Musician Bob Dylan claims America will never be able to rid the shame of being ‘founded on the back of slaves’.

The outspoken singer said the stigma of slavery has ruined America and he doubts the country will ever recover from it.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, he continued that the people of America are ‘at each other’s throats just because they are of a different color’.

He added that ‘it will hold any nation back’ and black people know that some whites ‘didn’t want to give up slavery’.
Dylan, 71, said: ‘If slavery had been given up in a more peaceful way, America would be far ahead today.’

Slavery was finally abolished in America in 1865 after years of conflict between the north and the south over the law.

Slave labour existed in America from an early colonial period and it was not until after the American Revolution, from 1775 to 1783, that all northern states in the country abolished slavery.

But the slave trade increased in the south after the expansion of the cotton industry in 1800 and southern businessman were determined to hold on to their cheap labour.

The international import or export of slaves became illegal under U.S. law in 1807 but by the 1850s the South was vigorously defending slavery.

In 1861 eleven slave states broke away to form the Confederate States of America, leading to the American Civil War, which ended in 1865 and the slaves were freed.

Great moves have been made towards equality since then but many agree there is still a long way to go.

When asked if President Barack Obama was helping to shift a change, Dylan says: ‘I don’t have any opinion on that. You have to change your heart if you want to change.’

President Obama – the most powerful man in America – is himself believed to be descended from slaves.

Genealogists even claim that DNA analysis and marriage and property records suggest that Obama is the 11th great-grandchild of John Punch, the first black slave living in colonial Virginia nearly four centuries ago.

While it was known that Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, had European ancestors, researchers discovered she also had at least this one African American forebear.

John Punch’s story stretches back to the mid-1600s; he was working as a servant when he escaped Virginia for Maryland in 1640.

Once there, he was captured and put on trial with two white servants who had also escaped, but he received the severest punishment and was condemned to servitude for life.

The sentence, which came years before Virginia set laws condoning slavery, has led historians to regard him as America’s first legally sanctioned slave.

Many of America’s public figures can trace their ancestry back to the period – with as many being descended from slavers and those on the side of the southern Confederacy as those descended from slaves.


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  • Puggg

    So America isn’t good enough for the old noise-making hippie?

    Cuba is that way.

    • I really care about what Robert Allen Zimmerman, whoops, I mean Bob Dylan has to say. Oy vey! Here’s one of many videos of him stoned out of his mind and rambling:

      These 60’s morons would smoke their pot and think they were philosophizing, when in actuality, they were just flapping their gums. Hey, people quote “Fifty Cent,” the rapper, so there you go.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

         “…Robert Allen Zimmerman…”

        That tells my everything I need to know about him.

  • If Bob doesn’t like America, he can give up his millions of US dollars from record sales, concerts, royalties, and his mansion in Malibu! 

    • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

      He never told us that Isis was a black girl.  We never would have guessed.

    • MikeofAges

       Dylan expressed his sentiments on this subject long ago. Talking about his father, while his father was till alive, he said that his father, an independent businessman, had to live in “the material world” while he, and others successful in the popular arts, did not.

      His belief, and I am sure it is widely shared among the “glitterati”, is that their wealth allows them not to have to live materially. Many wealthy people, particularly inheritors, believe the same thing, but they also have to live with realization that they just  might be the self-indulgent idiots the rest of us think they are. Tell the same thing to a pop star or actor and they will go into a huff or, more likely, call security and their spin doctors. Most pop figures, there are exceptions, are junior college dropouts, often with an intellectual profile to match.

      The reason many of them embrace leftism is because the left gives them the approval they crave, so long as they lead some numbers of unstable youth into the leftist fold and the concomitant electoral coalition. How Obama got elected.

      Rock stars and other celebrities and their fans are not so different in their profiles. 

      • Puggg

         Dylan expressed his sentiments on this subject long ago. Talking about
        his father, while his father was till alive, he said that his father, an
        independent businessman, had to live in “the material world” while he,
        and others successful in the popular arts, did not.

        What that probably means is that his father’s adult experiences were the Great Depression and World War II, while he himself never consciously experienced anything close to a real struggle. Prosperity is a good thing on balance, but the bad side is that you have millions of Bob Dylan types singing dorky songs and trying to find themselves in the “arts,” i.e. finger painting.

