Amsterdam to Create ‘Scum Villages’

Bruno Waterfield, Telegraph (London), December 3, 2012

Amsterdam is to create “Scum villages” where nuisance neighbours and anti-social tenants will be exiled from the city and rehoused in caravans or containers with “minimal services” under constant police supervision.

Holland’s capital already has a special hit squad of municipal officials to identify the worst offenders for a compulsory six month course in how to behave.

Social housing problem families or tenants who do not show an improvement or refuse to go to the special units face eviction and homelessness.

Eberhard van der Laan, Amsterdam’s Labour mayor, has tabled the £810,000 plan to tackle 13,000 complaints of anti-social behaviour every year. He complained that long-term harassment often leads to law abiding tenants, rather than their nuisance neighbours, being driven out.

“This is the world turned upside down,” the mayor said at the weekend.

The project also involves setting up a special hotline and system for victims to report their problems to the authorities.

The new punishment housing camps have been dubbed “scum villages” because the plan echoes a proposal from Geert Wilders, the leader of a populist Dutch Right-wing party, for special units to deal with persistent troublemakers.

“Repeat offenders should be forcibly removed from their neighbourhood and sent to a village for scum,” he suggested last year. “Put all the trash together.”

Whilst denying that the new projects would be punishment camps for “scum”, a spokesman for the city mayor stressed that the special residential units would aim to enforce good behaviour.

“The aim is not to reward people who behave badly with a new five-room home with a south-facing garden. This is supposed to be a deterrent,” he said.

The tough approach taken by Mr van der Laan appears to jar with Amsterdam’s famous tolerance for prostitution and soft drugs but reflects hardening attitudes to routine anti-social behaviour that falls short of criminality.

There are already several small-scale trial projects in the Netherlands, including in Amsterdam, where 10 shipping container homes have been set aside for persistent offenders, living under 24-hour supervision from social workers and police.

Under the new policy, from January next year, victims will no longer have to move to escape their tormentors, who will be moved to the new units.

A team of district “harassment directors” have already been appointed to spot signals of problems and to gather reports of nuisance tenants.

The Dutch Parool newspaper observed that the policy was not a new one. In the 19th century, troublemakers were moved to special villages in Drenthe and Overijssel outside Amsterdam. The villages were rarely successful, becoming sink estates for the lawless.

“We have learned from the past,” said the mayor’s spokesman. “A neighbourhood can deal with one problem family but if there are more the situation escalates.”


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  • You Are Now Enriched

    We surprised that in a place like Amsterdam where everyone is stoned that anyone even notices the scum.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Yeah sort of how like everyone in Alabama is drunk off of Uncle Cletus’ Moonshine

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Because the Muslim scum stones them in the Biblical sense. Yeah, you are going to notice being beat up by rabid Pakistanis, no matter how stoned on pot you are. Drunks might be too drunk to notice, but pot is a different matter.

      Also, I’m sure the gays who flocked there for their supposed personal safety (writer Bruce Bawer included) are going to notice stuff like this. Even he noted the difference in his Islamization of Europe book – something along the lines of “the Jerry Falwells just want to debate whether or not gay marriage is legally allowable or not. Muslims argue over whether gays must be thrown off of mountains (as the Koran says) or if tall buildings are good enough”.

      • AvidReaderSometimePoster

        Gays in Amsterdam are some of the most racist and anti-muslim Dutch men I have ever met. Political Correctness died with Pim Fortijn 10 years ago and ‘MultiCulturalism’ has been firmly rejected as governmental policy.

        • Then why is it that when I was there a couple of years ago, African men were openly treating native white girls as their chattel.

        • Katherine McChesney

          My brother-in-law is Dutch. He loves socialism, diversity and thinks I’m a racist because I’m a race-realist. He’s also a rabid atheist and goes wild with anger whenever I mention Jesus Christ. He turned my sister into an agnostic. She also loves diversity. He and my sister plan to retire to their second home there sometime in the future.

