What Has Happened to Emma West?

Robert Henderson, England Calling, January 8, 2013

It is now 14 months since Emma West was charged with racially aggravated public order offences after she got into an argument on a tram which led her to make loud complaint about the effects of mass immigration. This was captured by a passenger on a mobile phone and uploaded to YouTube. The details of her arrest and treatment plus a link to the incident on YouTube can be found here.

Three times her trial has been delayed, on the third occasion in early September last year. No further trial date was set then and to the best of my knowledge none has been set since her last appearance in court. (If anyone has more up to date information please let me know). On each occasion the delay was ascribed to the need to complete psychiatric reports on Miss West. It stretches credulity way beyond breaking to believe such reports could not have been completed long ago.

Why has there been this inexcusable and increasingly absurd delay? Despite being put into a high security prison for more than a month and having the risk that her son be taken into care, Miss West has made it clear throughout that she wishes to plead Not Guilty.  The reason for the delay probably lies in that plea. The liberal elite rely on people charged with such offences being intimidated into pleading Guilty. A full blown trial would mean public discussion of the consequences of mass immigration and the ruthless measures which the liberal elite use to suppress such debate. They greatly fear that because it would risk the politically correct emperor being shown to have no clothes.

The facts of the case speak for themselves: the behaviour of the authorities is not compatible with a free society.

UPDATE January 9, 2013

Miss West was scheduled to come to trial on 2 January, but the case was adjourned for the fourth time because an unspecified expert was not available. A new trial date has not been set.

The continuing and ever more absurd delay suggests that the powers-that-be are in a quandary about what to do. It is unlikely Miss West will change her plea to Guilty after this length of time and the awful prospect for the authorities of a trial in which the official omerta against speaking honestly about race and immigration will be broken looms ever larger. On the other hand, if the case is dropped it will be a signal to the public that the liberal elite are afraid of any public challenge to their creed.

Miss West has also been charged with assaults against the police:

West was also due to appear at Croydon Magistrates’ Court on Monday charged with assaulting two police officers at her home on March 3, 2012.

She denies both charges and the trial has been rescheduled to occur on March 4.” (Ibid)

To the best of my knowledge this is the first time these charges have appeared in the media. If the assaults took place ten months ago it is a little difficult to understand why the case has not already been tried as it is magistrate court case or why the case did not proceed on its original January date, which I take to have been 7 January. It will be interesting to see if it does take place on 4 March. If it does not, and the Crown Court case on the race-related charges has not been heard by then, it will be a strong indication that the CPS want the racial abuse case out of the way before she is tried for the alleged assault. It could be that it has been kicked down the road simply to give the authorities two months to think about whether the Crown Court case should proceed.

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  • I blame the british people for not saying anything about it. It’s one gunman with one bullet holding 10 people hostage. He can only kill one person, then the other 9 will charge him. No one wants to be first.

    • MartelC

      They have far more than one bullet.

      • NM156

        And the public comprises far, far more than 10 people.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      “No one wants to be first.”

      I do. I would go because it wouldn’t cost me anything.

  • JasonC

    Mental health problems ! Just like the old Soviet system.

    • fakeemail

      The true marxists/communists/alinksyites are so sure of their self evident correctness and goodness that they truly believe that those who disagree with them are deserving of lobotomies.

      The puppet-masters who run the show know people like us aren’t mentally ill, but they want us lobotomized so we’re as stupid and compliant as their useful idiots.

      • Morris Thecat

        They have manipulated themselves into a corner.

      • razorrare

        the true alinskyites run this website…

      • bluffcreek1967

        Unfortunately, your words are true to the facts. This is what civilized, white nations have allowed to occur as a result of feeding at the liberal-Marxist trough for the past 45 years! If any white person does not yet realize how utterly destructive social-Marxism/liberalism is to the white race, they are hopelessly naive at best.

        That’s why any talk of separating and having white nations must first deal with the issue of liberalism’s cancerous effects on any people or nation. To assume that we can establish white-only nations and STILL adhere to liberal social policies is very short-sighted in my opinion. Eventually, those liberal policies will weave their way into the thinking of such white nations (albeit slowly), and whites will again become soft-minded again about ‘immigration.’ We will then find ourselves fighting the same battles all over again.

        Liberalism, at its core, is utterly wicked and insane. It seeks to destroy the good in any people, culture or nation – particularly the white race which it blames all the world’s woes upon. If whites have any remaining common sense and self-preservation, they will completely abandon all liberal-social policies and ideas. They have never successfully worked and they never will!

        • I contend that what you say about liberalism is true for any abstract ideology, be it liberalism, conservatism, libertarianism or any -ism. I also contend that adhering so dogmatically to any abstract ideology to where it hurts you either individually or collectively is a form of mental illness.

          • bluffcreek1967

            I suppose anything could be abused, regardless of one’s abstract ideology, especially when it begins to hurt oneself personally or others collectively. But such extremes are not what I’m speaking of or endorsing. Any political or social ideas, even the case for race realism, begin in the abstract and are eventually implemented in real life. Such “abstract ideology” is not bad in and of itself. Each concept or political ideology must be judged on its own merits and we ought not to fear it simply because they are abstract thoughts – even if it ends with an “ism.” If anything is purely an abstract ideology with no valid merit for humans, it’s most certainly modern day liberalism.

          • 1. Race realism is an abstraction, racial nationalism or ethno-nationalism are concrete.

            2. Of course abstract ideologies aren’t bad per se. In fact, they are emblematic of an advanced first world society. But they have to be subsumed to, and exist for the benefit for, the people who invent them and deploy them in their respective nations’ countries’ body politics. IOW, whatever *-ism I adhere to at the moment, my ultimate concern is this: Is this abstract ideology good for my race in my homeland, or my ethnicity in my homeland? If so, I advocate, if not, I shop for new ideas. IOW again, I don’t subsume my racial or ethnic concerns to my abstract ideology, I subsume my abstract ideology to my racial or ethnic concerns.

          • bluffcreek1967

            “Race realism is an abstraction, racial nationalism or ethno-nationalism are concrete” – Uh, okay – but even racial nationalism doesn’t occur in a vacuum but springs from prior intellectual and abstract reasoning. Before they are “concrete,” they are conceptual first. Regardless, the main point I was making was that liberalism is not good for whites or for any white nation that seeks to retain its racial and cultural heritage.

            And yes, I agree that any abstract ideology whites accept must comport with and be beneficial to the interest of whites which, again, is why we must reject all forms of social-liberalism/Marxism.

          • but even racial nationalism doesn’t occur in a vacuum but springs from prior intellectual and abstract reasoning

            Would you consider the racial nationalism of black people to be a function of previous intellectual and abstract reasoning?

          • bluffcreek1967

            Yes, of course. Even black racial nationalism, as misguided as we may think it is, doesn’t appear out of thin air. Rather, it’s a reflection of their thinking, their worldview and such – however poor and faulty we might view it. Contrary to some opinions here, blacks are humans who possess brains and are able to think, reason and employ logic. Sure, they don’t have the IQs of whites and have many things about them that distinguish them from whites – but this doesn’t mean they are unable to employ abstract reasoning and think rationally at times.

            We need to be careful to not overstate our case. Blacks are NOT on the level of animals or brutes, although admittedly they often behave as one in our minds. But we hold them responsible for their actions because, in fact, they ARE humans and possess the capacity to think and make moral decisions. We don’t expect this from animals per se, but we do from blacks because, instinctively and from experience, we know they are human.

            Are we really debating this? I don’t know how much clearer I could have made these points in my prior posts, but I’m done with this.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            That is one of the most truthful ideas I have ever read on an Amren post.

