Sudanese War Criminal Living Rent-Free in Birmingham House

Alice Philipson, Telegraph (London), March 13, 2013

Mohamed Salim, 27, confessed he was a member of the militia that “wiped out entire villages” during an anonymous interview to the BBC’s Newsnight in 2006.

But although the interview brought him to the attention of the Border Agency’s war crimes unit, he has not been removed from Britain because it would infringe his human rights.

Speaking outside his home in Birmingham, Salim told the Mirror: “I came here because I listened to friends who said it was good to live here and claim asylum here. I don’t pay to live in this house.”

In Sudan, Salim was a member of the Janjaweed militia and was paid the equivalent of £50 a day by the Government to take part in the genocide in Darfur.

Now he is living in a semi-detached house which he is able to live in rent-free thanks to the National Asylum Support Service, a Home Office-affiliated agency.

He is unable to work because of the terms of his asylum and receives £160 a week. He also attends a college, where he learns English for free.

The Border Agency says he required to report to the Home office but Salim claims he has no contact with officials.

In the interview with the BBC in 2006, he said: “Whenever we go into a village and find resistance we kill everyone.

“Sometimes they said ‘wipe out an entire village’. And we shoot to kill.

“Most were civilians. Most were women. Innocent people running out and being killed including children. There are many rapes.”

Last year a court ruling said he could not be deported to Sudan because his life could be at risk if he returned. He was then granted asylum under the Human Rights Act.

However, the Home Office is appealing the decision, arguing the Geneva Convention allows war criminals to be refused asylum.

Salim now denies that he killed anyone in Sudan and was forced to join the Janjaweed.

He said: “I didn’t do anything with Janjaweed. I never killed people in my life.”

The Border Agency said: “We cannot comment on individual cases as his stay is subject to ongoing litigation.”

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  • David Ashton

    My country Britain has become a major importer and exporter of Muslim terrorists.
    Maybe the only way to shift our “government” would be stronger US pressure, for once in this case welcome.

    • The__Bobster

      I see that British royalty have their royal heads up their royal arses as they celebrate diversity.

      • Paleoconn

        The only times Elizabeth the useless, as a vDare writer Sean Gabb calls her, ever did anything in her 60-year reign, was to come down on Maggie Thatcher forcing her to oppose White Rhodesia and South African apartheid. May the ghetto reach the royals’ palaces.

        • sbuffalonative

          Unfortunately, it’s going to have to get very bad for the patrician classes in the US and UK before they’re affected. In the mean time, the middle class will be used as a buffer and decimated before the upper class feels any real pain. By then, it will be too late.

          • Paleoconn

            What middle class? I jest of course, but nowadays it seems any ‘gains’ in the middle class is public sector jobs, usually set aside for NAMs. But I agree with your analysis. We will be Brazil.

    • sbuffalonative

      I believe the Brits would politely tell the US to shove it. It’s been my belief that the Brits look to the past racial failings of the US as an example of what not to do. Hence, they tend to be lenient on issues of human and civil rights. Their motto seems to be ‘we’re better than them’.

  • ArmenianWN

    “Sudanese War Criminal” is a redundant statement.

  • SargeInCharge

    “But although the interview brought him to the attention of the Border Agency’s war crimes unit, he has not been removed from Britain because it would infringe his human rights.”

    So the man who’s a serial violator of human rights by slaughtering villages of people can not be returned to his homeland because it would violate HIS human rights? Insanity.

    Plus, this man’s history is proof that he can and will kill — and the government not only let’s him walk among the English people, but also pays him to do so? Insanity.

    The governments of our white nations are either the most treasonous or the most dumb governments in history. Likely both.

  • Tomasso

    Its so heart warming to know that men and women are fighting in Afghanistan to ensure that Sudanese war criminals can not only live here freely but rent free too. USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!