          • RayPrice

            Tell them to move to Detroit or DC or they are racists.

          • Liberalsuck

            Oh, yeah! I say that to white liberals all the time. Anyone that objects to Thanksgiving as a ‘racist holiday for what we did to native indians’, I tell them to give up their land and their homes to a native american indian. They say they “hate white supremacists” or complain about the ‘unfair advantages whites get’, then I inform them to give their money up to a black person or give their nice job up to a black or mexican person. They seem to get angry at me for saying that.

          • adplatt126

            That’s absurd. You can’t “turn someone into an agnostic”. People are free to think for themselves. Also, I see no relationship between religion and knowledge on racial issues. In fact, nearly all Christian groups at this point ostensibly promote race egalitarian values, and their members are remarkably ignorant on average about the import of race on a variety of social and economic outcomes, and rely instead upon cultural or religious explanations for group disparities. Race is far more important than religion and is the predominant determinant of civilizational success. That is easily demonstrated by countries in Northern and Central Europe with very high rates of non-belief and yet very high standards of living, as high or higher than the wealthier states in our union, with similar ethnic demographics. Similar trends exist in East Asia, although some religions are clearly associated with economic problems, like Islam, which is an anti-capitalistic totalitarian ideology. In Africa, there are Muslims throughout and dominate the North, as Protestants dominate many former colonies in the South of the continent, and Catholics are quite numerous in central Africa, but there is really no difference between the countries or regions and no real advantages to any religion judging by any meaningful societal metric; poverty and misery being fairly rampant throughout. And while certain religious or ideological leanings may in the past have been associated or correlated with naive views on the issue of race, I think that is becoming less and less true.

          • Liberalsuck

            White conservative Christians have been infected with the white guilt. Lots of my white conservative friends on Facebook glee about how they are going with their church to some third-world nonwhite country or have MLK quotes on their walls or say “abortion is black genocide!” Funny, they seemed to be doing that less and less after the 2012 election. They realized all their kissing up to blacks didn’t convert them all to the GOP.

        • adplatt126

          Gays are smarter than your average liberal. More and more the supposedly enlightened liberals are looking like old white Wasps were in the 80s, clinging to a nation that no longer exists and a conception of reality which really isn’t viable any longer. Gays see the writing on the wall. You can’t have gay rights without a significant percentage of the population being decent, civil people, willing to defend gays from harassment and violence. You won’t have that in your multicultural utopia.

      • Howard W. Campbell

        We have these here in the US, they are called Section 8. The problem is that they are not isolated enough.

        Just after we moved into Afghanistan in December 2001, there were a couple of stories on TV about how the Taliban dealt with gay men. They would either throw them off a building, if it were high enough, or they would seal all of their captives in a building and bulldoze it. My guess is that these stories violated some tenant of political correctness and then went down the memory hole. I would tell any “oppressed” minority or female in the US that if they think it is so bad here, try living in the Middle East for a year, especially in some place where they practice Simon Pure Islam.

        Who would win the battle of political correctness here in the US, Muslims or Gays? This would be another fantastic case for a tautological 14th amendment decision by the Supreme Court.

        • newscomments70

          That’s similar to what hispanics and blacks do to gays in US cities…even in looney LA. Gays are attacked quite often by minorities. It is completely ignored by the media because most of the victims are white. Ask any airline steward or stewardess, they have some pretty gruesome stories.

          • Liberalsuck

            It’s funny how white gay people have such a hatred for white conservative chrisitians/republicans. I point out blacks and mexicans and muslims hate gays and beat them or kill them, they then call me a racist. One said, “Well, I’ve never had a muslim tell me I couldn’t get married because I was gay.” I said, “no, that’s true. They’ll just stone you to death.”

    • adplatt126

      You watch too much Fox News.

  • Anon

    Sounds like a great idea to me.

