Britain and Ireland Suspend Aid to Uganda After £10m of Funding Ends Up in Prime Minister’s Account

Sam Greenhill and Daniel Martin, Daily Mail (London), October 31, 2012

Millions of pounds in foreign aid to Uganda have been funnelled into private bank accounts of workers in its prime minister’s office.

The money was meant to have been spent on helping the needy in the poverty-ravaged African nation.

But instead the 12million euros (£10million) – a joint gift from Ireland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden –  somehow wound up in accounts belonging to aides of prime minister Patrick Amama Mbabazi.

No British money was taken but last night Whitehall officials said they had taken the precaution of suspending British aid payments of £4million-a-year to Mr Mbabazi’s office.

In total, Britain is sending £98million this year to Uganda, most of which will continue.

The apparent fraud was discovered when the Irish government was told by Ugandan auditors that the 12million euros had gone ‘missing’.

The sum – of which Ireland’s contribution was 4million euros (£3.2million) – was supposed to have helped pay for a ‘peace recovery and development programme’ in northern Uganda after decades of conflict and devastation.

Ireland immediately halted further payments to Uganda pending investigation.

A political storm is now raging in Dublin, with Irish foreign minister Eamon Gilmore branding the apparent theft ‘intolerable’.

He announced there would be no more money for Uganda ‘unless it is clear Irish money is being spent for the purpose for which it was allocated’.

The Irish ambassador in Uganda, Anne Webster, has met government officials to demand the money be repaid.

A Department for International Development spokesman said: ‘We take these allegations extremely seriously and have already suspended UK aid to the Office of the Ugandan Prime Minister. We have set up an independent audit to investigate alleged fraud.’

A DfID source said: ‘Aid to the office of the Prime Minister is entirely separate from our general budget support to the Ugandan government.

‘If money has been misused, we will expect immediate repayment and will take all necessary action to protect our funds.’

Mr Mbabazi has publicly apologised to Ireland. He insisted: ‘I didn’t even know. No money was ever paid to me and I never handle money.

‘As the prime minister I don’t handle money of government at all, ever.’

He pledged prosecutions and said two senior officials had been charged – one of whom is the chief accountant –and 17 suspended without pay while the investigation continues.

The apparent fraud was uncovered by Uganda’s own auditors.

Mr Mbabazi maintained that, although the missing money was discovered in private bank accounts, not all of it was  ‘misappropriated’ but merely ‘irregularly managed’.

Last year it was revealed British aid money was used to buy a £30million Gulfstream jet for Uganda’s president, Yoweri Museveni. The autocratic 67-year-old leader – who was criticised after he launched a violent crackdown against democracy campaigners – bought the plane while millions of his countrymen struggled to feed themselves.

The latest revelation will reignite the row over British families being asked to fork out higher taxes to pay for aid.

Peter Bone, Tory MP for Wellingborough, said: ‘People in my constituency simply do not understand why we are giving money desperately needed at home to a corrupt regime.

‘It’s good DfID have taken action but they should have done their checks much, much earlier.

‘Uganda is not the only corrupt regime out there. I’m afraid to say it is largely endemic with some of our overseas aid.’

It was recently revealed Britain’s aid budget is rising so fast the Tories will enter the next election spending more on international development, which is immune from austerity cuts, than on the police.

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    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Puggg

    Ten million UK pounds buys a lot of expensive cheap athletic shoes, and the cleaning kits to go with them, and an AK-47 for the Prime Minster to use to mow down people who diss him by accidentally getting his new shoes a little bit dirty.

  • Enrichment Zone Warning

    Why send it to begin with?

    Because if the “need” is there, and you are White and have the ability to pay, then you are obilgated to “fight against your inner voice of racim” by paying, and paying more and more.

    The satisfaction of their need is a small part of your ongoing atonement for historic injustices by addressing current inequities.

    The finding of this graft just proves that too many are still guided by their inner racist voice that tells them to look into the bank accounts of Africans

  • 5n4k33y35

    This is bad. I was also very disappointed by the former Miss Ireland, who fornicated with a Nigerian immigrant.

    To my eyes, she’s as ugly as a bump on a log. I got over her betrayal very quickly, appointing myself Minister of Culture of Ireland, stripping the trollop of her title. Now it belongs to some Irish virgin who still has a spark of Irish pride in her eyes.

