Robbers with AK-47s Hit Two Detroit Gas Stations

CBS Detroit, December 5, 2012

Detroit police are investigating whether a group of AK-47 wielding robbers who hit two gas stations Wednesday morning are responsible for several similar crimes that have recently occurred across the city.

Sam Adbullah was manning the till at the BP gas station on 7 Mile near I-75 around 4 a.m. when he looked up at the security camera.


Adbullah said he saw a vehicle drive up and four men exit the car with assault rifles drawn.

“I saw the car and then it disappeared, and then it popped back up on the camera in the back on the building. I saw them come out with the guns and everything. So, I said ‘Oh, s***!’ and I just closed the door, went over there, picked up the phone and called the police,” he said.

Adbullah said he locked the door and got down behind the bullet proof glass. When the robbers couldn’t get in, they left.


Adbullah said unfortunately, dealing with robberies comes with the territory of owning a gas station in Detroit.

“When you’re over here you have to be, you know, you have to know your surroundings, you just have to know. Plus, I heard on the news it’s been happening, robbers going through gas stations,” he said.

In fact, police say these four suspects are responsible for another robbery that happened just minutes later a Mobil gas station at Harper and Cadieux. Police say the gunmen demanded the 34-year-old clerk hand over the money, which he did. The robbers then took off.


Investigators are also looking into whether the two incidents are related to a string of other gas station robberies in the city, all of which are believed to have been carried out by the same group of men.

Police say those men robbed at least 11 gas stations in a two-week period. Then, just hours after police put out a public notice about the robberies, the group struck again—this time robbing six different gas stations in one hour. In every instance, police say the suspects will cover their faces, walk into a gas station armed with assault weapons and announce a hold-up.

No one was hurt in any of the robberies. It wasn’t immediately clear how much money the suspects were able to get away with.

The suspects have been described as a black males in their 20’s, wearing dark clothing and black masks that cover the lower half of their faces.



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  • We get the make of the rifle in the headline, but we don’t get a racial description of the suspects until the very end (most people don’t read down that far).

    • So CAL Snowman

      Gotta push the gun violence angle at every possible instance. Guns kill people not dangerous minorities. Sometimes guns even kill dangerous minorities and that’s really bad.


      It is because the gun did the crime.

      I saw a handgun jump up and fire. Really impressive. I also saw a rifle enter a crack house once and load itself, run back the bolt, pull it’s own trigger and kill an innocent guy cooking a spoon over a bic………….really interesting.

      I tried to run down the gun but WOW can a gun haul butt.

      • The new bromide is that guns seduce “vulnerable people” into committing crimes. Anyone who would let the sight of a pistol seduce them into killing someone has a serious mental illness.

  • IstvanIN

    Obama loves this, assault weapons, this gives him an excuse to disarm real Americans.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Exactly, that’s why the headline screams : AK – 47s and not ; blacks commit armed robbery against third world immigrant.

      • Liberalsuck

        Well, blacks aren’t responsible for anything they do wrong. They’re just innocent victims of the evil white man.

      • AngryWhiteMan

        What does the victim’s immigration status have to do with anything? Someone has to run the gas stations in Detroit. Not many natural born Americans are willing to do so. Life in Detroit is obviously better than life in his home land

        • WHITE DAWN

          Notice how an area 95% Black can’t find a Black who can run a simple store. They have to have some Arab.

          • Liberalsuck

            That or Asians or Mexicans or Jews. Blacks resent any other group of people who come into their turf and who set up a business and make a living. “Yo beez exploitin’ us blacks folk!” It never dawns on them that if they had any incentive to make something for themselves or better their communities, they would be filling those stores up with businesses. Blacks accuse you of exploiting them or having some advantage they don’t have. If they really disliked high crime, they would be helping law enforcement take the gangs out.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      I often wonder if Obama has ever shot a gun or even handled one.
      One thing that puzzles me is that the gun laws have gotten more rigid every year and more difficult for law abiding people to acquire a firearm but yet the criminal class has so much more access to them. Years ago teenage gang members made their own guns with a piece of pipe, a crudely carved wooden frame, a rubber band and a nail as a firing pin . They generally used .22 LR or Short. They were called “zip guns” for all you younger AMRENers . They weren’t accurate after about 1 foot due to the lack of rifling. Otherwise some kind of knife e.g. switchblade was the edged weapon of choice. This may sound totally whacko but does anyone else get the feeling that these guns are part of a “North of the border Fast & Furious” scheme to create more chaos and thus set the scene for martial law and authoritarianism? A neighbor brought this up a few days ago and at first I wrote off his opinion as over the top. Now I’m beginning to wonder. Are these guys breaking into gun stores, burglarizing homes, buying them legally? ( I don’t think so)

      • The Verdict of History

        I’m pretty sure Obama was armed during his anti-colonial exploits in Kenya and his discreet travels through Pakistan.

      • WHITE DAWN

        Nothing makes the rulers more happy then violent massive gun crimes. They love it. They orgasms when things like the Aurora Theater shooting occur or the Virginia Tech event happens. They really do love it……… and want it ……….and want even more.

        Why? Now they can wail and weep for the victims and put all the blame on the GUN. Notice it is always a “Gunman” who did the crime. They want the sight of a “man” with a “gun” (gunman) to bring reflexive fear to the white people.

        This is all planned. All scripted.

        The anti gun laws are going to come “fast and furious”.

        Speaking of “over the top”, I have wondered when our rulers will import Blacks and Mexicans for the sole purpose of performing real violent “gun crimes”. Now that we are so used to seeing masses of Mexicans, Arabs and Blacks, we would not pay attention to a group of Blacks (but real Africans) entering a McDonald’s while it is full of children and ……………………………..