  • GM (Australia)

    Traditionally white nations have led the world in developing the most extensive human rights system(s) in the whole of history. In fact these laws are often seen as a mark of our civilization. The trouble is that these laws are typically used against us. I will keep on saying this; “Civilizations do not get destroyed, we simply commit suicide”

    PS, On last evening’s news some politician got up and said that we have to do a lot more to deal with Australian’s distrust and mistrust of ethnic minorities especially Muslims. As a result even more taxpayer money will be allocated to promote multiculturalism. If MC is such a good thing why does it need all this costly forceful promotion? Unfortunately in the upcoming federal election both main parties are now really reaching out for the ethnic vote.

    • The__Bobster

      Why don’t you people do something about these “politicians”? How do they remain in office?

      • ms_anthro

        How do ours?

        • GM (Australia)

          Good questions Bobster & Ms Anthro! My analysis is that they (the politicians) try to be all things to all people and avoid any real or major issues by magnifying minor side issues and bribing the voters with a few goodies just before the election. I don’t think any of main party politicians are game to bring up race as an issue despite the obvious frustration among traditional white Australians regarding inappropriate immigration policies.

          I saw Blair & Bush on together on TV last night, I thought, how did we ever put them into power?

  • [Guest]

    >>> … Although the interview brought [Mohamed Salim] to the attention of the Border Agency’s war crimes unit, he has not been removed from Britain because it would infringe his human rights.

    It’s to the point that the phrase “human rights” disgusts me, possibly because it’s never used in reference to assaults on MY people. In fact, “human rights” stories are almost always anti-white in nature.

    Strange how that works, isn’t it?

    • Fredrik_H

      Indeed. Our virtues are now being used as weapons against us and I believe we will have to shed them in order to survive.

      Here in Sweden the libs are now pushing open borders as a “human right”. Everyone (well, not everyone really. Only blacks and browns need to apply.) should have a right to come here, set up tent and start syphoning off tax money.

  • The__Bobster

    Last year a court ruling said he could not be deported to Sudan because his life could be at risk if he returned.

    I certainly hope so. Put him on the next flight out.

    • ms_anthro

      Flight? Let him swim.

      • StillModerated

        He could be the first knee grow to swim the Channel.

  • Paleoconn

    England has gone completely mad. The only solution is UKIP or BNP. This is a coalition of real conservatives not the Cameron-Osborne fiasco.

  • Shattered

    Meanwhile British youth can’t find a job.

  • robin

    and there are 10 million like him spread throughout the fruited plain that used to be called america.

  • bigone4u

    Human rights? Do whites have those anywhere in the world? If white Americans had human rights, then the flood of third world parasites would never have been inflicted upon us.

  • RHG

    I wonder if the Brits would be so welcoming to Nazi war criminals if WWII was being fought today or are only non-white war criminals welcome?

  • PesachPatriot

    I’m sure the UK was in dire need of more muslim war criminals from the sudan….he’s only 27, so he’s still got plenty of testosterone and crazy religion to cause plenty of trouble….I will give the war criminal some credit for attempting to learn english….america does lots of stupid things fairly frequently but i’d rather have illegal immigrants who cut lawns, clean pools and make burritos than sudanese war criminals with a penchant for rape and machine gunning unarmed civilians….someone should put him on a reality show.

    • T_Losan

      “The Running Man” would be ideal.

  • archer

    the end of western civilization is alreadly here.

  • Martin, Hampshire, England

    My country, England has been ruined by succession of traitors that are the “British” government. A pack of parasitical pond life , who relish the prospect of selling the Ethnic English out to the highest bidder. The Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish get a better deal than us. The most oppressed oppressed people in England are the Heterosexual, married, Englishmen that bother to get off their backsides and work for a living.

    This criminal is nothing more than a criminal .

    My country is full of them

  • Token Finn

    Sounds like he would be at home in any american ghetto.

    • Elena Andbasket

      Please! You can have him, and you can keep Piers Morgan too.

  • Sam

    Sure, why not? Why stop there? Why not send social workers (with checkbooks) and Labour party voter registration workers directly to Sudan. That way they can immediately get them paid, registered to vote, and arrange their housing and “jobs” in the UK from the convenience of their mud huts. We should do the same here in the US, send out pre-approved greencard applications, along with health insurance cards and EBT cards, and voter registration cards and Democratic party voting instructions, directly to everyone in Mexico.