State Senator Proposes Dissolving City of Detroit

CBS Detroit, November 28, 2012

It would no doubt be controversial, but the idea of dissolving the fiscally struggling city of Detroit and absorbing it into Wayne County is being tossed around in Lansing.

WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick reports some state Republicans are talking about giving the city the option to vote itself into bankruptcy. And mid-Michigan Senator Rick Jones said all options should be considered—including dissolving the city.

“If we have to, that is one idea we have to look at. We really have to look at everything that is on the table,” Jones said. “Again, if this goes to federal bankruptcy, every employee down there will suffer, the city will suffer and the vultures will come in and take the jewels of Detroit and they will be gone.”

Local consultant Tom Watkins has proposed this in the past, but the idea has never played well among Detroiters. {snip}


Talking to Talk Radio 1270 host Charlie Langton, Detroit’s ex-communications chief Karen Dumas said she would not support such a plan.

“No, I don’t think that dissolution is the solution for the city of Detroit; I don’t,” said Dumas. “I think people … with every step we get more and more fearful … and maybe at some point that’s going to make everybody wake up and realize that we need to stop playing politics and come up with a solution for progress.  I don’t know at what point that’s going to happen.”


Meantime, the Bing administration continues to battle with council members over a deal to handle the city’s reform plan.

Bing said the council’s rejection last week of a contract with law firm Miller Canfield means the city missed a deadline to draw down $10 million Detroit needs to stay afloat and endangers a $20 million release in December. Bing called it a huge setback for the financial recovery of Detroit, adding that unpaid furlough days are on the way for city workers if this isn’t worked out.

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  • ” the vultures will come in and take the jewels of Detroit”

    The mind boggles that anyone can think that the risk here is of Detroit having its riches taken rather than of the areas surrounding Detroit being looted to continue to pay for its dysfunctional, failed administration.

  • This will accomplish nothing, except for pawning Detroit’s blacks off on different victims. You’re just erasing an arbitrary line, you’re not erasing all the blacks inside the line.

  • Xanthippe2

    Not good enough. Struggling Black families should be housed with successful Whites. And White males should be required to marry Black females to cut down on the “single mother” problem the conservatives are always complaining about.

    (This is sarcasm.)

    • Liberalsuck

      No, let the liberal whites house blacks, feed blacks, give them their jobs, give their bank accounts, give them their children’s inheritance, etc. They can also give up their house and land to a native american indian being that they bellyache about how ‘racist’ it is we celebrate Thanksgiving or how we “took the land from the Indians” hogwash.

  • I’ll bet the chinese will jump at the chance for more living space. They can buy up entire city blocks cheaply, then slowly drive the blacks out. The dreaded “R” word doesn’t work on the chinese.

    • So CAL Snowman

      The Chinese are the biggest “R” words in the known world.

      • Katherine McChesney

        My neighbors house cleaners are Chinese. They said they refuse to wear used clothing as it might have belonged to blacks. LOL. True story.

  • MerlinV

    Detroit should not be rescued by Whites. Let it stand as a monument to diversity and all the benefits derived from it. Let it remain an outpost of Africa.

    • Liberalsuck

      I don’t want to rescue them, but I don’t want those blacks moving into white areas either.

    • StillModerated

      Sell it to the Arabs, they don’t seem to mind living there. Maybe the mohammedans have a special way of taming the savages.

  • 1stworlder

    ” take the jewels of Detroit ” They left in the 60s. What could possibly be left of value?

  • HamletsGhost

    Don’t dissolve it. Just rebrand it.

    I recommend “Port-au-Prince du Nord”

    • eduard

      Call it muntuville and let it become a Bantustan. But just build a wall around it to keep all the munts inside.

  • MerlinV

    If all the Whites in the US collectively decided to move to Canada enmass, how long would it take for blacks to follow us? How would they survive without us? What if a base on the moon could be developed and Whites started colonizing the moon. Blacks would go beserk at the thought of being left behind. Who would take care of them? Who would they rob and rape?

