Woman Hopes Video Will Help ID Attackers

Rich Newberg, WIVB (Buffalo), September 4, 2012

When a 24-year-old woman saw a deli worker in trouble, she tried to help and ended up paying a painful price. Now she’s hoping a video will help identify her attackers.

The victim, whose name and identity News 4 is protecting, suffered broken bones above her right eye and a fractured nose after being assaulted by some of these teenaged boys shown in surveillance video from the deli. The boys had been inside before the attack, filling their pockets with items they allegedly didn’t pay for.

She happened to be outside the deli at the time and noticed the young brother of the owner chasing the alleged shoplifters confronting them. Then the mob, including some teenaged girls, turned on her. She was mercilessly beaten by six to ten people.

“Within five seconds, [I] was surrounded by a group of boys who just started punching me in the face. And when I fell to the ground they kept hitting me, and I stood up once and they knocked me down again and started kicking me in the face and back,” the woman said.

She said Buffalo Police showed up quickly, but did not make any arrests, even though she could identify at least one of the girls who was still on the street.

She also says the boy, seen in the video wearing a red hat and red shirt in the upper right frame, was the one who initially punched her and broke bones in her face. The injuries will require surgery.

The victim said, “The bone is fractured in multiple places, and my nose is fractured, so they have to put in a wire mesh to keep all the bones together so that my muscles can work properly. Right now my eyes aren’t moving correctly.”


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  • Church_of_Jed

    She broke Rule No. One for surviving  today’s transformed and changed for the better America:


  • ed91

    All these white kids that have never had to protect themselves had best learn quickly.

    These blacks never really feel complete until they’re kicking a white with their buds.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      An excellent obvervation. Most White kids today are passive-aggressive with zero, that’s ZERO skills to protect themselves physically. While blacks seem to be born with the aggressive-thug gene, where violence is second nature to them. Whitey’s kids need to toughen up real fast in this NWO.

      • 5n4k33y3s

         It’s because white women decided to betray white men en masse about 60 years ago. Prior to the Feminist betrayal, white men were still the most feared and admired. Now we have to make white women fear us well enough not to betray us. The best method is to permanently ostracize white women who betray their race.

        • vladdy1

          The  movement to defend our race will go much smoother if males do not put out little digs at females. I like how your last setnence states which white women you are talking about, but too many lines I see by too many posters bash the women when some of us are right there with you, just like only some of the white males are. How ’bout if we bash ANY white person who is a traitor?

          • 5n4k33y3s

             I meant to specify Feminists as the traitors to their race. Oddly though, Feminism only afflicts the civilized societies, while the primitive societies often benefit from having white men suffering injustice and indignities.

            Feminism harms men of every race, but it harms the most successful (white) men the most, so there is a net gain in status for men who are at the lowest level of status (black), even though they too suffer the indignities and injustice of Feminism.

            Although blacks suffer from Feminism, the suffering of white men is worth it to them, because white men have so much further to fall. So a consensus of blacks supports feminism because it helps them take down high status males of the civilized societies – European and Asian.

            All that white men must do to protect themselves is to reject Feminism. There can be no denying that Feminism is inextricably bound to the decline of white civilization, and that is raison d’etre of Feminism.

            For whites, Feminism represents the suicide of the superpower. For blacks, Feminism represents all the inherent opportunities in the decline of the white civilization.

    • Neanderthaldna

      Spot on.  Blacks tend to see niceness and decency and manners and such as signs of weakness to take advantage of.   Sorta a definition of evil, isn’t it?

      I remember the lesson I learned at 13, in middle school.  I was a big white kid, but from a nice family.  80% black school, most from housing projects.  First year there I, like most white kids raised to eschew violence and all that stuff (yeah, hate to say it but not exactly non-violent world is it?) and was sort of shocked/terrified.  And, as a big white kid, I was something of an obvious target to groups of blacks, expected by smaller whites to sort of…”represent”.  

