Shades of Title IX: Schools Must Provide Sports for Disabled, Obama Administration Says

Philip Elliott, CNS News, January 25, 2013

Students with disabilities must be given a fair shot to play on a traditional sports team or have their own leagues, the Education Department says.

Disabled students who want to play for their school could join traditional teams if officials can make “reasonable modifications” to accommodate them. If those adjustments would fundamentally alter a sport or give the student an advantage, the department is directing the school to create parallel athletic programs that have comparable standing to traditional programs.

“Sports can provide invaluable lessons in discipline, selflessness, passion and courage, and this guidance will help schools ensure that students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to benefit from the life lessons they can learn on the playing field or on the court,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan said in a statement announcing the new guidance Friday.

The groundbreaking order is reminiscent of the Title IX expansion of athletic opportunities for girls and women four decades ago and could bring sweeping changes to school budgets and locker rooms for years to come.


“This is a landmark moment for students with disabilities. This will do for students with disabilities what Title IX did for women,” said Terri Lakowski, who for a decade led a coalition pushing for the changes. “This is a huge victory.”

It’s not clear whether the new guidelines will spark a sudden uptick in sports participation. There was a big increase in female participation in sports after Title IX guidance instructed schools to treat female athletics on par with male teams. That led many schools to cut some men’s teams, arguing that it was necessary to be able to pay for women’s teams.



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  • ed91

    this should be real interesting.

    I taught for a couple of decades and found it amazing to have to

    allow a little kid to run screaming around my classroom while being
    pursued by a 30 yr old female ‘aide’.

    things have come a long way from when I was in elementary back during

    the 1950’s.

    and now they are going to be on the bb court or the football field?
    In some cases it might work but those case are probably participating now.
    will the disable be mainstreamed with the more normal children?

  • Some Guy

    I’m 5′ 8″ and I don’t jump very high, will the NCAA consider me too?

    • The__Bobster

      Sure, you have the right to blow a whistle during a fast break so that someone can slide out a trampoline for you.

    • lenaopal

      I’d be a far better candidate. I’m a middle-aged lady 5’6″ with sciatica who is also out of shape.

  • Sports are for everyone. Except if you are a straight able bodied white man, in which case, every advance you make toward a woman is viewed as proto-rape.

    • Daisy

      On a pragmatic basis posters have a point, but I’m not into meanness. As for ‘proto-rape,’ there should be no ‘sport’ to physically initiating sex with a woman. I joked on the male-nurse-necrophiliac thread about ‘silence not equaling consent’ with a corpse but with live women it’s a good rule. Why should women have to physically fight off some guy? Disrespectful attitudes towards women won’t attract more supporters.

      • Boereseun

        However, disrespectful attitudes towards men is quite okay…

        • Daisy

          Where have I expressed disrespect towards men on this site? I have gone out of my way to build bridges with disgruntled and disaffected (and often discriminated against) white males. Gratuitous digs at women just seem counter-productive. When I traveled in feminist circles, around six or more years ago, I heard one woman stand up at an event, after I refused to categorize all men as villains, and second my feelings. She worried that her white male brother would be unable to get a job in a society so hostile to his demographic. Demonizing women or even feminists won’t bring white women back into the fold. Rape is an epidemic in our society and to deny that is not just maladaptive it’s lethal to the cause of white rights.

          • IstvanIN

            It isn’t an epidemic caused by white men.

          • Boereseun

            Well, if you see an ‘advance’ made towards a woman as akin to ‘fighting off some guy’ you make my own point for me…

          • Daisy

            White women are not the ones demanding to be pandered to when they merely point out that for men to physically force themselves onto women is assault. Your post is so ludicrous that it really doesn’t warrant a response, other than to point out that a pro-white movement made up of 90% males and 10% females is doomed. I suggest to anyone who truly desires progress to simply ignore Boereseun’s narcissistic race-immolating rant.

          • Boereseun

            Hm, yea, I give up. I never endorsed assault nor rape. I stated that it’s in a woman’s best interest to fight back when someone is trying to rape her. That’s just self-defense, whether she stands a chance is not the point. She stands a far better chance of survival than if she didn’t fight back, which is the point.

            The entire premise of not ‘demonising women or feminists’ because it won’t bring white women into the ‘fold’ is a form of pandering, especially since for well over 50 years now the entire establishment, including feminists and white women, have been demonising white men constantly to near fatal detriment of white males everywhere.

