Police: Man Brutally Attacked, Robbed in Belltown Alley

KiroTV, September 20, 2012

Seattle police need help in looking for an attacker who assaulted and robbed a man in an alley in Belltown last month.


A 30-year-old Seattle man was walking alone when a man approached the victim from behind and struck him on the head.


The victim was knocked to the ground unconscious, and the attacker is seen rummaging through the victim’s pockets and flipping him over.

According to police, the attacker stole the victim’s wallet, cellphone and shoulder bag.


The victim was taken to Harborview Medical Center, and he sustained a broken jaw in the robbery-assault.


Police described the attacker as a black man in his 20s, 5 feet 10 inches tall, 240 pounds and was last seen wearing a white T-shirt and a red baseball cap.


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  • Sheep will get sheared and/or slaughtered…..

    FREE Crime Avoidance and Self-Defense Advice here:

    • Keep posting that link!! I caught it last time you put it out and believe it to be very useful, especially if accompanied with a couple of these youtube vids.


    • bluffcreek1967

      There is also a video on that site that tells the story of Lance Thomas of West Los Angeles who engaged in 4 separate shootouts with Black thugs who attempted to rob his watch repair store. Lance had the survival attitude that every White man and woman should have. He refused to negotiate the terms of his life with the Negro thugs who thought he would cower once they brandished a gun. He showed them otherwise!  

      Lance got prepared for the inevitable by improving his physical shape, practicing target shooting with his weapon at the local gun range, and stashing handguns throughout his work area because he knew what was coming. His words were chosen wisely, and the DWL interviewer seemed somewhat surprised at the confidence and determination of Lance to survive the Negro threat – probably because he wasn’t used to seeing strong White men who don’t smile, giggle and get cutsie when they are publically interviewed.   

  • Puggg

    There seem to be a lot of these kinds of stories coming from Seattle in particular.  Why?

    • Detroit_WASP

      It’s because there are not many blacks in Seattle and whites are pretty cluless.  At least that’s what someone told me. 

      • potato78


        True observation.

        But on Ulick’s video, it’s my first time having seen a lot of blacks.  They were so animal-like beyond what I ever imaged.

    • Ulick

      Because white people in Seattle appease and grovel to the black community, and the black community views appeasing and grovelling as weakness.

      Start this Seattle video at the :28 second mark, and if you’re not fuming and ready to rumble by the :55 second mark — then turn in your white man card because you’ve lost your right to call yourself white and to call yourself a man.


      •  A White Man card? I think I like the idea of that.

        • whiteyyyyy

          An idea whose time has come. Whites are the main problem anyway, excusing this crap. It would  HAVE to be extended to female population also

      • bluffcreek1967

        No Whites should have been there in the first place. The White do-gooder wanted to ‘save’ a White woman and he ended up getting knocked around a bit by a burly Black gal (including some other Blacks). I would have NEVER helped the White women because it robs them of feeling the effects of ‘multi-culturalism.’ Everytime a White man tries to spare a White girl from receiving a beat-down at the hands of Blacks, he robs her of important life-lessons, the kind of lessons she would never learn in college or church.

        This isn’t meant to suggest a White man shouldn’t protect his wife or daughter under normal circumstances. But when Whites attend this sort of event that’s guaranteed to be densely populated by Blacks and Hispanics, they get everything they deserve. Some Whites, of course, will never wake up no matter how much they are robbed and beaten by ‘minorities.’ But for others, it will be a never-forgotten experience of what happens when Whites ‘hang’ with Blacks. It will provoke many Whites to embrace race-realism.

        Think about this the next time you’re tempted to jump in and ‘rescue’ a White college student from the grips of Blacks at any open, public event.

        • Ulick

          I think that it’s more important to protect our own.  That also builds racial consciousness if after protecting your fellow white people you atlk some sense into them as to why they were attacked and why we must stick together.

          Watch the video from beginning to end.  It’s a predominantly white crowd out celebrating Mardi Gras.  There is no chaos until minorities start the chaos (as they always do in such large settings.)  Once the chaos starts, though, notice how the minorities stick together.  They attack in packs, but after the video where the white girl is ruthlessly and viciously beaten by two thugs, you’ll see an interview with and effeminate white man.  Just for daring to even put his hand on a black girl (nevermind punching and kicking her in the face as the blacks did to the white girl) the effeminate white man was instantly cold-cocked by a black man, and took a skate board off the head by another — i.e. blacks instantly jumped in to protect their own.