          • 1. First off, I’m glad we’re getting along better now. We didn’t exactly start off on the right foot.

            2. If I advocate ideas which are bad for me personally but good for my tribe, it is altruism, but it is not insanity

            3. If I advocate ideas which are bad for my tribe but good for me personally, it is selfishness, but it is not insanity

            4. If I advocate ideas which are good for both my person and my tribe, that’s as close to utopia that I’ll ever really achieve in this world

            5. If I advocate ideas which are bad for both my person and my tribe, that is a mental illness (IMHO, but my degree is accounting/business, not MD/Psychiatry, so I’m hardly the most qualified final authority).

          • Daisy

            #5 is ridiculous, IMHO. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, was it mental illness that caused the majority to go along with the likely minority that charted the course to war? When huge numbers of the population were smoking, were they mentally ill?

            What’s odd to me is that on this thread there’s already a fair amount of agreement on how outrageous the psychiatric system’s enforcement of Big Liberal Government’s repression of race realism is, yet on another I got totally lambasted for making the same point.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Good point. I think sometimes people are apt to label something as ‘mental illness’ or ‘crazy’ when it’s simply a poor judgment or bad decision. Sometimes people don’t think logically through the implications of their own worldview. They may be inconsistent and short-sighted, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are clinically insane or suffering from mental illness.

          • Daisy

            My biggest concern in drilling down on this specific point of psychiatry’s partnership with big government is that if we don’t learn to articulate a logically coherent worldview we will be dismissed and discredited. That principle applies to any topic or concrete set of circumstances we use to form a larger argument or theory. I was raised by two lawyers, so, go figure…

            It’s also just pragmatic reality that the psych system is pathologizing white females who report racist attacks to ‘authorities.’ At least 80% of the comments on this site qualify as ‘bipolar’ according to the American Psychiatric Association.

          • Warfare seems to be a form of tribal altruism that can veer into mental illness.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Why must to shoot off to such a polarized, Not So Humble Opinion? In your question in your second sentence you also assume the conspiracy theory that FDR conspired to force the American people into war for his own enjoyment, powergrab, etc. This is a notion that comes from the lunatic fringe (Teddy Roosevelt’s phrase!). And the third sentence about smoking; the answer is first that they were addicted, not mentally ill, but a case could be made that nicotine, especially in the also chemically treated commercial cigarette does cause a kind of mental illness in that it affects the mood of the smoker. But the loose implication you make is that if there was a commercial conspiracy to produce and maintain an addicted population, then it follows that government (leftist controlled government at least) routinely engages in conspiracies to do Americans and America harm. Not a very tenable position, unless you have a mental health issue and so imagine that it is.

          • Daisy

            Gee I dunno, maybe cuz a bunch of posters went pretty polarizing on me on a previous but related thread? My second sentence presumes no conspiracy theory – just that the Japanese’s decision to bomb the US could be viewed as destructive to both tribe and self and therefore meets Question Diversity’s criteria for mental illness. Further, it is not uncommon at all for drug addicts to be diagnosed with a mental illness; in fact, it is the more typical reaction addicts get from psychiatrists. Psychiatry itself was founded by a man, Freud, who claimed that women who were survivors of sexual abuse were mentally ill. You assume a whole lot in your post. I’m trying to get people to think critically about tough and complex issues and problems. Projecting your own thought process onto me is inappropriate.

          • Ironically, on the question of FDR and PH, I must side with Daisy over Whiteplight here. It is perfectly obvious that FDR wanted us in WWII on England’s side ever since not long after 9/1/39. However, FDR knew that he couldn’t fool Germany twice in that regard — Woodrow Wilson already shot that wad to get us into the first war with England against Germany. So FDR’s only tack was to exploit the Germany-Italy-Japan axis by way of Tokyo — Bait the Japanese into getting mad enough at us to lash out at us. Of course, after PH, in order to teach the Japanese a lesson about attacking us, we first sent troops to North Africa.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            But QD, that is not what Daisy was saying she says. That was MY erroneous assumption. She was talking about Japan’s internal workings. But I think FDR was just reading the tea leaves. It was inevitable. He did not put Japan into China or SE Asia and he did not call Hitler and tell him to go ahead andinvade Poland, let alone rearm, like we told SH it was okay to invade Kuwait and then declare it illegal and worthy of reprisal.

          • Interestingly, history books in the Pacific Rim generally cite 1935, not 1939, as the beginning of WWII.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Sure, when the Japanese began to expand and invaded China.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Interestingly, my father was 19 years old, in the Navy and stationed at Pensacola on Dec 7, 1941. The Germans were sinking U.S. shipping, and doing it within sight of land. The Japanese ran full speed back to Japan after PH and there was not another major contact until the summer of 1942 (Midway, etc.). FDR properly saw the Germans as the bigger threat and the British needed help in Africa. My father was part of the initial Naval force that arrived at Casa Blanca. He was the radio man in an armed scout plane and took part in sinking a submarine in the Mediterranean. He was later transferred to the Pacific.

            FDR should and has been given the proper credit for seeing what was coming and preparing for it. The many military bases that were constructed were done by the WPA in the late 30s. If he had not done that, we would not have been able to respond as we did after PH, and it was difficult enough to get up to speed. Because of all this and more, I view the lambasting of FDR over PH and our entry in WW2 as a bogus conspiracy theory (I’ve read), that paints FDR as a kind of evil manipulator who was willing to have 3,000 die at PH and knowingly planned it so that he could drag the unwilling nation into war. I reject that view wholesale.

          • NM156

            Freud didn’t found psychiatry; he founded psychoanalysis.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Yes, psychiatry refers to the use of psycho-active drugs in modifying behavior. Psychologists are licensed, nor is their practice founded on drug therapy, although Freud himself used cocaine. Opiates and cocaine, even pot were legal and obtainable in every country in the late 19th, early 20th century. It was the growing recognition of their harm that led to controlled substance laws, etc.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I just read what it written. If you want to imply that the Japanese were providing an exception to QD’s idea, why didn’t you just plainly do that?

            You seem to be seeking to disqualify the entire field of psychology and psychiatry because it is convenient for you here. Here is another good example of your tendency to make general conclusions from misinformation and willful misinterpretation. Everyone with an education knows that Freud’s early tendency to project his own set of self-perceived causes and effects was erroneous, certainly not for everyone or every case. What Freud is recognized for is establishing the language, the terminology and the idea of “the talking cure,” not a dogma for assignment of conditions based on his own or anyone else’s specific example. I know that feminists like to focus on these negative aspects of Freud as part of the general tendency to use it to declare all done by men as irrelevant to them, providing a political and argumentative “carte blanche” has you seem to be attempting to create for yourself.

            The Japanese have a separate culture that then was far different than it even is today. Sacrificing ones’ self for the Emperor was considered an honor. But the egomania of the leaders of both German and Japan to suppose that any nation, but especially ones so small could conquer the world, a world with industrialized nations like the U.S. in it, IS a definition of insanity and it turns out that those leaders were insane. Mass psychology and political bumbling can account for the rest.

            I am a retired doctor. I can report to you that when I have known of cases of sexual abuse in women, they always had a good deal of neurosis going on. This is not to say that men would not, but it seems more prevalent in women. As I recall, there was a huge legal industry for a while in the 80s and 90s that featured women going back to their fathers and others in lawsuits for alleged sexual abuse and their claims were for psychological and other mental/emotional damages. It grew to the point of a witch hunting frenzy and only new statutes about witnesses and frivolous lawsuits slowed it down. I also remember that it turned out that many of these allegations were supported by encouragement and “documentation” provided by usually unqualified female councilors, etc. It does seem to have led to some revelations of abuse of boys in the Catholic Church, but these are relatively few compared to the outbreak of family lawsuits then. And so your point was…?