            The definition of rape has been so over stretched to include anything that the idea of QD’s post where even a mere advance from a white male could be considered to be proto-rape is not really out of the question. You chose to see that as an attack on you and you are the one who became personal. Not us. There is no point to bringing white women into the fold if they will only do so when white men have to keep our traps shut.

          • The definition of rape has been so over stretched to include anything
            that the idea of QD’s post where even a mere advance from a white male
            could be considered to be proto-rape is not really out of the question.

            How scared am I of being falsely accused? I had a lawyer friend write me up a sex contract quite some time ago, and have multiple copies at the ready. Yes, TMI, I know, but most of my sex life is documented on paper in a fire proof safe which is in turn kept in one of those “public storage” style garages. For that, this has happened to me far more than once:

            Young woman near my age: “You want me to sign a contract? What are you? Some sort of nut/freak/kook/paranoid?”

            If she doesn’t leave right away, and I never would have tried to stop her, I would have answered “better safe than sorry.” Then she would have left. Then it was another lonely night with me and my own fist…but at least it was in my own bedroom, not a jail cell.

            In most relevant instances, the young woman near my age understands and we fill out the paperwork.

          • Daisy

            What on earth is a sex contract? I can’t see how a woman could legally sign away her right to prosecute you later if she wanted to. Usually civil contracts don’t supersede or even matter in criminal law…your lawyer may be a shyster, and you seem somewhat paranoid, unless it’s civil liability you’re defending yourself against. Prosecuting rapists is very very difficult in criminal court whenever the two parties know each other or the woman has consented in any degree to even be in the man’s company.

          • It’s a written form acknowledging that two consenting adults have agreed to these forms of intimate contact with each other during this time period. The purpose is to have a paper trail that the sex existed entirely within the realm of mutual consent.

            You write:

            Prosecuting rapists is very very difficult in criminal court whenever the two parties know each other or the woman has consented in any degree to even be in the man’s company.

            Ever hear the phrase “the process is worse than the punishment?” A piece of paper we both signed makes a police detective go away if she later screams rape. Yeah I might be paranoid, but I’ve heard too many horror stories. BTW, the lawyer prepared the document for me for no charge.

          • Cherry Bomb

            I’ve never heard of anything so sick as a “sex contract”. What kind of women are you involved with that you would need to have such a contract for “intimate contact”? Is sex really that meaningless and mindless to you that you must have your partner sign a piece of paper?
            Why are you having sex with women you don’t trust? Surely your self-esteem must be higher than that.

          • Boereseun

            Gosh, you’re quite a piece, aren’t you? All men are rapists, we get it. Whatever, whatever, have a nice life. Now leave us alone.

          • Cherry Bomb

            Who would anyone have sex with someone who required you to sign a contract first? Shows how debased and meaningless sex has become amongst some people these days. Sex as a signed contract. This is a sicker society than even I ever thought. Or maybe I’m just old-fashioned and out of touch to think that people had morals about such things as sex.

          • Cherry Bomb

            That’s what I want to know too, what is a “sex contract”?

            Is there a notary standing by as a witness to verify that the contract was signed by both parties in good faith? Who witnesses and films the act, including sound, to show that it was all consensual? Who collects and verifies the evidence, the sheets, etc., to prove that the contract was, indeed fulfilled and not breeched? Do both parties get a copy of the contract to give to their respective lawyers?, if it is indeed a legal document, which I don’t think it is. Are DNA samples provided too for court purposes? Maybe Maury Povitch would like in on this too.

            Does the contract include a clause for animals? Does a pawprint or chicken scratch count as a signature?

            Inquiring minds would like to know.

          • Boereseun

            You feminists have made accusations of rape and the definitions of rape so convoluted, no one really knows what ‘rape’ is anymore. A sex contract is merely another try at a legal binding contract between a man and a woman as to what constitutes consensual relations, in order to cover one’s arse. It’s a ‘stopgap measure’ until sanity once again comes to the table.

            Also, look in the mirror, the answer lies there.

          • Cherry Bomb

            You gotta be kidding.
            Sign a contract for sex? Then store the paperwork of your ‘conquests’ in a garage? How romantic it must be to sign a business contract for sex. I’ll bet that put your partner in the mood.

            Why is this being discussed here anyway?

