Shooter Identified as Former US Military Member

CBS DC, August 6, 2012

Authorities tell CBS News that the shooter behind the deadly massacre at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin Sunday has been identified as 40-year-old Wade Michael Page.

Page previously served in the U.S. military, but was no longer on active duty, sources tell CBS News.

CBS News reports that Page enlisted in the Army in April 1992 and was given a less-than-honorable discharge in October 1998. He was last stationed in Fort Bragg, N.C., serving in the psychological operations unit.

Authorities said Page strode into the temple carrying a 9mm handgun and multiple magazines of ammunition and opened fire without saying a word.

When the shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in suburban Milwaukee ended, six victims ranging in age from 39 to 84 years old lay dead. Three others were critically wounded. The suspect was shot and killed by police.

Page was described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a “frustrated neo-Nazi” who was active in the obscure underworld of white supremacist music.

Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the nonprofit civil rights organization in Montgomery, Ala., said Page had been on the white-power music scene for more than a decade, playing in bands known as Definite Hate and End Apathy.

“The name of the band seems to reflect what he went out and actually did,” said Potok. The music often includes lyrics that discuss genocide against Jews and other minorities.

In a 2010 interview, Page told a white supremacist website that he became active in white-power music in 2000, when he left his native Colorado and started the band End Apathy in 2005.

He told the website his “inspiration was based on frustration that we have the potential to accomplish so much more as individuals and a society in whole,” according to the law center. He did not mention violence.


Page was demoted in June 1998 for getting drunk while on duty and going AWOL, two defense officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release information about the gunman.


The FBI was leading the investigation because the shooting was considered domestic terrorism, or an attack that originated inside the U.S. {snip}


On Sunday, the first officer to respond was shot eight to nine times as the officer tended to a victim outside. A second officer then exchanged gunfire with the suspect, who was fatally shot.

The wounded officer was in critical condition Monday, along with two other people who were wounded.


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  • mikejones91

    R.I.P lost Sikhs. Welcome—Anti-white racial fuckstorm.

    • The Verdict of History

      Sadly, a small contingent of often over-zealous actors will occasionally lash out in anger, especially over the madness being perpetrated against White Americans.

      Of course, most in our community denounce violence against any ethnic group, unless said groups perpetrate violence against us, in which case we have a NATURAL RIGHT to defend ourselves and our people.

      As usual, our enemies will employ their propaganda in an effort discredit perfectly healthy and understandable sentiments among White Americans, and they relentlessly brand our entire movement as “supremacist” or “nazi”… 

      The more demographic trends continue to undermine the native born white population, you can expect incidents like this to spike… Blame liberal policy makers for promoting WAVES of immigration from non-European regions, and for inciting the IRE of otherwise amicable (yet alert) Whites

    • mikejones91

      I wanna make that clear to any (anti-lefties) on here—-WE do NOT condone violence. People are people. They are still human beings. I love all human beings. But that doesn’t mean they should replace US. 

      • mikejones91

        I think Engelman would have “liked” my comment had I choose “Anti-whites” as opposed to “anti-lefties”. Sorry John. Anti White is anti white. 

      • Xanthippe2

        Multiculturalism kills.  If you want less violence work for monoethnic societies.

        • The problem with that is there have been many mass or multiple murders committed by whites on whites.  I don’t think Holmes had anything to do with multiculti.

          • NikkiOwens

            That doesn’t mean multiculturalism wasn’t a factor in his crime. Multiculturalism/multiracialism permeates and affects every aspect of our society. It creates tension, decreases trust and cohesion, contributes to frustration in educational and career opportunities, erodes the basis for a common morality, negates the natural sense of belonging and identity (for whites, at least), and breeds violence by suppressing and undermining all other legitimate forms of dissent. I would say these problems underlie much of the violent crime committed in the white community, including Holmes.

        •  that still wont be the best answer to the problem

      • The Verdict of History

        Agreed. Whites tend to hold themselves to a higher standard… bloody and senseless violence is not a characteristic of European Americans, or European peoples at all…

        The liberal policies of mass immigration from the third world and STATE SANCTIONED discrimination against whites could very well ignite a backlash… 

        OBSERVATION for Moderators:

        The war of words on this article is quite intense, and more people are positing for this issue than they do for the Jewish and Israel related articles…

    • JustaWhiteMom

      I’m not sure we’ll hear all that much about this guy.  Norway hushed up the Breivik trial when they started to get nervous that he was making sense to people.  Any crime like this could potentially spark a race war and they know it. 

      • Not sure that the Brievik trial has been ‘hushed’ up.  It may not get a huge amount of coverage here because we’re more interested in sports and celebrity news but in Norway pretty sure it was heavily covered.

    •  i am a Sikh but, i have no hatred towards whites. This was an individual act of crime and he was punished.

  • Francis Galton

    While I’m certainly not happy this happened, you have to wonder why the media focus is almost always on mass/spree shootings, as opposed to shootings that occur over a longer period of time (think Chicago).  It seems like they’re trying to get people to believe that “right-wing White males” perpetrate most of the gun violence in America, even though the VAST MAJORITY of gun violence is committed by blacks and mestizos. 

    It also sickens me to read the comments left on mainstream news sites.  Every other comment is “right-winger” this, “white male” that, “REPUBLICAN-NRA-TEAPARTY-SARAHPALIN” something or other.  They have swallowed the hatred of White males and right-wingers hook, line, and sinker. 

    There’s nowhere near that amount of vitriol on articles about, say, Chicago’s gun violence (committed almost entirely by blacks).  No one says “Obama’s sons, welfare felons,” or “useless lazy black Democrat voters,” or “black savages with low IQ,” even though that is EXACTLY Chicago’s problem.  No-holds-barred criticism is reserved for those evil, useless, right-winger White males, apparently.

    What’s my point? I really don’t know.  I guess I’m just venting about the usual double standards.  I think it’s very safe to say that the combo “right-wing White males” is the most hated political/racial/sexual combo on planet earth, and certainly in the Western world. 

    • I think the MSM felt like they were starting to lose a bit of control of the narrative so the powers that be unleashed their “white” hitmen to refocus the narrative on the evil of the crazy white male.   A white boy shooting other whites does not have the same effect as a WHITE SUPREMACIST shooting a bunch of brown people.

      • The__Bobster

        This guy may be the “Great White Racist” that the libtarded media have been seeking for years. Did you notice that every media outlet went to the $PLC because they are the “experts on hate”. Well, in a way, they are.

    • I have been looking at eastern Europe for a while now. These people seem to be taking a stand.

      It seems to be rising in western Europe as well.

      “German resistance to the cultural, demographic, and psychological destruction of their people. Across Europe, indigenous Whites are under siege in the leftist media, on the streets of their cities, and in academia. To be proud is to be “racist”. To resent displacement is to be “Nazi”. Well, so be it..”

      • Yes, we are in a race. Whites are waking up all over the world and as a response, the governments are cracking down as hard as they can. Once one Western nation revolts, the rest will follow. Britain seems like it’s ready to pop, but they have a strong police state. The US is more right-leaning and we still have the 1st and 2nd amendments (for now), but we need a “Pearl Harbor” type event to set us off.

      • To be called a Nazi is one thing, to be one is entirely a different matter.

        • Pandemonium

          The curious thing about how the Lamestream media handle neo-nazis is that they call them “right wing”. 

          Newsflash!! Lamestream media, nazi is an abbreviation of National SOCIALIST, get that, SOCIALIST.

          Socialism is, by all accounts, a philosophy of the LEFT, the LEFT! And a failed philosophy at that. Stop calling neo-nazis “right wing”, Lamestream!

          • NikkiOwens

            National Socialism didn’t “fail”. It was thriving through the thirties and early forties and had created a society that was the envy of the world before it was cut short by the outbreak of a horrendous war that resulted in its effective banishment from the realm of acceptable political discourse. It was crushed out ruthlessly by the occupying forces of the Allies, and all known sympathizers were either killed, imprisoned and/or tortured before being forced to sign a document renouncing their NS beliefs. Destruction, persecution and suppression of an ideology by ruthless enemies does not count as a “failure.” The victors write history. Consider your source.

            Nor is it a left-wing ideology. NS is neither left nor right, but a synthesis of various elements of the two.

          • The Verdict of History

            The Nazis may have been Economically LEFT-wing…. but when it comes to their racial and foreign policy they were undeniably RIGHT WING, especially given their NATIONALISTIC TONE.

            The Nazis employed Socialist and anti-capitalist rhetoric only as a ploy for the Working Classes… to lure them away from communism….

            They were always violently ANTI-Communist and ANTI-Marxist… They were explicitly ANTI-LEFT…..

            They violently suppressed lefists, and tolerated “right-wing” Big Business and the old Conservative classes despite their own anti-bourgeois rhetoric…

            They allied with the Right during the war in order to engineer an industrial war machine.

            Socialistic programs were only a means of taking over the economy, not a means of achieving real Marxian Socialism, which they hated… (Nazi-Soviet War)…

            The extreme:

            – Nationalism
            – belief in Racialism (“racism”)/racial hierarchy
            – Anti-Semitism
            – Imperialism
            – Militarism
            – Xenophobia

            …. of Nazism are unquestionably Right Wing…

    • Up to my neck in CA

      An excellent point! Just look at Chicago, so far there have been more than 250 homicides this year, up 38 percent over the same period last year, according to the Chicago Tribune. More than 40 people were shot there on Memorial Day weekend alone, and 10 of them died!

    • We all know that there are double standards but to say “No one says “Obama’s sons, welfare felons,” or “useless lazy black Democrat voters,” or “black savages with low IQ,”  is not quite true, at least if one reads the comment sections of newspapers.  That being said, some urban papers are now making it extremely difficult to comment openly by insisting that you provide them with a lot of personal information before they’ll allow you to post; e.g. The Buffalo News.

  • This is a shame. However, I believe that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This will continue as long as open border policies continue, and it will get much worse as the economy falters. It’s a realistic outlook, not some feel good, can’t we all just get along and love each other, pie in the sky, Utopian dream.
    Just to play devils advocate… I wonder if any Sikhs will leave the community or reconsider moving to the area because of this event?

    • IstvanIN

      I read an article by a “Sikh American” that they will not live in fear in their country.  Like cockroaches they are here to stay.

      • “Cockroaches”?  Guess what the crime rate in the US is for the Sikhs?  Zero!  Cockroaches indeed.

    • The Verdict of History

      Sadly, a small contingent of over-zealous actors occasionally lash out in violence in the name of race-realist and white nationalist movements.Most in our community denounce violence against any ethnic group, unless said groups perpetrate violence against us, in which case we have a NATURAL RIGHT to defend ourselves and our people.As usual, our enemies will employ their propaganda in an effort discredit perfectly healthy and understandable sentiments among White Americans, and they relentlessly brand our entire movement as “supremacist” or “nazi”…  

  • crystal evans

    I wonder if this guy was confused and thought that they were Muslims. The Sikhs had nothing to do with 9/11 and there are cases were of male Sikhs being  beaten because wear turbans, I guess people mistook this for the Muslim hijab.

    • They don’t belong here period.  They are COMPLETELY alien and do not belong anywhere in The West.

      This is about invasion.  I’m betting you, my little Japanese Girl, would not stand for it were it your Country, Japan being invaded.  You may have been born here but I’m staking my life that you have a natural connection to Japan and you should.

      • OsRazor

        The turd in Wisconsin hit the wrong target.  He’s swallowed every bit of MSM brain washing and was targeting Muslims.  There’s a lot that can be said about that:

        (i)  The breath-taking ignorance of the turd–it is, after all, his final day on earth–one would think that he’d want to make sure “his aim was true,” as it were.  For any white nationalist or racialist such ignorance and bumbling execution is immensely demoralizing.  If white racial revival is dependent on turds like this idiot in Wisconsin, we might as well all break out the cyanide pills right now.

        (ii) The incredibly misplaced rage of the turd.  In listing priorities of threats to Whites in the US, this turd chose Muslims, demonstrating little critical analysis or thought.  Again, immensely demoralizing that this turd’s world-view was taken stock and barrel from the MSM and neo-con propaganda.

        • You’re quite the hateful little man aren’t you?

