Clyburn: GOP Letter Criticizing Rice Uses Racial ‘Code Words’

Justin Sink, The Hill, November 20, 2012

Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) said Tuesday that a letter from nearly 100 House Republicans urging President Obama not to appoint Susan Rice as secretary of State employed racially charged “code words” to make its case.

The letter, signed by 97 House Republicans, says Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, “is widely viewed as having either willfully or incompetently misled the American public in the Benghazi matter”—language Clyburn saw as racially loaded.

“You know, these are code words,” Clyburn, the third-ranking Democrat in the House, told CNN. “We heard them during the campaign—during this recent campaign we heard Sen. Sununu calling our president lazy, incompetent, these kinds of terms that those of us, especially those of us who were grown and raised in the South, we would hear these little words and phrases all of our lives and we’d get insulted by them.

“Susan Rice is as competent as anybody you will find, and just to paste that word on her causes problems with people like [incoming Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman] Marcia Fudge and certainly causes a big problem with me,” he added.

In a press conference earlier this week, Rep. Fudge (D-Ohio) said she believed criticism of Rice contained “a clear … sexism and racism.”


“Susan Rice is an outstanding person, and to have her sullied like this really frustrates me to no end,” Clyburn said. “And I hate to see representatives from South Carolina, where her roots run deep, out in the forefront of this. It is just unseemly to me.”

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  • Why do they think we dog whistle all the time?

    First off, it’s a risky pool from a pure communications standpoint. You could tell an audience of 100 people exactly what you mean and mean exactly what you say in plain language, and you could still wind up with those 100 people walking away with 100 different messages. When you start using vague language in the hopes that people pick up on the secret supposed code, then next to nobody will.

    But they like to think we’re dog whistling. First, it’s projection: Clyburn probably knows he’s incompetent and most of his tribesmen are incompetent, so he takes accusations of incompetence personally in a racially collective sense. Second, blacks are so egomaniacs that since they think about themselves all the time, they think we’re thinking about them all the time, too, so they assume that anything we say is somehow related to them. We could be talking about breakfast cereal and James Clyburn would discover racially coded dog whistling in it.

    • StillModerated

      Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!

    • The__Bobster

      “The sting of any rebuke is the truth.” ~ Ben Franklin

    • It’s called projection.

      They try to purge themselves of their thoughts by ascribing them to us.

  • libertarian1234

    “Clyburn: GOP Letter Criticizing Rice Uses Racial ‘Code Words’
    Such as “incompetent.”

    Well, I have to admit, he’s on to something.

    When I hear the words” black graduate,” the first word that comes to my mind is “incompetent.”

    • Funny, when I think of blacks and graduation, I always assume they mean parole.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    An enfeebled man with a
    history of psychotic auditory hallucinations in which he not only hears
    the dreaded “n-word,” but is magically transported back to “Thelma,
    load, Thelma.” while he is spat upon by crowds discussing “Racial Code?”

    I love it!

    Give that man a cabinet position!

  • Blacks are incompetant for the most part. It doesn’t matter what the job is. Anything from men’s room attendant in a 3rd rate hotel in downtown Camden, N.J. to open heart surgeon and everything in between, the rule of thumb is blacks are incompetant. So what’s all the yelling about?

  • negrolocaust

    just from recall of my undergrad and graduate science education last night i thought i would retrieve from my long term
    memory some of the major contributors in the history of
    mathematics, chemistry, biology, and physics. i went through my mind
    and was able to quickly name 47 white males, (i could easily named probably 200-300 or more but did not feel like it), 1 white female and 1 black
    male. zero hispanics and zero black females. i wonder why that
    is…………………..newton sat on a farm with a toy prism bought at a fair a pencil and paper and formulated the laws of physics and invented calculus. why didnt a black man or a woman do the same thing….I WONDER WHY…… WELL WE ALL KNOW WHY DONT WE?

    • negrolocaust

      geniuses like pasteur, flemming, william harvey, produced medical advances that have allowed these monstrous blacks to be alive and free of disease so that thay can assault teachers walking home in pittsburg in the knockout game

      • You Are Now Enriched

        “Is this the new normal for the Democratic Party? Will all conversations about race become about racism?”

        -Whitey on FoxNews

        Sounds like some folks are catching on, and we pray to God that everyone in the White community will begin to ridicule the “new normal”.

        We have more power than we know…

    • Smeagol2

      Who’s the black male? Just curious.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Democray has entered its terminal phase, thanks to Diversity.

    Now, just speaking the truth while White is a criminalized offense.

    Soon, we will have Whites deemed as racist for not saying the MSM approved narrative “soon enough”.

    Affirmatively promoting Diversity will be the first thing Whites must do in order qualify for speaking in public.

  • Clyburn to Senate Republicans: How dare you racists suggest a negro is incompetent.

  • Nicholai Hel

    Right wing racial code words regarding the current administration are as ubiquitous as white on rice, according to leftist talking heads. Someone needs to beat the black off of those evil republican rapscallions.

