PM Orders New Minorities Push to Stave Off Tory Election Crisis

Nigel Morris, The Independent, December 27, 2012

David Cameron has ordered a drive to increase the number of black and Asian Conservative parliamentary candidates, amid fears within the party that its unpopularity among ethnic minorities could spell disaster at the next election.

The Prime Minister has told colleagues that he regards building support among voters from immigrant backgrounds as the biggest challenge facing the Tories in their quest to “detoxify” their image among large sections of the community.

Senior party figures are pointing to last month’s defeat for the Republican candidate Mitt Romney—who was largely shunned by black and Hispanic voters—in the US presidential election as a warning of the costs of ignoring Britain’s rapid demographic shifts.

One Conservative MP in a marginal urban seat told The Independent that his party faced an “existential” challenge in responding to the country’s changing ethnic make-up. MPs and candidates are being given advice on how to engage with non-white communities by regularly attending key events, being urged to increase their presence in ethnic minority newspapers, radio programmes and television bulletins and to gain expertise on issues that particularly affect such groups.

The Tories said they were basing the strategy on the success of the governing Conservative Party of Canada, which boosted its electoral fortunes partly by increasing its support among voters born outside the country.

The party insists its core messages—including support for small business and defence of the family—resonate with many ethnic minorities, but admits it is hampered by a “brand” problem among such groups.

The Reading West MP Alok Sharma, the Tory vice-chairman in charge of the strategy, said Mr Cameron supported increasing the diversity of Conservative parliamentary candidates and MPs.

Mr Sharma said he hoped the party and Parliament would come to be “reflective of the country we live in”. He said: “I very much hope that over a period of time there will be many more people from ethnic minority backgrounds on the Conservative benches, but also all benches.”

Although the Conservatives increased their number of black and Asian MPs from two to 11 at the last election, alarm bells were sounded in party headquarters by their 16 per cent support among ethnic minorities compared with the 68 per cent picked up by Labour.

Unless they can close the gap, their poor polling among non-white communities threatens their control of between 10 and 15 parliamentary seats and undermines their hopes of capturing 10 to 15 other seats held by Labour with small majorities.

Research presented privately to party leaders revealed that people from Afro-Caribbean and Pakistani backgrounds are most hostile to the Conservatives, but that other ethnic minorities including Sikhs and Hindus—even those who regard themselves as middle class—are resistant to Tory messages.

They have been told the Conservatives suffer a serious “brand” problem dating back to Enoch Powell’s “rivers of blood” speech. It has been fuelled by such episodes as Norman Tebbit talking about the “cricket test” for immigrants and the institutional failures exposed by the murder of the black schoolboy Stephen Lawrence, which occurred under a Tory government.

Gavin Barwell, the MP for Croydon Central, warned the party could not win the next election without significantly increasing its appeal to minority communities.

He said: “The Prime Minister, and people around him, understand this and are focused on it. The party as a whole is increasingly focused on it and the number of colleagues who understand this is growing all the time.

“In the long term it’s an existential issue for the party. In the short term we have got to focus on everybody who didn’t vote for us at the last election.”

A prominent member of the Tory Reform Group, Samuel Kasumu, who joined the Conservatives at the age of 19, said: “There was a party that didn’t look like me but sounded like me—that was the Tories. And there was a party that looked like me but didn’t sound like me—Labour.”

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  • They have been told the Conservatives suffer a serious “brand” problem dating back to Enoch Powell’s “rivers of blood” speech.

    Brand problem? The case can be made credibly that the four consecutive election victories of Thatcher and Major were basically run off the steam of that one Enoch Powell speech, and also the underground axiom, “If you want a n****r for a neighbor vote Labour.”