          If it turns out that this fella had serious mental issues, are you still going to insult him in every sentence you write?

          misplaced rage – How do you know?  Can you read his mind and heart?  I’m guessing no, you cannot.

          white racial survival – ain’t happening.  Too many “white” people like you believe The West and The East can co-exist in the same Country.  You don’t see what’s going on.

          cyanide pills – You better keep those for yourself.  You’re gonna need them once you find out just how “loving” of White People those Third World Aliens really are.

          • The Verdict of History

            In the grand scheme, the threat to Western Civilization posed by Sikhs is microscopic compared to that posed by blacks and hispanics that are more sizable, and are more likely to brand European peoples as targets worthy of their hatred for “historical sins”…

            Sikhs don’t have such impetus to resent Whites … at least not until now of course…

          • ALL non-whites mean harm.  All of them.  Non-whites said the same thing about White People who invaded their Land too.  ‘you come here to take over’ they said and they were right too.

            sikhs – They’re from The East and thus, have nothing in common with us.  All they’ve done to date is take over neighborhoods and destroyed our Natural Land with their backward Third World Religious Beliefs and Culture.Segregation is the only True Way to True Peace.

          • OsRazor

             If I’m in Europe, my target is Muslim.  If I’m in the US . . . Muslims are way down on my priority of threats.  It’s quite simple.   Yes, I’ll waste my time and energy protesting mosques and hating Muslims while my daughter is popping out mulattoes and and my son reveres rap music.  I’ll keep rooting for the nuking of Mecca while Mexicans overrun the Southwest and rape little white girls playing hop-scotch, or whatever it is white girls do these days.

            The guy was a turd and his act of stupidity has instilled no fear or intimidation among our enemies.  It has only confirmed in their minds that (i) we are extremely stupid, (ii) we can be brain-washed and told to do exactly as they want, and (iii) their agenda is working in that they will use this act of idiocy to torment and intimidate whites into further retreat.

            Keep thinking critically.  You’re doing swell, Steph.

          • tickyul

            I see what you are saying, kinda cryptic in the post.

            I do not advocate any violence except in self-defense of yourself or your family/loved one’s.

            I am kinda suprised that this guy went after Sihks who have a lower violence rate than Asian Americans. Mostly they work and are productive…..that is a fact even if people disagree with them being in the USA.

            If this nutball wanted to make a statement, he picked a really stupid target.

          • muslims – are not really my target.  Idiotlam is my target.  muslims are a burden yes ’cause there’s always at least one who’s trying to do something and it’s old and costly too.

            Americans should NEVER have to pay for extra “security” nor have their Right to be Free of Illegal Search and Seizure Violated because some Third World Aliens attacked us.  They are to be searched, “We” are not.

            PLEASE, stop insulting this man.  We don’t know him, about him and we certainly know nothing about what he was going through in these here last days of his life.

            Sir, it matters none and I do mean none, how well we act or portray ourselves.  Here is an example:

            The RNC is having a bunch of non-white women speak at the upcoming convention and while the selection is ALL women, they dared to call it “diverse”.
            Sir, you can’t fight White when you’re trying to fight against those who are experts at underhanded, back stabbing and double standard ways.  You must be willing to speak just as loudly and just as rudely as they do.  When they dare bring up White People who have done wrong, you send it back to them with examples of their own have done wrong.  Fight Fire with Fire they say…

          • Reply to Steph – As far as I can tell they are pretty well segregated already.  It’s not like they’re showing up at your barbecues.  Iagree that their culture is not a good match for the US and I don’t quite understand why they would want to immigrate but I would rather just try to limit this rather than trying to drive them out.

          • Marcy Fleming

             You have said it all and said it very well, Os. I want nothing to do with the deranged mindset that would rationalize criminal morons because of skin color.
            Any skin color.

          • potato78

             never trying to be too excited.

            To be clear that Muslims are 100% not The East.  In English, the east is balanced with the west.  Without the east with no the west.   Without the north with no the south.  Everything is balanced.  Without the man with no wo-man.

          • What?!?

            People, ALL People belong nowhere but in their own Countries and that’s it.  Segregation is Good.

            As for your “balance” theory, no.  The West and East can fairly trade but that’s it and even trading wreaks havoc in the way of bugs being able to stow away and then proceed to completely destroy parts (trees, etc.) of their host Country.  Even innocent travel between the two can cause damage.  It’s already been done and is still happening.  It’s been going on since the two met actually.

            islam – belongs nowhere.  Islam must be Eradicated from the Face of the Planet. –

            If the site is not up, it’s because the muslims succeeded in taking it down but check back ’cause Ali always wins.

          • mikejones91

            Sikhs are only a threat to Christians. I’m an atheist. Sikhs won’t come here in large numbers. They don’t need to. Live and let be. They mate/marry withing their OWN group. 

          • Seriously?  You, you half Jew, half Christian, do not believe in Jehovah or Jesus?  Really?  I’m very surprised.

            Please tell me, why don’t you believe?  I could tell you of Hurt upon Hurt and all the while, God did nothing to stop it yet I still defend that asshole.

            One of My Children Died Today.  Stripper froze up and died.  I had to watch him slowly die for hours all day today.  How do you like that you asshole?

            I can name more Dead People than you can.  Do you Dare to Play?

          • Marcy Fleming

             Mike, don’t waste your time on a hater like Stephanie. It’s truly a dialogue of the blind and deaf debating with such people.

          • I only wish for White People to have a choice like everyone else has.  Jews, Asians, Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics, all non-whites have their very own neighborhoods and stores and all I want is the same for White People.

            You accept multiculturalism and you should be allowed to live with all the non-whites you want and I don’t so I should be allowed to live in an all White Community.

          • MARCY,

            See how you people are?  You don’t like my opinion(s) so what do you do?  You whip out the insults.  How so very “white” of you.  

          • JohnEngelman

            I am a Christian, and I do not feel threatened by Sikhs at all. I like them. 

          • The Verdict of History

            I must say that your unceasing passion and strait-talk is admirable. 

            It is desperately needed and quite refreshing in our political climate of slimy and evasive commentary these days.But I feel compelled to caution you.

            We should condemn violence and not take after the tactics used by blacks and hispanics – shooting and bloodshed without CLEAR provocation.

            This gentleman attacked the wrong folks, at a terrible time and place, and his antics should be open to critique by race realists who realize that…


          • Yes and No.

            I understand you but I “approve” him at the same time.  I know nothing about this man and for that, I reserve judgment.  He is one of mine.  He is a White Man and that alone gives him Due, True and Proper Process.

            I cannot, I will not turn from my own no matter.  “hatred” aka anger, can be talked through, dealt with, faced with and acknowledged and all without violence but please, let us not automatically dismiss those less than us and cannot help but  act out.

            If non-whites can be excused for their acts of violence, so can our own fellow Ill.

          • Marcy Fleming

             Responding to Stephanie below, why should any person regardless of race be excused for their violence ?

          • 14POLK88

            Stephanie I have been reading your posts for a wile now.You are cool as hell. You are the kind of  lady that I want to watch my back when TSHTF!!

          • As much as my mind set tends to be, what I consider to be, Purely American Militaristic, I’m a Lady and the only people I would kill are those who dare to hurt my Family.

            And Thank You for reading my opinions.  I really appreciate that and it means a great deal to me.

            Yes, I support White People.  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.  If non-whites can do it, so can I.

          • MrGJG

             Sorry Steph, but your losing me here. I know your heart is in the right place, but I will not support anybody who chooses to shoot-up innocent people. As white people, we should hold ourselves to a higher standard than senseless violence.
            We condemn blacks, as we should, when the so called good ones defend their criminal element.
            I could almost understand if the guy thought he was shooting-up a Mosque, but the Sikhs, despite not belonging here, pretty much mind their own business.

          • MRGJG,

            Is that why they take over entire White Neighborhoods and turn it into a Third World complete with Third World Culture and Religion?

            It seems you are saying that White People are to stand by and allow ourselves to be taken over.

            Let’s say there is only one last White Community.  What then?  Are we to fight or are we to lay down and die?  Do we just hand it over like we did to all our other neighborhoods?

            What do you suggest?  What do you want White People to do?  I myself am going to do nothing.  I say we all just wait and let ourselves die out.  There is no point in carrying on if White People are not allowed to preserve anything for themselves.

            Call Congress and tell them immigration needs to be shut down given we can’t even employ our own people. If you can get them to stop importing over a million people a year and a million more illegally every year, I’ll follow you.

          • Marcy Fleming

             Speak for yourself.

          • Marcy Fleming

             Stephanie, what is wrong with you ? This mass murderer was a vicious, demented criminal. I’m only sorry that he wasn’t taken out by the someone before this lousy turd killed anyone.
            I don’t identify with stinking killers and I am deeply ashamed as a white Jew that such vermin exist.
            You remind me of the leftist mindset that rationalizes away all Black crimes.
            In fact this moron thought the Sikhs were Muslims (!) as he had been imbibing the anti-Muslim hatefests here.

          • When I see non-whites fawning all over our raped, robbed, beaten and murdered people and stringing up their own who do those things to us, then I’ll start caring about them but not until then.

            I have never seen or heard any non-white ever stand up, defend or even care about White People.  I am merely giving back what I have received.

            And Jews, like you.  I’ve never heard or seen any Jew do anything for White People neither.  They’re very quick to demonize White People for everything they do but they’re never around to defend us or help us in anyway.

            p.s.  Shouldn’t you be in Halls of Congress demanding they no longer Tax White People for Isreal Foreign Aide?  And while you’re at it, make sure you make them stop addressing Jews as a group since they never address White People as a group.  That’s “racism” and we’re not racist.

          • Marcy Fleming

             Replying to Stephanie below I am Jewish and White and do not approve of aid to Israel.

          • Marcy Fleming

             Mental problems are no excuse for mass murder or singular murder. He was a scumball, I’m only sorry the cop didn’t kill him before he killed the people in the Temple. You give the Confederacy a bad name, you really should post that German flag from the 30s.

        • This guy may have had PSTD;I dont have a clue. Many of our guys sent to fight the war for Those We Dare Not Name–i.e. The Reptiles–have seen shocking horrifying violence. They see their friends killed by mad scum whom we have no real reason to be over there “helping.” Maybe he was mental. Maybe he was banging some sweet Sikh chickh and daddy broke it up; the Sikh’s dont like dat playin aroun wiff dey womens! Nomesayne?

          • The Verdict of History

            It seems like every comment you make alludes, in some shape or fashion, to THEM. 

            THEY are always the unspoken cabal behind everything…… It is quite amusing, and strangely thought provoking…

        • mikejones91

          Yeah I’m with you on that Razor. No one should be killed but I think his mind (as in “Threat Neutralization”) was across the pond, demographically. 

      • mikejones91

        They don’t even have accents though. Most of them have been here for decades. Sikhs are good people. They are the doctors/dentists/ect. They are tolerant and NOT anti-white. They have NO reason to be against us. They prosper.

        • Yes, they “prosper” and at whose expense?  Yes, that’s right, White Men and White Families.  “We” have nowhere to go but they do.

          America was not Built and White Men were not Sacrificed so Third World Aliens could Gain.

          Sir, this isn’t about “been here for decades.”, this is about being taken over by a peoples that have nothing but bad visions/reality for us.

          Tell me please, why aren’t The White Peoples allowed to just be left alone?  Most people hate no one and no matter their differences, the mass majority agree on this:  Leave us alone.  Just leave us alone already.

          We’ve Paid and Paid and We’ve Given and Given and now we’re just plum worn out.  This is the Eternal Flaw of the Human Being.  People do indeed become worn, tattered and yes, robotic.

          • Marcy Fleming

             Get off your cross, Steph. Your a liability to any cause you endorse.

          • Lucky for you I don’t endorse anything now ain’t it?

            We’ll all find out, sooner or later, just who is White and who is not.  After all that’s been done to White Countries and White People, you still do not get it.

            You and others like you will cease to exist and me and those like me will survive.  You’re just not smart enough to figure out that you are the hated one and it is you who is being hunted.

            If non-whites mean no harm then why do they take over entire areas and turn them into their own little Third World Homes?  Where’s the assimilation?  Why don’t they refuse all the Minority Privilege?

            If you don’t like the fact that I choose to reserve my judgement until all the facts are in unlike you, don’t read my posts.

