Chicago Plans to Pay Parents $25 to Pick Up Their Children’s Report Cards and Go to Parent-Teacher Conferences

David McCormack, Daily Mail (London), October 31, 2012

Parents are being persuaded to get more involved in their children’s education with $25 gift cards.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the scheme that will see vouchers for Walgreen being handed out.

Parents will receive the vouchers provided they pick up their students’ report cards and participate in parent-teacher conferences.

The scheme will be trialed at 70 public schools in Chicago Public Schools that have a problem engaging parents.

‘This is a way, in my view, of incentivizing responsible parenting,’ Emanuel told a news conference at Field Elementary School, Ashland.

He said that the scheme could help to ‘close the gap between parents, teachers and principals to have a united front investing in our kids’ education.’

Emanuel said he got the gift card idea during one of his morning workouts: ‘That’s what happens when I start swimming. I start coming up with ideas.’



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  • Puggg

    He said that the scheme could help to ‘close the gap between parents,
    teachers and principals to have a united front investing in our kids’

    Oh boy, another gap that has to be closed.

    Emanuel said he got the gift card idea during one of his morning
    workouts: ‘That’s what happens when I start swimming. I start coming up
    with ideas.’

    My suggestion is for Rahm to move to the Sahara Desert.  Actually, from what I heard, Rahm does his “best” political work in the showers rather than the pool.

    • dukem1

       Is it just me, or is the great, genius, tough “Rahmbo” showing himself to be a be a blithering blubbering whining incompetent insofar as being mayor of
      Chicago is concerned?

      • bluffcreek1967

        Yes, because that’s who ‘bathhouse Rahm’ is.

      • Puggg

        Kevin Du Jan figures that Rahm is no more than a two-termer, certainly not a decades long hauler like both Daleys. Rahmbo was really tough bullying people on behalf of other people, and really tough while everyone involved was naked, but when he has to be the man, Rahmbo becomes Raisin. But cut him some slack in this regard: Who could really do a good job in Chicago? The Mayor of Chicago will be a left winger no matter what, no Theodore Bilbo involved. Chicago deserves the mayors it gets.

  • So the parents go to their kids PTA conferences to get their report cards.
    What is this supposed to accomplish?  Then what?

    All that will happen is the teachers will find out that the apple didn’t roll far from the tree, and why both are rotten.

  • Every time they bridge a gap, 20 more spring up from the Earth.  It’s almost as if these gaps were normal occurrences intended by nature as natural selection.

  • Francis Galton

    Better yet: hand out free contraceptives, so that they won’t have to be bothered with parent-teacher conferences anymore.  

    • If the schools were to hand out free food stamps or a voucher for free utility payments, you would have long lines and these people would be fighting and cursing each other and the police would have to come out and sort it all out.

    • Puggg

      The saying starts, “you can lead a horse…”

      Yes, I agree with the free contraceptives part.  But unless the method is surgical and/or semi-permanent without the help of “per use” input from the end user(s), then it’s a waste of money.

  • I personally find it sad that the city has been reduced to this to get parents to care about the education of their own kids. When I was a child, my mother always went to parent teacher conferences. The teachers used to tell her that the ones that they want to see do not come.

  • Some of these parents have dropped out of school themselves and could care less if their children do well in school and graduate from high school.

  • ncpride

    How pathetic this is. Having to pay ‘parents’ to get involved in their kid’s education…..absurd!

    With my own kids, I know exactly what they are studying in each subject at any given time, I know when they have tests, I know when progress reports are due (tomorrow, btw) I know when projects are due, and you couldn’t drag me away from a curriculum info night or open house. I know who all their teachers are, and which period my kids have them, I know what time they have lunch….Well, you get the idea. I’ll never understand such a lack of interest in ones own kids, that they would need to get paid to get involved. Disgraceful. Rahm just announced to the country how unfit these people are to have kids.

  • Oh, boy. Is Maury going to be standing by with on the spot paternity tests? You know most of these folks will sell those gift cards for 50 cents on the dollar, and go buy fo’tys, menthols, and lottery tickets. The really smart ones will save enough to buy a Caddy by the end of the school year.

  • 5n4k33y35

    Normal folks consider education to be an opportunity, so they teach their children to value knowledge, rather than to struggle against education. My main gripe with public school is anti-white bias in history, as well as schools seeking to indoctrinate students to fornicate, rather than maintain traditional morality.

    • bluffcreek1967

      The overwhelming majority of Blacks, as proven by history and human experience, are not interested in education. They like to talk as if it’s the most important thing to them as a people, but in actual practice, their collective ignorance is proof that it’s not. The things that are really important to them is rap, narcotics, violence and thug behavior, menthol cigarettes, lots of cheap booze, and fat, sleezy white women – yeah, lots of them!

    • The black parents that truly care about their kids education have given up on the public  schools and put their kids in Catholic schools, where there is a semblence of morality that is taught. Many have to find ways to pay for their child’s tuition but they will continue to do it because they want something better for their kids.

  • HamletsGhost

    And the only time you do see those kind of parents is after you flunk their kid and have their “baby” be left back a grade. Then they magically appear and are right in your face demanding you push their retarded offspring into the next grade. The sad thing about this intimidation is that it often works.

    • Teachers do not want to deal with these kids anyway so they promote them to the next grade and have another teacher deal with them. However, this usually stops in high school when the kid cannot graduate because they did not earn enough credits and or did not pass the exit exam for high school. No wonder you have black kids in high school when they are 20 and 21 years old.