    • StillModerated

      WHITE ON RICE! Susan Rice is some sort of black! Dog whistle! Here boy!

  • StillModerated

    in the South, we would hear these little words and phrases all of our lives and we’d get insulted by them.

    Quite frankly, sir, I’m really glad you’re insulted. Perhaps you deserve it.

  • Oh, it’s not going to end here, boys and girls. White people have few activists, and we don’t even have a political party. Aside from the most hard core right wingers, I’ll be voting for mostly democrats during the midterm elections in 2014.

    Someone here on Amren pointed out that the white establishment that the liberals hate so much is responsible for more affirmative action, more illegal immigration, and more minority crime. I really do feel that the GOP needs to be done away with.

    Think about it. The GOP honestly believes we’re voting for Marco Rubio in 2016, and why hasn’t Karl Rove been fired yet?

    • RisingReich

      Glad to hear you’re ready for the death of the GOP. THEY HAVE EARNED IT. Too much like the Marxist Party. They ‘don’t care about White People.’

      I will never waste another vote on the Stupid Party again.
      I don’t care if it’s County Commisioner or President of the now defunct ‘Union’ – never again.

      It’s all one party anyhow.

    • Agree. Btw glad to see you survived the jump. Did you manage to hold onto any of the money?

  • It’s pretty sickening that ANY legitimate criticism of anything black is automatically racist. It reminds me of another group of people that cannot be criticized under ANY circumstances. Coincidence? I think not.

    • The__Bobster

      One enables the other.

      • blight14

        Indeed they do….

    • blight14

      Well stated……

    • jeffaral

      Do you mean the unmentionable tribe???!!!

  • Ulick

    I hate this “code word” BS. It’s high time that we give Liberals a reason tto not argue that we’re using code words by simply telling the truth with real words. Here, I’ll start, “Because Americais adopting Third World people, America will become a Third World nation. It’s the people that build societies, and white people are the best at it. Blacks and Hispanics? Not so much.”
    See, they can’t argue that i’m using “code words”, because I’m using actual words to speak the truth. Let’s all try it.

    • StillModerated

      A savage got in my face that I was not paying attention to its offspring. I told her to stop yacking into her obamaphone and mind her child properly. I was denounced as an evil racist. Next time I’ll remind her that 300,000 Yankees lie stiff in Southern dust to purchase their freedom, and also that the soldiers were cheated. This tolerance BS has grown tiresome.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Hey, Whitey, how does it feel to be on the losing end of everything?

    Now, if you want voter fraud investigated, you can be held in contempt and suffer legal penalties. We’ve warned you that you are ruled by aliens, perverts, and parasites, and now they own your right to free speech, and they decide what you can and can’t say about voting.

    GOP legally barred from fighting vote fraud

    30 years later, consent decree violation claims still threaten

    In short, suspicions of vote fraud?

    That’s too bad, because a race-based consent decree negotiated by Democrats against the Republican National Committee a generation ago still has tied the RNC’s hands, and GOP officials could be cited for contempt – or worse – if they try to make sure American elections are clean.

    • StillModerated

      YANE, I rejoice that we are enjoying God’s wrath. We richly deserve it. I leave a big carbon footprint to atone!

    • dhs

      Thanks for the pointer! The repubs never tried to effectively fight this or even bring it to pubic attention.

  • whiteyyyyy

    I love when blacks do faux outrage, as if they possess feelings or a soul. It’s like watching a parrot mimic a human.

    • Or a negro mimic a human.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Parrots do have feelings, especially Africans greys. The jury, however is still out on Africa’s flightless bipeds.

  • dukem1

    “Code-word”-wise, ya gotta say that “incompetent” is a step up from “shiftless” or “child-like.”

    • StillModerated

      It’s also a step up from “lazy” and “useless.”

  • APaige

    “Incompetent”?-as in “lacking sufficient knowledge, skill, or ability.” That term would only be used to describe a group that has one of the following:

    1. scores behind every other group, in every test, in every year.
    2. that lacks the skill set to succeed in a modern high-tech world.
    3. that fails to take care of its’ responsiblities…families…communities, etc.
    4. that has never produced one single invention that is used in the modern world-or even discovered the wheel.
    Any group that ONE of the above pertains too could be considered incompetent, but ONE group that is ‘all of the above’…incompetent would be kind word.
    I believe the House Republicans were being niggardly with their vocabulary

    • Luca

      A rebuttal to your 4 points:
      1. They score well in basketball.
      2. They lack skills because we haven’t spent enough money on them and the teacher’s union.
      3. They don’t have to. They were oppressed by slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination and now, code words..
      4. Clearly you have forgotten about peanut butter and all those inventions Thomas Edison stole from his genius janitor.
      Will the last person reading this please turn off the sarcasm switch.

      • anonren

        I always hear the peanut butter argument. Do they really not understand it’s a recipe???

        anyways, thanks for the LoL.

  • Wasn’t this the same guy who said during the 2008 election that “socialist” was code for Black? Who the heck elects people like this? Heheh oh wait, never mind.