            And then you call it critical thinking or that you actually have the wherewithal to instruct others in critical thinking!

            In the initial post I responded to above, you make reference to earlier generalizations you made about Big Government. This is also a typical conservative myth. Nixon and then Reagan and next GW Bush all spend more money and created more government than the interposed Democratic presidents or their governments. What I mean to point out is that you have a tendency to make huge and faulty generalizations in a effort to make some specific point and it isn’t coming across as reasoned thought. Critical thinking is an exercise in the application of binary logic, so you must have specifics to compare, not generalized and especially not implied ideas.

          • This is also a typical conservative myth. Nixon and then Reagan and
            next GW Bush all spend more money and created more government than the
            interposed Democratic presidents or their governments.

            That might have been true then, but it’s hardly our big problem now. More than 47% of the national debt as currently stands has been run up since January 3, 2007, the day Nancy Pelosi became Speaker. Which means either Pelosi has been speaker and/or Obama has been President in the real times of prolific red ink, while their official Republican opposition (Bush 43, Bohener) are useless. At the rate it’s going, that figure will be 50% by Labor Day.

            However, you’re right about Reagan in this respect: The “dog ate my homework” excuse of blaming the Democrat Congress he faced can only work for so long.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            You know that I am not an Obama supporter, but we must be honest and admit that it was GW Bush that created the blank check with the first big bank bailouts. The cost of the real estate led economic trap door that opened in 2008 was set up largely by GW Bush’s policy of giving banks and real estate industry in general a limitless spectrum and personally encouraged all Americans to buy a home using the very words, “Now all citizens can realize the American Dream of home ownership.” This was done as a quick and cheaply attained remedy for the damage done to the economy because of 9/11. While it is true that programs existed before then and the NAACP and others had sued for home loan discrimination back in 1992, the big bubble did not take off and grow so huge that it was completely unmanageable or sustainable until the beginning of 2007 and then the crash in 2008. It has to be admitted that much of the corrective expense, etc., has been due to these earlier mismanagement. AND Bush actually grew government. New departments like DHS were created or enhanced, military spending, with at least one completely unnecessary war (Iraq) seems to have been sold on the idea that companies like Halliburton would take back great profits once Iraq was settled and oil went into the production and control of that and similar corporations, not to mention the rebuilding contracts would have gone mainly to Halliburton as well. I don’t have to remind that Dick Cheney was vice president of Halliburton in the 90s and a major stock holder as VP, do I?

          • Politicians of both parties are responsible for creating the housing bubble. I am on record here in AR as citing Bush 43 by name and Jack Kemp style “opportunity conservatism” by name as creating the sine qua non of the housing bubble, with their demand for no down payment mortgages, and the economic reasoning behind it. I will NOT re-post Q.D.’s Great Mortgage Rant of 2011, though.

            To put it another way, Carter, Clinton, Ted Kennedy, et al. dug the hole and poured the gasoline, while Bush 43 lit the match and flipped it in the hole.

            However, it is undeniable that the debt trajectory took off big time after the day Nancy Pelosi was given the gavel.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I think we can agree on the general issue. However, I also feel that even a white only society ought to look out for its own to the extent that everyone has some basics like decent housing and that home ownership is shown to provide stabler and more crime free environments. So I am not against the FHA and such, it is what got the people settled into homes after WW2 by setting mortgages up in line with the individual’s wages. The FHA has essentially just returned to that formula for a final clean up of defaulted properties in order to avoid a tax payer bailout. (See, HUD, FHA, Mortgage Letter 2012-22).

          • If we had an ethnostate where everyone was like us, things would be a lot better in a lot of ways. If we lived in a white American ethnostate, for example, it would not be so crazy as to advocate that every person from the poorest to the richest is automatically and for life enrolled in whatever would be the ethnostate’s equivalent to Medicaid, SNAP and Section 8, and maybe a few other programs, too. Adjusted to the person’s income, of course. That’s just an idea I’m kicking around in my own mind.

            Even counting the fact that we are not blessed with an ethnostate, I think we can have a lot better and more effective set of policies on a lot of things, do it less expensively to the taxpayer, and wind up better than we are. Too long for the purposes of these comments. If you want, we can chew the fat outside of AR. Just contact me from my own blog’s contact page.

          • Daisy

            ” When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, was it mental illness that caused the majority to go along with the likely minority that charted the course to war?” ….was my question. You misinterpreted that I meant the majority of americans; that reflects more your projection than a definitive implication on my part. When ‘japanese’ begins as the subject in this grammatical construct it is more reasonable to assume they continue to function as the subject throughout the sentence. Good old english grammar.

            As for Freud, he initially upon interviewing his female subjects reported that many were in fact sexually abused by what was most often males. The public, specifically the rich, met this conclusion with outrage and scorn, and subsequently Freud changed his story. Instead of championing the truth he himself first noted he decided to pathologize the victims by claiming their symptoms were the problem, and that they had ‘penis envy’ and were ‘neurotic;’ that word if you don’t know actually denotes as ‘imagined.’ He totally backed down from asserting that men had molested and raped females and instead ‘diagnosed’ women suffering from the effects of abuse as mentally ill. The psych establishment continues to do this today and almost every single female I have ever known who experienced sexual abuse has been deemed mentally ill. It is not, according to psychiatry, that there is systemic abuse of females; it is that females are inherently crazy, neurotic, etc. What’s atrocious about this phenomenon is that the male offenders are not pathologized and held responsible, and the females tend to get worse because they do not address the causes of their emotional issues.

            You write: “feminists like to focus on these negative aspects of Freud as part of the general tendency to use it to declare all done by men as irrelevant to them, providing a political and argumentative “carte blanche” has you seem to be attempting to create for yourself.” Unfortunately this sentence is so poorly written – in its very basic grammar – that I have no idea what you’re saying.

            It’s hard to respond to someone who projects and infers so wantonly. It’s also hard to deal with someone whose set of facts differ dramatically from what’s become widely accepted reality: the catholics, for eg, have been proven to have molested and raped children all over the world, for decades and decades, and your characterization that this abuse resulted in fewer lawsuits than abuse of females has is simply not accurate. Ever heard of Sandusky? Further, if that could be proven to be true, what’s the point? You state that such abuse produces ‘neurosis’ in females more frequently than it does in males. You seem woefully ignorant on this front. Girls who are sexually abused in childhood have very high odds of becoming targeted for abuse in adulthood. Adult men are rarely targets of rape. It is also unclear as to whether or not female anatomy and sexuality weather sexual abuse less hardily than males’, but I am not so quick to conclude that if that were true that that equates to women being ‘weak’ or ‘neurotic.’

            You make huge and faulty generalizations all over your post. Critical thinking requires a concrete set of facts and logically coherent and consistent argumentation. Regarding the concept of mental illness and psychiatry, I’ve noticed that many posters want to blindly and emotively tout this institution and set of beliefs and then dismiss it with the same whim. Jesse Jackson, Jr. is not bipolar because the diagnosis and psychiatrists are inherently ridiculous but when it’s expeditious Christina Eilman is suffering from this very legitimate disease, for example. Many posters hate the government telling them what to do, violating their personal space and acting as some parent yet the same ones will champion the notion that the government can enforce what its citizens should think and be empowered to tell them what’s good for them. Most fail to grasp the irony and inconsistency, not to mention imminent danger, in licensing governmental powers to regulate free speech and thought all the while railing against that very tyranny.