        There was a crummy movie a few years back, starring DiCaprio and Winslet, their first co-starring together in a movie since Titanic.  It was called “Revolutionary Road,” about 30-year olds in 1955 who get bored with life and go out to “find themselves.” That movie was nothing more than baby boomers projecting their own mentality on their parents’ generation.  People who were 30 in 1955 were born in 1925.  That means they were 4 when the Great Depression it, children and teenagers during the Depression, 16 when Pearl Harbor struck, men were in the military shortly after (or in some cases, they lied about their age to get in sooner than legally permitted), women were Rosie the Riveters, and they were 20 when WWII ended, and soon started to experience real prosperity for the first times in their conscious lives.  People who were 30 years old in 1955 didn’t have to go out and “find themselves,” because they already knew who they were, and thankful for everything they had because the first two-thirds of their lives was one of deprivation and sacrifice.  That mentality would be the province of their kids’ generation.

        • MikeofAges

           When Zimmerman-Dylan talked about this subject, it was a little more personal. He was talking about having rebuilt his relationship with his father after disdaining him for his lower middle class mentality. Probably, Dylan never experienced any socioeconomic deprivation. But he identified with and internalized the sufferings of those around him as the iron mining industry which sustained Hibbing, Minnesota died out. John Lennon, who was the least deprived of the four Beatles, also internalized the misery surrounding him.

  • humptydumpty

    i feel no shame about slavery whatsoever…

    • LoStranger

      Of course you don’t your white…lol

  • Bernie

    Has slavery ruined Brazil? Sudan? Mauritania? Iran?

    Or is it just white countries that are “ruined”?

    • The__Bobster

      Slavery did ruin Brazil. Look at the racial compostion of the North.

  • Dylan, 71, said: ‘If slavery had been given up in a more peaceful way, America would be far ahead today.’

    Well, he’s right about that. No Civil War and it could have been done more systematically instead of violently and suddenly. The sentiment at the time was to send them to Africa or the Caribbean. Nobody in their right mind wanted to just turn them lose on the country.

    God knows how much healthier as a nation we would be if Lincoln had lived to realize his ultimate goal of re-settling the Africans in a black homeland somewhere.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       A ray of light in a line of reactionary posts.  Dylan is right and the fact that Amren has to exist to list the effects of it today is just more proof.  Slavery existed in the North in earlier colonial times as well as in the South.  Whites were made slaves too.  They were called “indentured servants,” but because they were working off their passages they were  contract slaves which meant they were free whereas black African slaves cost money.  Many don’t realize that the real story is that the white slaves were treated more brutally, used in far more dangerous jobs, like clearing swamps and lumbering, with many losing their lives just because there was no monetary loss involved.  Just because Dylan is saying what IS factual and obvious shouldn’t get such a defensive reaction from intelligent people – if they are intelligent.

  • Hirschibold

    ‘If slavery had been given up in a more peaceful way, America would be far ahead today.’

    Idiot. Slavery has existed for thousands of years, across continents and in most cultures, either native American (PC term, I know) sub-Saharan Africa, or in the Muslim world. Even race-baiter extraordinaire  Henry Louis Gates showed in his PBS series that roughly 10 times as many blacks were sold in South and Central America as in the United States. Maybe Bob ain’t too good at math, or doesn’t understand what an exponent is.

    Google “The Black Man’s Guilt” by Alex Kurtagic, which quotes from several papers written by African scholars who quote the primary sources of Christian missionaries who went to the Ivory Coast, and were told by the African chieftains, who conducted clitoral mutilation and amputations on their slaves: “Our gods have decreed that we are to have slaves.  A mother lulls her child to sleep with tales of an enemy reduced to slavery.”

    White people aren’t the first people to take part in slavery. They are the first, and only ones (to my knowledge) to abolish slavery on moral grounds. Human trafficking is still big among Africans and Hispanics.

    • The__Bobster

      His people still engage in White slavery operating out of Jerusalem.

      • Hirschibold

         Ah, but I’m sure Dylan is on the Tim Wise side of the contingent, whereby the Palestinians (being the darker of the two people in the conflict) are saints, and let’s not forget that Israel helped De Klerk’s apartheid South Africa; Bob’s an old guard Lefty loon. I don’t plan on buying his new album, though I will be purchasing Van the Man’s new one next month. He, like a small number of dignified number of celebrities, never commented on politics.

        Wait a minute. I just remembered Dylan’s last name is really Zimmerman. Isn’t his son the one who murdered that innocent black toddler and took his skittles?

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           Ah, but you’re so wrong.  Dylan was so adamant about not being used by the Left who thought they were going to own him, make him their puppet that he outraged them by plugging in his guitar and singing songs about loose ladies in New Orleans instead of presenting another one about what else might be in the wind.  He got booed off stage repeatedly and actually had his life threatened (multiple times) when he toured in England in 1965 because  he wouldn’t play the old stuff anymore.  I haven’t always agreed with his moves, like his foray in Christianity (should have known better), but he is still only human, after all.  Anyway, he’s got a lot more guts than anyone posting here, including me.

