SC GOP Official: Tim Scott Is ‘DeMint’s Choice’ for Replacement

Evan McMorris Santoro, Talking Points Memo, December 6, 2012

Sen. Jim DeMint (R) wants Rep. Tim Scott (R) to replace him in the Senate when he leaves the body next month, a South Carolina Republican official tells TPM.

DeMint announced Thursday that he will be leaving the Senate to take over the Heritage Foundation, opening up a seat that will be filled by Gov. Nikki Haley (R) ahead of a 2014 special election. According to the South Carolina source, DeMint wants Scott—a conservative African American congressman representing the First Congressional District who was just elected to his second term last month—to take over for him.

The move would mean the Senate seat would still be held by a prominent tea partier, the source said, and would also give Haley and the GOP a chance to make history.

“It would be historic for an Indian American governor from the Deep South to appoint an African American to the U.S. Senate,” the official said. {snip}

“Scott is DeMint’s choice,” the source added.


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  • nobody special

    “It would be historic for an Indian American governor from the Deep
    South to appoint an African American to the U.S. Senate,” the official

    It would be truly historic if the GOP started standing up for its base (i.e., whites) instead of wasting time and resources on “reaching out” to blacks and Mestizos who would only dismiss a black GOP candidate as an Uncle Tom.

    • i am

      If you put a gorilla in a suit and put him in Congress or the Senate, nobody would know the difference.

      That statement was not in reference to his skin color. It was just a generalization about the idiots that infest the District of Corruption.


      He may be appointed Senator but the Black Democrats will never support him. There is no one better?

    • Katherine McChesney

      I mourn the South’s being inhabited by other races than Caucasians. I just put in his place a young white minister who preached a sermon I heard against the south re: slavery. He was a missionary’s son in Colombia, SA. I told him he should preach against his country’s violence and drug culture and leave the South alone. He was offended that I defended the South.

      Can anyone give me the name of a book that refutes lies about the South? I’ll Take My Stand doesn’t count as Robert Pen Warren changed his stance on slavery.

  • i am

    So long Republican Party. I wasn’t a nice time meeting you. Don’t hurry back.


      Whites are no longer wanted in their own nation by either Party.

      Secession today, secession tomorrow, secession for ever.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Let me count the ways that the GOP elite has decided to commit suicide…

    • Katherine McChesney

      Friday I received an email from Reince Priebus asking me to contribute to the GOP. My response….unsubscribed.

      • You Are Now Enriched

        Resubscribe so you can keep up with the lingo of “we must give America away to the illegal Mexicans so we can have hope of honoring Reagan by putting the GOP back into the White House.”

  • So CAL Snowman

    Yeah those Republicans are really pro-white. God I’m so glad I did not waste my “vote” on Mittens. Talk about voting for your own demise!

  • The Stupid Party is so predictable.

    When I found out that DeMint was resigning from the Senate to run the H-1B visa-loving Heritage Foundation, I thought to myself, “Gov. Nimrata Randhawa might do something stupid like put that Tim Scott in his place just to have one black in the Senate.”

    Not only is that actually probably going to happen, much to my dismay, that’s what Jim DeMint wants! I expected better of him.

  • The__Bobster

    Republic idiots keep searching for the great black hope…and end up getting screwed over for their efforts.

  • AngryWhiteMan

    Not sure what all the pussy aching is for. I’ll take a black conservative over a white liberal any day. With any luck this guy will be anti immigration

    • 1. A black Senator representing the de facto white party from the Deep South. You find no problem with that?

      2. You don’t need to worry about a white liberal winning an election to be a U.S. Senator from South Carolina for the foreseeable future.

      3. Tim Scott will become the new Allen West, the talisman of the sick and perverted “hopes” and “dreams” of multiracialist dunce white Republicans.

      • Bill

        More to the point, we’ve seen black “conservatives” before. Colin Powell, Condo Rice, etc. Hmmm. Who did they endorse and vote for again? Oh yeah. Obama. Blacks vote for black self interest and for skin color always. Always. The few blacks in the Stupid Party are there for one reason – they stand out. Another black running for anything in the Dem Party is lost in the crowd. But by pretending to be a conservative, any stupid black gets put on the fast track to high office. Then once there, he turns around and screws over those who put him in power. Same old story. So who’s more stupid? Low IQ semi-retarded blacks, or rich white guys who think they can still find a black “conservative” if they only try harder, and who still think hispanics will EVER vote for Republicans if they only pander enough.