    • ed91

      there would be plenty of whites stupid enough to bring them along

      • Liberalsuck

        Many of those whites would rather let in murdered, thug blacks than let in ‘racist whites.’ That’s how stupid lots of whites have gotten these days.

  • I’ll bet the taxpayers of Wayne county are tickled pink over this proposal.

    • i am

      When Wayne County absorbs Detroit they will also absorb a large base of black voters who will vote for the same corrupt people that destroyed Detroit….and the pattern will repeat itself. Its all because of white racism.

      • WHITE DAWN

        Yeah, these Simians are always ready to scream racism as they demand to live with the racists.

        They will put up with racism since they can’t feed themselves and need us. Pathetic.

  • Rational Being

    Since the more productive citizens of Detroit left it, the dregs of society that are left have turned a once-proud city into a massive welfare slum, dotted with increasingly rare jewels of past civilization and increasingly open to the reclamation by wilderness of land untended by modern minds.
    Surrounding it are neighborhoods that are wealthier, yet constantly under attack by those seeking to steal that wealth in the name of “civil rights.”
    Forget deepest and darkest Africa; the inner “sanctum” of Detroit should be photographed for posterity as what comes after civilization has left.
    Should the City of Detroit — such that it is — be dissolved? Perhaps the question is better put, “How can we justify maintaining it?” What keeps this “city” alive? Certainly not productivity. Certainly not real industrial progress. Only memories and false hopes, and the ever-open palm of welfare seekers and hopeless wastrels.
    Let the “city” be dissolved, but let its debts remain. Once its debts are paid, then reopen it, but only if it can sustain itself. Only then should it govern itself. Change its name, if need be.
    “New Detroit” sounds nice. But only if it is.

    • From what I read, the residents of Dearborn were upset that because of so many foreclosures, renters from Detroit could afford to move in and bring their culture with them.

    • s shadow

      Detroit should remain a distinct entity. An enduring tribute to Black rule. It should be an example. The MSM will continue to ignore its existence, but Drudge and others will feature its miserable failures. Drudge had a billion hits in a recent month. If the city is dissolved it instantly becomes the white man’s burden. Whites will fund generous pensions of the Blacks who brought Detroit down. How convenient for somebody. Let Detroit stand, no matter how bad it gets. It’s already largely a no go zone for whites.

      • Joseph

        The problem with these obvious monuments to black self-rule failure is that the damned liberals play this as “victims of white induced oppression and poverty trapped in ghettos”. They are always victims and never responsible in any way for the squalor they reproduce in.

        Our church for some years had a ministry to a “subsidized housing” area -mostly white, btw. We would go down each week for and hold services -(which was a couple of hours convenient babysitting), bring clothes, food, trinkets for kids etc. We would have “neighborhood cleanup” days there, naively hoping that we could lead by example but of course, nary a one of the occupants would pick up a single fragment of the barrels of trash, bottles, condoms, broken toys, abandoned furniture strewn about. They were all watching TV, stoned, asleep, whatever. We loved the kids (well, most of ’em) but the parents were a lost cause it seemed.

        • WHITE DAWN

          And those kids you love will grow up, vote of Obamas, rape your daughter and put a bullet through your son’s head.

          Thanks, race traitor.

          • Joseph

            One little girl about 10 y.o. with cerebral palsy didn’t show up for Wed. night bus pickup because her mom stabbed her to death the previous day.

            She probably won’t present any threat.


      The end of forced segregation and the beginning of forced integration destroyed Detroit.

      Forcing whites to live with African Simians was bad enough, but with the ability of the “talented 10% of Africans” to leave and live with Whites and marry White women, the end was at hand.

      The few intelligent Simians rightfully left. Why would the more intelligent stay with their brathas and have to date Water Buffalo sistah when they could live with the superior Whites?

      So, the 90% of Simians left behind destroyed what the White man had built. This is the future for all of America as the Simians spread out chasing White women and the White man’s money.

    • In a post accompanying the original article, I take issue with the white sports fans who keep throwing their money at the sports teams of Detroit. I say that very little money would flow into the city if they did’t throw it at the Lions, Pistons and Tigers.