          • whitepony87

            Man, you actually get women to sign a pre-coitus contract? You should add in an STD clause, so if a lady gives you something she can be held liable in civil court proceedings. I am not a lawyer so that piece of advice was free of charge.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Well, that gives new meaning to the phrase:

            “The Pen is Mightier than The Sword”


          • Daisy

            As a white woman who barely survived the minefield of sexual assaults that college campuses were in the late 80’s and early 90’s I happen to take QD’s accusation that white women were making up stories about white men raping personally. I take totally wasting my time in a white rights forum even more personally as it’s contemporaneous. QD should not indulge in needless and divisive hyperbole. I don’t support women or ‘feminists’ when they’re being paranoid and self-indulgent on this front nor do I respect QD’s passive aggressions.

          • Boereseun

            We get it, really we do. All men are sexual predators, even the Nice Guys. You are wasting your time here because you do not believe in the due process of law. You don’t believe in innocent till proven guilty. You believe what you want to believe. You have been force fed the feminist mantra and dislike white men who speak out against it. News flash, I don’t care about your story, I really don’t, just the facts please ma’am.

            Most men have discovered that a rape accusation or an assault accusation can easily be used by a woman in court to get a man in trouble, especially in divorce cases. To the point that most divorce and custody cases are done in the shadow of the law for fear of jail time being served on the man or the amounts of money it would take to defend his innocence in court. As for QD engaging in hyperbole, check your license to hyperbole at the door, you make university or college sound like a war zone.

            You really expect us to keep quiet because you supposedly suffered such behaviour? Are you trying to get sympathy? You won’t get it from me, far too much Social Capital has been spent in service of the feminist agenda for me to care.

            Have a nice life.

          • Daisy

            I’m not the slightest bit interested in your sympathy; I am, however, interested in making the pro-white movement more hospitable and attractive to a broader swathe of white people. Many on here didn’t vote in November; I voted with my ethnicity, even though it pained me in some fundamental ways to do so. The Supreme Court Obama picks in this term will be making an anti-white agenda for the rest of my life. I’ve heard from many in swing states that perhaps the critical difference in the final count came from malcontented white voters who simply stayed home. Another *potential* swing demographic was white women, who largely voted democrat. I want to wake those white voters up, especially women, and welcome them into ‘our’ movement. I myself stayed away from pro-white camps for a long time, way too long given the net price I paid for the cultivated ignorance and repression that is liberal racism, because of the misogyny associated with them.

            QD has at least clarified his hyperbole; yours just keep aggregating. I’m responding so that less angry regulars consider these issues and so that newcomers don’t get scared off by them. Don’t flatter yourself.

          • Boereseun

            Blah, blah, blah, you’re a feminist. If white men lead, white women will follow.

          • Another *potential* swing demographic was white women, who largely voted democrat.

            Romney carried white women in general, and also white women under 30.

          • Daisy

            That’s not what I read and heard. The stats I found reflected that Romney carried white men but the majority of white females went with Obama.

          • You evidently don’t trust my social judgment. But please, give me the benefit of the doubt when it comes to political statgeekery. George Woodworth from The Great Beyond is imploring you!

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            It was George’s sex life that killed him.


          • I guess I have to make it even more simple.

            No means no.

            “I’m not sure” means no.

            “Maybe” means no.

            “I guess” means no.

            Yes means yes.


            Yes with mouth but not yes on paper means no. If she says yes but isn’t willing to put it on paper, then she isn’t really saying yes. In which case it’s good night and have a nice rest of your life, Miss Whoever.

            And in the case of this contretemps between us:

            You say “passive aggressive,” I call it “paying attention.”

          • Boereseun

            I’ll make it even simpler than that.

            At anytime before, during or after, even years after, she decides it was ‘no’, then it’s ‘no’.

          • Unless…you go back to the ole vault and pull out a piece of paper with both your sigs on it.

          • Boereseun

            Ah, then she just claims that she said ‘no’ during sex and you didn’t pull out quick enough, you naughty rapist you! How you will prove your innocence then, I have no idea?

          • Anything is possible, but once you have it in writing, you’ve done virtually everything you can to to protect yourself in that stead. Because she knows she signed it too, it will make it far less likely that she’ll try to pull a stunt like that.

          • Boereseun

            The definition of rape is such a quagmire to any sane man. There’s no port of safety. The law puts all the obligations on the man to basically read the mind of the woman, even his wife. It’s beyond pathetic really. Talk about a romance buster, eh?