          All you people “outing” his real name; are you going to list all the performers who changed their names, or did you think he is the only one who ever did it?  If this means that people who do this are automatic frauds and phonies to be disrespected and stoned in the market place, what shall we do about Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)?

          • Hirschibold

             Joni Mitchell called him  a fraud and a phoney. He made his nut, his first million or so, doing the Woody Guthrie ‘friend of the working man’ schtick until it made him rich. He can’t sing for crap, even BB King (whose skill lies more in tone than virtuoso playing) said he had trouble teaching Bob to play a basic song.

            The hangers-on at “Rolling Stone” will give his every mewling 4 stars, but I’m not obligated to do the same.

          • anarchyst

            Just a short note.  You are right about BB King.  However, notice that he cannot play guitar and sing at the same time.  Not a criticism of his talent, merely one of his idiosyncracies which doesn’t take away from his talent as a musician.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      You are right on one issue, slavery has been around as long as their have been people and it is still around.  However,  You are way off in saying that Dylan is an idiot for recognizing the particular American case as it is unique and we are obviously still suffering from the affects of having had African slaves here as well as having to resort to white fratricide to end it.  Britain ended slavery, as did France and most other European nations without fight a civil war over it.  They ended it in their colonies.  Moreover, Britain fought campaigns within their empire to end slave trade.  Even Tzarist Russia ended serfdom in 1863, recognizing from the American Civil War that nothing but trouble would come from continuing it.  (Tragically, enough care wasn’t taken and the serfs became even poorer when they had to buy the land they had worked for generations.  This is what ultimately led to the Russian Revolution).

      No, the reason we had to have a bloody civil war over it was because fanatical Christians thought it was a kind of Armageddon and their religious fervor perverted white “Christians” to hate other white “Christians.”  It is a mental illness peculiar to the American and Dylan is right to note it’s affect, even if he is himself missing or not mentioning the real tragedy of it in the violence that spun out of the CW and continued for years.  (Takes more than a few comments).  The big difference to America today would be that a HUGE number of white founding families would still have WHITE issue present in today’s population.  Instead, the flower of the old America was largely killed off, especially Virginia, but not just Virginia.  But even more, if blacks had been peacefully freed, it is far more likely that Lincoln could have found the means to move most if not all of them back to Africa.  I’ve read that it was funding that shot that idea down, and because of that he had to pretend to like the idea of “living side by side with the  Negro.”  If white Americans had not spent such an unprecedented amount of treasure on white fratricide, there would have been more than enough to send negros back to Africa and mechanize agriculture, eliminating the need for so much manual labor.

      I have ancestors that fought on both sides.  The New York regiments had a song about not caring one bit about freeing the “N*[email protected]^” but expressed a great desire to kill snobby, elitist Southerners, who they seemed obsessively jealous of.  And for the South, I am seventh cousin to General Robert E. Lee through Anna Hill Carter-Lee, wife of “Light Horse” Harry Lee, Revolutionary War hero.

      Dylan has written many songs with Old South imagery done in a way that demonstrates not only a tender regard, but a deeper understanding of the tragedy of the particular American experiment.

    • the_noeticist

      Your whole argument is “other people did it, too!” It’s a red herring and just too predictable (and erroneous) to have any real meaning. It doesn’t matter if slavery has existed in all cultures since the beginning of time–it simply does not matter because we are talking about the United States. The point is that US slavery was race-based (i.e. linked blackness with perpetual servitude, inferiority, etc.) and, in turn, created an ideology of racial stratification that did not end well into the 1960s.

      You are ignoring everything that made US slavery unique in order to bash Dylan’s point that slavery made a mess of US race relations. US slavery should have never happened, period. Your comment is inane and boring.

  • Maybe Mr.  Bob (Zimmerman) Dylan can research his genealogy to uncover whether any of his Jewish ancestors were profiteers in the slave trade or owned plantations in the US, Brazil, Suriname or in the Caribbean. Then being the good, generous, liberal American-Jew that he is, he could then donate ALL his money towards the rehabilitation of the poor blacks who still suffer PTSD from the meer thought that their great-great-great-great grandparents might possibly have been slaves. 

    • loyalwhitebriton

      Well, you learn something new every day. Until I read your post earlier on this evening, I had no idea that “Saint Bob” had no foreskin and worshipped Yahweh.
      All I knew was that he was a bloody awful singer who wrote impenetrable lyrics.