          Shortly after that in the video, you see a white boy squaring off against a Hispanic in what starts out as a one-on-one fight.  Almost instantly another Hispanic jumps in, and then when the white boy is down it becomes like a Hispanic feeding frenzy of Hispanics surfacing to take shots at him — i.e. Hispanics instantly jumped in to save their own.

          Blacks stand up for blacks, Hispanics stand up for Hispanics, whites stand around and watch their own get beaten to a pulp.  Some whites even cheer on the attackers to assuage their white guilt. 

          The numbers in the Seattle Mardi Gras video were lopsided.  Whites were the majority.  If whites had it in them to have solidarity, they could have unified and destroyed the minorities who were attacking them.  This solidarity has to start someplace, and I don’t think we should kick the can down the road and further.  If I see a white person, and namely a white woman getting attacked, and I’m in the position to do something about it without sustaining serious damage or death myself — I’ll try to help that person.

          Then I’ll tell the person that I just saved to “Wake up!” and go check out Amren.com and similar sites for the unspoken truth.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Under normal circumstances, I would agree as indicated in my earlier post. I’m not sure that the majority of people present at the celebration were White, although the video does seem to show many Whites in attendance. I tend to think that if a full and accurate account were taken of the event, it would probably show an event amount of Whites and ‘minorities.’  

            But I respectfully disagree with your premise, and here’s why: (1) If you were a half-way perceptive and conscious of the danger that surrounds you at any such event, you wouldn’t be there in the first place to have to ‘rescue’ anyone. (2) To think that you’re going to somehow preach race-realism to drunk and semi-conscious White youths (male or female) in the midst of that sort of chaos, is naive at best. (3) If they are even able to comprehend what the hell you’re trying to tell them, their automatic ‘multi-cultural’ defenses will arise. They will likely STILL see you as a ‘racist’ who is simply trying to manipulate them in their moment of weakness or need. Many Whites, after having been beaten to a pulp, will still feel sorry or justify the violence of ‘minorities’ against them. We must never underestimate the depth of deception and confusion that has fallen on Whites. (4) In most cases, it will take much more for Whites to come out of their slumber than telling them you just ‘saved’ them, urging them to ‘wake up!’, and referring them to the Amren site – although it’s a good start. A good bloody beating or even a few good thumpings at the hands of Blacks will often do more good in one night than months of ‘preaching’ to them or trying to ‘reason’ with them. (5) Far too many of our White women have been duped about the nature of the Black man. But once they personally feel the sting of pain at the hands of violent Blacks, their entire thinking patterns begin to change (albeit slowly in some instances). Sad to say, but many of our White women are naive, foolish and downright stupid when it comes to ‘minorities’ – and harsh times require drastic measures! Many Whites will simply not learn through any other means.  Yes, it’s a form of ‘tough love’ for our own people, but its benefits are often immediate and long-lasting.   

          • bluffcreek1967

            One further point. Racial consciousness, for Whites at least, does not occur in a vacuum. A good many ‘life experiences,’ including brutal ones, need to first occur before Whites will automatically be conditioned to stand up for each other. It’s usually only within the furnace of several violent encounters with Blacks that Whites start to instinctively defend each other. Until we reach that point, it’s not going to happen on any wide-scale basis.    

        • What the hell are you talking about ? EVERY White man should try to save/help a White woman harassed by Bantus, regardless of consequences. This is ethics 101.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Well, I would recommend you read my reply to Ulick above. Again, I’m NOT talking about normal circumstances in which a White man encounters Blacks harrassing or beating a White woman on the streets while walking home from school or work, etc. I’m talking about those sort of situations in which Whites INVITE the violence of Blacks and Hispanics by gathering in large, drunken crowds with them (e.g., Mardi Gras, an Oakland Raiders football game, a rap concert). It’s those kinds of situations in which Whites CONSCIOUSLY and WILLINGLY place themselves in danger by choosing to gather with ‘minorities.’

            It’s very similar, in effect, to the abused wife who is constantly battered by her husband. Nothing seems to persuade her that her husband is wrong in beating her and that she should leave him. Neither the police, the counselors or caring relatives will change her mind. She will defend him, protect him and do everything to excuse his violence against her . . . until, she reaches a point where she can take no more. As harsh as it may sound, this is what needs to happen to many Whites (both males and females) before they wake up and come to their senses!  

          • Well said. I’m wondering how many of these chivalrous defenders of White maidenhood have ever been in a fist fight, let alone had their head stomped.

            I avoid these events like the plague. How could one possibly better themselves at this gathering?

    • C_C_Conrad

       So many stupid white people eager to give their city to the non-white savages. 

