Jackson Graft Case Further Indicts Black Caucus

Investor’s Business Daily, February 20, 2013

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s guilty plea to fraud charges raises fresh questions about the Congressional Black Caucus. It’s a group with many laudable goals, but why do so many in it succumb to corruption?

A disproportionate share of ethics cases have been brought against this exclusive club.

According to a 2012 National Journal study, five of the six lawmakers under review by the House Ethics Committee were Black Caucus members. Yet just one in 10 House members belong to the group.

It’s a familiar pattern.

In 2009, all eight lawmakers under ethics investigation were African-American. Besides Jackson, they included Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., who was later convicted of accepting gifts from donors with business before his tax-writing panel and 11 other ethics violations.

All told, the Journal says, an astonishing one-third of sitting black lawmakers have been named in an ethics probe at some point in their Hill careers.

The stat does not include former lawmakers now doing time in prison, such as ex-Rep. William Jefferson, D-La. {snip}

The Black Caucus was founded 40 years ago by civil-rights leaders as “the conscience of the Congress.” {snip}

Today, members of the group seem more likely to be in trouble for lining their pockets than solving the very serious problems of their constituencies.


He [Jackson] admitted to spending at least $750,000 of public funds on personal items, including a $43,350 gold Rolex, $5,150 worth of mink capes and parkas from Beverly Hills, a $4,600 Michael Jackson fedora and $2,200 worth of Malcolm X memorabilia.


Jackson, who faces 46 to 57 months in jail under a plea agreement, won’t be sentenced until June 28. His wife, Sandi, who also recently resigned from public office, has pleaded guilty to separate tax fraud charges.


{snip} The indictment says Jackson engaged in at least a seven-year conspiracy to defraud the public. And it may even predate 2005.

Fully a decade ago, the conservative press reported Jackson failed to disclose real-estate assets and income on his congressional financial disclosure forms.

It also discovered he got a sweetheart mortgage on a nine-bedroom mansion. He owned two other properties, plus five BMWs costing a total of $300,000.


The major media ignored the suspicious small fortune Jackson had amassed, along with his failure to fully disclose it. They’re still ignoring the story. The Sunday news shows all passed on Jackson’s indictment.

Meanwhile, the Black Caucus has covered for Jackson as it has, shamelessly, for all its members caught up in sleaze.

Caucus chair Emanuel Cleaver said it was a “wild rumor” that Jackson was a crook.

“Not true,” he asserted. “And I know the whole family.”


The caucus blames “racism” for the ethics cloud that follows it more than any other group in Washington.

Please. Enough with the conspiracy theories. There is something rotten within the group itself. It’s time to clean house.

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  • Duh, you start something called “Congressional Black Caucus,” then you wonder why it’s low hanging fruit for corruption investigations.

  • MekongDelta69

    It should be named, “Congressional Black Corruption

    • MikeS

      or, “RIP Congressional Black Caucus 1971 – 2013”

    • Congressional Black Con-Artists?

      • dukem1

        Congressional Black Choir.

    • Pop Culture Lover

      They would have plenty of White company.

      • Dan Reardon

        You bet they would! Particularly from the “Congressional White caucus!” Go spread your nonsense elsewhere Einstein!

        • Michael_C_Scott

          White navy F-4 Phantom ace Randy Cunningham was as corrupt as they come. I believe he actually had a printed price list, and I used to be one of his biggest fans.

  • The__Bobster

    It’s a group with many laudable goals,


    Name one.


    but why do so many in it succumb to corruption?

    Because their constituents don’t mind corruption if they’re getting over on YT.

    • Morris Thecat

      Blacks in government today are behaving the same way as blacks in the reconstruction governments in the post civil war south. They have shown, twice now, that when they achieve any power, they become corrupt and ruinous. It is genetic folks. Their brains do not operate the way human brains do. A hundred years after the white man retook the government in the southern sates, blacks again got power and they acted the same way again. OK, so we know they are stupid, greedy and ruinous. How stupid are we though to not learn from our past mistakes and once again treat them as equals. They once again prove they are not. No one should feel that is an injustice, it just is the way things are.

  • Oil Can Harry

    “..,.An astonishing one-third of sitting black lawmakers have been named in an ethics probe..”