  • Puggg

    Geert Wilders is having an effect. The Dutch government just repealed anti-blasphemy laws, mainly at his behest.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Well, the UN (under its pet voting bloc, the OIC) tried to codify anti-blasphemy laws in the West. I guess the Netherlands rejected it, like Canada did. Beware, my American friends, because Obama had his ambassador sign the damn thing.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        The US senate will never ratify it unless they want an immediate civil war.

        By the way, since I am a Yank, Muhammad lost his virginity to his drunk mother in a pigsty.

        • StillModerated

          And allah is a c{_}nt! True stuff. The crescent moon is on the top of mosks because allah was the moon goddess.

          Read “Sword of the Prophet” by Srdja Trifkovic

        • adplatt126

          Yeah right, because the American people are so keen on resisting government tyranny. LOL. The federal government’s existence at this point is both inherently tyrannical and a complete disavowal of the constitution itself. Yeah, people will be revolting and states seceding imminently, if Obama signs away some of the Bill of Rights. Please… Bush already signed much of it away. Anything happen? In this country? Disobedience to the police state? You’re living in the 1920s man. Americans are the stupidest, laziest, most cowardly group of people that ever walked the earth at this point. Sheep. A despicable nation of people. The Zionists can have their way with them for all I care. They deserve what they get.

    • carocaput

      Wilders is a traditional Catholic.

    • Liberalusck

      When will our European friends get firearms and start arming themselves up?

  • whiteyyyyy

    This makes so much sense I’m amazed they’re allowed do it. Great solution.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    U.N. blue-helmets will be sent in to prevent enforcement of this measure.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Not if it’s enforced against the native White Dutchmen.

    • AvidReaderSometimePoster

      No. The Dutch have a healthy sense of Nationhood and have amazingly shrugged off political correctness. (thank you Pim Fortijn) They do not tolerate disruption of their peaceful society lightly.

      Another thing to keep in mind…. the press loves to talk about Dutch Liberalism citing marijuana laws and legal prostitution. But Dutch society is really LIBERTARIAN and they are loath to tell people what they can do with their bodies.

  • Unperson

    “The new punishment housing camps have been dubbed “scum villages” because the plan echoes a proposal from Geert Wilders, the leader of a populist Dutch Right-wing party, for special units to deal with persistent troublemakers.”

    As I was reading I was thinking, “this is too fantastic to really be happening in loony lefty Holland”, until I came to the name Geert Wilders. Ahh, that explains it: Wilders is one of very few sane men at the higher reaches of European politics. As the leader of his country’s #4 party (it has been as high as #3), he’s the rare right-winger who has some actual POWER. The man can actually get things DONE.

    Based on the reports out of the Netherlands we get from AmRen and other reliable, non-communist sources, I’d be amazed if Amsterdam’s “scum” is more than 5% ethnically Dutch. The other 95% of these “persistent troublemakers” requiring relocation will be Muslim and/or African and/or Gypsy immigrants whose history in Holland goes back no further than the 1970s.

    • The__Bobster

      I wouldn’t rule out the damn Moluccans.

      On December 2, 1975, the cause for Moluccan independence stepped out of anonymity and onto international headlines as a group of determined Dutch Moluccan youth seized a train in northern Holland, taking 50 passengers hostage, killing the engineer and then coldly executing two of the passengers in front of television cameras. The terrorists were demanding Dutch help in the struggle to regain the independence of the south Moluccan islands, situated just east of New Guinea in the western Pacific, an archipelago seized by Indonesian troops shortly after declaring its independence in April 1950. The dramatic action was the first in a number of hostage seizures that shook Holland over the next few years, marking one of the most serious threats to Dutch civil security of the post-war period.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Mulaccans are also Muzzies.