      Well, second year near the beginning a friend of mine (little fellow, worthless in a fight except for serving as a target) and I were accosted by a couple of blacks in the hall, trying to shake us down for some reason or another.  Don’t know what happened to me that day, but perhaps some latent Viking genes started kicking in or perhaps I was just having a bad day but…

      Lost it, grabbed them by their throats, smashed their heads against the lockers a few times…

      “Hey man, hey…it’s ok…you cool…we gonna let you go man…”  Yup.  Eventually I really figured the law of the jungle out, picked three black kids, ones the others wouldn’t flock to and defend.  Beat them up one by one in carefully picked situations.

      Black kids left me alone after that.  Fierce.  Gotta be fierce with them or they don’t respect you.  Like all dully wicked, they see decency and niceness as a sure sign of weakness and seldom miss an opportunity to hurt those they see as weak, whether it be by physical violence or by verbal threat/abuse.  It’s how they treat each other, for that matter, so, whitey, why you think they’ll treat you any better?

      White parents – send your kids to martial arts classes and teach them the horrible truth about our sub-Saharan African cousins and their real feelings/proclivities.

      Because they are NOT like us…

      • Up to my neck in CA

        “..we gonna let you go man..”

        I love it, even when getting their arse handed to them they still think dey be in control.

        • Neanderthaldna

          Yeah.  Gotta cultivate a sort of…mean poker face around them.  I’m lucky in that I’m a big kinda scary looking white guy, but part of the scary is the look, demeanor, and attitude I take.

          Sure, shuck and jive once they understand that you understand.  Lie and blabber with them when you have to.  But don’t let them think you are a pathetic liblefty white quisling cumbaya type…

          Best yet, try to avoid them at all cost.

      • Ed_NY

        Blacks definately take kindness for weakness.  Once blacks realize that you are willing to fight back and defend yourself, they will usually leave you alone.  The only language many blacks understand is violence.  You have to answser violence with violence.

  • Ulick

    Of course, the media does their move where they have a black newsperson or black politician comment on the story.  Generally, in a tone of disgust so as make the average white person think, “Those kids must have just been a few bad seeds.  Other blacks like this newsperson or politician are repectable and don’t tolerate this sort of stuff.” 

    But they do tolerate this stuff.  Other than Mayor Nutter in Philadelphia, how many black “leaders” have truly spoken out against the massive rise in black-on-white crime?  And not just run of the mill black-on-white crime, but vicious mob attacks on women, the elderly, and others who stand no chance of defending themselves.

    If black “leaders” won’t address the issue, if white politicians won’t address the issue, then white men will have to address the issue through alternative methods.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      “Those kids must have just been a few bad seeds.  Other blacks like this newsperson or politician are repectable and don’t tolerate this sort of stuff.” So true!

    • Up to my neck in CA

      “Those kids must have just been a few bad seeds.  Other blacks like this newsperson or politician are repectable and don’t tolerate this sort of stuff.”

      They want you to think “they’re not all bad”.

      • whiteyyyyy

        That’s the best part. They always deliver the news with a civilised black face to mess with your head, make u think it’s a 1 off or just bad kids

  • Vil

    How come those “yoofs” always attack women, hobos, elderly people or libtards.
    I’d sure like to see a pack of them attack more real white males.
    The few times they did attack a white male, it usually ended badly for the “yoofs”.

    • sarah stein

      Because they are weak, down low, little bitches. 

  • TonyWestfield

    “The mayor was not aware…”

    This is the typical trick.  Ignorance is more than bliss, it is a strategy and a disposition (the latter being related to a genuine bias about “our children” that confers equality and neutrality where it doesn’t belong).

    Wonder if the mayor SHOULD have known about the incident?  Let’s go to the toolbox: If the colors were reversed, do you think the mayor would have known about it?  The mayor would be awakened in the middle of the night, or he would be contacted at a vacation resort, or at a family funeral…or the mayor would see it on CNN before his associates could reach him on the cell phone.