    •  that is a tragedy, her twitter acct is easily found if anyone cares to console her

    • KD_Did

      Maybe he plays for Notre Dame?  There seems to be a lot of African Irish now a days.

    • She’s completed the act with corn rows I see. She’s a traitor straight away.

  •  They thought they were going to save the world.

  • Barrack Osama

    Send a billion more and they still won’t be able to feed or sustain themselves any better. Just create another million mouths to feed. Why ignore a problem when you can throw money at it and make it worse?

  • I had this conversation with a friend just yesterday and I told him that for all the money sent we (and the citizens in need) only get corruption and another so-called militia.  I said I’d never send any money to any of these nations no matter what.  Maybe I’d support our military assisting in some way, such as killing the criminals in postions of power.

  • I hope they are not  surprised,  this has been going on since the first aid dollar arrived in africa.

  • bluffcreek1967

    These are not just stupid White people who foolishly gave aid to Uganda, these are stupid White liberals – the worst kind! Did they really think the government of Uganda would use the generous aid given to them responsibly? These foolish Whites only cared for how kind and loving they would appear to others. Besides, it wasn’t their money that was squandered.

    Hell, even if the aid went to the cause for which it was intended, it’s still a stupid thing to do. White nations must stop giving aid to African nations not only because of the corruption involved, but because it never ultimately helps the people themselves. It makes African nations continually dependent upon White, Western nations. It never teaches them to stand up for themselves, to resolve their own problems. Moreover, it depletes our own resources.  

    • William Allingham

      i would rather kill myself than lobbying for my people to be sustained by strangers, what a shame! as if i were proud of being a handicapped burden, well, the more we feed something the more it grows and the more we have of it.

      We push our own to be always better and self-sufficient but we freely give to these blacks in Africa that are overpopulating the planet with their lack of ingeniousness.

    • refocus

      Two years ago the People of Malta, via their democratically elected
      representatives, voted to guarantee 27 MILLION Euros in interest
      payments for the Government of Ireland to the IMF.

      The government’s purpose in giving away this much money is to hasten the bankruptcy of the white countries. The owners of the politicians get the money back when the recipients deposit it in their banks.

  • Puggg
  •  Bono has some questions to answer.

  • Britain could buy most of the country, and send all the immigrants there to farm it.

  • KenelmDigby

    Britain and Ireland – two nations where politicians are ruthlessly cutting benefits to their own citizens (due to the consequences of economic mismanagement), whilst nonchantly giving untold billions of taxpayers’ money to black Africans.
     In Britain it’s even more absurd. A nation with a chronic and massive balance of payments deficit effectively borows from forein creditors to dole out foreign nations with foreigners’ money whilst getting further into debt.

  • KenelmDigby

    How else do you think African politicians all drive around in big, flashy cars?
     – It’s not as if they produce anything of value to pay for those cars.
    Kenyan MPs pay themselves more than British MPs do, a remarkable occurrence in a nation where the average citizen survives on around a $1 a day.

  • Frank Holloway

    But you first have to get rid of the african or else you will run into the “gibs me that” problem.

  • Opposing foreign aid is and can be much of a nationalist/nativist issue as it is something to oppose on doctrinal grounds.  Doing for the ingroup instead of the outgroup.

    I think what a lot of AR regulars object to is when libertarians try to make a doctrinaire libertarian issue out of a question that is plainly and exclusively racial and social.

  • NYB

    Liberals are the biggest supporters of Wall Street. 

    Every wealthy liberal I’ve ever known wants cheap labor and surging capitalism,  in order that his pet Marxist-socialist wealth redistribution schemes will be well funded.

  • refocus

    Two years ago the People of Malta, via their democratically elected representatives, voted to guarantee 27 MILLION Euros in interest payments for the Government of Ireland to the IMF.

  • refocus

    Doesn’t the Ireland government borrow all of their currency into circulation just like every other democracy, USA, UK, Germany, Norway, France, Greece, Spain and Switzerland?

    So, to give away borrowed money is really crazy isn’t it?

  • Why are we feeding these average 65 IQ savages? Let the primative smelly apes meet Mr. Evolution.

  • Testing