    The fresh-faced young whites who watch MSNBC and Current TV and listen to NPR will read this and then shake theirs heads while lamenting the discrimination black pols face.

    Just as when they learn that blacks are far more likely to be arrested their response is for the police to stop “racial profiling”.

    Or when they hear that black students are far more likely to be disciplined for bad behavior; they then demand that the teachers receive sensitivity training so they can overcome their racism and white privilege.

  • Hirschibold

    How did blacks get so much political power, relative to their population size, and considering their paucity of intelligence? The best analysis I think comes from E. Michael Jones, who wrote a book “Slaughter of the Cities: Ethnic Cleansing as Urban Renewal.” People forget, but there used to be a white working class element in urban areas of most American cities. The last holdouts, like Bensonhurst, Brooklyn or Southie, Boston remained white working class long enough that old white women could carry groceries on the sidewalk at night, without fear of “knockout kings” who would have been dealt with severely by white men who took their obligations to protect their community seriously.

    But of course, black violence scared whites out of the cities, and even though whites in the suburbs could form their own political grassroots networks, the seat of power was still in the nerve center, the city, and since working class whites had been scared out, you started to get people like Jackson, Berry, Kilpatrick, etcetera. This dynamic is especially destructive because your councilman, mayor, or even school board representative has a greater effect on your daily life than your president, but since he’s black too, and of the same sort of political stripe (Obama is still a city politician despite holding national office) it’s not like it matters.

    Liberals love to complain about some conservative conspiracy to gerrymander districts in their favor, but the Left has been using bloodshed to gerrymander districts in its favor for decades.

    • Liberals love to complain about some conservative conspiracy to
      gerrymander districts in their favor, but the Left has been using
      bloodshed to gerrymander districts in its favor for decades.

      Gerrymandering was their idea in the first place, mainly to create “short bus” districts to guarantee the election of blacks to the U.S. House. But something strange fell out of the design: With as many blacks as possible clumped up in their own districts as possible, the white liberal had no easy convenient built in voter bloc to beat the white conservative in the white districts that were left over. From there, it was an easy call for white Republicans to join political forces with black Democrats within state legislatures during redistricting time, squeezing white liberals out between them.

      And what did we end up with?

      A situation in 2012 where, while taken as a whole, more individual voters chose a Democrat than a Republican to represent them in the House in aggregate (“the generic House vote”), Republicans won 233 +/- out of 435 seats because so many high Democrat House tallies were clumped up blacks. Look at Ohio and Florida specifically as examples: Obama won both states, their Democrat Senators running for re-election both did. But in Ohio, Republicans won 14 of 18 House seats, and in Florida, Republicans won 17 of 27 House seats. After the 2010 elections, Republicans won control of Governor, House and Senate in both Ohio and Florida, and were able to steamroll gerrymandering. Repeat in a lot of other states. Or in states where their control was not so consummate, they were able to form alliances with black Democrats for the purpose.

      Sorry, liberals. There was no “conspiracy.” It’s just that your own ideas had unintended consequences and blew up in your faces.

    • [Guest]

      >>>How did blacks get so much political power, relative to their population size, and considering their paucity of intelligence?

      It’s happened largely through the complicity and the complacency of the white population. Many whites fetishize and worship blacks and will not permit themselves to act on or speak or even THINK the truth concerning them.

      Add black self-worship to that, and you have the current filthy mess.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Clearly these ethics violations and cases were the result of White Privilege.

  • JackKrak

    “A disproportionate share of ethics cases have been brought against this exclusive club.”
    Exlusive? If you’re a black Democrat, you’re in. What’s so exclusive about that?

  • Katherine McChesney

    The comments on the original article are interesting. More and more people are speaking out against black corruption and they’re not mincing words. It’s heartening to see Whites take a stand against this crime ridden race of people.

  • Don

    What is I dues rongs!? I seen sum moneyz and where eyes from u spendz dat money! So I says I goez to da storez and I buys da bling on my pinky ring. Dam white devils won’t let me spendz da moneyz.

  • Ulick

    Black politicians are more corrupt for three reasons. First, it’s in their nature. Second, they feel entitled to steal as a way to get back at “Da Man”. And, third, they know that they can cry “Racism!” and all their constituents will believe them and most whites will back down.