  • Puggg

    You must have a swimming pool.

  • mutt3003

    Is this guy stupid or what? Unbelievable. Chicago, NYC, LA, Philly, Boston. Cities that could be razed without ill effects on the rest of the country. Talk about TBTF. These are cities that are “too big to be allowed to remain”.

    • vladdy1

      Or, the “B” in that “TBTF” could easily stand for something else, the way our current administration works. Everybody pray for Tuesday.

  • dukem1

     I wonder how many casualties they’ll take when the baby momma and baby daddy both show up and start fighting over the gift card.

  • dukem1

     Hennessy or moscato.  They love that stuff.

  • And we’re paying for this?!  Seriously!?!

    When Allen West said that anyone who supports the jeja* is a “threat to the gene pool” he was NOT wrong!!!

    Never missed a parent-teacher conference / meeting with my son.  Don’t miss one, now, and my grandson is only two-years-old in his FIRST year of preschool…

    *jeja = jugearedjacka$$  [Am I allowed to say that, here?]

  • bluffcreek1967

    The article uses the term “scheme” three times. I think that’s a good way of expressing it – just another “scheme” to get Blacks to do that which everyone else normally does. What does it tell you about the nature of Black people that they have to be bribed in order to get them to attend parent/teacher conferences? Hell, they even have to be bribed to just pick up their children’s report cards?! That which everyone else takes for granted and which is considered normal conduct – namely, attending important school functions and responsibly picking up your child’s report cards – Blacks, in contrast, have be motivated with money in order to do the same sort of things?! These people are utterly lost!

    And even if the Black parents did attend the parent/teacher conferences, they wouldn’t be paying attention or particpating in a responsible manner. More than likely, they would be talking and laughing throughout the entire time, constantly being told to keep it to a hush (which they would ignore). Some of them would be continually getting up and walking out to smoke their menthol cigarettes. Others would be falling asleep. But most would probably be lost intellectually as to what was even being discussed. This is the reality of dealing with Blacks on any everyday, practical level.  

  • Obviously, the 25$ gift cards will inspire parents to start caring about their kids. Obviously, the parents will start to care once they are told how poor-behaving their children are. After all, the white kids parents go to parnet-teacher conferences, and they car. Correlation is causation, although certanly the former causes the latter and not the other way around. And surely giving people money to do something they would have no further incentive to do would encourage them to do this. After all, it’s a matter of pride. These aren’t the type of people who would just take government money for nothing. Because if it isn’t obvious to you, your a racist.

  • SLCain

    “Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the scheme that will see vouchers for Walgreen being handed out.”

    Redeemable for Nyquil, Kools, and Wine Coolers, perhaps.

    • Skittles and Arizona Waddymelon, mix up a batch of purple drank.

  • razorrare

    Better yet,spend those White taxpayer dollars to get Joceyln Elders to give a pre-kindergarten class on masturbation & instruction on how to properly wash black gentitals…

  • Effing pathetic.

  • Since the true identity of the child’s father is often in question, a man not showing up is slightly more understandable than the mother not showing up.

  • A voucher for a bucket o’ chicken from Popeye’s or the Colonel.

  • I just remembered something:  Walgreens home office is in Chicago.  I could imagine this is a result of the “Chicago Way” — Rahm bullied the CEO of Walgreens for these free gift cards in exchange for a smoother ride when it comes to zoning issues or another issue that WAG will inevitably face City Hall eye-to-eye on.

  • Enrichment Zone Warning

    William Benjamin Smith, THE COLOR LINE: A BRIEF IN BEHALF OF THE UNBORN, 1905:
     But on recovery from the shock, the shining pageant of all the ages begins to file interminably before the imagination. The triumphs of the Indo-European and Semitic races, the stories of Babylon and Nineveh, of Thebes and Memphis, of Rome and Athens and Jerusalem, of Delhi and of Bagdad, of the Pyramids and of the Parthenon—the radiant names of Hammurabi and Zarathustra and Moses and the Buddha and Mohammed, of Homer and Plato and Phidias and Socrates and Pindar and Pythagoras, and the mightiest Julius, and the imperial philosophers, and their peers without number, the endless creations of art and science and religion and law and literature and every other form of activity, the full-voiced choir of all the Muses, the majestic morality, the hundred-handed philosophy, the manifold wisdom of civilization—all of this infinite cloud of witnesses gather swarming upon us from the whole firmanent of the past and proclaim with pentecostal tongue the glory and supremacy of Caucasian man. It seems impossible to represent in human speech, or by any symbols intelligible to the human mind, the variety and immensity of this consentient testimony of all historic time and place. Not to be overwhelmed and overawed, much more convinced, by such a prodigious spectacle of evidence, is to gaze at midnoon into the heavens and cry out, “Where is the sun?” For over against all these transcendent achievements, what has the West African to set? What art? What science? What religion? What morality? What philosophy? What history? What even one single aspect of civilization or culture or higher humanity? It would seem to be an insult to the reader’s intelligence, if we should prolong the comparison.

  • Michael C.Scott

    Interesting, isn’t it, that the need for the public sector to “incentivize” responsible parenting is necessary only with certain folks?

  • Just make sure the parents don’t get the cards until after the meetings. Otherwise, as soon as they’ve got them in hand, the parents are gone.