  • mike

    So Senator Jones says without additional government intervention the vultures are going to come in and take the jewels of Detroit. Senator, is it not rather obvious that if Detroit had any jewels they were stole, sold or hocked long ago. And that Senator is the whole problem, the city has no remaining value.

    • i am

      ” if Detroit had any jewels they were stole, sold or hocked long ago”

      Along with the copper plumbing and the aluminum street signs.

    • Guest

      The art in the Detroit Museum of Art is worth a fortune. Who owns it?

      • Alternatively, ask yourself this: Why is the art in that museum worth a lot? What is the source of the esteem of those works?

        Answer: Certainly not the racial demographic that currently comprises 80-90% of the City of Detroit’s current population.

        • StillModerated

          In actual fact Detroit’s museums are quite good. It’s simply because negroes are afraid to enter. Perhaps they’re terrified of getting an education.

        • guest

          Well, no kidding. That’s not the point. The question is who will acquire these massive assets. You can bet the fix is in. Since many of the museums areas are always closed, perhaps much has already been moved. Following the art is as instructive as following the money.

  • So CAL Snowman

    The jewels of Detroit? What jewels of Detroit? The Lions suck, there’s no hockey, the Tigers lost to the fancy boys of the north, and the Pistons don’t even play in Detroit.

  • NYB

    Cut off all welfare and city services. Give blacks free conveyance back to the warmer South where they originated from.

    With the last black gone, whites looking for cheap accomodation would move in, and in ten years the city would be back on its feet (provided Latinos don’t ruin it first).

    As long as blacks occupy it, there will be negative progress.

    • Those blacks who have a brain have moved back down south. The climate and cost of living in the south is less than in Detroit. They could all join their kin folk in Atlanta.

      • i am

        I think he might have meant further south like Africa.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Egypt would also be a good fit. They brag about their ancestors being kings and queens. Tell them they can become Pharoah’s again just by going back and reclaiming their ‘history’.

          • They would have to compete with Mohammed Morsi, who has or is about ready to declare himself a “Pharaoh.”

    • Frank

      Once Detroit is rebuilt by whites then blacks will come back to leech off, rape and kill and destroy the place once again. Rebuilt Detroit has to be made into a Negro Free Zone™ for it to ever survive.


      I have thought of a similar idea.

      Take 20 miles by 20 miles of Detroit. State that only Whites can own property there and live there. Make it an exclusive White economic zone.

      Africans can come in during day light, but must leave when the sun goes down. So must Arabs, Asian, Jews, Hindus, Haitians, etc. Only White may stay when the sun goes down.

      Stand back and watch. It will be shocking to the world how, in probably 5 years, that White Economic Zone will the wealthiest part of the US if not the entire planet.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Please don’t send them back to the South. We have enough problems with the ones we have. Send them south to Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America, all the islands. They’d enjoy the heat. Perhaps the latins could kick some sense into them.

    • StillModerated

      Tito Perdue mentioned that they’d be much happier in the South where they could keep a small garden and some hens. I’d prefer South Sudan.

  • Dr. Möbias

    the idea of dissolving the fiscally struggling city of Detroit

    Hydrofluoric or sulfuric acid?

    • i am

      Atomic acid

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    Such a mere suggestion is so symbolic of the failures of “diversity.” Detroit was one of the most powerful and robust economic entities on Earth, with an industrial capacity outweighing many countries. Made in Detroit meant something. The reality that a jewel of Western Civilization, built from scratch by White men and women in a wilderness could in just two generations become a 90% black cesspool that could be mentioned in conversation as possibly being dissolved… need anyone say more of the reality of “diversity” and race?

    Diversity: turning 200 year success stories into dysfunctional slums in just 20 years.

    • MikeofAges

      But Detroit didn’t fall because of the blacks who live there. American industry was deliberately debilitated. Detroit’s blacks just stayed behind as other moved away.