    • loyalwhitebriton

      Moderator: my comment to luca has been pulled. Boy, you’re in a bad mood today.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         Take it from me, the Amren moderator is thoroughly sophomoric and limited in scope.  They use Jefferson as a front for attracting would be free thinkers and then try to pretend they represent the Jeffersonian perspective while they purge dissenting views that might challenge dogmatic thinking of the ones they expect will donate most often.

        • NM156

          Huh? OK, I’d really love to read an example of faux-Jeffersonianism as a lure for big-money donors on AR. Fire away…

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        About 1 out of 10 of my posts get deleted, and I always try to be tame.

  • anarchyst

    As a professional musician with REAL talent, I state that Bob Dylan (Zimmerman) could never sing or even hold a tune.  His recorded music was heavily edited in the recording studio . . . Any studio musician could run circles around Bob Dylan (Zimmerman) . . .

    • Sue

      You just don’t understand him.  That nasal off key quality is nice in a nails on the blackboard sort of way.
      Mr. Zimmerman had tried Christianity (he said) oddly you didn’t hear about him again until he was back in the fold.  

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         He even put out a couple albums declaring it, “Slow Train Coming” and “Saved.”

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Dylan sang the way he did intentionally.  Anyone who honestly spent
      anytime listening to any of his work would recognize the muscianship and
      feeling involved with something as simple as for example how he plays
      harmonica on “Desolation Row,” which was a criticism of the outcome of
      “The Summer of Love” in SF in 1967.  And his writing is prolific and
      often stunning.

      You’re also flatly lying about the studio editing.  It is well known for example, that “Like a Rolling Stone” was recorded in one sitting, after “The Band” came back from lunch.  “The Band” BTW and FYI is well known for its musical expertise and in fact, relied heavily on Southern style and imagery.

      It’s really amazing how many posters here have so much to say about someone they know so little about.  There’s a word for that.  But you go further, pretending that being a “professional” (make you living) musician somehow qualifies you to judge another, far more successful fellow musician.  Quite a coup.

      • skara_brae

        Well said Formerly.

      • anarchyst

        Thank you for your kind remarks.  I stand by my statement that Bob Dylan (Zimmerman) is overrated as a musician.
        Now, the “band” is another story.  The members of the “band” are consummate musicians.
        What do you think of “rap” of “hip-hop”?  I don’t consider “rap” of “hip-hop” to be music as there is no melody, merely “spoken word” . . . profanity and hatred of whites . . .
        As to your degradation of my “success” as a musician – – I play multiple instruments, sing and do it for the enjoyment . . . and also teach multiple instruments.   It sounds like there is a bit of (misplaced) jealousy on your part . . . I won’t make nearly as much as someone like Bob Dylan (Zimmerman) but DO achieve satisfaction in seeing my music students excel beyone my expectations . . .
        Best regards,

  • MissBonnie123

    So Barack Obama descended from slaves. But look at the fact that he is president of the United States. How could Mr. Dylan make such an outlandish comment inferring that this country could never recover from slavery.

    “….he continued that the people of America are ‘at each other’s throats just because they are of a different color’.”  This is because it is human nature to prefer people of your own race and when you bring diversity into a country–any country–you will always have conflict.

    In addition, when Bob Dylan and other anti-White progressives persistently talk and write about how “oppressed” nonwhites are and bring up long-ago history, this is bound to inflame nonwhite emotions and cause them to hate and even assault White people.

    If Mr. Dylan feels guilt for slavery, how come he has allowed himself to become a multimillionaire and live the affluent lifestyle? Shouldn’t he be giving ALL of his money and possessions away to an “oppressed” black person. After all, guilt seeks punishment. By his actions he is proving that he doesn’t feel any of that white guilt.

    • Puggg

      Obama is descended from slave owners but no slaves. Can someone confirm?

      • The__Bobster

        Jungle fever runs in his commie mother’s side of da fambly.

        CHICAGO — A family history website claims it has linked President Barack Obama to the first documented African slave in the American colonies.

        Research by from early Virginia records and DNA analysis shows Obama is the 11th great-grandson of John Punch, an indentured servant in Colonial Virginia who became enslaved for life after trying to escape in 1640, according to the website.

        The findings were released about 100 days out from the presidential election. Obama’s campaign headquarters are based in Chicago.

        “Remarkably, the connection was made through President Obama’s Caucasian mother’s side of the family,” the site said in a statement.

