Anti-AIDS Pill, Vaginal Gel Unsuitable For Africa: Study

Jon Herskovitz, Reuters, March 4, 2013

Trying to prevent HIV infection through vaginal gels or daily tablets has proven ineffective in the southern African region ravaged by the disease because people did not use the medicines properly, a study released on Monday said.

A ground-breaking study issued in 2010 indicated a vaginal gel containing an HIV drug can sharply reduce infections in women who use it before and after sex.

However, a test of the gel and two types of anti-HIV pills among more than 5,000 women in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Uganda showed that, based on blood tests, more than 70 percent did not use the medication as instructed.

“We are obviously disappointed in the results. We were very hopeful that these products, which we know have been effective in other studies and clearly have a lot of promise, would work,” Jeanne Marrazzo, a researcher on the project for the University of Washington, told reporters in a teleconference.

“Women did not use consistently any of the products. Adherence was very low,” said Marrazzo, part of the project known as the Vaginal and Oral Interventions to Control the Epidemic (VOICE).

HIV/AIDS experts said the results showed how important a factor human behavior is when devising ways to prevent HIV.


East and southern Africa are the areas most heavily affected by the HIV epidemic. Out of the total number of people worldwide in 2009 living with HIV, 34 percent were in 10 countries of southern Africa, according to the U.N. Programme on HIV/AIDS.


The three-year study that started in September 2009 tested a daily tablet called Truvada, which was approved for HIV prevention in July 2012 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration after it was shown to significantly reduce the risk of HIV infection when used as a preventative measure.

The gel with a drug called tenofovir, which a previous study showed reduced HIV infections in women by 39 percent over two and a half years, and an oral tenofovir tablet were also tested.


“We need to rethink the design of these intervention trials . . . in healthy people because it is difficult for anybody to take a pill or anything every day, particularly when you are healthy and do not feel that you need a drug,” said Marrazzo.


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  • Triarius

    Bill Gates and a bunch of other rich do-gooders sent a bunch of aid and medications to Africa to fend off AIDS. The locals ended up finding a way of smoking them to get high instead of using it to help themselves.

    • pcmustgo

      I almost think this is worse, as it means if more people live with AIDS, more people continue to spread AIDS?

    • Brian

      Blacks are notorious for refusing to take meds as they’re supposed to. The exact same things are always being said about TB patients. Medical people bemoan the fact that Blacks are so bad at taking meds that even simple infections end up taking 3-4 times longer to heal and cost the health system as much again.
      If you’ve wondered why drug-resistant and completely incurable strains of TB and other diseases are appearing in Africa and elsewhere, here’s your answer.

      There’s plenty of evidence that Blacks have even begun to infect their surroundings.
      Bedbugs infected with drug-resistant staph bacteria (MRSA) for instance. The PC media says these Bedbugs are found “In areas where rates of poverty and injection drug use are high”
      The hospital that tested the bugs and found them to be infected with MRSA said it was unclear whether the people infected the bugs or vice versa. Many are convinced it was the people who infected the bugs, but of course can’t say so.

  • Robert

    Simple solution: why don’t we bring them all over here and give them our own free healthcare services, so that if they do have AIDS, they will get first-world medical care?

    Obama lifted the ban on HIV-positive immigration in 2010:

    President Obama said the ban was not compatible with US plans to be a leader in the fight against the disease.

    Yeah, we can fight the disease by bringing them over here and keeping them alive and healthy so they can spread the disease to our own citizens.

    Anyway, the other helpful idea is to adopt AIDS babies:
    The pictures show Europeans but I’m sure most of the real adoptees are Africans. I’m sure no one would adopt one if they had to pay out of pocket for the medical care. These adoptions can only happen if US taxpayers are picking up the medical tab somehow.

    • Alexandra

      Then encourage miscegenation on top of that. If that isn’t a recipe for disaster….

  • I think I have a theory why it’s not working.