        • Ian

          Condoleeza Rice campaigned with Paul Ryan and endorsed Mitt Romney for President.

          • AngryWhiteMan

            Get your facts out of here. This is a circlejerk

          • Bill

            So? She endorsed Obama first time around. Maybe Condosleeza Rice envisions herself as a black candidate for Pres and thus once again adopted the camouflage of a conservative to advance herself. Until we whites start having a healthy distrust of anything black, and particularly black politicians, and until we have a healthy dose of discernment of character rather than jump at outward guises…….we will continue to be disappointed and betrayed.

          • John

            Actually, she endorsed John McCain. She did , however, mention the that she was pleased to see the nation elect a Black man to the presidency.

        • Joseph

          Remember that darling rising star of the Republican Party in Nebraska -Lawrence King of the Franklin Credit Union embezzling and pedophilia fame? They hope against hope that they are finally going to score with one of these showpiece blacks and it just doesn’t happen. The reasonable and intelligent blacks already have successful careers and don’t need politics to “get made” -i.e. Walter Williams, and have no interest in these power-brokers offers of stardom.

          • Luis

            Imagine this 2016 nightmare – this guy Tim Scott running for president against Deval Patrick.

            The tea party sux the meat and cheese. They would have put in Herman “No Brain” Cain as their party nominee in 2012, until he didn’t know that sexual harrassment is wrong, and was forced to resign. The tea party also had its “favorites” like Richard Mourdock, Todd Akin, Sharron Angle and Chrisite Whitman utter mugabedung during their respective campaigns for office, and get trounced at the polls.

            The tea party is like someone who engages in masochism for their thrills – not caring one iota how much blood is spilled – as long as they get their rocks off.

    • IKantunderstand

      Apparently, as an Asian man with a rather smallish “package”, you use words like “pussy aching” . Completely appropos in your case. Nevertheless, I agree with you, anti-immigration is a good thing. Unfortunately, you got in, Mr. so called “AngryWhiteMan”.

    • preserve your heritage

      DeMint is not a white liberal pos. He is the real deal but being swayed by the Bush crowd.

      • AngryWhiteMan

        Did I say he was a liberal?

        It doesn’t matter how conservative he is, he has resigned.

    • Sorry, but you lost me at the “I’ll take a black” part.

    • Joseph

      That is a good point and I would agree but I suspect that should he act independently on behalf of his real constituency he would be quickly escorted to the smoke-filled room and given a crash-course in “how we do things around here”. He’d have a conversion experience, be baptized in champagne, and vote according to program.

      Remember a couple years ago when Kucinich was dead set against Obamacare and railed against it regularly for months? He went on Air Force One with His Hopefulness and by the next day he was all square with Obama and ready to sign on with no objections. I imagined an airborne conversation like “Y’ know Dennis, sometimes people have been known to fall from aircraft like that D.B.Cooper fellow and were never found. Sometimes the cabin air-pressure changes seem to have induced heart-attacks. Now, WHAT was it that you wanted to talk to the president about today?”

    • Katherine McChesney

      He could get in and cross the aisle. I don’t trust most of them.

  • C_C_Conrad

    These no good Republican / Conservatives (including that cheep blonde, Ann Coulter) just can’t wait for America to turn into Zimbabwe, so that they can be ruled over by blacks. I think that I hate their damn guts, which is the right thing for a white man to do.
    Jack’s War

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Your common Republican has no idea racial differences exist and believes by “appealing” to minorities these Amerindian, African, Oriental, and Indian people-groups will be indistinguishable from the Europeans who built and maintained a peaceful Republic for years.

      • i am

        This is why the original republicans should have never voted people into office that never worked a labor job in their life. How can they know whats good for the common man if they have never been a common man.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    I wonder if he will be the mirror image of Lindsey Gramnesty, except that he will be the straight one. SC has fallen a long way from the days of Strom Thurmond and Fritz Hollings.

    • IstvanIN

      You know, it is funny that the Republicans rebuff the Log Cabin Republicans, who are at least fiscally conservative, as well as socially conservative gays, (yes, I have met them and they are race realists), frowned upon because they are homosexuals. Yet Republicans have no problems with liberal closet cases who are in no way conservative, like Lindsey Graham. It is wierd.

      • Katherine McChesney

        There’s also GOPride for the homosexuals.