  • Rssimerly

    Only 25% of the American population owned slaves in 1860 (US CENSUS DATA). that means that 75% of this country was formed, made and founded by hard working free people who disliked and had a hatred of slavery………This is a comment founded on ignorance…

    • The__Bobster

      The number was far less than 25%. It was even less than that in the South.

      Most Southerners owned no slaves and most slaves lived in small groups rather than on large plantations. Less than one-quarter of white Southerners held slaves, with half of these holding fewer than five and fewer than 1 percent owning more than one hundred. In 1860, the average number of slaves residing together was about ten.

    • Triarius

      Before the start of the Civil War roughly 4% of Southerners owned slaves. The south held about 1/3 of the U.S. population. Just over 1% of the U.S. population owned slaves in total.

      A slave was equal to roughly the cost of a bmw and most could not afford one or need one.

    • Triarius

      Before the start of the Civil War roughly 4% of Southerners owned slaves. The south held about 1/3 of the U.S. population. Just over 1% of the U.S. population owned slaves in total.

      A slave was equal to roughly the cost of a bmw and most could not afford one or need one.

  • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

    “The outspoken singer said the stigma of slavery has ruined America and he doubts the country will ever recover from it.”

    He almost said it, but fell short.”The outspoken singer said the of slavery descendants have ruined America and he doubts the country will ever recover from them.”

    Ahh, just feels so good…

  • Slavery was horrible injustice by greedy men who wanted cheap labor.  Now I say we right this wrong by sending the descendants of slaves back to the motherland.

    It’s what Lincoln wanted.

    • GM (Australia)

      Liberia (West Africa) was founded for that very purpose with freed slaves being repatriated as far back as 1820. Would any of today’s  African Americans even consider going to live in that poverty stricken war torn hell-hole? No they much prefer to live in the nation that (their) despised and hated white race built.

      •  Aww, comment was removed.  What gives?  Is Amren against repatriation?

        • loyalwhitebriton

          I’ve just had a comment pulled too (though on a different article).
          Looks like tonight’s moderator is pulling no punches.
          So watch your P’s and Q’s folks.

        • When I was a young’en, and starting out in AR Moderation Academy, (a beautiful campus on several hundred bucolic acres near Chancellorsville, Virginia), my professor in repatriations kept drilling it in my head that I was to reject comments about forced repatriation of our brothers and sisters of dark hue to Africa.  Voluntary, okay.  Forced, no.

          •  I never said forced.  Plus I was joking…

          • loyalwhitebriton

            Voluntary, okay. Forced, no
            That’s probably a correct philosophy for your country, but certainly not mine.
            America was colonized by white Europeans from the late sixteenth century (mainly us lot – the British), native American Indians were displaced from their ancestral lands, and you’ve been living with blacks for about four centuries.

            Our situation is different. Anglo-Saxons, Danes, Jutes, and other Northern Europeans have been settled in this land for about 1500 years, and traditional British Celts have been here for at least 3500 years. Non-whites didn’t start to arrive in this country until after WWII; before that we were 99.9% homogeneous white.

            So why not use force? We have more right to use force than what you do; being an authentic ‘mother-nation’ gives us that right. 

          • It’s not a matter of using force or not using force, it’s a matter of the Chancellor of the AR Moderation Academy’s curriculum.

            Not that I’m giving away state secrets, but Troll Identification 303 was a really hard course.

      • Liberia is still a hell hole. Their civil war ended a few years ago. I read where there were Liberian natives that were granted temporary protected status in the US while the war was going on. After it ended, they did not want to go back because they claimed that they could not get any services in that country and demanded that they be given permanent residency in the US.(green card.

  • IstvanIN

    The tribe strikes again.

  • Ulick

    Bob needs to realize The Times, They are a-Changin’.  Fewer whites feel the guilt that his generation did because the younger generations are reading articles and watching videos of whites getting pummeled by gangs of blacks; and they’re seeing their schools, communities, and country eroding because of minorities.  There is a backlash Hurricane a-brewin’, and when it strikes those who led us to this state will be looking for Shelter From The Storm.

  • Michael C. Scott

    “The country can’t escape from its past.”

    At least Dylan will escape being a jumped-up buffoon, as since he is 71, he won’t be able to impose his dim-wittedness on the world for too many more years.

    Please; being a wealthy singer does not make you a philosopher.

  • This whole notion that American was built on the “backs of slaves” is so repugnant and insulting I want to completely incinerate anyone who touts that ridiculous line.  I guess NOTHING of substance was built in this country after 1865.  Also how does picking cotton and working in the manor house equate with building a nation?  Additionally, IF African labor was the prerequisite for a first world America, WHY is Africa a steaming pile of elephant dung with all of that skilled African labor?   If Africans built the US, why do ALL of their majority black communities look like third world ghettos? 