    Quite a few years ago, I read one of those “News of the Weird” stories out of the ghetto section of Philadelphia. A “woman” (guess who) bought a tube of vaginal jelly from a drug store to prevent some ailment. Well, she spread the jelly on crackers, ate it, and predictably, she came down with the ailment she wanted to prevent.

    She sued the drug store and won, to make the story even more amazing and ridiculous.

    Maybe the problem in Africa is that the black women read “jelly” and think it’s for eating a la grape jelly.

    • sbuffalonative

      That reminds me of an article I read. Remember how we used to get free samples in the mail? A company sent out samples of their dish cleaning liquid. It was lemon scented. A few people drank it.
      I don’t know the race of the people but I never heard of stuff like this happening when I was younger.

      • I remember when my city initiated the 911 system for emergency phone calls.

        It was advertised that in the event of an emergency to dial “nine-eleven”.

        Well, a certain segment of the population complained that their phones did not have the number “11”.

        As a result, the term “nine-one-one” was disseminated.

        • Here’s one I’ve heard:

          “Where ‘da Any key on da compoota keyboard?”

          Presumably, a BIOS message was telling these end users to “press any key to continue.”

        • My home phone number is SUperior 7XXXX.

    • HarmsTorheit


    • crystalevans

      I remember when I worked as a paralegal at a law firm. We had one case where some black chick got some hair creme in her eyes and wanted to sue the manufacturer. Luckily, we turned this case down.

    • Luca

      Did you hear about the black guy who went to the doctor because of a severe case of hemorrhoids? Doctor gave him a prescription and told him to take a suppository twice a day and come back in one month. A month later the black guy goes back to the doctor and complains his condition is worse than ever. Doctor asks “Did you take the suppositories twice a day as prescribed?” “I sure did.” says the black guy. Doctor looks puzzled then says, “Hey wait a minute, don’t tell me you put them in your mouth? Black guy says “Well hell yes, what did you expect me to do, shove them up my a_ _?”

      • Alexandra

        They say there’s humor in truth. I bet you that it’s actually happened at least once.

  • SargeInCharge

    Blacks, more than any other group, bitch about their plight in life; and blacks, more than any group, do nothing to alleviate the suffering they create for themselves. They’re not willing to take an AIDS pill, wear a condom, graduate high school, abstain from crime, save money, and so on. If they’re not willing to take the necessary steps to help themselves, then why should whites feel obligated to help them.

    • Hal K

      You make it sound like this is some sort of moral failure on their part. A racial realist would realize that there are innate average differences between races. This is just the way they are. There is no moral failure.

      • Unperson

        Yes, a racial realist should acknowledge the innate average differences between races. And yes, this is “just the way they are.” But at the same time, that doesn’t leave them blameless, as their low IQ causes all kinds of “moral failure.” A bantu may be too unevolved to realize that killing white farm families over a few dollars is immoral, but that makes those killings no less immoral. Well, at least to us civilized white people.
        As for these African women who are either too lazy or too scatterbrained to remember to take their daily lotsa-sex-no-death pill, what can one say? The white Western do-gooders have done as much good as do-gooders can do… and they can’t do no more. The horse has been led to water, but just can’t be bothered to drink. Guess that horse won’t survive then, will it?

        • So CAL Snowman

          Of course that horse will survive, because when it is drying in the emergency room of dehydration, Whitey tax dollars will make sure it gets pumped full of Whitey paid for water.

        • MarcusTrajanus

          If they are smart enough to plan and execute such attacks they are smart enough to be held accountable for their actions. Blacks may be dumber than Whites on average, but they aren’t dumb enough that we can dismiss their actions and pretend they are just uncontrollable forces of nature. As Whites we can hold blacks accountable and we can control them, and as long as we are forced to share our living spaces with blacks this is a necessity.

