Are Minnesota Timberwolves Too White?

Yahoo! Sports, October 29, 2012

Minnesota Timberwolves fans may notice something different about their team this year. In a league in which American-born black players made up 75 percent of roster spots in 2011, the Timberwolves will have an opening-day roster comprising just 33 percent black players (five out of 15).

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, this year’s squad will be the league’s whitest since the 1980s Boston Celtics.

Is that a problem?

Some civil rights leaders in Minneapolis think so. Tyrone Terrell, chairman of St. Paul’s African American leadership council, told the Star-Tribune that he thinks the unbalanced roster could be seen as a ploy by the ownership to sell the team to a majority-white fan base.

“How did we get a roster that resembles the 1955 Lakers?” Terrell said to the Star-Tribune. “I think everything is a strategy. Nothing happens by happenstance.”

Timberwolves president of basketball operations David Kahn called the allegations “patently false.”

Indeed, while the team lacks as many African-American players as most other squads, the Timberwolves are still quite diverse. Five of their ten white players were born outside of the United States.

Brandon Roy, projected to be the team’s only black starter, says the color of his teammates doesn’t faze him.

“It’s just basketball,” Roy said. “I never really had to feel like I’m the only black guy out here. I’ve played on teams that maybe had all black guys and the feeling is just the same when I’m out there on the floor playing with these guys.”



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  • Puggg

    Greater Minneapolis St. Paul metro area is 6.4% black.  So while the NBA team is not black enough by NBA standards, it’s still way blacker than its metro area.

  • Considering that blacks make up 19% of the population in Minneapolis, I’d say that they are over represented by about 14%. Therein lies the problem.

  • How do black people root for football teams with White quarterbacks?

  • JackKrak

    For the race industry, this kind of statistic can never be too high – only too low……

  • Gracchus123

    Is there no end to this whining?? 

    • Is there no end to this whining??

      In a word, “no.” While some continue to make a nice living race hustling, don’t expect this problem to clear up soon. It’s paid for a lot of malt liquor.

  • The Timberlwolves know that that white fans are the ones who pay the bill. They are the ones who pay for the season tickets and the majority of the general admission tickets that support the team. They want to see a team that looks like them.

    • mutt3003

      Frankly modern basketball is stupid. I was a Celtics fan up until Bird, Mchale, Ainge retired. When the outstretched tongue of the dunking monkey appeared, at about that time, I was gone as a fan. It’s not even basketball anymore, only a dunking beauty contest. Raise the hoop to 10 feet and get back to passing and shooting. Won’t happen though, as black men can’t shoot – except guns.

      • dukem1

         Pro hoops…A two-minute game with a two-week season.

      • Women’s basketball is still based on the fundamentals of basketball. It is not a dunking contest, but a serious showdown between two talented teams. 

      • Gracchus123

        Nope, they can’t shoot guns either.

  • Enrichment Zone Warning

    “I think everything is a strategy. Nothing happens by happenstance.”

    Well, the Diversity would know.  The criminalization of White privilege for the sole benefit of voodoo Diversity didn’t happen by happenstance.  It is a strategy.

  • Black supremacists like these supposed “civil rights leaders” just can’t stand that there are some white guys out there that are pretty good athletes themselves.

  • Tyrone Terrell, chairman of St. Paul’s African American leadership council, told the Star-Tribune that he thinks the unbalanced roster could be seen as a ploy by the ownership to sell the team to a majority-white fan base.

    Does Mr. Terrell believe white teams have a higher value than black teams?

    Black conspiracy theories and paranoia have no bounds.

    “I think everything is a strategy. Nothing happens by happenstance.”

    Diversity wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t part of a strategy so in this respect Mr. Terrell is familiar with the game plan.

    • Blacks do not support NBA basketball financially. Whites from the suburbs are the ones that buy the tickets that supports these teams.  If the whites retreat, most of these teams will go bankrupt because the black fan base cannot support these teams financially.

      • Kudos to y0u, Crystal. I have said THE SAME THING about Detroit’s sports teams, namely, if the haoles stopped throwing their money at the Tigers, Lions, Pistons and Red Wings (in their case, maybe not this season) incoming money would dry up in Detroit. The city would collapse like a house of cards in a high wind.

        Why do haoles keep throwing their money at sports teams in Detroit, a 90% Bantu city? I don’t get it.

        By the way, I learned the word “haole” from watching the original ‘Hawaii Five-O” television series. I know it’s a term used by native Hawaiians against Caucasians, but I kinda like it.  

        • That is true. Whites from the suburbs are the ones that support Detroit sports teams. It amazes me how they travel from their suburban enclaves to Detroit and their own peril to watch games and support these teams.

  • I wonder why they don’t challenge the lack of diversity  for the t-wolves cheerleader squad? With only 1.5 black women out of 12, and considering white folks can’t dance (ask any black!)    you would think that they would be standing up for their sisters too.

  • Sun

    Is the “The Post Game” staff too white?

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    What?  The subtitle on the front page is the only response to this – isn’t there a similar “diversity” problem in the NBA in general, if it’s 75% black?

  • Beloved Comrade

    If whites stopped watching black thug basketball players on TeeVee the NBA would be put out of business.  Ratings and big money are the bottom line with the bastards that run these programs, the players are interchangeable and expendable. 

    All Minnesotans need to turn on the Timberlake’s games to show support of white players and turn off black basketball.  Hit ’em in the pocketbook, it’s the only thing the NBA and networks understand.

  • Gracchus123

    Love that, “snivel rights”. 

  • razorrare

    Funny…i never hear of any complaints from these diversitards that those whom occupy the stadiums seats are too White…Personally, i think those that do occupy the stadium seats are too White…let the blacks support these majority black teams.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Meanwhile at a campus in California.

    “USC Department of Public Safety says a dispute between 2 non-students led to the shooting.”

    Non-students, a new euphemism?

    • IstvanIN

       I wonder if they actually meant non-matriculated, since most of the blacks are non-students regardless of enrollment status.

  • More like Marxist elites.

  • This asshole was on Rovers Morning Glory in Cleveland Ohio and I’ve never been so pissed off and embarrassed for African Americans. This man had the Goddamn arrogance to say people were angry in Cleveland when Lebron James left my home city we were all pissed BECAUSE HE WAS BLACK!!! Not that he left in a public spectacle on ESPN but because he was black! This is the goddamn reason there is racism in this country! Not to plug this radio show but seriously being a Cleveland resident I was appalled!!!! The replay of today’s show is on rovers morning glory iheartradio channel and I’m assuming will be posted on his site tomorrow. I have never heard such an ignorant argument in my life!!! I was floored, but you have to hear the stupidity where this argument and this point of view is coming from!

  • If blacks are so concerned about ethnic represenation on basketball teams, shouldn’t they have more Asian and Latino players?

    If you ever hear someone complain The Timberwolves are too white, call him what he is: A racist.

  • The NBA overall, is around 80-85% Bantu, and this clown is wondering why one team is 66% white? If the Timberwolves were 95% Bantu, he’d STFU. 

  • I was looking for racist comment post for my paper. Thanks guys-no need to look any where else!!So proud to be a Minnesotian!