        Within 30 min. Obama will be on TV and a 2,000 page “comprehensive anti-violence” law will land on the Senate floor 30 seconds later. Pelosi will go to the floor and plead that we must pass this bill to find out what is in it.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I’m suprised someone actually started using these in robberies, as impractical as they are for that sort of thing.

    That said “for instance” is never proof.

    • Tim

      Nothing like suppressive fire to clear the Cheetos aisle…

      • WHITE DAWN

        Skittle aisle…………………..


      They are used since they intimidate so well. Remember the word Assault !!!

      If you jump out with a Ruger .22 carbine it won’t scare people. That looks like a Daisy BB gun.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “Sam Adbullah was manning the till at the BP gas station on 7 Mile near
    I-75 around 4 a.m. when he looked up at the security camera.”

    Stuff like this just makes me laugh at the liberal fantasy of multiculturalism and DIEversity. Who does the left defend in this instance, the darling third world immigrant or the disadvantaged africans?

    • i am

      You can’t let the public know who to look out for, they might catch them. The fact that they didn’t mention the perps identity is proof that they were black.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        I thinking that these Mau Mau might be older since no one was injured so far. The youfs are more likely to shoot for any reason or for no reason. These prietos might be more experienced and a little “wiser” ( in Mau Mau terms) . Then again, up to now no one has given them any resistance.

    • Liberalsuck

      Aren’t they both third world immigrants when you think about it?

      • LaSantaHermandad

        You’re spot on! The Mau Mau haven’t yet adapted to Western Civilization ( that is what’s left of it that they haven’t yet destroyed) .

      • AngryWhiteMan

        You are an embarassment to this site.

      • WHITE DAWN

        Please, Slavery drove the Blacks to do this and the Crusaders causes the Arab to have grief.

        This crime is the result of White Privilege.

  • Blaak Obongo

    They’re not just ordinary armed thieves, see. They’re “AK-47 wielding robbers,” and that makes it all just ever so much worse. It’s those Evil Assault Weapons, exerting their malign telepathic control to force innocent young Aspiring Rap Artists to commit crimes. If only we had more Gun Control, all that black violence would go away overnight and Peace and Love would descend upon the land.

    Government and media, working hand in hand for the brainwashing of amerika.


      True, and if we put a computer in every black home and supplied them with White girl friends, then they would be in Harvard by fall.

  • Blacks may have Ak47’s, but when everything comes apart in our nation, they’re going to find out about the fine art of shooting. That blasting away on full automatic is fine for someone standing disarmed a few feet away, but a real sharpshooter will kill them from near a mile away and they’ll never know what hit them. One second, the’ll be a bad hombre with an AK and the next second the’ll be a dead bad hombre laying in the gutter with the Ak laying there beside his dead carcass.

  • Jefferson

    [QUOTE]The suspects have been described as a black males in their 20’s, wearing
    dark clothing and black masks that cover the lower half of their faces.[/QUOTE]

    Of course they were Black. Nonblack criminals are literally non existent in Detroit. Blacks pretty much have a monopoly in Detroit when it comes to committing crimes.

    • Johnny Clay

      That description of the perps is actually redundant.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      Aren’t there some Arab criminals?

      • AngryWhiteMan

        Not in Detroit. Lots of Arabs in the metro area but mostly law abiding and Christian. The type you’d bring home and let them bang your sister

        • The Verdict of History

          OR like the type that you’d earnestly and peaceably exhort to return to return to their country of origin.

        • WHITE DAWN

          “go with your sister”


  • You Are Now Enriched

    This will become a daily story in all majority BRA Diversity cities, but MSM will censor as best it can, but the leaky Internet will spread the word, resulting in MSM demands that Obama force online news into a channeled a SPLC-ADL clearinghouse before it can be posted.

  • KenelmDigby

    Blacks terrorizing Arabs and subcons.
    I really couldn’t care less.
    It’s pythons fighting crocodiles as far as I’m concerned.

    • Liberalsuck

      I don’t care what blacks, mestizos and middle easterners do to each other. I demand they leave us alone and stay out of my pocketbook.

    • AngryWhiteMan

      You’re disgusting.


      Until they come into your home………and they will.

      These people-of-color gun fights will be used by the likes of Bloomberg to ban guns. They want to stop crime by banning guns.

      That is like stopping teen sex by banning condoms.

  • Why was my post erased? There’s nothing wrong with talking about the correct handling of weapons. Isn’t the heading, “Robbers with AK-47s hit two Detroit gas stations?” So why wouldn’t marksmenship be a reasonable subject to discuss. Sir, respectfully, you’re not moderating. You’re inserting your own personal feelings into the discussion. Your erasing my comment I feel is an abuse your power.


      Also, notice the “assault” b.s. word again. All guns are “assault”. Even my knife can be used in an assault. I’ve asaulted people with my lawnmower once.

      And, this Ak-47 is no different from any gun/rifle. It shoots bullets just as good or bad, or fast or slow, as any other rifle/gun.

      But the weenie journalists have to use these code words to scare the voters into disarming themselves so we can have peace and love.

      When I was younger I lived a life of crime. No law stopped me. Laws were for losers. Guns? can get one almost as fast as a bag of weed. In fact, ask some people who walk the line how long it takes to get any illegal item. Coke? 25 minutes? Crack delivered in 30 minutes or it’s free? And gun laws are going to stop gun crimes? Yep, just as good as all these dope laws.

      Laws are for stupid White people.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Inside of three feet, I would try my hands against a perp with a loaded rifle if my life was at stake. If it was that of my mother, wife or daughter, I’d walk Burnside’s Bridge at the 1862 Sharpsburg battle alone.