    • The__Bobster

      Horses contributed more labor than the slaves did, but did we give them voting rights?

    • LoStranger

      America was built on the back of slaves economically and it was the foundation of how many Europeans were able to become so rich in the US all that free labor blacks were forced to give whites meant they were able to trade material and keep 100% of the profits THINK about it

  • >>If slavery had been given up in a more peaceful way, America would be far ahead today

    Dylan/Zimmerman is a leftist idiot and very over-rated as a musician, but he’s right in at least this point in his little White guilt rant.  Byt the 1860s chatel slavery in the US was an institution in decline and within two decades or so it would have probably died out completly and/or dwindled to the point that it’s supporters cold not rally enough popular support to prevent it being banned by law.  Had this been permitted to occur the crisis that lead the the American “Civil War” might have been avoided (I say “might” as slavery was but one of several key issues that caused the war)  Avoiding the war would had meant that 600,000 Americans would not have been killed and the South would not have been economicly devestated by the course of the conflict as not being subject to the long term negative effects of (as well as the simering resentment that resulted from) radical reconstruction.  In such an enviorment more rational solutions such as repatriation of ex-slaves might have occured.

    • The__Bobster

      Slavery was not a key issue at all.

      • Sure it was. …but it was but one of several causes.

        Those who claim that slavery had nothing to do with the war are wrong.  But those who say that slavery was the single cause (or even the majority cause) of the war are also wrong.  It was a complex issue in which economic domination of the South by the North played as big a role (perhaps bigger) than slavery.

        • The main issue was states rights. The southern states wanted to continue slavery and new states that came into the union were either free or slave states. I believe Texas was a slave state and Missouri was a free state.

          • MikeofAges

             Missouri was a “border” state, i.e. a slave state which did not secede. The others were Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware. The western counties of Virginia split off and became the state of West Virginia.

  • America was not founded on the backs of slaves. It was founded by people from England who wanted religious freedom. The slaves were basically a form of cheap labor that allowed large southern plantations to compete with worldwide markets. America has been dependent on cheap labor ever since. That is how the Chinese, Japanese, Italians, Irish, and people from Eastern and Southern Europe got to the US. Today’s source of cheap labor is the illegal alien. They will work for lower wages than most whites will and thus they lower the wages for everyone.

  •  Isn’t it funny that this typical jewish hypocrite initially made his fame and fortune by ripping off songs and melodies of negro blues and white folk singers who came before him?

    Like all others cut from the same cloth as he was, he likes to talk down to us peasants from high atop his penthouse suite and lecture us about our evil ways while sipping his champagne. Apparently, sociopaths like him never held up a mirror to themselves when speaking this litany of commie propaganda.

    Here’s some proof about Dylan AKA Zimmerman ripping people off:

    Zimmerman is a fraud and is still plagiarizing, why is he given any credibility?  Even if he wasn’t a sneak thief, all he is is a two-bit communist agitator. Why does what he says matter? Why is it printed and taken seriously?

  • loyalwhitebriton

    America will never rid the shame of being the birthplace of Bob Dylan!

  • NYB

    Canada was not a slave-owning country, and it too is being ruined by blacks.  The same for Sweden, Britain, Australia, and France. 

    Regardless of the circumstances or era, black immigrants straight out of Africa are ruinous to white countries.

  • The__Bobster

    His songs are far better…..when someone else sings them.

  • Hehehe.
    I just noticed what your account avatar was and apreciate the irony when it’s associated with your screen name!

  •  You can bet that if the situation were reversed little Izzie Z would have an army of lawyers suing the hell out of those that ripped him off. He really is just a petty loud-mouth commie who deserves a barrage of spit then forgotten.

  • potato78

    I never heard that Native American cry.   Why didn’t “white” americans feel guilty about it.   Looks like who cry the most who will get the best deal.   The Native Americans are the most “white” americans owe to.   Anglo-white brought Blacks onto the north america land and shared the prosperity with blacks.   Why do they always complain about it?  Anglo-whites treated them as angles, however, they were spoiled under such environment.

    • Ulick

      Even segregation and Seperate but Equal weren’t that bad.  It was essentially you stay over there, we’ll stay over here; you do your thing, we’ll do our thing.  It only looked bad because the outcomes were so different.  The over there that blacks created were poor and crime ridden, and the over here that whites created were prosperous and safe.  Seperate but Equal became Seperate but Unequal only because white people and black people are unequal and created different environments for themselves.