    • Recently, the county Seattle is in (King County) voted to change its namesake from Vice-President William R. King (ironically, he was from Alabama) to Martin Luther King.  That should tell you the mindset of the white people in the area.  Sitting ducks.
      But OTOH, because they are sitting ducks and often the victims, like we can see in this video above, they’re the low hanging fruit to convert to our side.  White liberals who live in black-heavy cities + Patterson’s First Axiom = The next Jared Taylor.

      • tickyul

        This city is sick…..I grew up there. Used to be a good place for the average joe, blue-collar type to live. But the city jumped the shark…….trying to out-lib and out-pc even SF. Now I would never move back……city is run by a bunch of manly women and girly men. 

        Too bad the Libscum have control of the major population centers all along the west coast……as the population centers go…..the state goes.

      • KD_Did

        sitting ducks and low hanging fruit ripe for the invasion.   well put!

      • Mikey

        The voters of King County never had a say in the change of the name of their county.  A state representative pushed for this and the county council voted.  The change was never sent to a vote of the people.  State law was actually amended to change the name of an existing county, I believe this is the only time this has happened in the nation.

        Like everywhere else, we are not represented, just ruled.

    • tickyul

      Urban Americans get a pass in Seattlebabwe no matter how insane they behave.

    • Because Seattle is inhabited by too many white cluless liberals who are getting a quick education. Shock and awe you might say. Funny how black reality can cloud a white view of utopia.

  • Detroit_WASP

    It’s a darn good thing the white kid didn’t have a legally owed and carried hand gun like George Zimmerman did.   Otherwise he’d be facing murder charges like George Zimmerman is!

    It’s amazing how blacks can knock-out a white dude with one punch!  Do they teach knock-out techniques in black churches or on BET??? 

    The lesson here is to not let them get close enough to put hands on you.  Pull your gun before they get that close.  

    •  The one punch stuff is because the White person usually never tenses up around black people(I call this the Liberal Utopian Trance) or is completely sucker punched. The only black technique that is taught is 10 to 1, sucker punches, 250 pounds against 125, or some other method that takes advantage of a situation. To cause havoc and chaos in the most violent ways possible is the only thing they know. That’s why there are so many videos and stories of black people attacking senior citizens.

      • Detroit_WASP

        “the White person usually never tenses up around black people”
        Not where I come from.  My parents brought me up right!  lol   Seriously, I learned real early to be leary of blacks.  By 5th grade I avoided them.

        Watching the 6 O’Clock news in Detroit every night will cure most liberals.  Getting the liberal beat out of them by a black thug cures the rest.

        • Coming from the depths of Memphrica, your experience sounds like something I can relate to. I came from a lower to lower middle class childhood, so I didn’t even have to turn on the TV to see these freaks of evolution.

    • sarah stein

      There is no law that requires you to notify the police after you’ve defended yourself.  Just walk away like this attacker did.  If there is crime going on, the police will avoid that area like the plague, and like this guy you just stroll away. 

  • Take a long hard look White America. That is the opposite of Racism.

  • bubo

    Victim looks Asian to me.  Which isn’t surprising as they are targeted often because of their smaller size.   

    The victim’s mistake is not having his head on a swivel when walking down an alley like that.   And he should at least carry a blackjack or a box cutter.  

  • Classic black blindside sucker punch. Never walk down an alley of any major city at night, unless you want to be robbed and possibly murdered. A great man once said people are made up of wolves, sheep and sheepdogs. The video above presents us  with a wolf and a sheep. I choose to be a sheepdog; always aware of my surroundings and prepared to do battle with the wolves.

  • jedsrael

    This is a Hate Video, because it “undermines” our commitment to foster Diversity and do more for minorities.

  • tickyul

    Sad, I hope the person makes a full recovery.

    This is typical for Seattlebabwe……….Urban Americans get a pass on insane behavior by the Libscum(see Kris Kime). I think it may be a bit shocking to the Libscum that read so joyfully about Seattlebabwe……. then move there and see the truth. But they soon get even MORE brainwashed and will eventually joing the chorus and cheer on Urban Americans when they get revenge on evil ole Whitey.

    Think I am joking or spinning bombast for the hell of it………..go live there and you will see.

  • You know, I’m actually more mad at the white victim here. I’m strictly stereotyping here, but the way he walks, dresses, and carries a “man purse”, we saw two democrats in this video.
    In just 7 weeks, the crime victim here is still going to vote for Obama.