            What if the man is ill?  Will you still be the hate filled little snit you are right now?

      • JohnEngelman

        Says the lady who wishes the Confederacy won the Civil War. The Confederacy was the greatest threat the United States ever faced. 

        • Marcy Fleming

           True but they had every right to secede as the states created the union, not vice-versa. Even Hamilton recognized the right to secede.

          • Marcy Fleming

             Replying to Stephanie above. I don’t believe in the concept of ‘mental illness’ or the insanity defense for murderers so your point here is irrelevant. There are no extenuating circumstances here.

          • JohnEngelman

            Nothing in the Declaration of Independence or the United States Constitution forbade the right to secede from the Union.
            Before the Civil War  became a war against slavery the North lacked a good moral case. 

        • 14POLK88

          The south would have won if they had all the resources the north had ! I also wish the Confederacy would have won! It is not about slaves! We would have sent them north to the US and the C.S.A. would be the greatest Nation on Gods green earth!!!

          • JohnEngelman

            If the Southern whites had had more brains and less testosterone they would not have seceded. 
            Abraham Lincoln won 39.8 percent of the vote in a four way election.
            He said repeatedly during the presidential campaign that he did not intend to end slavery where it existed. The South complained about tariffs, but they were not about to increase. 
            With better luck the Confederacy could have won the war. In a world economy that increasingly rewarded industrial countries it would have been an English speaking third world country. 

    • OsRazor

       I’m certain this turd thought the Sikhs were Muslim.  He must have watched too many Bugs Bunny cartoons as a kid.  The level of ignorance and stupidity is beyond understanding.  It makes the episode doubly humiliating and embarrassing for so-called racialists or white nationalists: mistaken target and wrong war.

      I cannot believe how far racialists or white nationalists have fallen for the Neo-Con propaganda machine.  It simply blows my mind that Muslims (pathetic nothings) have become the main paranoia that keeps Whites in the US up at night.   The world is burning around us, and this fool decides to play “police suicide” at some sad Sikh temple located in some lily-white suburb.  The whole thing makes my stomach turn.

      In one sense, of course, the open displays of hatred of Muslims is healthy.  It demonstrates that, when permitted, whites across all political lines, ages and geographies , like all the other racial groups, are more than capable of hating those not like us.  The key word here, of course, is “permitted.”  Just because we’re permitted to hate Muslim in the US does not mean we have to do as we’re told.

      We should prioritize our hates.

      •  There’s always the STRONG possibility of the government in conjunction with the media, pulling a “fast one” on us.  This smells like a false flag through and through.  But our government would never do that to us would they?

        • OsRazor

           I agree completely that there’s a strong probability that this turd in Wisconsin was on the government payroll and simply lost it.  Many examples of this in the past.  Wouldn’t surprise me.

          • NM156

            No way is this guy that dumb. ASVAB test score minimums are high for admission to psy-ops school. Some of these guys have Pentagon clearance. No way he’s a sh*tkcking clown with a low IQ. The Army wouldn’t release his discharge papers and service file just yet, however.

          • Marcy Fleming

             A great many dummies have Pentagon clearance.

        • JohnEngelman

          No, the government would not. 

          • Marcy Fleming

             Are you kidding given the record of the US Government for many years ?

      • Marcy Fleming

         Thanks again for being a voice of sanity here, Os.

  • Hirschibold

    Well, the MSM tried with Jared Loughner, and they made an able attempt with George Zimmerman, but they’ve finally got their poster boy for white evil, a la Travis Bickle or Timothy McVeigh. If they’re interested, I can produce enough black on (Asian, Jewish, white) attacks to necessitate a stock ticker running 24-7 to catalogue all of the crimes.

    • mikejones91

      NBC edited the tape. 

    • NM156

      The guy’s dead. The NYT and every other dying outlet will have no trial to report on. His biography and background is one that everyone has heard ad nauseam since the days of the Phil Donohue (?) and Geraldo shows of yore. We’re all just picking our noses until the revolution comes, even if it comes with a poof, like the grand finale of Communism. This story will die too, and the media will hate our indifference.

  • Enar_Larsson

    1.If this preliminary report turns out true, this incident will be the best thing that has ever happened to the SPLC, MSM, and the diversity mongers. Even now they do not attempt to mask their outright glee. “Finally, we’ve gotten one!”
    2.This will become the new standard for both mass shootings and terrorism. We will never again hear of Virginia Tech, Ft. Hood, Omar Thornton, the DC snipers, 9/11, the fact that every foiled terrorism plot has had Muslim suspects, Gabriel Giffords shooting by a left-wing nut (by the way, does anyone remember that a federal judge was killed in that shooting?), the (presumably) black woman who shot several people on a Detroit river cruise today, etc. Since, if the reports are true, there is finally a shooter who fits the narrative, we will never be allowed to forget it.
    3.One gun, five victims (not including the shooter), zero bombs, zero booby traps, very little premeditation or sophistication, non-white victims= “domestic terrorism”. 12 dead & 58 wounded, a whole arsenal of guns, multiple bombs and booby traps, white victims= “shooting”.

    • NM156

      ..or the killing will be forgotten along with all of the aforementioned. No one pays attention to the MSM except old people.

  • Church_of_Jed

    White Power Derrangement Syndrome:

    White man thinks he’ll make a difference for “our people” by shooting up a bunch of unarmed families.

    Was he seeing alot of Sikhs on TV calling for Transformational Diversity Leadership and the elimination of White privilege?

    We are plagued by violent freaks who turn Diversity into Martyrdom.  Whitey Fail!, again.

    • IstvanIN

       Plagued by violent freaks?  What universe are you living in, unless, of course, you were referring to blacks.

      • mikejones91

        Yeah I’m with you on that. SPORADIC. 

  • jeffaral

    I think he was protesting against uncontroled mass invasion promoted by the two globalist, plutocratic parties, the Reps and the Dems.   Morever, the constant racist attacks by black flash mobs against innocent Whites may have been a trigger factor too.   Rip  Wade Michael Page.

    • OsRazor

       The fool thought he was hitting muslims.    Unbelievable.   Oak Creek is 92% white and less than 2% black.  What are you talking about?

      • jeffaral

        He isn’t a fool, he is a martyr.

      • Sure would be nice if you would hold out on your insults until all the facts are in.

        I bet right now, this man is ill.  He was looking to die and one of the best ways is to have someone do it for you as in, a police shoot-out until you die.  Suicide is greater now than it’s ever been.  Depression is at an all time high and in great part, because of our Society/Economics.

        • Marcy Fleming

           The facts are all in, he was a cold blooded killer and not one of my people.

          • You don’t have any people.  The Jews won’t take you so you’re here pretending to be White.

            Say and feel whatever you want Marcy but at least be Honest and admit, you’re quick to pass judgement WITHOUT having all the facts.

            By the way, have you noticed how the News suddenly dropped the “white supremacy” motive?

  • Dave4088

    Sikhs do not belong in America or any white nation, but of all the non-white racial groups it’s fair to say we probably have the least to fear from the small number of Sikhs residing here.  Regardless, some white men will resent their presence much like Sikhs and other non-whites would assuredly resent our presence in their native countries.

    The larger issue is how the government and media will react to and spin this incident.  President Obama implored Americans not to rush to judgement after the the Ft. Hood shooting massacre committed by a Muslim and made no comment in the racially motivated murder of eight white employees by crazed black coworker Omar Thornton.   There were few opinions other than the customary reporting of the incident. 

    Since this case involves a white person killing non-whites the leftist media dorks will quickly mount their anti-white hobby horses, rush to judgement and use the incident to disparage and impugn the character of the average white man.   By tomorrow morning it will be reported at least 500 times that the shooter was white and was once affiliated with a neo-Nazi group, along with the shooter’s photo.   

  • Funny thing about being invaded, it drives some people mad.

    • mikejones91

      500,000 is hardly an invasion. They are spread out through the entire country.

      • I take it you are serious with this here post of yours.

        Sir, non-whites mean only one thing and one thing only and that is take-over.  Whites and Non-Whites alike, whoever is stronger will ALWAYS take over the weaker.  I call it Nature.

        The East and The West are opposite.  Please tell me why.

        • Marcy Fleming

           Why bother ? You have already made up your mind and don’t to be disturbed with any contrary facts.

      • NM156

        A half-million is not an invasion, but 1.5 million per annum along with their descendants produced here since 1965, in addition to 20,000,000 illegals, is a de facto invasion. The effects on working class and middle class whites have been so deep and pervasive that this killer was almost certainly a victim of those effects.

    • Marcy Fleming

       Sikhs did not cause his evil.

      • And you know he is “evil” how?  The F.B.I. hasn’t even declared his motive yet yet you know.  Do you work for the F.B.I. and you’re here speaking “anonymously”? on the F.B.I.’s behalf?

        The siks should have stayed in India.  You don’t like the “white colonization” so you should easily understand how that goes all ways.  NO ONE likes to be invaded.

  • WmarkW

    This is an extremely unfortunate event. 
    I don’t dis-value the lives of Sikhs, they are a peaceful and non-confrontation people.

    It should be pointed out, that the difference between the black and non-black murder rates in America, is a Sikh temple shooting EVERY 1.5 HOURS.

  • Bob Cooksey

    I just wanted to say how sorry I am that this crazy man did this–and my heart goes out to those poor people who lost family members or friends. I have yet to meet a person of Indian ancestry, of any religion, who wasn’t respectful, hard-working and thankful to be here in the US. Why would this lunatic pick them as a target? I can’t do anything but shake my head and feel disgusted that one of my people would be this vicious and disrespectful of human life. I don’t know what in the hell is going on in this country. Blacks shooting each other over nothing, whites shooting innocent people, Mexican drug cartels chopping off peoples’ heads, black flash mobs robbing stores and beating the employees, gay people acting as nasty as the worst Right winger just because someone at Chic-fil-a said something they don’t like. People had better wake up. This is getting serious. We have something beautiful here in America and the decent people had better join forces ASAP.

    • IstvanIN

       The new multicultural America, ain’t it grand.

      • Pandemonium

        Let’s start calling it “multi-racial” instead of “multicultural”. Small point but after all, old Europe was “multicultural” and that was all right. 

        It’s the multi-racial  that’s causing all the problems. 

        Words matter. Using “multicultural” kinda hides the core issue. 

        No criticism intended. Just used the opportunity to make a point.

    • GravitonX

       You do realize East Indian voted in the same percentages for President Obama as Blacks, right?

      • IstvanIN

         Because they ALL want our nation.

        • Marcy Fleming

           Why ? We appear to be in terminal decline…….

    • People are not going to join forces.  People like you believe in imaginary peace between peoples who are absolutely, completely and wholly opposite and you seem to believe White People have no right to have anything of their own.

      Please just answer me this:  Why can’t White People just be left alone?  Why do we have to share our Country, our Neighborhoods, our Jobs, our Welfare and most importantly, why do we have to give them Minority Privilege just because they’re not White?  And why, why do we have to allow them to import their Third World Culture here while we have to put a blanket (happy holidays) on ours so as not to “offend” them?  And why do we have to “honor” their Third World Holidays on our American Calendars?

      And please tell me, why are ‘feel good’ words (hard working blah, blah) always used when describing india(ns) and asians?  Why never talk about the fraud, the cheating, the deviant sexual behaviours, etc. that they commonly practice?

      • IstvanIN

         You, young lady, are correct!

      • why not talk about the racist ,dumb , rapists and mass killers white people are.
        Indians. no matter the race there are going to be problems everywhere.

        • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

           no matter the race there are going to be problems everywhere.

          When the problems are non-white.

          But when they’re white, then its all about the racist ,dumb , rapists and mass killers white people are.

          When a black man shoots up a beer distributorship that canned him for stealing, the media combs every nook and cranny of the place until they find their nooses and swastikas drawn on the bathroom wall and of course the anonymous reports of horrible “epithets.”  Then they pronounce the whole matter officially off-limits to further discussion.

        • Let me guess, you’re not a person who cares about the problems plaguing White People right?

          As for your “racist ,dumb , rapists and mass killers” comment, non-whites do the same and much much worse than what White People do.

          india(ns) – Do not belong here.  Non-whites belong in their own Countries and that’s it.

          Answer this:  Why do non-whites choose to live in White Countries?