    • Grant

      Let’s not speculate on people’s sexuality. Okay?

  • Seek

    Rep. Scott would be an affirmative action hire, a mainstream conservative’s version of Obama. His would-be benefactor, Sen. DeMint, now headed off to inherit Ed Feulner’s job as Heritage Foundation top dog, desperately wants to tell the world, “See? We conservatives are the real friends of the blacks.”

    Say, we’ve been trying this “outreach” thing ever since Nixon. It ain’t working! How about being friends of the whites for a change?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      “How about being friends of whites for a change?”

      Because in their heart of hearts, the GOP elites don’t really think we’re going to hang them all from lampposts right next to the democrats.

  • IKantunderstand

    OMG, is the rest of my life gonna be nothing more than these ridiculous first of something announcements? Unless it is to announce the election to the Presidency of the United States of the first blind, lesbian, quadriplegic, Scientologist African American dwarf, I’m not interested. Actually, if that happens, I will still not be interested. Hopefully, that is so far in the future, I’ll be dead.

    • John Bonham

      Yeah but what about your children and grandchildren ??

      • IKantunderstand

        Forewarned is forearmed.

  • John Bonham

    Another one that just doesn’t get it … PPfffttt !!!

  • DelmarJackson

    If Scott is for less immigration, I would vote for him. Sure, black republicans like Colon powell screwed their party, but what did Rove and Bush do? Bush was our first Mexican president.
    I sometimes get upset from seeing so few black politicians against mass immigration that hurts black people as much as whites, then I realize they are susceptible to being bought and paid for just like the white politicians. Heck, I have a youtube video showing Harry Reid giving a speech against anchor babies years ago. they go to washington and get bought and turn into weasels.

    make me pick between a cheap labor lobby jeb bush and his son, or Allen West and I am voting for West.

    Most black americans can trace their roots back farther than most white americans. Blacks have been here for a very long time, were once over 20% of the population and are not going anywhere. I would never want to live in a black majority community, or a black run city, judging by my experiences and what i have seen so far, but I would never turn away a person of any color or wethnicity wanting to reduce massive 3rd world immigration that is depressing wages , stealing jobs, and ethnically cleansing the native born popualtion and dumbing it down so it may be more easily lied to and led.
    DeMint is not a stupid person and has been at the pointy end of the spear on immigration for a long time.. I trust his decision.

    • You still think it’s all about a Party and needing the comfort, approval and “leadership” of black people in order to justify White identity and pro-White politics? You don’t want to live in a black run city or community, but you’ll consider it a win to have a black guy elected to one of the most powerful positions in the nation.

      Just so you know, a Senator trumps a community or city leader a thousand times over. Trusting something that really doesn’t look right, just because you think DeMint is smart, is a big part of the reason we are in the mess we are in.

    • Joseph

      West has sent mixed messages. He has made some statement against gun control BUT he came out on the Zimmerman/Martin case and said Zimmerman obviously should not be walking around free, taht something was very wrong. Now *maybe* it is because he had poor info at the time of the interview and *maybe* he succumbed to the black vs. (alleged) white thing. I don’t know.

  • cigar smoker

    Do you ever notice these trial ballons by any of the tons of media outlets are always sent up by those with an agenda to plant ideas in brains? Wise up. They probably floated black slave trial ballon ideas long before it was implemented in Europe too. Its a trick as old as dirt. Some call them rumors. Be careful what you wish though.

  • Like I’ve said before, it’s all sideshow semantics to keep you less focused on a singularity. If it ain’t pro-White, it ain’t worth supporting.

    • DelmarJackson

      The most ” pro-white’ thing a person can do that is not a pipe dream, is to work to reduce immigration, and to work to get those elected who want to reduce immigration.
      The best way to reduce immigration is to focus less on immigrants and more on our fellow “citizens’ that profit from immigration and pass on all the social,economic and environmental costs to the communities.
      If Scott is for less immigration, he is worth looking at. And just so you know, I can count the names of Senators that truly want to reduce immigration and are willing to take a stand on it publicly on one hand. DeMint was one. We need another.

  • Haley for DeMint replacement.

    The female Gov of SC is picking DeMints replacement. Haley is of Indian as in India descent but for all practical purposes is white.. Why does she not replace DeMint herself? US Senator is a higher position than a Gov.

    • Nimrata Randhawa is an Indian, not white. I don’t want her any sooner than I want Tim Scott. Hell, I didn’t even want her to win Governor for the same reason I don’t want Tim Scott in the Senate.