  • saxonsun

    I just read a restaurant review in the Village Voice, a liberal NYC weekly. The article is about an English restaurant in Brooklyn (“It’s Blighty Brooklyn,” by Tejal Rao). Here’s a quote, “…and avoids clobbering diners too hard with an outdated definition of Englishness (white, male, mushtachioed, atop horse).” I am posting because I thought some of you might be interested in responding to this by e-mailing the Voice. Notice how the writer denies the simple truth that Englishness is white?

  • Kronolog

    There’s only two ways ways the conservative parties in the west can survive: The short term solution is to limit voting rights, and the long term solution is to deport, deport, and deport some more.

    • Fredrik_H

      Unfortunately, this is why I sometimes feel rather pessimistic. We will need fairly stern policies such mass deportations and that soon to remain the lords of our lands.

      But I fear the average voter will not consider such actions tolerable. He will object right up until the point where a party that would be willing to go forth with such a policy can no longer be voted into office due to changing demography. Then the average voter will wake up, angry and confused.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        Economics remains a hope. The dollar functions as the world’s reserve currency on borrowed time. When it crashes what the “average voter” will or will not consider is unknown and unknowable at this point.

      • american_cavalier

        The British people have a pathological trust in their ruling Establishment justifiably based on its past ability to guide the ship of state through WWI, The Great Depression, and WWII up to the end of Empire. Unfortunately, they don’t know that Establishment no longer exists and instead a kleptocracy exercises power through the forms of the old order. Thus, although the average Britisher knows deep down what needs to be done, being constantly told otherwise by the ruling class leaves him in an abject state of hopeful paralysis. If a patriotic party or clique in a party could obtain power, the majority of Britishers would instantly support mass deportations and other elements of patriotic nationalism.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    “Senior party figures are pointing to last month’s defeat for the Republican candidate Mitt Romney—who was largely shunned by black and Hispanic voters—in the US presidential election as a warning of the costs of ignoring Britain’s rapid demographic shifts.”


    Romney not only was defensive and hesitant when challenged on his immigration positions (used to win the GOP primary), he maintained complete GOP silence on racial preferences — euphemistically labeled “affirmative action” — in college admissions, hiring and promotion and of the certain expansion of such preferences with any legalization of illegal immigrants.

    In other words, Romney was reluctant to appeal to whites.

    • The__Bobster

      It’s amazing how the two countries mirror each other….with the same alarming results. Of course, there’s no conspiracy involved.

  • Ulick

    Good luck, Cameron, but anybody who’s honest or intelligent knows that minrotites in white countries vote against the white man they seek to topple. The Tories. like the Republicans in America, are seen as the white party that must be toppled. It’s just that simple.

    • Fredrik_H

      Yes, it’s amazing that the “old right” all over the west can’t see that writing on the wall. How can one be so blind?

      • Xerxes22

        Greed and stupidity make a good blindfold.

  • David Brims

    The Conservative party is really the liberal wing of the Labour party, both parties are up to their necks in pro immigration.

    The Labour party wants African / muslim immigrants as a voting base.
    The Conservative party want immigrants for cheap labour, cleaners, cooks, gardeners, etc etc.

    • David Ashton

      Cameron is a Liberal Democrat in Tory clothing.

  • GM (Australia)

    They will ALWAYS vote Labor/Democrat as they perceive this is a way of getting something for nothing. Bowing down to them will just alienate the few conservative voters who mistakenly think (hope, wishful thinking etc) that the Tories, GOP etc may be mildly pro-white.

  • american_cavalier

    Existential crisis for the conservatives because of changing demographics means existential crisis for the British because of changing demographics. Thus, putting more non-British for campaigns will not save the conservatives anymore than putting more non-British will save the British. The patent absurdity and illogic of believing otherwise is clear to anyone but the ruling class. The sooner they go the sooner the West survives.

  • William

    Anyone interested in reading about British politics in general, and the evils of the Tory party in particular, would do well to read Peter Hitchens’ blog. He’s very reticent about discussing race, though, so don’t expect much from him in that regard.

    • David Ashton

      And Leo McKInstry’s articles.