          • The Verdict of History

            1.) They crave our women
            2.) They crave our economic opportunities
            3.) They crave our political environment of relative freedom (or at least what is left of it, given the PC terror regimes assent)… 

          • Yes, yes and yes but also, a deliberate attempt of dominance.

            The White Peoples have Every Right to be Left Alone.  We too are an Ethnicity that too has Roots and we too belong and deserve to Exist.

        • mikejones91

          Nice phrasing, Denise. You forget a comma. The  TWO most prolific mass murderers are Asian, and Turkish. NON-White. You make ignorant/hateful comments about whites then take a “world/multi-CULT/Diversity is our strength) stance WHILE BEING A RACIST> You anti whites never let me down.

          • Sir, she couldn’t even manage to put the commas in the correct place.  While I myself am a Krazy Komma Karla, she put a space between the word and the comma which in my opinion, makes her worse in The World of English Language Abuse.

        • ncpride

          I don’t think you want to debate the folks here about which race is the dumbest, rape the most, kill the most, or who is more racist. There may be problems with all races, but when one race causes the MOST problems… then that’s a problem. I was waiting for one you to show up pointing fingers about this one guy, when Whites are murdered nearly daily by non-whites, which you conveniently ignore.

        • 14POLK88

          Are you really that dumb ?Or is it an act?

      • The Reptiles are surely hard-working! Look at Rahm!

      • Marcy Fleming

         Who do you think conquered and colonized all of Africa except Ethiopia, most of Asia, Latin America, etc.  White folks ! They have never just minded their own business !

        • I don’t support colonization of any kind from anyone.  Non-whites should have been left alone to continue their Third World Ways and we should have stayed in our clean and civilized Countries.

    • Marcy Fleming

       Good, solid, thoughtful comments. Thanks, Bob.

  • Hirschibold

    Even for those who support violence, someone please tell me what polemical value anyone could ascribe to the murder of Sikhs? The French and the Russians could justify their murder campaigns as a response to greed. McVeigh (if you believe he did it) had a grievance with the ATF.  Breivik thought that the multicultural-endorsing Leftists were hypocrites inflicting their agenda on Scandinavia. I’ve had many interactions, unpleasant and otherwise, with people from every continent. I can’t remember ever being unduly inconvenienced by Sikhs. What is the angle, the supposed justification?

    • IstvanIN

       They do not belong here.  Period.  I do not care how nice, or hard working, or bright they are, they shouldn’t be here.

      • Hirschibold

         Yeah, but any killer with an agenda (what profilers call “Mission oriented”) still has a hierarchy. That’s what’s puzzling. How did Sikhs get to the top of his S*** list.

        • IstvanIN

           Who cares, he was a nut case!

        • NM156

          Perhaps his target was chosen exactly for their reputation as model immigrants in order to whip up fury. This guy was a US Army Sgt. with a psy-ops MOS and a list of commendations to his name, so he couldn’t have been an idiot.

      • The Verdict of History

        “They do not belong here.”

        Under that criteria, mass killings are justified against any Non-Whites.

        I support an alternative solution first…

      • Marcy Fleming

         Well, what did you ever do for the country besides being born ?

    • Who cares?  White People are without hope, without prospects, without food and without support from anyone and does anyone care?  NO, they don’t.  They care about Third World Aliens who have, in case you don’t know, have EXTRA Privileges at the White Tax Payer Expense, just for being non-white.

      support violence – You’re stretching here.  Nine out of ten times, people are opposed to violence but just because someone might be opposed to it doesn’t mean they’re about to fawn all over invaders just because someone kills them.

      The ATF – Perhaps they shouldn’t have gone Murdering Innocent Americans.  The pictures of the children with their heads twisted completely around is something never forgotten.  Certain things are seared and that’s one of them.  Yes, koresch was a raping child molester but he could have been dealt with.  White Children did not need to die in the most atrocious and vile and evil way possible that they did.  They gassed them to death.  You do know the gas chamber was shut down in America and why?  And how about Dennis’s cousin?  She was merely holding her baby, that’s all.  What’s that about?

      sikhs – like all non-whites, come here to take over and that’s what they did wrong.  If they’re such great people, they should have no problem cleaning up and turning their Country into a Power House and all without White Tax Paying Foreign Aide or White outsourced Jobs.

      justification – The man could be mentally ill.  Everyone wants to rush to judgement all the time when it comes to White People.  White People are not known for this sort of behavior so I feel it’s more than just dislike or “hate” for non-whites.

  • Chimp Master Rules

    The real story here is not that some nitwit goes on an inter-racial shooting spree but that it doesn’t happen more often.  If you force America to become “world-like” in its mix of races and cultures, then you should expect “world-like”  outbreaks of violence among them. 

    There’s already open warfare among blacks and latinos and different tribes of blacks and latinos are also engaged in warfare with each other.  But everyone accepts that because subconsciously (and regardless of what they’ll claim), they don’t expect much else from the coloreds.

    It causes a stir, however, when a white guy sets off a truck bomb or a mellon-headed 40-something kills a bunch of immigrants.

    Beneath the hatred white libs and coloreds have for us there is real FEAR.  They are afraid of us.  They’re afraid that at any moment, this other, silent, white America will suddenly turn Breivik and go Rosewood or Tulsa on the coloreds.

    I don’t condone violence and murder but I have to admit that it makes me smile to smell the stink of fear on left-wing websites.

  • This idiot shooter has certainly
    done ‘the cause’ that he supposedly supports no favours what so ever and has
    given our ideological
    opponents all the impetus they need to really hurt all racial conservatives from the
    moderate to the extreme.

    Every time that there’s
    one of these shooting massacres, after I sincerely pay my silent condolences to
    the victims, I always pray that the shooter has no connection to WN in any way,
    such as with the garden variety crazies jared loughner or  James Holmes (not to trivialise such events).

    As has been discussed
    many times on this forum, we live in a world where natural views such as ours
    of racial conservatism have gone from being the accepted mainstream views last
    century,  to now where anyone making any
    sort of pro White sentiment has to be completely ostracized by both the Left
    wing and ‘the establishment’ Right wing or the listener risk being found guilty
    by association themselves, with the inclusionary politics being the only
    acceptable language, which paradoxically seems to only be enforced absolutely
    on White people.

    The mistake the left is
    making in trying to completely suppress our vocal concerns in this very valid
    argument of White cultural preservation, is if you silence something that is
    important to millions of people, the feelings of disillusion will simply not just
    “go away”, they’ll fester and ferment and when frustration and hopelessness meets
    its limit, coupled with many a young man feeling disenfranchised in this modern
    world being the proverbial ‘empty branch’ (having no job, no partner, no
    children, no future, no voice), what do we think the result of this recipe will

    With the way racial conservatism is suppressed, I’m surprised
    that there aren’t more Anders Breivik types popping up here and there, in fact
    I’d caution the left that if absolute suppression is their goal for ‘far right
    speech’, that then the results will surely just become even more explosive, and
    I mean this in a cautionary way and not in a threatening way, as any unsolicited
    offensive violence really just takes us all backwards. As the left and right wings really do need each other for
    balance, as without each other’s opposition, tyranny will be no doubt the end
    point for either ideology.

    To any visitors here, please don’t judge us all on
    ‘frustrated idiots’ like this ‘neo nazi’ murderer, every ideology has its own
    share of crazies (and ‘the racial right wing’ is very broad), and we all need
    more communication, a open dialogue and positive actions which lead to
    solutions as the answer, not less (for the record communication and ‘re-education’
    are not the same thing).

    • GravitonX

       The Left does not care about your anger.  Remember for years society has perfected it’s control of angry population, i.e. Blacks.  It welcomes it because it knows that when you (figuratively) act it will have all the justification to crush you using tools you will recognize well.

  • sgmpalm

    Before the police identified the shooter as being White, I already knew that the gunman was White by simply reading the numerous main-stream media outlets that proclaimed in unison “Domestic Terror”, “Hate Crime”. Numerous Jewish-owned media outlets knew the gunman was White prior to the official police report, or else they never would have mentioned “Domestic Terror” or “Hate Crime”.  If the MSM did use those terms and the gunman turned out to be non-White, then their ploy would have back-fired.
    As non-White massive immigration continues to flood into the US due to Jewish control, we can expect similar attacks to occur. Diversity forces racial strife. It’s simple common sense.

  • potato78

    Fed should print money.  Our government should spend the money.   The money is nothing to our government.  But is a lubricant for our society.  The government responsibility is how well to manage/utilize the money for our society.  However, our government has failed to use the money as lubricant to run our society.

    Our social economic situation is getting worse and worse so that under such environment a lot of pressure is passing onto individuals.  As individuals, people who are financially weak can be easily broken.

    Let us look at this way.  If our government is a car like machine, the money is as a kind of lubricant to maintain the car run as longer as we can.  Every 3000 miles or 6000 miles, we should change the lubricant.  So what will happen if we start to put less lubricant every time.  Will the car run better or worse in our future?  What will happen if our government does not do very well job on the management of lubricant stock (such as leaking from storage, people like parasite stealing, nature disaster wasting, etc)?  We are used to being called as NUMBER ONE, now we are used to being called SUPER NUMBER ONE.  What will be next?  Which direction will we be going to?  Everyone knows when an object reaches a apex point, that point is not the most stable point  in a physics. 

    • Marcy Fleming

       Read What Government Had Done to Our Money by Murray Rothbard. Your socialist anti-economics is out to lunch.

  • Bruno

    The people he murdered WERE NOT MUSLIMS .

  • Crockett

    Osrazor; one of the first to have his throat slit by Muslims; a weak sister you are.

    • OsRazor

       I’ll make you a bet that a Black or Mexican will do great violence to you or your family (i.e., assault, rape, job displacement, impregnation of one your female relatives, etc.) before a Muslim slits my throat in the US, or does any harm to me or mine, for that matter.  Numbers don’t lie, sunshine.

      • Marcy Fleming

         Thanks as always, Os. These brainwashed stooges of neoconjobdom are hopeless.

  • ncpride

    And making all this a thousand times worse is we (Whites) are not allowed to discuss our concerns in any shape, form or fashion. It’s bound to blow up in their face.

    • The__Bobster

      How did it come about that we can no longer discuss our concerns? Because a certain group says we can’t? Why and how did we allow these people to take power? There certainly wasn’t a vote.

      We outnumber them. All it takes is for a large number of us to say no and they’ll crawl back where they came from.

      • The Verdict of History


        I think I know who “they” are.

      • Pandemonium

        We do out-number “them”, but for the internet, we have no voice. Our print media, film, and TV do not allow us a voice.

        I like to use the example of David Duke. Most on this site know who he is. He is a perfect example of how the “establishment” marginalizes one of us with the guts to speak out.

        Large numbers of us do say NO all the time, but our voices are “voices in the wilderness” because those voices are not able to be focused. We have no forum except ones like this one where we are generally “preaching to the choir”.

        For an example of how we are marginalized, think of how often you have seen Jared Taylor on Fox News (the so-called conservative TV station) espousing our views. I have never seen Jared on Fox News. 

        I certainly hope this situation changes but I’ll not be holding my breath. We need a sponsor willing to spend about one billion dollars for us to spend on a national radio/TV network of our own. Screw the FCC, we can do Pirate radio/TV from off-shore.