          • gemjunior

            Yes, it’s beyond anything I could ever have imagined. I’m glad to have grown up when I did and had the same husband all my life – how horrible it would be to live life experienceing muliple partners and “contracts”. It’s not much of life or happiness to look forward to.

          • whitepony87

            You know that has actually always kind of scared me. That maybe I would spend some time with a nice young lady but she would end up hating me and accusing me of rape. Even if you didn’t do it just being accused of rape will ruin your reputation in your community. I would never take advantage of a woman in any way and I am the last person who would ever be guilty of such a crime. But you don’t have to be guilty to be accused, and it can still mess up your life.

          • Boereseun

            Women do not care about this. A women accuses you of rape, you’re a rapist. That’s all that matters to them. Even if you’re acquitted, you’re still a rapist. You now merely become a rapist who got away because of lax rape laws and lax prosecution of the Patriarchy. You cannot debate this issue with women, you cannot try educate them of it. You just a big ol meaning rapist for even suggesting it. Don’t even try. Your sanity is better served by just protecting yourself.

          • whitepony87

            Yes even just being accused could really mess up your entire life. I think there need to be stiffer criminal penalties for anyone who falsely accuses someone else of rape. It is a very serious offense and accusations of it should not just be thrown around lightly.

          • Daisy

            I call claiming white men are getting hauled into jail on college campuses for asking a girl out a form of engaging in passive aggression. You couldn’t even come up with one anecdote, or related statistics that would in any way support such a contention.

          • Because the point isn’t literal, it’s illustrative. And it’s illustrative of deliberately false accusations of rape made against white men on college campi, relating to either non-threatening or very marginal behavior that doesn’t rise to the level of rape.

          • Boereseun

            Wow, I commend you for keeping on trying. Alas, Daisy has had far to many regret ‘rapes’ to allow her to see reason.

          • What I worry about is that if we keep this up, we will have a complete script for a reboot of Kramer vs Kramer. It’s been about as much fun as a divorce, though how would I know about that other than the second hand, as I’ve never been married.

          • Daisy

            It’s illustrative of meaningless and self-indulgent hyperbole. Do deliberately false accusations of rape get made against white men on ‘campi?’ Sure they do, although as a former ‘feminist’-aligned person I noticed they usually involved situations where a woman consented and then refused to admit it, either to intercourse or some degree of sexual intimacy. I was friendly with a feminist activist who wielded considerable influence at the University of Chicago in the 90’s who backed a ‘victim’ who claimed that two men she’d consented to sleep with had raped her. She’d made an agreement with them, while drunk by her own volition, that were she to sleep with them one would go out with her. She even wrote one a solicitous note the morning after then told my sorta friend that she’d been raped, i suppose after no relationship emerged. The two males were suspended for a semester. Since I was not a student there, I had no say, but I thought the whole thing ridiculous. Clearly she consented.

            However, they most certainly did NOT get hauled off to jail and they definitely did more than engage in ‘very marginal behavior.’ They acted in an immoral but not illegal fashion; still, the punishment simply did not suit the crime even as meted out by the UNIVERSITY as opposed to THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM. I might have given them community service given that they kind of did gang up on her.

            Your point was that white men are getting hauled off to jail yet you still cannot support that assertion in any way. At my university a man was found to be guilty of raping a female yet police didn’t get involved, he was merely expelled from the school, and he did do it from the best facts I could gather. My own observation was that women suffer far more often from actual assault and rape than males do from false accusations, which only imperil genuine victims but rarely eventuate in wrongful convictions or prosecutions. Your hyperbole simply has no basis in fact and just serves to divide and distract, albeit perhaps unintentionally.

          • Boereseun

            Wow, you bring up an example of two men falsely accused of rape and instead of saying that the woman should have suffered because of her false accusation, leading to punishment of two innocent men, you maintain that you would have given them ‘community service’ because they acted immorally.

            Of course when women act immorally, it’s their body, they can do what they like…

            “My own observation was that women suffer far more often from actual assault and rape than males do from false accusations, which only imperil genuine victims but rarely eventuate in wrongful convictions or prosecutions.”

            This is based on your opinion, in my opinion, most rapes are merely ‘regret rapes’. Two people get drunk and have sex, only one is a ‘rapist’ in the morning.

          • I agree with you that rapes happen more frequently than false accusations.

            Where you lose me is the nature of cover ups and enforcement. It has been my observation that college men who get the sharp edge of the sword are white, those that get the curved end are favored minorities, especially blacks. Ceteris paribus. It goes back to Sam’s coined phrase of anarcho-tyranny.

