Cell Phone Robbery, Fight on Metro Caught on Video; 2 Juveniles Arrested

Karen Gray Houston, My Fox DC, December 4, 2012

Shocking video obtained by FOX 5 shows a wild, chaotic brawl on a Green Line Metro train that spilled over onto the platform at the Fort Totten station.

It was ostensibly shot by a member of the self-proclaimed “44th Street Crew” from Southeast D.C.

In the video, a coed group intimidates several young women passengers and allegedly takes two of their iPhones. It happened last Friday night after 11 p.m.


DC Breaking Local News Weather Sports FOX 5 WTTG

[Editor’s Note: Full, uncut footage of the thefts is available here.]


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  • StillModerated

    A clear-cut case of animal-on-human crime. I’ll bet these white girls buy guns and learn to use them. There is no reasoning with gang-bangers, they only understand pain.

  • ncpride

    Well now, those White girls showed more courage than I’ve seen in a long time. And was that a White male I saw trying to come to their aid?! WOW!

    • pcmustgo

      Yes, I was proud… worried for them, but proud. YOU MUST STAND UP TO THE BULLY… unless you truly believe you are in danger and they are just too dangerous to stand up to. That is a personal assessment. I haven’t taken sh–t from Blacks or other Angry Non-Whites in ages. One dirty look and they’re hearing it from me.

    • Jeff

      There’s a reason why white males are afraid to come to the aid of fellow whites in distress. Well, many reasons, but one in particular: the more the white guy helps, the more trouble he is going to be in after. Let’s say I’m in that situation, where I see half a dozen or so gang members intimidating some white females. I go in there and yell at them to back off and push them away… already I’m participating in a brawl and on legally shaky ground. Next one of these Bantus (who has nothing in his past, present or future that he is risking losing) throws a punch at me or tries to grab me. I can see I’m out-numbered five to one, and I normally carry a locking pocket knife, so I pull out my knife and start slashing. Now I’m in real legal trouble after the situation winds down, even if I didn’t cause any serious damage. I can’t win anything, but I sure can lose my job, my home, my gun rights, and my freedom. Absolute best case, I’m out tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and I’ve lost my job and maybe my home but I get to keep my gun rights, freedom, and future career. Wow that’s a wonderful victory.

      I don’t know what’s the answer for this. Us whites have much to lose and we are likely to lose it all if we intercede in any way in a confrontation like this, and we know it, and the Bantus know it too.

      The white male who interceded in this situation is very lucky that the Bantus chose not to escalate it. The Bantus had no reason for such a level of self-restraint.

  • brengunn

    Absolutely shocking….. not! I’ve seen this stuff with my own eyes.

  • Nathanwartooth

    This kind of thing makes a liberal’s head explode.

    They don’t know which group is to be said to victimizing the other. Are the Blacks just taking from their White privilege or is there a war on women?

    • The Verdict of History


    • NYB

      Obama had to be placed above Hillary Clinton in the victim pecking order. Liberals were satisfied.

    • NYB

      Obama had to be placed above Hillary Clinton in the victim pecking order. Liberals were satisfied.

      • fabius

        Always been that way. Black males got the vote 60 years before white women.

    • Bernie

      No it doesn’t. They will identify with blacks over white women 100% of the time.

      • Sloppo

        I agree with you … except for liberal white women who might watch this. I speculate that incidents like this are probably starting to hit a little too close to home for a few of them.

  • AngryWhiteMan

    Can we bring back slavery now?

    • The__Bobster

      Why? Look what it got us.

  • Didn’t she tell the yoof that she voted for Obama and was down wit’ da sistahs?

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Liberals yearn for more mass transit. Like this one, for instance:


  • Hence Jim Crow

  • You Are Now Enriched

    This story is one big fat nasty vile ugly reactionary extemist made up hate lie hoax.

    Diversity is our greatest strength, because it is safe, tolerant, and enriching. As a person of color, I demand that you pull this story from your servers, or I’ll report you to My People at the DOJ-FBI-SPLC Department of Diversity Enforcement.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    This is very common among young black males. I live in Little Somalia (formerly known as Minneapolis) and I’ve personally seen them being escorted by transit police off the light rail for theft of phones, iPods, etc, as well as for failure to purchase a ticket.