      • mike

        Au contraire, nobody deliberately weakened industry in Detroit.. There is simply no question the black rioting in the summer of 1967 changed the entire tone of Detroit. After the riots some whites no longer felt safe or comfortable in Detroit and started moving. White owned businesses not only felt the same after seeing many business establishments burned to the ground but also found that as residential whites fled businesses suffered an increasing tax burden. Once the white flight started those remaining suffered proportionally more fear and economics consequences threreby accelerating the rate of white flight. Once the black population reached the point they could elect a black Mayor they elected Coleman Young who served, pillaged and looted from 1974 to 1993. He was the coup de grace for Detroit, especially his attitude towards whites. He famously told whites if they didn’t like the way blacks were running the show they could get out of town. They didn’t and they did. I know I was there. I was raised in Detroit.

        • MikeofAges

          What about unfair trade practices and obtuse government-dictated engineering standards? In the 1970s, the Japanese automakers were allowed to bring in fully assembled pickup truck bodies and truck beds separately as auto parts, The truck beds were attached here and the trucks were sold. Then there were the CAFE standards that were so crazy they forced manufacturers to such as extremes as installing the notorious “plastic” transmissions to achieve infinitesimal reductions in vehicle weight. I do remember Coleman Young. But I don’t think his reign had much to do with the troubles of the American auto industry post-1970.

          • WHITE DAWN

            Virtually every single Black run city, or area, is a cesspool. Every single one.

          • StillModerated

            And Mr. Honda, no fool, built his US assembly plant in Marysville Ohio, where the population was over 90% white. He knew that Detroit was a hopeless basket case. Besides, Detroit-built cars started to suck when large numbers of dope-smoking negroes started building them.

      • Liberalsuck

        everywhere blacks are the majority has the same problems of Detroit or Hait, etc. There are plenty of whtie areas where a factory left that employed lots of people or the town went under, yet the poor whites there weren’t harming others. Why is that?

        • MikeofAges

          Aware of the issue. In many factory towns, the white workers stayed behind when the factory closed. They didn’t have the problems Detroit developed. Mostly just a lot alcoholism and private misery.

          • WHITE DAWN

            MikeofAges. You must be an African or one stupid white person. Go to any 95% white area, even the most poor of Whites, and you will see people working and running businesses.

            Go to any 95% Black Area.

            The difference is because of the African. Not the building. Not the city.

          • MikeofAges

            Aware of the issue. I lived the East Bay (Oakland, CA area) maybe around 1989-90. Since I on occasion sold local advertising, I was well aware of the fact that there were precious few serious businesses in the heavily black East Bay which were black owned. Outside of funeral homes and professional practices, I doubt there were as many 50 credible black-owned business above the level of a subsistence storefront in all of the East Bay. Whites, Asian and Hispanics all owned credible businesses which employed other people and served other businesses or the public. The only credible black owned business I knew about in the East Bay was a retail store which sold high-end housewares — to a largely white clientele. In selling local ads on and off throughout the San Francisco Bay Area over a period of about 10 years, I only encountered one other credible black-owned business, an electrical supply company located in a small industrial enclave in south San Jose. Whites, East Asians, South Asians, Hispanics all manage to maintain some kind of entrepreneurial economy even in bleak circumstances. African Americans specifically seems to have no capacity for business. My argument merely is African Americans en masse, outside of the professional class, prefer and often can only function in institutional employment, meaning employment in a stable large organization. How much black social pathology is due to the breakdown of the traditional industrial economy, the rise of the “Rust Bowl” as it were? Not all of it, but some of it. Do not overlook outright social and cultural manipulation by radical forces and interests either. The KGB was a busy and highly effective organization back in the Cold War era. Do not imagine that its past influence has entirely disappeared just because the Soviet Union is gone. Other entities (China? Cuba? Middle Eastern interests?) may have picked up the slack as well.

      • WHITE DAWN

        Blacks can’t maintain their homes? Do they need Whites for that? How about attending school without having group sex in the bath rooms while smoking pot?

        Huh? Why can’t Black run a city handed over to them? So the Whites move away and the “Detroit blacks” sell the copper wires, the aluminum poles. Who taught them to do that?

        So, if the White Man is present, he oppresses the African. If the White Man leaves since he is tired of the raping of his women, then the White Man is at fault.

        Give me a break. Africans are retarded and inferior.


      Africans can not maintain an industrial civilization.