          • gemjunior

            I believe it’s in a woman’s best interest to fight back when someone tries to rape her. There is no guarantee that the perp will always be ablee to overcome or overwhelm her. There are many ways to fight back against men stronger than you, some are very dirty methods, below the belt etc. I feel more than qualified to speak on this matter, having only had brothers growing up and often had physical fights over things as small as a piece of candy or the remote. One of my brothers was so tough he might as well have filled in for a real attacker.
            We have simply been conditioned by all kinds of blather from psych – pc – academics that we should not fight back physically because it’s “violence” blah blah blah. When one of my sons was being bullied on the bus, his father told him to unexpectedly bash the kid bothering him and the bullying will stop. It did of course but we also had to tell our son that he should not tell any adult that we gave him this advice. Because parents should be all talky talky and mushy with their sons and make them into sissies and metrosexuals who are all into their fellings like a teenage girl. Ridiculous.
            Think of those 4 perfectly fine, fit young men who kneeled down in the snow and allowed 2 black murderers to execute them without even hitting them back once. They took the advice of total obediance hoping for mercy from scum who don’t know the meaning of it. The same goes for a rapist or any other attacker – never obey someone who means you harm, are you crazy – it’s insane. Always fight them, you have a chance of escaping being killed or raped. If you DON’T fight, you have NO chance of escaping what’s in store. Never believe the “experts” because they are lying – the laws now protect the criminals over the citizens.

          • Cherry Bomb

            The best way for women to fight back is to be alert and armed at all times.
            Women should buy a gun and learn how to use it.

          • Boereseun

            Next time don’t forget to add that I’m also a sexist, racist bigot who suffers from homophobia and Islamophobia and also bigotry. Mentioned twice for I’m extra bigoted! I also support the war against women and prefer my women either in the basement or pregnant in the kitchen, barefoot and not voting.

          • Sure, I would like a better gender balance in our movement, and not just for “personal” reasons. But by itself, it’s not the end of the world.

          • Daisy

            It may not mean the end of the world, but of white people.

          • Daisy.

            You don’t belong here.

            Go away. You are a garbage loving leg spreader.

          • ed91

            dazy— you are certainly a fine example of a pushy white chick

          • Boereseun

            Check abortion statistics and then get back to us…

          • ed91

            get over yourself and your cement opinions.

          • Ashley

            I agree with you. In fact, White men have had a history of raping women and getting away with it.

        • dhs

          Okay only if they’re white, heterosexual, unhandicapped, & do not support their own destruction.

          When women thought the mutilation of John Bobbit was a wonderful, and rejoiced when his mutilator was acquitted, I stopped trying to be chivalrous .

          • Daisy

            Bobbit raped his wife; why shouldn’t women have rejoiced when she was acquitted for fighting back. Boerseun just asserted we women need to fight when getting attacked by a would-be rapist; without a weapon most women don’t stand to win such battles.

          • Boereseun

            They should fight back, perhaps they should also keep a gun or knife handy to even the odds. I stand by my post. Perhaps you shouldn’t make it personal and see reason.

          • Boereseun

            Or she could have just been insane. You seem to think you’re entitled to label a man a ‘rapist’ because a woman said so. Proof be damned.

          • Daisy

            The ‘Not guilty’ verdict was reached by dint of her being deemed temporarily insane. The jury came to this decision because they believed that she had been raped by her husband (I believe repeatedly).

          • whitepony87

            I wonder if Lorena Bobbitt has trouble finding a date these days.

      • Young white man who is a college athlete asks for a date from a young white woman. She says no, screams rape, feminists light candles, young white man goes to prison. Young black man on the football or basketball team rapes young white woman, school covers it up and makes excuses for young black man, including smearing the young white woman rape victim in the process. Black studies department lights candles on behalf of the young black man who is the “victim” of yet another “racist conspiracy.”

        Life on American college campuses, circa 2013.

        • Daisy

          i agree with the second half of your depiction of american college campuses, but consider the first just silly. Since when has a white male college student gone to prison for asking a woman on a date?

          • Who knows. There could be an example somewhere, but otherwise, I’m being hyperbolic to illustrate a point. Our culture seems to glorify athletics if the athlete is anyone but a young white able bodied straight man.