      But she won’t appoint herself, for one obvious reason: She wants to run for President in 2016. If she goes into the Senate, she creates a voting record paper trail that rivals can knit pick over.

      • ron in columbia

        On her election forms she checked white race only. She looks as white as any nice looking white female can look and could have something in her background but she considers herself as white otherwise she would not have checked white as her race. She is married to a white male too and rumored to have had affairs with white men in her past while married.

        • “Checked a box…” “considers herself white…” “married to a white man…”

          She’s Indian, dot not feather. How hard is this? In a racial dispute between a white person and an Indian over, say, a job at Intel, she’ll side with the Indian every time.

          • Wow, these comments are total comedy gold. It’s worth popping some popcorn and watching these people unpile from the clown car for a while.

          • I see you’re an organizer for the purple people eaters in Mexifornia.

            There was once a time when a man with Wharton Biz on his resume would have been the kind of person a labor union leader would have to negotiate against. Today, he’s a labor union leader himself — You might know him, he’s your ultimate boss, Andy Stern.

            Which leads me to a two-part question which I think you might have the ability to find the answers to even if you don’t know the answers off hand:

            (A) Which country club does Andy Stern belong to?

            (B) Does he have a locker in the clubhouse next to a corporate CEO he pretends to hate in public?

          • You do know Stern left SEIU years ago, right? The need to find answers may be necessary for both of us, apparently. But here we are, QD, slowing the flow of the nice Stormfront meeting you’ve got happening over here.

            Sorry for this interruption of your regularly scheduled programming, everybody.

          • Yes, and now he’s a fellow at Georgetown PPI, something that the (real) Jimmy Hoffa would have never been caught dead doing. You should come up with better retorts.

            That a movement whose history includes Samuel Gompers would even tolerate someone like Andy Stern leading one of its major components for even one millisecond shows that it isn’t what it used to be.

            Personally, I think the SEIU has been compromised by the cheap labor lobby, and is basically phony “opposition.” Besides, when I think of “union,” I think of middle aged white men in manufacturing and heavy industry, such as the five Teamsters (Anheuser-Busch) and one UAW (Chrysler) retirees that are related to me by first cousinhood or closer, not black and Hispanic mop floppers.

          • Color me unsurprised that these are your views.

          • The feeling is mutual.

      • Luis

        QD, aren’t Asiatic Indians classifies in a separate race called the Vedda or Veddoid? They may be the same pigmentation as African Bantus, but they do NOT share Negroid features whatsoever. They cannot be called Caucasians, since they do not have all the Caucasian features. Certainly, they are not Mongoloid or Australoid, the other races.

        It seems I remember the Vedda race mentioned in one of my anthropolgy classes in college.

    • SmithandSmith

      I’ve never seen asians, blacks nor hispanics show any sort of concern about white people and our poverty, our health problems, the amount of taxes we pay, the depressed wages we’re stuck with, our traditions being taken away from us or unemployed white people or anything else concerning us.

      I have however, seen the asians, blacks and hispanics take full advantage of all their race-based set-asides and all those diversity programs found in just about every single government agency, corporation and bank you can find.

      I never understood why, when non-whites won’t even ask Congress to stop funding race-based programs, why would any white person ever trust one of them to have control over them? By “control” I mean, to be in positions of power over you.

  • Dave4088

    Has an outgoing black senator ever recommended a white man be his replacement? I think we all know the answer to that question. Jim Demint is the darling of Southern nationalists and pro-white Southerners, so I’d like to see how they explain how one of their own committed this ultimate of sins.

  • caucazoid

    Look, it’s simple enough: Tim Scott is black. Blacks cannot be trusted in any way, from grocery cashiers to executives. (Not that any black man or woman ever honestly EARNED an executive position in this country…)

    Are we expected to believe that there is NO white person qualified to hold DeMint’s seat? Jim, Jim… why have you forsaken us in the god-damnable name of political correctness?

    I’m fed up. The GOP will not get a dime or a vote out of me until they quit sucking up to the Blacks, Mexicans and Asians and start standing for White America again.

    I’m not a racist — I’m a realist.

  • Chuck Carlson

    The uniformly racist sentiments expressed here are clearly protected by your free speech rights. It would be better for the nation if you expressed yourselves more often, more loudly, and more widely. Don’t hide your feelings, express yourself.