      They are sadly retarded. They make good farm equipment, but as a group, they are pathetic.

      The only way they can exist among us is the way Abraham Lincoln said: We whites must always be the master. Same as what the Nobel Prize winner, Albert Schweitzer said: They are children.

      They must be completely removed from us. They must be deported back to African where we can send them food, if we feel like it, or send goofy silly “Peace Corp” losers to teach them how to boil water.

      They will destroy us.

    • saxonsun

      Yes, a friend recalls her mom telling her about the glories of Detroit and how the blacks ruined it.

  • Lorin

    So the blacks destroy the city, wreck it’s finances, drive out all the productive whites and then someone comes up with the idea of forcing the whites to pay for all of their malfeasance. What’s next, rebuild the city, fix everything and allow them to repeat the process into perpetuity.
    The white race will never wake up and learn, I truly fear the white race is doomed to extinction.

    • Liberalsusck

      If whites dont pay for it, the blacks will follow them and the whites won’t have the balls to keep them out. I hate to say it, but whites will have to be nearly extinct or face a situation worse than even South Africa to wake up. they’ve been given so many warning signs and they ignored them all.

    • StillModerated

      Insanity has been defined as doing the same thing over and over again, always expecting the result to be different.

      And then this pearl of wisdom: those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

  • IstvanIN

    It seems only God, mother nature, or a virus can save us from an entire nation turning Detroit.

    • StillModerated

      The CIA have been feverishly concocting AIDS, ebola, crack, and West Nile virus, but they all work too slowly. A crying shame.

      • IstvanIN

        Government success stories, not!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Dissolve Detroit in car battery acid!! Enough to make sure it does not come back.

    OTOH, Detroit doesn’t need any help– it’s dissolving all on its own.

    the city will suffer and the vultures will come in and take the jewels of Detroit and they will be gone.

    Vultures are the ones running Detroit!!

    Jewels? Detroit has already been picked clean.


    • Bon, I enlarged the pix, you attached. It says Detroit is run by”Leftist Democrats and union thugs…

      What a misnomer. It makes it look like Detroit was ruined by George Meany-type labor leaders, and doesn’t mention Bantus at all.

      Detroit was run into the ground by Bantus, starting in 1967, and culminating in Coleman Young’s regime.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Oh, I agree with you!! One look at Detroit’s demographics tells the story — 83% black! No city with that kind of demographics is safe, well run or a desirable place to live in any way, shape or form. Cities with majority black populations like Detroit, Newark, E. St. Louis — are marked by high murder rates, dysfunction, corruption, destroyed infrastructure, grinding poverty and human misery.

        I should have put up THESE images instead —


        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Sorry!! Wrong demographic chart (but you can see California is headed in the same direction as Detroit).

          Here’s the chart:


  • Greg Thomas

    Will Whites ever escape the failures of the black race?

    • rightrightright

      No. Their birth rate is too high.

      • Svigor

        Blacks in America have a birthrate only slightly higher than that of white Americans, last I heard anyway. Abortion on demand keeps their birth rate down.

        • FourFooted_Messiah

          Be thankful. Imagine if they maintained African breeding rates in a Western society.

        • Can you imagine the crime rates in the inner cities, if it weren’t for Roe v. Wade? Theat’s why Evangelican Christians should STFU about abortion, and let Bantus have abortion after abortion after abortion. It helps keep the crime, poverty, disease and squalor confined to Bantu areas.

  • Smeagol2

    I love how mainstream conservatives always try to blame liberal policies for black urban dysfunction and squalor. As if 3% higher taxes and slightly more government regulation could turn a thriving first world metropolis into a Detroit.

    • SLCain

      Quite true. San Franciso is at least as great a democratic stronghold as is Detroit. But San Francisco isn’t a complete hell-hole, like Detroit. The difference isn’t conservative or liberal, non-union or union, Republican or Democrat. The salient difference is white or black.

      • Paisan, only 7% of San Francisco’s population is Bantu. That explains everything. Instead of saying prayers of thanksgiving, the ex-mayor Gavin Newsome actually LAMENTED the fact that San Francisco’s Bantu population was decreasing.