          • Daisy

            What about Michael Phelps? Eli and Peyton Manning? That Tebow character? There may be an overemphasis on men of color in sports coverage, but there are white male athletes who earn admiration, deserved or not. Regardless, though, whether they’re appreciated fully or not there is no excuse for promoting sexual violence towards white women. As a formerly state-ranked white female athlete I can tell you that under-appreciation was the least of my concerns; I had to fight off sexual violence (by that I mean actual physical attacks of various degrees) throughout my adolescence on a chronic basis, and most of the time, being female and unarmed, I lost.

          • Regardless, though, whether they’re appreciated fully or not there is no excuse for promoting sexual violence towards white women.

            Or any women. Point is, black men athletes have almost a blank check to get away with it.

          • ed91

            oh, the humanity.

        • whitepony87

          The Beatles gave us “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, a pretty straightforward song about innocent love. That is white music for you. Akon crooned everyone’s olde tyme family favorite “I Wanna F*ck You”. Very classy. And that is black music for you. This is only one of the many differences which separates us from our beloved African brothers and sisters.

          • I must apologize for Akon. He has vestigial links to St. Louis.

            Fun fact: He has been caught lying his criminal record “upwards” to sell records.

          • ed91

            no apology needed, there are millions just like him, all around the town.

          • whitepony87

            What does the fact that this guy has sold millions of records say about our society? The only phrase I can think to describe it is “downward spiral”.

          • ed91

            it’s like night and day, or black and white..

      • ed91

        yes, it’s all about you daisy and your vagina.

        • Daisy

          Self-indulgent fabrications submitted as ‘hyperbole’ initiated this sub-thread and now it ends in self-indulgent, disjunctive vulgarity. Nice.

  • The__Bobster

    I see a lawsuit the first time a mongo is injured.

    It ‘s about time we really eliminate the Department of Ejumucation.

  • dukem1

    Hire the disabled.
    They’re fun to watch.

    • Boereseun

      Yea, they also cost a pretty penny when things go wrong and they injure themselves or they file a suit against you because they don’t have easy access to your premise.

  • falsedawn

    I think the deaf, bumb and blind should make up a third of the drivers at Daytona…

    • They already make up a third of regular drivers on local roads…. Not to mention the ” low IQ “, distracted texters and talkers, etc…

      • World_War_Me

        Ha ha, i agree with that

    • nba needs diabled players

      Why not the NBA and NFL?

  • MekongDelta69

    How about wheelchair wrestling?

    Title IX absolutely destroyed men’s athletics (which affected the Military later on).

    • Ironically, wrestling is the sport which some legless and one-legged men can do well in, though they will obviously compete in lower weight classes.

      Back to the greater scheme of things: This is going to be a bureaucratic nightmare for schools and school districts to deploy, not to mention expensive. I can imagine that one by one, districts will be dumping sports programs altogether, (which might be a good thing), and in the case of colleges, they’ll do the same while making the money making sports (football and men’s basketball) “off label,” so to speak.

      • After Jared Stevens, an extrovert with cerebral palsy, was laid down on the wrestling mat last Thursday, Freedom Middle School wrestler Justin Kievit bent down to shake his hand before the exhibition match. The whistle blew and Justin scooted next to Jared, pulled the boy’s arm over him and got pinned.

        Seriously …..

        In my opinion, stuff like this is disabled people fulfilling gay fantasies.

        • whitepony87

          It’s kind of sad. I feel so bad for kids born with disorders such as cerebral palsy. I wish I could do something to help them all.

          • ed91

            let there be world peace, and may it start with you.

            sniff sniff

  • bigone4u

    Universities expect professors to find a “fully abled” student voluteer to take notes for a “disabled” student. The disabled students also get unlimited time to take their exams, which are administered in an administrative office. All of this classroom management junk is put on the professor, and when you have a thousand students to manage, it ain’t fun.

    Let’s see if university administrators can make a success of wheelchair basketball, cheered on by deaf, dumb, and blind cheerleaders. Obummer will have to provide money for a new layer of administration, “Office of Disabled Athletics,” complete with a $200,000 a year Director of Disabled Athletics plus several assistant directors. Your tax dollars at work America.
    Sight-impaired football should be a riot too.

    • …by deaf, dumb, and blind cheerleaders.

      From the Democratic perspective, they’ll be having consensual sex after every away game by all the Shitavious’s on the bus on the way back.

      Sight-impaired football should be a riot too.

      It will make the highlight’s segment every weekend because I guarantee the hits will be awesome.

      • George

        It won’t be quite as captivating as paraplegic water polo or wheelchair 100 metre hurdles.