        • anarchyst

          Here is a lpartial list of those who are the source of our “problems”.  They CLAIM to be Americans but are not . . .
          David Axelrod (Jew) running Obama re-election campaignDebbie Wasserman Schultz (Jew) Democratic National Committee Chairman Rahm Emanuel (Jew) former Obama chief of staff and former Israeli Defense Force soldierRonald Klain (Jew) Former Biden Chief of StaffDaniel Rubinstein (Jew), Consul General and Chief of Mission, JerusalemVictoria Nuland (Jew) (career Foreign Service officer) and spokesperson for the United States Department of State. (and married to Jewish neocon Robert Kagan co-founder of PNAC the ideological manifesto for the Iraq war)Wendy Sherman (Jew) Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs David Cohen (Jew) Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial IntelligenceH.RES.568 preventing the Government of Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability.Sponsor: Ileana Ross-Lehtinen (Jew) H.R. 2194: Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2010Sponsor: Howard Berman (Jew)IRAN SANCTIONS ACT of 1996Sponsor: Ileana Ross-Lehtinen (Jew)Stuart Levey (Jew) Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence James B. Steinberg (Jew) Deputy Secretary of State Eric Lynn (Jew): Middle East Policy AdvisorMara Rudman (Jew): Foreign Policy AdvisorLee Feinstein (Jew): Foreign Policy AdvisorDennis Ross (Jew): Special Advisor for the Gulf (Iran) and Southwest Asia to the Secretary of StateDan Shapiro (Jew): former Head of Middle East Desk at the National Security Council now ambassador to IsraelSteve Simon (Jew) National Security Council Middle East DeskThe Bureau of Near Eastern Affairsheaded by Assistant Secretary Jeffrey Feltman (Jew), deals with U.S. foreign policy and U.S. diplomatic relations with Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. Regional policy issues that NEA handles include Iraq, Middle East peace, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, and political and economic reform.Two major sanctions bills targeting Iran for greater economic and diplomatic pressure against Iran…Both bills, sponsored by House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Jew), included major provisions authored by Brad Sherman (Jew) (D-CA), the Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade. Last Spring, Congressman Sherman joined with Chairman Ros-Lehtinen and others in introducing both bills.The most prominent war mongering neocons and the founders of The Project for a New American Century were Jews: Paul Wolfowitz.. Richard Perle.. Elliot Abrams.. Bill Kristol.. Robert Kagan.. David Wurmser.. Scooter Libby.. Norman Podhoretz.. John Podhoretz.. James Schlesinger.. Dov Zakheim.. Douglas Feith.. Marc Grossman.. Michael Ledeen.. Charles Krauthammer.. Stephen Bryen.. David Frum…The Iraq war planners and the “bomb the Mid East into democracy” advocates.In October 2007, Debra Cagan (Jew)
          Our country has been hijacked by these dual-nationality neo-cons and will result in the destruction of the United States as we know it . . .

  • JohnEngelman

    Sikhs most assuredly belong in this country. Like Orientals and east Indians they have low crime rates. Foreign cultures not associated with social pathology fascinate me.                                                  
     Wade Michael Page was probably some deranged right wing nut case who thought his victims were Muslims. 

    • You’ve never answered any of my questions before and why I dare to try again, I don’t know but:

      If White People decided they wanted, forget America, if they wanted Europe to be all White, would you accept that or would you say your favored non-whites belong there too?

      • JohnEngelman

        That is a moot question, because majorities in European countries have never decided they want their countries to be all white. 
        I favor stringent restrictions on third world immigration. I also think that every country in the world should welcome immigrants who are whites of European ancestry, Oriental, and from India. This is because those three groups have low crime rates, and high average IQs.       

        • Why can’t you just answer the stinkin’ question?

          I asked you:  If they decided they wanted to be All White, would you allow it or would you still say your favored non-whites have a “right” to be there?

          I know you love non-whites John.  I’ve only posted to you for years now.  Not very often of course ’cause what’s the point?  You have never answered any of my questions.  I want answers from you but won’t give them.

          • JohnEngelman

            I already answered your question. I will again. I respect majority rule. At the same time I would never vote to exclude Orientals, Jews, and people from India. 
            Since you are getting nasty, Sephanie Golonska, I will point out that I would rather live with Orientals, Jews, and people from India than people who put Confederate flag decals on their pickup trucks next to the gun racks. 

            A Confederate artillery shell crippled one of my ancestors during the Civil War.

          • potato78

            Blacks were imported by Confederate Flag People.  Because of their laziness.  Now they are regreted because they were lost in civil war.  They spreaded black weeds national wide 100 years ago.  Now they saw the side effects  generated by them.  Now muslims are imported by liberals.  Confederate Flag People realized that there are possibilities of their daughters being converted to muslims.  There are no other ways to convert them back.
            In nature environment, things are balanced.  muslims way is not nature.  Only goes one direction. 

          • Leave the US very soon then. The far-right and the far-left are preparing for war. Civil War II is right around the corner. I’m sure plenty of people on this site will donate money for your one-way ticket.

          • You did not answer my question.  For the last and final time:

            Were Europeans to declare Europe as a White Only Union, would you allow it?

            Confederate – I Wave this Confederate Battle Flag ’cause I’m Ready for Battle.  It’s just too easy here John.  This is a Confederate Battle Flag and when one Waves her, what do you think it means?

            As for your relative, GOOD!  Yankees are Traitors.  Your people had NO RIGHT to invade mine.

            respect majority rule – No you don’t.  White People used to be The Majority and tell me please, when were they listened to when it came to Immigration, Civil Rights, Minority Privilege, Foreign Aide, Foreign Wars that have nothing to do with us, etc.?

            Flags and gun racks – PURELY AMERICAN!  Guns are a Natural Part of American Culture just like Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Apple Pie and White Bread is.

          • 14POLK88

            I have a Confederate battle flag tattooed on the right side of my chest and the Bonnie blue on the left. It could have been my Grand father, third great, C.H.POLK or his Brother in law my Uncle,third great, J.A.JOHNSON ! Who crippled your ancestor in the Yankees northern aggression of my beloved south!!

          • JohnEngelman

            You did not answer my question.  For the last and final time:
            Were Europeans to declare Europe as a White Only Union, would you allow it?
            – Stephanie Galonska
            If the Europeans voted to declare Europe as a White Only Union, I would not be able to prevent it. Fortunately they will not vote to do that. Unlike you the Europeans have the sense to appreciate the superior intelligence of Orientals. 

          • JohnEngelman

            As for your relative, GOOD!  Yankees are Traitors.  Your people had NO RIGHT to invade mine.
            respect majority rule – No you don’t.  White People used to be The Majority and tell me please, when were they listened to when it came to Immigration, Civil Rights, Minority Privilege, Foreign Aide, Foreign Wars that have nothing to do with us, etc.?
            Flags and gun racks – PURELY AMERICAN!  Guns are a Natural Part of American Culture just like Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Apple Pie and White Bread is.
            – Stephanie Galonska    
            You celebrate the Confederacy and yet you lecture me on what is “PURELY AMERICAN.”  
            If the Confederacy had won the Civil War Negro slavery might still exist. If Southern whites had grown their own cotton and tobacco the Negroes would not have been brought over as slaves in the first place. 
            BYW, apple pie has empty calories. I do not eat it. White bread is the same way. I eat whole wheat bread. 

          • JohnEngelman

            Leave the US very soon then. The far-right and the far-left are preparing for war. Civil War II is right around the corner and the South will rise again.
            I’m sure plenty of people on this site will donate money for your one-way ticket.
            – Lucas Evans    
            Last time we had the Henry Rifle, the Gatling Gun, and the iron clad battleship. Next time we will have precision guided munitions, stealth bombers, and nuclear weapons.
            Also, what will you do with all the Negroes in the South? They will not submit to deportation, or the re institution of slavery or second class citizenship. 

          • JohnEngelman

            A Confederate artillery shell crippled one of my ancestors during the Civil War.                                                        
            As for your relative, GOOD!  Yankees are Traitors.  Your people had NO RIGHT to invade mine. 
            – Stephanie Galonska

          • NikkiOwens

            John: “Unlike you the Euroopeans have the sense to appreciate the superior intelligence of Orientals.”

            What you don’t understand is that while intelligence is *one* of the important factors in compatibility of peoples, it is not the *only* factor by a long shot. It is also about culture, values, a common history and the “folk soul”. Conflict and ethnic clash is caused by the combination of these things, not “intelligence”.

            John: “If the Confederacy had won the Civil War, Negro slavery might still exist.”

            This trope always amuses and frustrates me in equal measure. It is *extremely* unlikely — to the point of laughability — that slavery of any kind would still exist in America had the South won the war. Slavery was already dead or dying in most of the civilized world, and it was only a matter of time before it was abolished in the South as well. Of course, it probably would have lasted a little longer, but social and international economic pressure would have resulted in the eventual cessation of slavery. At that point, perhaps the emancipated slaves would have been shipped back to Africa rather than freed into American society as they were by Yankee do-gooders, and we would all be a lot better off for it.

            Unfortunately, instead of respecting the will of the people and the sovereignty of the states and allowing slavery to die a natural, civilized death as it did elsewhere, the government attempted to impose a top-down decision, and then decided to back it up with military force when the people resisted. It was a bad idea, an unconscionable war of brother against brother, and an egregious example of top-down politics far too early in the history of such a young nation. It’s only gotten worse ever since.

    • The__Bobster

      If it comes from Asia, you always think it belongs here, even the stink bugs and the
      snakehead fish.

      Asians could have a zero crime rate (which they don’t) and I wouldn’t want them here. The last thing this country needs is more people. You could kill two bird with one stone by moving to Asia. Oh, that’s right. Most of them don’t want immigrants.

      • JohnEngelman

        If the United States does not need more people do you favor a high birth rate for whites? 

    • Dave4088

      No John, they don’t.  Just because a given racial or ethnic group displays low crime and fair intelligence doesn’t mean they would make good countrymen.   Again, I can think of more objectionable groups than Sikhs but that just isn’t the point.

      Many white Americans or Europeans would make a positive impact on India, China or Japan but those nations don’t want us because we don’t look like them or think like them.  That’s really what it boils down to.

      As Jared Taylor said, only we can be us.  The founding fathers and earlier generations of whites instinctively understood this.  It’s too bad you and other contemporary white Americans do not. 

    • Pandemonium

      Your criterion for people who “belong in this country” is strange.”low crime rates”?

      Since you obviously support multiracial societies, why are you on this site?

      Certainly you have a right to post here, but since you don’t support our cause, what’s your point for being here? 

      Are you here to try to bring some “enlightenment” to us ignorant “gun loving”, “right wing”, raciss yokels??

       I haven’t seen the evidence that Page was “gun loving” or “right wing”. Can you enlighten me since your criterion for posting is to always, and only, post facts?

      • JohnEngelman

        I haven’t seen the evidence that Page was “gun loving” or “right wing”. Can you enlighten me since your criterion for posting is to always, and only, post facts?    
        – Pandemonium
        Los Angeles Times Auguts 6, 2012 
        WASHINGTON — Federal investigators had “looked at” Sikh temple gunman Wade Michael Page more than once because of his associations with right-wing extremists .                                     ,0,2390104.story 

        • Pandemonium

          Latimes (great source). I’m not at all convinced that skinheads are “right wing”.

          Also, supporters of the Constitution, specifically the second amendment, are not necessarily “right wing”. I have many acquaintances in the gun culture who are “liberals”.

      • JohnEngelman

        Your criterion for people who “belong in this country” is strange.”low crime rates”? 
        – Pandemonium
        High IQs help too. 

        • Pandemonium

          Let me reiterate…since you favor multi-racial societies, why do you post here?

      • JohnEngelman

        Since you obviously support multiracial societies, why are you on this site?       
        – Pandemonium
        I favor more restrictions on third world immigration. I appreciate the way American Renaissance publicizes the truth about black social pathology, and promotes books like “The Bell Curve,” and “The 10,000 Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution.”
        My high regard for Orientals is shared by Professor J. Philippe Rushton, who has spoken at American Renaissance conferences.


        • Pandemonium

          Dr. Rushton may or may not support multi-racial societies. I don’t know. It does not matter whether he does or does not. Most people on this site, I dare say, support, and work for, a mono-racial society. 

          You apparently do not. 

          • JohnEngelman

            I would be bored living in a white bread neighborhood where everyone was a Gentile of European descent. 
            Right now I live in a high black neighborhood, which is to say, a high crime neighborhood. Maybe boredom would be a pleasant change.
            I appreciate different cultures and races, but I do not appreciate them equally. 

          • Marcy Fleming

             Good sane, intelligent comments, John. My boyfriend lives in the same type of neighborhood that you do but in Oakland. We really don’t want white bread suburbs but a little peace and order is welcome.

          • JohnEngelman

            When I lived in Oakland I loved to visit the Chinatown and Rockridge. Rockridge has a traditional Episcopal Church. Some Sundays I would attend services there, visit a tavern and a few book stores, and have lunch and buy kosher food at a Jewish delicatessen.       

          • anarchyst

            What’s wrong with “white bread suburbs”??

  • OsRazor

     The smartest thing I’ve read in this thread.  Thank you.