    • NYB

      Black Somali females get in on the swarming act sometimes, and their target is usually a lone white female.

    • i am

      “…as well as for failure to purchase a ticket.”

      This is common around the Bay Area on the BART train. The blacks will buy a 5 cent ticket to get on the train, then when they get off at their destination, they stick close to someone in front of them, and walk through at the same time when the gate opens. I see numerous 5 cent tickets laying on the ground outside the BART station.

  • CoweringCoward

    Those groids just can’t stand pretty while girls, they know those girls can have just about any mate on earth they desire, whereas the “females” of the lesser group know they are worthless. Their little low powered processors just can’t handle the reality overload.

    • Stop talking up the white female so much. 75% of white females under the age of 35 would probably want to spit in your face if they even knew you read Amren. I see white males all the time speaking of the virtues and beauty of the white female. It strikes me as rather pathetic.

      • CoweringCoward

        You would argue that these “diversities” are superior to European women? Are you smoking crack or shooting PCP?

        • ed

          no, he’s saying that white women, in their ignorance and brainwashing, gravitate to blacks ———— some kind of a caring for losers gene…….and white men don’t know how to deal with their women’s foolhardiness.

          I shouldn’t speak for the poster, but that’s what I understood him to say.

          • Spot on. White males pump up the image of white females quite often. Some white males do speak ill of white females, but most are quick to say they prefer white females, and regularly say how they find them to be the most desirable. While at ther same time, I could count on one hand, the number of times that a white female spoke of her love and desire for a “White man”. Specifically, a “White man”. In day to day conversations, or in class years ago attending University, this simply did not happen. In fact the reverse was much more common. I see the world as it is, not as I wish it were.

          • CoweringCoward

            I am sorry, while you do see some white women that are too stoopid to know better, the OVERWHELMING majority DO STILL see the difference. The liberals have won a little in college and high school scenes but black pathology sets these misguided souls back on the proper path (hopefully before becoming some “baby momma” for a groid).

          • Sean

            I like you Robert, you’re a sensible man. I think once again the miscegenation can be traced to the media in part but also to the efforts to separate women (womyn in college circles) into another minority group. They benefit from AA, are not generally demonized in hollywood abominations (unless they’re with a white man), and can make up for white “privilege” and guilt by simply interracially dating/ marrying.

            The problem is compounded by many white men being whining, simpering cowards.

            EDIT: Not meant to be a shot, CoweringCoward just a bad choice of words.

        • No, the African females in this clip are typical nasty ghetto dwellers. No doubt a drain on society, and a liability to non-blacks wherever they may dwell. What I am saying is that the whole “black females are jealous of our oh so pretty white girls” is getting very old. It also makes you appear as though you are a whiney pathetic cupcake. I am not saying you are, but statements like that do give that appearance.

          Chances are, these white females who were on a train heading into DC for a night of fun would have probably been bumping and grinding on every hip hop wannabe and aspiring rapper they came across that night while attending the local night club. Much of the problem that white males face is due to the fact that we put white females on a pedestal. This is the greatest weakness that the whitemale has in regards to dealing with the white female. If anything, white females in general need to be humbled, not built up.

          As far as smoking crack? Common dude, there is no need for personal attacks. I am against drugs. ALL DRUGS. The ones on the street, AND the ones that middle aged white women receive presrciptions for from their local nut doctor.

          • CoweringCoward

            I accept the hit for the ad hominem attack, it was uncalled for, still don’t have a clue what your point is? Everywhere white girls encounter diversity you see the same thing the black guys trying like hell to score and the black girls attacking. This is SO typical and easily explained by my first comment. Also have you ever noticed that when a black does “score” some super low self esteem (usually weight problem suffering) “white girl”, how it becomes his defining characteristic? When you meet him, his first words are “I has me a white girl”… These things are disgusting to no end.

          • Listen, I respect your opinion in regards to me pre judging these girls. They may not be. However I was a club goer in my younger years. I slept with well over a hundred women. I don’t say that to brag or boast. Sleeping around is surely nothing to brag about. I only bring it up to illustrate that I know very well what night clubs are like.