        In all seriousness, the liberal left always needs a bogeyman. Since the Klan has been all-but-eliminated, and women are treated reasonably fairly in the workplace, the time has come to move on to the next cause. This allows them to cover themselves with moral authority and outrage, and to cover their machinations from the public eye.

        • What about quadraplegic water polo?

          That will be the sh-t ……. laying on the bottom of the pool.

        • ed91

          women are treated reasonably fairly in the workplace?

          I hardly see any white men working anymore…………

  • David Ashton

    The Cultural Marxist objective again: the collection of politicized “minority” groups against the able-bodied, white-skinned, heterosexuals….

    • Diversity is BAD

      Bingo !

  • Dutchman

    The Great Leveling continues. The revolt of the under man. As I read the article I have an image of a kid in a wheelchair on the sidelines of a football game. In the 4th quarter the coach lets him “play” and he furiously spins his wheels on the turf in an effort to keep up with his team. Sometimes he is smashed to the ground during plays when he gets in the way. At the end of the year he receives an “honorary mention” award.

  • fakeemail

    I assume this legislation is coming out of the office of the Handicapper General.

    • The handicapper general, if he was still alive, would be Paul Hankish. He was alternatively known as “No Legs”. I only met him once. Wasn’t a bad customer, but everyone in the joint I worked in was shitting themselves when he was in there.

      He started his car in front of his place next to my aunt and uncle’s house, it blew up. The explosion blew off his lower legs. My under school age cousins were mid-day napping on a couch in front of a picture window that blew in over them.

  • melvin polatnick

    Buses are delayed for the boarding of a wheel chair. Athletes should also be slowed to allow wheel chairs on the running track.

  • Chris

    Its only fair since most of the referees are blind.

    • Diversity is BAD

      Excellent !

  • Old Right

    Well, if you’ve been entertaining the idea of college tuition costs ever coming back down, you can now forget it.

  • dhs

    Almost 60 years ago, Fed aid to education was being promoted as a way to overcome the “education gap” between the U.S. and Russia. A few reactionary white men pointed out that Fed aid would lead to the federal government gaining some control over schools. Political, intellectual, and moral leaders of all types considered this objection almost too stupid to comment on, let alone consider seriously.

    The reactionaries were wrong, but only in underestimating the level of control the Feds would achieve.

  • Alexandra

    Yeah, it bothers me that my autistic son won’t be on the school basketball team…but there’s more to life than that. There are other things he can do.

  • jay11

    Reminds me of that video a few months back where a kid with cerebral palsy, who could not even raise his head or any limb, was allowed to join the wrestling team. The video showed a match where the kid was laid down on the mat, he looked so helpless, and the heart-o-gold white opponent went over and physically rolled the boy over on top of him to allow him to ‘win.’ The crowd went nuts and people were crying with delight. It was a nice gesture of course, but what if this were policy? What if the basketball team had to have kids with wheelchairs or the footbal team had to have kids with missing limbs? I am as compassionate about the disabled as anybody, but life is a competition and there are some arenas where ‘equality’ becomes a farce. How would you define success if sports were co-opted to become feel good exercises for the parents of disabled kids? Don’t the non-disabled have a right to compete to win? Liberalism is truly a form of mental illness.

    • IstvanIN

      There is the Handicapped Olympics, there are wheelchair basketball teams, and so on. Does the kid with cerebral palsy really think he won a wrestling match? Whether it is girls on boys teams or the whole “no one is a loser” concept the modern world is nuts. Life isn’t fair, it really isn’t, get used to it.

  • whitepony87

    I thought we already had sports for the handicapped. Look at the NBA or the NFL, most of those guys are clearly mentally disabled.

  • Kurt Vonnegut wrote a story titled ” Harrison Bergeron ” that describes a US society that “handicaps” normal people to make them equal… Harrison rebels and begins convincing others to rebel and he is shot dead by Diana Moon Glampers, Director of the Department of Disability…
    I can imagine the lawsuits filed by the parents of the disabled students for injuries and broken wheelchairs,crutches, etc., along with those by the parents of non-disabled students injured by the wheelchairs, etc. I find it darkly amusing !
    Just remember to aim the lawsuit5s at the Department of Education as well as the local school district !
    And if your school boards are elected, study the candidates and their positions on this farce, and vote accordingly !

  • ” Mainstreaming ” mentally handicapped and disruptive ” special needs ” students has really worked well. hasn’t it ?