      • Steven

        Yes, Mr McKinstry of writing some good articles in the Daily Express about mass immigration and its malign effects yet urging his readers to vote for the nice Mr Farage and his UKIP/Tory Party!

        • David Ashton

          Half a loaf is better than none.

          • Steven

            Yes, I suppose so. If UKIP did make a breakthrough then it might well scare the Tory Party so much the obvious PC ethnic-grovelling morons like Cameron might row back on some of their PC idiocy and help to change the political climate to one more favorable to real nationalism. For a nationalist party to make a breaktrough, the Tories simply have to be destroyed.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a pity the British army won’t stage a coup. Even a silent one would do. That’s one of the conspiracy theories popular in Britain. Back in the 70s Britain’s military chiefs thought PM Harold Wilson was taking the country in too leftward a direction, so they told him to resign or they’d intervene. At least that’s how the story goes.

    • David Ashton

      As with all institutions, the army and police are a deliberate early target for neutralization, in the British case “political correctness” has been a subversive force. Technically and historically the UK Armed Forces have an allegiance to the Crown, not the government of the day, but constitutionally the Queen can act only on the advice of ministers and this monarch is most unlikely ever to break that rule, except in the special case of an election deadlock.
      The problem with Harold Wilson was not that he was “too leftward” (though he was), but that he was reasonably suspected by some CIA and MI5 people of being Soviet agent, (possibly under some sexual blackmail pressure). If anyone is interested, I can outline the grounds for suspicion and the defense context.
      The press bigwig Cecil King approached Lord Mountbatten to see if he would head an emergency government of national unity, but this was turned down.
      General Sir Walter Walker tried to organize a nationwide movement called Civic Action to prepare for a major economic crisis that communists would exploit.

      In the end, patriots turned to Margaret Thatcher as an anti-communist political leader, but the leftward movement, especially over immigration and sovereignty, continued, more slowly and surreptitiously, and in some respects therefore more dangerously.

  • KenelmDigby

    In so many ways, the British Conservative Party is the exact equivalent of the US Republican Party.
    Like the Republicans for decades they have posed as an ‘immigration-restrictionist’ party, but in actual fact have done absolutely nothing whatsover to restrict or reverse immigration, despite holding office for the bulk of the mass-immigration post-war period.
    They are very,very adept at talking tough about immigration in order to con foolish voters, but when in power refusing to do a damned thing about it.
    Rememeber it was the Tory Party, back in 1968, who dismissed Enoch Powell for daring to speak the truth.
    Now like the Republicans, the Tories will see themselves destroyed by the monster of their own making.
    The word ‘nemesis’ springs to mind.

  • liberalsuck

    They sound like the conservative white male establishment we have here: spineless whimps who sell out the only people who made their countries what it was.

  • What exactly are the ‘conservatives’ conserving? They are happy to see the country transformed through mass immigration, where three of our major cities are now majority non-white, with another three to go that way within ten years.

    They were, at the last election, citing how we British should learn from Islamic values and suggesting the Conservatives were the natural home of the Muslim demographic (who tend to be ‘c’ conservatives, but use liberalism to further their agendas).

    Ms Warsi of the Conservatives even gave an election address in Oldham a few years ago, in their native tongue. They are already “on the case” of trying to present themselves to such demographics.

    William Hague was on the radio three or four months ago citing his pride that the Conservatives are now more “socially liberal” than the labour party – and how the Conservative party has always “adapted with the times” they find themselves in.

    Gay marriage? Fine. Immigration? Fine. Black Lesbian Mps? Fine. Do what you want in the new era of the “Conservative” party.

    They are now unrecognisable from their original values and intent. The liberals have completely won over them in all areas. What is more, they are not even ashamed of their failure, they smile and embrace it! William Hague announced their failure at halting the left, with glee.

    It is not just the Conservative party which faces an existential threat – it is the indigenous people of Britain who really face the existential threat. No thanks to them, or the Labour party.