            If you are a doctor you must have based your diagnoses on empirical medical/scientific data and evidence, not on ‘implied ideas’ the way that psychiatrists do. An MD studies molecules, chemicals, etc.; a psychologist may study how humans interact but so does the average human on a daily basis. The notion that there should be MD’s (which is the degree of psychiatrists) involved in trying to identify problems between human beings versus molecules, etc. is inherently illogical and totally fails the test of the most basic critical thinking.

            Does my degree in history license me to speak authoritatively on how chemicals or molecules interact with one another? I studied the dynamics of how people and countries interact. Heck, I should be working as a nuclear physicist, or brain surgeon…I hear the money’s better…

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Pointing out an obvious type key error does not change the meaning of a sentence and you know it. When you color your discourse as generally as you do.

            Critical thinking requires first and foremost, objectivity. It is the investigation of any proposition and through elimination of error through binary logic, using evidence and fact to the arrival at a reliable and consistently demonstrable conclusion. It is not a circular argument that must go because you say you know best or better.

            The comparison of the number of lawsuits of one or the other sex in the abuse question was NOT the issue or point. It was presented as a rebuttal to your previous claim that Freud and the entire fields of psychoanalysis should be scrapped because you disagreed that with what you said he said about female victims of sexual abuse. And as another pointed out, he didn’t even found psychiatry. And you’re hitting me on accuracy issues?!

            Attempting to define and confine the function of any health care provider as corralled into a sphere of observing the function of molecules and chemicals is the most ridiculous proposition I have ever read anywhere. Anyone who has practiced any sort of healthcare delivery knows that the psychological appraisal of a patient/individual is part of the basic examination and the provider is always dealing with often a great deal of that component. Your temperament is quite readable in your discourse.

            Aside from my large medical library, I have a huge library of history books, my favorite subject lifelong. You attempted to imply psychological analysis of a historical event, which is a definition of practicing. By your stated standards above, and a supposed expert in history, shouldn’t you confine your comments to dates and events without the psychoanalysis of the people involved?

            You generalize and then try to make specific conclusions that ignore disqualifying or challenging details. You seem to think you are the end authority and what you say goes. You ought to realize the posters like QD and myself have been posting here for years and weathered the arrivals and observed the departures of many, many such as you, burning in and burning out, and trying to out argue some of the best surviving posters on this board. As usual, you don’t admit your own errors but are quick to point out or even manufacture errors of others. Yawn,,….

          • Daisy

            I would read your lengthy post above but I’m just not that interested, so I’ll state once again what I have on other threads: I’m not here to out argue people. I’m here to make change. I am wholly unimpressed with the notion that you’ve somehow ‘weathered’ arrivals and departures and that makes you someone.

            What has anyone done on here that has actually effected change in white people’s status and situation? Preach to the choir? That accomplishes nothing whatsoever. This week for the third time since I’ve begun posting on here I asked AmRen’s moderators if there were any possibility that posters might be able to link through personal messages, and thereby start organizing locally. Simply blabbing on here doesn’t accomplish much, especially when there’s little attempt to include or harness the energy of any but a very narrow spectrum of white people.

            My personal and vast experience in politically organizing taught me that people unite much more effectively behind common and concrete goals than they do behind rigid ideologies. It’s just a pragmatic observation. I’ve actually come to feel drained and bored participating in AmRen because while it gathers vitally important information together it fails to translate that into any true progress for whites. I’m not as interested in being ‘right’ as I am in making right, and that unfortunately is not a commonly held value here. A few people express passion and interest in acting as opposed tojust talking but they are a small and largely ignored minority. To the extent that ‘talking’ or ‘writing’ helps educate I’d say that most of what gets written here only serves to maintain this site as an outlet for the ‘fringe’ and if that’s what you desire it to be, then carry on.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            “I’m not here to argue with people, I’m her to make change.”

            And you think you’ll do that by picking arguments where you needn’t? You think that this is how to lead? I’ve seen a few people like here show up and leave over the years.

            Personal messages via email messaging once did happen here and it was like high school. Some wanted to exclude others, etc. I was contacted and asked to join in against someone else. I ignored it. You show all the signs of a petty, power hungry individual with delusions of grandeur.

            So you’ve got a plan, huh? You’re the one to lead the big change, right? Look at your own posts and try to ask yourself if you would follow such a person.

            I don’t personally think that any sort of white movement is going to succeed anyway. There isn’t a chance of it politically succeeding in the current system. I am convinced that a social collapse is in the works. Then, it will be anarchy. There is a long list of potential and likely coinciding collapses coming and if any people survive at all, they won’t be led by pushy women, but strong men who can protect the women and children.

          • Daisy

            Funny, I just watched a movie called Zero Dark Thirty in which a ‘pushy’ female CIA operative almost single-handedly located Bin Laden. Her main accomplice in this mission was another ‘pushy’ white woman. It’s amazing what ‘pushy’ white women can get done when they ignore drivel about how weak women are. The film was considered so close to the facts of the situation that some of the republicans are demanding congressional hearings on whether CIA personnel inappropriately leaked whatever information wasn’t declassified.

            There is a sleeping giant otherwise known as unaware and uninformed white people who I believe can still wrest control over their destinies from the forces who seek to subjugate them. You can believe whatever you want about white people or me. .

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            So a woman can perform like a man in a similar situation or is all that code breaking and intel men did up to now, just a male myth? She got her post due to AA promotions and so she had the job? This reminds me of my nephew who was a fireman in the Navy. There was one female in their group. She ended up doing the paperwork while the guys did the heavy work. So after, she’ll get the better government job and the guys will dig ditches or like my nephew be a security guard. He also told me about how some women prostituted on ship.

            Somehow the Bin Laden story , means that because you are a female, you have a special right or place to tell whites and white males in particular what to do, think, act, etc.? And you’ve got the remedy? For every well performing woman there are 20 who think that story and their training in assertiveness makes them qualified better than any man. I dealt with this increasingly as a doctor as more and more staff females came to treat me like I must be a dope because I am a man. Listen kid, no one is going to follow you just because you believe they should and some other women have performed well in posts they were handed due to PC pressures. Especially white, race realist white men.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            It has occurred to me why I read your first sentence the way I did. No one, especially not anyone who claims to be a historian, would frame the situation in Japan running up to Dec. 7, 1941 as a minority in Japan leading the majority to war. You don’t understand Japanese culture or know the history of the period or you would would not have characterized the situation that way. Japan had been building up its military since the 20s, even before (they beat the Russians in 1905) and had been parading aircraft carriers in the Pacific for at least a decade before 1941. Japan had invaded China and other regions long before then and the Japanese people gloried in it. The populace was ready to fight in fanatical “obedience” to the Emperor. Dying for him was viewed as a privilege and is what accounted for the many suicidal charges made later against the Marines during the Pacific campaign and of course, the phenomena of the Kamikaze. After Okinawa was taken, the Japanese began to mobilize its civilian population for a fanatical final defense that probably would have made Germany’s last days look like a dance. The U.S. expected a million in casualties and many of us would not have been born (my father was there). It was really only a minority of realist military/naval and politicians who argued against war with the U.S. This is well known to any even part-time history buff. so I had to assume you were speaking of the oft made argument that FDR and a small cadre led the U.S. into war in an immoral way.