        • Hal K

          I certainly would not try to justify the crimes against white farmers in South Africa, but the solution to this problem involves whites standing up for their own people for a change, not trying to make some sort of moral argument to blacks. White civilization permits and endorses these killings in a sense. The white world tells white South Africans that it would be wrong for them to try to stand up for themselves as a group.

      • SargeInCharge

        Agreed that there are going to be natural differences between race outcomes, but statistics show that sociopathies have worsened in the black community post-Civil Rights — illegitimacy is up, graduation rates are down, murder is up, rapes are up, STDs are up, etc. If blacks had absolutely no control over their communities social pathologies like you suggest, then those social pathologies always would have been as bad as in the past as they are today, but they weren’t. Once blacks saw that white Liberals would forgive anything and the state would subsidize their bad decisions, matters deteriorated. The same could be said in South Africa. The black community is like a child that responds better to a strict parent than an overly permissive parent.

      • SargeInCharge

        Differences in outcomes between the races is inevitable. Yet if blacks had absolutely no control over their negative outcomes as you suggest, then those negative outcomes would have been as bad in the past in America as they are today. Yet we see that post-Civil Rights black murder is up, black rape is up, black STDs are up, black illegitimacy rate is up, the black school dropout rate is up, etc. The same is true in South africa post-Apartheid. This is mainly because white Liberals will excuse all black shortcomings away, and there is no reason for the black underclass to strive to do better because the welfare state will subsidize ll their mistakes. The black community is like a child that responds far better to a strict parent than an overly permissive parent.

        • Hal K

          This may be true about blacks, except that you shouldn’t just blame liberals. Conservatives are the enablers of liberals because mainstream conservatism keeps explicit white solidarity suppressed.

          I am not fond of this mentality that tries to blame liberals for everything, including black dysfunction. It keeps white conservatives focused on opposing liberals, when actually it is their own conservative elite that maintains the status quo by suppressing white identity politics.

          • Luca

            You are right, we shouldn’t just blame Liberals, we should blame Conservatives too. Liberals are only responsible for about 98% of this current political, social, economic, racial, disaster we are living in.

            Conservatives are guilty of only talking and complaining about Liberals and not exposing, incarcerating and expelling them.

          • Hal K

            You don’t understand the problem. What is missing from mainstream conservatism is white identity politics. The conservative elite won’t allow it. They have white conservatives brainwashed into thinking that everything is the fault of liberals and that they can’t engage in white identity politics because that would supposedly further the liberals’ goal of “dividing people by race.” Don’t you see how twisted mainstream conservatism is? It uses every possible excuse to divert explicit white solidarity into anti-liberalism, and often “anti-racism” directed towards white liberals. Everything becomes the fault of liberals, but explicit white solidarity is never allowed. They say liberals have blacks on a “modern day plantation.” They talk about the “soft bigotry of low expectations” while implying that blacks aren’t smart enough to look out for their own best interests. The conservative elite, including people like Thomas Sowell, have white conservatives hamstrung, and they want to keep it that way. Preventing explicit white solidarity is their overriding priority, and liberals are their convenient bogeymen to keep white conservatives tied up in knots.

            Do you seriously think incarcerating liberals is an option? That is ridiculous. Conservatism in its current form has been sharing power with liberals for decades, and it is an obvious failure. It serves no purpose except to keep whites mollified while they gradually lose their nations through immigration-driven demographic change.

          • Luca

            I understand the problem, I just see things differently than you do.

            White Identity Politics will not happen in our lifetime, if ever. Whites will never be united around skin color, they don’t need that to rally around that flag and the stigma created by the media and the politicians make it a virtual taboo. Our DNA and intellectual capacities go far beyond our skin tone. Nor is White Identity Politics necessarily a beneficial ideology for the success of this nation.

            This country started downhill in 1965 because of Ted Kennedy and LBJ, two liberal Democrats who got their way. It should have been stopped then.