    • World_War_Me

      Interesting, we brought up Harrison Bergeron at the same time. Maybe I am psychic afterall!

  • World_War_Me

    read “Harrison Bergeron” the first time in sixth-grade english class. This was 1992. I recall a chill running down my spine during class, 1. because the story was horrifying and 2. I somehow KNEW this would happen within my lifetime.

    And here we are.

    It is the only prophetic thing that ever happened to me. Either I had a real psychic moment, or have just been cynical since childhood.

    • World_War_Me

      “I” read, rather

    • You had a good teacher if she assigned “Harrison Bergeron”.

      • World_War_Me

        Small public school in rural Alabama. Thank you for the nice comment.

  • StillModerated

    It reminds me of James Watt boasting about hiring a black, a woman, two Jews, and a cripple.

  • KingKenton

    It’s time to end organized sports in schools. You don’t need schools for people to participate in sports or to have thriving sports programs. Most of the players in the NHL came from neither the college ranks nor from kids who played hockey in a school related program. [ at least in N. America, can’t speak so much to Europe and Russia ]

    • In a decent white society, I can make the argument for them. Teaching teamwork, micropatriotism and physical fitness. But not to be worshiped uber alles, and certainly not to be given social, political or budgetary priorities over actual education. And certainly not a vehicle to excuse bad behavior.

      • KingKenton

        I don’t disagree with what you are saying. As you point out there are some important values and lessons that can be learned by participating in sports. I would only argue that the positive aspects of sports can and should be obtained in private (non-public), programs / organizations. The cost of supporting sports in a high-school are quite high. Pools, gymnasiums, football fields, tracks, baseball fields. Annual costs of maintenance for the facilities, player equipment, and transportation.

        In addition, sports programs really only “benefit” a small segment of the school population (at least in a direct sense). So, I can’t see how communities can justify their existence given the negative cost / benefit ratio. I’m not necessarily anti-sport. I was quite involved in atheletics growing up and my father was an Athletic Director and successful coach. IMO, It’s just time to rethink the role of sports in public schools; especially given current economic realities. (Though I know my pleas will fall on def ears as we have become a nation that is obsessed with sports.)

  • Guest

    It’s time to end organized sports in schools. You don’t need schools for people to participate in sports or to have thriving sports programs. Most of the players in the NHL came from neither the college ranks nor from kids who played hockey in a school related program. [ at least in N. America, can’t speak so much to Europe and Russia

  • shattered2012

    They have failed anyways as centers for learning so why not turn them into PE centers for the disabled at exorbitant rates to feed the gobblement employees.

  • Anders


    Does a symphony orchestra hire someone for the string-section that can’t play the violin?
    Does a swimming relay team take on a disabled person that can’t swim?
    Why can’t they just have there own club where they compete with their disabled peers?

  • homo obama still in the closet

    So what about the military now? After faggots and dykes are allowed combat on the front line that so far as we know has been waiting for the first ones to sign up without success, shouldn’t the disabled be allowed to join and fight up front too?

  • whitepony87

    I am not sure why it is okay to openly make fun of retards here but if I say the word “Jew” my comment gets deleted within an hour. I am not sure my Jew comments make the site look any worse than a bunch of adults making fun of kids with severe nervous system, muscle, and bone disorders.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      It might be because when you think “Jew” you mean a sort of permanent racial enemy. I don’t hate Jews. It costs me absolutely nothing to give another human being the befit of any doubt.

  • TonyWestfield

    We must pretend that the disabled are able…

    How hard can it be?

    For years now, millions have been pretending that Michelle is pretty and Barack is smart.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    While the discussion has diverted from the appointed topic – and it is not my fault! – I think the handicapped deserve to compete with the rest of us. That said, if it takes you 20 minutes to hobble the 880, you won’t win.

    People have different talents. My high school girlfriend could learn languages more quickly than anyone I’ve ever met. One of my friends from childhood knows Fords backwards and forwards. I was probably the best high-powered rifle marksman in Colorado with old military rifles, and maybe in the states over iron sights, but I haven’t done that in over 12 years. I was also very good at laboratory chemistry. My mother is an outstanding manager of money. One of my Australian friends started speaking only at the age of 11, and can read hexidecimal code like it was English. Now he has two PhDs.

    I knew he was different when we met, and our first conversation was about shooting, but I also knew he was brilliant, and just needed some more time for it to bloom.