            Moreover, the Japanese people firmly believed in their superiority to the white, Western man. They are still quietly racist in this way. I had a Japanese friend for many years. We actually still are in contact. He and his brother obviously found it acceptable for them to date and marry white women, because they did. But I remember how they were about their sister. If any of us even looked at her, they shot glances that made you look away immediately.

            To Westerners, the Japanese were insane. But to them, they were merely practicing their chosen national religion and what they felt was their destiny. After the strong reality check of the war against the U.S. and the atomic end to it, the Japanese swore off war, but retained, by agreement, their Emperor. No trials, either, although their atrocities and multitudes of violations of Geneva Convention rules where POWs were concerned were huge. It’s turned out mostly well for them, but meanwhile, Germany is never allowed to escape the condemnations of the Nuremberg trials.

            BTW; there is a great deal of history on the Catholic Church in regards to the abuse of females, just older history than the current events.

            I see you going off on people all over these posting boards. You seem to regard yourself as a rightful or would be leader of white race realists. You are exactly the sort of person and in particular, woman, that I want to avoid along with blacks, Hispanics, etc.

          • Daisy

            I regard most warmaking of that era as decisions made by the ruling class elite, hence my characterization that a small minority convinced the larger one that war was a productive goal. The japanese government knew that the US landmass contained certain precious metals Japan lacked that were critical to building an industrialized country so they attacked. One of the generals had attended Harvard and warned, to no avail, the japanese leaders that they could never win. A comparatively small group of people set the course for war; the majority followed. The Harvard grad was right; their country suffered incredibly and gained nothing. Were these acts destructive to self and tribe an expression of mental illness? I think not. I had recently been told by a friend when I responded to QD that the Japanese were ‘delusional’ in attacking us.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I like to think that I am objective and that while I may disagree with someone on one issue, we might agree on more and even more important issues. This is always my driving ethic, but most especially with other race realists. We’ve both been posting for a long time, off and on in this forum. I have most often, by a long way, found your posts to be intelligent and highly useful. I happen to have a very unpopular set if ideas about the effect of Christianity on Europe and whites in general. So in a way, I fit the second point you list here. Having this outlook has cost me a great deal in my life, including family, friends and career. But I cannot deny what my mind and extensive research for decades on the subject tells me. Overall, my idea is that if we are reasonable and courageous then the truth about things can be admitted.

          • I don’t argue with religion with anyone, definitely not for longer than a few moments.

            First off, there’s no “winning” such an argument. Because it’s faith.

            Second, I keep saying here on AR and elsewhere that my powers of persuasion are disappointingly below average, and I’m not kidding. It’s why, in spite of the fact that I’ve been accused of being a lawyer, I am not a lawyer and would have never made a good one, for a trial lawyer is basically a salesman with a JD. Hell, I couldn’t sell an overcoat to an Eskimo in the Yukon down to his skivvies. I am good at telling you the way things are, (which, again, is why my business degree is in accounting, not marketing or sales), and I’m good at telling you the way I think things should be. But I am not good at convincing you that you should think like I do about the way things should be if you don’t already mostly or wholly agree to begin with.

            On the other hand, in the other direction, I’m a stubbornly hard sell if you’re trying to sell me on something or convince me of something. Want to change my mind? Bring your A+ game, make sure your facts and logic are in order, but even that might not be good enough.

            That said, the reason I can never agree with you per se about Christianity being that particularly bad in se for whites is because I think most people can compartmentalize — Spirituality goes in this box, and the corporeal world goes in that box. And yes, I know this is another poorly crafted argument of mine that will work on nobody.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          Here’s my reply to yours on the faith and compartmentalizing of it. First, believers, especially Christians constantly and historically attempt to present their myths as facts requiring active acknowledgement from everyone. There’s more to that, like the history this has caused, but I don’t want to go into that here. On the issue of compartmentalizing. I am not a psychologist, but a retired doctor who was only a few classes short of a psych degree. My observation of people as individuals and en masse as either groups or nations is that compartmentalization only works to a degree. The more radical the material being compartmentalized and the longer it is compartmentalized, the higher the incidence of personal and social mental illness as a result. One great article I have collected up is one called, “Christianity as a thought virus.” It explains how the unique – beyond the usual belief and faith required to buy into the Christian proposition sets up a cascade of poor thinking and judgements. One can consider how much more advanced the West might be now or sooner if Christianity had not suppressed the advances that burst out of Europe anyway or in spite of it. The other uncanny but remarkable thing about the Christian system is how it tends to absorb and take credit for anything that it cannot combat or defeat. Good examples, the flat world to the globe, the final acceptance of general literacy and the printing press AND the publication of Bibles for the masses, all the way to the early condemnation of J.RR. Tolkien’s writings to the embrace of them and claim that it actually supports Christianity (when it clearly does not deal with the issue at all, but presents it’s world as it might have been in pre-Christian times). And then there is the entire Rock and Roll as Satanic to the use of Rock and Roll by Evangelicals and others.

          But the entire subject has fascinated me all my life.

    • Integration Anxiety

      This is true. Think Pink Floyd back in the day. “You lock the door and throw away the key- there’s someone in my head, but it’s not me.” The ruling class egalitarians are practicing what has been preached about since Western man could cognitively debate such practices. Mind control and brainwashing. The Brits have the thought police out in full force, but they don’t have the legality or cojones to stand up to a strong-willed woman who makes an excellent argument. The European Rosa Parks? We could hope she gets the same type of folk hero support, can’t we?

  • So CAL Snowman

    Hey at least she’s in the UK, still alive and causing the government problems. If she was in the US she would already have been disappeared by the government due to a sudden “heart attack” an unfortunate “traffic accident” or a “sudden illness” and everyone would have moved on to see what the TV has to say about gun control, the super bowl, and the Dear Leader.

    • IstvanIN

      Or hang herself by a bed sheet hung from a cot leg only 12 inches off the floor.

    • Or kept in prolonged absolute solitary confinement, then subjected to a trial of ridiculously and interpreted evidence, and put in jail, in effect, the rest of her natural life.

  • Potestas Tenebrarum

    I guess white people don’t have the right to a speedy trial if they’re charged with the most heinous crime and atrocious offense conceivable: “racism.”

  • steve7789

    There is no silent majority. It’s nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of white activists. We are doomed.

    • So CAL Snowman

      I guess we will find out when/if they come for our guns.

      • liberalsuck

        I’m prepared to open fire on them when they come for my guns and I will say this publicly, too.

    • bluegrass84

      Why even post on Amren? Go out and fish or something, as some of us actually want to get things done.

      • Daisy

        Besides blabbing, what are we doing? We’re largely just preaching to the choir and congratulating ourselves. I myself try to give a window into the thinking of the formerly brainwashed, so as to help pro-white supporters learn to convince those still needing to be woken up. I’d prefer real action though…

    • bluffcreek1967

      Steve, I tend to agree with you somewhat. I too get very discouraged by the present situation, and I’m often tempted to say ‘We are doomed’ as well (and I have). At the same time, I do see whites starting to wake up, and that makes me hopeful that things could change. How? I’m not too sure at this point, but sometimes the most tragic of circumstances have a way of working out for good. At this point, I’m simply trying to help wake up other whites with our vital message. The biggest problem I encounter is DWLs and low-information white voters who are guilt-ridden and duped by PC ideas. This is very hard to break, but it can be done. There are many formerly white liberals who have woken up – often because they’ve become a victim of AA or black thuggery.

      I’ve said before that things have got to get really bad for whites before they start waking up on any kind of grand-scale. We haven’t reached that point yet. The good news is that things are slowly getting there as the Left and increasingly more ‘minorities’ begin to spew their hatred for whites.