  • IKantunderstand

    This country was founded on everything BUT slavery. And let me say, I have never in my life been so sorry about the activities of the Americans who preceded me. What the hell were you thinking? Have we learned our lessons? Hell no! Now we admit (not legally, usually) mexicans and assorted thirld world whatevers, to once again provide cheap labor. Hey, it didn’t work with blacks. It’s not gonna work with browns.  Have we become Darwinian dropouts?

  • extragirl666

    Actually slavery did nothing to build this country. The british are the people who imported slaves into the american colonies. When the united states was formed the first thing they did was to permit only free white persons to immigrate to the united states. The founding fathers knew that true progress could not be achieved using slaves.BTW if you look at how the British are oppressing their own people. The United  States should never have become allies with Britain.

    • NM156

      The Americans were British when the slave trade began, you knucklehead.

  • Tom in MI

    What really ruined America was bringing blacks here in the first place.

    • jeffaral

      Who brought them to Amerika??!!

  • Ulick

    She looks a little like Peter Griffin’s black ancestor, Nate Griffin….

  • Ulick

    It’s because that’s the group that collectively fails wherever they go.  “The legacy of slavery” gives them the perfect excuse for their failure in America. 

  • None.  Many of these countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait treat their maids who come from the Philipines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka like modern day slaves. They beat them and also fail to pay their salaries. Several maids have died because of their treatment in these countries. One Indonesian maid was executed in Saudi Arabia because she supposidly killed her employer during a dispute. Because of such issues, the Phillipines and Indonesia no longer send maids to the Middle East.

  • He has a white son Jakob Dylan, who is a musician as well. Mick Jagger had a child with a black American singer. He also had at least one child from his former wife, Bianca.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     No ethnic group does it, individuals in one or another ethic group does it.  When a high number of members of a race or ethnic group does it, it says something MAYBE about that group.  But hard times turn many people  into prostitutes and pimps, just look at America.

    Most Ukrainian women sold into sex slavery are tricked by their own people and often women like them, who make promises of jobs abroad, etc.  I saw this at work in many ways when I lived in the Balkans.  Many Russian and Ukranian girls ended up in Kosovo and Bosnia, controlled by Serbian pimps, but patronized by many Americans serving in Peacekeeping roles there.

    • The__Bobster

      When it takes place in a certain country and that country protects the slave traders and turns girls who manage to escape back over to their captors, then I hold that country responsible. 

  • MikeofAges

    Before it is anything else, Black African chattel slavery in the Americas is a legacy of Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and Dutch imperialism more or less in that order. It is blot on the United States of America, true. But remember one thing. No matter what America does, it will always be true that Blacks once were slaves. Even if Blacks en masse achieve total economic and educational equality with other Americans, all of the facts of slavery will remain fact and part of history. What this mean is that slavery cannot be atoned for because the fact of it cannot be removed from the record of history. Atonement for slavery is neither an abstract possibility nor a basis for policy. Anyone who wants is that way just does not want to embrace a pragmatic agenda based employment, education and other elements of social stability. They have another agenda. 

  • NM156

    What I wouldn’t give to return to the era of transatlantic slave trading in a time machine and await those slave ships sailing into port with a rocket launcher. By the way Bob, has anyone close to you suggested Alzheimer’s screening yet?

  • NM156

    What exactly is wrong with her comment?

  • Shame, in this instance, is a very strong word and it reflects contemporary mores  on the the idea of slavery. It’s easy to look back using contemporary standards and condemn the past.

    Today, slavery is seen as a great collective sin. I, myself, don’t like the notion of slavery but I’m viewing the issue from a contemporary position. Most people  like to take comfort in believing that had they lived in our slavery past, they would have opposed slavery on the highest of moral grounds.

    I can’t know what I would have thought in the past but I do like to believe I would have opposed slavery for any number of reasons.

    Living in the present and looking back, I most certainly would oppose slavery because the legacy of social and political destruction is undeniable. We now live with an alien people hostile to our way of life and who seek to undermine long held standards and traditions.  
    It’s true that we can not change our past. Does this mean we must or should suffer in “shame” and capitulate to every whim of people who hate us? 

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    I do all the time. I HATE buying all this cheap “Made in China” garbage. I would gladly pay more money for products that were actually made to last. I hate having to replace things just because they break or burn out.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    I’m descended from White slaves, how about that Mr. Dylan? 