    • Neither one of you is right.  You non-whites always defend your fellow scum no matter what they do yet you dare to constantly insult this White Man simply because he did what so many of you non-whites have always done.

      If non-whites are not to be judged so quickly, neither shall this man be.

      • OsRazor

        So those of us who do not fall for the Neo-Con line about the “greatest threat to the Universe” and who berate this Wisconsin turd for setting back the cause of white people dramatically should now be considered “non-white”‘?  Get a grip and start thinking critically.

        Should a “race-war” break out in this country in the next decade or two, I want people on my side to know who the enemy is, to be smarter than that enemy, and I certainly do not want idiots like the Wisconsin turd by my side.  He makes me want to puke.

        • You are not right.  Guess who else dismissed the Mentally Ill?

          I will not leave My People behind no matter how sick they are.  I will not do it.

          Truth be Told, I am more Patient toward people like this man than I am with people like you.  You people are rotten to the core.  You are quick to judge and all without fact(s) proven.  I don’t like you right now.

          smarter than – How Dare You.  People cannot help, nor did they ask for their God Given Intelligence or lack thereof.  Nor does the Illness that does run rampant among us.

          neo-con – I don’t know what this means.  I’ve read it more than once but I still don’t know what that means or what the people ascribed to this “definition” are about.  Sometimes, I just don’t understand…

          race war – can’t have one unless The Races understand what they’re fighting for and against and so far, the only people allowed to fight for their own are non-whites.

  • Enar_Larsson

     Remind you a bit of Lee Harvey Oswald and MKULTRA, does it? I thought the same thing.

  • The__Bobster

    At least Breivik went after the right targets, the ones who created the problem. He treated the disease, not the symptoms.

    • Eagle_Eyed

       Seriously?  He went after misguided white teenagers.

      • mikejones91

        Misguided turns to Ideological doctrine. Hate to say it but he DID go for the right people.

        • OsRazor

           Indeed, Breivik did.  This Wisconsin turd did not.

          • You know nothing my sour little nothing you.

            You’re glad to help promote White against White Murder (“indeed, Breivik did”) and quick to denounce White against non-white.  Why?

      • He went after the children of the elites that brought the muslim plague upon his country. I don’t support his actions, but I do support his reasons.

        • Marcy Fleming

           huh ????

  • The__Bobster

    Here is the temple where the shootout occurred. It appears that there were a lot of them in the middle of nowhere. What was the attraction?!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/alg-sikh1.jpg

  • tickyul

    Terrible thing to do, what a POS….wow, pathetic.

    • How quick you are to turn from your own.  This man is clearly hurting, clearly hurting yet not one word is spoken of his pain.  Not one word.  Why?

      I give more sympathy to Ill Non-Whites than you’re willing to show for your very own.  Why?  White People don’t go around doing this sort of stuff and you know it so the question needs to be, why?  What happened?  Where, when and why did the disillusion come to be?  Is there a History of Illness in the Blood?  There’s just so many questions to be asked and answered and the “answers” must be closely examined as to determine Truth in it.

      I never said a word about that asian who shot up VA Tech nor did I say a word about that asian who shot up the immigration center in New York for a couple of examples.  Nor the black lady who killed European Tourists.  Or the Jew or anyone who is Ill.  Why are you so quick to dismiss this fella who did nothing more than what other non-whites have done?

      • tickyul

        In MY America, ANYONE who did something along the lines of what the shooter did would be pushing up daisies within one year tops……I do not care what funky excuses their lawyers push.

        I DO NOT not condone this type of violence at all…..NONE! But if the “brave” shooter wanted to really cook things off and be a big “hero”………well, pretty lame going after some people who have a crime rate lower than Asian Americans…….best he could do????

        Yes, if you want to blame someone for the insane immigration policies of the USA….well, blame the politicians.

        • NM156

          No kidding. What was his other target choice? A Korean daycare center? Had he unloaded at a La Raza convention, his stock would have gone through the roof.

          • tickyul

            He should have seen someone like Jared Taylor as a role model…..using logic and reason to change things for the better.

          • JohnEngelman

            Are you suggesting that killing those at a La Raza convention is justified? 

          • NM156

            Yes! Here in gangland, I have no illusions about who the enemy is, and that enemy is, among others, La Raza.

        • You Speak with Forked Tongue.

          You don’t have an “America” “white” child.  You choose to defend those who seek to control you.  You’re a weak one and way too willing to submit simply because you are unable to See The Future.

          The above and because you’re afraid to stand up for what you pretend to believe in.

      • Marcy Fleming

         A reasonable person would all killings by anyone regardless of origin.

        • NikkiOwens

          Really? So all our ancestors who had no problem violently dispatching criminals, foreigners and enemies — none of them were “reasonable”? Such blanket, knee-jerk condemnations of violence are a huge part of why we’re in this mess. White peoples of various cultures used to be proud warrior people. They understood the right use of violence, and they had codes of honor that distinguished between the in-group and the out-group. Violence against the in-group (James Holmes) was a crime and punishable by death. Violence against an out-group (Wade Michael Page) was not a crime, because it was not governed by in-group laws. This was especially true if the out-group in question was engaged in invading or colonizing the in-group’s lands.

          It is not previous generations who were unreasonable. It is us, in our squeamish abhorrence of all physical violence — an aversion which has been pounded into us from our first breath by pacifistic ideologies which we are taught to think of as morally, intellectually and spiritually superior to our ancestors’ judicial and highly codified use of violence in the service of the folk. This, of course, makes us infinitely easier to invade, dominate and conquer.

          I believe there is far more good and “reasonableness” in those who follow nature’s laws and are willing to apply violence for the furtherance of noble ends than there is in those who indiscriminately denounce any violence as a moral evil, no matter what its intended ends.

          • JohnEngelman

            Your justification for what Wade Michael Page does not belong on this website.

          • NikkiOwens

            I did not justify it.

        • What?  You left out a word and I can’t understand what your point is because of it.

          I’m not against killing.  Non-whites kill White People who live in their Countries all the time so for me, I don’t care.

      • JohnEngelman

        This man is clearly hurting, clearly hurting yet not one word is spoken of his pain.  Not one word.  Why?

        – Stephanie Galonska
        Now you sound like a liberal.

  • The__Bobster

    Oh, it’s worse than that. They provide training to the FBI and local police departments.

  • The__Bobster

    Let’s look at the score card.:

    On our side, we have one nut with six victims. That one for us.

    Now let’s look at the other side:

    Far larger is the phenomenon of “Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome”, introduced by to cover incidents like the Virginia Tech Shootings and many, many, underreported others that do not involve Norwegians or Nazis of any kind.  By our count since 1971, it’s 37 incidents and 337 murders as of tonight.

    Hey, $PLC, where were you when these incidents happened?

    • NM156

      The problem is that these killings aren’t blatantly racial. The fact that they were committed by wacko, disgruntled immigrants who have no business being here is irrelevant to the MSM, which wouldn’t notice a negative pattern among them if it were in the form of a Doberman pinscher pack ripping their throats out.

      • Sloppo

        Some were racially motivated and some were not.

  • mikejones91

    Well put. Sikhs truly are a “model minority”. I’m not “ego boosting” but they really are.

  • Here’s some background on this guy:

    What do these guys think they’re going to accomplish? Do they believe they’re going to start a movement by targeting families with children? Do they consider the blowback? Do they care?

    Where do these people come from? I don’t know anyone who remotely fits this profile.

    It takes only one misguided zealot to set us back. Get ready for another hit and a fund raiser bonanza for the SPLC.

    • NM156

      I knew Nazi skinheads from the Chicago punk scene in the 1980s, when I was in HS. These guys were horrendously stupid and sociopathic, and no doubt, nothing has changed in the intervening 25 years.

      • Pandemonium

        I think the “Nazi Skinheads” are “controlled opposition” controlled by whatever powerful, wealthy organization needs them in order to advance that organization’s agenda. Think, lobbying group, government, etc.

        The one thing I am absolutely certain of is that these type of organizations (skinheads, etc.) are totally infiltrated by government stooges. 

        Advice…stay far, far away from them.

    • Xanthippe2

      Who exactly is saying this guy was some sort of White racialist leader???  The SPLC?  They are real reliable (not).  A White guy who apparently had a history of drinking too much and acting irresponsibly gets angry and shots some people who do not look like they belong here to him. 

      Different groups living side by side will cause ill ease and sometimes violence in the more impulsive members of all groups.  That’s human nature.  It is not an indictment of the White racialist cause.

      How many White nationalist are saying go out today and kill non-Whites?  Very few, and they are generally paid agents-provocateur.

  • Bobby Shaftoe

    Sikhs are known as policemen , bureaucrats  and soldiers in India . They are administrators , tax collectors and et – cetera. Apparently they have now been beatified. The killer was a sociopath who couldn’t tell the difference between up and down . Alas he was white and well you know the rest.

    • NM156

      This guy’s CV suggests he wasn’t a total moron, but is it possible he thought Sikhs were “Bin Ladens”?

  • mickieshillelagh

    Sikhs, no matter how hardworking and polite they may seem, simply do not belong in Western nations.  For the record I find Sikhs, along with Hindus, to be duplicitous and treacherous.  Once you get to know them and they let their mask slip a little, their blistering hatred of white people is revealed.

    • OsRazor

       I know we’re talking about the specifics of this case and for the life of me I wish it were 1950 and the country was 90% white, segregation and red-zone laws heavily enforced, no non-white would dare look at a white woman, etc., but are Sikhs or Hindus at all germane to the threats posed against whites now?  They are so periphery they don’t even register on the threat list.  Rome is burning and a lot of supposed white nationalists are too busy picking their teeth after a heavy meal to get off their seats and grab a bucket of water.  Unbelievable.

    • No matter what! That does NOT give white supremacists the right to kill them. To condone the murder of innocents ( Sikhs) by deranged white lunatics is tantamount to evil!

      • ncpride

        You have some nerve. I remember you. You were here just a few weeks ago gloating about how superior your people are to ours and how you are taking over our country because you have our politicians in your pockets. How many of your people spew that kind of rhetoric? And futhermore, what have we ever done to deserve that kind of hatred from you? You live in CA, and you have prospered in our country, and that’s the thanks we get from you?

      • Yes it does.  Invasion is an Act of War and so, War Commences…

        innocent – How so?  Foreigners gaining at the expense of the natives is never good for either party.  Resentment and Contempt is all ya git out of that..

        white lunatics – and non-whites who practice the worse of the worse is?  Non-Whites are Lucifer’s Prime Picks.

        Looky here you sad sorry excuse for a Third World Alien, you non-whites have never been proven to be better than us and you just hate that don’t you?

        One of two things will happen:  We will Win or y’all will destroy everything you touch.

        • ncpride

          When I first heard of this shooting, unfortunately one of the first things that popped into my head was this guy’s posts from a few weeks ago, with all his talk of buying up all of our land, taking our better jobs, how ‘inferior’ we are to his people, and how they are going to be our new ‘masters’…. It was a vicious, hate filled post and even *I* was taken aback by his hatred of us. They were quickly deleted by moderators, so I’m sure not many here saw them.

          • I missed it but I’m not surprised.  Anyway, let them talk.  We know they’ll never win.  I don’t know anyone, liberal or otherwise who is about to take food from their own family just so some Third World Alien can have it.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        This is the inevitable result of forcing massive numbers of people from different ethnic groups into White homelands.

        There is not one real world example in history of ethnic/religious groups living together in harmony — it comes down to violence and bloodshed over a normal and natural desire for an ethnic homeland where one can be with his own kind and an ongoing struggle for resources.

        What you don’t seem to understand is that this is about a world-wide War against the White race and you and the Sikhs mentioned above are merely playing a role in this planned destruction.

        The alien, White-hating government of the U.S. (and England) has its boot on our necks and won’t let us up.  We are not allowed to organize and advocate for our own people (as you and ALL other non-Whites are allowed).  We are not allowed to speak out against our race replacement.   White genocide in South Africa goes unmentioned by the Western press.  The government and media dehumanize and demonize us — encouraging non-Whites to hate us, assault us and kill us.

        If I disparaged your people publicly as is allowed by you and your kind, I would be brought up on charges of hatred and bigotry, lose my career, reputation and life savings.

        It is beyond obscene and evil to wish for the genocide of a race of people, but you seem to enjoy doing this;  you and many other non-Whites like you  gloat about our demise.