  • gemjunior

    No matter what, the penny will drop and reality will rear it’s ugly head. Everyone knows that the emporer has no clothes. They made their most fatal mistake in trying to make an example out of this woman by arrest and trial — simply for speaking her opinion. Now what? This woman has backbone to say the least and will not let them bully her into plea bargains etc., and she has a lot of support all over the world. And everyone is watching a true English girl being treated like a terrorist by the traitorous government of her own country, whose minds are in a fog of obediance for 30 pieces of silver. I think no matter what happens we might see more of Emma West in the future, perhaps as someone in public eye really speaking out. I have to say that she is a true hero (or heroine but I don’t want to bring unnecessary attention to her gennnnnndddderrrrrrr or anything ‘cos somewhere, sometime, some obscure tranny or LGBT person might feel “offended”) and an inspiration to all white people all over the world whose nations are being ethnically cleansed and who are punished for protesting it.

    • can we support her financially? Let’s start a fund for her and get her into office!!!!!

  • The__Bobster

    This was captured by a passenger on a mobile phone and uploaded to YouTube.

    So a device invented by YT has allowed aggrieved minorities to turn the UK into a modern-day 1984.

  • OlderWoman

    I sent a Christmas card to her in 2011 along with a message of support.

    • razorrare

      Did amren delete it?

    • ncpride

      Me too! I just hope she actually got them.

    • I sent a Christmas card to her as well.

    • DelmarJackson

      Her video was astonishing. I saved it to my computer. at first, most of those commenting on her video were angry and called her terrible names and called for her to be physically harmed along with her children, eventually, you began to see the tide turning and many commenters supported her and her position in factual ways, in about 4 weeks it had millions of views and was pulled by the owner.

      It is an established fact that the uk had an immigration policy driven by a political agenda to ” rub the rights nose in diversity” and to gain a political advantage. The fact they were flooding a once homogenous white country with millions of non assimilating third world peoples that will guarantee ethnic strife for generations is criminal. Emma West’s “rant” was the only public display I had ever seen in te UK media protesting this vile treason.. The fact that a woman riding a public bus with her child could be arrested for speaking her mind on a topic that should make normal men with any blood in them at all riot in the street woke me up to how far we have sunk as a people. Emma West should be an International hero! It is the people that left messages on youtube calling for her and her children to be harmed in the most gruesome ways that should be in jail and deported.

      I think it is all over for the UK, and we are not far behind.

      In the USA we are inches away from letting the GOP cheap labor lobby weasels join the la raza whore democrats and give amnesty to 20 million without any public debate how this amnesty will differ from the last one. the last amnesty was riddled with fraud and did nothing to stop millions more coming, and studies show it wil cost as much as 2 trillion in costs. why is this not debated or discussed?

      God Bless Emma West and God save us all.

      • The USA is going to allow women to fight in military combat.

        How far have we sunk?

        • gemjunior

          That is sooooo maladaptive, they will be a total distraction and they’ll need to be bailed out all the time on the field they’re supposed to be equally capable on. There will be new sexual tension, some men will behave in a manner that is evolutionary and protect or defend these women. All so these selfish bitches can feel a sense of what exactly? These women can’t be bothered raising a family which they have a natural, evolutionary edge on and all the necessary ability and equipment tailor made. But they will go completely against nature, trying to prove something — that they are equal to The Hulk and whoever else comes along and says “You can’t do what I do.” All it took was a little baiting and some psychology a la Edward Bernays. Certainly they will become fed up with this and better keep one bullet for themselves should they be captured. Because the war crimes are waiting – being a POW will now cost even more men’s lives because of stupid psy op games. I’m not sure what the idiots running the military are about.

          • Of course it’s going to be up to me to point at the white elephant and say “white elephant.”

            “Women” in active combat = Lesbians in active combat.

            Therefore, this is not a gender issue, it’s an LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH issue.

            See how easy that was when you’re not politically correct?

            Repealing DADT was a far bigger political deal for lesbian women than it was for gay men, with the exception of certain segments of the Gayvy…er, Navy.

            “But QD, what about women and a potential draft?”

            QD responds: Sure, if the draft comes back and only applies to men, I can see some man whose number comes up dragging it into court if women aren’t also forced to register for Selective Service. However, I can easily see the Federal courts coming to the ultimate decision that while “women” (lesbians) can voluntarily serve in active combat, that there is no legal obligation to draft women (straight or lesbian). Because of this legal construct called intermediate scrutiny. Gender classifications are generally subject to intermediate scrutiny by the Federal courts, in contrast to race, which generally gets strict scrutiny.

          • Daisy

            The notion that most of the women in the military are lesbians is another unfounded assertion; I’ve known several people who’ve served or spent their careers in the military and women add more of a frat party dimension than lesbian one. The vast majority of females serving in the armed forces are NOT gay.

          • Most of the women that want to do active front line combat are.

          • Daisy

            What is your source for this assertion?

          • NM156

            The vast majority of women in the infantry or in special forces would almost certainly be majority gay. No conscripted woman pulled off the street could function at all in combat.

      • OlderWoman

        I believe it was the Tory and Labour Parties who caused this vile immigrant problem in the UK. They conspired to import third world immigrants to combat Conservative politics. UK will never be the once proud White nation it was.

    • Tim

      I sent one to a man but can`t remember why or what for… It was in Britain I remember.

      • Pat

        Possibly Tommy Robinson of the EDL.

    • shmo123

      How can we reach her?

  • StillModerated

    We must start a FREE EMMA WEST campaign with placards and bullhorns. Occupy Croydon should be there.

    • You are setting your sights too low. We should start an Emma West for Prime Minister Campaign. AS I understand it, she is free and they have not yet set a date for her to reappear in Court. She has won, they are letting it drop.

      • OlderWoman

        ‘She has won, they are letting it drop.’
        I hope so for hers and her baby’s sake. She is married isn’t she? At any rate, one small, pretty White woman might have brought a nation to it’s knees.

      • StillModerated

        I was being sarcastic. I know, it’s the lowest form of wit, but Occupy attracts TV cameras like flies on a midden hill. UKIP should have come to her defence.

  • the Fabians are proving to be feeble and fearful!!!

    • Morris Thecat

      The Fabians’ strategy will be to produce more drivels such as “Foyle’s War” where history is rewritten to make appalling parallels to today’s world that chastise people away from common sense action. They write mawkish melodramas about WWII where sympathetic Italian characters are killed by fictional anti Italian street mobs rioting in response to Musolini’s actions. Such things never happened, but the viewer is supposed to think that harmless European ethnic groups were treated horribly and that this is the same thing as wanting to rid England of Mooslems that openly state their desires to kill Europeans and Christian’s. IT is appallingly bad, but this is what the left in Europe has reduced itself to.

      • OlderWoman

        I enjoyed Foyle’s War. So, it’s revisionism??? I probably should have known that considering it comes from Auntie Beeb.

        • Morris Thecat

          Foyle’s war is not so much revisionism as it is contrived. It’s creators are trying to tie the great nationalist feelings of the second world war with the current agenda of “multiculturalism”. One is supposed to watch the episode which focuses on an Italian immigrant owner of an Italian restaurant and draw a parallel between the what happens to him in this episode and any feelings that people today have against third world immigrants in Britain. It is a clumsy and amateurish manipulation.The owner of the restaurant loses his restaurant due to a mob of anit-italin english rioters, he also loses his son, I can’t remember if it due to the mob or if his son dies valiantly defending Britain. Nevertheless, there were NO English mobs doing an English eq

          • David Ashton

            The writer of Foyle’s War is Anthony Horowitz, a talented Jewish novelist who said he developed his hatred of “fascists” in schooldays. The 1940s scenery and manners are always welcome to this Englishman, as also the 1930s in Poirot. The retrojection of black characters into quite inappropriate parts is irritating. Midsomers Murders was criticized for its “whiteness” (which is why so many watched this parodic village whodunit) and the Lewis detective story set in Oxford sunshine now has a black assistant to its main detective. I see that American movie-makers want the young Jennifer Garner to play the old Miss Marple – better than Whoopi Goldberg anyway.