  • potato78

    What beautiful eyes she has but they punched her face and her face.  Once again this story tells me that blacks are a group of hopeless people with such low IQ and these people are not the american’s future like some “white” people claimed.

  • currahee1911

    Exterminate fithy monsters.

  • What good are cameras when you have your eyes closed all the time?

    • Shawn_thefemale

      Along with being covered with massive spiderwebs  – these cameras have had no attention paid to them in ages. Kind of like blacks and their [free] smoke detectors after they take the batteries out.

  • Athling

    “Shortly after Henderson left, Ballinger ordered the teenage girls into the bathroom and made them undress, the complaint said. He then sodomized a 15-year-old and raped three 16-year-olds at gunpoint.”

    “The complaint said he also admitted he raped the teens, saying he knew he’d be arrested so he ‘might as well get some.'”

    This happened two days ago. I’m sure you’ve all heard about it from the massive media coverage?

    Can you guess any of the details about the perp?

    • From the article,  I can assume all parties involved are black.  Therefore, I am unconcerned.

  • potato78


    Claimed that “Hispanics and Blacks are NOT the problem.”

    I am very shameful of such claim.  Where is your quality of integrity for “white” of “my people”.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Diversity Tax Squad.

  • The__Bobster

    I lived in an inner ring, lower-middle-class Buffalo suburb in the 80′ and 90’s. My cost of living was low because I didn’t have to pay the Bantu tax to live in a safe environment. They knew they weren’t welcome in the town after dark. Actually, not so much during the day either.

  • FREE “Crime Avoidance & Self-Defense Advice” here:

  • See, here’s how we come full circle.

    These stores that can’t be protected and are being preyed upon need to put up and enforce a simple rule for their freedom and safety.

    NO BLACKS!!  Thanks.

    No diversity either.


  • Another big difference between Asians or whites and blacks is that in large groups, Asians and whites act as a moderating influence on any trouble makers within their group whereas if a few blacks act up in a group of blacks, pretty soon the vast majority that group of blacks are acting up/looting/rioting/whatever.

    As a matter of fact, I doubt you could have a gathering of 500+ “average” blacks somewhere — let’s say having a party in a park on a nice, warm, sunny August day from 2:00pm to 9:00pm — w/o there being a fight/stabbing/shooting before the end of the day. With “average” Asians or whites not having any problems is the rule, not the exception.

    Who can afford the drama that blacks would bring into their lives???

    • Detroit_WASP

      Spot on.  It’s called the pack mentality which animals exhibit.  The males feel a need to dominate others to impress the females.  

    • Athling

      “… whereas if a few blacks act up in a group of blacks, pretty soon the vast majority that group of blacks are acting up/looting/rioting/ whatever.”

      Think sharks with a bleeding victim in the water.

  • potato78

    I would really like to introduce the martial arts for white women.


    So that they can protect themself under some certain situations.

    • Ulick

      This is from a black women’s blog, The Sojourner’s Passport: Lifestyle Optimization for African-American Women…

      “Since You Keep Your Black Daughters Living As Unprotected Prey In Black Neighborhoods, You Should At Least Train Them In Parkour And Free Running”, by Khadija Nassif on March 13th, 2011


      If you still have your little girl living in a Black residential area:  which means she’s living among the LEGIONS of African-American male pedophiles and gang rapists that live in Black residential areas, then she needs to be fit and skilled enough to run fast, and vault over fences, park benches, and other physical objects (like the Spanish girl in the video).


      Years ago before I had my own blog, I started warning African-American women to run for their lives and flee Black residential areas in the US. Almost four years ago, as a commenter on another blog, I said that we are 1.5 steps away from Rwanda. “Rwanda” has arrived among those African-Americans who persist in living in Black residential areas.

      Despite the bad-faith denial and lies spoken by the “things aren’t so bad that we need to evacuate Black neighborhoods” type of African-Americans, the pandemic of sexual molestation, rape, and gang rape among African-Americans continues to ravage increasing numbers of victims.