  • bluffcreek1967

    This is another example of how insane things have become. Blacks and DWLs know that White politicians will cower in fear and shame at the mere suggestion that anything they’ve said is ‘racist’ or derogatory toward ‘people of color.’ So, as along any criticism toward a Black Democrat is twisted to infer some sort of racist code word, Democrats will be able to nullify any and all questions about Susan Rice’s “incompetence” – oops, did I just say something racist?

  • bluffcreek1967

    This article once again demonstrates that Blacks are not interested in equality, they’re interested in total racial dominance. They must be given special treatment at all times; and any words of criticism must be carefully weighed lest it appear to have any ‘racist overtones.’ They are not interested in a level playing field, so to speak. They want a 20 point lead, on their home field, with the referees calling all decisions in their favor!

  • Prof. Jon

    Just trying to crack this code!

    Was the word “widely”? Or “as”? Or maybe “the”? “American”?

    Just trying to get at what he’s getting at! He tried to explain, but I need more specifics here.

    Maybe Rep. Fudge can clarify this darkness. Oh hell, “Fudge” is code for sweet and tasty. Oops.

  • JackKrak

    So…….Repulicans used “code words” in a letter to Obama? Why would they do that? I thought the “code words” were what we Neanderthals had to use in public to identify each other, like our double-secret handshakes, etc. Is Obama secretly on our side??????

  • gotta cha back bro

    Can anybody even understand a word this SC negroid says in his mumbled jumbles ebonics slang slur speech? This bitch lied her ass off protecting her Obama like all the rest of them.
    Why did she lie and blame the muslim film maker anyway? What was the motive behind the lying? If there was no problem then she should have left everything up in the air shouldnt she?
    Obviously Obama knew this was a very serious situation before the election and had to cover himself.
    In the same token didnt Bushs mouthpiece Colin Powell lie in the same way before the UN about Saddam and Iraq having nukes thus they had to invade? In the long run we know Powell backtracked and stabbed Bush in the back saying he was told to say that but NEVER would Rice do that to a brotha since we know they stick together and go each others backs.
    Blacks will never rat on other blacks when whites are the ones they are dealing with. Its a black thang and y’all whites wouldnt understand.

  • John Bonham

    It’s amazing, All they have is the race card and they throw it often.. Funny how it works in most situations, probably 99% of the time … And we call THEM incompetent .. PPfffttt!!!
    Trust me, because of Clyburn throwing the race card Rice will get the position, just as Sotomayor got her position .. Once race is brought into the equation the Republicans crumble, ALWAYS …

  • Howard W. Campbell

    White (& or East Asian) competence: Wal-Mart, Target, Ford, Honda, Ikea, Tesco, Yamaha, Dell, Toshiba, Sony – and the list goes on and on.

    Black Competence – Lamar’s Shopette, Shanequia’s Hair & Nails, Hardcore Pawn, Detroit, etc.

    Congressman Clyburn knows good and well that most of his “people” are not capable of competing on the same level as whites. Football, basketball, music & acting falls under the realm of entertainment. Even Oprah would have to admit that she would be a mere millionaire if most of her audience were black.

    If we truly wanted to show the world our best, why don’t we nominate Maxine Waters as Secretary to the UN.

    I will hand it to the Japanese, even after they were nuked twice and saw their country destroyed, somebody there had bat brains enough to listen to Edwards Deming and use his ideas to rebuild their industries. Yes, many of us can remember when Japanese cars were considered lemons. But that is generally not the case anymore. If I ever purchase another GM, it will be something built in the 1960’s. Maybe I have been fortunate, I have had pretty good service with Chrysler (& Dodge) in the past. Currently though, I own a foreign car (although assembled in an part of the US that is close to 90% white).

    At least Clyburn has not topped Hank Johnson by suggesting that adding another Marine division would capsize Guam into the Pacific Ocean.

    Even your typical black will respond to black incompetence by the following six words. “The White Man’s Ice is colder”.

  • MikeofAges

    Incompetent is a code work for adherence to fixed ideas which is a code word for popular front apparatchik. Listen, we ought to support tax reform, permanent tax reform, as in “you play, you pay”. Rational rates. No deductions. No exemptions. Tax-based universal health insurance. Permanent full employment, Implement these three planks and the masses, who are fundamentally socially conservative, would walk away from the freak show coalition as fast as they could turn around.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Imagine the brouhaha that would have resulted if the republicans had used the OTHER dreaded code word: “ninja”.

    See? We really do have something to be thankful for tomorrow, and the mainstream news can get back to their usual hard-hitting coverage of the sports scores and celebrity gossip that we depend on to provide meaning in our lives.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I feel some pity for Rice, as she was clearly manipulated by the Oogabooga anministration when they gave her this line of garbage to try to sell to the country. Why does anyone here think the job wasn’t given to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?

    Simple: Clinton was too intelligent and too professional to want her name associated with such a transparently inept cover-up, so a flunky was needed to hold the bag.
    Of course, this means that Susan Rice should absolutely not be Secretary of State, but it also means she was being unfairly used by her boss.