            I also know very well that MOST young white females routinely dance with black males when they attend night clubs located in various urban areas throughout the country. Much of this dancing entails pretty raw acts. Therefore, while you may be right in the sense that these particular girls may not sleep and have sex with blacks, I doubt very highly that they don’t regularly rub all over them while on the dance floor. In fact I would say very very few white females that live in urban areas and attend night clubs on a regular basis have not had a black dudes hands all over them at one time or another. This is simply a fact of modern urban life.

            I am all to familiar with white females to be hoodwinked. Interestingly enough, I think this is one of the main reasons why the interracial rape statistics are so lopsided as well. White girls meeting up with groups of black males is much more common than the reverse. Therefore, based on pure numbers alone, many more white females are going to be put in precarious situations with black males, as opposed to black females with white males.

            Now I am not saying that there are not cases where black dudes wait in the bushes and attack a white female jogger, or some other similar scenario. However I would like to see a study conducted to see what portion of these black on white “rapes” occur after a night of said white female rubbing all over some black dude and then meeting up in a hotel room or other such location. She changes her mind, or is too drunk to give consent and BAM!!!! Another rape statistic. I think something in Japan just recently happened.

            Anyway, I find many white males (particularly over 45) to be very naive when assessing young modern white females. Every time something happens, they are quick to say “Oh my god, how dare these black devils trick our white virgins into going to a 85% black night club, and then trick them into going to their hotel room”.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Yes, Mr. Griffith; two US sailors were just indicted for robbing and gang-raping a local woman on Okinawa and cutting her throat. It occurs to me that the Urban-Americans stationed in Saudi Arabia never tried that sort of thing there, which gives the lie to the oft-repeated leftist notion that the death penalty is not a deterrent.

          • CoweringCoward

            Also please refrain from AH attacks on me in future post as well. (cant flame ya too bad as I was 1st, but still, we whites need to remain gentlemanly, least till the return fire has started).

          • CoweringCoward

            Also please refrain from AH attacks on me in future post as well. (cant flame ya too bad as I was 1st, but still, we whites need to remain gentlemanly, least till the return fire has started).

  • Ulick

    The standard black news reporters to give the impression that blacks are more like the reporters than the thugs on the train. And I love how they called it a “brawl”. A brawl suggests two sides of fairly equal force battling against each other. The thugs vastly outnumbered the girls and included guys. The girls were merely trying to recover their stolen property and got the beat down for it. God, I hate our lying media.

    • pcmustgo

      Yeah, you’re right.. bizarre.. starting to notice that… the use of language here

    • Tom_in_Miami

      It’s hard to imagine a human being proud of such despicable behavior, but at least they are helpful to the police when they post their wicked behavior on FB.

    • jay11

      They almost always have black reporters covering stories of black criminals to give the impression that ‘not all of them’ are bad. I see this technique all the time now.

      • Aaron

        I see no problem. These two women covered the story fairly. In fact, the woman in the green demonstrated her disgust with the violent Black teens

        • Ulick

          It’s not whether black reporters cover incidents of black attacks fairly, it’s that they are always chosen to be the reporter to cover black attacks.  This is probably difficult to avoid in a market like Washington, DC where most reporters are black, but when you see it always being the case, even in markets with very few black reporters, you notice the pattern.  The reporter choice is intentional, and it’s for the above stated reason.

          With that said, these reporters did report on what they were given fairly. It was actually the white anchor who dubbed the attack a brawl.  Notice, though, that the clip ends with the white girl falling to the ground and a few black girls running over to her.  What do you think happened after that moment where the news chose to end the clip.  Do you think those black girls were helping the white girl up?  Do you think that they got in one or two kicks and then left?  Or do you think they repeatedly stomped the downed girl?  Perhaps even more of the black group joined in.

          The point is that news editors and reporters know exactly what they’re doing.  The reporters chosen, length of clips, tone, what’s shown or not shown is all carefully chosen to present the news in a certain way.  That clip was ended where it was because every additional second they showed where a white girl was on the ground getting kicked by blacks would foment white rage and dissipate white guilt.

        • Mark

          I agree.

      • Julian Curtis Lee

        I think there is another psychological purpose for it in addition:

        people listening to another White person deliver news about black
        crimes creates a sense of “us” within us. And they do not want us to
        have any sense of “us” as whites.

  • ed

    an anomalie? oh yeah…….

    and two black women announcers clucking about it like it was simply shocking………. what a load of bullsqueeze they’re selling.