  • jeffaral

    I think that Mr Dylan (aka Robert Allen Zimmerman, aka hebrew name Shabtai Zisel ben Abraham) really wanted to state that Israel will never  rid  the shame of being found on the deaths of hundreds of thousands of palestinian men, women and children. 

  • E-mail me the entirety of your comment, if you remember it.  I’ll respond with the grounds for deletion.

  • Allan477

    When the Obamanation was running for the Senate here in Illinois, it was pointed out that his mother was the descendant of slave owners.  Now these slaveholders have become slaves themselves.  Oh, how these Liberals like to re-write history to their own advantage.

  • That Honest Abe story is make believe. The South stopped sending tax money to the north!! That is why they committed genocide. The civil war was one of the biggest mistakes the human race has ever made. What reason could they have had to kill their own people and burn cities down?? Race traitors who burned down the south and Dresdon, Germany are to blame for the problems we face today. If the South lost to civilian killers, what did America win. What do the biggest cities inAmerica have in common with the allies nations that burned Dresdon to the ground?? They are turning into a Road Warrior movie. The Lincoln fan club are without a doubt the biggest race traitors on earth, they have no idea what they have done. Welcome to Thunderdome!!

  • Up to my neck in CA

    The blacks are not going to get over slavery anytime soon, but those guilt ridden liberals help keep it going and stroke the fires of hatred. They write the books that teaches da yoofs to blame whitey for all their problems and they enable their sloven dependent life style with welfare, Section 8 and etc. My ancestors did not own any slaves nor do I feel guilt for something that ended 147 years ago. It was wrong. but not mine or anyone alive today’s fault, let it go!

  • newscomments70

    I posted a comment on the original article, reminding readers that only a miniscule percentage of whites actually owned slaves, and it was many years ago. Furthermore, most whites in this country migrated to America after slavery was abolished. I then reminded them of the extremely violent crimes that blacks commit against whites, literally every second…and the reverse almost never happens. I told them to be aware, protect your children and secure your future. Lastly, I recommended that they visit American Renaissance, because the MSM blacks out the real news. Well let me tell you, I had some colorful responses. Many people HATED me, simply for telling the truth. I received just as many positive responses though. It seems like the country is divided on the issue. I wonder how many people I recruited for Amren? 

    Half of America is aware that whites (and others) are brutually attacked by non-whites at genocidal levels. The other half is either in denial, or they believe that “whites have it coming”. I understand anti-white racism, but white liberals add another layer of rage. This is one reason why I despise white liberals. It would be the same as a Jew dealing with a holocaust deny-er.  Whites aren’t the only race bashed in this society. Some Asians and lighter-skinned minorities are often targeted in the same way whites are. Light-skinned blacks, hispanics, and polynesians are often brutalized by their own people. Many seek out an existance in white areas to escape the attacks. It’s a especially bad in schools. My point is that half the country indignantly refuses to accept the truth. The other half is bursting at the seams.

  • Blaak Obongo

     That’s debatable.  In spite of all the Rolling Stone-style gushing, I never found him any better as a “poet” or songwriter than I did a singer.

  • anarchyst

    It’s the same situation that exists in Germany today, which is fully co-opted by the “tribe”.  Jewish “holocaust ™” reparations will NEVER end.  You see, it is too much of a “cash cow” to let go. . .
    The “sins” of the father are indeed visited on the children and grandchildren . . .

  • Puggg

    This mentions Joan Baez.  She couldn’t have been too much a left winger because she cut this song:

  • anarchyst

    I was aware that it was not the group . . .the Band . . . thanks

  • MikeofAges

     Some Rockers have done that. When they do, they are deemed conservatives and become un-persons.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

     Well you have to admit, we would have never gotten to the moon without all those blacks doing the work while rich whites sat on the porch sipped their mint juleps.

  • Founded on the back of slaves?  Big lie. America was founded by the hard work of Whites and nobody else. Blacks did nothing of substance to the development of this Country as everything here is based on Western-European Civilization. If it wasn’t for the great White mind this place would still be a vast open land with nothing on it with a bunch of  Red-Skin wild-looking people chasing Buffaloes.  Working in the cotton fields for Blacks means building America,..hey!  These people are getting too much undeserved freedom and if we don’t  muzzle them they will muzzle us into submission. Don”t let this happen. Fight back against political correctness.

  • The reason slavery is still a topic of discussion is because blacks want it to be.  That way they can keep on demanding special favors.  I would not expect Dylan to know this, but many blacks in the USA came here well after slavery.

  • I stand by my statement that Bob Dylan (Zimmerman) is overrated as a musician. Just found my tickets  to see him Portland!