        • Morris Thecat

          YES!!!! I have noticed this too. The BBC is putting black characters in all of the Agatha Christie stories. ONe notable one is the latest version of a Miss Marple Mystery “at Bertram’s Hotel”– I had to stop watching this at the point where they introduced the black characters. The black actors acted very arrogantly and smug. The producer inserted famous black jazz musicians as guests of the hotel, Louis Armstrong and a female vocalist, can’t remember who that was, maybe ella fitzgerald. The BBC script had the white hotel manager come down on them for rehearsing without permission in a room off of the lobby, and causing a disturbance. The white guy was rebuked for interrupting the “magic” blacks and depriving the people of the wonderful music. The whole characterization of the manager, and the arrogant attitude displayed by the musicians was just not believable, especially not in that time frame. The point is that NONE of this was in the original Agatha Christie novel, and it is not in any of the previous versions of this story done by the BBC. All of a sudden, almost every BBC mystery has to be redone with black characters where none were before, and they are used to demonstrate white people being inferior to the blacks in some way.

          • OlderWoman

            Disgusting isn’t it. I’ve sent back movies just because they inserted tokens where blacks shouldn’t be in that time period, setting. I’ve just finished watching the series “Monarch of the Glen”. They had one token black, a detective, out of six series and 60 episode. That episode was ruined for me. Watching all white British programs is heaven.
            When Netflix offers programs with blacks in the picture, I press ‘not interested’.

        • Pat

          I enjoyed Foyle’s War – the first series, but as they moved to post-war and the multi-culti started I never watched it again. I can’t think of a single BBC programme today that does not have ‘ethnic representation’. If they did the Norman Conquest it would be in that too. Rewriting history before your eyes.

          • True the BBC had black actors playing some of the Normans in Robin Hood and in soldiers in Henry V. Any time in Englands past visited by Doctor Who will include some black people

          • David Ashton

            When will they have a black man playing Shylock, I wonder?
            Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of King Leroy” is on the cards, though.

  • I hope she’s alright. I sent her a support letter, along with a check, a long time ago. I’m not convinced she ever even got it. I wouldn’t be surprised if her mail is being confiscated.


    • OlderWoman

      Wasn’t your check cashed?

      • I remember checking for a couple of months and that it appeared to have NOT been cashed. But it’s been so long now, I can’t tell for sure.

  • Fedup

    First They Disarmed the Native Brits, Then Followed the Hate speech laws where only whites are arrested for Hate Speech. We are next

    • liberalsuck

      I don’t see the majority of whites giving up their firearms without a bloodbath. Whites have put up with lots of BS for a long, long time, but the firearms is the last straw for most whites. Like the national gun day. I’ve not seen such a large gathering of white people gathering for patriotic purposes–and not liberal, perverted, anti-white causes–in my life. I do also hear the complacent white going, “Well, they may ban these” and I have a hard time not blowing my top when I hear these whites get complacent.

  • the assault case is a new fabrication – why did the two who will back up each others story , call at her home- no CTV around. Before the slightly built Emma West was accused of putting a powerfully built Jamacian women in fear of violence. Why not contact some of the people who put Emma West in jail for her own protection. Nigerian CPS women Nwanneka Kalunta ika 20 Goldwell Road Croydon – Crown Prosecution Solicitor Frances Lockhart Kingston Upon Thames KT2 6LR Tel 44 208 549 2992 The magistrates who jailed her in an attempt to intimidate her into pleading guilty = Gerald Ellis 23 Oakwood Avenue Purley CR8 and Ian McNeil tel 44- 1689 811678 of 13 Oakhill Road BR6 0AE

    • David Ashton

      Be careful and courteous in any communication, or it will be counter-productive. It is an offence to “interfere with the administration of ‘justice’ [so-called]”.

      • agree with your point- i do think it would be a good idea to ask them about the protective custody – film the people in a public place and put on youtube. Both Cameron and Prince Charles where film by members of public on their visits to Croydon

  • Krn

    What would be an address we could send support to her? She is courageous and deserves white people’s world-wide recognition.

  • Seek

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why the Monarchy is silent over this outrage. It is they, beginning with Her Royal Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II, who stands guard over all that is Great Britain. If they are too terrified or apathetic to do anything, who, then, will? The BNP may be our only hope.

    • Luis

      The Monarchy? Why TF would you expect it to do anything about this? The Monarchy’s function is to provide the press with fodder about who the “royal family” members are sleeping with. It’s like that country Western song, “Who’s cheatin who? Who’s bein” true?”

      • David Ashton

        The UK has a “constitutional” Monarchy whereby HMQ can only “advise and warn” “her” ministers privately and can only act publicly on their “advice”. Both her husband and her eldest son have made comments against the PC tide. The press is to blame for attacking the Monarchy, though some members of the royal family have proved an easy target; the “right-wing” Daily Mail is a major offender.
        There has been an incremental pressure from closet republicans (e.g. Clegg) to undermine the Monarchy by subtle side-swipes: making her a “citizen” of the EU, cutting her independent income, using her Commonwealth headship (including new republics) as a multiracial strategy, making her give royal assent to undesirable legislation, slowly undermining her Coronation Oath by working towards disestablishment of the Church of England (lesbian bishops &c), interfering with the succession laws, etc. As not only census-defined “White British” are her subjects, she cannot be expected or be seen to discriminate between subjects, so what is needed first is a parliamentary change in the “White British” interest. This is the duty not of an English King but of his People.

        • Robert Henderson

          The British Prerogative has never been formally restricted and the monarch has much the
          same powers in theory as they had when the monarch was the chief executive
          power. The reason we have always been told that the monarch cannot now veto
          treaties, Bills etc is because it would cause a constitutional crisis which
          would potentially end the monarchy. The Queen could have vetoed any treaty or
          Bill arising from our membership of the EEC and later the EU, but that would
          have risked losing the monarchy. Whether it would have happened is debatable,
          especially if she had done things such as refusing to allow the Single Market
          Treaty to be ratified which fundamentally altered the relationship between
          Britain and the EU or refused to ratify that Treaty or sign into law any
          legislation arising from the Treaty or any further treaty without a referendum.
          In those circumstances I think the monarchy would have been safe because the
          public would have been with her.
          The Queen no longer
          actually signs treaties or Bills into law in the normal way of things but she
          could insist that she did sign them


          At least 39 bills have been subject to Royal approval, with the senior royals
          using their power to consent or block new laws in areas such as higher
          education, paternity pay and child maintenance.

          Internal Whitehall papers prepared by Cabinet Office lawyers show that on one
          occasion the Queen vetoed the Military Actions Against Iraq Bill in 1999, which
          aimed to transfer the power to authorise military strikes against Iraq from the
          monarch to parliament. “

          • David Ashton

            Wasn’t she advised to prevent the transfer of power to parliament for anti-Iraq actions to keep the executive decision in the hands of a PM with extra-parliament links to the “neo-con lobby”?

          • Robert Henderson

            We will never know that David because the advice to the Queen remains confidential.

          • David Ashton

            Keep posting – you are an asset.