        Imagine the White-free America you will inherit!!  

        Will it be as peaceful, gun-free and harmonious as the lefties keep telling us?

        Or will it be like any other Third World country (including India) that is marked by short life spans, grinding poverty, filthy, violence and human misery.

        Enjoy!!  The greatest, freest country in the world destroyed by anit-White Whites, elite Jews and non-Whites like you.


      • Every “multicultural” society in history has ended in a bloody, genocidal race war. Unless something magical happens to stop it, this country will see a race war. If we take the amount of people killed in Yugoslavia and recalculate based on the relative population differences, over 2 million people will die in the US race war.

        Nobody wants that, but this is where we are heading. If you really wanted to save Sikhs, you’d be on our side.

    • jeffaral

      Sikhs have a very rigid and discriminatory caste system, so they are not this wonderful community some people posting hier want us to believe. 

      • Marcy Fleming

         So that justifies killing them ?

      • NikkiOwens

        No, they don’t. The Hindus do. The Sikhs do not believe in caste distinctions.

  • 14POLK88

    I agree ,The Sikhs should not have been shot.

    • blight14

       The shooters choice of targets was *&^% stupid….the retard probably thought it was a muzzy ‘church’…..

      • 14POLK88

        You know Bro..I am going to check out more about Sikhs I really don’t know any thing about them. Tom in MI, seems to think they are not a model minority.

      • blight14

         Polk, IS THERE a ‘model minority’?

  • POTATO 78,

    Blacks were not “imported”.  They were bought and sold just like the White People were.  If you can’t be Honest about Slavery, I cannot debate you.  This is not Politico.  I expect Intelligence to Reign here so please, let us not pretend okay?

    laziness – Is that how America came to be The Greatest of All?  You Sir, sound jealous.  The White Peoples are Better and this includes our ill.  We are Better than you and we always will be.  You don’t like that do you?

    lost civil war – No they didn’t.  The North simply overwhelmed, that’s all.  Mass Production can beat anyone.  Cheaters will always “win”.

    black weeds – The South is Responsible for NO such THING!  Excuse me Sir while I tell you to go to hell.

    muslims – don’t go blaming muslims now.  muslims cannot emigrate without the permission of the host.  I Love and Will Fight for and Die for Jehovah, Jesus and My own People BUT, only White People can choose to submit and for that, I cannot help but put the True Blame nowhere but on my own.  Not The South, White People.  The White Peoples fell for this garbage and were I to be Brutally Honest, I’d tell ya, we have ourselves to blame.

    Islam Must be Eradicated.  There is no other choice when it comes to this monstrosity they dare call “religion”. –

    • The Verdict of History

      Please don’t blame Whites collectively.

      The “progressives” are to blame.

      They infiltrate our institutions and exercise mind control and mass indoctrination.

      Indict the liberal cabal and its dedicated, well-coordinated operation.


      • Yes, you’re right of course but still.  Why did we play along with “civil rights”?  Why did we allow ourselves to be discriminated against and hated in our very own Country?  Why did we allow our Leaders to betray us?  Why did we allow our Corporations to sell us out?

        I really don’t understand how this happened or why.  I look at my fellow white people who hate me and I have to ask, why are they okay with non-whites getting privileges just for not being White and why are they okay with the non-whites who preserve and promote their culture over ours and why are they okay with letting their own die?  Where does that come from?  Why do some white people feel okay with their race becoming extinct?

    • Marcy Fleming

       Your last sentence is exactly what inspired this killer. Blacks were imported here against their will unlike whites who immigrated from Europe.

      • Blacks were not forced here by White People.  Blacks were captured and sold by their very own Black People.  Guess who else was captured and sold by their very own?  Yes, that’s right, White People.

        I think it was Seattle, there were bars that had trap doors and they would trap those who got drunk and passed out and they had broken glass down there so they couldn’t run away and they were sold to be slaves.

        Please don’t look to me to have sympathy for non-whites when none is given to White People who went through the exact same thing.

  • You know Mark Potok is going to be poring over every comment on this thread, and so I want him to read mine and laugh:

    You have to admit this is funny. 

    • NM156

      Oh man, too freaking funny. I just had to listen to that several times. x D Still laughing….

      • NM156

        Ok, just once more. X D

    • Xanthippe2

      “You know Mark Potok is going to be poring over every comment on this thread”

      No he won’t.  Maybe even none of his interns will.  The “info” on the SPLC site is old and very inaccurate.  It is designed for fund raising and nothing more.

  • IKantunderstand

    This whole tragedy could have been avoided very simply. Those sikhs should have stayed in India. I’m not sure why they are here, political refugees? some  other kind of bullshit refugee status? We are talking about people who carry as “part of their religion” a dagger.  Ask Obama: Is it a good idea to bring a gun to a knife fight?

  • NM156

    Eric Holder’s really been stepping up the massacres lately. Feds knew about this guy, and the Aurora cops knew about The Joker’s homicidal ideation and delusions of violent persecution. The plan for Fast and Furious weapons to be used in US gun violence-preferably a few murders-in order to spur the passage of gun-control laws failed, so two other mass killings follow in rapid succession. Coincidence?

  • Sherman_McCoy

    False flag, anyone?

  • NM156

    Maybe he picked the most docile of immigrant groups to incite a particular effect.

  • Xanthippe2

    Why is this shooting “Domestic Terrorism”  and the CO shooting wasn’t?  Because non-Whites count and Whites don’t?  Because bringing in as many ethnic groups to the U.S. as possible is national policy and opposing it is opposing national policy?  I am really surprised more people are not asking these questions.

    Real terror results when many different ethnic groups are forced to share the same territory.  The government caused these deaths by its immigration policy.

    • Sloppo

      I agree that multiculturalism was a big factor in this, but on the other hand the crazy guy who shot those people might have been just as dangerous if he had lived in a country with all white people.  

  • NM156

    Really? The Sikhs abide by the Seven Pillars of Islam?

  • 549106

    I’m actually really glad this event was addressed here: it shows the irreconcilable split in the “alternative right” between modernizing white nationalists who want to assert the primacy of western culture and western values and preserve the United States and Europe as majority white countries…. and throwback neo-nazis and neo-confederates who fantasize about genocide, “lone-wolf” terrorism and having a 100% white country as an absolute and essential stance. The second group often  advocates violence, terrorism, flawed historiography, conspiracy theories, holocaust denial, etc. Obviously they’re completely marginal and politically nonviable in every country on earth, but they’re stupid too realize it. The only people on par with their stupidity are the ones on the right who refuse to recognize their actual existence and have a weird  conspiracy theory to explain why there’s no need to cut violent extremists and people who defend them out of the conversation. Anyone who thinks the national alliance, swastikas and all this teenage “14/88” stuff is ever going to appeal to more than 5% of  white people at the very most is out of their mind.

    • jeffaral

      Your mindset is typical of reactionary conservatives.   The NS Golden Down in Greece is an example that revolutionary ethnic Nationalism can succeed.    People like Mitt Romney are our real enemy!

    • The Verdict of History


    • You’re quite the paranoid one aren’t you?

      It is perfectly reasonable for White People to want and expect to be left alone.  If you can explain to me and with perfect logic, why White People are obligated to accept non-whites, I’ll listen but as long as non-whites are allowed to preserve their culture, countries and people and work for the betterment of their own, so are White People.

      • 549106

        At this point, the problem is that we live in a globalized world where economic autarky is nearly impossible if you want to live at a higher standard of living than North Korea or East Germany or something. We can have free movement of capital, free trade, and free mobility of labor, or we can have capital controls, protectionism, and tight immigration. I actually would prefer the second case, but I don’t see any white nationalists who seem able to face the problematic aspects of capitalism head-on. And as for America, the relationship between blacks, whites, asians, and hispanics has been to the total economic and social advantage of whites until the last 40 years or so.  Slavery, manifest destiny, and rapid industrialization all had the obvious end-result of large non-white populations distributed throughout the US. Either we acknowledge the history and begin with where we are, or we start out in a fantasy land with no way to account for the creation of America. As for europe, I’d agree that multiculturalism is total madness there  and they have no tradition of handling non-western cultures, no reason to take them in, no historical precedent, etc. 

        • I have no idea what you’re talking about.  White People built America, not asians, hispanics or blacks.

          The buildings here are European Style.  Are you saying that came from Asia, Hispnania and Africa?  Democracy came from Asia, Hispania and Africa too?

          I don’t agree with you at all when it comes to who built America.

    • NikkiOwens

      What an ignorant comment. I don’t even know where to begin with this one.

  • jeffaral

    Lots of people refering to him as “idiot”.    Surely this cyber space warriors are the clever ones.

  • refocus

    Is it possible that the shooter was a mind control patsy set loose to continue the narrative that white men are bad and murderous and therefore their guns must confiscated?

    (So that Lenin’s descendents can finish his work of KILLING THE BEAUTIFUL *white* CHILDREN.)

  • mikejones91

    You are exactly right. That’s why I came here. The violence. WE are better than them. 

  • razorrare

    John Engelman  states,”If the Confederacy had won the Civil War Negro slavery might still exist. If Southern whites had grown their own cotton and tobacco the Negroes would not have been brought over as slaves in the first place. “…

    Throughout the 17th and much of the 18th century,the tobacco,sugar and cotton colonies maintained a sizable White slave population.Negro slaves simply cost too much to import and purchase.Whites were cheaper and more expendable–UNTIL THEY BEGAN TO FIGHT..i.e. White Slave Rebellions…one of the most famous known as “Bacon’s Rebellion.”….”planters,especially in the South,eventually elected to replace the restive White servants with the more identifiable less “criminal” black slaves.”(Van der Zee)…

    Oh,BTW…todays whole wheat bread has been genetically altered and is not fit for human consumption.It is the main cause for obesity in the World. Perhaps it affects i.q. as well,as shown by your posts of late.

    • anarchyst

      Most people are unaware that most slaves in the South volunteered to fight with the Confederacy as that was their home.  

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Looks like another “Manchurian Candidate” unleashed in the name of more gun control and a call for cracking down on White Americans. Far too many innocent people shot in a big way in a very short amount of time.

    The msm/SPLC  pat talking points were lined up immediately:  skinhead, White male, military veteran, neo-Nazi, domestic terrorist, 9/11 tattoo, and a new, “desperate” need for gun control.

    We will never know the truth about the Colorado or Wisconsin shootings:


    The official “lone gunman” story is contradicted by an eyewitness report claiming that a team of four men dressed in black carried out the massacre.

    ‘It was a very coordinated thing. It wasn’t haphazard,’ temple member Amardeep Kaleka told CNN.


    Eyewitness, Corbin Dates, told reporters, ‘I noticed that a person came up to the front row, the front right, sat down, and as credits were going, it looked like he got a phone call. He went out toward the emergency exit doorway…and it seemed like he probably pried it open, or probably did not let it latch all the way.’

    Corbin also said, ‘the person seemed to be ‘signaling somebody’ or ‘looking for somebody to come his way…as soon as the movie started, somebody came in, all black, gas mask, armor, and threw a gas can into the audience, and it went off, and then there were gunshots that took place.

    Whoever the shooter was, he acted with the precision and sophistication of a well-trained, killing-machine commando. He knew exactly what to do militarily by throwing a gas cannister into the crowd, then shooting a shot towards the ceiling. It was done to scare people out of their seats and make them easy targets.

    Conveniently, Wisconsin shooter is dead and the Colorado shooter appears to be either severely addled and/or drugged up with Scopolomine.

    Interesting info about the Colorado shooter’s father — but that is for another post


  • razorrare

    Bon…Everything They Told Me Was A Lie–Pat Shannan
    Pat Shannan recently was a guest on Political Cesspool.You can listen to it here…First Hour–posted Sun 29th…dosent come on til about 30 minutes into first hour.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Well stated and dead on.

    There is a good reason guns stores are being cleaned out and the “survival” business is booming. 

    In the end, IS all about force, not “talking points” or hand wringing or justification as to why White homelands should be opened up to the Third World.

    The nature of envy is not to have what someone else has, but to destroy what they have.It WILL come down to violence, unspeakable violence, directed at White America and a lot of it!!