    What kind of idiot puts the whimsical ideology of a so-called “party” – (especially one which has admitted that it is more socially liberal than Labour and just whores itself out for whoever can elect them back into power, bending ever to the programme of “progressive” liberalism) – before their nation and their people?

    Who cares if the “party” dies if there is no true British nation left to “conserve”? It is utterly retarded to put the cart ahead of the horse – but of course, all they are interested in is power, self interest, etc.

    Enoch Powell has long been cited as the best prime-minister we never had. At the time, he won respect and admiration from working class labour voters and conservatives and even some of the smaller parties.

    Unfortunately those days are gone. Societal engineering has rendered the nation passive (or willing) participants in our own eradication.

    The Conservative party has no shame whatsoever. They have no backbone. They are rendered redundant and not distinct from the other parties in all the things which matter. That’s how they have managed to have a coalition with the Liberal Democrats and only have tittle tattle with Labour over tinkering with this or that policy.

    I hope the Conservative party dies off, chocking on its own liberal vomit, so that it can open the way for a replacement to come along who does have the vested interests of the original inhabitants of this land in mind, which has virtues, values, vision, and an unflinching backbone to deal with our problems.

    The conservative party is only interested in saving their own backsides, not this nations.

    Things are THAT bad, demographically speaking, they are going to start to look very strange if they do not have around 30-40% ethnics in their ranks. In order to get there, they are going to have to pander to their interests, and imitate Labours welfare programs and social attitudes even further than they do now.

    Most of the more principled ones will probably leak to UKIP – which is essentially the Conservative Party of the 1970s, repackaged. Another busted flush that will tag the line of liberalism at a slower speed – and which will not lift a finger to secure the continued existence of the indigenous people in this land. They too are “civics” and proud of it.

    Goodness me, things are in a terrible state. I see very little light at the end of this tunnel. Hopefully there will come a new wave to sweep the old-guard out of the way, or some kind of divine intervention that will make an opportunistic opening for us to solve our plight.

    The country seems ripe for such a fresh broom to lead the way – but there is nothing there to pick up the broom, and the public at large are increasingly on a different wavelength.

    Nationalists here are already starting with micro PLE’s and talking of collecting their numbers for the future, even the flight of this country for a Nova Europa in another place! Very sad.

    May the Conservative Party die, then rot in hell for their treachery. Same goes for the Labour Party.

    • Steven

      The British CONSservative Party is the rich man’s Liberal Democrats (though perhaps that would be unfair to Nick Clegg’s party as that party still claims to want a better democracy ie PR ect)

      They are aptly called by many people here in Britain as “Britain’s stupid party”. If they really do think they can out PC the Labour Party, the Lib Dems and the Greens to name just three in pandering to ethnics then they are even more stupid than I thought. Simply put, only ultra-rich whites are a realiable demographic for the Tories. If I were them, I would concentrate on getting more poor whites to vote Tory as ethnics will NEVER vote for them in huge numbers.

    • Steven

      I agree wholeheartedly with you British Activism. The CONServative Party would do this nation an huge service if it did keel-over and die. Perhaps, then we would have the political space avaliable for a genuine patriotic and nationalist party that could take on the Labour Party and defeat it before we become an Islamic Republic.


    Why can’t nationalists get their act together anywhere in the English speaking world? There is some kind of extra pathology in Anglo-Saxon culture that goes beyond the general problems of the West.

    • David Ashton

      In the UK, the “Commonwealth”.
      In the US, the ex-slave community.
      Also, immigrants speak English better or more frequently than other European tongues, and so the difference between natives and newcomers is to that extent less sharply defined.

      • Steven

        Also, I think many people in Britain, America, Canada ect are more individualistic and this kind of feeling isn’t so prevalent on the Continent. The French also have a tradition of being intellectual and this feeds through to their politics whereas English-speakers are more pragmatic.