    • rightrightright

      The BNP has withered on the vine. Given that the state is now gunning for Tommy Robinson and Kev Carroll, his no. 2 (last week charged ref an allegedly inappropriate tweet and now out on remand), my money is on the EDL/British Freedom Party duo.

      • DaveLDN

        Both the EDL and British Freedom party are tools of the state. “Tommy Robinson” has been outed as working for the British security services. They just want the names and addresses of people who are going to oppose the police state. These parties deliver that.

    • OlderWoman

      Eliz. II sold England out. They’ve screamed ‘treason’ against her. Of course, nothing will come of it. She has signed at least five documents that I know about ‘selling’ out to the New World Odor. The first of these was during the week of Diana’s funeral. I have seen videos of citizens begging her not to join the European Union.

    • Greg Thomas

      Probably for the same reasons the United States, government has allowed 30 million illegal invading mexicans to violate our borders, and then have the audacity to call
      those who object to this invasion “racists.”

      Probably for the same reasons that those who oppose amnesty for these criminals are demonized as “xenophobic, nativists, and mean-spirited by our so called “leaders and
      protectors” at all levels of government.

      The word cowardice comes to mind….

      • DaveLDN

        They are traitors, not cowards.

  • UK Nationalist

    The other problem the prosecutors have is that a lot of black people on buses and training doing and saying far worse – threats of immediate violence etc – have cropped up on YouTube. If Emma is prosecuted so must they be. Some of these black people have been officially reported with Crime Numbers allocated, so sweeping them under the carpet will not be possible.

  • rightrightright

    On the video a black woman yells “you guys don’t want to work, we have to work for the rest of you” (meaning the authentic British). Now, isn’t that a racist comment? Shouldn’t that black woman be charged with racism?

    • gemjunior

      I know, that part was so funny. The majority of them everywhere are on some sort of assistance, and we don’t want to work so they have do it! How did we EVER live without them? How did Great Britain civilize more than half the world, and it’s language become the language of planet Earth. Because the people didn’t want to work, and needed zillions of crime-prone immigrants so they could get some work done. That’s rich. And nobody on the train said one word.

  • rightrightright


    This is the Emma video on YouTube. Don’t know whether it can be viewed in America

    • liberalsuck

      White women today have more balls than most white men do; no pun intended.

      • Morris Thecat

        they should, they are holding the ones they cut off of white men

  • Elena Andbasket

    They want time to ensure a nice tidy propaganda show trial. They want to ensure that Emma West is cast as a pantomime villain. They want to avoid any possibility of her gaining more public sympathy and being regarded as a martyr. The majority of the British people oppose mass third world immigration, and so would at least on some level, sympathise with her, though most of those are too concerned about the immediate consequences (prosecution and loss of employment) to even voice their concerns publicly.

    I’m guessing that Emma West is proving possibly too calm, reasonable and amiable. She is an embarrassment to the ruling ‘elite’. So long as she stands by the essential content of her recorded outburst, this is a lose lose situation for those keen to continue to swamp Britain with third world overflow. If they find her guilty (pretty much a given) and punish her further; she will be perceived, at least on some level, as another victim of multiculturalism. If they find her not guilty (highly unlikely – the truth is no defence under English repressive law) she will be vindicated. Meanwhile, I think they’re trying to break her spirit. I’m reminded of Winston Smith in the custody of the Ministry of Truth.

    • It just isn’t going to happen- this “show trial”. They know they have gone too far and that they are now persecuting white people. They know that this is the way it is being seen. They know she spoke the truth, that the overwhelming majority of Britons know what she said is the truth, and that no amount of BBC concocted propaganda in the form of entertainment is going to turn this perception around. They really have maneuvered themselves into an impossible position. They haveat this point only two options. One is to assume the role as the modern day ” Vortigern” and champion a complete takeover of Britain by third worlders , turning the English, Scottish and Welsh into a persecuted minority in their own lands. The other is to just let their past policy drop and hope they remain in power. The second option assumes that nothing will change if they just leave things alone. Things always do change, and they will not be able to leave things as they are at present. The left in Britain has really nowhere to go at this point other than outright treason.

      • Elena Andbasket

        The British left and soft left (Conservative Party) are already guilty of treason and attempted genocide. The squalid dangerous urban ‘vibrant’ cores of their multicultural experiment are places no decent person would wish to raise a family. Of course the ‘elites’ avoid these areas that they have ‘enriched’ as they would avoid the plague.

  • Elena Andbasket

    I wonder if I’m perhaps more ‘illiberal’ than I thought. I posted what I thought was a perfectly rational and reasonable opinion on Emma West’s incarceration and persecution, but it was deleted. Perhaps I’m an irrational ‘extremist’ and I’m completely unaware of this. Hard to tell. What once was ‘common sense’ is now ‘racism’ and ‘extremism’. It’s hard to keep up with political fashions.

  • Elena Andbasket

    Ah! No. Nice to see it wasn’t deleted, the system defaults “Best” comment first, not chronological order. Clearly mine wasn’t the best comment.

    • The user can choose an order of comment appearance, either best (i.e. most highly rated up minus down), newest or oldest.

      • Elena Andbasket

        Thanks, it took me a little while to work this out 🙂

  • newscomments70

    She was imprisoned for telling the truth about immigration, while rapists and pedophiles are set free. That is disgusting, and it is purely marxist. It reminds me of former communist countries. Police were under-equipped to deal with real criminals.”Secret police”, on the other hand, had state-of-the-art survellieance equipment and torture to route out “enemies of the state”. “Enemies of the state” were often citizens who mildly criticized the state. The UK and Western Europe practices these same methods. The UK is a marxist state, though I believe it is worse than the old Soviet system. In the former Eastern Bloc, violent crime was rare. The marxist government forced an oppressive political ideology on their people. In today’s marxist Europe, not only is marxism forced on the people, but the added horror Muslim and African rapists. Today’s western society is like being in hell: you and your loved ones will be raped by third world savages, and it is a crime to complain about it.

  • greg

    Oliver Cromwell is looking better and better.

    • StillModerated

      Cromwell was the first born-again dictator. Sonny Boy Thomas could have been a limp-wrist.

  • re the new charge -that of assaulting two police officers who called at her home on some pre-text . She is not able to elect for jury trial. It will be tried by the same corrupt Croydon magistrates who refused her bail for her own protection.

  • Joe Webb

    If anyone has Emma’s address please post it. I sent her fifty bucks last year. Check was cashed but no thank you note…never mind…she is hassled. Joe

  • ok the British state via the police and Croydons corrupt magistrates originally had her on trumped up charges. She was refused bail and held in prison for three weeks for her own protection. The original charges she could elect for trial by jury . The latest charge can only go before a magistrates court. As they lied about her bail application assume they will take the word of two lying cops who visited her home under false pretext,over hers and give a false guilty verdict. They can send someone to jail for up to three months of actual time.

  • AlexanderGalt

    Unfortunately she’s not the only one.

    The latest stage in the development of multiculturalism seems to be the need for political prisoners to crush all possible opposition.

    There’s a great take on the similar story of Tommy Robinson in;”Unacceptable Radical” at:


  • RH156

    Emm Wests trial has been rescheduled yet again for 9th April. See http://englandcalling.wordpress.com/2013/03/13/emma-west-trial-scheduled-for-the-fifth-time/

  • rh156

    The latest on Emma West’s case is that there was what is quaintly called a mention hearing on 10 May. This is not a hearing of the case but merely to hear points of law and suchlike. I have been unable to discover what the issue under consideration was or when the next court hearing is due.