    • Svigor

      Multiple factor explanations seem to frighten most featherless bipeds. But at least you can find some people here who will admit that leftism (unions) and “free trade” are part of why Detroit went down the tubes; not even “conservatives” will admit that blacks are a major part of Detroit’s downfall.

    • Conservatives are as useful as bazooms on a bull, when it comes to talking about racial matters. Unlike Jared Taylor, Steve Sailer and Matt Druge, they can’t even bring themselves to talk about why Detroit, Gary, Newark NJ, East St. Louis IL, and Oakland are swillholes of poverty and decay.

      To a conservative, Detroit is the way it is, not because of the Bantu maladministration that has been going on for decades, but because of Detroit’s tax rates. A conservative thinks that if Detroit lowered its city income tax rates, then businesses, jobs and people would magically reappear.

      Yeah, right.


    I wouldn’t be surprised to see this happening. In Memphis, the city school district has been absorbed into the county school district. The suburban towns are frantically trying to escape, but have been blocked by the courts. Implementation of these mergers may lead to white flight from entire metropolitan areas. Detroit, Memphis, Birmingham and Atlanta are all candidates for this. What will be the first metropolitan area to be evacuated by whites?

  • purestocles

    Karen Dumas said above, “maybe at some point that’s going to make everybody wake up and realize that we need to stop playing politics and come up with a solution for progress”. What she really means by a “solution for” is a “procedure for” extracting more money from the state and county, but of course as communications chief her job is to obfuscate.

    Out of curiosity I went to Karen Dumas’s website where she, as “Chief of Communications” offers up this example of her “communications” style. “Early black residents were relegated to the Brewster projects, while no mass transit means people are not allowed — or even forced — to interact with those who are different than they are, the way people are encouraged to in cities like New York and Chicago. Offensive acts are still often attributed to race rather then mere rudeness or ignorance.”

    She mixes tenses in the first run-on sentence and it is unclear just point she is making in the second sentence. If her capability is indicative of that of the rest of Detroit’s administration then no wonder they’re in the dumps.

  • T’oma

    They just discovered a very old map from the 1700’s, and it shows that Detroit belongs to Canada! (just wishful thinking)

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Hah. Then it would be annexed as part of Windsor, Ontario. Well, I guess that’s where all the Asians in Windsor could go.

  • wayne county

    Is that not what they do with city annexation all over the nation and have been for the past 100 years?
    Havent all cities expanded 2-3-4 times?

  • Alexandra

    I guess the Devil’s Night fires aren’t dissolving the city fast enough….

  • Seek

    Will never fly. Sensible people in Oakland, Wayne and Wyandotte Counties will say “no” a thousand times before being forced to pay for Detroit’s bills. A better way would be to put the city under state receivership in the same way that the District of Columbia in the mid-90s was placed under a federal emergency financial control board headed by the late ex-Fed member Andrew Brimmer. Promote gentrification wherever possible, but with no Section 8 vouchers for blacks to move out (i.e., invade the suburbs).
    There’s still a lot good about Detroit. But either dissolving it as a municipal corporation or allowing it to stand “as is” would send a dangerous signal that blacks can wreck anything they want without consequences.

  • joseph

    Just withdraw the welfare benefits and let nature take its course. Come back in a year and bulldoze the entire region and issue original land-grants to new settlers.

  • anarchyst

    A number of years ago, my employer “volunteered” me for a program called “Paint the Town”. The original premise of the program was to help poor, elderly people with small maintenance tasks on their houses. My “crew” was assigned to paint a house occupied by a woman, her “boyfriend” and three strong, young black “bucks” (teen-age and young adult). The woman constantly criticized us about the “color” while the “boyfriend” was cool with the color while the three young black “bucks” sat on the porch, smoking their “blunts” and drinking their “fortys”, ignoring our efforts. I informed my employer that I would NEVER participate in such a misguided “effort” ever again. By the way, this “Paint the Town” program was (and still is) in Detroit. These programs in Detroit enlist those well-meaning (but naive) suburbanites to come to the inner city and “clean up” the city while the residents (which have no pride) go about their business.