Police: Young Suspect Arrested in Armed Robbery Spree

Elizabeth Hur, CBS Philly, July 31, 2012

Police sources tell Eyewitness News, the young suspect wanted in connection with a series of armed robberies in Southwest Philadelphia is now under arrest.


Sources say the suspect is a black male who turned 13-years-old just two months ago. We are told he has been arrested twice before for robbery-related offenses.

On Tuesday, police told Eyewitness News the gun-toting suspect had victimized five people in less than 24 hours.

But that was not the most shocking part of this crime spree. What had everyone talking is how young the suspect looked.

“About 12 years old? Quite young. Very young.”


Lt. John Walker explained, “Approaches the victims, asks what time it is at which time, he pulls out a gun and asks for money and in all five cases, believe it or not, the victims said they don’t have any money and the male rolled off.”



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  • When my cat pees on the carpet somewhere once in a blue moon, I don’t beat her, I don’t put her in jail- I just clean it up. She’s just an animal, and cats sometimes do that. Should we waste resources putting him in jail? No. His kind simply shouldn’t be here.

  • The__Bobster

    Check out NBC’s arrest photo. Only one face is blotted out. The guilty one!!


    • Up to my neck in CA

      Coming soon from his mother:
      “He did do nuffin!”
      “He’s a good boy who never hurt anyone”
      “He goes to school and Church ever Sunday”
      “He fell into the wrong crowd”

      Or a Mother like this 5%er

    • Rocky Bass,

      They have to block out the perp’s face, how in the heck could he ever get a fair trial if prospective jurors SAW HIM DO IT?

      Seriously, there is some kind of logic in that, ever how TWISTED.

  • “Just 13 years old…black male.”

    So?  A 13-year old black can be and look very mature.  And most of them can walk on two feet, have functioning hands, and have working eyes and ears.  Of course they can commit armed robbery at the “tender” age of 13.

    • Rocky Bass,

       Yeah, they can look .380 years older in a flash.

  • MekongDelta69

    “He hasn’t shot anyone yet.”

    C’mon – lighten up. He’s just a ‘youf’ in training. He just has to hone his mad skillz yo.

    • Rocky Bass,

       I am sure he has learned from his mistakes and will try not to leave all those witnesses in the future.  I am certain there will be a future.

  • Obama’s sons are learning from their older con brothers.  Education starts at home it seems.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Suggesting that a top  team of social scientists track his next fifty years and report the findings will be deemed a racist construct.

  • anarchyst

    Hopefully he will end up like trayvon–cold and horizontal . . .

  • anarchyst

    Here in Michigan, there was the case of “young” Nathaniel Abraham” who at 11 years old  murdered a man walking out of a liquor store.
    The bleeding heart judge gave him a “blended sentence with juvenile detention”; if he stayed out of trouble, his record would be expunged. 
    To add insult to injury, the state of Michigan was going to give him a “free ride” four-year “scholarship” to any college in the state; public outcry nixed that idea.  State officials were caught with “eggs on their faces”. . .
    He caused considerable trouble, even as a “ward of the state”.  Eventually he was released.  He is now doing “hard time” for robbing and beating a pizza delivery driver.
    A 50 cent bullet to the head would have been just punishment for this career criminal.
    There are some people that just can’t be helped . . .

  • anarchyst

    I see acceptance to the “University of Corrections” for this young man . . .

  • Guest

    Imagine what would have happened if someone had killed him in self defense.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    What you say goes for all criminals regardless of their age. I struggle constantly not to keep bringing up Christian/Newsom, Pressley, Carson, Burk, Willard, Wichita and the thousand of other atrocities; the perpetrators of which are still breathing the same air as we breathe, eating the food that we provide with our taxes and a host of other freebies. 
    How many innocent Vietnamese, Iraqi, Serbian, Cambodian, Japanese and German children did we kill while we bombed “enemy” cities?
    This little beast needs to be “removed” or we’re going to hear about him someday committing another hideous crime with another White victim to be sure. There is no cure for him and if we keep releasing him to the streets, no hope for us. 

    On another note , did anyone see the O’Reilly factor with Juan Williams last evening? Jesse Jackson’s daughter Santita ( Little Saint?) actually proved to be at least as equally obnoxious as her father. Williams suggested that the murder rate in Chicago is directly tied to the lack of  Back family structure and she tried to tell him that the murder rate in rural areas ( code for White) was just as high. The other Black woman Dineen (she had an Italian surname) couldn’t get a word in edgewise.