers and tourists.

  • WhiteManFromTown

    Lets compromise: Anyone with an afro–or afro able– cant buy a gun. Problem solved