    From the entry on the 2008 Presidential Election: ” The Seattle area, home to almost two-thirds of the state’s population, is overwhelmingly Democratic. The rest of Western Washington leans Democratic as well, though the lean is not as pronounced as in the greater Seattle area. In contrast, Eastern Washington is very rural, and in many ways more similar to Idaho than Seattle. Republicans have had an edge here for many years, in part to its strong tinge of social conservatism.
    On Election Day, Obama won the state by 17.08%. He swept the more urban counties along the Western Seaboard, which compose the Democratic base. More than two-thirds of the state’s population lives in this area; this makes it very difficult for a Republican to win the state because of this region’s liberal tilt. Obama would have been assured a victory in any event due to his performance in the Seattle area. He carried King County, home to Seattle itself and its close suburbs and just over a third of the state’s population, with 69.97 percent of the vote–almost three-fifths of his statewide majority. Obama also swept the two other big counties in Western Washington, Pierce (home to Tacoma) and Snohomish (home to Everett by decisive margins. His combined majority in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties would have been more than enough to carry the state. McCain only won one county in the western part of the state, Lewis County, traditionally the most socially conservative county west of the Cascades.”

    It takes, quite literally, having some sense knocked into you.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Diversity Tax: Collected.

  • I’ve seen those interviews. The white victim ends up blaming himself and/or forgiving his black attacker.

  • Ulick

    The disdain that blacks show for Asians and the frequency of black attacks on Asians shows me the hollowness of the argument that blacks hate and attack whites because of slavery and segregation.  Why do blacks hate and attack Asians then?  Unless, of course, Asian success makes blacks feel inferior, they suspect that just may be the case, and that harsh reality infuriates them.  In other words, the same reason why blacks really hate whites.

  • What I want to know is that if black people are such victims of White oppression and hate, then why can’t I find too many videos like this, where White people act like primates and target black people?

    Is Timmy Wise’s distorted and laughable theory of White Privilege really just a code for White-skinned people getting raped, robbed and killed by blacks? That might actually make sense. Maybe that’s some kind of super duper Privilege over in West Nashville.

  • johnny from alberta

    Just visited Liverpool where the Battle of the Atlantic was based.
    Gave time and respects to every Lost Ship remembered on Canada Blvd.
    Thank you for acknowledging us, and my Grandfather lost.
    Proud White Canadian.

  • sarah stein

      He walks down an ally at night, oblivious to his surroundings and carrying a man purse, and now I can’t stop laughing.

    • Puggg

      I’m not laughing.

      There but for the Grace of God go I.

  • JohnEngelman

    I am glad the reporter reported the race of the criminal. 
    When walking in or near a black neighborhood you should always have a weapon. Ideally this should be a small hand gun if you can get a permit to carry it. At least carry pepper spray. Always look behind you from time to time. Look at your reflection in windows, and your shadow to see if someone is following you, or getting too close to you. 
    Avoid the approach of a young black man you don’t know. It is particularly important to avoid the approach of several young black men you don’t know. Do not worry about hurting their feelings. Worry about being mugged, robbed at gunpoint, or perhaps killed. 

  • ViktorNN

    You can’t say there’s such a thing as “white privilege” when it’s unsafe as a white person to be walk in certain parts of town after dark, and when white people are disproportionately the victims of interracial crime.

    “White privilege” is a myth.

  • Blacks are physically stronger and bigger dicked.  Blacks beat up white boys and take jungle-feverized white women..

    This is your future shown in Jew-controlled porn:


  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    I’m quite sure no arrest will ever be made given how you can’t see the black man’s face and I’m betting this White Man will never admit that he was singled out because he’s White.

  • OT.   Wow!  Justice served!

    NYT:   “Texas: Four Get 15-Year Sentences in Gang Rape of 11-Year-Old Girl”
    Four men who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl
    in 2010 were sentenced Friday in a Liberty courtroom to 15 years in
    prison. Timothy Ellis, 20, his cousin Rayford Ellis Jr., 21, Kelvin
    King, 23, and Jared McPherson, 20, pleaded guilty this month to
    aggravated sexual assault of a child in a deal with prosecutors. All
    four are among 20 men and boys from nearby Cleveland, a town about 45
    miles northeast of Houston, who were charged with sexually assaulting
    the girl at least four times. One defendant went to trial and was
    convicted and sentenced to 99 years in prison last month.

    • sarah stein

      20 men and boys.  I’m going to assume that would mean 18 men and 2 boys.  So 18 men rape an 11 year old and only 4 go to jail.  Tell me there isn’t a separate and lenient justice system for blacks.  A shame they weren’t god’s chosen, all 18 could have walked.

      • This was the case in TX last year where the 20 black “men & boys” raped the 11-year old Hispanic girl.  Some of the regular excuse-makers came out blaming the 11-year old.  I think prosecutions are still ongoing, so there may be more convictions.  I was surprised to see hard convictions this fast, but I guess that’s how they do it down in the great state of TX.