      At this point, it’s obvious there will be an ever-increasing number of atrocities inflicted on the (mostly Black) women and girls who live or pass through Black residential areas. And since this is obvious, any Black parent who keeps their daughter living within African-American Rwanda zones is a negligent parent.


      If you’re one of these negligent Black parents who insist upon keeping your baby girl living among the savage Black male brutes—who run wild in Black residential areas—and their equally depraved Black female enablers, then at minimum you need to make sure she’s fit. Fit and skilled enough to run fast and vault over objects like the Spanish girl in the video.

      If you’re still living in a Black residential area, then you also need to get fit enough to run for your life. You also need to drop whatever Oppositional Defiant Disorder-based attitude you might have about the police. After all, White Male-Dominated Law Enforcement Is The Only Thing Standing Between You And Mass Rape In Black Neighborhoods. The life you save by dropping this knee-jerk, anti-police attitude might be your own.


      Yet, even though honest blacks will admit that these things are unique to blacks, white Liberals will say it’s really socio-economic and we’re racist for saying the same things as this black woman.

    • 5n4k33y3s

      Weapons are the answer, not hand-to-hand martial arts training for women. I really hate to see stupid men  instilling overconfidence in naive women. Tell them to buy weapons or else avoid bad areas, or else just know they are probably going to become a victim.

      • Ed_NY

        The best self defense is awareness and avoidness.  Follow this up with physical fitness, martial arts, nonlethal and lethal weapons.  Have a mind set where you are willing to engage a perp if necessary and do so if you must.  But it comes down to be aware of your surroundings and avoid problem areas and problem people.

      •  If white women want to be safe as they’re out & about there are a few things that they MUST do first. 
        1. Be loyal to their race.
        2. Demand that their men be loyal to their race.
        3. Demand that their men go out & make the streets safe. 

  • Sloppo

    Love for your race is hate if you’re white.  If you’re anything else, it’s a beautiful thing.

  • Here’s another Buffalo story about a white kid who got involved (fatally) with drugs and two blacks:


    • Ed_NY

      And there was nothing racist about this killing either.

  • I’ve noticed a lot of these attacks are happening at night.  People need to get their butts home before sundown.

    • sarah stein

       The Klan don’t cotton to no white folk being out after dark.

  • “No arrests made”, the familiar refrain from police departments across America.

    • Ed_NY

      There were no arrests made because after all it was just kids having a little fun and there was absolutely nothing racist about this incident.  The Buffalo PD is a diverse group (institutionalized incompetence) which reminds me alot of the New Orleans PD.

      • striket3

        Come on, cut the “youths” some slack.  They were just bored.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Can you imagine my surprise when I saw those young black children in that tape…

    • Ed_NY

      I was so suprised, I almost choked on my dinner.

  • The mayors office says they are looking into it….BS !  Vote the scum out of office if this was whites assaulting blacks  every so called black REV and leader in the country would be leading a protest march. Whitey better learn to avoid the Groid at all cost  , segregation worked .

  • whiteuncleruckus

    I remember in the movie Lean On Me, a White teacher tried to break up a fight between two blacks. one of the blacks immediately stopped fighting his opponent and started attacking the teacher. The teacher is seen taken away by paramedics.

  • godzillabloggs

    “……goods that they allegedly didn’t pay for….”.   


  • Sloppo

    The young lady probably is closer to understanding her world today though.  It is unfortunate that the course “Introduction to Reality 101” sometimes causes severe injuries or death.

  • CharlesFinley

    Navy Arms
    Ithaca Guns
    Great Western Arms Company
    European American Armory, Inc.
    Remington Arms
    Smith and Wesson

    • Strider73

      Sig Sauer
      Sturm, Ruger & Co. (maker of my handguns)

      • Puggg

         Stock tips?