            Conservatives are confused, timid, stupid whiners. Liberals are malicious, destructive, dysfunctional and determined social engineers who seek power.. Therein lies the difference. Liberals start a fire and Conservatives talk about it, ponder who started it and complain; so you think they are just as much at fault. I say without Liberals starting fires we wouldn’t need Conservatives to cry about it.

          • Hal K

            You think it is more realistic to talk about the incarceration of liberals than the promotion of white identity politics. You are saying you might be against white identity politics because it might be bad for “the success of this nation.” This makes you a mainstream conservative. You are on the wrong side of the divide between mainstream conservatism and racial conservatism. You are also part of the problem because you are discouraging white identity politics.

          • Luca

            Yes, there are liberals who should have been incarcerated (Ted Kennedy) but got a pass from the main stream propaganda press.

            You will never appeal to the masses of white voters with White identity Politics because too many Whites are Liberals.

            I’m a realist, so one of us is on the wrong website.

          • Hal K

            You are simultaneously blaming liberals for what is wrong with society while accepting their rule against white identity politics. You can’t defeat them by accepting their rules. We have to promote white identity politics, and the place to start is with white mainstream conservatives.

          • Luca

            You read me wrong. I don’t ever accept Liberals on any level, but you can never defeat them if you preach White “anything” because you will have a great majority of White people shunning you.

            You can have your preferences in your head but don’t let it come out of your mouth or you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot. You have to take a realistic approach because we live in the real world.

          • Hal K

            Your best strategy is never to play by your opponent’s rules.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I don’t want liberals incarcerated; I want them extinct.

    • NYB

      Blacks have a competitive advantage over whites in Africa. They have less sexual inhibitions and are hard-wired to reproduce copiously, regardless of consequences.
      This is why the blacks will out-number the whites and eventually drive them out. Whites may be smarter, but they’re forbidden from using their intelligence.
      The last time whites leveled the playing field it was called ‘apartheid’, and that was condemned.

  • sbuffalonative

    Blacks have the mentalities of toddlers. I foresee the day when each white person will be assigned a black person to care for through life.

    • So CAL Snowman

      And to that day we will be constantly told we are all “equal”

    • dd121

      They probably will but no matter what, I’m opting out.

    • guest

      even toddlers know that they have to take their vitimans and medications.

  • JackKrak

    “…because people did not use the medicines properly, a study released on Monday said.”
    I guess the pills kept falling out.

  • Hal K

    Future generations of black Africans will have immunity to HIV.

    • guest

      Yes. It’s already happening. There are populations of HIV non-progressors who get exposed to the virus and don’t develop disease from it. It’s due to specific gene mutations. A few are able to knock the virus out completely. In areas that don’t get a supply of western-donated HIV drugs, these non-progressors will become the dominant group.

    • Extropico

      Yes, same biological processes at work that immunized European survivors of the Plague and Smallpox… and North American Indians had no inured defense against some of these diseases. Also, over time homosexuals should have a far higher rate of resistance to HIV than heterosexuals due to generations of greater exposure to the virus.

    • StillModerated

      So they’ll get whacked by tsetse flies, ebola, river blindness, bilharzia, West Nile Virus, New improved TB, exotic forms of penicillin-resistant clap, syphilis, etc. They’ll get what they deserve. The next famine over there should make YT yawn. I won’t send a penny.

  • pcmustgo

    I can’t tell you how many Black women I knew as friends (at the time) who did not understand, literally, did not understand the concept of birth control. The concept that you have to take it every day or use it every time. I knew many who had repeated unplanned pregnancies and abortions… and these were not even “ghetto” (per se) Black women.

    • pcmustgo

      Black women are not blamed enough for the 70% out of wedlock birth rate. They shouldn’t be having those kids in the first place.

      • So CAL Snowman

        I wonder how many of them are “rape” babies that are kept for welfare reasons.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      This is the problem. Their average IQs are just so incredibly low that even if we give them birth control for free, and give them a choice of what kind they want to use, they still won’t use it as instructed. They simply cannot understand the concepts involved.