    • StillModerated

      They steal like crazy in Africa, too. It’s genetic.

  • brengunn

    How blacks can deny the truth astounds me, never mind white people.

    I’m sure everyone here has heard a version of the saying ‘Repetition is the mother of all learning’. Well, not anymore it seems. In the Western world in 2013 ‘Repetition is the mother of denial’. We live in a perverse world.

  • bigone4u

    America’s legacy of racism, discrimination, and lynchings caused young Jackson to admit to crimes he did not commit. Yes, young Jackson feared that federal prosecutors were going to turn him over to a massive white lynch mob forming outside his jail cell, chanting “Necktie party.” Young hero Jackson also feared for the lives of his family, as prosecutors reminded him that killer drones and CIA hitmen were in the federal arsenal of weapons that could be used against him. Did I forget the rubber hoses used to beat a confession out of him?
    Ridiculous? Not any more than the legends of MLK and Rosa Parks really. Quentin Tarantino has my permission to use the above plot in his next anti-white propaganda piece.

  • Slightly OT

    This issue and the 2nd Amendment issue are kind of crossing wires because the special election to fill IL-2 (JJ Jr’s old seat) is coming up soon in a few days. You keep hearing that a white woman with an A rating from the NRA could win it, and that Bloomberg is pouring bags of money into the area to keep that from happening, in order to “stick it to the gun lobby.” All that invective is so full of it.

    1. The white woman’s name is Debbie Halvorson. She represented the old IL-11 in Congress for one term, 2008 to 2010. Swept in under Obama’s coattails, swept out in the red wave of 2010. The old IL-11 was a largely outer Chicago suburban transitioning to rural district, and was light red in political character. Her A grade from the NRA comes solely from her one term representing that district.

    2. In 2011, Illinois (as well as all states) re-drew their House maps, not only in accordance to new census data, but some states gained or lost Congress seats. Illinois lost seats.

    3. Where Halvorson lives, which was in IL-11 from 2001 to 2011, she is now in IL-2. Which has a bunch of the ghetto south side of Chicago and blackening south suburban Cook County, plus some outer suburbs to the south and southwest of Chicago.

    4. Last year, Debbie Halvorson did challenge Jesse Jackson Jr in the Democrat primary in IL-2, and Jackson beat her 71% to 29%. That is a good indicator of IL-2’s racial demographics.

    5. The ONLY reason Halvorson has a chance now is because there were/are so many credible blacks are in the race. She could in theory eke out a plurality win. If there were only one or two credible blacks, she wouldn’t have a chance. Three or more, she has a chance.

    6. But politicians want to win elections and keep on winning elections. She’s already “changed her mind” (“grown”) on 2nd Amendment issues. Taking her apparent positions right now, the NRA would probably grade her as a D. She’s just aware of her new district.

    7. Doesn’t matter to Michael Bloomberg that she has. He wants any illusory victory over the “evil gun lobby” that he can peddle for propaganda purposes. He might pour more than $3 million of his own money into this race by the time it’s over.

    8. And what will this money be used for? I am all but positive that someone has taken Bloomberg aside and explained to him the differences between the Chicago Way and New York politics. This money is probably being used as a slush fund to buy off and buy out as many credible blacks out of the race as possible, leaving it basically a one-on-one race between Halvorson and the “strongest” black (whoever that is deemed to be). This is a hint for a “future attraction” on my own blog (a really big bag of beans to spill), but if someone wants you out of a political race badly enough, their first tactic will be trying to out and outright buy you off and buy you out, either you personally or members of your staff. It’s not just a Chicago thing, and not just a Democrat thing — I can assure you of that, first hand.

    9. If a black wins, all it will mean is that a black wins a Democrat primary in a heavily black district. Ordinarily, that’s about as insightful as “dog bites man.” But you know Michael Bloomberg will do a victory lap, and the lapdog media and its highly paid professionals won’t bother to do this same analysis questioning the whole set of affairs which I just did for you for free.

    10. I find it ironic that Bloomberg and his money is being used (in all likelihood) to ensure the election of a black person, while he himself is doing everything he can behind the scenes to depopulate New York City of blacks.