  • Robert Binion

    With the advent of high-speed rail, groups of blacks will be able to assault lone whites in three states.

  • Jaego

    The Blacks were having fun fighting the White Girls. If the White Guy stepped in, the Black Guys would have got serious and stomped him half to death. That’s the situation.

  • zone

    Another Rosa Parks moment.

  • libertarian 1234

    Note the number of teleprompter readers, thanks to Obama’s FCC czar, Mark Lloyd, who said, “White People’ Need to be Forced to ‘Step Down’ ‘So Someone Else Can Have Power, then he set about threatening all the T.V. stations with legal suits from the EEOC, if they didn’t comply, which he inferred would break them because of exorbitant legal fees even if they won.

    And, why is it we never see videos of blacks stealing cell phones from other blacks? The victims are always whites, and they’re ALWAYS badly outnumbered.

    And, I’m wondering if there is a way we can direct these black victimizers to hang out in the areas just outside the PC universities so the people who support them the most will get the greatest benefit from the diversity.

    • whitney5158

      Blacks tend to have pre-paid phones or the ever-popular obamaphone. Not worth stealing.

  • StillModerated

    Oh dear, the roving trolls are getting offended again. This is black on white crime. Plain and simple. If that’s not racist then you’d better tell me what is.

  • CoweringCoward

    Hello moderators, Sorry, truth is RACIST as you folks must already know.

  • JackKrak

    The white girl says “We don’t want trouble…”
    Sorry, honey, you’re in Washington DC. Flashing your iphone. On the Metro. With about 10 blacks dancing in front of you.
    Not much more you can do to invite trouble than that.

  • Magician

    The miserable officer is trying everything he can to avoid mentioning the races of the victims and perpetrators he keeps repeating “everything was chaotic” Hello, you already said that, don’t you have anything else to say?

    • Snow

      I feel that the officer is trying to avoid mentioning the races of the victims and perpetrators not because he is a politically correct coward, but because he can lose his job if he does mention the races.

  • Frank

    What is it with this worldwide bantu desire for cell phones?
    They love cell phones and will go to any length to acquire them, usually by mugging a white kid.

    • ncpride

      I still have my flip phone that’s old as sin, but it serves it’s purpose and I see no reason to upgrade. My kids have more modern ones, but we certainly didn’t spend a small fortune on them either. Their function is to keep us all connected, not a fashion accessory.

    • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

      Cell phones are the electronic version of shiny, glass beads.

  • Animals…

  • William Allingham

    I agree that reporters are just instruments of the editor and the same way they can change the tone and format of the news, depending on the information, they can choose a black reporter to make sure not to send a “racist” message, anyway the greatest enemies of blacks reputation are blacks themselves.

  • Snow

    If those brave girls had made those attempts to take their phones back from them while in England, the girls must have been charged with a racial hate crime for not letting the underprivileged youths have their iPhones.

  • D.H. Andrews

    I think we witnesed the education of probable White Obongo voters in African American culture. Something they sorely need.

    • IstvanIN

      Obama voters blame everyone and everything other than the blacks themselves for what they do.

  • that was no fight but one-way massacre.

    blacks are physically stronger and kick white ass. white boys are so afraid that they don’t even come to the rescue of two white girls assaulted by blacks.

    • Snow

      If white boys ever physically hit black boys, the probability is VERY high for the white boys to be charged with racial hate crimes.

  • Jeff

    Of course the reporters have to be black. Of course they express disgust at the actions of the gang, but I can see that, on the inside, they’re happy to see it, because all black women have a jealous hatred of white women.

    DC needs CCW reform now. That was conspiracy to robbery and victims or defenders of the victims could have started shooting if they had had a gun.

    This type of intimidation seems small but it’s how ethnic cleansing works. All the parents watching this will know those girls came within a nanometer of being beaten, disfigured, and / or raped, so these parents will want to move somewhere whiter.

    The problem is wherever we move to, blacks will follow, and we’re running out of places to run.

    It’s hard for me to have much sympathy for whites in DC though because they are so liberal and Democratic. This is the world they have created and now they (and their daughters) can enjoy it.

  • crazy gingers

  • ageofknowledge

    And people wonder why we don’t want to live around it.

  • And folks wonder why Southerners insisted on segregation.