      Until we invent a shot that can be given once that will protect against HIV for an entire lifetime, Africans will continue to have the highest HIV-infection rate in the world.

    • crystalevans

      In order for birth control pills to work, you have to take them at the same time each day. That is why the best birth control for blacks are long term ones such as the IUD or Implanon. That way, they do not have to worry about getting pregnant. But unfortunately, this will not prevent STD’s or HIV infection. Only condoms can do that.

  • bigone4u

    The best and obvious thing to do would be to quarantine AIDS patients so they cannot spread the disease. But no, that would violate the civil rights of someone. Here in the US, back in the day, quarantines were common. People had sense enough to quarantine a typhoid patient, for example. The next disease that comes out of Africa may spread like wildfire and kill us all because the Africans don’t have the sense God gave a canary.

    • The__Bobster

      It will kill us all because we won’t refuse admission to the Zulus that carry it.

      • crystalevans

        Not just HIV but what about drug resistant Tuberculosis.

  • StillModerated

    About 30 years ago when the condom — I remember calling them rubber johnnies — craze hit, some do-gooder group went on a mission to Africa and demonstrated their use by putting the prophylactic devices on bamboo poles saying that babies would be prevented if they were used. Sure enough the bantus put them on bamboo poles and the birthrate remained unchanged. If blacks are dumb, then liberals are even dumber — albiet with bachelors’ degrees in some soft science or other.

    • So CAL Snowman

      The phrase “condom craze” sounds slightly bizarre

    • Alexandra

      I have a hard time believing someone can be THAT stupid. I guess it goes under “you have to see it to believe it.”
      I believe it happened…but I just can’t fathom people being that out-and-out stupid.

      • Howard W. Campbell

        Yes, people can be that stupid. Years ago, a number of do-gooder’s tried to teach Aborigine women simple methods of birth control. They put it to Aboriginal music and made up songs. The women thought that the songs would protect them from unwanted pregnancies, not actually following the directions.

  • TheTruthHurts4

    AIDS is the earth’s immune system. I wish it was more contagious.

    • The__Bobster

      …..and killed its victim faster…but not so fast that they couldn’t spread it.

  • APaige

    I thought they were just too stupid to invent/discover any cure (or even prevention), but too stupid to just take the medicine?

  • Tim jones

    It’s the old adage, you can lead a horse to water… Why bother trying to help these people? They don’t have the mental capacity or basic instinct to even try to preserve their life.

  • dj2

    I’ve known, worked with, and treated some black females who were perceptive. Likely due to whitey education and society, but still.

    I’ve also interacted with countless black females who were dumber than bricks. I mean, it just really jumps out at you. The sort of crazed, nonsensical way they interact with the world around them. Even the black male thugs will sometimes exhibit a small spark of insight into the world or plan, however carelessly, for an outcome that that they have thought of. Hence the verbal and physical improvisation, rap/basketball etc. But for the dumbest black females, forget about it.

    Africans only survive and breed because of the freebies that go their way, leftovers of the immense output of the global economy. Once this stops it’s game over, expect all sorts of dysfunction there.

  • IKantunderstand

    Duh. It’s so simple, really. Castrate all the men who test positively for HIV. This way, the women don’t have to remember which hole gets the gel and which hole gets the pill.

    • convairXF92


      And, wouldn’t a more “girly” personality help them with other aspects of life?

  • Spencer E

    because swallowing is just to complicated

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if putting a heaping tablespoon of Vaseline into the vagina minutes before sex lowers the risk of HIV.

    Of course it would destroy condoms, but the only blacks that wear them in the US are the ones that buy Trojan Magnums … which includes all of them because they need to peacock.

  • Shattered

    One wonders what the effect of all this will be on the hippie white “progressive” liberal demographic that fornicate with these.