  • Shawn_thefemale

    When you see a group of more than 2-3 black males of any age come around you anywhere,  you best be getting the heck outta Dodge, pronto.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    This woman sees. And thinks. Is not the least PC or diverse. And so do many more that I know. Painting with broad brushes can be dangerous.

  • Strider73

    Unfortunately NY is one of those “self-defense is racist” states, as Bernie Goetz will attest. Notice how these attacks almost never take place in states with “shall issue” CCW and tough “stand your ground” laws. Trying that kind of stuff here can be a quick one-way ticket to the morgue.

  • The other day I was talking to an old Jewish woman.

    Illegal immigration is bad for America?  Check.  Human biodiversity?  Check.  California is falling apart?  Check.

  • MekongDelta69

    It must have been “a beating gone wrong.”

    • Lou406

      A botched shoplifting.

  • Lou406

    This brutal incident could have been avoided had she simply read John Derbyshires, “The Talk”.
    Rule 10a: Avoid concentrations of blacks not all known to you personally.
    Rule 10b : Stay out of heavily black neighborhoods.
    Judging by the original article The Talk should also be required reading at Buffalo State U. where,  just days before,  students (of unmentioned race) were beaten, robbed and shot by raceless perpetrators.

    • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

       This brutal incident could have been avoided had she simply read John Derbyshire

  •  Amen.

  • potato78


    Sounds so easy.

    Let us look at zimmerman case.

    He is being very painful right now and I can feel of what He feel.

    It is not always just easy like what you talk about. 

    I said that under “some certain situations”, Martial Art could really help some my whitey and cutie  sisters, not all.  But my daughters don’t like martial arts because it is very hard. 


  • Puggg

     You’re really on a roll.  Now you think that landlords are responsible for their wild tenants?  First you said they need good jobs, now you say they need good landlords, and I guess next you’ll say the problem is they all have bad teachers.  We’re so bigoted for hogging the good landlords, jobs and teachers to ourselves.

    Clue:  If any landlords, especially white landlords, started openly calling for “better” tenants, (and he wouldn’t even have to say race), there would be an army of Fair Housing leech/bureaucrats all over him like ducks on a june bug.

    I’ve heard word of mouth horror stories about white landlords talking to cops about their criminal black tenants, and they might as well be talking to a brick wall.

  • potato78

    I wish that time will come in our future.


  • 5n4k33y3s

    Yeah, no joke. The real problem wasn’t even Feminists. Men could have put those bitches back in their place if they had the will.

    It was the attainment of God-like power of ultimate destruction, staring into the abyss, white men decided to take a step back from the precipice of nuclear annihilation.

    The fear of our own god-like power is the true reason a large part of a whole generation of white men decided to renounce war.

    But that didn’t stop Feminists, fags and dykes, and various minorities from keeping up their cold-war against white men.

    And so now after reflecting on the timeless principles guiding the use of force, the present generation of white men in the prime of age have renounced the excessive pacifism of our fathers, but remain opposed to the threat of nuclear annihilation.

    But let it be known, nobody ever conquered the empire built by white men. White men abdicated the seat of power themselves after attaining god-like powers of destruction.

  • Texan1st

    Don’t make eye contact with them? My, how the worm has turned. In the past, it was blacks that were afraid to make eye contact with us. In time, if whites don’t regrow a spine and a sense of racial solidarity in huge numbers, this societal digression could eventually lead to white people becoming enslaved. We are already there mentally because whites, for the most part, defer to blacks to avoid conflict. This sense of intimidating whites only empowers blacks more. We whites (as a whole) are like a dog that has been beaten on for so long that we no longer know our own strength. We’ve lost the confidence in our ability to defend ourselves and therefore roll over on our backs at the first sign of trouble, signaling to the aggressor that he is free to commence the beatings that we’ve become accustomed to.

  • Nor were the Japanese martial arts effective against the Fat Man and the Little Boy, when they dropped in on Hirihito’s tea party in World War II.