    • Ulick

      That rape is a perfect example of how blacks are different than all other races.  Apparently, all twenty rapists didn’t know each other.  They just happened upon a gang rape… and joined in!

      Honestly, could you imagine random white men stumbling upon a gang rape of an 11 year old and thinking, “Looks like fun.  Where’s the line?”  Hell no!  Nearly any white man would try to stop the rape or call the police.

      Blacks constantly complain that everyone looks down on blacks because everyone is racist.  No. everyone looks down on blacks because blacks do horrific things that no other people do.

      Blacks will continue to pull the “everyone is racist against us” card until we have the balls to state publicly why everyone feels that way.  

    • IstvanIN

       Only 15 years, max?  That is justice?

  •  Right.  Apply the Cooper Color Codes – White/Yellow/Orange/Red.  This putz should have been at Orange, but instead was at White.


  •  That seems risky.  His sucka punch would be quicker than your reaction.  What prompted his chimpout?  Were you much bigger and more intimidating-looking?  What would be a better more save way to handle such a situation? 

    • ncpride

      In a face to face, one on one aggressive confrontation, the black would not have the advantage of a ‘sucker punch’, at which time they quickly become the cowards they are. That’s why they usually always attack in packs or try to catch a victim completely unawares. Most of the time, there is no better way to handle the situation. They only understand and respect violence. Defending yourself is always risky, no matter their color, and blacks are no different.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    Unfortunately it appeared that some wiggers were also involved in the attacks unless they were Hispanics.
    I REALLY want to be able to see a video where the White victims manage to leave a pile of dead Mau Mau on the sidewalks.

    The NRA has managed to help defeat that UN bill relating to International Arms sales. Basically it was a step toward a world wide ban on the sale of firearms to the public. If you don’t belong to the NRA join now. IF you’re a member send a donation (whatever you can afford) to the :
    Institute for Legislative Action
    National Rifle Association
    PO BOX 5200
    Forrester Center, WC 25438-9892
    Your life depends on being able to defend yourself.
    ALso send whatever you can afford to AMREN . 

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    Indeed, they are disgustingly cowardly. White men used to have a duel to settle differences. Face to face, one on one, with fists, swords, or pistols. Honor is above the black man.

    Watch how they trip over each other and wet their pants when their victims fight back


    • sarah stein

      When homeys tell each other “yo I go yo back cuz”, it must be in the down low jargon, because it looked like he walked all over his back, trying to get out of the door, while leaving him laying there. lol. Proving again, these bitches are  all talk.

  • potato78

    Made me angry and felt these people are so brutal.

    I saw the real hatred in their heart so that they could brutally beat a white woman and man.
    my comments is for below video.


  • Spot on.

  • It’s all about awareness, preparedness, instinct and common sense. If you are drunk on the diversity kool aid, you have none of those survival skills. If you believe the diversity myth, you will walk down a dark alley at night, in a major urban environment, and think nothing will happen to you because, “hey, we are all just the same.” Whether the victim was White or Asian, makes no matter, because blacks will prey upon either race with equal vigor. The victims biggest mistake was failing to be aware of his surroundings. My guess is the black attacker had to be within 20 yards of the entry to that alleyway when the victim entered. There were probably many signals the victim ignored. I hope the victim recovers fully but there are many incidents were people are attacked in such a manner and develop chronic head/neck pain, vision/hearing problems. It’s not just the punch to the head that does, damage, but when and unconscious person falls to the ground their head often is inflicted with a second severe blow when it hits the concrete. Many people have died from similar attacks.  

    •  I find it fascinating that some of the most vital advice and information you can give someone just so happens to be some of the most Racist and politically incorrect.

      Offensive(as in to attack something) is certainly deemed Racist when White people take part in it. Defensive(purely a passive, pacifist, non-confrontational act) is deemed just as Racist.

  • RisingReich

    Kindness and civility is how we got in this mess, and it continues to KILL us.

  • Stealth is a primary tactic of many predators. I’ve read accounts from people who survived mountain lion attacks. In several of these cases, the victim never saw or heard anything until they were hit from the blindside. As you and other posters have noted, even if the victim in the above video had been armed, his firearm would have been just one more item stolen from him. Awareness is our first line of self-defense. In the above video, it’s quite possible the attacker was loitering at or near the entryway of the alley. The victim, either did not notice the attacker or had drunk the diversity kool aide, and didn’t consider him to be a threat. I don’t think most Amren readers would  make that mistake. 

  • WrathofWotan

    It’s about time to put this obsolete farming equipment back on the shelf called Africa.