        • Franklin Ryckaert

          Nope, they are mostly Christian and Protestant to boot. They served in the Royal Dutch Indies Army and were staunchly pro-Dutch. They hoped for independence from Indonesia but when that didn’t materialize they were transfered to the Netherlands for their own safety. There they didn’t integrate into majority society and kept dreaming unrealistic dreams of independence, eventually resorting to terrorism to achieve their aims. The Dutch government then changed to a policy of an intense education and job creation program. Since then we don’t hear much of them.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            That was the western New Guinea natives, as I recall: Irian Jaya, the Muzzies in Jakarta call it, just as they call Australia “South Irian”.

            I liked New Guinea well enough, though I was only in the eastern ex-Australian part. The weather was hideously rainy, the snakes almost as bad as those in Australia and the cassowaries just as dangerous, but the fishing was outstanding, and I potted a saltwater croc measured out at just over 19 feet. We hooked it using a semi-live cat for bait, and I shot it several times with .410-gauge slugs once it was on the surface. Human remains inside it.

            Port Moresby is full of “roscols”, which means robbers, but the hillpeople there are OK. One of them tried to give me his daughter. The Jesus folks were abundant on the coast, but inland? You’ve got to be kidding me. Cannibalism is illegal there, but the older folks know what human flesh tastes like. The word for it is “long pig”.

    • Liberalsuck

      The only thing I don’t agree with is his affinity for Israel; sounds almost like an American neocon. Other than that, I’m glad he is the few white men who are willing to stand up for his country. God bless him!

  • Realist

    The US calls its scum village Washington, DC. It’s where we try to send all the brain-dead idiots who think islands will capsize and that tax increases and high unemployment stimulate the economy.

  • Outstanding. Kudos to the Dutch for having a modicum of common sense.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    A Muslim sink. Good one. At least someone is listening to Mr Wilders.

  • LOL I like it

  • Nathanwartooth

    They should wall it off and call it Arkham City.

  • IstvanIN

    Until they disappear the scum the problem will persist.

    • whiteyyyyy

      Isolation is a good step. keeps all the rats in the one cage. look on the bright side

  • AvidReaderSometimePoster

    Just a quick note. These ‘Asodorps’, as they are called in Dutch, are not set up specifically for Muslims. They are for people who violate normal parameters of behaviour. My friend is currently targeted by crazy neighbors. And old white woman (65+) and her Surinamese (black) boyfriend are drunk at 8 in the morning. They fight and scream at people walking down the street and act like animals. The cops are at their apartment at regular intervals. They have hurled rocks through his front window, threatened to kill him and brandished knives, they hurl verbal abuse (really nasty stuff) when ever he tries to go out into his garden, they have threatened to kill his cats and so on….

    They only moved in about 8-9 months ago while my friend has been living there 16 years in total peace. That’s all he wants… peace and to be left alone. He’s working with the police and other ‘social’ organizations to get a resolution. He’s got his long term neighbors to write letters and so on. Hopefully, he’ll get these folks out.

    Keep in mind……… Where he and his tormentors live are not privately owned apartments, they are part of the Wooncorporatie’ (housing corporation) system of publicly owned apartments. So rules of private ownership do not apply. E.g. I own my apartment and no matter how badly would I act, I could never be forced out of my home. Private ownership like mine is a minority of housing, most people live in these subsidies apartments – Native Dutch and Muslims alike.

  • blight14

    Code words I assume?

    • StillModerated

      Nah! Dog whistles. Pweeep, here boy …

  • Tim

    “We plan to put all our rotten eggs in one basket. And we`re going to watch that basket very carefully…” -The Great Escape

  • rebelcelt

    Good start, now to banish them from the kingdom. Perferably a short one way boat ride into the cold north atlantic.

  • ageofknowledge

    They should contract with the Liberian government to create the ‘scum villages’ in Liberia instead of the Netherlands. Problem solved.

    • Franklin Ryckaert

      Yes, “scum villages” should be removed to the “scum continent”.

  • mobilebay

    If there’s any room left. we’ll be happy to send 20 millions illegals to them.

  • sandy truthtree

    every city in america with blacks and hispanics is a scum village!

  • newscomments70

    Instead of Scum Villages, how about Scum deportation papers?