  • [Guest]

    A “disproportionate share” of ethics cases have been brought against members of the Congressional Black Caucus?

    Looks like it’s time for a quota system. For every criminal black politician such as William “Cold Cash” Jefferson who’s sent to the hoosegow, false accusations must be made against 100 white men.

  • Barrack Osama

    “It’s a group with many laudable goals”

    Is it?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      It’s a group with many laudable laughable goals.



      • What’s the code for “strike thru”?

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          word you want struck

          • Thank you. Thanks, Bom Bon

        • sean hannity

          ǝbpnןs ǝɹɐ sʞɔɐןq

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    “It’s a group with many laudable goals…”

    Really? Like What?

    There must be bad blood between the obamas and jacksons for this to go as far as it did. Campaign funds are routinely used and abused, usually with impunity.

    Jesse Jackson Jr. arrived in court wearing a leather bracelet, not the gold-plated Rolex watch he bought with $43,350 in federal campaign cash.

    There’s also the $4,600 Michael Jackson Fedora

    *mink parka for $1,200

    *Eddie Van Halen guitar

    *Bruce Lee memorabilia ($10,105),

    *Children’s furniture ($9,588),

    *Jimi Hendrix keepsakes ($2,775)

    And the $5,000 football signed by American presidents.

    Also, there were those elk heads he was looking into purchasing from a taxidermist in Montana…


    • Remember in 2007, Jesse Jackson Sr said that he wanted to cut Obama’s n**s off.

      I also think that all the Jackson family supported Bobby Rush over Barack Obama in that infamous Democrat Primary in IL-1 in 2000, that loss was both the recent nadir in Obama’s political career and it was the last time (before the NRA’s “Elitist Hypocrisy” ad from last month) that one of Obama’s prime political opponents (Bobby Rush, in this instance), really took it straight to Obama personally.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Another theory I heard floated is that obama had Valerie Jarrett lined up to fill that empty seat.

        • I get the impression she is a handler. She loves her attention though.
          Valerie Jarrett is as white as a black woman can be.

          Hair, skin color, etc. and she hates not being able to be “whiter”.

        • MB46

          My recollection is that Blagoevich was trying to extort Obama to get the seat for Jarrett. Obama didn’t play ball.

      • Howard W. Campbell

        Obama probably has much brighter handlers than JJ Jr. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is his way of removing the influence of JJ Sr. There appears to be a lot more white people in the Obama than the JJ camp.

    • Personally I think they are both homosexuals.

      So the riff could be very personal.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        You might be right, after all Mayor Rahm Emanuel and “Bathouse Barry” obama were members of the same gay bathhouse in Chicago. Most likely Jackson Jr. and Jackson Sr. too.

        Jackson is accused of demanding sexual favors from Tommy R. Bennett, Jackson’s personal travel assistant, such as being told to apply a cream on Jackson’s inner thigh to treat a rash. Bennett says he refused, Jackson became angry, and called Bennett a “little mother——.”



        • MBlanc46

          You guys are forgetting about the blonde social associate. He’s interested in white women, not boys.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        A “mink parka”? For a man?

  • georgetown

    Only a third? jeesh … somebody must be riggin somethin somewhere ..

  • sickandtired

    Play the race card….yet again
    A crook is a crook is a crook…no matter what the skin color.
    We had a black senator in our state that was accepting bribes and also extorting money from developers and such and he was caught on video, numerous times, accepting the money.
    He also point blank told the person he was getting the money from that he would kill him if he was setting the senator up.
    Brought up on charges, sent to a Hilton Suite prison, and got out to do it again.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I really like it when someone says they will “kill” me or someone else, when they’ve never killed anyone before.

      Six hours of heavy lifting with a 30 minute break, for a 46 year-old stroke survivor is plenty, twice a week. I was offered a full-time position at the same place for the same job today this (Monday). When I need Advil with every shift, I know it is a younger man’s game. When I finish this project out, I’ll call it good, but not until it is done.

      Send them out to do some fairly hard work, and they’ll forget the greed.

  • sean hannity

    blacks r sludge

  • Shattered

    They just can’t keep their hands off the taxpayer cookie jar. Entitlement.