     I honestly believe this government’s ultimate goal is worldwide White eradication — the signs certainly point in that direction.(flooding White homelands with the violent sludge of the world, active legislation against Whites and White interests, UN directives to disarm us and confiscate our land and wealth).


  • razorrare

    …Dr.Tom Sell is another interesting interview just on this last saturday on Political Cesspool…I urge every reader here to listen to it at the same link i posted. Its at the top of the list.

  • razorrare

    Stupid me….here is the link…
    Bon…Everything They Told Me Was A Lie–Pat Shannan

    Pat Shannan recently was a guest on Political Cesspool.You can listen to it here…First Hour–posted Sun 29th…dosent come on til about 30 minutes into first hour…

  • MissBonnie123

    I am anti-violence. This man was wrong in what he did.

    However, I am surprised at the many Amren posters, supposedly posted by White people, who would not mind having many Sikhs in this country. The purpose of this website is to peacefully fight for the preservation of our race, our heritage, our Western systems of economics and politics that allow us to have a prosperous, safe, peaceful country. How could any person who claims he is pro-White not be bothered by Sikhs replacing his people?

    Sikhs will practice THEIR culture, THEIR heritage, honor THEIR heroes, and demand a political and economic system that benefits them, not one that necessarily benefits our country.

    Diversity is a weakness if we say we want a united country.

    We need to keep our focus on preserving our race and our traditions.

  • OldAtlantic

     This post is the real race realism.

  • Pandemonium

    Probably right. That would explain the millions of rounds of ammo, and the hundreds of thousands of body bags. Kinda goes together, doesn’t it. Like steak and eggs.

  • Pandemonium

    False flag, false flag, false flag. 

  • Pandemonium

    My first thoughts about this were: false  flag, and the timing of the event. Qui bono?

  • Marcy Fleming

     No, he deserved to die like the rat he was.

  • blight14

     Thank you…..I love Sikh’s, IN SIKH-LAND……why in the *&^% do all of these cretins insist on coming here…..

  • jeffaral

    The peaceful Sikhs are the same people who bombed an Air India plane killing 320 passangers, plus several other terror acts victimising thousands more.

  • mickieshillelagh

     They, Sikhs and other Indians, are modern day colonizers.  They do not come to build and create for the betterment of our nations but rather to displace us and parasitically use us.  They, and other Asians, cannot be considered in any way superior to us, contrary to the bleatings of our resident Asiaphiles.  The proof lies in the pudding.  Indians have created India, we have created the greatest civilization that has ever existed.  We have the right to have our own countries unsullied by hordes of uncivilized dusky invaders.

    • NikkiOwens

      India is a perfect example of what happens when you attempt to have a multiracial society but lose caste integrity over thousands of years. It used to be a great civilization, but the gradual corruption of the caste system and the resultant race-mixing has produced the India of today. A sad and cautionary tale.

  • Why do people like you dare to live among White People while the same time, advocate for their replacement?

    And why do people like you always talk about how great those non-whites are?  You make sure to not write one word about all the very hard working, polite and honest White People who have made great contributions everywhere they went.  Why?

    And why don’t people like you, you who loves non-whites, go live with them?  Why do you think White People need to accept them for you?  Shouldn’t it be you who goes to live with those you love?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble


      You mentioned something about One of your Children, “Stripper,” freezing up and dying. Was “stripper” a pet, a person?   I was sorry to hear this about “Stripper.”  Whoever “Stripper” was seemed to mean a great deal to you.

      Could you give us more information?


      • Kitten from Georgia.  We have lots of cats, most were homeless except for the ones born here from the homeless preggers.

        Stripper was just lying on the driveway, not on his side, laying normal on his tummy but when I picked him up, his body, his skin was tight.  It looked like he was going to be okay because he kept jumping off the bed in order to lay on the floor and then he just died.  He stretched, took his last breath and just died.  We only have one car and my husband just didn’t make it home on time to get him to the doctor.

        The weird thing is, all the babies were out all night yet only Stripper was sick the next morning and he was perfectly fine that evening before.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Oh, so sorry about Stripper, the Kitten from Georgia.  I wonder what happened?  I’ve never heard of that happening to a kitty!!

          I know you are heartbroken, pets ARE members of our families, mine certainly are.  I’ve thought abut Stripper this weekend and remembered this poem about cats:

          Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty
          Little ball of fur
          Happy kitty 
          Sleepy kitty 
          Purr, purr, purr
          Know that I will remember Stripper the Georgia Kitten and think of him when I feed my own cat.


          Photo of Bernie, my Shih-Tzu puppy

  • Marcy Fleming

     Mao killed between 70 and 110 million Chinese in 27 years.
    The Soviets probably 70-80 million in 71 years.
    There were less than 300,000 Armenians killed in WW1, that 1.5 million figure is a total fraud.
    About a million Tutsis were killed by the shorter Hutus and way more than 67,000 whites have been killed in SA since 1994.

  • “innocent”?  Really?  I tell ya what, you pay my share of the taxes I am forced to pay for your “innocent” non-whites and their Minority Privilege.

    Also, for every non-white neighborhood that exists in America, you must create All White ones.

    For every non-white ethnic store, you must create All White ones.  For every non-white “church”, you must create All White ones and for every White Country that has non-white areas in them, you must create All White areas in all those non-white Countries and those White People must be given more Privilege and Rights than the Natives.

    Last, you have comprehension problems.  I never wrote anything nowheres close to suggesting crime is good.  Just because I’m not playing along with you non-white lovers and belittling this man before the facts are even in like you people are doing doesn’t mean I’m saying crime is good.

  • “hero”?  You people really do have comprehension problems.  You will have to show me the post where I wrote this man was my “hero”.

    I will not play along with you non-white lovers.  You’re just so quick to throw away anyone you deem “evil” even though you don’t know him, know nothing about him and don’t even know what actually happened.

    You go ahead and continue to throw people away without having all the facts and I will continue to reserve my judgement until I have all the facts.

  • NikkiOwens

    No, there is hatred and division because groups that should never have come together in the first place are being pushed upon each other by the true believers of an absurd ideology that flies in the face of nature and history. In the nnatural world, two subspecies of a single species never occupy the same territory. It just doesn’t happen. When conflicting groups are brought together and forced to dwell in the same territory, the result is unfailingly violence.

    The conflict results from a fundamental incompatibility. It is not trivial or superficial; it is about identity, about how we live, how we organize ourselves, what we believe in, our conceptions of morality, trust and security, the need a human being has to truly belong and be part of his people, his community, his nation. None of these are trivial or superficial things; they comprise the deepest and highest aspects of humanity. The conflicts and incompatibilities between peoples who have evolved different ways of being in this world are real and important. If these different peoples were allowed to remain separate, there would be no conflict or division except such as naturally arise within any normal, homogenous society. Massive amounts of energy and resources that are now spent on inter-ethnic conflict and appeasement would be freed up for other, more productive purposes. Who knows to what heights we could soar under such circumstances?

  • 549106

    I’d still rather live in Sweden than Somalia. Violence gets short term results but you can’t sit on a throne of bayonets for long. I don’t think blacks in America are doing very well, so if you really want to imitate them and live on their level there must be something wrong with your perception of America. What I suspect is that you’re another know-nothing keyboard warrior who lacks even the slightest knowledge of politics or history. I’m glad that you’re marginal.

  • Moderators do not control story selection.

  • JohnEngelman

    I think he should have been hanged using the short drop method of execution. 

  • JohnEngelman

    A colonist is a colonist. 
    – NYB
    The first whites in this country were colonists. Then next whites were immigrants. 

  • Anon12

     You are so right!  NO nonwhite is a “model minority”…I get so sick of hearing that lie and even some on Amren buy into that lie.

      Never trust what the FBI says and especially the Mark Potoks of the world…they all hate Whitey and will go to any length to demonize any so-called White “supremacist”…

  • Drew

    For whatever reason, we now find ourselves at the start of the endgame that will determine the fate of Western Civilization. Our presence has contracted to a small number of countries that we can still call home. By the hands of our own kind we are being inundated with foreign cultures with practices that would have a white person thrown in prison or psych ward.
    I’m being forced to interact with people not my kind who are becoming more openly hostile. The insufferable arrogance they display and contempt they have for us causes me to cringe with grief. To add insult to injury, my government favors these foreigners to such a degree that it spends vast amounts of the people’s treasure to give them advantages I will never have.  Not only that, it seems my government wants to displace me from the workforce, taking away my very ability to feed and clothe myself. I’m supposed to be alright with this?
    As the world becomes more interesting I find myself spending more time and energy deflecting incessant vulgarities that are being heaped upon me. I’m feeling the pressure. Having had numerous conflicts over the years with all types of people of color, I sincerely hope the day will not come when I might actually have to shoot someone. I have no problem with the thought of using lethal force to defend myself.  It’s the thought of deliberately hunting someone down, or a bunch of people and killing them that gives me the icky feeling in my psyche.
    Unfortunately, whether we want it or not, trouble is coming our way.

  • Marcy Fleming


  • Marcy Fleming

     They were still colonists as there were other people living here.

  • Carney3

    Keep it peaceful, keep it legal.  No matter how infuriating and drastic the situation gets.  We got into this mess by our enemies using soothing, reassuring rhetoric to win over Middle America.  That’s the only way we’ll get out, a salami slice at a time.  Every outburst, especially murderous ones, sets us back HUGELY.  Violence is the greatest gift you could give the cause of reducing us to a despised persecuted minority in our own country.

  • Carney3

    By the way, let’s not over-praise the Sikhs.

    They may not be Muslims, but it’s not like we get to deport a Muslim for each Sikh we bring in.  If we did, Sikh immigration would be a marginal improvement, but as it is, it’s just adding to the problem.

    Comparing Sikhs to Muslims is the same stupid fallacy as comparing to Hispanics to blacks.  Again, we don’t get to expel a black for each Hispanic we bring in; we’re just adding to the problem.

    See this excellent article about Sikhs that ran in former American Renaissance writer Dr. Ian Jobling’s former website, “White America”.  Unfortunately Jobling shut down WA to pursue other interests, but still has a copy, for now.

  • razorrare

    Everything you need to know about Sikhs…

    The Sikhs of Vancouver…By Duncan Hengest…

  • razorrare

    Jupiter 7…thanks for the heads up…

    Wade Michael Page and the ” Root Causes” of the Sikh Temple Shootings…By Peter Brimelow…

  • jeffaral

    Mr Wade Michael Page was awarded the Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Army Good Conduct Award, The National Defence Service Medal, Humanitarian service medal, Parachutist Badge….

  • razorrare

    MissBonnie123… I have observed that as well…reminds me when many amreners including Mr.Taylor who were sympathetic or supportive of Mr.Derbyshire who had lost his job at NR due to his  article that pertained points on safety of avoiding blacks…This is the same Derbyshire who in We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism,Derbyshire capitalizes diversity when using it  and advances his own”Diversity Theorem”:

    Differant populations,of differant races,customs,religions and preferences,can be mixed together in any number of proportions at all,with harmonious result.Not only will the result be harmonious,it will be beneficial to all the people thus mixed.They will be better and happier than if they had been left to stagnate in dull homogeneity.
      A corollary to this Diversity Theorem states that if the experiment were to be carried out on a nation…then the nation would be made stronger and better by an increase in Diversity,so long as the system was controlled by properly approved and trained Diversity managers.It would be more peaceful,more prosperous,better educated,more cultivated,better able to defend itself  against its enemies.Diversity is our strength!………..Pat Buchanan–Suicide of a SuperPower–Chapter: The Diversity Cult.,page 231.

    Guess that pretty much explains Derbyshire being married to an asian…but i am still perplexed,like you,why so much sympathy being shown to shikh’s by amrener’s who profess or at least say they do,that diversity is not a strength,that wherever you find it you will also find conflict.

  • It was not the White Nationalist community who trained him to kill nonWhites, it was the US military and the US government. The US trains these men to go to nonWhite countries and kill nonWhites in their own homes, why act shocked when they come home and do it.

  •  do you have any hard evidence which can prove that sikhs did it…..sikhs were butchered in 1984 and in 90`s in India.

  • by killing innocents…… are talking bin laden …killing of non-muslim is about survival of Muslims. i feel pity for people like you

  •  extremism in  any form was, is or will never be good…let it be promuslim, prohindu, prosikh or prowhite